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6301-001 6301-001 SIMS patent ebony brass-framed brace. One of the most attractive of the Sheffield-style framed braces. This one has a few small dings in the wood and brass and one small chip out of the edge of the head - but is in overall excellent condition. The centerpiece of any brace collection. Good plus CDE 001 1200 2800 PHOTO
6301-002 6301-002 Windsor beader. Marked with both of Pool and Wiliams 1885 patents - has both original irons - ebonized wood and brass both in excellent condition - noting some wear to ebonizing to prove it was used. Good plus TKY 50 250 500 PHOTO
6301-003 6301-003 DR. BATES Drain Clinometer. Manufactured by W. H. Harling - who worked in London in the late 19th century. Adjustable incliometer presumably to measure the slope of drains. Very attractive wood and brass - some dinging - level vial is wet and adjustment works smoothly. Good plus OTR 101 100 200 PHOTO
6301-004 6301-004 STANLEY NO. 45 combination plane IOB. Type 16 -1936-1948-. Plane itself is immaculate - only one or two minor scuffs to show it was ever used. All accessories - original cutter box - instructions and extra spurs. Extra rods still wrapped. Steel box is very good - some rust and dents but all decals clearly readable. You will look a long long time to find a nicer mid-century 45. Fine GNM 37 350 700 PHOTO
6301-005 6301-005 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane IOB. Type 8 with all parts present - extra nice cutter box with intact decal - original instruction sheet - very minor nickel loss - box is complete but sliding lid is now loose - decal on end about 75 prct. Extra nice. Good plus RSI 18 200 400 PHOTO
6301-006 6301-006 STANLEY No. 62 low angle plane. Designed for cutting cross and end grains - this is one of Stanleys rarer planes. This ones in very good shape - with no damage to the throat - good clean tote and knob and japanning 90plus prct. A little pitting on the nickel plated parts. Vee trademark on the cutter. Good plus FRN 25 200 400 PHOTO
6301-007 6301-007 STANLEY No. 6 fore plane. Tall knob - very minor damage to the edge of the tote - otherwise good clean example. Notched orange trademark. Good JW 112 30 60 PHOTO
6301-008 6301-008 STANLEY No. 6C corrugated fore plane. Some dinging to knob and tote - sole and cutter in good shape - japanning 90 prct. Good MLD 7 30 60 PHOTO
6301-009 6301-009 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 605 jack plane. Square top sides. Edge of tote a little chewed but in overall good clean condition. Orange notched mark with orange mostly gone. Good cutter and sole - japanning 90 prct. Good FRN 21 125 250 PHOTO
6301-010 6301-010 STANLEY No. 5C corrugated jack plane. Tote has been broken and reglued and both tote and knob refinished - otherwise nice clean example. Botched rectangle mark. Good FRN 52 25 50 PHOTO
6301-011 6301-011 SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE -DIAMOND EDGE- DE 5 jack plane. Metal a little tarnished and some dinging to knob and tote - including what looks like a square carved into the tote - but in sound condition. Good COL 19 30 60 PHOTO
6301-012 6301-012 STANLEY No. 62 low angle plane. Designed for cutting cross and end grains - this is one of Stanleys rarer planes. This one is missing the throat closing adjustment - and has a small chip on the edge of the tote but is otherwise in good shape. Short-lived -circa 1909- plain block letter mark on cutter. Good minus DKN 15 125 250 PHOTO
6301-013 6301-013 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 605 jack plane. Square top sides. Trace of decal on the tote - sweetheart mark on the cutter. Good cutter and sole - japanning 95 prct. Good PMG 2 125 250 PHOTO
6301-014 6301-014 STANLEY No 5 1-2 fore plane. Extra wide version of the No. 5 - good for surfacing but takes some muscle. Tote and knob a little dinged - sole needs to be cleaned up and some surface corrosion on nickel. Notched rectangle mark. Good RSI 110 30 60 PHOTO
6301-015 6301-015 STEERS composite sole jack plane. The distinguishing feature of these planes - patented in 1885 by William Steers of Brattleboro - VT - is the -composite- sole with strips of rosewood to reduce friction. The strips on this one are well worn - and the tote has been broken and reglued -and has a chip out of the end- - but otherwise a good example of an uncommon plane. Good minus JW 103 50 100 PHOTO
6301-016 6301-016 SIEGLEY 22in No. 8 jointer plane. One of Siegleys rarer planes. Large chip out of the end of the tote - otherwise in good clean condition. Good DKN 5 60 120 PHOTO
6301-017 6301-017 UNION TOOL No. 6C corrugated fore plane. Union Tools answer to the Stanley 6C - based on Carletons 12-8-03 patent. Tote and knob well dinged - chip on the cutter - some paint splashes. Good minus JW 23 35 70 PHOTO
6301-018 6301-018 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 08 corrugated sole jointer plane. Early version marked -patent applied for- on the cutter. Ohio Tool bench planes were coverd by Manleys 1913 patent but this doesnt look like it. Dont know what patent is referred to - if any. Very clean and nice example of an uncommon Ohio Tool plane. Owners marks stamped in knob. Good plus DKN 30 50 100 PHOTO
6301-019 6301-019 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 607 jointer plane. Type 5 - first flat top side with 1908 mark on cutter. Extra clean and crisp with no damage to knob or tote and japanning 100 prct. Good plus DKN 22 200 400 PHOTO
6301-020 6301-020 STANLEY No. 7C corrugated jointer plane. Good clean knob and tote - japaning 80 prct - notched mark on cutter and cap - orange paint faded. A couple of very small paint flecks. Good MP 5 50 100 PHOTO
6301-021 6301-021 STANLEY No. 6C corrugated fore plane. Nice clean example with pristine knob and tote - japanning 90 prct - notched rectangle mark. Good plus FRN 49 30 60 PHOTO
6301-022 6301-022 STANLEY No. 6C corrugated fore plane. A step down from no.21 with a big chip out of the tote and japanning 80 prct but still in good working order. Good FRN 51 25 50 PHOTO
6301-023 6301-023 STANLEY No. 3 bench plane. First type sweet heart mark on cutter - nice clean example with minimal dinging - good tote and knob. Good RSI 129 25 50 PHOTO
6301-024 6301-024 STANLEY No. 3 bench plane. Unusual WWII variation with plastic knob and no adjustment screw for frog. Nice clean condition with some dinging on tote and knob but no major damage. Good plus JW 126 40 80 PHOTO
6301-025 6301-025 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane. 1909 type mark on cutter - metal tarnished but not rusted - good knob and tote. Good RSI 131 25 50 PHOTO
6301-026 6301-026 KEEN KUTTER K 4 bench plane. Very clean - tote and knob good - trademrk on cutter a little faded but clear - number scratched on side. Good plus FRN 23 30 60 PHOTO
6301-027 6301-027 SARGENT No. 409 bench plane. V-B-M mark on cap - very clean - very slight dinging to edge of tote. Good JFR 17 25 50 PHOTO
6301-028 6301-028 STANLEY No. 4 1-2 bench plane. Unusual WWII variation with plastic knob and no adjustment screw for frog. Nice clean condition - stained hardwood tote has some scratches and edge a little chewed but no major chips - metal parts are extra clean. Good plus JW 101 35 70 PHOTO
6301-029 6301-029 STANLEY No. 4 1-2 bench plane. Notched rectangle mark - some pitting on sole but good clean tote and knob - solid worker. Good FRN 20 20 40 PHOTO
6301-030 6301-030 STANLEY No. H104 Handyman Plane. Rarest of the Handyman planes - manufactured in 1964 only - in near-mint condition with only a few small dings. Fine DKN 13 75 150 PHOTO
6301-031 6301-031 STANLEY No. 5 1-4 junior jack plane. Good clean condition with a little surface corrosion on the sole - notched rectangle mark. Good FRN 27 30 60 PHOTO
6301-032 6301-032 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 604C smoothing plane. Type 5 - first flat top side with 1907-09 mark on cutter. Clean and crisp with no damage to knob or tote and japanning 100 prct. A few tiny dings in the metal on one cheek. Good plus DKN 19 60 120 PHOTO
6301-033 6301-033 PARPLUS jack plane by METAL PRODUCTS CO. of New Haven CT. Slightly longer than a No. 4. Good clean mark on cutter - varnish on knob and tote have blistered and a chip out of tote. Otherwise good clean example of a Bailey knockoff by an unusual maker. Good DUS 38 35 70 PHOTO
6301-034 6301-034 KEEN KUTTER No. K4 smoothing plane. A little light surface corrosion but otherwise nice and clean - good tote and knob - clear mark on cutter. Good FRB 24 40 80 PHOTO
6301-035 6301-035 STANLEY No. 4 1-2 C bench plane. Type 9. Wrong cutter - its too narrow. Otherwise very good condition. Tote a little rough at the edge but not major. Owner initials punched into side. Good minus DKN 17 30 60 PHOTO
6301-036 6301-036 STANLEY No. 4 smoothing plane. Tall knob - third type Sweetheart mark - extra clean example with no damage to knob or tote. Good plus DUS 31 40 80 PHOTO
6301-037 6301-037 STANLEY No. 4 C smoothing plane. Probably Type 12 - cutter has 1907-09 mark - major crack on one cheek where dropped - slight roughness on the edge of the tote. Good minus ZOM 524 20 40 PHOTO
6301-038 6301-038 STANLEY No. 4 1-2 C bench plane. Type 8 with 1907-09 mark on cutter - extra clean and crisp. Good plus DKN 26 60 120 PHOTO
6301-039 6301-039 4 EDGE BLADE aluminum plane. Marked Pat. Pending - cutter is square with -as advertised- four cutting edges. Light aluminum construction with brown paint about 75 prct. Not famliar with it but looks like 1940s or so. Unusual. Good VIN 2 50 100 PHOTO
6301-040 6301-040 STANLEY No. 146 match plane. Nickel plating is in sad shape with significant surface corrosion - so it aint pretty - but its all there and ready to be used or re-nickeled for display. Rarest size. Good minus LEE 857 60 120 PHOTO
6301-041 6301-041 STANLEY No. 278 rabbet and filletster plane. Sweetheart mark on cap screw - missing the fence but otherwise nice and clean. Good minus MLD 2 60 120 PHOTO
6301-042 6301-042 STANLEY No. 113 Circular sole plane. I think type 4a -1906-09- - first type with standard frog - lever cap and lateral but has graduated scale on side gears - lever cap has unusual decorative casting not seen on other Stanley planes. Needs a good cleaning and some surface rust but all there. Good DT 2 75 150 PHOTO
6301-043 6301-043 CRAFTSMAN rabbet and filletster plane. The Stanley No. 78 but made by Craftsman - marked on cutter - good clean condition with minimal surface rust and intact japanning - fence and depth stop present. Good plus MLD 31 30 60 PHOTO
6301-044 6301-044 STANLEY No. 78 rabbet and filletster plane. Japanning about 75 prct and a little surface rust but otherwise clean and complete - nice sharp cutter with sweetheart mark. Good plus JPM 2 40 80 PHOTO
6301-045 6301-045 Lot of two STANLEY planes. No. 39 1in dado plane missing its depth stop but otherwise clean and complete - sweetheart mark on cap screw. And a 192 rabbet plane also missing depth stop and with serious rust issues. Good minus SI 48.66 30 60 PHOTO
6301-046 6301-046 Lot of two STANLEY No. 78 rabbet and filletster planes. Earlier type with long horn on tote and sweetheart mark on cutter and later type. Both are missing fences and depth stops but othewise in good condition. Good minus DUS 37 30 60 PHOTO
6301-047 6301-047 STANLEY No. 20 circular plane. One of the nicest No. 20s youre likely to find. Japanning is 90plus prct - very clean cutter with sweetheart mark. Good plus ALV 55 80 160 PHOTO
6301-048 6301-048 STANLEY No. 3 bench plane. Good clean condition with first type swerrtheart logo. Good plus DUS 40 40 80 PHOTO
6301-049 6301-049 STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Type 2 with the graceful slope to the sides - very good overall condition but needs a cutter. Good minus RSI 288 50 100 PHOTO
6301-050 6301-050 MILLERS FALLS No. 77 router. Closed throat model - basically indentical to the Stanley 71 1-2. Immaculate condition in user-made box with two cutters. Japanning and metal 100 prct. Fine CGN 308 45 90 PHOTO
