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6203 - Winter 2013

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lot description condition source low high photo no. photo link
6203-001 6203-001 MILLERS FALLS No. 714 Buck Rogers Jack plane.  The name "Buck Rogers" was first applied to this line of planes introduced in 1950 as a complete redesign of the traditional bench plane design, with knob and tote made of "unbreakable" tenite thermoplastic, larger frog area and ergonomic design.  Although modestly labeled by MF "the finest planes in the world", they didn't catch on and are highly coveted by collectors.  This one is a hair's breadth away from fine, with only a few flaws in the gray paint and scratches in the tote. Good plus DKN 1 350 450 1-2 PHOTO
6203-002 6203-002 SIEGLEY combination plow plane. Earliest model without the blade depth adjuster. Cutter held in place by a brass block secured by a wing nut.   Missing one fence screw easily replaced. I think missing a depth stop on the main body although the one on the fence is present. Top horn of tote chipped slightly. Good minus OTR 111 75 150 1-2 PHOTO
6203-003 6203-003 DECK gravity level. Patented and manufactured by Thomas F. Deck of Toledo this is one of the rarest and most attractive of the gravity levels. This is the unusual 24in length. Now the bad news - the needle is stuck and appears to be shorter than usual - small piece may be broken off the end. Wood is also dirty and metal has surface rust but no major dings or flaws.   Clean this up and you'll have a great example of a rare inclinometer. Good minus OTR 112 150 250 3-4 PHOTO
6203-004 6203-004 STANLEY No. 85 1/2 panel gauge. For my money the 85 1/2 is one of the prettiest tools Stanley ever made and this one is made from two beautiful pieces of rosewood with lots of sapwood giving it character. Marked with the patent date but not the model number as was typical. This is one that even non-tool people will admire. Fine CEB 13 75 150 3-4 PHOTO
6203-005 6203-005 PEUGEOT FRERES jointer plane. 26in plane made of a beautiful piece of hard dark wood. Diamond shaped strike button. Good ornate tote with a tight split that if glued would be invisible. Extra nice cutter with very clean Peugeot Freres mark. Two decorative lines scribed around the top and 1945 stamped on the heel. Sole has a piece inset in front of the throat that looks original.     A beautiful plane. Good plus BB 65 100 200 5 PHOTO
6203-006 6203-006 SARGENT No. 4 1/2 bench plane. End of the tote broken off. Otherwise nice and clean. Japanning 90%. VBM Trademark. Good JFR 21 30 50 6-14 PHOTO
6203-007 6203-007 STANLEY Gage G5 jack plane. Tote has split and been re-glued evenly. Light surface rust on cutter adjustment. Good example of a rare plane. Good PFF 0129 75 200 6-14 PHOTO
6203-008 6203-008 STANLEY Victor N. 20 circular plane. Early nickel plated type with Victor cast in the adjustment knob. Nickel is only about 70%. otherwise complete and usable. Good MLD 14 75 150 6-14 PHOTO
6203-009 6203-009 STANLEY No. 13 circular plane. Surface oxidation throughout. Front locking screw missing. Post-1879 model with riveted sole. Good minus MLD 54 50 100 6-14 PHOTO
6203-010 6203-010 STANLEY Bed Rock 607C jointer plane. Flat top sides. Triangular mark on cutter. Very clean and complete. Some missing spots in japanning. Good plus DKN 48 100 200 6-14 PHOTO
6203-011 6203-011 STANLEY No. 104 Liberty Bell plane. Type 1 with Stanley Rule and Level and patent date in round border on cutter. Light surface rust and some very slight roughness on the edge of the tote. otherwise clean complete and rare. Good plus UNK 1 150 300 6-14 PHOTO
6203-012 6203-012 STANLEY No. 4C smoothing plane. Sweetheart mark. 60% label on tote. Slight surface rust and minor dings on knob and tote. Good plus MLD 57 25 50 6-14 PHOTO
6203-013 6203-013 STANLEY No. 3C smoothing plane. Tote has been broken but re-glued so well you have to look close to see it. Tall knob. rectangular mark. Good FRN 8 25 76 6-14 PHOTO
6203-014 6203-014 KEEN KUTTER No. 3 smoothing plane. Extra clean with some very light surface pitting on cheeks.   Keen Kutter mark on cutter. Good plus UNK 2 50 125 6-14 PHOTO
6203-015 6203-015 STANLEY No. 193 fiberboard cutting plane. Includes groove and bevel cutter holder but no fences.   Japanning 80%. Tote has been broken and re-glued. Good minus RSI 24 20 50 15-24 PHOTO
6203-016 6203-016 STANLEY No. 3 Smoothing Plane. Notched trademark. orange mark on cap iron. Re-glued split in knob. otherwise a very clean example. No rust. extra nice tote. Good plus FRN 5a 30 60 15-24 PHOTO
6203-017 6203-017 STANLEY No. A5 aluminum jack plane. Light overall scratching and nicks as typical for aluminum planes. Nickel plating on cap about 50%. Good tote and knob. light surface rust on cutter. Only made 1925-1935. Good DT 1 100 200 15-24 PHOTO
6203-018 6203-018 STANLEY No. 102 block plane. Japanning only 50% but nice sharp cutter and no damage. Early semi-circular logo on cutter. Good CPK 27 20 40 15-24 PHOTO
6203-019 6203-019 STANLEY No. 192 rabbet plane. Japanning about 80% and nickel plating flaking on cap screw.   Otherwise very clean and complete with good depth stop and nickel. Notched rectangle mark on plane. Sweetheart on blade. Good plus DUS 32 30 60 15-24 PHOTO
6203-020 6203-020 STANLEY No. 3C corrugated smoothing plane. Extra nice clean example. Notched triangular mark on cutter and cap iron. Good plus FRN 6 40 80 15-24 PHOTO
6203-021 6203-021 O.R. CHAPLIN patent jointer plane. Good example of Chaplins patent in the uncommon 24in jointer length. Corrugations cast into sole rather than grooved as in Stanley planes. No patent date or model number cast into body but cutter marked with patent and Tower and Lyon. Plastic tote a little loose. Tight split in knob. Nickel plating flaking on cap iron. Good DKN 46 125 250 15-24 PHOTO
6203-022 6203-022 BUCKEYE bench plane. Patented by John Muehl of Cleveland on 11-22-04. 9in corrugated sole. Chip out of one edge of tote. otherwise clean and complete example of a rare patent. Good BB 39 75 175 15-24 PHOTO
6203-023 6203-023 STANLEY No. 6C fore plane. Good clean example. Vee logo on cutter dates it to 1910-19. Good plus CGN 54 40 80 15-24 PHOTO
6203-024 6203-024 STANLEY No. 18 1/4 block plane. Super clean shiny nickel complete japanning. Looks like its never been used. Notched mark on cutter. Fine RSI 221 100 225 15-24 PHOTO
6203-025 6203-025 STANLEY No. 135 Liberty Bell transitional bench plane. Type 3 or 4. Wooden body is good with most original finish and only minor dings.   Tote has been broken re-glued and has rough edges. Japanning 85%. Good RSI 82 50 100 25-32 PHOTO
6203-026 6203-026 STANLEY No. 27 1/2 transitional jack plane. Type 14. Good wood with minor dings. Japanning 95%. Good clean cutter. Good plus RSI 97 25 75 25-32 PHOTO
6203-027 6203-027 STANLEY Type 1 No. 39 5-8 dado plane. Clean and complete example of type 1 with japanning 85%. Good cutter and all working parts. Good plus EW 0485 125 200 25-32 PHOTO
6203-028 6203-028 STANLEY No. 39 1/4 dado plane. Clean and complete. Sweetheart logo on cap screw. Type 4.   Japanning 90%. some nickel tarnish. Good RSI 54 60 120 25-32 PHOTO
6203-029 6203-029 O.R. CHAPLIN No. 1208 jack plane. Model number and patent date cast into body. Corrugations also cast into body. 18in sole good plastic tote and wooden knob. Light surface rust. Good CEB 50 100 200 25-32 PHOTO
6203-030 6203-030 STANLEY No. 74 floor plane. No handle cutter or cap. Surface rust throughout. Parts plane. Poor 126 40 80 25-32 PHOTO
6203-031 6203-031 STANLEY No. 608C Bed Rock jointer plane. Superb condition - only a few tiny nicks on the tote and knob stand between it and mint. Best jointer plane ever made. Flat top sides. Notched rectangle mark on cutter. Fine DKN 27 150 300 25-32 PHOTO
6203-032 6203-032 Two STANLEY rabbet planes. Stanley 191 missing depth stop but otherwise good. Craftsman duplex filletster and rabbet also missing depth stop. Fair PFF0189 30 60 25-32 PHOTO
6203-033 6203-033 STANLEY No. 57 core box plane. No extensions.   Good tote and knob. Uniform overall surface corrosion. some nickel flaking. Fair RSI 19 50 100 33-42 PHOTO
6203-034 6203-034 STANLEY No. 3C smoothing plane. Extra clean and crispy. Vee trademark on cutter. Only some very minor dings show that it was ever used but darn close to mint. Fine FRN 9 50 100 33-42 PHOTO
6203-035 6203-035 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Type 5 - first type with lateral adjustment. Semi-circular mark. Big chip out of tote. otherwise nice and clean. Good DKN 35 25 75 33-42 PHOTO
6203-036 6203-036 PALMER and STORKE patent bench plane. Adjustable mouth. Corrugated 15in sole. Sold by METLLIC PLANE CO. of Auburn NY. Big chip out of tote and tote is loose. split in knob. A rare early patent. Good minus PFF0883 50 150 33-42 PHOTO
6203-037 6203-037 STANLEY No. 78 duplex dado and filletster plane. Sweetheart mark on cutter. Has fence but missing the depth stop. otherwise in very clean condition. Good minus CGN 297 25 60 33-42 PHOTO
6203-038 6203-038 SARGENT No. 710 bench plane. 10in sole. Marked with Albert Pages 1915 blade adjustment patent and Sargent mark on cutter.   Toolbox dinging but nothing major.   Clean example of Sargents answer to the Bailey plane. Good MLD 13 60 120 33-42 PHOTO
6203-039 6203-039 SARGENT No. 10C VBM bench plane. Same size as a Stanley 4 1/2 and pretty much a direct rip-off of the Bailey design but a well-made plane. Corrugated 10in sole. Knob and tote both a little loose and a small chip out of tote but otherwise nice and clean. Good plus DKN 20 50 100 33-42 PHOTO
6203-040 6203-040 VAUGHN and BUSHNELL No. 803 bench plane. The poor mans Bed Rock. 9in sole. Very small chip out of tote and minor surface rust. otherwise nice and clean. Good plus EW0467 60 120 33-42 PHOTO
6203-041 6203-041 STANLEY No. 1951 fiberboard beveling plane. Very light surface rust. Japanning 98%. Minor nicks on tote and knob. Good plus RSI 23 60 120 33-42 PHOTO
6203-042 6203-042 STANLEY No. 194 fiberboard beveling plane. Light surface rust on blade keeper thumbscrews and sole. Japanning 100%. A little light cleaning of the rust and it will be a very nice example of an uncommon plane. Good plus RSI 22 60 120 33-42 PHOTO
6203-043 6203-043 * User-modified STANLEY No. 195 fiberboard beveling plane.   Started life as a standard 195 but someone added a front knob and a wooden wedge to the blade holder and touched up the japanning with some black paint not very neatly. An oddity. Good minus RSI 21 10 50 43-52 PHOTO
