Kalamazoo Antique Trade Tools Auction 2016 Absentee Auction

Live auction took place July 16th around 1:00PM at Tillers International Facility near Kalamazoo, MI.

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2016-001 2016-001 DURO Sign Maker Letter and Number Decals tin box. Empty most of gold lettering intact. Good plus SGN579 100 200 >photo
2016-002 2016-002 STANLEY No. 62 low angle plane. Japanning 80 percent wood good. Good plus SGN440 200 400 photo
2016-003 2016-003 Lot of two No. 40 and 40-one half scrub planes. Japanning ok light wear. Good SGN262 40 80 photo
2016-004 2016-004 Two STANLEY No. 39 rabbeting planes. Three eighths inches and three quarter inches light rust. Good SGN267 30 60 photo
2016-005 2016-005 STANLEY No. 10-one half rabbet plane. Light surface rust 80 percent japanning tote chipped. Good- SGN580 75 150 photo
2016-006 2016-006 STANLEY No. 378 weather stripping rabbet plane. Repainted missing depth stop. Good SGN266 40 80 photo
2016-007 2016-007 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. Seven eighths inches nickel plating 90 percent. Good plus SGN269 40 80 photo
2016-008 2016-008 STANLEY No. 48 tongue and groove plane. Plating 75 percent light rust. Good SGN270 40 80 photo
2016-009 *2016-009 SARGENT 5607 block plane. Japanning 90 percent adjustable throat. Good SGN411 20 40 photo
2016-010 2016-010 CHAPLINS patent bench plane. 9 inch corrugated sole adjustable throat rubber tote. Light rust. Good SGN583 60 120 photo
2016-011 2016-011 STANLEY No. 112 cabiner scraper. Japanning 60 percent pitted sole wood good. Good- BHR1000 60 120 photo
2016-012 2016-012 STANLEY Bedrock 608 jointer plane. Vee mark on blade flat top sides japanning good light rust. Good SGN284 80 160 photo
2016-013 2016-013 Lot of two STANLEY No. 7 jointer planes. Types 8 and 9 japanning 70 percent wood good. Good GAN336 339 40 80 photo
2016-014 *2016-014 STANLEY No. 78 duplex rabbet and filletster. Clean example vee mark on the blade. Fence and nose are broken pieces are there if you want a repair job. Fair GNM306 15 30 photo
2016-015 2016-015 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Type 1 except for cutter adjustment wheel. Small chip from plate at base of body where it attaches to sole. Japanning 70 percent. Good DJS718 75 150 photo
2016-016 2016-016 Lot of three carving tools. MATHIESON gooseneck mortise chisel. SORBY pig sticker and 1-three quarter inch gouge. Light rust. Good SGN584 40 80 photo
2016-017 2016-017 Lot of two gouges. 1-three quarter inch BUCK BROTHERS 1-one half inch BUTCHER. Mostly clean. Good plus SGN585 30 60 photo
2016-018 2016-018 Lot of 6 chisels and gouges. Various makers including WITHERBY and WARD and PAYNE. 1-three quarter inch to three quarter inch wide. Most clean. Good SGN586 40 80 photo
2016-019 2016-019 Lot of 5 chisels. BARTON BUTCHER SWAN WHITE STANLEY makers. 2 inch to 1 inch width. Most clean. Good SGN587 40 80 photo
2016-020 2016-020 Lot of 11 chisels. Various types most unmarked 1 inch or smaller. One has broken handle two no handles. Good SGN588 30 60 photo
2016-021 *2016-021 Two NORTON sharpening oilstones. Both in original box one missing lid. Stones unused or light use. Good plus SGN589 20 40 photo
2016-022 *2016-022 Lot of three oilstones. Light use in repurposed and tattered Yankee Drill box and good Crescent pincer box. Good SGN590 20 40 photo
2016-023 2016-023 Lot of four oilstones. PIKE India No. 21 gouge slip IOB one unmarked and 3 NORTON pocket stones in original plastic sleeves. Good SGN591 30 60 photo
2016-024 2016-024 Lot of two braces. One plated Slater other unmarked. Good- HAN286 288 30 60 photo
2016-025 *2016-025 Lot of two braces. Unmarked. One primitive no head. One brass plated pushbutton chuck. Good- HAN287 292 20 40 photo
2016-026 *2016-026 Lot of two STANLEY braces. Nos. 965 and 928 mostly clean. Good SGN235 20 40 photo
2016-027 2016-027 18th century ball handle brace. Handfordged wingnut chuck iron body walnut grip and handle. Good BJL600 30 60 photo
2016-028 2016-028 Patented brace. Nobles 1865 patent with slip ring 8 inch sweep brass and rosewood head with some dinging. B in Pearson. Good plus BJL602 50 100 photo
2016-029 *2016-029 Lot of three braces. RICH-CON RC10 MILLERS FALLS No. 422 and MOUND CITY 110. All have wear and rust. Good- JPM1 25 50 photo
2016-030 2016-030 Patented brace. Shephardsons 1870 patent with sliding jaw chuck steel head 8 inch chuck B in Pearson. Good plus BJL601 50 100 photo
2016-031 2016-031 Lot of three Sheffield style braces. Two brass plated one not. One marked Hermitage Works. Dings and light wear Good GAN1000 30 60 photo
2016-032 2016-032 Lot of four Sheffield style braces. Two brass plated others not. One MARPLES rest unmarked. All have mild wear and pushbutton chucks. Good GAN1002 40 80 photo
2016-033 *2016-033 Lot of three braces. PS and W No. 102 PEXTO No. 7010 MILLERS FALLS No. 1410. All have moderate rust and two jaw chucks. Good- SGN293 15 30 photo
2016-034 *2016-034 Bench plane. Looks Norwegian the letters INTF are carved into one cheek and a cloudberry etched near throat. Compassed sole and blade 7-one half inches long. Good KAS13 20 40 photo
2016-035 2016-035 Carved wooden jointer. 17 inch elaborate carving on toe owner name carving on heel. J. Jowatt mark on blade. Good BJL605 30 60 photo
2016-036 2016-036 Two horned planes. Unmarked 9 inch sole with TILLOTSON cutter and 8-one fourth inch soled- one with TROCKEN HOLZ mark and toothed BUSCH cutter. Good SGN503 30 60 photo
2016-037 2016-037 E.C. EMMERICH Primus No. 711 horned plane. Lignum vitae sole light use. Left handed. Good plus JPM4 75 150 photo
2016-038 *2016-038 KEEN KUTTER coffin plane. 2-one eigth inch blade marked KK body has light wear. Good GAN275G 25 50 photo
2016-039 *2016-039 STANLEY No. 36 wood bottom smother. Type 12 surface rust on cutter japanning good. Good- JPM3 15 30 photo
2016-040 2016-040 Lot of two STANLEY Liberty Bell planes. Type 1 and Type 3. Japanning 70 percent. Light wear. Good SGN591 40 80 photo
2016-041 2016-041 Lot of two STANLEY wood bottom planes. A Liberty Bell No. 135 Type 1 and a No. 35 Type 3 with owner stamp. Light rust and wear. Good SGN592 35 70 photo
2016-042 *2016-042 Lot of three wood bottom planes. A STANLEY Liberty Bell No. 127 Type 3 and a same size one by Union. And STANLEY No. 127 Type 9. All have light wear. Good SGN593 25 50 photo
2016-043 2016-043 Lot of three STANLEY transitional planes. Type 6 prelateral No. 33 later type Nos. 30 and 31. Mild wear. Good SGN594 30 60 photo
2016-044 2016-044 Handforged hatchet. Primitive loop eye with handle. Some rust on head. Good DCR246 30 60 photo
2016-045 2016-045 Norwegian axe head. Primitive no handle tag with provenance. Some rust. Good DCR343 30 60 photo
2016-046 2016-046 Double end hatchet and small adze. Both unmarked adze looks handforged and primitive.Clean. Good DCR326 30 60 photo