6301-051 6301-051 STANLEY No. 66 hand beader. Japanned Type 1 with japanning in usually good shape. One cutter - one fence - hang hole in one arm. Good minus CP 46 75 150 PHOTO
6301-052 6301-052 Lot of two STANLEY spokeshaves. No. 51 with notched rectangle mark on cutter - No. 52 with sweetheart. Both clean and complete - japanning more worn on the 51. Good FRN 42 20 40 PHOTO
6301-053 6301-053 STANLEY NO. 82 spokeshave. Metal tarnished and a chip out of one end of the rosewood body but still a good clean example of one of Stanleys rarest spokeshaves. Good RSI 269 100 200 PHOTO
6301-054 6301-054 STANLEY No. 151 adjustable spokeshave. Superclean - japanning close to 100 prct and cutter sharp with notched rectangle mark. Good plus PMG 24 20 40 PHOTO
6301-055 6301-055 KEEN KUTTER No K95 curved spokeshave. Japanning about 60 prct - good clean cutter with clear KK mark. Good CP 47 20 40 PHOTO
6301-056 6301-056 Lot of two STANLEY spokeshaves. No 64 with sweetheart mark - No. 151 isnt as clean as lot 54 but perfectly acceptable user. Good CP 48 30 60 PHOTO
6301-057 6301-057 STANLEY No. 78 rabbet and filletster plane. Superclean - japanning 95 prct - nice clean cutter with notched rectangle mark. Youd be hard-pressed to find a better example. Good plus RSI 72 40 80 PHOTO
6301-058 6301-058 STANLEY No. 39 1-2 dado plane. Very clean with minimal corrosion and japanning almost complete - sweetheart mark on cap - extra sharp cutter. Good plus RSI 52 80 160 PHOTO
6301-059 6301-059 STANLEY No. 181 rabbet plane with fence. Above-average example of the No. 181 - but it has a fence for some reason. Maybe somebody tapped a hole on the side an added a fence from a 78 - but it looks original although not particularly functional. Otherwise clean and complete with good japanning and 1907-09 mark on cutter. Good RSI 74 40 80 PHOTO
6301-060 6301-060 STANLEY No.182 rabbet plane. Early type with floral decoration on tote and -Stanley- cast in lever cap. Good clean condition with minor surface rust and some wear to japanning. 1907-09 style mark on cutter. Good RSI 73 40 80 PHOTO
6301-061 6301-061 Lot of two STANLEY rabbet planes. No. 190 complete but with surface rust throughout. And a type 1 No. 192 with the bottom spur on the tote and patent date on the cutter but missing the depth stop. Good RSI 62.64 60 120 PHOTO
6301-062 6301-062 STANLEY No. 248 weatherstripping plane. Surface rust throughout but nothing deep and could be cleaned - japanning is almost complete. One cutter - depth stop and fence present and complete. Good RSI 69 50 100 PHOTO
6301-063 6301-063 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Unfortunately the nickel is well corroded and stained throughout so youd want to replate it to put it on the shelf but complete and a good user. Good COL 51 30 60 PHOTO
6301-064 6301-064 STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Type 2 with the graceful slope to the sides - japanning about 50 prct - some surface rust - cutter not toothed. Good RSI 291 70 140 PHOTO
6301-065 6301-065 STANLEY No. 71 1-2 router. Type 6 -1906-08- - nickel well corroded - attached to wood base - one extra cutter. Good MKJ 269 35 70 PHOTO
6301-066 6301-066 Fore plane with razee body. 22in body - beautiful and almost unmarked piece of wood - birch I think. Good unmarked tote - strike button worn flat - THOS. FIRTH and SON iron - slightly spalled on end but very clean and sharp. A beautful plane. Good plus ZOM 455 40 80 PHOTO
6301-067 6301-067 E. DANBERRY 22in fore plane. Body is thoroughly dinged and top of tote sheared off and repaired. Two-star mark in AWP - faint but readable - Danberry worked in New Jersey 1820-50. Old throat repair. Fair CPK 91 20 50 PHOTO
6301-068 6301-068 German 23in jointer plane. Very nice piece of wood - harnbeam.- with only minor dinging - good tote - decorative carving - marked -Key- and -Qualitatat-Holzwerkedge- behind strike button and -60- on heel - well pitted cutter with wedge held in by screw to the body - owner initials carved on side. Good CP2 40 80 PHOTO
6301-069 6301-069 TREMAN BROTHERS wooden plane. By length -20in- this should be a fore plane but it has a skewed blade and a nicker so I guess it’s a wider dado. Very unusual overhanging front edge which must be purely decorative. Besides the nicker there are three metal strips in the side - each of which lines up with three buttons in the sole. Well worn piece of wood with a chip from the tote. Treman Brothers mark is 2 stars in AWP. A very weird plane. Pitting on cutter. Good BB 256 40 80 PHOTO
6301-070 6301-070 User-made dado plane. 25in wide and 1 1-2in wide - skewed cutter and nickers - wood is dirty with some dinging - tote has been broken and reglued - holes in front and rear that were probably for handles. Beat up wedge and rusty bolt for blade adjustment. Nice example of a primitive wide dado plane. Good BB 253 40 80 PHOTO
6301-071 6301-071 STANLEY No. 29 transitional fore plane. 1880s model with semi-circular mark on cutter but no model number or mark on toe - wood is in good shape with tight crack in knob. Discoloration on metal parts but no pitting. Good ZOM 403 20 50 PHOTO
6301-072 6301-072 STANLEY No. 26 transitional jack plane. Type 16 but no mark on cutter - good clean example with no flaw. Good plus CGN 54 25 50 PHOTO
6301-073 6301-073 Lot of two fore planes. User-modified STANLEY No. 27 with rounded sole -well used with tip of tote sheared off. And a SARGENT No. 3416 in very nice clean condition. Good and better CP 26.38 50 80 PHOTO
6301-074 6301-074 User-made brass sole grooving plane. Unusual plane with heavy rosewood body and thick brass sole with vee in the middle for cutting groove. Looks like once the cutter made the cut - the protruding vee on the sole kept the plane aligned. Unusual. Good BB 229 20 40 PHOTO
6301-075 6301-075 Lot of two beading planes. One by THO. APPLETON of Boston - the other by C. WARREN - the less common Nashua mark. Both boxed and in good overall condition. Good BB 228.231 25 50 PHOTO
6301-076 6301-076 Lot of two molding planes from same toolkit. Complex molder by J. GIBSON of Albany - double-boxed and marked -1-2in- although the sole is 1-1-2in wide - wood unusually nice and sharp cutter. Plus a 3-8 beading plane with the COLLINS-UTICA mark of Robert Collins -2 stars in AWP-. Both have a nice J and L user mark and both are unusually nice and clean with good sharp cutters. Good plus BB 224.239 30 60 PHOTO
6301-077 6301-077 J. DENISON ogee plane. Cuts an ogee 1-3-4in wide. Type C mark in AWP. Wood clean with only minor dinging - good wedge. Owner marks. Good BB 234 20 40 PHOTO
6301-078 6301-078 Lot of two hollow planes. No. 17 -1 -1-2in- by TREMAN and BROTHERS of Ithaca and No. 6 -5-8- marked -ASH- - I think thats the wood rather than the maker. Both in decent overall condition - chip in sole of the Ash one. Good BB 222.232 30 60 PHOTO
6301-079 6301-079 AUBURN TOOL CO. No. 177 dado plane. With screw adjusted depth stop. Good overall condition - cutter and nicker rusty but sharp - owners marks. Good BB 227 20 40 PHOTO
6301-080 6301-080 Lot of two molding planes. W. H. SPALDING casing molding -2 stars in AWP- - and an unsigned narrow boxed beading plane. Both in good overall condition. Good BB 220.224 25 45 PHOTO
6301-081 6301-081 P BROOKS moving filletster plane. With sliding fence on - chewed up although the body and wedge are in decent shape Screws well rusted. Type C -FF- mark in AWP. Good minus BB 233 15 25 PHOTO
6301-082 6301-082 MATHIESEN dado plane. Unusually nice clean condition with good wedges - cutter and nicker - a little paint on one wedge. Good plus VIN 225 30 60 PHOTO
6301-083 6301-083 HAYES complex molder. Liverpool maker. Nice and clean - no damage to boxing. Good plus VIN225a 30 60 PHOTO
6301-084 6301-084 Lot of two Scottish molding planes. Round by WELCH and hollow by STEWART of Edinburgh. Two early makers - planes are dark and well used but not major damage. Good VIN 225b 30 60 PHOTO
6301-085 6301-085 WM. MOSS hollow plane. Late 18th century Birmingham maker. Unusual large mark. Wood is dark and well used but no major damage. Good VIN 225c 30 60 PHOTO
6301-086 6301-086 VINCENT complex molder. 3-16 double boxed. Late 1700s British maker - very rare mark. Body and wedge are very good - some inactive worm on the sole. Good VIN 225d 50 100 PHOTO
6301-087 6301-087 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 98 toothing plane. Nice and clean - good toothed cutter with Sandusky mark - small chip from wedge. Good BHM 244 30 50 PHOTO
6301-088 6301-088 Unsigned German scrub plane. German based on the shape of the knob but it has a Sandusky iron. Extra nice condition. Good plus BHM 228 20 40 PHOTO
6301-089 6301-089 Matched set of three Dado planes by S.C. COOK. 1ft - 1 1-2in and 2in. Cook worked in New Brunswick - NY 1825-45. This is the -B- mark - 1 star in AWP. An exceptionally nice matched set in very clean condition - noting a couple of inactive worm holes in ther sole of the 2in. Highly recommended. Good plus VIN 214 100 200 PHOTO
6301-090 6301-090 Lot of three SANDUSKY complex molders. All marked -74- and have the same profile although different widths. Not a matched set - two are beech and one a darker wood - two have banner-style marks and third block letters. All in very nice condition noting a couple of inactive worm holes. Good plus BHM 232 70 130 PHOTO
6301-091 6301-091 OGONTZ TOOL CO. No. 1 smoothing plane. Darker wood - looks like rosewood. Body in good condition - wedge has damaged edge and cutter spalled on end. Good AED 28 20 40 PHOTO
6301-092 6301-092 Old womans tooth router with MARPLES cutter. Body in good clean shape - wedge has some roughness. Good AED 18 20 40 PHOTO
6301-093 6301-093 Complex Czech molding plane. Cutter is marked SKRIVAN who was a Czech maker - body is unmarked but has a European look. An exceptionally pretty plane with no damage. Good plus AED 9 30 60 PHOTO
6301-094 6301-094 SANDUSKY No. 176 5-8 hollow. Closed split near the mouth but otherwise nice and clean - good wedge and cutter. Good SKR 2 10 30 PHOTO
6301-095 6301-095 Lot of three complex molding planes. One by P.CHAPIN of Baltimore - type B1 mark -2 stars in AWP- - two unmarked with cove and beading profile. First two in very clean shape - the beading plane is kind of beat up. Good CPK 97.99.103 50 100 PHOTO
6301-096 6301-096 AUBURN TOOL CO No. 180 rounding plane. 7-8in - good overall condition - wedge a little rough and kink in end of cutter. Good CPK 101 15 30 PHOTO
6301-097 6301-097 Lot of two hollow planes. 1-4in by L. KENNEDY of HARTFORD - mark is partly obscured by owner mark but looks like the -B- mark -1 AWP star- - the other is 1-2in and unsigned. Both in good clean condition. Good CPK 100.102 30 60 PHOTO
6301-098 6301-098 A. HOWLAND and CO. dado plane. 1-3-16in sole - good clean condition. Good CPK 92 20 40 PHOTO
6301-099 6301-099 G.W. DENISON and CO. dado plane. 7-8in sole - well dinged but with an exceptionally clean stamp. Good AED 4 20 40 PHOTO
6301-100 6301-100 Fore plane with razee body. 20in sole - probably user made - still has the marks on the side to guide the cutting of the throat. Hexagonal strike button and continental-style tote. Has a name in script on the side but cant make it out. Very attractive plane. Good plus CDE 1788 50 100 PHOTO
6301-101 6301-101 STANLEY No. 193 fibreboard plane. Complete with all original attachments - some tarnish on nickel but japanning good. The mainstay of the doomed Stanley fibreboard plane line. Two cutters. Good plus TKY 41 100 200 PHOTO
6301-102 6301-102 STANLEY No. 194 fibreboard beveling plane. Good clean condition with some surface corrosion on nickel part. No cutter. Good TKY 42 60 120 PHOTO
6301-103 6301-103 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 8. Nickel is well worn - only has short rods - missing knob on fence nickel well worn. One cutter. Fair CDE 1091 40 80 PHOTO
6301-104 6301-104 STANLEY No. 48 tongue and groove plane. Later nickel plated model. Basically good clean example - a little flaking on the nickel. Swinging fence is very clean. Two cutters. Good plus TKY 43 60 120 PHOTO