6203-044 6203-044 STANLEY No. 3 smoothing plane. Hybrid type with No. 3 cast behind the knob rather than in front but tall knob. Appears to be second type lateral adjuster but with circular piece missing. Overall heavy surface rust but nice knob and tote. Good minus BB 2 20 40 43-52 PHOTO
6203-045 6203-045 MILLERS FALLS No. 10 bench plane. Same size as Stanley 4 1/2. Very good tote and knob. Japanning 99%. Just a couple of minor nicks in the cheeks. You'll look a long time to fine a cleaner example. Fine DKN 21 80 160 43-52 PHOTO
6203-046 6203-046 D.R. BARTON bench plane. 9in sole. Tote has been broken and needs to be re-glued. Small chip out of bottom of cap iron. otherwise very clean example of an early maker. Good DKN 24 60 140 43-52 PHOTO
6203-047 6203-047 NORVELL-SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE No. DE5 jack plane. Part of Norvell-Shapleighs Diamond Edge line.   Bakelite tote with great trademark but chip out of one side. 14in corrugated sole. Light surface rust on blade and cap iron but otherwise very nice. Good plus UNK 3 80 160 43-52 PHOTO
6203-048 6203-048 D.R. BARTON bench plane. I believe this is another D.R. Barton because it is identical in construction to 46 but if There's a mark on the cutter its obscured by oxidation.   Extensive surface oxidation and major chip out of tote. Good minus BB 8 20 60 43-52 PHOTO
6203-049 6203-049 STANLEY GAGE G22 bench plane. From the early stage of Stanley's ownership toe is still marked only with the Gage name but Stanley's name is on the metal plate. Well used but complete unbroken tote. Serious scratching on the bed. Good DKN 25 40 80 43-52 PHOTO
6203-050 6203-050 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 04 1/2. Equivalent to Stanley 4 1/2. Clean and undamaged. An excellent example. Fine DKN 34 50 100 43-52 PHOTO
6203-051 6203-051 STANLEY No. 5 1/4 junior jack plane. Notched rectangle mark. Good rosewood tote and knob no shop marks. Very clean example. Good plus FRN 29 50 100 43-52 PHOTO
6203-052 6203-052 DEFIANCE jack plane. I believe this is an example of the Defiance line produced by Stanley in the 30s and 40s rather than the original Leonard Bailey company. Light surface rust and some scratches but no chips in tote and knob. Good ZOM 441 40 80 43-52 PHOTO
6203-053 6203-053 Pair of STANLEY transitional planes 35 and 36. Both types 13-14 with Vee trademark on cutter.   35 has split in knob but otherwise very good with japanning 100%. 36 is a little rougher with re-glued tote and japanning about 80%. Mistaken 6-9-12 patent date on toe. Good RSI 84-85 50 100 53-59 PHOTO
6203-054 6203-054 STANLEY No. 386 jointer gauge. Designed to be clamped to any of the bench planes for angle cutting.   Some minor pitting and staining on the nickel but otherwise clean and complete. An uncommon Stanley tool. Good RSI 277 75 150 53-59 PHOTO
6203-055 6203-055 Shuttle Plane. These specialized planes were designed to ride in tracks so that the sides of a textile mill shuttle could be planed exactly square to each other. This one is missing the track and is not marked.   Metal is good. tote has some chips.   Cutter is narrower than the throat and probably a replacement. These are super rare. Good UNK 4 150 300 53-59 PHOTO
6203-056 6203-056 STANLEY No. 48 tongue and groove plane. Latter nickel-plated version. Nickel is about 90%. Sweetheart mark on one cap screw. Good example of an uncommon plane. Good plus RSI 122 50 100 53-59 PHOTO
6203-057 6203-057 KEEN KUTTER NO. KK42 bench plane. Corrugated 10in sole. A few minor toolbox dings but otherwise as nice as you're likely to find.   Keen Kutter mark on cutter. Good plus DKN 32 60 120 53-59 PHOTO
6203-058 6203-058 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 12 or thereabouts. No box or spare parts. what you see is what you get. Single beading cutter. Some very minor flaking of nickel on tote support. otherwise in very nice condition. Good ZOM 421 25 75 53-59 PHOTO
6203-059 6203-059 STANLEY No. 140 rabbet and block plane. Side can be detached to convert to a rabbet plane. Nickel mostly worn off knob and screw head slots kind of bunged up but looks like all original parts. Good VIN 52 75 150 53-59 PHOTO
6203-060 6203-060 STANLEY No. 607 Bed Rock jointer plane. Early type with round top sides. Japanning about 5% but tote knob and metal parts extra nice. Good plus DKN 50 80 160 60-68 PHOTO
6203-061 6203-061 STANLEY No. 34 wood bottom jointer plane. The longest plane Stanley ever made. Type 8. One significant chip in the sole at the toe end. wood otherwise decent. Good knob and tote with some surface rust.   Remnants of paper label for the Oakland sporting goods and hardware store that sold it. looks like ***caster and Lan**. Good DKN 42 50 100 60-68 PHOTO
6203-062 6203-062 STANLEY No. 378 weather stripping rabbet plane. Japanning almost perfect but light pitting on surface of lacquered metal. Sweetheart logo on cap iron screw. Missing the fence but if you have a fence you could combine it with this to make a nice example. Good minus RSI 68 20 40 60-68 PHOTO
6203-063 6203-063 STANLEY No. 180 rabbet plane. Semi-circular mark on blade. Japanning worn on handle. otherwise very clean and complete. Good plus RSI 77 40 80 60-68 PHOTO
6203-064 6203-064 * Unmarked block plane. This looks to have been pieced together from spare parts. A good heavy duty body with 7in sole and metal knob but cutter is held by a rosewood wedge that could be handmade and the cutter itself is too long. Cutter is marked with Ohio Tool Co. logo but on wrong side if cutter is bedded properly. An oddball. Good DUS 35 15 40 60-68 PHOTO
6203-065 6203-065 STANLEY No. 55 combination plane. No box cutters or other spare parts. What you see is what you get. Nickel pretty worn but tote is good. Most obvious lack is right hand fence. Buy it for the parts. Fair RSI 15 30 60 60-68 PHOTO
6203-066 6203-066 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. For cutting 1/4in tongue and groove. Surface rust throughout and spotty nickel plating but should clean up okay. Good RSI 118 30 60 60-68 PHOTO
6203-067 6203-067 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. Same model as No. 66 but significantly cleaner. Nickel has only very minor rust and spotting Sweetheart mark on cutter. Good plus PMG 31 50 100 60-68 PHOTO
6203-068 6203-068 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. One more 148 later model nickel is in between 66 and 67 but grooving cutter has been replaced with a homemade one made from a file. Good minus LEE 861 30 60 60-68 PHOTO
6203-069 6203-069 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. jointer plane. 26in sole 3 1/2in tall. Good wedge and tote. wood in good condition throughout. Mark on cutter looks like St. James Iron Works. Good plus BB 56 60 120 69-71 PHOTO
6203-070 6203-070 PEUGEOT FRERES jointer plane. 26in sole 2 1/2in high. I think fruitwood. Long closed crack in body but otherwise in excellent condition including wood tote and wedge. Strike button. Very clean cutter with clear mark. Good plus BB 64 70 140 69-71 PHOTO
6203-071 6203-071 Jointer with CHAPIN STEVENS cutter. 25 1/2in sole. stepped body. Hard dense wood. Top of tote sheered off and replaced in old and well done repair. Wedge probably an old replacement. Owner mark on toe. Good BB 66 40 90 69-71 PHOTO
6203-072 6203-072 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 10 smoothing plane. 8in sole. coffin shaped. Chip off end of wedge body good. Good cutter a little mushroomed on end. Good BHM 261 40 80 72-81 PHOTO
6203-073 6203-073 Scraper plane. Walnut body Moulson Bros. iron. Coffin shaped with 7 1/2in sole. Very tight crack in body. otherwise good wood. Good minus PMG 44 30 60 72-81 PHOTO
6203-074 6203-074 Complex molding plane. Unusual stamp on toe. Looks like L. Bio Stom. Couldn't find it in any references but it definitely looks like a makers mark.   There's also an owners stamp.   Very nice condition with one chip out of the sole and some minor dings. Good RSS 16 50 100 72-81 PHOTO
6203-075 6203-075 Pair of ARROWMAMETT tongue cutting planes. One is marked No. 133 has C mark and is boxed with metal strip. The other is marked No. 4 and has A mark. Both are 3/4in. Cutters have surface rust and slightly mushroomed ends but are sharp. Wood has only toolbox dings. Good JFR 49 59 60 100 72-81 PHOTO
6203-076 6203-076 Pair of A. INGLIS molding planes. A.INGLIS made planes in Delhi NY in the 1840s. Most of his marks are given four stars for rarity in Pollak.   These planes are a skewed rabbet and a filletster. The rabbet has the B mark which is given two stars and the filletster has a mark that isn't listed. Its like the B mark but without the word Delhi. The filletster is charred but theyre otherwise in good shape. Good minus JFR 8-9 60 120 72-81 PHOTO
6203-077 6203-077 STANDARD RULE CO. step-bodied bench plane. Cutter is marked with Henry Beachs 10-30-83 patent which is rated R2 for rarity in Blanchard and Larson. Body has one big chip out of sole and extensive toolbox dinging. Large chip out of rosewood knob. Tote is attached to steel plate. Don't know if they came that way or if its an old repair. There's an empty screw hold in the sole right under the tote and the screw currently holding on the tote is off center. Large brass adjusting screws.     A plane with issues but very rare. Good minus COL 1 80 160 72-81 PHOTO
6203-078 6203-078 Unsigned radius plane. A couple of large divots out of one side of the body. Good wedge. W. Butcher cutter. Good JFR 7 40 80 72-81 PHOTO
6203-079 6203-079 STANLEY DEFIANCE No. 1243 smoothing plane. Not to be confused with the Bailey Defiance Tool Co. Stanley made these lower-cost planes in the 30s and 40s. The equivalent of a No. 4 with fruitwood handles. Still a decent bench plane. This one is in very nice condition with good tote and knob and clearly visible logo. Good plus CEB 15 20 50 72-81 PHOTO
6203-080 6203-080 STANLEY No. 90 steel cased rabbet plane. Made only for 11 years from 1877-1888 this is one of Stanley's rarer planes. The soft wood has a fair amount of dinging and the steel has surface corrosion but no pitting. The mouth has not been opened up as so many of them were but is in original condition.   Mr. A.L. Mohan liked this plane so much he stamped his name on it six times and now it can be yours. Good RSI 117 100 200 72-81 PHOTO