2016-047 2016-047 Lot of three adze heads. Two handforged one looks manufactured but unmarked. Some rust and pitting on a couple. Good- DCR354 30 60 photo
2016-048 2016-048 Lot of two pronghoes. Smaller and larger both look handforged. Used for tilling. Good DCR71 30 60 photo
2016-049 *2016-049 Hand or nail rake. Handforged 17 inches long light rust. Good DCR357 20 40 photo
2016-050 *2016-050 String winder. Handforged with nice wooden handle light rust. Good DCR351 20 40 photo
2016-051 2016-051 Scorp and sickle. Primitive sickle and a hanforged scorp with long handle. Good DCR70 30 60 photo
2016-052 2016-052 Primitive carving tools. Mainly gouges no handles look handforged and light rust. Good DCR 30 60 photo
2016-053 2016-053 Handforged hay knife. No handle large flat blade 4 inches wide. Light rust. Good DCR352 30 60 photo
2016-054 2016-054 Lot of two hay knives. The AMERICAN patented 1899 with serrated blade 70 percent of green paint handles good. Plus unmarked one with large serrated edge loose handle. Good DCR209 223 30 60 photo
2016-055 2016-055 Hay knife. Marked Patented July 20 1875 by Russell Kellogg of Battle Creek MI who was known as the -Strawberry King-. Two handles attach in a triangular manner to a serrated blade. Good DCR210 30 60 photo
2016-056 2016-056 Red Man tobacco framed advertisement. 18-one half inch x 9 inch frame with scalloped edge color advertising in good condition. Good plus GFR315 40 80 photo
2016-057 2016-057 1981 Buckeye Harvesting Machinery calendar. Full color 6-one fourth inch x 7 inches some age and light wear. Good GFR338 40 80 photo
2016-058 2016-058 Lot of 8 tobacco pouches. All empty and unused paper and cloth various makers. Good plus GFR313 30 60 photo
2016-059 *2016-059 Lot of advertising items. Miniature screw jack inkwell in shape of suitcase and Ford Model T grease cap cover. Good- GFR329 10 20 photo
2016-060 2016-060 Lot of two Victorian cased portraits. Popular from 1840-1870 small oval and square thermoplastic and velvet case with portraits inside each. Good- and better GFR324 40 80 photo
2016-061 2016-061 Lot of three tobacco containers. Two Union Leader and one Picnic Twist. Good GFR351 40 80 photo
2016-062 2016-062 Lot of oil and milk cans. Two by MARTIN WARE two unmarked. One 19 inches tall others roughly 9 inches tall. All have lids and light wear and rust spots. Good BSR 40 80 photo
2016-063 2016-063 Lot of two oil cans. One marked Gasoline other for SUPERLA Cream Separator Oil with most of its label on four sides. Both have rust spots. Good BSR 30 60 photo
2016-064 2016-064 Lot of three STANDARD OIL large oil cans. Two 24 inch tall one 18 inch tall. All galvanized with light age. This item is for local pickup only.  Good BSR 100 200 photo
2016-065 2016-065 Lot of two stoneware jugs. 27 inch blade 4 tpi in 30 inch x 34 inch wood frame. Blade has rust but overall ni. Good BSR 50 100 photo
2016-066 2016-066 Frame saw. 27 inch blade 4 tpi in 30 inch x 34 inch wood frame. Blade has rust but overall nice. Good RDL1 40 80 photo
2016-067 2016-067 Lot of five ATKINS saws. Four with carved design handles a few with partial etch a nice No. 65 with wear on handle a few spots of rust. Good SGN595 50 100 photo
2016-068 2016-068 SPEAR and JACKSON rip saw. 30 inch blade 4 tpi top horn broken off partial stamp blade darkened. Good SGN341 50 100 photo
2016-069 2016-069 Lot of four saws. Three ATKINS including a 26 inch No. 401 light etch and a 24 inch crosscut logging saw all have good horns. And a 26 inch DISSTON D-8 with thumbhole handle worn and top horn missing. Good SGN553 40 80 photo
2016-070 2016-070 Lot of five DISSTON rip saws. Includes a D-12 20 inch D-8 skewback a Keystone Saw Works rest no visible etch. Good horns blades mostly clean. Good plus SGN329 331 335 339 50 100 photo
2016-071 2016-071 Lot of four saws. A SANDVIK with dragon etch on handle and hang hole a KEEN KUTTER with chip in top horn a BELKNAP Crusader No. 13 with broken top horn a PENNSYLVANIA SAW WORKS with light Quaker man etch. Good SGN596 40 80 photo
2016-072 *2016-072 Lot of H and C DISSTON meat hacksaw. Marked C. DISSTON and H. DISSTON and SONS. Handle decent blade has a few rust spots but good. Good SGN597 20 40 photo
2016-073 *2016-073 CRAFTSMAN adjustable jewelers saw. 6-one half inch blade 12-one half inch tall body. Light rust but generally clean. Good DJS714 15 30 photo
2016-074 *2016-074 Small drawknife. Unmarked 4-one half inch blade nice handles. Good SGN406 15 30 photo
2016-075 2016-075 Lot of three drawknives. A SARGENT a GW BRADLEY and one unmarked. 8 inch edges some spots of rust handles worn. Good SSA216218 219 30 60 photo
2016-076 2016-076 Lot of six drawknives. 6 inch to 9 inch blades most unmarked. One marked FULTON. Varying degrees of wear on handles. Good SGN598 40 80 photo
2016-077 2016-077 STRATTON No. 1 level. 24 inch top of the line full sized brass-bound level mahogany has scratching and dinging looks polished brass is very good. Good NHN158 50 100 photo
2016-078 2016-078 Lot of six wooden levels. Two DISSTON two GOODELL-PRATT one AKRON one unmarked thats missing two screws. 30 inches to 24 inches in length some wear. Good- and better SGN599 50 100 photo
2016-079 2016-079 Lot of nine STANLEY levels. A few No. 0 a No. 3 a No. 50 and No. 104. Many worn some vials look replaced. Good- and better SGN600 40 80 photo
2016-080 2016-080 Lot of five levels. A STANLEY 24 inch Defiance with most its red enamel 16 inches GOODELL-PRATT 12 inch KEEN KUTTER and DISSTON and MORSS and a 8 inch Dandy Level. All have some wear Dandy the worst. Good- and better SGN601 35 70 photo
2016-081 2016-081 Lot of four small levels. Two 10 inch STANLEY No. 102 and one marked BEDORTHA BROS. Two 12 inch DISSTON and SONS and Dandy Level. All with light wear. Good SGN602 30 60 photo
2016-082 *2016-082 Lot of four pocket levels. A STARRETT aluminum a German one marked LANX with wood and brass and two unmarked with wood body and brass top plates. Good SGN603 20 40 photo
2016-083 2016-083 Lot of four pocket levels in original tins. STANLEY No. 87 sweetheart and two No. 187 and a FRANK B. HALL octagon line and surface level. Tins have some wear. Good plus SGN604 40 80 photo
2016-084 *2016-084 STARRETT cast iron level. 12-one half inches long has some paint and rust spots japanning 60 percent vials wet. Good- MRA38 25 50 photo
2016-085 2016-085 STANLEY No. 36G level. 12 inch version with eclipse vial covers straight sides. Some rust spots vials wet japanning 80 percent Good MRA37 30 60 photo
2016-086 2016-086 STANLEY No. 36 level. 6 inch version in handmade protective box. Japanning nearly complete a few paint specks. Vials intact. Good plus JPR79 30 60 photo
2016-087 2016-087 Lot of 11 yard sticks. Most LUFKIN a few advertising one metal. Various lengths most clean. Good SGN605 30 60 photo
2016-088 *2016-088 8 foot sliding extension rule. Unmarked some wear and staining brass thumbscrew and joint. Good SGN606 25 50 photo