6301-105 6301-105 Brass violin plane. Unsigned but nice clean example - brass body with beech knob. Sharp cutter. Sole is 1-3-4in. Good plus TKY 45 30 60 PHOTO
6301-106 6301-106 Jack plane with ALEXANDER plane gauge. The gauge is in extra clean condition and has an intact and legible -a little faded- label. The plane itself is also extra clean and marked NEW YORK TOOL CO. Also marked 12 - has 16in sole. Nice tight throat - sharp Auburn Tool Co. cutter. Fine CDE 1501 120 240 PHOTO
6301-107 6301-107 European plow plane. Nice clean body. Theres a 1in square cutout at the front of the skate that looks intentional but I cant figure it out. Several chips in the threads - the nuts are made from burl wood and very nice. -E.Amundgaard- stamped his name several times so maybe Scandinavian. One screw missing on depth stop. Good CDE 1873 50 100 PHOTO
6301-108 6301-108 W. GREENSLADE wedge arm plow plane. Body and skate very clean and undamaged. The cutter wedge is a little chewed - and theres a chip out of one of the arm wedges - but all look original. Brass tips on the arms are tight and not falling off. Good clear mark on toe W. GREENSLADE - BRISTOL - EXHIBITION MEDALS LONDON AND DUBLIN. Good plus CDE 1868 80 150 PHOTO
6301-109 6301-109 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. grooving plane. Unusual design with fixed fence completely bound in iron. Banner-type logo. Body and wedge in excellent condition with only very minor dinging. A very unusual plane design. Good plus BB 116 50 100 PHOTO
6301-110 6301-110 OGONTZ TOOL CO. No. 13 jack plane. Nice clean beech body - tote and wedge toolbox dinging overall but no major damage. Sandusky iron. Good strike button. 16in sole. Good ALV 10 30 60 PHOTO
6301-111 6301-111 Large moving filletster plane with sliding bottom. It has a semi-circular mark on the toe thats too faint to read although it appears to include -1000-. Made of a dark heavy wood that looks like rosewood. 14in long and 4in wide. Body has only minor dinging but skewed cutter is missing. Good minus ALV 340 45 90 PHOTO
6301-112 6301-112 European style rabbeting plane. Unsigned but tote and knob styles look German. Skewed unsigned cutter has casting flaw but nice and sharp. Nicker. Fixed fence nailed on. Overall very clean and attractive. Good ALV 131 50 100 PHOTO
6301-113 6301-113 C. and S. BULKLEY double door plane. Two part design to accommodate different door widths. Both sides boxed - in overall good condition with a small piece of the boxing missing. Knobs appear to be boxwood and good with decorative grooving. The Bulkleys worked in Saybrook - CT - Type A mark with the Dennison mark noted in AWP. Good BB 132 40 80 PHOTO
6301-114 6301-114 Lot of two hollow planes. 1-4in hollow by JOHN BELL of Philadelphia and 5-8in double boxed hollow by EVANS of Rochester. Both dirty and with some dinging but no major damage. Good BB 160.166 30 60 PHOTO
6301-115 6301-115 Compassed sole rabbet plane with brass plate. Sole has a brass plate over its entire length. Straight rather than skewed cutter. Unsigned - Good overall condtion with a closed split in the wedge. Good BB 165 30 60 PHOTO
6301-116 6301-116 Lot of two complex molding planes. One is by J. SLATER of Detroit - dirty with some cracks and an old piece of leather tacked to the sole - the other is in much nicer condition but unsigned. Good BB 109.158 30 60 PHOTO
6301-117 6301-117 Razee body jack plane. Dense - heavy wood - maybe ebony. Body is in fair shape with one large chip out of the throat and a couple out of the wedge. Moulson Bros. cutter. 16 1-2in - unsigned. Good VIN 25 30 60 PHOTO
6301-118 6301-118 Offsett handle rabbet plane by WEBB - 4 stars. Unusual design with the tote tilted to one side. 15in by 2in sole. Has the type B mark with the single period in front of the name rated 4 stars for rarity in AWP. Body is overall dirty with a couple of paint spatters but no major damage. One nicker missing. Cutter has surface rust but sharp. Good BB 249 40 80 PHOTO
6301-119 6301-119 Lot of two jack planes. A D.R. BARTON with 16in sole - body well dinged but intact. And a SARGENT V.B.M No. 8415 with the top of the tote sheared off - body has lots of dings and a couple of larger chips but metal intact. Good minus RSI 142.244 30 60 PHOTO
6301-120 6301-120 STANLEY No. 26 transitional jack plane. Type 13 or 14 with erroneous -6.9.12- patent date stamped on toe and 1892 style logo on cutter. Tip of tote sheared off - otherwise good condition. Good JW 115 20 40 PHOTO
6301-121 6301-121 STANLEY No. 26 transitional jack plane. Approximately type 8. Japanning good - wood has some dinging but no major damage. Good tote. Good RSI 94 20 40 PHOTO
6301-122 6301-122 Lot of two BEKLKNAP BLUEGRASS hammers. One 28 oz straight claw with old handle - may be old replacement. Lsabelled BG47R-28M. And a 10 oz curved claw with original hammer. Both in very good condition with clear marks. Good ALV 346.354 30 60 PHOTO
6301-123 6301-123 Hand-forged strapped hammer. Well used with a couple of chips around the face and surface rust - looks like original handle. Probably dates to early 1800s. Good ALV 352 40 80 PHOTO
6301-124 6301-124 HELLER farriers hammer. Head has only light surface rust and good mark - handle has finger grips cut into it which make it a pleasure to hold. Good ALV 342 35 70 PHOTO
6301-125 6301-125 Lot of two nailing hammers. A STANLEY CHRO-MOLY with nice clean head and original handle and an unmarked stragiht claw type. Good ALV 345.349 30 60 PHOTO
6301-126 6301-126 TAMCO blacksmiths punch. Marked -TAMCO SAF-T 3-4in- underneath the head - sold 18in original handle. Good ALV 347 25 60 PHOTO
6301-127 6301-127 Lot of two hammers. Lightweight wooden mallet well worn with paint - and a unsigned tack hammer - original handles. Good minus ALV 339.348 15 30 PHOTO
6301-128 6301-128 HEBBLETHWAITE patented stepped-claw hammer. A good example of Hebblethwaites first patent - issue in 1888. Surface corrosion on head - old handle with some paint splotches. Good JEN 1 20 40 PHOTO
6301-129 6301-129 JACOBS patented fencing tool. Patented in 1934 by Nicholas Jacobs of Harlan - IA - with solid steel handle. Hand-stamped with patent number and the inventors name - this is the only one Ive ever seen and may have been Mr. Jacobs personal property. Good plus JEN 9 30 60 PHOTO
6301-130 6301-130 Metalsmiths hammer. Unusual rounded head was undoubtedly intended for forming metal - could be a bodyshop hammer but it looks too old. Fine condition with original handle. Good plus JEN 4 30 60 PHOTO
6301-131 6301-131 Strapped hammer with one long claw. Designed that way. Head a little dinged but nothing serious - solid original handle. Good ALV 338 30 60 PHOTO
6301-132 6301-132 STANLEY 60B Bell System hammer. 32 oz head - designed with the rugged durability for which the Bell System tools were famous. Marked with Stanley name but not marked Bell System - which is unusual. Good JEN 13 35 70 PHOTO
6301-133 6301-133 STANLEY Bell System hammer. 32 oz head - just like No. 132 but marked with Bell System name but not Stanley. Handle a replacement. Good JEN 16 25 50 PHOTO
6301-134 6301-134 BRIDGEPORT HARDWARE crating hammer. Clearly marked -No. 99 Tomahawk- this is an unusually nice example of the combination crating hammer tools. Good plus JEN 21 40 70 PHOTO
6301-135 6301-135 PLUMB metal working hammer. Head clearly marked - old handle. Good JEN 18 20 30 PHOTO
6301-136 6301-136 Blacksmiths creasing hammer. Solid head with some surface rust and a few chips but the striking face is completely clean - looks like original handle. Good ALV 308 20 30 PHOTO
6301-137 6301-137 Lot of two rubber-handled tools. An early ESTWING bricklayers hammer or pick. Not sure what the other one is - it looks like a hatchet but with sawtoothed blade and a pick. Maybe used for demolition work.. Good ALV 303.351 30 60 PHOTO
6301-138 6301-138 PLUMB No. 82 carpenters hammer. Excellent example of the cone screw Plumb patented to keep heads on tight. Beautifully patinanted original hickory handle. Good plus JEN 17 30 60 PHOTO
6301-139 6301-139 KEEN KUTTER -Dynamic- carpenters hammer. Good clean example with clear stamp - nice old handle. Good JEN 20 30 60 PHOTO
6301-140 6301-140 HEBBLETHWAITE patented combined hammer and nail-puller. Extra clean and crispy example of Hebblethwaites second patent - issued in 1894. Metal is almost completely free of corrosion and clearly marked with the patent date. Good plus JEN 6 40 80 PHOTO
6301-141 6301-141 RICHARDSON patented tack hammer. Excellent example of the tack hammer with the distinctive upward claw patented in 1891 by Julius Richardson of Jamestown - NY. Metal is very clear - clear patent date - original handle has a couple of closed splits but its not like youre going to be driving nails with it. Good plus JEN 2 60 120 PHOTO
6301-142 6301-142 Hand-forged hammer-hatchet. Very clean head with little pitting - hatchet blade is very sharp. Old 7in hickory handle - nail in end to tighten looks modern. Good ALV 69 30 60 PHOTO
6301-143 6301-143 Set of two metal working hammers. One has a distinctive -hot dog- shape - the other a rounded face. Acquired in the same place and look like parts of a set. Good clean metal and solid original handles. Good plus JEN 3.8 50 100 PHOTO
6301-144 6301-144 Farriers hammer. Old and unsigned but with -3- cast in head - looks manufactured. European pattern. Some surface rust - handle could be old replacement. Good VIN 19 20 35 PHOTO
6301-145 6301-145 Hand-forged adze. Probably early 1800s if not earlier - hand carved handle with old repair - cast iron strap holding blade. Very graphic primitive tool. Good VIN 39 30 50 PHOTO
6301-146 6301-146 Lot of two chisels. Slick with 3 1-4in blade - handle is loose and probably a replacement. And a 1in corner chisel with no handle - metal pitted and edge chipped. Good minus VIN 42.48 20 40 PHOTO
6301-147 6301-147 Slick. 2 7-8in blade - proper handle with light dinging - some light surface corrosion but no pitting. Very nice example. Good plus ALV 636 50 100 PHOTO
6301-148 6301-148 Rounded slick blade. Unsigned but marked -Extra Best Cast Steel.- 3in rounded edge in very good condtion - missing handle. Good ALV 337 30 60 PHOTO
6301-149 6301-149 Bark spud. 4in cutter - 32in overall - D handle with wooden grip. Unsigned. Nice clean example. Good ALV 653 40 90 PHOTO
6301-150 6301-150 DAVIS and COOK level. No. 4 with 30in wooden stock - some dinging but no major chips and edges sharp. Second type patent - vials wet with light corrosion on vial assemblies. Good TKY 104 50 100 PHOTO
6301-151 6301-151 ACME LEVEL CO. No. 4 inclinometer. Copper wash mostly worn away as usual but all vials wet and vial assemblies good wih minimal corrosion. 24in stock. Good ALV 490 30 60 PHOTO
6301-152 6301-152 ACME LEVEL CO. inclinometer. Older version of the Acme sheet metal level - all three vials wet and brass vial assemblies in very good condition - minimal damage to finish. 26in stock. Good plus ALV 491 40 80 PHOTO
6301-153 6301-153 MILLERS FALLS cast iron level. Nice example of the 18in version of the decorative Millers Falls design. All vials wet - no chips in the rails or web - japanning good with few spatters of paint. Good TKY 48 30 75 PHOTO
6301-154 6301-154 Lot of two STANLEY levels. Both 24in. A No. 36 cast iron level - WWII era with rib along inside of casting and rotating vial protectors. And a No. 237 aluminum with orange notched rectangle mark. All vials wet - metal in good condition with no major damage. Good BB 54.123 35 70 PHOTO
6301-155 6301-155 STANLEY No. 36 level. 24in - Solid web - rotating vial covers - vials all wet - notched rectangle mark. Good ALV 631 20 40 PHOTO
6301-156 6301-156 GOODELL-PRATT No. 4524 brass bound level. 24in mahogany stock with only minor dinging - one lower vial cover missing but all vials wet. A good example of one of GPs most attractive levels. Good BB 58 30 80 PHOTO
6301-157 6301-157 STARRETT cast iron grooved machinist level. Good clean example of Starrett design with 12 1-2in stock - two corners slightly flattened but no chips - all vials wet. Good TKY 47 20 30 PHOTO