6203-081 6203-081 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 108 plow plane. Boxed. Threads have only minor dinging body tote and wedge in good shape. Good BMH 2 40 80 72-81 PHOTO
6203-082 6203-082 UNION MFG CO. No. 411 circular plane. The Union Mfg. Co. also in New Britain was founded by another Stanley brother Timothy and much of its catalog paralleled the Stanley line.   This plane is pretty much a direct rip-off of the Stanley No. 113 but is much rarer. About half the nickel has flaked off the adjustment knob and the japanning is worn off the handle but otherwise a clean and complete copy of a rare plane. Good PMG 8 100 200 82-95 PHOTO
6203-083 6203-083 STANLEY No. 112 cabinet scraper. The plane itself is in immaculate condition - japanning 100%.   No significant marks on tote or knob sole clean. Instead of the Stanley cutter it has one marked Henry Disston not toothed. Fine PMG 3 100 200 82-95 PHOTO
6203-084 6203-084 STANLEY No. 12 1/2 veneer scraper. Very good condition with japanning 90% and no significant flaws.   Stanley cutter untoothed has a couple of nicks in the blade that could be sharpened out. Good plus PMG 14 75 130 82-95 PHOTO
6203-085 6203-085 MILLERS FALLS No. 1120 Plane-R-File. Buck Rogers design. Very good condition with only a few dings in the paint and 90% fully legible decal.   File teeth unused. Fine BB 45 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-086 6203-086 STANLEY No. 130 double-ended block plane. Later model with notched rectangle on cutter.   immaculate condition. Fine MLD 17 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-087 6203-087 STANLEY No. 140 rabbet and block plane. Side can be detached to convert to a rabbet plane. Earlier model with knurling around screws.   Nickel is flaking off the handle but otherwise excellent condition. Good plus CPK 19 70 150 82-95 PHOTO
6203-088 6203-088 STANLEY No. 60 1/2 low angle block plane. Adjustable mouth. Japanning 80%. Some surface rust but nothing major. Good RSI 217 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-089 6203-089 * STANLEY No. 102 block plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter. Japanning 85%. Good sole and cutter. Good DUS 39a 10 30 82-95 PHOTO
6203-090 6203-090 SARGENT No. 5206 block plane. Sheet metal body with one ding and very minor surface corrosion otherwise clean and complete.  Good DUS 39 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-091 6203-091 STANLEY block plane. This appears to be a 9 1/2 but is stamped with G12-060 on the side. Consignors sticker says English so maybe manufactured for English market? Yellow notched rectangle mark. Very good condition. japanning 95%+. Fine PMG 1a 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-092 6203-092 MILLERS FALLS No. 206B block plane. Stamped steel body marketed as unbreakable to shop classes in 50s and 60s.   Japanning a little worn at front edge. Good plus PMG 6 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-093 6203-093 STANLEY No. 118 block plane. Has the desirable separate name plate with Stanley No. 118 in raised red letters. Japanning worn on knob. otherwise good. Notched rectangle mark. Good plus PMG 12 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-094 6203-094 STANLEY No. 9 1/4 block plane. Not marked but looks like a 9 1/2 without the throat adjustment   Japanning mostly worn off knob. otherwise good. Good RSI 224 30 60 82-95 PHOTO
6203-095 6203-095 STANLEY No. 9 1/2 block plane. Later toe with model number stamped on side. Japanning about 70%. some minor surface rust. Could be cleaned up to a make a decent user. Good DT 3 20 40 82-95 PHOTO
6203-096 6203-096 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Wedge trademark on cutter bracket. Japanning well worn and some surface corrosion but no major damage or chips. Good blade.   Decent user. Good JFR 89 20 40 96-106 PHOTO
6203-097 6203-097 SimON patent shoe shave. The cap is clearly marked with James Simons 11-17-68 patent date.   Metal surfaces are well used but with no chips or other damage. Dramatic bat wing shape. Slight pitting on cutter. Unfortunately missing the set screw but otherwise a good example of a very uncommon shave. Good COL 8 80 120 96-106 PHOTO
6203-098 6203-098 * STANLEY No. 152 adjustable spokeshave. Notched rectangle mark on cutter. japanning 75%. light surface corrosion. Good user. Good MLD 29 10 35 96-106 PHOTO
6203-099 6203-099 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Extra nice condition with nickel plating 98% and clean scraper blade.   Notched rectangle mark. Good plus RSI 59 50 120 96-106 PHOTO
6203-100 6203-100 STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Early type - could be Type 2 based on the profile but no patent date on adjustment screw. Well used - japanning about 60%. Surface rust on cutter. toolbox dinging on handle but no major chips or splits.   Ignore the rubber band - I forgot to remove before taking the picture. Good minus ZOM 375 50 100 96-106 PHOTO
6203-101 6203-101 KEEN KUTTER No. 80 cabinet scraper. KKs version of the Stanley No 80. Basically identical to the Stanley model. Decent condition with japanning about 75%. blade has a good KK trademark and some surface rust. Blade needs sharpening but no major chips. Good ZOM 470 40 60 96-106 PHOTO
6203-102 6203-102 STANLEY No. 12 1/2 veneer scraper. Metal in decent condition with japanning dirty but mostly complete.   Rosewood bottom badly scratched and chips around mouth. Good handle. blade has surface corrosion but no pitting and Sweetheart mark. Good minus MLD 18 40 60 96-106 PHOTO
6203-103 6203-103 STANLEY No. 11 beltmakers plane. Very good condition. japanning almost complete. minor pitting on cutter.   Sweetheart mark. good handle. Good plus RSI 287 75 150 96-106 PHOTO
6203-104 6203-104 STANLEY No. 11 beltmakers plane. Extensive rust. chip out of bottom of blade cap. extensive rust throughout. A project plane. Fair COL 17 30 60 96-106 PHOTO
6203-105 6203-105 * STANLEY No. 70 box scraper. Sweetheart mark on blade. Japanning about 50%. surface corrosion but no deep pitting. A good example. Good CGN 237 20 40 96-106 PHOTO
6203-106 6203-106 * STANLEY No. 292 scraper. Well used but complete. Japanning 75%. varnish scraped off parts of handle. Good minus RSI 151 10 30 96-106 PHOTO
6203-107 6203-107 HARVEY W. PEACE crosscut saw. Blade marked Made Expressly for J. Russell and Co. Dealers in Mechanics Tools Holyoke House Block Holyoke Mass. Russell was in business from 1860-1919. Good medallion unusually elaborate wheat sheaf carving. One chip out of upper horn of handle. An usual early piece. Good plus ZOM 493 60 120 107-112 PHOTO
6203-108 6203-108 * DISSTON 10 tpi trim saw. Etching on blade mostly illegible. Chip out of upper horn of handle. Good medallion. Good ZOM 489 10 30 107-112 PHOTO
6203-109 6203-109 * HARVEY W. PEACE crosscut saw. Patented handle reinforcement with split that needs gluing.   Very faint etching. Top horn broken off handle. Good medallion. Good minus ZOM 485 10 30 107-112 PHOTO
6203-110 6203-110 BURCHARD BROTHERS 6 tpi rip saw. Probably manufactured by Disston for this hardware dealer from Norwich and Oxford NY. Faint but readable etching on good blade. Major chip out of top horn of otherwise good handle with reinforcer.   Two user marks stamped over wheat sheaf pattern. Good BB 51 30 60 107-112 PHOTO
6203-111 6203-111 DISSTON patented combination saw. Handle has a lever that locks in the blade and allows you to change blades. Good blade with clear but faint etching nib and no rust and good handle. There is a second blade not pictured that doesnt belong with the set. It doesn't fit into the handle and the trademark is different but it came with it so you get it. Good DUP 412 30 60 107-112 PHOTO
6203-112 6203-112 DISSTON D-24 7 tpi pruning saw. Copper and steel reinforced handle. Unusual length for a pruning saw but it has been sharpened many times. Readable etching. good handle. Good ZOM 430 20 40 107-112 PHOTO
6203-113 6203-113 * JACKSON steel back saw. Good blade and clear stamp on blade. Medallion replaced with later bolt. Small chip out of lower horn. Good user. Good minus CPK 37 10 30 113-118 PHOTO
6203-114 6203-114 R. GROVES and SON steel back saw. Good blade and very clear stamp on back from this Sheffield manufacturer. Grove was in business 1824-1888 but the split nuts mark it as early.   London-style applewood handle with chips from both horns. Good ZOM 492 30 60 113-118 PHOTO
6203-115 6203-115 * Pair of backsaws. Older saw is marked Davenport on back. Can't read any more. Good blade but rough handle with major chip from top horn.   And a more recent unsigned dovetail saw. Good CP 20 31 20 40 113-118 PHOTO
6203-116 6203-116 KEEN KUTTER butcher saw. Japanning worn. smoothly worn chip out of upper handle. Good ZOM 538 20 40 113-118 PHOTO
6203-117 6203-117 MILLERS FALLS No. 515A hacksaw. Good condition with a coat of black paint that may not be original.   Modern blade. An uncommon saw. ACME S.E. stamped on one side. Good plus JFR 61 30 60 113-118 PHOTO
6203-118 6203-118 Unmarked hack saw. Large unmarked hacksaw with heavy-duty steel frame. User-made? Blade tightens with a wing nut that needs some WD-40. Older blade. surface rust but no pitting. Good LEE 854 20 40 113-118 PHOTO
6203-119 6203-119 Lot of 2 SPEAR and JACKSON saws. 18in trim saw. minor chip on upper horn and a steel backsaw with chips from both horns and a split in the blade. Both have split nuts. old blades with surface rust and minor pitting. Fair ZOM 500 505 25 50 119-123 PHOTO
6203-120 6203-120 DISSTON and SONS D-8 crosscut saw. Good blade with etching faint but readable. good handle. Good BB 53 25 50 119-123 PHOTO
6203-121 6203-121 HARVEY W. PEACE steel backsaw. Good blade and clear stamp on back. good medallion. Handle is loose but no chips on horns. One nut missing. Good minus ZOM 496 30 60 119-123 PHOTO
6203-122 6203-122 DISSTON and SONS open handle steel backsaw. Very good blade with only minimal corrosion. Good handle with no chips but a little loose. Good plus CP 33 40 70 119-123 PHOTO
6203-123 6203-123 WEBSTER open handle steel backsaw. Only mark is Webster on back. Split nuts with slots overused. Loose handle with one chip out of upper horn. Good blade although sharpened down to 1 1/2in. Good minus CPK 38 20 40 119-123 PHOTO
6203-124 6203-124 Round-bottomed molding plane. Made of some hard dense wood like cormier. French name on cutter. Some inactive worm holes in body and chip out the end of wedge but an attractive plane. Good CPK 88 20 40 124-129 PHOTO