2016-089 *2016-089 Lot of tailor rules. 5 curved including LUFKIN No 8152 and 8151. And two squares one marked Standard Square inch Tailor System other by W.A. WORKS St. Louis. Good SGN607 25 50 photo
2016-090 *2016-090 Lot of tailor squares. A LUFKIN No. 8248 metric one by CUMNER JONES and CO two unmarked. Light wear on a few. 24 inches x 12 inches. Good SGN608 25 50 photo
2016-091 2016-091 Brass trammel points on rule. 7-one half inch points one fixed one embedded into 24 inch rule. Unmarked unique. Good plus SG609 30 60 photo
2016-092 2016-092 Lot of four metal squares. Two STANLEY a No. 1 and a No. 12. And two saw smith squares one unmarked and uncommon one by UNION SAW CO. Good SGN610 40 80 photo
2016-093 *2016-093 Lot of three try squares. A STANLEY No. 20TS and an unmarked 6 inch and 8 inch with rosewood handles. Good SGN492 25 50 photo
2016-094 2016-094 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Type 2 japanning 80 percent some rust. Good DJS719 60 120 photo
2016-095 2016-095 STANLEY No. 171 door router plane. One cutter proper fence and rods. Metal clean one tote has repaired crack at base. Good ASG204 100 200 photo
2016-096 *2016-096 Lot of two jack planes. A SHELTON No. 14 super clean except for a few scratches on top of blade. And a STANLEY 5C Type 11 japanning 70 percent with some rust. Good EHN610 20 40 photo
2016-097 2016-097 Lot of two No. 40 scrub planes. An OHIO japanning 90 percent and a STANLEY sweetheart mark japanning 80 percent. Good HAN526 40 80 photo
2016-098 2016-098 STANLEY No. 78 rabbet and filletster plane. Sweetheart mark on cutter all parts there japanning 75 percent. Good plus SGN251 40 80 photo
2016-099 *2016-099 WinchesTER bench plane. No. 3 size tote has a few dings and has been reglued knob has crack. Metal clean. Good- ASG200 20 40 photo
2016-100 2016-100 STANLEY No. 4-one half C bench plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter S casting on lever cap knob has dings tote has tip missing. A few spots of pitting user initials in cheek overall clean. Good FNK133 60 120 photo
2016-101 2016-101 Lot of two jack planes. A SHELTON 05 clean japanning good wood slightly worn. And a STANLEY No. 5-one fourth sweetheart mark japanning touched up pitting tote has repaired break. Good- and better FNK127 130 30 60 photo
2016-102 2016-102 Lot of two KEEN KUTTER jack planes. A K5 hang hole chips on lever cap japanning decent some wear and pitting. And a KK5 corrugated Stanley cutter some areas of rust paint on sole japanning ok. Good FNK282 283 40 80 photo
2016-103 2016-103 Lot of four STANLEY rabbeting planes. No. 39 1 inches No. 78 No. 191 and No. 192. All but No. 78 have depth stop missing. No. 39 missing cutter. Japanning 50 percent-75 percent. Good- and better FNK152 153 188 40 80 photo
2016-104 2016-104 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. Type 7 japanning 80 percent user name on one cheek. Good GAN359 40 80 photo
2016-105 2016-105 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. Japanning touched up knob and wood ok. Remnants of original sticker on tote. Good JPM5 45 90 photo
2016-106 2016-106 STANELY No. 5 jack plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter and lever cap a few dings on knob. Japanning nearly complete. Good plus SGN252 30 60 photo
2016-107 *2016-107 STANLEY No. 6 fore plane. Late model tote and knob look replaced and bed likely repainted hang hole near toe. Good EHN7 20 40 photo
2016-108 2016-108 Lot of three No. 3 size smoothing planes. VAUGHN and BUSHNELL No. 903 CRAFTSMAN No. 3 and MILLERS FALLS No. 8. All in decent user condition. Good SSA414953 30 60 photo
2016-109 2016-109 STANLEY No. 2 smoothing plane. Third sweetheart on cutter. Lever cap has orange rectangle and orange paint on frog loss of nickel on lever cap bed repainted wood near fine. Good DCR83 100 200 photo
2016-110 2016-110 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 2. Missing the long depth stop on the fence and no auxiliary parts one cutter. Good- DUS47 30 60 photo
2016-111 *2016-111 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane. Made in England japanning and throat good. Good plus SSA20 20 40 photo
2016-112 2016-112 Lot of two STANLEY No. 100-one half block planes. Notched rectangle marks on both blades one has light surface rust japanning 90 percent. Good plus SGN437 455 50 100 photo
2016-113 2016-113 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. A No. 100 and No. 100-one half. Both with red lever caps. Japanning 80 percent. Good SGN454 30 60 photo
2016-114 2016-114 Large double jointed calipers. Marked H. A. Holland and 1891. 14 inch legs light rust. Good DCR76 30 60 photo
2016-115 2016-115 Lot of 11 calipers. Friction and spring. STARRETT RITTER LEBUDA makers. Some rusty. Various sizes. Various SGN611 40 80 photo
2016-116 2016-116 Lot of 12 calipers. Mostly spring one handwrought. BROWN and SHARPE STARRETT makers. One dancing leg kind. Good SGN612 50 100 photo
2016-117 2016-117 Lot of two small drafting kits. Both German one case marked ALVIN. A few spots of rust. Good SGN613 30 60 photo
2016-118 2016-118 Lot of three drafting kits. One by LIETZ two pieces missing and case tattered. One by IRWIN very clean with only fading to velvet. And German one marked Technical Supply Company clean. Good and better SGN614 50 100 photo
2016-119 2016-119 Stanley No. 1 Odd-Jobs. No rule 70 percent nickel plating some rust spots. Good SGN382 40 80 photo
2016-120 2016-120 STANLEY No. 73 and No. 77 broad carpenter rules. Two of Stanleys less common rules outsides soiled but fully readable some pins missing. Good PLH16X 50 100 photo
2016-121 2016-121 Lot of eight boxwood rules. STANLEY Nos. 36-one half caliper 61 63 66-one half 68 84 four-fold. LUFKIN Nos. 3851 372R caliper. All have some wear and some staining. Good- SGN615 30 60 photo
2016-122 2016-122 Lot of 12 rules. Makers STANLEY LUFKIN AMERICAN RULE CO WAIDAH. Includes Lufkin No. 42 shipmakers bevel and Stanley No. 27 slide rule in fair condition. Rest ok with some stains. Fair and better SGN616 30 60 photo
2016-123 *2016-123 Lot of four triangular rules. DIETZGEN and BK ELLIOTT CO. clean in cardboard sleeves plus two by KEUFFEL and ESSER and POSTS with light wear. Good plus SGN617 20 40 photo
2016-124 2016-124 Small tool chest. 36 inch x 20 inch x 11 inch. The outside of chest and inside of lid painted green - inside of chest is stained brown with a few divided compartments. Bronze handles on each side leather strap inside to hold lid at 45 degree angle. Some age wear and dinging. Top of lid has wood nameplate that says what looks like T. LeBankser Blue Mound in pencil. No key. Good DJS 50 100 photo
2016-125 2016-125 Tool chest. 38 inch x 22 inch x 20 inch on wheels. 2 sliding compartments, outside and inside stained maroon. Some wear, scratching and cracking characteristic of age. One handle missing nice brass decorative latch lift. No key. 

This item is for local pickup only. 