6301-158 6301-158 Two STANLEY wooden levels. No. 1193 18in brass bound mahogany with sweetheart mark and legible decal and 12in No. 102 cherry level with extra clean crisp edges and stock - vee trademark. Good plus CGN 21.35 40 80 PHOTO
6301-159 6301-159 STANLEY No. 3 adjustable level. Early type without the -Hand-y- grip but doesnt have the Eagle mark of a true Type 1. 28in cherry stock in nice shape with sharp edges but -MF- carved his initials. Good vials and brass tips. Original label but unreadable. Good UNK 1 25 50 PHOTO
6301-160 6301-160 STRATTON BROS. unbound level. These Stratton levels - with stained stock and no bound edges - are rarer than their signature rosewood No. 10s. The 28in stock on this one is extra clean and crisp - vials wet - good brass plates on ends. Good plus THF 105 30 50 PHOTO
6301-161 6301-161 DISSTON NO. 1 level. Nice clean example of Disstons basic single-vial level - stock has only minor dinging - vial wet. Good PMG 46 20 40 PHOTO
6301-162 6301-162 STANLEY No. 104 level. 12in stock with minor dinging - edges generally good - both vials wet. Good CP 23 10 25 PHOTO
6301-163 6301-163 Patent applied for level. Its marked No. 6128 but theres no makers name and I dont recognize it. It has one level and two plumb vial assemblies - both sealed in and with double vials. 28in stock in good condition with light cross-hatching to form a grip. Vial covers have light corrosion. A mystery. Good BB 255 30 60 PHOTO
6301-164 6301-164 BAKER-MCMILLEN No. 4 AKRON ECLIPSE Level. A beautiful example - with the stock carved out to form a grip. Plumb vial inside a glass tube in the distinctive Akron style but the level vial is a plain vial and is probably a replacement. Beautiful 28in rosewood stock - fully brass bound. For a level this pretty it would be worth fixing the top vial. Good ALV 492 40 80 PHOTO
6301-165 6301-165 STRATTON BROS. NO. 2 brass-tipped level. Two plumb and one level vial - all wet. 28in stock is nice heavy piece of rosewood with a few dings and a couple of chips from the edges - but would clean up very nicely. Good BB 254 30 60 PHOTO
6301-166 6301-166 J.W. ANDREWS level. Level by an early New York maker with the side vial sometimes called -Hudson River- style. The wood is well worn and with a number of dings - but would be worth the trouble to clean up and refinish. Rusted screws on the side vial assembly - which is brass with eagle trademark. 24in stock. Good minus BB 118 25 50 PHOTO
6301-167 6301-167 M.J. DAVISON level. Another early New York maker. 28in stock has worn edges but otherwise undamaged. Good vials. Good BB 32 30 60 PHOTO
6301-168 6301-168 HASELTON gauging rod. Used to gauge the capacity of barrels and has four different scales on each side. 24in long - boxwood with brass endplates. Clear eagle trademark with -R.B. HASELTON - Maker - Groton - NH-- A beautiful example. Good plus DWH 87 100 200 PHOTO
6301-169 6301-169 Mint STANLEY No. 68 bricklayer rule. The No. 68 is a pretty common rule - but this one has the numbers marked vertically which I understand was favored by bricklayers. It is dead mint and looks like it was never used. Mint DWH 44 50 100 PHOTO
6301-170 6301-170 Lot of 3 No. 68 STANLEY Rules. Unlike No. 169 this is the way No. 68 rules are usually found - all worn but readable and usable. Good DWH 45-47 30 60 PHOTO
6301-171 6301-171 Lot of two rules. A nice CHAPIN No. 2 four-fold 12in rule - worn and slightly sprung but still usable with good pins. Plus a folding wallpaper rule made by STONE CO. Good DLH 42 . 66 30 60 PHOTO
6301-172 6301-172 Lot of two rules. An aluminum drafting rule by KEUFFEL and ESSER with full and half scales - marked No. 375A-23. Has two brackets that look like another rule could be slid through them. Plus a commemorative brass 12in ruler marked with the logo of the Keystone Drawn Steel Co. of Spring City - PA. Good ABR 11.12 20 40 PHOTO
6301-173 6301-173 Lot of three STANLEY rules. A No. 7 -Blindmans- rule - also marked -English.- A No. 53 1-2 architects rule with sweetheart mark. And a No. 84 bound carpenters rule. All have wear and some staining but are intact and usable -small chip from the inside of the No. 53 1-2-. Good FES 472 50 90 PHOTO
6301-174 6301-174 Lot of two STANLEY caliper rules. A No. 136 and a No. 136 1-2. Both are unusually clean and crisp with only slight tarnishing on the brass. Good plus FES 488 20 50 PHOTO
6301-175 6301-175 Lot of two STANLEY rules. A No. 426 zigzag - all joints nice and tight but japanning worn on outsides. A No. 7 blindmans rule - a little sprung but nice and clear. Good FES 483.496 30 60 PHOTO
6301-176 6301-176 WELSH patented marking gauge. Patented in 1891 by A.A. Welsh - its unique design and relative scarcity make it a very collectible gauge. Unfortuantely this one is in indifferent condition with staining to the wood and some corrosion to the brass plates but worth cleaning up. Good minus DWH 49 30 60 PHOTO
6301-177 6301-177 User-made panel gauge. Very unusual and attractive design - looks like rosewood. Wedge-locking head. 15in long overall. Good ALV 334 30 60 PHOTO
6301-178 6301-178 Lot of three marking gauges. A nice heavy ebony mortice gauge by F.BRITAIN of Sheffield with English-stye locking screw and internal adjustment. A user-made gauge made of an attractive piece of sapwood - a couple of chips out of head and body but still nice looking. And a well-worn Stanley gauge - looks like a No. 61 - with Sweetheart mark. Good CPK 44.48 40 80 PHOTO
6301-179 6301-179 Marked STANLEY No. 161 marking gauge. In 1884 Stanley began adding a curved face plate to its basic line of gauges to enable them to be used on curved surfaces - and these -improved- gauges were identified with a -1- in front of their model number. Thus - the No. 61 with the face plate became the No. 161. However - they were almost never stamped with the number - so those that are command a premium. This one is dirty but the wood is unmarked with nice crisp edges. Good plus RSI 31 50 80 PHOTO
6301-180 6301-180 Lot of three STANLEY marking gauges. Nos. 61 - 64 1-2 - and 65. All in good clean condition. The 65 is near mint. The 61n has a hang hole - the 64 1-2 has a sweetheart mark and a small screw in the end. Good RSI 27.29.30 40 70 PHOTO
6301-181 6301-181 Lot of two LUFKIN extension rules. Model No. X46. One is practicaly new - the other well worn but joints are still tight and fully usable. Good and better RPT 2 20 30 PHOTO
6301-182 6301-182 LUFKIN No. 138 diemakers square IOB. Includes all original parts. Tools are completely clean - box above average. Good plus FES 459 20 40 PHOTO
6301-183 6301-183 BROWN and SHARP pitch gauge IOB. Tool clean with minimal surface schmutz - box good with all intact seams. Good plus CGN 261 20 40 PHOTO
6301-184 6301-184 HANDEHAND adjustable wrench. Patented 1921 and manufactured by H and E Wrench Company of New Bedford - MA. Sliding collar closes jaws. Good condition - jaws close squarely. Good ABR 13 40 80 PHOTO
6301-185 6301-185 DIAMOND wrench. With wingnut on shaft to close double headed wrench - one regular jaws and one for buggy or wagon nuts. 10in length. Marked as manufactured by Diamond Wrench Co. of Portland - ME. Some dinging on head and jaws very slightly sprung. Good handle. Good ABR 10 35 70 PHOTO
6301-186 6301-186 H.D. SMITH -Perfect Handle- open end wrench. Largest of the Perfect Handle wrenches with 1 3-4in opening and 15in length. A couple of dings on the handle. Good ABR 8 30 60 PHOTO
6301-187 6301-187 Eight open-end wrenches attached to mold. Unmarked except for -5- each is 6in long - 5-8in on one end and 3-8in on the other. One has broken off but is included. Good ABR 1 30 60 PHOTO
6301-188 6301-188 Two open-end wrenches still attached from mold. The word -FREESE- is scratched into the center but otherwise unmarked. The double-ended one is 13in long - 1 1-4in by 1 3-4in. The single-ended one is 1 1-2in. Good ABR 6 30 60 PHOTO
6301-189 6301-189 Open-end wrench. Marked patented 7-5-98 but doesnt fit any patent granted that date. Good ABR 15 20 40 PHOTO
6301-190 6301-190 Lot of three buggy wrenches. The two square end ones are each marked -Patd- on one side and with a model number - 732OH for the larger one and 732OC for the smaller one. The hexagonal one doesnt have the same markings - but has a trademark of -E- in a circle which is the same as the smaller square one. All have some surface rust and light pitting. Good ABR 18.48.50 30 60 PHOTO
6301-191 6301-191 Bed wrench. Unmarked except for -73.- Graphic form and nice clean condition. Good ABR 4 20 40 PHOTO
6301-192 6301-192 Decorated wrench. Open-end wrench with an engraved monkey climbing a coconut tree on one side - and a signature - presumably the artist - on the other. You dont often find decorated wrenches - and this qualifies as folk art. Very light surface rust and jaws a little dinged - but youre buying it for the monkey. Good ABR 43 40 75 PHOTO
6301-193 6301-193 Lot of two FORD wrenches. One adjustable wrench - and one box end marked -9N17014- and ruled in inches. Unusual to find wrenches ruled in this manner. Good ABR 19.20 30 60 PHOTO
6301-194 6301-194 Lot of two unmarked box end wrenches. One is made of flat stock the jaws are cut square - but with a rounded notch at the base. Owners initials punched on one side. The other one is an unsigned S-shape probably made out of a file. Good ABR 5.7 20 40 PHOTO
6301-195 6301-195 TOWER and LYON adjustable wrench. Covered by two patents issued to Bernard Donahue - 3-1-81 and 11-12-89. Sold by TandL although their logo is not readible on the head. Head dinged and jaws slightly sprung - wood hande is dry and may be an old user replacement. Still a complete example of an uncommon wrench. 15in. Good minus ALV 576 50 100 PHOTO
6301-196 6301-196 BILLINGS COE 12in monkey wrench. With the oval Coe trademark and Triangular B mark. The last all-metal Coes type monkey wrench manufactured. Unfortunately head is well dinged and a lot of surface rust. Also has ATandSF railroad logo. Good minus ALV 659 30 60 PHOTO
6301-197 6301-197 Adjustable H and E WRENCH CO. pipe wrench. The second patent from the New Bedford makers of the -Handyhand- wrench. This design was patented in 1923 and is good clean condition with minimal rust and dinging and clear markings. Good ALV 673 40 80 PHOTO
6301-198 6301-198 BAY STATE quick adjust wrench. 8in version with spring activated quick release lever. Patented in1904 by Frederick Walden - founder of Walden Tool Co. Good clean condition with clear marks and good jaws. Good plus ALV 692 40 80 PHOTO
6301-199 6301-199 E. RIPLEYS patent combination pliers. Probably a fencing tool. Clearly marked with 1857 patent date but I couldnt find the patent. Very early patented combination tool - in good condition with minimal rust and dinging. Good ALV 611 40 80 PHOTO
6301-200 6301-200 STRIEBY and FOOTE CO. combination. Patented 9-13-04 and appears to be some type of fencing tool although I couldnt locate the patent. Strieby and Foote - of Newark NJ - also manufactured wrenches. In excellent conditon. Good plus ALV 651 45 90 PHOTO
6301-201 6301-201 Unmarked center shaft adjusting wrench. 6in long - in good clean condition with unmarked jaws and smoothly working mechanism. Good plus ALV 688 30 60 PHOTO
6301-202 6301-202 18in steam engine wrench. Flat stock - marked -RFP RAILROAD.- Maroon paint in excellent condition. Good plus   40 80 PHOTO
6301-203 6301-203 Lot of three carriage wrenches. All unmarked - some light surface rust. Good ABR 9.16.22 30 60 PHOTO
6301-204 6301-204 Lot of two unmarked wrenches. Offset carriage wrench and user-made box end wrench. Good ABR 2.3 20 40 PHOTO
6301-205 6301-205 Adjustable wrench. Marked only 9in Auto - jaws dinged and slightly sprung. Good minus 1RPG 10 20 PHOTO