6203-125 6203-125 * Unsigned standing filletster plane. Made of hard dense wood. probably French but unsigned.   Triangular piece missing by throat. looks like there was an inset. Cutter rusty and unsigned one side broken on wedge. However a pretty piece of wood and interesting looking plane. Fair CPK 94 10 30 124-129 PHOTO
6203-126 6203-126 Unsigned complex molding plane. Ogee pattern. Thin part of the pattern has broken off near the rear but otherwise body in excellent condition. Good wedge and sharp unsigned cutter. Good JFR 94 40 60 124-129 PHOTO
6203-127 6203-127 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 76 molding plane. One chip near rear that doesnt affect the sole otherwise in good clean condition. Three name stamps. Good wedge and cutter. Good BHM 256 30 50 124-129 PHOTO
6203-128 6203-128 D.R. BARTON cover molding plane. Boxed. There's a groove worn in the side from the escapement to the top but otherwise in good condition. Good CPK 93 20 40 124-129 PHOTO
6203-129 6203-129 TUCKER and APPLETON moving filletster plane. Two-star mark for rarity in AWP. Brass depth stop. Wedge a little rough but looks original. A couple of small chips in cutter. Good CPK 105 40 80 124-129 PHOTO
6203-130 6203-130 Unsigned adjustable bow saw. Clever adjustment mechanism looks hand forged. 24in wide at blade. Long leg is 29in long. Good condition. A gizmo. Good plus JFR 61 35 70 130 PHOTO
6203-131 6203-131 Two European style planes. Continental moving filletster with iron plate. Hand forged bolts and wing nuts Don't match but both look original.   Iron wedge. Dark heavy wood with some inactive worm holes. And a standing filletster from the same era with a number of gouges and nicks in the wood. Two well-used examples of very old planes with beautiful patina. Good DUP 393 60 120 131-135 PHOTO
6203-132 6203-132 Two 16in jack planes. One by OGONTZ TOOL CO. in good overall condition but needs a cutter.   Wedge has a chip. Good tote and strike button. Second is unsigned and wood badly chipped and worn. W. Butcher iron. no wedge.   Body slopes downward toward the front. Needs serious restoration. Good minus CPK 96 106 20 60 131-135 PHOTO
6203-133 6203-133 Pair of T.J. MMASTER side rabbet planes. Both marked K 5. A type mark. One has a few spots of thick black paint. Otherwise in very good clean condition. Good plus DUP 326 40 80 131-135 PHOTO
6203-134 6203-134 * Unsigned filletster or rabbeting plane. Looks European with black-painted wooden body and unusual elaborate brass mechanism for holding and adjusting the cutter. Also has brass blade and depth stop.   Unfortunately knobs or arms on reverse have broken off and if it had a fence it's MIA. Still an intriguing mechanism worthy of study and possible restoration but not for the faint of heart. Poor NW 113 20 40 131-135 PHOTO
6203-135 6203-135 Unsigned European bench plane. Horn shaped knob. Butcher cutter. Wood has nice overall patina and only minor toolbox dinging. Good CEB 35 30 60 131-135 PHOTO
6203-136 6203-136 YOUNG and MMASTER bead molding plane. Bead is 1-1/2in diameter marked #2. Type A mark. A few shallow surface cracks and a hang hole. otherwise wood is almost perfect. nice clean cutter and good wedge. A beautiful example. Good plus DUP 354 40 80 136-145 PHOTO
6203-137 6203-137 JON COCKBAIN molding plane. Double bead with groove. Fully boxed although part has broken off in front of the cutter. English maker. mark partially obscured. Body and wedge very good. Good DUP 358 30 60 136-145 PHOTO
6203-138 6203-138 Unsigned rosewood filletster plane. Solid rosewood body and wedge. Excellent condition except that the very tip of the wedge is broken.  Good plus DUP 50 100 136-145 PHOTO
6203-139 6203-139 * User-made filletster. Fence screwed on. throat crudely chipped out. Unusual shaped wedge. Rusty cutter. Good minus KSI 138 20 40 136-145 PHOTO
6203-140 6203-140 Pair of A. MATHIESON and SON molding planes. Sash ovolo form. marked 1 and 2 both marked 5-8. Very clear mark on both toes. Some minor staining on No. 1. Otherwise wood is in very good condition. A nice set. Good plus DUP 322 50 90 136-145 PHOTO
6203-141 6203-141 OHIO TOOL CO. double-blade full round plane. No. 16. cuts 7/8in round. Cutters have some surface rust but sharp. body and wedges in good condition. Good CPK 95 30 60 136-145 PHOTO
6203-142 6203-142 T.J. MMASTER double door plane. With very clear and crisp elaborate eagle and star mark B1 in AWP.   Made in two pieces to cut grooves in door stiles. See Whelan p. 134. Boxed.   One dry worm hole. otherwise immaculate. Very nice plane. Fine DUP 382 60 150 136-145 PHOTO
6203-143 6203-143 User-made router. A nice chunk of wood - I think mahogany - with a well used patina and a few scratches but nothing major.   Cutter is rusty has a chip that could be sharpened out and has been hit on the end with a hammer. A well-made honest tool. Good JFR 85 20 50 136-145 PHOTO
6203-144 6203-144 Continental bench plane. Dark heavy wood. wide mouth. decorative fluting in throat. Cutter is marked GEBR vom BERG so maybe German but also marked Cast Steel in English. Minor dinging on body and wedge. Good DUP 377 30 60 136-145 PHOTO
6203-145 6203-145 Pair of OHIO TOOL CO. T-rabbet planes. Flat and compassed marked 45 and C45. Wood is kind of grubby and dinged but no major chips or flaws except for one chip out of the end of the wedge on the 45. Cutters have surface rust but sharp. Marks just barely readable. Good BMH 26 35 70 136-145 PHOTO
6203-146 6203-146 Unsigned complex molding plane. Cutter doesn't quite match profile of sole. The sole has one extra groove. But its otherwise a good match and maybe the maker changed his mind on the profile he wanted. Otherwise clean and complete with MWY owner mark. Good wedge. Good plus DUP 334 40 80 146-153 PHOTO
6203-147 6203-147 Three OHIO TOOL CO. molding plane. No. 74 cutter only matches part of sole profile and two nosing or table edge planes - No. 8 and No. 57 boxed. All good or better. Good BHM 240 248 289 50 100 146-153 PHOTO
6203-148 6203-148 * OHIO TOOL CO. No. 16 skewed rabbet plane. 7/8in sole. Gouge on one side of body. closed split in wedge. Good overall patina. Good minus SKR 11 10 30 146-153 PHOTO
6203-149 6203-149 * MULTIFORM MOULDING PLANE Co. No. 10 table round. If this is the one plane you're missing from your Multiform set you're in luck. Good BEK 8 10 20 146-153 PHOTO
6203-150 6203-150 Two OHIO TOOL CO. cove planes. 7/8in No. 43 and 3/4in. Not from a set. Good and better. Good DUP 378 30 60 146-153 PHOTO
6203-151 6203-151 Super rare E. PIERCE skewed rabbet plane. Four stars in AWP! This is the earlier version of the signature. Wedge is a little rough but body in excellent condition. Good RSS 15 60 120 146-153 PHOTO
6203-152 6203-152 I.J. CURTIS standing filletster plane. Mark isn't listed in AWP but looks American. Cutter rusty but sharp. wood in good condition. 1in wide. Good RSS 18 40 80 146-153 PHOTO
6203-153 6203-153 Set of unsigned T rabbet planes. Flat and compassed. Maybe user made. MG owners mark on both and he also outlined them for decoration. A nice matched set. Good DUP 361 30 60 146-153 PHOTO
6203-154 6203-154 Screw arm plow plane by MARSHALL of Glasgow.   Boxwood nuts in good condition one retaining nut has closed split with almost no chips on the screw thread. Minor dinging on the body. Nice brass depth stop. Wedge kind of chewed up by original. W. Entwistle liked it enough to stamp his name three times. Good OTR 112 40 80 154-157 PHOTO
6203-155 6203-155 Lot of 2 wooden planes. ARROWMAMMETT ogee plane. Boxed.   A couple of dry worm holes and overall dinging but generally nice and clean with good wedge and cutter. Plus a 21 1/2in jack plane missing its tote.   The jack plane is made of a very hard dense wood – it's probably European. Cutter appears to be English. It has several dings and one closed split but is a beautiful piece of wood and well worth restoring. Good JFR 51 97 60 90 154-157 PHOTO
6203-156 6203-156 D. MALLOCH and SON of Perth jack plane. 22in. Double-headed eagle trade mark. Clean iron is also marked with Malloch trademark. Uniform light dinging but nothing serious. A very pretty jack plane. Good plus DKN 36 40 80 154-157 PHOTO
6203-157 6203-157 French joiner plane with GOLDENHERSH iron. 26in long and made of very dense heavy wood - possible cormier?   The Goldenhersh mark with the eye that supposedly dates from the French revolution is very clear on the nice clean cutter. Diamond shaped strike button. My only reservation about this plane is that the fork-shaped wedge while the wood looks good is narrower than the throat. Possibly a replacement? Still a very pretty plane. Good BB 67 40 80 154-157 PHOTO
6203-158 6203-158 BILLINGS and SPENCER center-nut adjusting wrench. 6 3/4in long. marked The Billings and Spencer Co. with B in triangle. Also marked E. Owners initial R marked on handle. Slightly sprung. Good CGN 133 20 40 158-171 PHOTO
6203-159 6203-159 BILLINGS and SPENCER center-nut adjusting wrench. 6 3/4in long. marked Billings and Spencer Co. Hartford Conn with B in triangle. Also marked with 2-18-78 patent date and E.   Older version could condition. Jaws close square to within 1/16in. Good CGN 129 30 60 158-171 PHOTO
6203-160 6203-160 * FAIRMOUNT center nut adjusting wrench. Based on Billings design but marked Fairmount. 5 1/2in long. Jaws work smoothly. Good CGN 20 40 158-171 PHOTO
6203-161 6203-161 * ATCO Coes-type perfect handle wrench. Head marked ATCO Tool Works Boston Mass. Lots of dinging but jaws work smoothly. 6 1/2in. Good CGN 134 20 40 158-171 PHOTO
6203-162 6203-162 Lot of three 6in bicycle-pocket type wrenches. STERLING NO. 1 manufactured by Frank Mossberg and patented 11-13-06. IVER JOHNSON and LandS CO Buckey. The Buckeye has surface rust and jaws stick. otherwise good and better. Good CGN 130 131 144 40 80 158-171 PHOTO
6203-163 6203-163 * INSTANT GRIP self-adjusting wrench. Marked Made in Germany significant surface rust. Good minus JFR 4 10 30 158-171 PHOTO
6203-164 6203-164 * HERCULES loop handle adjustable nut wrench. Marked inside a diamond shaped logo also marked - PAT FEB 27 83.   4.25. All markings faint surface rust and jaw sprung. Good minus CGN 140 20 40 158-171 PHOTO
6203-165 6203-165 * Unmarked alligator wrench. Includes box wrench cutouts. Jaws slightly chipped. Good minus CGN 251 10 20 158-171 PHOTO