Good DJS328 75 150 photo
2016-126 2016-126 ALTHOUSE WHEELER & CO well pump. The No. 30 well pump, 48 inches high including broken pump handle. Mounted on a board. Has modern spigot attached. Has wheels for Corn Belt Mfg Co. also mounted on board next to it and likely was a form of mechanical pumping using an old repurposed corn feed mill parts. This item is for local pickup only.  Good PLH708 75 150 photo
2016-127 2016-127 J MCDERMAID butter churn. 14 inch tall oak barrel partial paint stamp on each side some rust. Good DJS599A 75 150 photo
2016-128 2016-128 WHITE MOUNTAIN patented ice cream maker. 12 inch green painted barrell model 4XG. Some rust spots and lowest metal ring on outside of barrell missing a few chips in wood. Good- DJS599B 50 100 photo
2016-129 2016-129 Corn sheller. Unmarked other than parts each marked H100-H105. Painted red 18-one half inch wheel mounted on board. Crack in base of sheller. Good- DJS 40 80 photo
2016-130 2016-130 BLACK HAWK sheller. Model 1903B red and black paint mostly there 8 inch wheel with long cast iron and wood handle. Good DJS 60 120 photo
2016-131 2016-131 Planter. 3 feet long wood and iron construction. Top handle engages mechanism. Unmarked. Good SGN 35 70 photo
2016-132 2016-132 Apple butter stirrer. Wooden 43î handle with 19î paddle. Steel tip attached. Good REW1965 40 80 photo
2016-133 2016-133 Large apple butter stirrer. 8 ft 8î long handle 20-one halfî x 4î paddle. Long handles necessary to protect cooks when making apple butter in huge cauldron over open fire. Good REW1970 60 120 photo
2016-134 2016-134 Wood grain shovel. Hand carved handle and blade all from single piece of wood. Inactive worm. 45î long 14î wide blade. Good REW1963 50 100 photo
2016-135 2016-135 Four tined wooden hay fork. Looks naturally formed 5 feet long attractive. Good REW1956 45 90 photo
2016-136 2016-136 Wooden hay fork. 58 inches long hand made by steaming and spreading the three tines between wooden pins. Good REW1957 40 80 photo
2016-137 2016-137 Three tined wooden hay fork. Looks naturally formed 55 inches long. Some light wear. Good SGN619 40 80 photo
2016-138 2016-138 Manure scoop. 3 ft wooden handle with 14 inch x 9 inch curved wire scoop. Surface rust. Good SGN620 30 60 photo
2016-139 2016-139 Lot of four STANLEY spokeshaves. Two No. 60 double bladed one has semicircle marked cutters. And No. 64 with vee logo No. 151 adjustable. Japanning 50-80 percent. Some rust. Good SGN621 30 60 photo
2016-140 *2016-140 Lot of two STANLEY spokeshaves. Nos. 51 and 52 japanning good on the 52 half there on the other. Good JPM2 15 30 photo
2016-141 *2016-141 STANLEY No. 55 hollow face spoke shave. Sweetheart blade some rust japanning 90 percent. Good SGN449 25 50 photo
2016-142 2016-142 Lot of four STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scrapers. Two more modern. And one with sweetheart logo one with vee logo both have patent dates. Surface rust on a couple japanning ok on most. Good SGN249 30 60 photo
2016-143 *2016-143 Lot of four wooden spokeshaves. Unmarked all have brass guards one curved. Nice. Good plus SGN622 25 50 photo
2016-144 *2016-144 Lot of four scrapers. A No. 82 Type 1 with no blade a No. 70 box scraper sweetheart mark a No. 282 sweetheart mark and one unmarked. Good SGN486 25 50 photo
2016-145 2016-145 Lot of three scrapers. A STANLEY No. 80 and No. 82 Type 1 cabinet scrapers. And a STARRETT universal scraper mostly clean. Good GRN24 27 40 80 photo
2016-146 2016-146 Lot of four STANLEY gauges. No. 164-one half and No. 74 marking gauges No. 77 and No. 76 mortise gauges. A couple have user initials. Good SGN377 30 60 photo
2016-147 2016-147 SLITTING GAUGE. Stanley No. 70-one half. One of Stanleys rarer gauges beech marked used but undamaged. Good plus PLH13X 60 120 photo
2016-148 2016-148 Lot of six marking gauges. STANLEY No. 65 No. 165 No. 61 Defiance No. 1281 No. 77 double gauge. And one by FULTON. Overall clean. Good SGN376 30 60 photo
2016-149 2016-149 Lot of seven STANLEY gauges. Two No. 65 one triangular and one square head. A No. 64 No. 64-one half a No. 71 double gauge and two brass trimmed mortise gauges. One has a hang hole. Good SGN378 40 80 photo
2016-150 2016-150 Wooden mallet. 6-one half inch rectangular head 8-one half inch handle. Light use. Good plus NHN245 30 60 photo
2016-151 *2016-151 Round mallet. 5-one half inch circumference head 9 inch handle. Nice burl some chips. Good DJS453 20 40 photo
2016-152 2016-152 Lot of two mallets. A round wooden with 6 inch head and a caulking mallet 13 inch x 1-one half inch head painted black 10 inch handle. Good SGN623 40 80 photo
2016-153 2016-153 Leather maul. 5 inches x 2-one half inch round head wrapped in leather shows moderate use. 6 inch wrapped handle with bronze end. Good SGN624 60 120 photo
2016-154 2016-154 Brewery bung hammers. Used to hammer the bung and seal the barrel. Wooden 5 inch and 6 inch heads with long handles. Some age and wear. Good SGN625 40 80 photo
2016-155 *2016-155 Lot of two blacksmith riveting hammers. 1 inch and 1-one half inch square heads smaller one has angled flat edge. Good NW226 1620 25 50 photo
2016-156 2016-156 Metalworking marking hammer. Circular 1-one fourth inch head has design including the number 6 other side is a point. Nickel plating on head 70 percent handle ok. Good NW742 30 60 photo
2016-157 2016-157 Lot of three blacksmithing hammers. Different styled heads all with square faces. Good NW412 486 508 40 80 photo
2016-158 *2016-158 Lot of three hammers. A double sided chisel riveting hammer a STANLEY bricklayer hammer and a meat hatchet hammer. Some wear on all. Good- NW5459761461 25 50 photo
2016-159 2016-159 Lot of three hammers. An adze hammer with leather wrapped handle a hatchet hammer and a blacksmithing riveting hammer. All three have rust and general use. Good- NW1385421804 30 60 photo
2016-160 2016-160 Lot of two primitive froes. One has end broken off other has some wear especially on handle and large hang hole in wood. Good- and better ESY46 40 80 photo
2016-161 2016-161 Lot of two small adzes. A hand adze with 3-one fourth inch curved blade and 5-one half inch handle. And larger one square head with stamped letter T on underside and 49 USA on handle tin used as eye tightener Good NW10471281 30 60 photo
2016-162 2016-162 Roughing broad axe. 7 inch face 21 inch wood handle. Unmarked. Good NW543 30 60 photo
2016-163 *2016-163 ILTIS single bit axe. 5-one fourth inch blade 31 inch long handle worn some surface rust. Good NW1432 20 40 photo
2016-164 *2016-164 Hollowing adze. 9 inch long blade and 8 inch poll 19 inch handle with some paint on it. Surface rust. Good ALV665 25 50 photo
2016-165 2016-165 ISAIAH BLOOD broad axe. NY maker. 12 inch edge 35 inch wood handle with some chips and inactive worm blade has some light pitting and surface rust. Good NW1434 50 100 photo
2016-166 *2016-166 Lot of five wrenches. Two pipe by HELLER BROS and USHCO and three bicycle by GENDRON and BILLINGS and SPENCER. Most clean. Good ASG201 20 40 photo
2016-167 *2016-167 Lot of two tools. GUNDLACH tile nippers IOB new old stock. And a COES 6-one half inch wrench slightly dinged. Good DWH6878 15 30 photo
2016-168 *2016-168 Lot of two alligator wrenches. A Suregrip 50 marked with patent date 7-26-98 7 inch . And a smaller WILLIAMS and CO. 5-one half inch . Light rust. Good SGN271 20 40 photo
2016-169 2016-169 WIZARD ratcheting adjustable wrench. 1907 patent made by RICHARDS Mfg. Co. of Aurora IL. Double screw crescent ratcheting head. Some surface discoloration and light corrosion but works smoothly. Good SGN519 40 80 photo
2016-170 *2016-170 Two large COES monkey wrenches. Both marked -Mfg Under Coes Patent-. 18 inch and 12 inch long solid steel. Surface rust and some paint. Good SGN275 20 40 photo