6301-206 6301-206 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. 12in WESTCOTT s-hande - unusual 8in quick adjust - spring loaded with a knurled wheel that both is used for adjustment and serves as the lower jaw - made by CRAFT INTNTL TOOL. of Conneaut O - and has a Nov. 1907 patent date - sheet metal construction with surface rust including some deep pitting on the slide - but mechanism works smoothly. Plus an unmarked 7in nut wrench - jaw slightly sprung. Good CGN 24.28.290 50 100 PHOTO
6301-207 6301-207 Lot of 2 WHITMAN andBARNES -Bulldog- alligator wrenches. Both No. 2 9in models. One has WandB diamond logo and -Bull-Dog- is hyphenated - its one word on the other. Surface dirty but no ptting - no chipping on jaws. Good CGN 252.253 30 60 PHOTO
6301-208 6301-208 Lot of three PEXTO Coe-type wrenches. Solid metal handles - a 14in - 12in with jaw slightly sprung - ad 6 1-2in - light surface rust with some pitting. Good CGN 110-112 50 100 PHOTO
6301-209 6301-209 Lot of two alligator wrenches. No. 2 -Bulldog- by J.H. WILLIAMS and CO. and closed-end -Neverslip- marked - Good clean jaws - light surface corrosion without pitting. Good plus AED 11 . 12 30 60 PHOTO
6301-210 6301-210 Lot of three alligator wrenches. 7in WHITMAN and BARNES with diamond logo and open handle - 9in closed-end -Neverslip- marked with 8-17-97 patent date - 7in unmarked from flat stock with nut cutout. Good CGN 250.254.255 30 70 PHOTO
6301-211 6301-211 Lot of two perfect handle adjustable wrenches. 18in Coe wrench marked with two Coe patent dates and Worchester Mass wrench co. logo - and a 10in pipe wrench marked with H.D. SMITH name and -Perfect Handle- trademark. Good and better CGN 69.187 45 90 PHOTO
6301-212 6301-212 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. Unusual 6in model by BOOS TOOL CO. of Kansas City - MO tightened by rotating handle - and a WAKEFIELD quick adjusting wrench with the optional toothed jaws inserted -and with a couple of chips-. Good LEE 894a 50 100 PHOTO
6301-213 6301-213 Lot of two patented adjustable wrench. 12in -Polly- wrench patented 4-16-23 and manufactured by GELLMAN MFG. of Rock Island - IL - and 14in ROBERTS adjustable pipe wrench patented 2-21-22 and made by ROBERT WRENCH CO. of New York -the wrench is marked -Robert- but Ken Cope says it should be -Roberts.--. Good LEE 894b 40 80 PHOTO
6301-214 6301-214 Lot of two BILLINGS and SPENCER center-nut adjusting wrench. Both 6in Model A or B - with two different logos and one marked with Charles Billings 2-18-78 patent date. Clean surfaces - jaws slightly sprung. Good CGN 192.133 30 75 PHOTO
6301-215 6301-215 Unmarked 14in open handle S-wrench. Decent overall condition - one chip out of wrack - owners initials stamped in head - light surface dinging. Good JFR 20 20 40 PHOTO
6301-216 6301-216 Lot of two patented pipe wrenches. 14in MCKERCHER - patented 2-13-00 and made by McKercher Wrench Co. of Jackson - MI - spring that holds the jaw is present but not working correctly - and a Robert patented -2-21-22- made by HOE CORP. of Poughkeepsie. Both dirty with surface corrosion but no deep pitting and working. Good BB 32.48 40 80 PHOTO
6301-217 6301-217 Lot of three adjustable wrences. 8 1-2in Barcalo with tang on end and FORD mark - 11in Billings and Spencer - 10 1-2in by Diamond Tool and Horsehoe of Duluth either plated or painted silver very well. Good CGN 26.27.87 30 60 PHOTO
6301-218 6301-218 Lot of three Ford adjustable wrenches. One 9in marked MOORE DROP FORGING - others just with Ford mark -8in and 9in- - jaws a little chewed up but surfaces generally good. Good CGN 77.78.80 20 40 PHOTO
6301-219 6301-219 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. 8in CYGNET wrench - and two 6in WESTCOTT S-handles -one open - one closed-. Good CGN 205.211.220 30 60 PHOTO
6301-220 6301-220 Lot of two wrenches. 6in -Instant Grip- quick adjust made in West German - and 6in open end with 3-4in jaws - looks user made out of flat stock. Good JFR 4.5 10 25 PHOTO
6301-221 6301-221 SEILER patented saw set. Patented by Vincent Seiler of Reading - OH in 1884. An unusual patented saw set in good condition. Good LEE 869 30 60 PHOTO
6301-222 6301-222 Unmarked stair saw. Mahogany - looks user made - blade a little too long for the body - handle has been broken off and reglued. Good minus CDE 1869 20 40 PHOTO
6301-223 6301-223 Unmarked stair saw. Beech - probably factory made - 8in blade - some dinging but good overall condition. Good CDE 2646 25 50 PHOTO
6301-224 6301-224 Unmarked stair saw. Low profile design - looks like beech - body and blade in good shape - 6 tpi. Good CDE 1871 25 50 PHOTO
6301-225 6301-225 Unmarked bow saw. Looks like rosewood - 10in blade - stretchers replaces with copper wire but the brass turnbuckle looks old and maybe original. Wood in very good condition - nice looking saw. Good CDE 1875 75 150 PHOTO
6301-226 6301-226 IMPERIAL compass saw. Made by PENNSYVLVANIA SAW CORP in York - PA - unusually nice for a compass saw - with wheatsheaf carving on mostly undamaged handle and etching clearly visible. 11in blade. Good CDE 2621 30 60 PHOTO
6301-227 6301-227 Lot of three compass saws. All unsigned but one has unreadable etching - one older with what looks like handforged wingnut. Handles range from good to dinged up. Good CDE 2618-2620 35 70 PHOTO
6301-228 6301-228 Unsigned flooring saw. Good fruitwood handle - no etching visible - medallion marked -Warranted Superior- but no name. Unusual saw - blade good. Good CDE 1878 75 150 PHOTO
6301-229 6301-229 DISSTON D5 crosscut saw. Exquisite rosewood handle - very clear etching on blade. Only apology is that the blade has been sharpened several times so that about 1-4 of the etching is gone. 9 tpi. Good plus CDE 1879 40 80 PHOTO
6301-230 6301-230 DISSTON ripsaw. 4 1-2 tpi. Unusually elaborate wheatsheaf carving on fruitwood handle with a few dings but horns intact - blade has surface corrosion and etching barely readable. Good CDE 2610 30 60 PHOTO
6301-231 6301-231 Lot of two saws. Older DISSTON and SONS 5 tpi rip saw with one missing screwhead and broken off upper horn - good user or project - plus an unsigned pruning saw in good clean condition. Good minus CDE 2611.2616 20 50 PHOTO
6301-232 6301-232 DISSTON ripsaw. 4 1-2 tpi. Handle has thumb groove - a few dings but no major chips and horns intact - blade rusty and etching barely visible. Good CDE 2612 20 40 PHOTO
6301-233 6301-233 DISSTON cross-cut saw. Older lambs-tongue handle with some major dinging and horns chewed up - 8 tpi rusty blade with etching barely visible. Good minus CDE 2617 20 40 PHOTO
6301-234 6301-234 Split-nut English steel backsaw. Only mark on the back is -Williams- which could be an owner. Unusually for a small backsaw - each of the three nuts has a full medallion marked -Warranted Superior-. 10in blade is tarnished but no pitting. Handle dinged but no major chips. Good LEE 881a 40 80 PHOTO
6301-235 6301-235 Split-nut English steel backsaw. Theres a name stamped on the back but I cant make it out. Flat head split nuts. A couple of small chips out of the edge of the handle. 10in blade is tarnished but no pitting. Good LEE 881b 35 70 PHOTO
6301-236 6301-236 BIGGINS and SON steel backsaw. Back marked Biggins and Son Sheffield. A couple of major chips out of the handle. Two flat-heat split nuts. 10in blade tarnished but no pitting. Good LEE 881c 35 70 PHOTO
6301-237 6301-237 STANLEY-SIMONDS miter box backsaw. Made by SIMONDS for STANLEY miter box. Blade etched with sweetheart mark - back stamped with SIMONDS SAW CO. 27in blade - only one saw guide. Blade a little dinged and with some paint but horns intact. If youve got a 50-1-2 miter box youre in business. Good ZOM 438 30 60 PHOTO
6301-238 6301-238 Lot of two dovetail saws. SUNDERMAN and HESS made in German - offset handle with a couple of chips. And an unsigned modern example Perfect users. Good CPK 33.35 20 40 PHOTO
6301-239 6301-239 Plastic handled crosscut saw. 8tpi. Red plastic handle looks to date from 40s or so - it actually looks like the plastic used on Millers Falls Buck Rogers line but unsigned. Blade is rusty but sharp and no pitting - would clean up nicely. Good BB 252 10 25 PHOTO
6301-240 6301-240 HEYSINGER patent washer cutter. In unusually clean and crisp condition with both original thumbscrews. Good plus CDE 2700 60 120 PHOTO
6301-241 6301-241 Washer cutter with angled blade. Very well made with fine adjustment. Must be manufactured but not signed. Extra nice. Good plus CDE 2699 40 100 PHOTO
6301-242 6301-242 G.L.SMITH hand-held washer cutter. Unusually large and well-made for a washer cutter with brass body and set screw and steel blade can cut up to 6in radius. Different and attractive. Good VIN 44 20 40 PHOTO
6301-243 6301-243 A. CHAPMAN brace. Made by Chapman of Sheffield - ball bearing head with one hard to see chip - hexagonal body with spring latch on chuck in virtually mint condition. 5in throw. Fine CDE 867 150 300 PHOTO
6301-244 6301-244 Cage head brace. Beautiful cagehead brace with very unusual open cage grip as well - square chuck with handmade brass thumbscrew. 4in throw. Fine CDE 870 250 500 PHOTO
6301-245 6301-245 Cast iron brace with hollow metal head. Very early 19th or late 17th century. Hand forged cast iron body with friction-fit square chuck - hollow head handmade of thin metal. Beautiful craftsmanship. Fine CDE 869 250 500 PHOTO
6301-246 6301-246 Hand forged scandinavian pattern cast iron brace. Good solid head - friction fit rectangular chuck - metal in very good condition - 3in throw. Good CDE 868 75 150 PHOTO
6301-247 6301-247 Wooden pod brace. Hand-carved wooden brace with a single pod bit held in place by a wooden pin that looks original - amazing that it stayed with the brace for 200 years. Wood has some staining and dinging but very attractive. Head works smoothly. 3 1-2in throw. Good plus CDE 1886 150 300 PHOTO
6301-248 6301-248 Chairmakers brace with fixed spoon bit. Wood has two centuries of beautiful patina - original iron band around the bit - head works smoothly and has no chips. 4in thrown. Good plus CDE 2149 200 400 PHOTO
6301-249 6301-249 Unsigned Sheffield pattern plated brace. Beech body with very good rosewood head that turns smoothly. Brass plating is good with a few minor dings. Push button chuck. Likely a trade brace. 4in throw. Good plus CDE 1225 75 150 PHOTO
6301-250 6301-250 JOHN S. FRAY Spofford patent brace. Clearly marked with Frays mark and the patent date. Metal has been polished but looks good - head and chuck work smoothly. Very attractive example of an uncommon patent. 5in throw. Good CDE 1005 50 100 PHOTO
6301-251 6301-251 Lot of two ratchet braces. SARGENT No. 7501 brace with rosewood head and grip - a little surface corrosion but solid and good worker. Plus an unsigned German-made brace -not pictured- - very clean with good wooden head and grip but ratchet needs work - both 5in throws. Good CDE 569.852 30 60 PHOTO
6301-252 6301-252 STREETER patent brace. Clearly marked with Streeters 1-23-55 patent - -A- rating in Pearson - very clean example with no rust and minimal dinging - 4in throw. Good plus CDE 564 60 120 PHOTO
6301-253 6301-253 SPOFFORD patent brace. Either by Fray or Stanley but not marked - very clean example with wooden handle 5in throw. Good plus CDE 555 30 60 PHOTO
6301-254 6301-254 SHEPARD patent brace. Marked No. 101 and probably made by PECK - STOW and WILCOX. Shepards 12-30-84 patent was for the ratchet mechanism - rated A in Pearson and works smoothly. Also has Pecks patented chuck. Cocobolo head and handle - good clean condition Extra nice brace. 6in throw. Good plus CDE 570 60 120 PHOTO
6301-255 6301-255 Unmarked STANLEY No. 946 brace. Nonratcheting - plain barber chuck - good cocobolo head and handle - 5in sweep. No mark - very clean and rust-free - solid worker or just a pretty brace. Good CDE 566 20 40 PHOTO
6301-256 6301-256 STANLEY No. 903 brace. Boxed ratchet and -universal- chuck - heavy duty model - some light surface rust and nickel damage but cocobolo handle and head are in good shape - ratchet works smoothly. 5in throw. Good CDE 568 25 50 PHOTO
6301-257 6301-257 STANLEY No. 903A brace. Same as the No. 903 -lot 256- but with aluminum head and handle. Made only 1927-35 and a rare brace. Nickel has some flaking and dinging but nothing major and works smoothly. 6in throw. Good CDE 623 60 120 PHOTO