6203-166 6203-166 * Alligator wrench. Marked Alligator and Patd with a circular logo I can't make out. Similar to 165 but flat stock. Good 4 RPG 10 20 158-171 PHOTO
6203-167 6203-167 Lot of 2 wrenches. WAKEFIELD No. 6 marked with 9-4-1900 patent date and with Indian Motocycles [SIC] of Springfield Mass. And a WHITMAN AND BARNES nut wrench with WandB diamond logo. head marked Railroad Special J.H. Williams and Co. Wakefield jaw slightly sprung. Good CGN 114 128 30 60 158-171 PHOTO
6203-168 6203-168 * Combination hammer pliers. Could be hand forged. There's a name but too faint to read. Old welded crack in one handle. Good minus CGN 257 10 20 158-171 PHOTO
6203-169 6203-169 Lot of two wrenches. Unusual quick adjust - spring loaded with a knurled wheel that both is used for adjustment and serves as the lower jaw. Made by CRAFT INTNTL TOOL. of Conneaut O and has a Nov. 1907 patent date. Sheet metal construction with significant surface rust including some deep pitting on the slide but mechanism works smoothly.   Plus an unmarked 7in nut wrench. jaw slightly sprung. Good minus CGN 28 290 40 60 158-171 PHOTO
6203-170 6203-170 * SPEEDNUT quick adjust wrench. 6in. Marked patent pending. Good clean condition. Good plus BB 49 15 30 158-171 PHOTO
6203-171 6203-171 * Lot of 3 slip-nut pliers. All marked with Ford logo. Good CGN 93-95 20 40 158-171 PHOTO
6203-172 6203-172 WAKEFIELD No. 3 pipe wrench. Based on John Wakefields 6-30-91 patent and marked with patent date.   15in in good working condition. Good plus BB 36 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-173 6203-173 COES patent 18in perfect handle wrench. Jaws are beat up and There's a chip out of the lower but they close smoothly. Marked with two patent dates and very faint trademark. Good minus CGN 187 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-174 6203-174 * 6 1/2in pipe wrench. Wooden handle that appears to have been a later addition. Its a little crooked and is covering up the manufacturers name. What I can see is TH MFG and a triangular logo with an 8 in it. Beat up but functional. Fair CPK 21 10 30 172-180 PHOTO
6203-175 6203-175 * Lot of 3 pocket or bicycle wrenches. 6in center nut type marked SHELLEY. 4 1/4 in with L in a keystone outline. 4in center nut type with two patent dates. Last has slightly sprung jaw. others good. Good CGN 136 139 159 20 40 172-180 PHOTO
6203-176 6203-176 H.D. SMITH perfect handle pipe wrench. Marked with H.D. Smith name. Handle is dirty but intact. Pipe wrench jaws work. Good CGN 69 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-177 6203-177 BEMIS and CALL combination pipe and nut wrench.   Three-ring adjusting collar.   Good trademark. Closes smoothly. Lower jaw a little dinged up. Good plus CGN 248 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-178 6203-178 WHITMAN and BARNES pipe wrench. With rotating jaw. Perfect handle. Marked with 4-19-98 patent date. Dirty and surface rust. small chip from upper jaw. Good minus BB 30 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-179 6203-179 Lot of two wrenches. Unmarked brass pipe wrench probably for use in gas works. 8in And a 10in Master wrench by HELLER BROS with horse logo. Smooth jaw adjustable. Good plus CGN 189 224 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-180 6203-180 Lot of two wrenches. Adjustable with sliding color and smooth lower jaw by STANDARD WRENCH AND TOOL of Providence RI. And an adjustable nut wrench marked with Ford USA logo and square tang on end. Good plus CGN 79 192 30 60 172-180 PHOTO
6203-181 6203-181 CRAFT pipe wrench. A design I haven't seen before. Spring-loaded sliding jaws.   Marked Craft and Patd on handle. Good plus BB 9 50 100 181-191 PHOTO
6203-182 6203-182 SPEEDNUT quick adjust wrench. 8in version. with 5-2-16 patent date. Excellent condition. original finish. smooth working. Good plus BB 47 40 60 181-191 PHOTO
6203-183 6203-183 SPEEDNUT quick adjust wrench. Older version marked Cochran and Patent Pending. Surface fairly beat up with some light surface rust but still works smoothly. User-drilled small hang hole. Good CGN 221 20 40 181-191 PHOTO
6203-184 6203-184 NEVERSLIP patented wrench. Closed-end alligator wrench. Patented 8-17-97. In and Out arrows helpfully marked along the top. Surface dirty but no pitting. Unusual. Good CGN 254 40 80 181-191 PHOTO
6203-185 6203-185 Lot of 2 WHITMAN and BARNES Bulldog alligator wrenches.   Both No. 2 9in models. One has WandB diamond logo and Bull-Dog is hyphenated. It's one word on the other. Surface dirty but no pitting. no chipping on jaws. Good CGN 252 253 30 60 181-191 PHOTO
6203-186 6203-186 Lot of 2 alligator wrenches. 7in WHITMAN and BARNES with diamond logo and open handle. The other one is unmarked from flat stock with nut cutout. Good CGN 250 255 30 60 181-191 PHOTO
6203-187 6203-187 * Combination hammer and alligator wrench. Screwdriver blade on end. Marked Steel but no maker. Good ZOM 530 15 30 181-191 PHOTO
6203-188 6203-188 WIZARD ratcheting wrench.   8in adjustable wrench that combines a double screw crescent type adjustment on a ratcheting head. Patented 5-21-07 by Joseph N. Noyer of Gould City Washington and manufactured by the Richards Manufacturing Co. of Aurora IL.   Good overall condition with light surface rust. Ratchet mechanism a little sticky.   Unusual. Good JFR 3 50 100 181-191 PHOTO
6203-189 6203-189 * Pliers-crimping tools. Jaws Don't close but spring-loaded crimper. Elaborate surface decoration. Different. Good Brown 212 10-03 15 30 181-191 PHOTO
6203-190 6203-190 * W.C.WYNN combination pliers. Marked No. 3 and Warranted. Unusual to find these marked in any way. Good MLD 22 15 30 181-191 PHOTO
6203-191 6203-191 EIFEL-FLASH PLIERENCH. 9in VERSION. Light surface rust but would clean up to a very nice example of this unusual tool. Good MLD 6 40 80 181-191 PHOTO
6203-192 6203-192 Lot of 2 WESTCOTT s-handle crescent wrenches. An 8in No. 78 and 6in No. 76. A little dinged but good surfaces and work smoothly. Good CGN 216 226 30 50 192-196 PHOTO
6203-193 6203-193 Lot of 2 WESTCOTT s-handle crescent wrenches. Both 6in. No. 76 with closed handle and un-numbered open handle variety. Jaws a little dinged up. decent surfaces. Good CGN 211 220 30 50 192-196 PHOTO
6203-194 6203-194 * BEMIS and CALL s-handle crescent wrench. No. 48A 6in model. Surface dirty but no pitting and jaws work. Good CGN 215 10 30 192-196 PHOTO
6203-195 6203-195 WESTCOTT s-handle crescent wrench. 12in No. 82. Decent surface but minor chipping on rack and jaws stiff. Good minus CGN 225 30 50 192-196 PHOTO
6203-196 6203-196 Unsigned s-handle crescent wrench. 14in. Open handle model. User initials scratched on both sides of jaws. Good surface. jaws close smoothly. Good JFR 20 30 60 192-196 PHOTO
6203-197 6203-197 JAMES BEE-HENRY BROWN Sheffield-style plated brace. Marked James Bee on lever-style chuck. Henry Brown Patentee on pad medallion. Pad is nice piece of lignum but has one crack and doesnt turn freely. Medallion is missing the screws. Wooden body dirty but intact. Brass plating is good. Good BB 119 50 100 197-200 PHOTO
6203-198 6203-198 JAMES BEE-HENRY BROWN Sheffield-style plated brace. Marked James Beer on push button chuck sloppy but works and Henry Brown Patentee on pad medallion.   Pad turns but has a couple of closed cracks and a chip from the edge. Beech body has some dinging. Brass is good and un-cleaned. Includes spade bit marked Allen. Good CGN 186 50 100 197-200 PHOTO
6203-199 6203-199 * Unsigned primitive brace. Good wood with no major splits or dings. Head turns freely. Square hold in chuck. probably had metal band around chuck now missing. Good minus BB 117 20 40 197-200 PHOTO
6203-200 6203-200 A pair of unsigned coachmans routers. Probably hand-carved handles with inactive worm holes.   Light surface rust throughout metal parts but sound and complete. Good JFR 12 13 30 60 197-200 PHOTO
6203-201 6203-201 AMIDON patent corner brace. These corner braces had the open universal-joint connection between the handle and the chuck based on Charles Amidons patent and are less common than the closed joint later sold by Millers Falls. I believe these were sold by Fray but I Don't see any mark.   It could be under the layer of green paint someone has applied. Barber chuck. Good RSI 255 40 80 201-208 PHOTO
6203-202 6203-202 YANKEE No. 2101 Bell System brace. Heavy duty line of braces made by NORTH BROS. for telephone linemen. 8in throw.   Ratchet mechanism a little stiff.   Well used with a little surface corrosion but not abused. Good AED 19 50 100 201-208 PHOTO
6203-203 6203-203 JOHN S. FRAY whimble brace. With Spofford chuck. Nickel plating is about 70%. Good rosewood handle and pad. Good CEB 28 40 80 201-208 PHOTO
6203-204 6203-204 JOHN S. FRAY No. 108 brace. Spofford chuck. Metal has surface oxidation but no pitting. Rosewood handle and pad are dirty but good. Good AED 8 40 80 201-208 PHOTO
6203-205 6203-205 W.A. THOMSON brace. I'm not familiar with Thomson but the brace is marked with his name and Buffalo NY.   Looks like maker rather than owner.   Unusual brass push-button chuck mechanism. Pad has a gouge out of the edge but turns smoothly. Body has surface oxidation but no pitting. An unusual brace. Good BB 207 40 80 201-208 PHOTO
6203-206 6203-206 MASON and PARKER brace. Mason and Parker Mfg. of Winchendon MA was known for toys but this appears to be a standard brace. Chuck is marked with the company name and is stuck with a bit in it but probably nothing that some 3-in-1 oil couldnt fix. Nickel plating on chuck is about 70% and looks like someone used pliers to loosen it. Surface oxidation and some very light pitting on the body. Unusual maker. Good minus BB 206 30 60 201-208 PHOTO
6203-207 6203-207 Primitive iron brace. Probably hand forged. Open square chuck hole. Nice hand-carved handle which turns a little stiff. Surface oxidation and some light pitting. 8in throw. Good VIN 51 30 60 201-208 PHOTO
6203-208 6203-208 JOHN S. FRAY No. 114 brace. Metal very nicely cleaned Spofford chuck. Rosewood pad and handle very clean with pewter bands.   An extra nice example of Frays Spofford braces. 7in throw. Good plus UNK 5 50 100 201-208 PHOTO
6203-209 6203-209 BARTHOLOMEW patented brace. One of the series of brace patents by Harry Bartholomew of Bristol CT this is his 5-28-67 patent which has a B rarity rating I Pearson.   There's a maker on the stock which appears to end n R and Co. Nicely cleaned metal. chuck works smoothly. Pad turns well and has a few dings but no chips or splits. Nice example. Good plus BB 185 50 100 209-215 PHOTO