2016-171 *2016-171 Lot of three wrenches. Two monkey - unmarked 12 inch Coes style with wood handle and 15 inch solid steel by BEMIS and CALL and a 15 inch pipe wrench by DIAMOND. Some rust on all heavy on Diamond. Good- and better SGN 25 50 photo
2016-172 *2016-172 Lot of two monkey wrenches. 8-one half inch COES and 8 inch unmarked both with wood handles. Surface rust some wear to wood. Good SGN272 20 40 photo
2016-173 2016-173 Lot of six wrenches. 2 auto one OVERLAND two FULTON double ended S shaped a HELLER Masterench a BILLINGS and SPENCER 8 inch adjustable monkey. Plus an OVERLAND tire iron. Good SGN274 30 60 photo
2016-174 *2016-174 Lot of seven wrenches. A BERYLCO non-sparking crescent a PLANET JR No. 3 a 6 inch HENRY and ALLEN Stillson a 5 inch BARNES adjustable monkey two 4 inch FORD and a small machinists crescent Good SGN626 25 50 photo
2016-175 2016-175 Lot of three brass plumb bobs. A 32 oz GENERAL HARDWARE in worn container light use. A 12 oz CRAFTSMAN and a 8 oz unmarked one. Good SGN627 30 60 photo
2016-176 2016-176 Lot of four plumb bobs. 4-one half inch brass conical a 4 inch six-sided brass marked JAS. A. GAFFNEY CO. 4 inch brass conical and 2 inch e turnip steel with some rust. Rest clean. Good NW856 866 871 1171 40 80 photo
2016-177 *2016-177 Lot of two plumb bobs. A GENERAL HARDWARE 32 oz brass in leather holder and a No. 20 alumnium internal reel patented to Joseph Prutch. Good SGN9 25 50 photo
2016-178 2016-178 Lot of nine plumb bobs. A 32 oz steel conical three smaller brass and steel conical two cast iron turnip a STARRETT knurled torpedo a MILLERS FALLS No. 3 and one with knurling around the center. Mostly clean. Good SGN288628 40 80 photo
2016-179 2016-179 Lot of six steel plumb bobs. Four hexagonal shaped two torpedo. Light use a few clean. 5 inch to 3-one half inch long. Good and better SGN629 35 70 photo
2016-180 2016-180 WILEY and RUSSELL traveler. 7-three quarter inch wheel light rust but overall everything readable brass pointer open handle. Good SGN402 30 60 photo
2016-181 *2016-181 Handforged traveler. 6 inch wheel no pointer 13 inch handle with loop at end. Some spots of rust. Good SGN404 25 50 photo
2016-182 *2016-182 Lot of two steel tapes. A KEUFFEL and ESSER Wyteface some wear to tape. And a LUFKIN Leader in original box looks unused. Good and better SGN233 25 50 photo
2016-183 *2016-183 Lot of four tape measures. Makers include DIETZGEN LUFKIN DEAN EVANS. Cloth and metal tapes have wear. Good- DST529-532 20 40 photo
2016-184 2016-184 Lot of 8 cast iron bevels. Most are STANLEY No. 18 one is a UNIVERSAL BEVEL and one is a TWIX bevel square. A few have traces of nickel plating otherwise good. Good SGN628 30 60 photo
2016-185 2016-185 Lot of 7 bevels. Most unmarked a couple marked STANLEY one DISSTON and SONS. Two Stanleys have no locking screw. Wear on a couple. Good- and better SGN629 30 60 photo
2016-186 *2016-186 Lot of four squares. A 12 inch and 6 inch with wood and brass handles. And two 12 inch steel squares one by EAGLE SQUARE CO and one marked AETNA410. Surface rust on all blades. Good- and better SGN630 25 50 photo
2016-187 2016-187 Lot of 5 masonry levels. One by J.SAND and SONS No. 1 two STANLEY two of LEONHARTS levels in handmade stock and one that looks like O.K. LEVEL WORKS. 6 feet to 38 inches in length. Some wear. Good SGN631 40 80 photo
2016-188 2016-188 Lot of 5 masonry levels. Four by STANLEY and unmarked red painted one. A few have wear. Good SGN632 40 80 photo
2016-189 2016-189 Cultivator. Seven 2 inch wide blades that curve down from 48 inch long metal frame. One wood handle broken rust and wood worn. This item is for local pickup only.  Good- SCK37 80 160 photo
2016-190 2016-190 Two hand plows. 24 inch x 12 inch angled blade on 55 inch long worn wood frame and handles. Front wheel wont turn. Rusty marked OLIVER. And one with 5 inch pointed blade 33 inch long metal frame warn wooden handles wheel works. Rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good- SCK40 41 75 150 photo
2016-191 2016-191 Hand plow. Two 7 inch wide pointed blades on a 46 inch long wooden frame and two wheels. Wooden handles. Weathered and rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good- SCK38 50 100 photo
2016-192 2016-192 Primitive cobblers bench. Looks like pine three legs with cast iron collar at one end to attach shoe. Some age wear and rust. This item is for local pickup only.  Good GFR365 50 100 photo
2016-193 2016-193 Root chopper. Unsigned three heavy cast iron blades with long handle 34 inches long overall. Clean. This item is for local pickup only.  Good plus ASG202 30 60 photo
2016-194 2016-194 Lot of two grain sickles. 20 inch and 28 inch blades with long curved handles and two grips. Blades have rust. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SGN192 193 40 80 photo
2016-195 2016-195 Frame saw. 34 inch x 36 inch frame with 31 inch long blade. Blade tightened by large figural handforged wingnut Good NW1425 50 100 photo
2016-196 2016-196 Cobbler stand and tools. Approx 42 inch tall wood stand with 15 inch heavy circular metal base plus several wooden and metal lasts and 5 smaller stands. Various makers some rusty but most good. And throwing in a wooden shoemakers horned shave with curved blade. This item is for local pickup only.  Good- and better DJS454 100 200 photo
2016-197 2016-197 Set of cobbled wooden shoes. About 15 inches long some wear and age. Maybe a Mens size 8. Good ASG101 40 80 photo
2016-198 2016-198 NEW ROGERS foot treadle jig saw. 33 inches tall cast iron with red and black paint mostly intact needs new blade and replaced belt some surface rust. If you like to tinker it wont take much to get this one working smoothly again. Good SGN62 75 150 photo
2016-199 2016-199 Pedal operated vise. 25 inch tall wooden stand cast iron pedal mechanism and vise with 5 inch wide jaws. Unmarked. Good SGN563 50 100 photo
2016-200 2016-200 book clamp. Two 30 inch x 2-one half inch jaws with 12 inch screws and large 8 inch wide figural wingnuts. Unmarked but nicely made. Good plus SGN 40 80 photo
2016-201 2016-201 Patented letter copy press. Patented by Leonard Bailey designed to copy letters by pressing them against another sheet of paper. Does not have the wringer at the top that some had.19 inch x 12 inch and 11 inch very heavy. This item is for local pickup only.  Good plus ASG 100 200 photo
2016-202 2016-202 3 apple peelers. One by WHITTEMORE one by HUDSON PARER CO. and one unmarked. All three clamp to an edge all have rust but could be cleaned. Good PLH700 75 150 photo
2016-203 2016-203 HOOD calf starter bucket. 11 inches tall 13 inches wide. Red white and black design with calf on front. Some wear to paint and rust. No lid. A few dings and age on both. Good PLH 40 80 photo
2016-204 2016-204 Lot of two copper kettles. A tea kettle 12 inches tall including wood handle with 8 inch wide base and 6 inch curved spout. And a 8 inch tall coffee pot with wood handle. Good PLH 30 60 photo
2016-205 2016-205 Lot of three copper kettles. A large tea kettle 12 inches tall including wood handle 8 inch wide grooved base 5 inch straight spout. And two coffee pots one 12 inches tall and one 8 inches tall marked ROME METAL WARE 3. Good PLH 50 100 photo
2016-206 2016-206 O.P SHRIVER No. 1 Juicy Fruit press. 3 gallon on 16 inch wooden leg stand partial label on outer container. Some rust. Plus an extra base with spout. Good SCK31 75 100 photo
2016-207 2016-207 Small HOBBIES treadle lathe. 


Marked Made in England. 28” tall, aluminum,  with replacement rubber belt. About 50% green paint remains. Comes with jigsaw attachment, also with green paint. Good pedal. 