6301-258 6301-258 MILLER FALLS No. 32 brace. Cocobolo head and rosewood handle - Barber chuck but marked with two unusual patent dates - 1-10-11 and 4-11-11 - that dont seem to correspond to any brace patents. Ratchet works but stop pin sheared off. Good overall. Good CDE 616 20 40 PHOTO
6301-259 6301-259 JOHN S. FRAY No. 106 brace. With Peck patented chuck and open ratchet - good overall condition - cocobolo or rosewood head and handle - tight split in handle. 5in throw. Good CDE 620 20 40 PHOTO
6301-260 6301-260 L.L. DAVIS brace. Davis was best known for his levels but he also produced these braces covered by four patents - including two covering the unique ratchet mechanism. With distinctive chuck cover and shaped lignum vitae handle. A very nice example of an uncommon and attractive brace. 5in throw. Good plus CDE 618 100 200 PHOTO
6301-261 6301-261 PEXTO No. 5310 brace. Clean and well marked example - ratchet a little stiff but works - light dinging only - good cocobolo head and handle. Good CDE 622 25 50 PHOTO
6301-262 6301-262 JOHN S. FRAY partial drill-brace. Unfortunately missing the handle that allowed it to be used as a drill as well as a brace - whats there is in good shape and if you have the handle youre in business. 5in throw. Fair CDE 615 20 40 PHOTO
6301-263 6301-263 A.H. REID -Lightning- drill. Patented by Alban Reid of Philadelphia in 1882 and aggressively marketed - in above average condition with nice handle and only light surface rust and the frequently missing spring clips in the chuck intact. Good CDE 2102 30 60 PHOTO
6301-264 6301-264 MILLERS FALLS No. 13 breast drill. The No. 13 single-speed breast drill was a heavy duty drill for serious drilling - advertised as the most expensive drill in the world and worth it. Extendible handle and -universal- jaws mark it as circa 1910. Red paint entirely gone and light surface rust but still solid. Has the level vial. Good minus CDE 2414 30 60 PHOTO
6301-265 6301-265 Iron frame ratcheting breast drill. Im pretty sure these were made by Goodell-Pratt but frame is pretty gunked up and no markings are readable - except that chuck is marked -Patent No. 19317 of 1910.- Dirty and rusty and side handle is a replacement that doesn’t fit right - but a solid tool that works smoothly if youre willing to clean it up and find a handle that fits. Fair CDE 2410 20 40 PHOTO
6301-266 6301-266 GOODELL-PRATT No. 677 breast drill. Adjustable speed marked -patent applied for.- Red paint on the drive wheel is well crackled as usual - but the rest of the drill is in good condition and includes original unbroken leather strap. Good CRT 12 40 80 PHOTO
6301-267 6301-267 GOODELL-PRATT No. 20 breast drill. With D-ring handle and intact original leather chest strap. Red-paint well crackled and unreadable and part of speed adjustment missing. Fair CRT 13 20 40 PHOTO
6301-268 6301-268 Lot of two hand drills. STANLEY -Defiance- brand with some chips to red paint but overall good shape. And an older iron model marked made in Germany with decent paint but overall surface rust and crackled finish on fruitwood handle. Good CRT 106.107 25 50 PHOTO
6301-269 6301-269 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 14 with second type sweetheart mark on skate. In user-made box with short rods - cam rest - screwdriver - long depth stop - both boxes of cutters with labels. Missing screw for rear depth stop and some minor flaking in nickel - otherwise good. Good EHS 1 120 240 PHOTO
6301-270 6301-270 Lot of STANLEY No. 45 plane parts. Parts of two Type 8 45s - which came in an original wooden box -sliding lid missing-. Two main bodies -one missing cutter adjustment and depth stops- - two main fences -one missing rosewood- - two auxiliary fences - two sets of long and one set of short rods - one long depth stop - one cam rest - one extra slitter - one long box of cutters. All adds up to about 1 3-4in 45 with some parts left over. Good overall condition with some nickel flaking - knobs and totes all good. Good RCY 100 150 300 PHOTO
6301-271 6301-271 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 110 with vee mark on cutter and later model No. 220 with notched rectangle. Japanning worn but good overall condition. Good CDE 1054.1063 25 50 PHOTO
6301-272 6301-272 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. Both later model 110s - one with faded DEFIANCE decal - the other is painted gray and red and cutter stamped H1247. Good CDE 1040.1056 25 50 PHOTO
6301-273 6301-273 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 118 stamped steel -unbreakable- and later model 220 in unusually good condition. Good and better CDE 1060.1065 25 50 PHOTO
6301-274 6301-274 FULTON block plane. Fultons rip off of the Stanley 110 in good overall shape. Good CDE 1059 10 25 PHOTO
6301-275 6301-275 Lot of two block planes. MILLERS FALLS No. 97 block plane Similar design to Stanley 110 but with cutter adjusting level that engages grooves on the bottom of the cutter. Adjustment needs tuning. Plus a body of a Stanley 110 missing cutter and cap. Good minus CDE 1044 20 40 PHOTO
6301-276 6301-276 CRAFTSMAN adjustable throat block plane. Craftsman version of the Stanley No. 9 1-2 - nickel plated version with some nickel loss. Good CP 17 10 30 PHOTO
6301-277 6301-277 STANLEY No. 9 1-4 block plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter - japanning good except where worn on knob. Good CP 14 20 40 PHOTO
6301-278 6301-278 STANLEY No. 60 low-angle block plane. Looks like a No. 60 but doesnt have the Hand-ee grooves. Has the adjustable throat. Good overall condtion. Good CP 8 30 60 PHOTO
6301-279 6301-279 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. Defiance stamped steel version and Stanley No. 220 missing front knob. Good minus CPK 15.17 20 40 PHOTO
6301-280 6301-280 STANLEY No. 110 block plane. Type 6 -1888-1906- with large semi-circular J type mark on cutter. Japanning worn on knob but overall cut shape - rosewood knob. Good FRN 17 20 50 PHOTO
6301-281 6301-281 Body of STANLEY No. 140 combined block and rabbet plane. Has the body and removable side but missing cutter and cap. Parts plane. Fair MLD 3 10 25 PHOTO
6301-282 6301-282 STANLEY No. 130 double-ended block plane. Reversible cutter can be used at back end for bullnose work. Cutter is warped from being overtightened. Good minus LEE 840 25 50 PHOTO
6301-283 6301-283 STANLEY NO. 18 block plane early type. Looks like a Type 1 since it lacks the fine throat adjustment an Hand-ee grooves. Nickel almost completely worn off. Good RSI 214 60 120 PHOTO
6301-284 6301-284 STANLEY No. 18 block plane. Post-1913 with improved snap-lock lever cap. Missing the fine adjustment level for the throat. Good minus RSI 223 20 40 PHOTO
6301-285 6301-285 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. Later model N. 220 with good label on lever cap. And a No. 220 with traces of decal on the level cap. Good overall condition - perfect users. Good RSI 298.207 30 60 PHOTO
6301-286 6301-286 Set of 9 number punches. Above average condition in nice dove-tailed boxed. Numbers 3-8in high. Good 11 VIN 20 40 PHOTO
6301-287 6301-287 Set of 9 small number punches. Numbers about 1-8in high - newer plastic box. Good CPK 86 20 40 PHOTO
6301-288 6301-288 Set of letter punches. All 26 letter plus an ampersand and a shorter -B- that comes from another set. Letters are 3-8in. Nicer than average box. Good CPK 83 30 60 PHOTO
6301-289 6301-289 Set of 9 larger number punches. These numbers are 1-2in high. All nice and crisp. Dovetailed box has some wear but solid with original owners name in fancy pencil script in lid. Good CPK 81 20 40 PHOTO
6301-290 6301-290 Two incomplete number punch sets and a letter punch set. One with tiny numbers - the other about 1-8in - both missing one punch and others in fair shape only - boxes with no lids. The set of letter punches is complete but worn and you’d need to clean them to get good marks - box lid missing one end. Fair VIN 9.27 10 20 PHOTO
6301-291 6301-291 Set of four Irwin No. 62T auger bits. 1-2 - 5-16 - 7-16 and 13-16 - each in pristine condition in its original plastic sheath. They dont make em like this anymore. Fine CDE 2383-6 25 50 PHOTO
6301-292 6301-292 Lot of four tool handles. All unsigned but one is clearly a STANLEY 305 with rosewood handle and three tools - and another looks like the STANLEY No. 1 -Excelsior- with six tools. The other two have tools as well. Overall good condition with dinging and a couple of splits in one. Good SKR 60 120 PHOTO
6301-293 6301-293 Lot of two tools. Panasonic 30X light scope - perfect for inspecting tools in those pre-dawn parking lots. And a STARRET No 236 protractor head - needs a rule. Good SKR 20.34 10 20 PHOTO
6301-294 6301-294 Lot of two STANLEY No. 101 miniature block planes. One with all black japanning and 1900s mark - the other has red japanned cap and notched rectangle. Perfect for model and instrument making. Good RSI 180.182 30 60 PHOTO
6301-295 6301-295 STANLEY No. 95 butt gauge IOB. Gauge is immaculate - box a little tattered but all there with good label. Good plus CPK 76 15 30 PHOTO
6301-296 6301-296 STANLEY No. 43 machinists level. Missing its vial. Perfect for you level restorers - this thing goes for hundreds when complete. Unsigned as they all were. Good minus NW 118 40 80 PHOTO
6301-297 6301-297 Lot of thee sawsets. Two examples of STANLEY No. 42 both IOB - one with optional circular saw attachment and original instructions. Sets are fine - boxes are just shreds. And a DISSTON No. 24 which appears to use the same pattern. Good DKN 2.9.10 40 80 PHOTO
6301-298 6301-298 Lot of two sawsets. Both unsigned - one older japanned type - the other modern plunger type. Good plus ALV 70 . 78 30 60 PHOTO
6301-299 6301-299 SCHOLLHORN combination pliers. One of several pliers patented by William Bernard of New Haven and assigned to the Schollhorn Company - includes wire cutters. Good ALV 175 15 30 PHOTO
6301-300 6301-300 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. One marked BENTON with rotating handle - one unmarked with a sliding collar - and a -Girard Special- made by GIRARD WRENCH MFG. CO. of Girard - PA. The Girard has surface dinging and slightly sprung jaws - others good. Good ALV 595.662.672 35 70 PHOTO
6301-301 6301-301 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. GORDON AUTOMATIC of Union - NJ -   - patented in 1921 - surface rust but jaws very clean and square - 7 1-2in - 6 1-2in COES with a -2- stamped on all metal handle - and LAWSON 6in pipe wrench by U.S. HAME CO. of Cleveland. Good and better ALV 608.689.690 50 100 PHOTO
6301-302 6301-302 BOHN -Quickfit- adjustable wrench. 6in - slight flaking to nickel but good square jaw - patented 1924 and made by US WRENCH of Philadelphia. Good ALV 621 20 40 PHOTO
6301-303 6301-303 VICTOR adjustable wrench. Patented 1891 and manufactured by VICTOR OVERMAN WHEEL CO. - bicycle manufacture - 6in good surface and jaw. Good ALV 621 20 40 PHOTO
6301-304 6301-304 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. 6in all metal version by WRIGHT WRENCH of Cleveland - and 6in TRIMO pipe wrench by TRIMONT MFG. of Roxbury MA. Good ALV 602.620 30 60 PHOTO
6301-305 6301-305 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. 6in POPULAR MORCO pipe wrench by MOORE DROP FORGING of Springfield - MA - and one manufactured by CLEVELAND WRENCH CO. and covered by 1944 design patent. Good ALV 428.598 30 60 PHOTO
6301-306 6301-306 ALL RIGHT quick adjust wrench. Patented 1899 and manufactured by C.T. GUILD MACHINE CO. of N. Attleboro - MA. Rare 4 1-2in size. Jaws slightly dinged but good rust-free surface. Good ALV 614 25 50 PHOTO
6301-307 6301-307 5in metal handle COE adjustable wrench. Marked with Frederick Searles 12-24-01 patent for handle - uncommon 5in size - some light surface discoloraion. Good ALV 425 15 30 PHOTO
6301-308 6301-308 Lot of three center-nut bicycle wrenches. Two BILLINGS and SPENCER with different marks - one very clean with later mark and triangle B - and an unmarked wrench of similar construction. Good ALV 384.396.407 40 80 PHOTO