6203-210 6203-210 BARTHOLOMEW patented brace. Another of Bartholomew's patents. This is his 4-24-70 patent which has a B rarity rating in Pearson. Marked on the stock. metal has light surface corrosion but no pitting.   Chuck is stiff but complete. head turns. 5in throw. Good BB 136 30 60 209-215 PHOTO
6203-211 6203-211 STACKPOLE patented brace. Greenleaf Stackpoles patent of 4-2-67 with the slotted rotating collar that closes the chuck jaws. It was manufactured with iron and brass heads.   This is the brass version. Brass has some dings. Iron has uniform surface corrosion but no pitting. Pad is loose but uncracked.   3 1/2in throw. Decent example of a rare brace. Good BB 209 40 80 209-215 PHOTO
6203-212 6203-212 AMIDON patent corner brace. These corner braces had the open universal-joint connection between the handle and the chuck based on Charles Amidons patent and are less common than the closed joint later sold by Millers Falls. I believe these were sold by Fray but I Don't see any mark.   Nickel plating mostly gone. pad and handle good. Smooth working barber chuck. Good AED 21 40 80 209-215 PHOTO
6203-213 6203-213 NOBLES patent brace. Milton Nobles patent of 6-20-65 used a split sleeve chuck with a ring pushed forward to tighten it. Manufactured by Nobles Mfg. Co. Metal has surface corrosion over about 50% including chuck but no pitting. Pad a little loose. B rarity rating in Pearson. 5in throw. Good BB 156 40 80 209-215 PHOTO
6203-214 6203-214 Patented brace. I know this clamshell style chuck was patented but I can't put my hands on the actual patent. Maybe someone can enlighten me and well put it on the website. The patent date has worn off the chuck and all you can read is Holyoke Mass. The brace itself is marked No. 18. Nickel plating is about 75% some surface corrosion. Wood on the pad and handle is dry but not damaged. Some nice sapwood on the pad. Ratchet is stiff. 5in throw. Good BB 198 40 80 209-215 PHOTO
6203-215 6203-215 * Unknown brace. Looks manufactured but unmarked. It has a square chuck with a piece of spring steel that should hold in a pawl to hold the bit but its broken off and would need to be reconstructed.   Brace itself has surface corrosion. a few chips from the edge of the pad but otherwise good. Looks like a rare brace but it would be a project to restore it. 5in throw. Poor BB 199 10 30 209-215 PHOTO
6203-216 6203-216 MILLERS FALLS Buck Rogers hand drill. The gray paint has a few scratches but is mostly complete.   Includes an assortment of bits in the handle which are nothing special. Good DKN 18 30 60 216-221 PHOTO
6203-217 6203-217 * GOODELL-PRATT hand drill. Red paint is about 80% nickel plating mostly intact. Works smoothly. Good CGN 197 10 30 216-221 PHOTO
6203-218 6203-218 * YANKEE hand drill. Decal faded. lots of chips and scratches in lacquer. some surface corrosion. Works smoothly. Good user. Good MLD 19 10 30 216-221 PHOTO
6203-219 6203-219 Lot of two drills. Stanley No. 618. Black paint is good. handle painted black with big chip. Decal worn but readable. Good user. And a RUSBY extendible drill missing the breast plate as usual. surface corrosion and wear to handles. Good RSI 143 246 20 40 216-221 PHOTO
6203-220 6203-220 CRAFTSMAN No. 1071 2-speed breast drill. Red paint about 85%. Surface rust but no pitting. Works okay. Good AED 25 20 40 216-221 PHOTO
6203-221 6203-221 GOODELL-PRATT breast drill. Red paint on the gear has serious crackling. Rest of the paint is about 85%. Gears are good and work smoothly. Good CEB 25 30 60 216-221 PHOTO
6203-222 6203-222 MILLERS FALLS t-auger. Not labeled but based on Pratts patent and sold by MF beginning in its 1887 catalogue. Good condition with minimal surface rust and no serious damage to wooden handles. Good plus CEB 32 30 60 222-226 PHOTO
6203-223 6203-223 MILLERS FALLS t-auger. Same as no. 222 but in worse condition with extensive surface corrosion.   But still complete with no serious damage if you want to pay less and clean it up yourself. Good UNK 6 20 40 222-226 PHOTO
6203-224 6203-224 STANLEY No. 982 corner brace. Designed to fit between joists and in other tight spaces. This one is extra nice and clean with only minimal toolbox dinging. Good plus DKN 23 60 120 222-226 PHOTO
6203-225 6203-225 Lot of two spokeshaves. One is by famed Newark toolmaker W. JOHNSON and the other is unsigned. They are dirty and the blades need sharpening but they're all there. Good NJB 111 152 25 50 222-226 PHOTO
6203-226 6203-226 Lot of two incomplete coachmakers routers. Both appear to be handmade. One has complex curved sole and an integral fence but is missing a cutter.   The other has a rounding cutter but appears to need a wedge. Both are beautiful pieces of wood. undamaged and nicely patinated and could be displayed as is. Good minus VIN 222 20 40 222-226 PHOTO
6203-227 6203-227 WOODS patented hollow auger. Complete with the often-missing depth stop. A few chips in the japanning but would clean up nicely.   The screws on the depth stop are different but I think this was intentional. One has knurling and is designed to be tightened by hand. Good UNK 7 20 40 227-232 PHOTO
6203-228 6203-228 * STEARNS patent hollow auger. The version with the ring of bushings based on his 11-23-80 patent.   Has the depth stop. Nice clean surfaces but alas missing the cutter.   A bargain if you have a cutter. Good minus CGN 199 10 30 227-232 PHOTO
6203-229 6203-229 STEARNS patent hollow auger. Stearns third patent of 3-7-78 with two adjustable arms to set the diameter.   Less common than his other designs.   The center tang also serves as the depth stop preventing it from being lost. Well used and light surface corrosion but all there. Good MC 29 30 60 227-232 PHOTO
6203-230 6203-230 PHOENIX brand hollow auger. Clearly based on the Stearns patent. I Don't know if this was a Stears trademark or a knockoff after his patents expired. Has the depth stop. Japanning about 60%. Good MLD 23 30 60 227-232 PHOTO
6203-231 6203-231 STEARNS patent hollow auger. Nice clean example with good cutter and depth stop. Good RSI 258 40 80 227-232 PHOTO
6203-232 6203-232 STEARNS patent hollow auger. Same model as NO. 231 but japanning not as nice. Has cutter and depth stop. Good CGN 198 30 60 227-232 PHOTO
6203-233 6203-233 * Incomplete set of IRWIN auger bits. Missing 1/4 1/2 11/16 3/4 and 15/16 but with extra 9/16 and 3/8. In original plastic roll. Plus a Russell Jennings adjustable auger bit with the adjustment missing. Good minus RSI 145 250 20 40 233-236 PHOTO
6203-234 6203-234 * Lot of 2 unmarked gimlets. 3 1/2 and 3 3/4in. Surface rust. Good RSI 253 254 5 10 233-236 PHOTO
6203-235 6203-235 * Lot of four plug cutters. Misc. makers. One 1/4in two 1/2in one 3/4in. Good CGN 234 277 278 265 10 30 233-236 PHOTO
6203-236 6203-236 * VICTORY combination tool. Hammer tack puller and wrench. Japanning about 50%. Good minus BB 10 10 30 233-236 PHOTO
6203-237 6203-237 Lot of two hammers. Glaziers patented three-corner hammer. Allows the glazier to rest the face directly against the glass to tap in point.   Plus a caulkers mallet well-used and with nails holding the head on. Good ZOM 518 557 20 40 237-244 PHOTO
6203-238 6203-238 Lot of two hammers. 10-28-90 patent and swaging hammer with triangular head. M in circle trademark and owner initials. Good ZOM 498 506 25 50 237-244 PHOTO
6203-239 6203-239 Lot of three hammers. Unsigned beryllium head for non-sparking applications. Handle is loose and head well dinged. A FARMOUNT 42HC upholsterers tack hammer in very nice condition. And a farriers hammer with OV and Chicago marks on head. Head well dinged nice tight original handle. Good CGN 1 4 269 30 60 237-244 PHOTO
6203-240 6203-240 * Log marking hammer. CX on end. original handle has been fixed with several nails and is still loose. Fair VIN 50 10 20 237-244 PHOTO
6203-241 6203-241 STANLEY NO. 14 nailing hammer. Part of the 100 PLUS line to celebrate 100 years of tool manufacturing.   Original handle with 95% complete Stanley and 100+ decals. Light surface rust on head. Good plus BB 44 20 40 237-244 PHOTO
6203-242 6203-242 * CAPEWELL patent nail puller. Rusty and well used. A couple of nails have been used to tighten the head but its still a little loose. Fair COL 18 10 20 237-244 PHOTO
6203-243 6203-243 Hand-forged hammer. Unsigned.   Surface rust but solid. Handle old but no wedge to hold it in. Good minus JFR 14 20 40 237-244 PHOTO
6203-244 6203-244 STANLEY No. 221 flooring hammer. No number but looks like the picture. Extra heavy head and notched rectangle logo. Original tight handle with trace of decal. Your collection of Stanley hammers isn't complete without one. Good COL 4 40 80 237-244 PHOTO
6203-245 6203-245 WALWORTH PARMALEE No. 1 pipe wrench. There's a handle with a set of hinged plates that would wrap entirely around a pipe or rod to turn it without leaving jaw marks. The one mounted on the handle is for 1in diameter.   There's a separate set for 3-8 and two others wrapped in paper which appear never to have been opened for 1/2in and a spare 1in. All are immaculately clean except for some surface rust on the 3-8in set. In a wood box with sliding lid with the name stamped on the end. Good plus CGN 181 40 80 245-250 PHOTO
6203-246 6203-246 A set of 28 letter punches. In a user made wooden box. Just the thing to stamp your name on everything else you buy. Good VIN 10 20 40 245-250 PHOTO
6203-247 6203-247 A lot of YANKEE and miscellaneous tools. Three YANKEE 33H Handyman brand reciprocating drills.   One older model with patent pending one with brass collar two have screwdrivers and one a drill bit. All in working order. Plus a YANKEE No. 15 ratcheting miniature screwdriver. three other screwdrivers and a STANLEY HI202 awl. All in a wooden box. Good CGN 174 30 60 245-250 PHOTO
6203-248 6203-248 English STANLEY NO. 92 rabbet plane IOB. Made by the Stanley Works in Sheffield for the English market.   Plane is near mint. Box a little tattered but all seams intact. Good plus PMG 33 40 80 245-250 PHOTO
6203-249 6203-249 English STANLEY No. 90 rabbet plane IOB. Made by the Stanley Works in Sheffield for the English market.   Plane is near mint. Box very good. Fine PMG 34 40 80 245-250 PHOTO
6203-250 6203-250 STARRETT No. 696 machinists gauge. im not sure exactly what this is supposed to measure or how you use it but whatever it is its complete in its original fitted wooden box. Fine CGN 227 40 80 245-250 PHOTO