Good PLH 125 250 photo
2016-208 2016-208 Auger beam drill. Unmarked with some light surface rust good solid wood base and handles. Good SGN 75 150 photo
2016-209 2016-209 A. W. MILLER patent mortising machine. Per the 1905 patent it can be attached directly to the article to be operated upon and may be arranged to cut mortises of different depths lengths and widths. Some rust spots one of the clamp wheels has a chip otherwise nice. Good MKJ242 75 150 photo
2016-210 2016-210 J.A. BRANDON and CO. large mitre machine. Patented 9-12-1893 by the Akron OH maker 29 inch x 19 inch both stationary and moveable jaws. Traces of red paint. This item is for local pickup only.  Good MKJ239 100 150 photo
2016-211 2016-211 Brick hod carrier. Designed to carry bricks over the shoulders. 3 sided box consiting of two 16 inch x 12 inch wood sides with conical shaped base 21 inch cast iron and wooden handle. Traces of green paint wood worn. Good SGN 50 100 photo
2016-212 *2016-212 STANLEY No. 150 mitre box. Frame and one clamp only traces of japaning and red paint needs a cleaning. Good- NW1991 20 40 photo
2016-213 *2016-213 H. E. FULLER patented brick carrier. Patented 7-26-1921 red paint worn on wood handle wingnut needs lubrication but otherwise works smoothly. Good DJS717 20 40 photo
2016-214 *2016-214 H. E. FULLER patented brick carrier. Marked with US and Canada patents traces of red paint some wear. Good SGN633 20 40 photo
2016-215 2016-215 Lot of four pulleys. A pair of BOSTON and LOCKPORT BLOCK CO double wheel kind wood bodies with metal wheels. Some age and wear rust. And a pair of barn pulleys marked H221 and H222 on each wood wheels and cast iron frames. Rusty. Good SCK30 40 80 photo
2016-216 2016-216 FAIRBANKS platform farm scale. 500 pound capacity doesnt appear to be marked Fairbanks but looks just like it. 24 inch x 16 inch wood and metal base with wheels 36 inch tall arm extends 21 inches with brass slider scale and five weights. Some rust and age wear. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK13 150 300 photo
2016-217 2016-217 Lot of four hand drills. A FULTON with what looks like a replaced decorative carved handle and long copper collar a MILLERS FALLS No. 77 with hang hole a MILLERS FALLS No. 85 and small jewelers drill. Good CDE2023 2026 2036 2124 50 100 photo
2016-218 2016-218 Lot of three hand drills. A YANKEE No. 1530A a GOODELL-PRATT No. 4-one half and a MILLERS FALLS No. 2A no bits. All clean with light wear. Good plus VTD2 30 60 photo
2016-219 *2016-219 Lot of three MILLERS FALLS hand drills. A No. 77 a No. 2AG with 7 bits and a No. 2500A all with 3 jaw chucks. Some wear of paint. Good CDE2025 2030 2033 25 50 photo
2016-220 2016-220 Lot of 5 hand drills. Two MILLERS FALLS one GOODELL-PRATT one CONSOLIDATED TOOL WORKS one small one thats unmarked. Some wear and could use a cleaning. Good- SGN634 30 60 photo
2016-221 2016-221 Lot of eight push drills. About half have bits in handle a couple are brass one aluminum various makers. Good SGN278 30 60 photo
2016-222 2016-222 RUSBY patent extendible drill. Extendable neck to fit into tight locations. Breast pad missing as typical one handle looks like replacement but otherwise in good condition. Good- CDE291 40 80 photo
2016-223 2016-223 GOODELL-PRATT No. 245 two speed breast drill. Gear paint looks original with traces of gold lettering but rest appears repainted black. Clean three jaw chuck handles light wear. Good NHN50 30 60 photo
2016-224 2016-224 Lot of two breast drills. A GOODELL-PRATT No. 0477 with partial original label on gear drive and a MOHAWK-SHELBURN both with some surface rust and three jaw chucks. Good- SGN635 30 60 photo
2016-225 2016-225 Lot of two MILLERS FALLS adjustable angle brace attachments. A clean James Anthoines 1875 patent and a No. 108 with some surface rust. Good CDE2678 2743 35 70 photo
2016-226 2016-226 Lot of two corner braces. A FRAY No. 70 and one by MILLERS FALLS that is unlike one Ive seen before that has a LION chuck long handle has soldered repair has most of nickel plating on rest. Either someone made this one themselves with various parts or this is rare. Both have some rust. Good- and better SGN636 40 80 photo
2016-227 2016-227 Lot of four wooden braces. Primitive carved braces two fixed bit two pod style. One pod is a spring release one brace has no head. Good- and better CDE954 1614 1622 1623 35 70 photo
2016-228 2016-228 MOSELEY and SON Sheffield brace. Plated pushbutton chuck simple brass disc in ebony head with a few chips. Stamped with Moseleys London address on shoulder. User stamp. Good CDE1762 75 150 photo
2016-229 2016-229 MOULSON BROTHERS plated Sheffield brace. bone ring with brass shield button in ebony head pushbutton chuck some dinging and chip in head. User stamp. Good CDE1609 100 200 photo
2016-230 2016-230 HENRY BROWN Sheffield plated brace. Marked on brass medallion on ebony head. Body has dinging and brass discolored. Eagle pushbutton chuck. Good- CDE1764 50 100 photo
2016-231 2016-231 Plated Sheffield brace. Solid brass head unmarked pushbutton chuck. A couple dings and small cracks otherwise clean. Good- CDE1739 50 100 photo
2016-232 2016-232 Lot of two Scottish style hexagonal braces. One unmarked with rosewood head and other has partial illegible stamp with solid brass head. Push lever chucks. Rosewood head tight and hard to turn. Good CDE904 1976 50 100 photo
2016-233 2016-233 FOX BROS No. 101 brace. Non-ratcheting partial Sheffield stamp on chuck pad and chuck lightwear a few spots of staining. 10 inch sweep. Good CDE323 30 60 photo
2016-234 2016-234 Lot of three STANLEY braces. A No. 945 Victor ratchet 10 inch sweep nickel and wood good. A No. 966 Victor 8 inch sweep light wear and pitting. And a No. 965 10 inch ratchet clean and possibly revarnished. Good CDE331 332 337 40 80 photo
2016-235 2016-235 Lot of two KEEN KUTTER KP10 non-ratcheting braces. Both marked KP10 on body chucks ok light use and wear. 10 inch sweeps. Good CDE330 334 30 60 photo
2016-236 2016-236 KEEN KUTTER No. 120 brace. Probably manufactured by Peck Stowe and Wilcox. Marked with Keen Kutter -Blue Brand- on chuck. 12 inch sweep non-ratcheting. Light pitting. Good CDE333 30 60 photo
2016-237 2016-237 Lot of four braces. A STANLEY No. 410 a VAUGHAN and BUSHNELL NO. 444 and one marked ATKINS on chuck likely made by PEXTO all with about half nickel plating. Plus a NORVELL Sure Grip some wear. Good- CDE445 534 535 545 30 60 photo
2016-238 2016-238 RUMBOLD butt mortising plane. Japanning 80 percent one knob a little loose light wear and chip in throat. Good SGN408 50 100 photo
2016-239 2016-239 STANLEY No. 4-one half smoothing plane. Vee mark on cutter japanning 70 percent blade discolored wear and dings on wood. Good SGN574 50 100 photo
2016-240 2016-240 STANLEY No. 10-one half bench rabbet plane. Adjustable throat faint patent date mark on cutter some scratching on sole but throat ok S casting mark behind throat. Japanning 90 percent wood has a few small chips. Good SGN432 100 200 photo
2016-241 2016-241 STANLEY No. 2 bench plane. Type 7 missing one frog screw reglued crack in tote looks repainted. Knob has cracks at base chip in cheek at toe. Light surface rust on blade. Good- DOR40 90 180 photo
2016-242 2016-242 STANLEY No. 3 smoothing plane. Early Type 11 wood ok toolbox dinging and light rust. Good DOR59 30 60 photo
2016-243 2016-243 STANLEY No. 12-one fourth veneer scraper. Type 2 sweetheart mark on blade japanning 70 percent wood good light pitting on sole and a few rust spots. Good plus FNK188 125 250 photo
2016-244 2016-244 STANLEY No. 147 double ended match plane. Cuts tongue and groove in five eighths inch stock. Sweetheart mark on cutter. Traces of nickel plating suface rust throughout body but would clean up well. Good SGN637 40 80 photo
2016-245 2016-245 STANLEY No. 171 door trim and router plane. Designed to cut mortise pockets for door hinges and locks. Japanning 80 percent crack in one tote missing fence and rods one cutter. Good- SGN638 35 70 photo
2016-246 2016-246 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Type 2one plate where sole attacheds to cheek missing. Japanning 60 percent some rust. Light wear on sole. Good- SGN639 50 100 photo
2016-247 2016-247 Lot of five No. 5 sized planes. Two later type STANLEYs a KEEN KUTTER K5 a SHELTON and a STANLEY No. 5-one fourth. Japanning mostly complete on all some surface rust. K5 has cracked tote. Good SGN640 50 100 photo
2016-248 2016-248 Brass and steel soled plane smoothing plane. Someone went to the trouble of making this smoother with a D.R. BARTON cutter STANLEY frog decorative cheeks are made of brass and sole is steel with some pitting. Tote has smoothed over chips knob some dinging surface disoloration Good SGN407 40 80 photo