6301-309 6301-309 Lot of three center-nut bicycle wrenches. Middle wasp-wasted one signed SAFETY T and L which stood for TOWER and LYON HARDWARE. One has a logo that looks like -PandW- - th othr is marked Made in Germany. All 4 or 4 1-2in - light dinging and some surface rust on the German one. Good ALV 408.605.607 40 80 PHOTO
6301-310 6301-310 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. Center nut type with logo that looks like -B and R MFG.- with surface pitting - novelty wrench with pocketknife blades marked -Japan- - and a 4in adjustable with an -L- inside a keystone logo. Good ALV 383.599.603 40 80 PHOTO
6301-311 6301-311 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. Unsigned 4in lacquered - jaw slightly sprung - and a miniature BETR GRIP crescent wrench by DUNLAP - hang hold is a 3-8in 12 pt box wrench. Good ALV 613.615 30 60 PHOTO
6301-312 6301-312 Lot of two KING DICK 3in bicycle wrenches. One marked ABINGDON and No. O - and the other -Ro. No. 765509- which may mean something to you King Dick fanatics. Some nickel flaking around jaws of the latter. Good ALV 617.618 30 60 PHOTO
6301-313 6301-313 BORNSTEIN patented adjustable wrench. Based on Bornsteins 8-26-90 patent and less common than the 1892 version. Twist wooden handle and locking ring. Head lightly dinged but jaws are very good. Owners stamp on head. 8in. Good plus ALV 588 35 70 PHOTO
6301-314 6301-314 Unmarked all-metal adjustable wrench. Looks manufactured but no mark. Heavy flat stock - twist handle - no locking mechanism. Discolored and lightly dinged. 13in. Good ALV 514 20 40 PHOTO
6301-315 6301-315 Unmarked all-metal adjustable wrench. Looks user-made. Marked with -W.J. EARLE- user name. Twist handle looks hand forged. Dinging on head and jaws slightly sprung. 10in. Good minus ALV 515 15 30 PHOTO
6301-316 6301-316 Double-headed twist handled wrench. Very faint mark on head looks like -K H and CO.- Small amount of surface corrosion but very smooth and jaws close tight. Looks like 40s or later. 10in. Good ALV 581 20 40 PHOTO
6301-317 6301-317 Double-headed wooden handled wrench. Double screw mechanism with old wooden handle - looks manufactured and late 1800s. -S.M.- mark in circle on head. Jaws marked -28- and -11- - the latter probably the length. Jaws have dinging and slightly sprung. Good ALV 544 30 60 PHOTO
6301-318 6301-318 Unmarked adjustable wrench. Definitely manufactured and looks 40s or later. Twist ring on handle needs work - significant nickel flaking - surface rust and a dent on handle. 10in. Fair ALV 517 15 30 PHOTO
6301-319 6301-319 Lot of two COE type wooden handled wrenches- one WINCHESTER. 10in model marked with Coe patent - head dinged and surface corrosion - jaws slightly sprung. And a nice 8in model marked with clear WINCHESTER mark - head only lightly dinged. Good and better ALV 571.589 40 80 PHOTO
6301-320 6301-320 Stoneworkers mallet. With one grooved edge for breaking stone. Trace of a mark on head that looks like -KL CO.- Handle looks newer but I think is original - very tight fit. 14in. Good ALV 634 20 40 PHOTO
6301-321 6301-321 Slick. Blade has been protected by leather sheath and is very good - proper handle has split at the end and someone used a modern screw to attach blade more firmly. 3in blade - 24in overall. Good CRT 105 30 60 PHOTO
6301-322 6301-322 Handforged hollowing adze. Unusually long narrow shape. Old handle from tree limb. Pitted but still solid. 12in blade - 26in overall. Good LEE 933 20 40 PHOTO
6301-323 6301-323 Bark spud. Nice turned handle - probably manufactured but unmarked. Pitted but solid. 37in. Good ALV 559 20 40 PHOTO
6301-324 6301-324 L.B. LOOT broad axe. Head marked -L.B. LOOT - BALLADON - NY.- 11 1-2in blade - 21in handle - original or old replacement. Average pitting for age. Good ALV 626 30 60 PHOTO
6301-325 6301-325 Unsigned broad axe. Above average 13 1-2in blade with very little pitting - 24in handle is original or old replacement. Good ALV 627 25 50 PHOTO
6301-326 6301-326 BLODGETT broad axe. New England pattern broad axe marked BLODGETT EDGE TOOL CO. - H.C. REYNOLDS - AGENT. 8in blade with only moderate pitting but a couple of chips in the edge. 24in handle looks original. Good LEE 936 30 60 PHOTO
6301-327 6301-327 WM PENN felling axe. Marked on head -SUPPLEE-BIDDLE HARDWARE CO. - THE WM. PENN AXE - PHILADELPHIA.- With a picture of a Quaker - presumably Billy Penn himself. Great mark. Head and blade well used - original handle with a couple of chips - 28in overall. Good DUP 694 40 80 PHOTO
6301-328 6301-328 Lot of four STANLEY safety charts. 4 out of 18 double-sided safety charts distributed by STANLEY for shop classes - etc. Included are No. 3 -lathe tools--4 -carrying tools- - No. 9 -screwdrivers--10 -slippery floors- - No. 15 metal burrs--16 -using right tool- - and No. 25 -revolving saw blades--26 -soft-faced hammers-. Printed on heavy card stock with metal grommets for hanging - all have damage around edges but images are clear and complete. Good RSI 227-230 40 80 PHOTO
6301-329 6301-329 Lot of four STANLEY educational charts. Four out of the series of double-sided instructional wall charts distributed by STANLEY for shop classes - etc. The smaller 14 x 18in size. Included are No. C51 -ball peen hammers--C52 -hammers- - No. C101 -try square--C111 -marking gauge- - No. C120 -horizontal chiseling--C121 -vertical chiseling- - and C125 -butt gauge--C126 -bevel-. Printed on heavy card stock with metal grommets for hanging - all have damage around edges and in C101-111 it goes into the images - and C51 was used as a coaster - but in general images are clear and complete. Good minus RSI 231-235 30 60 PHOTO
6301-330 6301-330 Lot of two STANLEY large size educational charts. The larger size -18in x 24in- of STANLEYS double-sided instructional wall charts for shops classes - etc. Included are No. C15 -block planes--C16 -spoke shave- and No. C27 -doweling jig--C28 -hand scraper-. Printed on heavy card stock with metal grommets for hanging - No. C15-C16 has some edge damage but good images - N. C27-C28 is missing one corner and the grommet. Good minus RSI 236-237 20 40 PHOTO
6301-331 6301-331 WILEY and RUSSELL traveler. 7in wheel - metal handle - surface pitted but solid and work smoothly. Good RSI 6 30 60 PHOTO
6301-332 6301-332 Unsigned large traveler. 8in wheel - metal handle - ruled rim - traces of red paint. Good RSI 1 30 60 PHOTO
6301-333 6301-333 Unsigned traveler. 8in wheel - like No. 332 but no trace of paint and metal more pitted. Good minus RSI 5 25 50 PHOTO
6301-334 6301-334 Wooden handled traveler. 8in wheel - same design as No. 332 and 333 but with nice wooden handle - rim ruled and moderate pitting. Good RSI 12 30 60 PHOTO
6301-335 6301-335 Lot of two shaping tools. Coopers chamfer knife 5 1-2in blade stamped -CUNNINGHAM- - crude handle may be old replacement - metal in good shape - and a closed one-handed scorp - nice handle - metal well pitted. Good LEE 1002.1003 40 80 PHOTO
6301-336 6301-336 Lot of three sickles. All blades rusty but still wicked sharp - wooden handles worn and one cracked. One marked -RICHIN and CO.- others unmarked and may be hand forged. Good LEE 1001 30 60 PHOTO
6301-337 6301-337 Large double pistol grip router. Wood well patinated with one large chip - original rusty cutters. The shoulders may have been cut off for repair with nails. Still a solid primitve tool. Stamped with -JML- owner initials. Good minus LEE 844 40 80 PHOTO
6301-338 6301-338 Lot of two double shaves. 18in model with two center bead cutters and 12in model with corner bead cutters. Both with wooden fences. Metal is rusty but wood solid. Both with same -JML- initials as lot 337. Good LEE 844 40 80 PHOTO
6301-339 6301-339 Lot of two shaves. From the same toolchest as No. 337 and 338. An 18in shave like No. 338 but with broken wedge - and one with a rounding cutter. Good LEE 844 30 60 PHOTO
6301-340 6301-340 C.I MIX and CO. folding drawknife. Patented by Scovill Atkins on 12-31-01 - and may have been influenced by New Years Eve celebration. Patented feature is that the handles can be locked in different positions. Unfortunately the wood handles are in rough shape and one of the locking wingnuts has lost one of its wings - but you can still lock the handles in different positions should you feel the urge. Rare and gimmicky. Good minus BB 200 20 40 PHOTO
6301-341 6301-341 Lot of two GREENLEE drawknives. In immaculate condition - sharp enough to shave with - and clearly marked with the GREENLEE mark from Rockford - IL. One has a 2in wide and was only used a few times if that. The other has a heavier blade -2 1-2in- and was used more but is still in very good condition. Both blade 14in long. Good plus CDE 2013.2396 50 100 PHOTO
6301-342 6301-342 WM. GREAVES barrelmakers shave. Gracefully curved blade - well used and sharpened - marked by WM. GREAVES and SON of Sheffield. 13in blade - good handles that look like walnut. Good plus CDE 2390 25 55 PHOTO
6301-343 6301-343 W.H.H. WHITE screw-arm plow plane - 4 stars. W.H.H. WHITE was a carpenter in New Brunswick - NJ - in the mid-1800s - and his planes rate four stars for extreme rarity in AWP. This is a beautiful boxwood plane - with burl in the body - very clean nuts and only a few small chips in the threads. Has the brass tips more common in English planes - and this also has a Butcher cutter. Its possible White purchased his planes - and its a user mark. Good plus CDE 1908 120 240 PHOTO
6301-344 6301-344 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 534 screw-arm plow. Very nice example of Greenfield plow. A few small chips in the thread and ends of the arms - and the wedge is a little beat up - but good body and original Greenfield cutter. Good TKY 46 90 180 PHOTO
6301-345 6301-345 German beading plow plane. This is a Hamburg-made plane - name looks like -W.H. NEWERSEN- but is partly obscured by an owners stamp which has the typical continental plow pattern of the nuts on the inside of the fence - but instead of cutting a simple groove like a typical plow it cuts an inset quarter round. Unusual and attractive with good boxwood nuts and only minor chipping on the threads. Good BB 128 100 200 PHOTO
6301-346 6301-346 Bookbinders plow. Not actually a woodworking tool although it looks like one - used by bookbinder to trim the pages. Unsigned in good clean condition. Good CRT 82 60 120 PHOTO
6301-347 6301-347 Screw-arm croze. Used by coopers to cut the groove for the top and bottom of the barrel. It has two nickers and a cutter - and is well used. The wedges are beat up and may be old replacements - and the fence has the wear that can only come from making whole lot of barrels. Some inactive worm and a few small chips in the threads. Unsigned. Good CRT 19 60 120 PHOTO
6301-348 6301-348 Part of set of plank match planes by CHAS. ROGERS of St. Louis. Rogers was a hardware dealer in St. Louis form 183-57. This is the tongue half of a plank match set with a screw arm fence - missing the cutter. A split where the rear arm connects to the fence would need to be fixed before it could be used. If you collect obscure St. Louis marks youll overlook these flaws. Fair BB 114 30 60 PHOTO
6301-349 6301-349 Matched INGLIS tongue plane. Fixed fence tongue plane - boxed with steel lined fence. Wedge a little chewed up and a little rough around the edge of the tote but otherwise in good shape. Archilbald Inglis worked in Delhi - NY - 1850-76 - this has the -B- mark with two stars in AWP. Good BB 85 30 60 PHOTO
6301-350 6301-350 CASEY and C0. screw arm plow. This was the solo mark of GEORGE CASEY of Auburn - NY - who was later part of several partnerships all making planes with prison labor. Beech plane - unfortunately missing one of its ornate nuts - so it’s a restoration project. Skates also rusty but that could be cleaned up. Fair DWH 59 30 60 PHOTO