6203-251 6203-251 BandS MFG CO. washer cutter. A precision tool with fine micrometer adjustments. Made by BandS Mfg Co. of Providence RI. It looks in very good shape but I couldnt get the knobs to move - needs a little 3-in-1 oil. Unusual. Good plus BB 22 20 40 251-255 PHOTO
6203-252 6203-252 Lot of STANLEY trammel points. Two sets of No. 2s one with the early pattern used on types 1 and 2 and one with the later waffled pattern.   And a set of type 1 No. 4s. All with good point and keepers on a bar not long enough for all of them. Good plus RSI 193 50 100 251-255 PHOTO
6203-253 6203-253 Miniature tubing vise. Including a tubing bender in the base. Unsigned but appears complete and ready to use. Good plus FES 324 20 40 251-255 PHOTO
6203-254 6203-254 * STANLEY No. 3 trammel point. Type 1. Some surface corrosion. If you have only one and need the other to make a pair this is for you. Good MLD 34 10 20 251-255 PHOTO
6203-255 6203-255 * STANLEY No. 49 Adjustable bit gauge. Slight surface corrosion but complete and working. Good RSI 47 10 20 251-255 PHOTO
6203-256 6203-256 STANLEY No. 92 butt and rabbet gauge. One of Stanley's top of the line gauges designed specifically for laying out rabbeted door jambs but also usable as a mortise gauge.   Includes the usually missing steel scribe. Rosewood head and brass stem both in above average condition. A little surface rust on the steel parts. Marked Patent Pending so an early version. G stamped his initial twice. Good plus RSI 38 60 90 256-260 PHOTO
6203-257 6203-257 Two mortise gauges. STANLEY No. 77 with rosewood head and brass mustache plate. Good long pins but missing shoe. Second gauge is round headed marked J. Harriot. Good JFR 73 80 30 60 256-260 PHOTO
6203-258 6203-258 STANLEY No. 77 mortise gauge. Rosewood body and head with internal screw adjustment and mustache plate.   Light toolbox dinging screw has a little rust but works smoothly. Points nice and sharp. There's an extra screw in the side that I Don't think belongs there. Sweetheart mark. Good RSI 33 50 80 256-260 PHOTO
6203-259 6203-259 WM. JOHNSON mortise gauge. Uncommon gauge by the Newark NJ maker of planes and levels. Rosewood body with four concentric circle brass insets. Internal screw works points a little worn and nice clear mark. Good plus VIN 216 40 80 256-260 PHOTO
6203-260 6203-260 Set of two parallel rules. Used for navigation. One looks like rosewood and has a Sphinx trademark. The other looks like ebony and is unsigned. One flaw in the wood and a couple of small paint splotches on read. Good VIN 216 20 50 256-260 PHOTO
6203-261 6203-261 User made mortise gauge. Sliding arm variety but one arm is shorter than the other. Five separate points all but one mounted to the side. Separate steel scribe that looks like it came from a Stanley 92. Nice brass locking wingnut. Three flat brass strips and one with curves like a 166.   Ingenious and well made gizmo. Good condition except for one small chip out of the head. Good BB 45 30 60 261-263 PHOTO
6203-262 6203-262 Lot of two marking gauges. Top is an unmarked STANLEY NO. 166 in good condition. Rosewood with brass double curve faceplate. Bottom is rosewood with what looks like bone plate along the bottom of the shaft and the face. Good JFR 69 70 40 80 261-263 PHOTO
6203-263 6203-263 Unmarked panel gauge. 19 1/2in long nice straight piece of rosewood with cast brass head.   Shaft is five sided with the point facing down. Scribe is worn down and would need to be replaced if you wanted to use it. Good JFR 15 30 60 261-263 PHOTO
6203-264 6203-264 * STANLEY NO. 36 Level. 18in. Older version without vial covers. closed web. Light surface corrosion on vials. Japanning 90%. All vials wet. Good COL 13 10 30 264-268 PHOTO
6203-265 6203-265 STANLEY No.36 level. 24in version with rotating brass vial covers. Extra clean with great milling marks on rails. A few minor scuffs to the japanning. User name scratched in one vial cover. Fine ZOM 20 40 264-268 PHOTO
6203-266 6203-266 STANLEY No. 1 3-4 carpenters level. One of Stanley's early line and uncommon. Mahogany 18in stock brass tips. Well used but no major damage and a good candidate for you level restorers. Vials wet. Good CGN 34 30 50 264-268 PHOTO
6203-267 6203-267 Lot of three levels. Top to bottom L.L. DAVIS mahogany 20in No. 29 with fancy owners initials inlaid into side inlay missing. 30in DAVIS and COOK. KEEN KUTTER 30in No. KKO. All well used but no major damage. All brass complete and vials wet. Good ZOM 326 362 465 20 40 264-268 PHOTO
6203-268 6203-268 * D.M. LYON and CO. level. 30in mahogany stock with dings and scratches and two inactive worm holes.   Bottom vial cover missing. One screw missing from brass tips and improper screw substituted. Restoration project. Original wet vials. Good minus BB 258 10 30 264-268 PHOTO
6203-269 6203-269 * TRU-PITCH level manufactured by DREIER BROS. of Chicago.   With adjustable inclinometer.   Marked Manufactured for the Pipe Trades and often referred to as a plumbers level. Instruction decal is 80% and fully readable. Good OTR 103 20 40 269-272 PHOTO
6203-270 6203-270 Lot of four levels. KEEN KUTTER 18in No. KK13. DISSTON and MORSS 30in model with decorative engraving around vial sight. MASON BROS. of Boston 30in. and STANLEY No. 9   30in. All well-worn and a couple of brass screws missing but no major divots all vials are wet and I believe original. A potential treasure trove for the level restorer! Good ZOM 330 334 410 466 40 80 269-272 PHOTO
6203-271 6203-271 EDWARD HELB patented inclinometer. Manufactured in Railroad PA and often misidentified as a railroad level. Wood is worn but not damaged. Metal parts have surface corrosion but everythings there and working. Very good label. Cleaned up these go for two or three hundred bucks. Good BB 35 50 100 269-272 PHOTO
6203-272 6203-272 * STANLEY No. 30 adjustable level. Cherry stock a little dinged and dirty but edges still pretty crisp and would clean up well. Adjustable brass vial assemblies are good. Vials are original and wet. Good plus BB 62 10 30 269-272 PHOTO
6203-273 6203-273 Manufactured traveller. Name cast into the wheel is hard to make out. Looks like maybe Seils Bros. and Co. but Don't hold me to that. Dark blue paint and handle badly worn. Turns smoothly. 7 1/2in diameter. Good minus RSI 8 20 40 273-276 PHOTO
6203-274 6203-274 Unsigned traveller. Looks manufactured but no mark. Nice clear numbers and rim unusually rust free. Turns smoothly. Traces of red paint. Good RSI 9 20 40 273-276 PHOTO
6203-275 6203-275 Unsigned traveller. Looks manufactured but no mark. Rim has surface oxidation but no pitting and numbers are clear. Turns smoothly. Nice wooden handle. Good RSI 7 20 40 273-276 PHOTO
6203-276 6203-276 Pair of WILEY AND RUSSELL travellers. Name on one is very clear. other barely so. Both have fairly heavy rust and some surface pitting.   Numbers on one are cast into the rim and still clear. The other has mostly worn away. Both pointers are stuck in place and could use some WD-40. Fair RSI 2 3 30 50 273-276 PHOTO
6203-277 6203-277 Set of CLEVELAND TWIST DRILL CO. drill bits. High carbon drill bits IOB. Includes 1/2 31/64 15/32 29/64 and 7/16. Bits and clean sharp and barely used. Box is tattered but intact. Fine JFR 64 20 40 277-280 PHOTO
6203-278 6203-278 BROWNE and SHARP No. 30 micrometer caliper. Instrument is in immaculate condition and includes standard one inch gauge used to calibrate and a pair of wrenches. Original instruction sheet stained in part but fully readable. Staining is entirely on the side shown in the photo the reverse is clear.   Remains of original box are included in a sliding lid wooden box. Fine BB 67 40 80 277-280 PHOTO
6203-279 6203-279 L.S. STARRETT No. 168 v-blocks and clamps. Set of two blocks and two clamps. Tools are very clean and barely used. In a box intended for another tool. Good PMG 36 20 40 277-280 PHOTO
6203-280 6203-280 * STANLEY No. 1 3/4 carpenters level. Uncommon 14in length. Wedge trademark. Handmade fitted leather case has kept the edges very crisp but there are some stains.   Former owner H.W. Cabor scratched his name very nicely on the level cover but then got carried away and also scratched his initials less neatly two other places. Good UNK 10 30 277-280 PHOTO
6203-281 6203-281 Chamfer knife. Looks hand forged. There's a name cast into it - looks like Rust. 4 3/4in blade very sharp. Very little surface rust. Good old oak handle held on with wire - looks like an old repair. Solid honest old tool. Good CGN 138 30 60 281-285 PHOTO
6203-282 6203-282 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Sweetheart mark on bracket. Japanning about 60% and good blade. Good user. Good CGN 107 20 40 281-285 PHOTO
6203-283 6203-283 STANLEY No. 58 spokeshave. Blade has early semi-circular mark. B stamp in casting for Bailey. Japanning about 60%. Surface corrosion but no pitting on sharp cutter. Good AED 13 20 40 281-285 PHOTO
6203-284 6203-284 Pair of unsigned spokeshaves. Longer one has flat blade and steel sole nicely patinated handle.   Shorter has concave blade and brass sole and rougher handle. Good AED 7 30 50 281-285 PHOTO
6203-285 6203-285 STANLEY No. 60 double cutter spokeshave. With flat and concave blades. Early type with cast iron blade holder B casting for Bailey old style semi-circular Stanley mark on blade. Japanning about 70%. Good AED 14 30 70 281-285 PHOTO
6203-286 6203-286 Matched set of four turning tools. Unsigned. Good sharp blade. Good turned handles - one has split and been glued at the chisel tang. Good CGN 262 4 5 7 30 60 286-290 PHOTO
6203-287 6203-287 * MARPLES paring chisel. 1-4in blade. Very nice condition. Good plus CGN 273 10 30 286-290 PHOTO
6203-288 6203-288 Set of two gouges. 1/2in unsigned with boxwood handle splits at tang but still solid. And S.J. ADDIS with 1in blade and some surface corrosion but no pitting. Handle has been struck on end. Good minus BB 125 142 20 40 286-290 PHOTO
6203-289 6203-289 Set of two gouges. S.J. ADDIS with 1in blade with slight chip that can be sharpened out. Nice hexagonal handle. And 1in unsigned with heavy blade and handle. Split in handle but still solid. Good BB 143 145 20 40 286-290 PHOTO
6203-290 6203-290 KEEN KUTTER corner chisel. 7/8in socket type. Ring around striking end is loose but still attached. Good handle and blade. Good JFR 95 30 60 286-290 PHOTO