2016-249 *2016-249 BIRMINGHAM transitional B-plane. 10 inch razee body marked -B Plane- and patent date on toe and cutter.Japanning ok wood looks repolished. Good plus NHN236 20 40 photo
2016-250 2016-250 Lot of three STANLEY Gage wood bottom smoothing planes. 9-one fourth inches 18 inch soles all marked GageTool Co Vineland NJ on toe surface rust and some age wear checks in sole of largest. Knobs have some dings. Good SGN641 40 80 photo
2016-251 2016-251 Lot of 2 wooden tobaggan sleds. A CHAMPION chrome and wood with wood aged with no paint and one end of a board broken. And what looks like another CHAMPION made one but faded wood and no paint. Both have rust. Champion was a line of sleds made by the KALAMAZOO SLED COMPANY. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK16 40 80 photo
2016-252 2016-252 Lot of 2 wooden tobaggan sleds. Both CHAMPION though only one has mark remaining. Wear on wood and rust one with mark has split in one board. Champion was a line of sleds made by the KALAMAZOO SLED COMPANY. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK17 35 70 photo
2016-253 2016-253 Lot of 2 washboards. A DUBL HANDI 18 inch x 8-one half inch with light wear. And a larger 24 inch x 12 inch one with farmstead scene with house wagon and tree painted on the top section Good SGN 30 60 photo
2016-254 *2016-254 Pie tins. 9 total made by TABLE TALK PIES. All but two have holes. Surface rust and discoloration on all. Good PLH709 25 50 photo
2016-255 2016-255 PATENT PACKAGE CO. nesting spice containers. 9 inch x 3 inch round bentwood and tin container with matching four 2-one half inch x 2-three quarter inch bentwood and tin spice containers inside for Mustard Nutmeg Mace and Clove. All empty except clove. All marked with the NJ maker and 8-31-58 patent date on bottom. Good PLH708 60 120 photo
2016-256 2016-256 Coffee grinder. Dovetailed wooden and cast iron grinder with remants of label but no discernable maker. Knob has chip still works smoothly despite age. Good PLH707 30 60 photo
2016-257 2016-257 CENTURY RURAL MAILBOX. Detroit maker patented 3-5-1901 consists of tube made of galvanized steel with worn star shaped flag that rotates to open and close no longer has mounting plate. Some holes in body and wear. Remnants of owners name scratched into it. Somewhat rare. Good- SCK12 100 200 photo
2016-258 2016-258 No. 2 mail box. Cast iron with a few different colored layers of paint from the years of use. Has peep hole and double top slot with bottom slot able to be secured with lock. Good PLH705 75 150 photo
2016-259 2016-259 DIETZ Buckeye Dash railroad and carriage lantern. Has red lamp and wind shield with clip on spring 13 inch tall. Has several patent dates stamped in a vertical row from May 1887 to March 1893. Some rust lamp with magnifying lens has a few small chips Good PLH 35 70 photo
2016-260 2016-260 Lot of two lamps. A railroad signal lamp with curved red and green grooved glass panels 9 inch tall and 4 inch wide design looks similar to those of ADAMS and WESTLAKE. And a policemans dark lantern roughly 7 inch tall with large fisheye lens able to be shut off with internal sliding lens shield wire handles and a belt clip. Unmarked with dirt and grime on it. Good PLH 60 120 photo
2016-261 *2016-261 Miners headlamp and lighter. UNIVERSAL LAMP CO. carbide lantern and a small brass lighter. Plus a 1948 Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters license plate weve thrown in. Good SGN289 20 40 photo
2016-262 2016-262 Lot of three tools. 11 inch wide tin grain scoop with wood handle some wear. An AMERICAN PRUNER Williamsburg OH brand pruner 38 inch long with cast iron jaws and engaging handle. And a wooden rake with 16-one half inch head and 10 peg teeth age wear. Good SCK11 34 30 60 photo
2016-263 2016-263 Lot of two cast iron items. A COCKSHUTT SEEDER tool holder that screws into the wall 16 inch x 3 inch some surface rust. And an uncommon -Dont Dump- drain grate that states it drains to Boston Harbor. Slight rust 17 inch x 8 inch about 20 pounds. Most of these are still on the drains in Boston so heres your shot to have one at your house. Good PLH713 100 200 photo
2016-264 2016-264 Seed sower and planters. A planter by AMERICAN STANDARD Sheffield MI some of original red paint and stamping on it. Rusty and damage at top. And one by ACMELINE MFG CO Traverse City MI good red paint with age wear rusty both handles ok. Plus a hand crank seed sower by CYCLONE red painted wood frame and cast iron wheel with handle canvas bag has several holes and fraying but most of original painted label. Good- and better SCK15 30 60 photo
2016-265 *2016-265 4 bale hooks. 8-one half inch to 17 inch longest looks more modern otherw have metal and wood handles with varying degrees of wear Good SCK 20 40 photo
2016-266 2016-266 Horse hames. 27 inch long. Brass cast iron and leather. A few spots of rust and one end missing clip otherwise nice. Good DJS620 30 60 photo
2016-267 2016-267 Two-man tong carriers. Used to carry logs ice blocks hay and such. 48 inch wood handle 18 inch long curved cast iron tongs with gripping spikes at the ends. Worn with age and rust. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK25 30 60 photo
2016-268 2016-268 Two man tong carriers. Used to carry logs ice blocks hay and such. 53 inch wood handle 14 inch long curved cast iron tongs. Worn with age and rust. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK4 30 60 photo
2016-269 2016-269 Lot of two sickles. Both with 26 inch blades long wood handles. Worn rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK2 30 60 photo
2016-270 2016-270 Sickle. Long 48 inch blade rusty with wooden handle. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK3 30 60 photo
2016-271 2016-271 Lot of two hay cradle scythes. One with a 42 inch long blade on a 41 inch x 25 inch wood frame with tines - one missing. And one with a 46 inch blade 44 inch x 24 inch wood frame with four tines. Both with large curved handles. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK1 2 50 100 photo
2016-272 2016-272 Horse collar with hames. 21 inch x 18 inch collar with 30 inch long hanes with brass ends. Good SCK20 75 150 photo
2016-273 2016-273 Double yoke horse hitch. 37 inch long main wood frame with two 25 inch long wood and cast iron hitches. Wood aged and some rust. Good SCK6 30 60 photo
2016-274 2016-274 Double yoke horse hitch. 42 inch long main wood frame with two 33 inch long wood and cast iron hitches. Wood aged and some rust. Good SCK7 30 60 photo
2016-275 2016-275 Lot of seven horse hitches. Lengths range from 30 inch to 41 inch wood with cast iron rings some painted red. Most aged and worn. Good SCK5 50 100 photo
2016-276 2016-276 Lot of two hand truck dollies. One 38 inch tall with locking rotating frame in the middle that allows for a horizontal shelf. And a 40 inch tall one withwood frame and 12 inch x 5 inch metal base. Both have aged wood and some rust. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK26 28 30 60 photo
2016-277 2016-277 Large hand truck dolly. 49 inch tall slightly slanted wood frame with 3 horizontal cast iron bars between the frame. 14 inch x 9 inch base. Wood worn and rust on metal. This item is for local pickup only.  Good- SCK27 30 60 photo
2016-278 2016-278 Barn hay trolley. Marked LEADER 20 inch x 17 inch 3 pulleys on cast iron frame with rope rusty. Good- PLH714 75 150 photo
2016-279 2016-279 LOUDEN SENIOR barn hay trolley. Cast iron 18 inch x 16 inch wide frame two pulleys marked Adjustable some rust. Good SCK8 100 200 photo
2016-280 2016-280 Iron claw grappling hay forks. Likely made by LOUDEN four 32 inch long hooks and one 4-one half inch wide pulley with chains. Rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK18 40 80 photo
2016-281 2016-281 Lot of four harpoon hay lift forks with pulley. 20 inch x 36 inch rectangular cast iron frames and hooks with different style pulleys on each. Rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK19 60 120 photo
2016-282 2016-282 A. W. MILLER patent mortising machine. Per the 1905 patent it can be attached directly to the article to be operated upon and may be arranged to cut mortises of different depths lengths and widths. Overall rust and handle comes loose otherwise good. Good COL168 75 150 photo
2016-283 2016-283 DOSCH universal mitre trimmer No. 4. 24 inches wide with 6 inch blade. Marked with July 1900 patent date - cast iron with long handle. Parts are painted gold and some are red to match the red wooden stand it has been attached to. Blades clean and works smoothly. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK28 100 200 photo
2016-284 2016-284 Lot of three logging saws. A 51 inch long blade with only one handle 56 inch and 60 inch long blades with two handles each. Handles worn blades rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK35 36 37 75 150 photo