6301-351 6301-351 Continental style smoothing plane. The horn grip instead of a front knob is typical of European manufacture - but it has a Buck Bros. cutter. 1 3-4in cutter - 9in sole - nice piece of beech -I think- with some slight decoration - chip broken out of horn but it’s an old break and not noticeable. Good CDE 1896 100 200 PHOTO
6301-352 6301-352 CASEY and CO. ogee molding plane. A couple of tight checks and small chips but overall in good clean condition. Casey made planes on his own in 1857 before participating in numerous partnerships. 2 1-2in wide. Good TKY 89 30 60 PHOTO
6301-353 6301-353 BLOSSOM combined bead and astragal molding plane. Body is worn - particularly at the toe - but a rare mark - three stars in AWP and apparently made around 1800. 1-3-4in wide. Good BB 83 40 80 PHOTO
6301-354 6301-354 M. CRANNELL grooving plane. Probably originally part of a matched tongue and groove pair. Very clean and lined with iron along groove. 1-8in groove. Good TKY 94 30 60 PHOTO
6301-355 6301-355 M. CRANNELL boxed side bead. Body in very nice condition - with no checks or chips. Boxing is complete in unusually good shape. 7-8in diameter. Good plus TKY 95 40 80 PHOTO
6301-356 6301-356 L and IJ WHITE boxed side bead. Body is worn but no major damage - boxing is complete. 7-8in diameter. Good BB 97 35 70 PHOTO
6301-357 6301-357 MCDONALD FOSTER and PORTER no.62 ogee molding plane. One tight check in the sole - otherwise in good clean condition. Very uncommon mark. 2 1-4in wide. Good TKY 98 40 80 PHOTO
6301-358 6301-358 L and IJ boxed molder. Ogee with a boxed quirk and fillet on the ends. In unusually clean and undamaged condition - with practically rust-free cutter. 1 1-2in cut - 2in wide overall. Good plus TKY 99 40 80 PHOTO
6301-359 6301-359 TREMEN and BROS. wide shallow beading plane. Very clean body and almost rust-free sharp cutter. 2 star mark in AWP. Could be a table hollow. 1 38in wide. Good plus TKY 92 35 70 PHOTO
6301-360 6301-360 AUBURN TOOL CO. narrow bboxed side bead. Nice clean body with some minor dinging - boxing complete - good cutter. Type A mark. 5-8in diameter. Good TKY 87 30 60 PHOTO
6301-361 6301-361 G.W. GREGORY table round. Good clean plane and nice cutter. Uncommon Binghamton -NY - hardware dealer - two stars in AWP. 1 1-4in wide. Good TKY 93 40 80 PHOTO
6301-362 6301-362 Molding plane. Combined ogee and shallow bead. Well worn and some dinigng but no major damage. Cant make out the maker but looks like it ends in PELZ. Major chip out of wedge. 1 1-2in wide. Good minus BB 76 30 60 PHOTO
6301-363 6301-363 Lot of two JOSEPH GIBSON fully boxed side beads. The full profile of the bead - not just the side - is boxed. One is 3-8in and one is 1-4in. In unusually nice condition - with one chip out of th boxing on the 3-8in. Gibson worked in Albancy 1839-46 - one star in AWP. Good BB 99 40 80 PHOTO
6301-364 6301-364 SPENCER tongue cutting plane. Probably either Benjamin Spencer or EandB Spencer - both of Connecticut in early 1800s. Body well used but no major damage or chips. Tongue is 1-4in. Good BB 74 25 50 PHOTO
6301-365 6301-365 J. HANNAN FOUR-STAR molding plane. Profile is a shallow ogee-like curve. Four holes along one side indicate it may have had some kind of fence attached. 1 1-8in wide. Body is well worn but no major chips or checks. Hannan working in Middleton - NY - and this is the C mark - four stars in AWP. Good BB 90 40 80 PHOTO
6301-366 6301-366 Lot of two A. INGLIS wooden planes. Skewed rabbet plane with a 15-16in sole - and a standing filletster with 3-8in cutter. Rabbet has the B mark - two stars in AWP - Filletster the same mark but wihout the -Delhi - NY- second line. Rabbet has some light charring to the body - filletster is in good shape. Uncommon maker although not his rarest mark. Good JFR 8.9 60 120 PHOTO
6301-367 6301-367 Lot of two ARROWMAMMETT WORKS tongue cutting planes. 5-16in with type A mark -worn but readable- - and 3-8in with type C and steel plate. Bodies good - cutters with some rust but sharp. Good JFR 49.59 50 100 PHOTO
6301-368 6301-368 Lot of two COLUMBIA TOOL CO. boxed side beads. Made of -White Russian Beech- and imported from Germany and sold by United Hardware of New York in the 1920s. No. 25 -3-16in- and 26 -7-8in-. Bodies - cutters and wedges in very good condition - but boxing has dried out and cracked in spots. Type A mark - 2 stars in AWP. Unusual. Good CGN 103.104 20 40 PHOTO
6301-369 6301-369 Large moving filletster plane. Skewed blade - rabbet-type escapement - nicker - no depth stop - open tote. No mark and could be user made but a very nice job. Body is a beautiful piece of wood in very nice condition. Tote is loose but fits well - Ill leave it to you to glue it back in. 2 1-2in by 13 1-2in. A very pretty plane. Good CRT 48 60 120 PHOTO
6301-370 6301-370 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. casing molding plane. Marked -32 1-2in - cuts a 1 1-8in- ogee-shaped scalloped edge. Body and wedge very clean - almost no dinging. Good cutter. Resembles Roman reverse ogee Figure 10.93 in Whelan. Good CRT 56 25 55 PHOTO
6301-371 6301-371 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. molding plane. Ogee with fillet and bevel. Marked 3-4 on heel. Good clean condition. Owners mark. 1 1-2in wide. Good CRT 55 20 40 PHOTO
6301-372 6301-372 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. molding plane. Lying ogee with fillet and beak. Marked 74. 2in sole. Body is worn with dinging and some chips at the toe but no majro damage. Good CRT 59 20 40 PHOTO
6301-373 6301-373 G.P.BANCROFT complex molding plane. Reverse ogee and fillet. 2 3-8in sole. Body is well worn - with all the boxing behind the throat missing and a chip out of the wedge. Hole in one side appears to have held a missing handle. Uncommon Granville - OH - maker - Type A mark - 2 stars in AWP. Good minus CRT 44 20 40 PHOTO
6301-374 6301-374 Lot of two STANLEY Sweetheart marking gauges. A No. 72 double beam and a No. 77 rosewood mortise gauge. Both used with toolbox dinging but straight and complete with good sharp pins. No. 72 has a closed crack in the head. Good RSI 32.33 20 40 PHOTO
6301-375 6301-375 Lot of two marking gauges. Very nice wedge-type rosewood gauge - probably user made. Marked -J. WISBEY.- Beautiful piece of rosewood - 10 1-2in long and still straight - wedge damaged. Plus a STANLEY No. 65 in very good condition. Good plus ALV 95.333 30 60 PHOTO
6301-376 6301-376 Old hand-marked panel gauge. Unmarked - 21in long with inches hand-stamped. Hand-carved wooden nut. Nice straight piece of darker wood - but too light for rosewood or ebony - maybe walnut. Very pretty early gauge. Tag says -W.D. Lewis- but not marked on gauge itself. Good DWH 94 30 60 PHOTO
6301-377 6301-377 User-made slitting gauge. 15 1-2in long - with 1 1-4in square beam - old iron guide wheel and cutter - wooden locking screw. Well patinated - blade rusty but sharp. A well-made primitive tool. Good VIN 34 35 70 PHOTO
6301-378 6301-378 DISSTON locking bevel. 8in blade - lightly pitted - 5in rosewood handle with brass trim and locking lever - ome dinging. Nice example of an uncommon Disston tool. Good CRT 37A 30 60 PHOTO
6301-379 6301-379 Unsigned rosewood bevel. Very nice with 10in blade - 6in rosewood handle - brass thumbscrew. Good plus CRT 37B 30 60 PHOTO
6301-380 6301-380 Lot of two bevels. One very nice with 10in blade - 6in rosewood handle - brass fittings and thumbscrew - the other one is a patented model with a scribing point that extends from the handle but the adjustment mechanism is missing - 6in blade with some rust 6in boxwood handle. Good CRT 37C 40 80 PHOTO
6301-381 6301-381 Lot of three STANLEY butt gauges. A No. 95 in close to mint condition - a No. 94 with a corner broken off and some rust but still perfectly usable - and a No. 94 1-2 with a broken corner and significant rust and flaking. 95 Good plus otherwise Good minus RSI 40.41.46 30 60 PHOTO
6301-382 6301-382 Large user-made turnscrew. 26in long - body made from a rasp - good handle - rounded blade. Good JEN 30 60 PHOTO
6301-383 6301-383 Large turnscrew. 26 1-2in long - nicely shaped heavy blade - some chipping on the end of the handle. Good JEN 11 30 60 PHOTO
6301-384 6301-384 SMITH improved perfect handle screwdriver. Has the insert thumb rest with -S- mark on one side and -Improved 660 Patd Appld For- on the other. Wooden handle worn but complete - blade could use dressing. Good ALV 670 30 60 PHOTO
6301-385 6301-385 IRWIN heavy-duty perfect handle screwdriver. Extra heavy blade - marked -IRWIN US of A- - handle worn but no damage. Good ALV 214 20 40 PHOTO
6301-386 6301-386 Lot of two older screwdrivers. Unmarked and possibly hand made both have nice wooden handles and brass ferrules - 16in and 19 1-2in. Good CDE 2640.2641 30 60 PHOTO
6301-387 6301-387 Coopers adze. Unmarked and could be hand forged - mild pitting on head but nothing serious - handle could be old replacement but very solid. Good CGN 201 25 50 PHOTO
6301-388 6301-388 Hand-forged stirrup adze. Handle is old and has some chips and paint - blade has some surface rust but is intact. Good example of a primitive tool. Good CRT 500 30 60 PHOTO
6301-389 6301-389 USMC -Clicking Hatchet-. Solid cast iron hatchet - 7in long with 3in blade. Used for cutting leather on a steel table. USMC probably stands for United Shoe Manufacturing Co. and has nothing to do with semper fi. Very unusual. Good plus ALV 475 40 80 PHOTO
6301-390 6301-390 European pattern cobblers hammer. Unmarked - good 6in long head - old 8in handle tightened up with a plethora of nails. Good ALV 302 30 60 PHOTO
6301-391 6301-391 Cobblers hammer. Beautiful pristine head and face - solid 9 1-2in old handle. Some tools -even hammers - are so well designed theyre a pleasure to look at - and this is one. Good plus JEN 7 40 80 PHOTO
6301-392 6301-392 Lot of measuring tools. STANLEY Defiance 1299 level - unmarked surface gauge - STANLEY 12in blued steel try square with Blue Grass label -marked one side- - STANLEY No. 49 bit gauge - -Rocket- combination square. Good CGN 40 80 PHOTO
6301-393 6301-393 Lot of FORD wrenches. Selection of eight open and box-end wrenches - including one combined wrench and tire tool. All marked with Ford logo. Good CGN 81- 40 80 PHOTO
6301-394 6301-394 Lot of four bench vises. One marked with GEORGE COLTON of Syracuses 6-16-85 patent - one has traces of a GOODELL-PRATT decal - others unmarked. All in good or better condition. Good and better JW 60 120 PHOTO
6301-395 6301-395 Lot of three hammers. C.S. OSBORNE upholsters with original handle and intact and mostly readible label - older unmarked upholsterers and STANLEY small ball peen with traces of label. Good CGN 2.3.281 20 40 PHOTO
6301-396 6301-396 Lot of two tools. Unsigned ice tongs - probably made by a blacksmith. A clever linkage forms a handle for easier carrying. Riveted joints. Light surfacing pitting throughout. An unusual variation on a common tool. Plus a pair of metal shears by BURBON and BALL markede Patent No. 294 and Made in England. Good plus DUP 584.683 20 40 PHOTO
6301-397 6301-397 Lot of three STANLEY rabbet planes for parts. No. 182 missing depth stop and cutter -and painted blue- - No. 192 missing depth stop and spur - japanning at 75 prct. And a No. 78 missing its fence and with bottom horn broken off tote. Fair RSI 20.61.65 30 60 PHOTO
6301-398 6301-398 Lot of two brass-bound wooden levels. A GOODELL-PRATT No. 4524 and a DISSTON No. 65. Wood has a lot of dinging and surface scratches but brass binding is complete and all vials are wet - so these are just the thing for you level restorers to break out the sandpaper. Good CRT 114.123 40 80 PHOTO
6301-399 6301-399 Metal brace grab bag no.1. In addition to the hundreds of braces that were good enough to hang on the wall - Chet Djonne had a couple of barrels of them that didnt make the cut - so I grabbed the first five off the top. All need to be cleaned at least - and some may have parts missing - but it looks like most would make decent users. No returns on these - strictly as is. Caveat emptor CDE 5 30 PHOTO
6301-400 6301-400 Metal brace grab bag no.2. The next five from Chets barrell - description of no.399 applies. Caveat emptor CDE 5 30 PHOTO