6203-291 6203-291 Speed indicator. Marked with Woodmans 9-12-76 patent. Nice decorative casting nickel plating complete and works smoothly. Good BB 26 20 40 291-297 PHOTO
6203-292 6203-292 * STANLEY No. 93 butt gauge. Notched rectangle mark. Nickel plating has a few patches of surface corrosion but is basically complete.   Good sharp points. Good SKR 30 10 30 291-297 PHOTO
6203-293 6203-293 LUFKIN Royal 50ft nickel-clad steel tape. A couple of tiny flecks of surface rust on winder but otherwise like new. Three utility and one design patent number stamped on rim. Fine 3 VIN 30 60 291-297 PHOTO
6203-294 6203-294 * Lot of five boxwood rules. STANLEY No. 68 in very nice shape. No. 163 with outside wear but good hinges and inside faces. Sweet Hart No. 63 with broken hinge that was unsuccessfully soldered. and two four-fold 12in one UPSON one LUFKIN 386 both with missing or broken slides. Mixed CGN 118-122 10 30 291-297 PHOTO
6203-295 6203-295 * LUFKIN Artisan 18ft tape. Older model with brass rimmed case. Tape marked patent applied for. A little surface corrosion but works smoothly and tape is unkinked. Good plus UNK 8 20 40 291-297 PHOTO
6203-296 6203-296 * C.S. OSBORNE 24in ruler. 24in with nice clear numbers. Don't know if hang hole is original. Wood dirty but undamaged. Good LEE 862 10 30 291-297 PHOTO
6203-297 6203-297 STANLEY No. 41 yard stick. Sweetheart mark. Yard fractions on back. Nice and clean. Good plus UNK 9 20 40 291-297 PHOTO
6203-298 6203-298 MILLERS FALLS No. 106 carving tools set. Clean and virtually unused in original box. Box has a few scuffs and cracks in see-through cover but good and solid. Fine UNK 10 40 80 298-305 PHOTO
6203-299 6203-299 Lot of two carving tools. CROWN TOOLS grooving tool and unmarked steel. Good plus CPK 66 20 40 298-305 PHOTO
6203-300 6203-300 Set of three MARPLES chisels. 1/2in 5/8in and 3/4in. A little schmutz on the blade of the 1/2in but cleanable. Good edges and handles. Good plus CPK 68 30 60 298-305 PHOTO
6203-301 6203-301 Lot of two chisels. STANLEY DEFIANCE No. 1221 12in chisel. Socket doesnt seem to fit and may be a replacement handle. And JAMES SWAN 1in gouge in very nice condition. Good CPK 69 20 40 298-305 PHOTO
6203-302 6203-302 * T-handle tap. Unsigned and maybe user made. 1/2in diameter with good handle. Good CGN 202 10 30 298-305 PHOTO
6203-303 6203-303 MATHIESON plug cutter. Faint but readable crescent moon mark. Old well-patinated handle. An unusual Mathiesen tool. Good 7 VIN 20 40 298-305 PHOTO
6203-304 6203-304 Set of three hand-forged tools. Not sure what these were used for. Two have screw ends like a corkscrew. Old and unusual. Good DUP 695 20 40 298-305 PHOTO
6203-305 6203-305 MILLERS FALLS No. 107 set of carving tools. Five carving tools and whetstone in the original wooden box.   Paper label on sliding lid is 95%.   All of the tools and clean and sharp. Good plus CGN 19 50 90 298-305 PHOTO
6203-306 6203-306 Broad axe. New England style head. Has a name on it but too faint to read. Head well-covered with surface rust but intact and edge is still pretty sharp. 25in old handle with a couple of old nails wedging it. Good Coleman 30 60 306-309 PHOTO
6203-307 6203-307 KEEN KUTTER side axe. Good blade with Keen Kutter name cast in. No handle. Good CGN 300 20 50 306-309 PHOTO
6203-308 6203-308 WARD LOCK gooseneck style mortise chisel. Nice and clean no rust. Good trademark and good handle. 25in long. Good plus DKN 61 40 80 306-309 PHOTO
6203-309 6203-309 Hand-forged hatchet. With pole protruding from bottom instead of on rear. Surface rust but solid with J K initials. Old loose hickory handle. Good VIN 53 20 40 306-309 PHOTO
6203-310 6203-310 Clamp. Not sure what this was used for. It consists of two cast iron legs that slide along a rod and each leg has two spring-mounted clamps. Manufactured by the BERMANN CO. of Chicago. Good plus BB 129 0 0 310-314 PHOTO
6203-311 6203-311 Cobblers stand. Patented 12-24-95 and manufactured by ENTERPRISE MFG. CO of Philadelphia.   Consists of a cast iron stand with compartments to hold nails and three different sized lasts for nailing soles onto shoes. Complete with all parts and slight surface rust. A great gadget. Good plus HBE 325 50 100 310-314 PHOTO
6203-312 6203-312 UNIVERSAL check protector. Manufactured by Universal Mfg. Co. of Boston. Used by banks back in the day to mark signatures to prevent forgery. Paint is 75% but nickel plate is nice and shiny. Good OTR 108 40 80 310-314 PHOTO
6203-313 6203-313 Oilstone holder. Patented 4-26-1870 by Homer Brown of Hamilton IL. Stone is clamped between two legs and tightened by wing nuts.   Includes the original stone.   You'll probably have the only one. Good BB 69 30 60 310-314 PHOTO
6203-314 6203-314 Sausage stuffer.   Soldered tin construction with a removable plunger that slides inside a sleeve. Well made and unusual. Unsigned. Good plus DUP 675 30 60 310-314 PHOTO
6203-315 6203-315 YANKEE No. 1555 ratcheting two speed breast drill.     Manufactured by NORTH BROS.   Clean and complete with immaculate paint. The only flaw are a couple of chipped teeth in the gears that Don't affect the operation.   A beautiful drill. Good plus CGN 713 60 120 315-320 PHOTO
6203-316 6203-316 VICTOR MFG. machinists protractor. Patented 6-2-85. Clean and complete. Fine OTR 109 40 70 315-320 PHOTO
6203-317 6203-317 WIET-GOETHE combination gauge. Patented 3-21-05 by Eugene Wiet and manufactured by Wiet-Goethe of Sacramento. Combines a gauge calipers and protractor. Clean and complete in original case. Fine FES 743 40 70 315-320 PHOTO
6203-318 6203-318 Lot of two unsigned calipers. One locking type. The other is spring-loaded with a brass register. Unusual design and both in excellent condition. Good plus CGN 176 179 40 80 315-320 PHOTO
6203-319 6203-319 Coachmans grooving router. Looks user made. A. Alston has stamped his name all over it. Nice attractive well-patinanted piece of wood. Good wedge. light surface corrosion. Very attractive older tool. Good 8 VIN 30 60 315-320 PHOTO
6203-320 6203-320 PEXTO No. 12 wing dividers. Spring-loaded fine adjusting knob. 12in long. Light surface corrosion. In good working order. Some markings scratched into it that could be owners name but can't read it. Good UNK 11 30 60 315-320 PHOTO
6203-321 6203-321 Hammer with integral pry bar. ALLEGHENY cast into one side and P. CHRISTIAN with what could be a date on the other.   Surface well-covered with rust and some shallow pitting but an unusual design. Good minus BB 186 20 40 321-324 PHOTO
6203-322 6203-322 PORTABLE TOOL CO. hatchet. When you depress the catch in the head a hatchet blade folds out and locks in place. Body of sheet metal. Marked Patent Pending and MONROETON PA. May have been nickel-plated but now worn off and some surface corrosion light pitting on one side. Blade is clean and sharp. I don't recall ever seeing another. Good BB 130 40 80 321-324 PHOTO
6203-323 6203-323 C.I MIX and CO. folding drawknife. Patented by Scovill Atkins on 12-31-01 and may have been influenced by New Years Eve celebration. Patented feature is that the handles can be locked in different positions.   Unfortunately the wood handles are in rough shape and one of the locking wing nuts has lost one of its wings.   But you can still lock the handles in different positions should you feel the urge. Rare and gimmicky. Good minus BB 200 30 60 321-324 PHOTO
6203-324 6203-324 Lot of two large turn screws by W.F. CHRISTIAN. 22in has some surface corrosion but no deep pitting and a good solid handle. 19in one has significan'tly more rust and a bad split in the handle. Mixed BB 182 211 30 60 321-324 PHOTO
6203-325 6203-325 ISAAAC GRAVES No. 2 coopers adze. Light surface rust on head. Chip on corner of blade. Nice clear IG mark on underside. Handle is a replacement and a little loose but plenty of wood to tighten it. Good BB 21 30 60 325-329 PHOTO
6203-326 6203-326 LandIJ WHITE coopers adze. Head held on firmly by bolt through original handle. Looks like a casting flaw where head joins handle but still solid as a rock. No significant surface rust. Good plus CEB 27 30 60 325-329 PHOTO
6203-327 6203-327 Lot of three froes and an adze head. One blade has a name that looks like SLAUGHTER and minimal rust.   Other two are hand forged and well rusted. All three have tree branch handles. Adze head is by W. BUTCHER also pretty rusty and some chips on face but blade is good and clear mark. Fair DUP 546 647 30 60 325-329 PHOTO
6203-328 6203-328 * Lot of two primitive froes . One straight and one curved blade. Surface rust and some chips along blade worse on straight than curved.   Tree branch handles. Fair GIE 213 214 20 40 325-329 PHOTO
6203-329 6203-329 * Pry bar? Not sure what this was used for. Unsigned and the tang on the head runs all the way through the short handle. Good LEE 788 20 40 325-329 PHOTO
6203-330 6203-330 SALTERS imPROVED spring balance. Japanning largely worn off the rear but the brass face is good and works fine. Good plus AED 10 30 60 330-332 PHOTO
6203-331 6203-331 Lot of two alligator type wrenches. NEVERSLIP closed in type marked + and BULLDOG No. 2 by J.H. WILLIAMS. Good AED 11 12 40 60 330-332 PHOTO
6203-332 6203-332 Lot of two metalworkers hammers. Large one has rounded peens. Could be hand forged. Surface rust and some pitting but solid. Old handle a little loose wrapped with two lengths of wire to hold in split. Small one looks factory made but unsigned maybe tinsmiths. Old handle slightly loose. Good minus AED 1 5 30 60 330-332 PHOTO
6203-333 6203-333 Woodworkers vise. Unsigned craftsman made. Nice wood looks like walnut. Screw is in immaculate shape with no chips. Vise head is made of a piece of burl with a couple of chips but just gives it character. A very nice vise. Good plus AED 23 40 80 333-335 PHOTO
6203-334 6203-334 * Bookmakers plow. Probably 18th century. Missing its blade and wedge but wood is pretty good. A big chip out of one nut but threads are good. AWM carved in top. Fair BB250 20 40 333-335 PHOTO
6203-335 6203-335 Fold-down seat. Probably for use in carpentry or machinery shop. Mounted to the wall the spring keeps in upright and out of the way until you fold it down to sit on. The spring is powerful and you would need to use care in rising. Made by the CHICAGO HARDWARE FOUNDRY COMPANY of North Chicago and marked patent applied for.   Very unusual. Good plus DUP 692 50 70 333-335 PHOTO

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