2016-285 2016-285 Lot of 3 ice and logging tongs. One with two looped handles two with connected bar handles. All 12 inch tongs rusty. Good SCK 30 60 photo
2016-286 2016-286 Coal mining drill. 35 inch long handle with 75 inch bit. Rusty. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SCK29 50 100 photo
2016-287 2016-287 Lot of two logging rules. A LUFKIN No. 8 with light wear and a CLEVELAND RULE CO No. 200N with moderate wear. Lufkin has a hanghole. Various logging scales on each. Good SGN 40 80 photo
2016-288 2016-288 Large sawmill blade. 4 inch teeth roughly 32 inch wide surface rust. Massive. This item is for local pickup only.  Good DCR201 100 200 photo
2016-289 2016-289 Coal mining drill. Roughly 36 inch auger bit with 34 inch handle and 55 inch shaft with legs that allow drilling horizontally into the coal seam to place dynamite. Some surface rust but overall good. This item is for local pickup only.  Good MKJ241 100 200 photo
2016-290 2016-290 Wet stone grinder. Unmarked 8 inch white stone with light use red handle. Mounted to 14 inch board. Works smoothly. Good DJS580A 30 60 photo
2016-291 *2016-291 FISHER jewelers anvil. 8 inch x 5 inch about 13 pounds with hardy hole. Some white paint and chipping along face edges. Good PLH 25 50 photo
2016-292 2016-292 Jewelers anvil. 11-one half inch x 4-one half inch mostly clean hardy hole. About 15 pounds. Unmarked. Good plus PLH 35 70 photo
2016-293 2016-293 Cast iron kettlebell. Marked 2-one half 12 inch high and 6 inch diameter. Surface rust and light pitting in a couple areas. Very heavy for those who want to enter the Strongman competition this was likely used for. This item is for local pickup only.  Good PLH 50 100 photo
2016-294 2016-294 Anvil vise No. 380A. No maker but likely by Carl Shields and patented 8-20-1912. About 20-25 pounds 3 inch vise jaws. Rusty with white paint yellowed. Jaws work smoothly. Good MKJ246 35 70 photo
2016-295 2016-295 Blacksmith post leg vise. 4 inch wide jaws some rust throughout. This item is for local pickup only.  Good SGN195 100 200 photo
2016-296 2016-296 Foundry tools. Look like foundry ramming tools. 5 total. 1-one fourth inch wide metal edge with long wood handles 27 inch long total. Some rust. Good SGN 30 60 photo
2016-297 2016-297 Lot of blacksmithing tools. Four tongs one marked ATHA and one with 38 inch handles. Plus two smelting ladles one marked LAKE CITY MALLEABLE CO. Good SCK 50 100 photo
2016-298 2016-298 CLAYTON and LAMBERT blow torch. Marked with 11-17-08 date has nice wooden handle on the control knob. 10 inch tall. Good DCR 30 60 photo
2016-299 2016-299 Lot of two blow torches. A KLEIN and SONS 10 inch tall and a smaller one with partial label on front but illegible other than the word Blowtorch. 8 inch tall with coiled metal handle. Good SGN 40 80 photo
2016-300 *2016-300 GEM No. 2 riveter. Cast iron with gold colored medallion and 3-9-09 patent date on one side. Good plus DCR310 20 40 photo
2016-301 *2016-301 VULCAN ELECTRIC HEAT CO soldering iron No. 400. 2-one half pounds 14 inch long marked Patent Pending. Nicely carved handle with copper collar and removable copper slug inside cast iron frame. Good plus DCR287 20 40 photo
2016-302 *2016-302 DRAKE soldering iron IOB. 100 watts three eigths inch copper tip looks unused and cord looks good but cant guarantee it works. Box dirty but all there. Good plus DJS713 20 40 photo
2016-303 2016-303 Lot of sand casting tools. Used by patternmakers to shape the sand mold. 20 or so tools in different shapes some double-ended cast iron. Good SGN141 40 80 photo
2016-304 *2016-304 BRIDGEPORT HARDWARE crate hammer. Marked with 9-29-1908 patent date. Wear to wood light rust. Good DCR47 20 40 photo
2016-305 *2016-305 Turnscrew. 23 inch long very decoratively carved handle. Clean blade marked Warranted Cast Steel. Handle has narrow 1 inch long chunk out of it but still very nice. Good DJS448 20 40 photo
2016-306 2016-306 Timber framing slick. 15 inch long by 3-one fourth inch wide blade with 13 inch handle. Blade etched F 1 with keystone between them and a few small pitting spots. Handle good. Good plus DJS166 50 100 photo
2016-307 2016-307 Timber framing slick. 15 inch long by 3 inch wide blade 15 inch handle. Marked PSandW No. 1EX. Very light pitting in a few spots. Clean. Good plus DJS 50 100 photo
2016-308 *2016-308 Coopers howell. Used to cut the groove around the inside of a barrel to fit the head. 17 inch x 5 inch JAMES CAM blade handle has repair wedge worn. Good BKF12 20 40 photo
2016-309 2016-309 Coopers stave. 5-one half inch blade 10 inch wood handle 5-one half inch metal handle. Partial stamp looks like BARTON. Good DCR 30 60 photo
2016-310 2016-310 Cloggers knife. 32 inch long with loop at one end 4-one half inch wood handle on other end. 13 inch blade. Used to make wooden clog shoes. Good DCR 30 60 photo
2016-311 *2016-311 Large shipbuilders t-handle auger. 3 inch wide spur auger that is 20 inch long 23 inch wide wood handle. Light rust but overall nice. Good NW 20 40 photo
2016-312 2016-312 UNION tool box. Galvanized steel with powder blue paint good logo on front right corner has miscellaneous tools inside including archaemedian drills blades etc. Has top try and bottom compartment. Some outside wear and rust but overall decent. 22 inch x 9 inch x 8 inch . Good plus SGN 40 80 photo
2016-313 2016-313 KENNEDY tool chest. Looks like the 520 metal marked Kennedy on lock -no key- and in script lettering inside lid. 7 drawers. Rusty and dirt. Has numerous machinists tools inside. 20 inch x 13 inch x 9 inch . Heavy. Good SGN 50 100 photo
2016-314 *2016-314 GEM folding mitre box IOB. Made by ALASKA FREEZER CO. Light wear on box wood mitre box looks unused or lightly used. Good plus DJS 20 40 photo
2016-315 *2016-315 KRISS KROSS razor stropper. Looks new with original instructions. Sharpens razor blades. Good plus SGN362 20 40 photo
2016-316 *2016-316 STANLEY No. 59 doweling jig. In handmade wood box with 6 guides and a couple of bits. Good plus SGN255 25 50 photo
2016-317 *2016-317 RIDGELEY wallpaper trimmer IOB. Tool mint original instructions box has slight wear. Fine SGN352 20 40 photo
2016-318 *2016-318 STANLEY No. 1 level sights IOB. Type 6B box with split seams sights near mint. Good plus SGN353 15 30 photo
2016-319 *2016-319 STANLEY No. 78 rabbet and fillester IOB. Canada version only has depth stop chip on corner. Good- JPM1 20 40 photo
2016-320 2016-320 STANLEY No. 220 block plane IOB. Plane has light wear japanning good. Box dirty with a couple split seams. Good BHR322 30  60 photo
2016-321 *2016-321 One fourth inch number stamps. 0-8 inside wood block. Good SGN550 15 30 photo
2016-322 *2016-322 Lot of two STANLEY tools IOB. A No. 95 butt gauge and No. 49 bit gauge. Good plus DJS720 20 40 photo
2016-323 *2016-323 Lot of two IRWIN expansive auger bits IOB. No. 21 like new with replacement cutter and a used No. 22. Good and better BSR659 20 40 photo
2016-324 *2016-324 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane IOB. Made in England. Japanning nearly complete. A few rust spots throat good. Good plus LKY10 25 50 photo
2016-325 2016-325 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. In handmade wood box Type 11 with only short rods and 1 blade. Clean. Good- SGN 30 60 photo
2016-326 2016-326 Dealers lot of wood planes. At least 25 most are molding and rabbeting planes one horn plane most have blades but a couple dont. Makers include DENISON OHIO TOOL OWASCO GREENFIELD PARRISH PRATT and CO W. BUSH AUBURN. Age and wear on some. Various SGN 50 100 photo
2016-327 2016-327 Dealers lot of 10 braces. Various STANLEY FRAY No. 105 AMERICAN BIT BRACE CO. KEEN KUTTER MILLERS FALLS. Most have rust wear need cleaning. Good- and better CDEVarious 50 100 photo
2016-328 2016-328 Dealers lot of levels. 10 total 24 inch -30 inch in lengths makers include STANLEY DISSTON and MORSS DISSTON and SONS OAK LEAF AKRON C.S. CO. Mostly Stanley. A couple have hang holes. Light wear on a few. Good SGN 50 100 photo
2016-329 2016-329 Dealers lot of block planes. At least 25 planes most STANLEY but a few SARGENT MILLERS FALLS WINCHSTER etc. A few finger planes one double ended. Some rust most ok. Various SGN 30 60 photo
2016-330 2016-330 Dealers lot of rules. A grab bag of at least 40 boxwood rules some brassbound some caliper a triangular or two a few ruler stick types. Most Stanley but a few other makers. Staining on several. Various SGN 75 150 photo
2016-331 2016-331 Dealers lot of DISSTON saws. Most are D-23 with etch a D-8 or two a D-7 and a No. 7 among the lot. One highly sharpened one missing top horn others have light to moderate wear or dinging surface rust. 13 total. Good- and better SGN291 297 552 50 100 photo