Our auction is part of the Fine Tool Journal magazine (available by one-time purchase or by subscription).  This sale started in 1983 as a regular feature of the Fine Tool Journal.
Antique tools of all trades are offered from rare collectible tools to good old user tools.
Bidding is online, by phone (269) 463-8255 or mail (see bottom of page for mailing address) It is recommended bidders place a follow up phone call to confirm that the bids were received and to check current high bids.


Online bidding now features high bids!
Some things to note:
  • Proxy bidding is available. Under the "Place Bid" button is a "Bid as Proxy" check box. This allows you to leave a maximum bid and other bidders will need to increase their bids up until your proxy bid. You will be notified by email if your maximum bid is outbid.
  • Your user name will display when you are the high bidder. If you'd like your user name edited, please contact us via email or phone and we would be happy to change it to your liking.
  • A few lots may appear out of numerical order on the online bidding lineup. Please utilize the search function to find a particular lot or tool at this time. 

 Q: How do I bid through the website?

Some things to note about our
  • Bidding System FAQs

              Do I have to log in to bid?
    • Yes, you will need to create an account and log in to place bids. NOTE: If you created an account for the 6904 or the previous auctions, you can use that account to log in and bid.

      How do I create an account?
    • Below the Login Form on the right side of the webpage, choose "Create an Account" Fill in the required information, check your email for the activation link, and you can then log in with that account going forward to place or review bids. OR Log In if you've previously made an account on the new system.
    • Prior to placing your first bid, it will require you to accept the terms and conditions. After you hit accept, go back to the auction list by clicking Current Auction in the menu above and return to your lot you wish to bid on and try again to submit a bid.

      I can't get into my account. What do I do?
    • Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (800) 248-8114 and we would be happy to help.

      How do I see a bigger picture or more information on the lot?
    • On the main auction listing, click each lot and you will see a larger photo and full lot description. You can also click on the photo again to enlarge it fully.

      How do I know if my bid went through?
    • Your bid should show up under the "My Bids" link in the Current Auction drop down menu at the top of the website.

      Do I need to bid in order to see the current high bid?
    • No, the current high bid displays both on the main auction page or if you click on an individual lot.
    • Alternatively, when logged into your account, the new system allows for a watch list and review of placed bids on the My Bids or Watchlist pages (under the "Current Auction" drop down menu).

      Will I be notified of my placed bids or if I am outbid?
    • You will receive individual email confirmations for each bid placed or if you are outbid.
    • If you choose to proxy bid, you will be notified each time someone bids against your proxy bid and the system automatically bids on your behalf against them until it reaches your proxy bid maximum and you are outbid.
    • Please check your Spam folders and/or add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your approved senders lists in your email settings if you are not receiving the confirmation emails.

      How do I find a particular lot?
    • The bidding system has search capabilities! You can search by keyword, lot number, or browse by category.
    • Your placed bids can be found under My Bids in the Current Auction drop down menu.

      How do I change my login information, screen name, or email?
    • Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (800) 248-8114 and we would be happy to assist changing any information in the system.
  • Initial bids must be received by the final SATURDAY before the auction. Initial bids may be raised until the end of the auction on SUNDAY by calling (800) 964-9036 until 10:00PM EST


Give one of our auctions a try! It is fun and we will always execute your online bids competively. If you are not sure how it works gives us a call we will gladly explain. All auction items come with a 7-day return policy. Just make sure you like the tool before you start cleaning and honing!

See the complete FTJ Auction Rules for all the details.