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photo 6704-001 SARGENT No. 514 VBM low angle block plane. One of Sargent's rarer and more innovative planes with a unique lateral adjustment patented by Page in 1914 that allows for adjustment even at its extreme low angle. 14 inch sole with adjustable throat 2 inch original cutter. Japanning 70 percent with some touchups light pitting on cutter and lever cap tall knob has light wear and some black paint at base tote has some dinging but no major damage. Throat good with one small nick surface rust on cheeks. Good 200-400 BFS242
photo 6704-002 UNION No. X3 vertical post bench plane. Based on Carleton and Trask's 1904 patent with vertical post adjustment and equivalent to the Stanley No. 3. Japanning 90 percent but wood has several chips and cracks in both tote and knob. Has rusty Lakeside cutter with not much life left on it. Brazed repair on right cheek with chip in sole below it. Good- 40-80 RRT48
photo 6704-003 Lot of two bench planes. A STANLEY No. 4C with three patent dates behind frog notched rectangle cutter lever cap plain and might be replacement good japanning and wood. And a No. 5 sized plane Made in USA and also a U inside a circle and number one cast into bed behind frog. Unmarked cutter with chip breaker that doesn't fit wood has wear. Good- and better 25-50 LWN57
photo 6704-004 STANLEY No.105 "Liberty Bell" jack plane. Japanning 80 percent cutter has 1907-09 type mark wood ok with a splotch of paint at base of tote and crack in middle user initials on left cheek. Good 25-50 RRT259
photo 6704-005 METALLIC PLANE CO. filletster plane. The version shown in PTAMPIA I fig. 214. Missing its fence and depth stop but has original Excelsior cutter. Wood handle replaced japanning 70 percent. Good- 50-100 HNL
photo 6704-006 STANLEY No. 11-one-half floor plane. Traces of japanning on body but lever cap 90 percent. Patent date cutter wood has some dings and wear one-eighth inch chip in throat. Good 100-200 LHD147
photo 6704-007 STANLEY No. 340 furring plane. Cutter and cap iron replaced from a common bench plane. Chip from base of tote knob fine. Not in the best shape but still a hard plane to find in any condition. Good- 150-300 HNL75
photo 6704-008 STANLEY Bedrock No. 604-one-halfC. Type 6 with vee mark on cutter flat top sides and single word Bedrock on lever cap tall knob. Japanning 80 percent with some touchups a few dings in metal and some light pitting on top of cutter. Light wear to wood and a few small cracks at base of knob small casting flaw in lever cap. Hanghole at toe. Good- 100-200 RRT118
photo 6704-009 STANLEY No. 113 circular plane. Later type with japanned body and nickel plated knob patent date cutter plain lever cap B casting mark on frog. Japanning 70 percent plating on knob near complete surface rust on sole. Good 40-80 LHS176
photo 6704-010 Type 1A STANLEY No. 113 circular plane. Has all the features of a Type 1 except the two-piece screw and frog. Traces of japanning cutter has faint Stanley Rule and Level semicircle mark with patent dates below. Knob has no plating and is a little loose but still adjusts sole. Rust and pitting to discolored metal. Good- 40-80 GFR80
photo 6704-011 BAILEY VICTOR No. 20 flexible sole plane. Leonard Bailey's original version before it was sold to Stanley. Lever cap has the steel loop locking mechanism and the cutter adjustment uses the perforated blade. The two medallions are in decent condition and look original but back one missing original bolt and is replaced with screw both have triangular plates that help keep it in place. Pitting on metal throughout more severe on cheeks and sole no nickel plating. There are two one-half inch holes on either side of the frog just below where it meets the cheeks. Good- 125-250 DEN167
photo 6704-012 STANLEY No. 41 Miller's Patent. Looks to be a Type 5 cast iron body with 70 percent japanning. Only has non-filletster fence handle has crack at top and seems relacquered large chip out of front of fence cutter is incorrect. Good- 50-100 SPM435
photo 6704-013 Scottish style infill smoother. Unmarked but possibly made by STEWART SPIERS one-quarter inch throat has a few nicks HOWLAND cutter could use honing wood highly worn with cracks and wear tip of tote chipped and reglued at base bun has several chips on top mild pitting. Good- 50-100 HNL118
photo 6704-014 Patternmaker's plane. 7-one-half inch brass sole wood looks like mahogany 1 inch unmarked cutter. Wood has staining tote has reglued crack and tip missing staining to both wood and metal. Pitting on sole no bottoms. Good- 30-60 LEE95
photo 6704-015 Infill shoulder plane. Unmarked steel body with rosewood fill 6-five-eighth inch sole. Wood has a few chips large crack in one cheek and smaller one on other cheek at heel chip in corner of throat. Fair 30-60 CLA522
photo 6704-016 Lot of two KEEN KUTTER block planes. A K110 japanning 75 percent with some light pitting on sole and a K120 with 60 percent japanning very light pitting. Good 25-50 CAN180 183
photo 6704-017 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. A No. 9-one-half Made in Canada cutter but bed cast Made in USA plating and japanning good with a couple rust spots. And a No. 140 early Type 2 plating and japanning both 90 percent patent date on cheek a few spots of pitting. Good 35-70 JBN34 90
photo 6704-018 Patternmaker's interchangeable sole plane. Some enterprising chap converted a STANLEY No. 5 -Type 7- by cutting two keyholes in the sole and attaching a wooden sole. T cutter rounded to match the sole. Plane very clean only one bottom. Good plus 30-60 HEN126
photo 6704-019 Lot of two STANLEY "Liberty Bell" planes. Nos. 104 and 105. Both Type 3 with 1892 patent cutters. Moderate rust except for extensive pitting on the No. 104 sole good wood. Good and better 60-120 TWR249
photo 6704-020 STANLEY No. A6 aluminum fore plane. Rarest of the aluminum bench planes early type with patent date cast into bed and sweetheart cutter. Average oxidation and scratching on sole good wood. Good plus 60-120 TWR
photo 6704-021 STANLEY No. 3C corrugated smoothing plane. Later model with notched rectangle on cutter and rectangle on lever cap thick varnish and intact decal on tote couple of scratches. Good plus 30-60 TWR254
photo 6704-022 STANLEY No. 40 scrub plane. Beech handle type second sweetheart cutter badly chipped on edge and needs honing. Good 50-90 TWR248
photo 6704-023 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. Nickel decent cutters unmarked with surface rust early type cap screws. Good 50-90 TWR252
photo 6704-024 Lot of two STANLEY No. 3 bench planes. A later type No. 3 with notched rectangle cutter and orange lever cap and one from the "Handyman" homeowner's line. Both very clean. Good plus 60-100 HEN128 132
photo 6704-025 STANLEY No. 71-one-half router. Type 4 japanning good surface rust on sole one cutter. Someone has painted "H" and "C" in red paint. Good 60-100 NCY65
photo 6704-026 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. A No. 16 Type 17 with sweetheart cutter and a knuckle-joint No. 18 Type 10 with T mark on cutter. Both extremely clean with only minor loss of nickel. Good plus 50-100 TWR251
photo 6704-027 STANLEY No. 95 edge-trimming plane. Modern type with notched rectangle mark. Like new. Fine 60-120 HEN13
photo 6704-028 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane. Early type with SRandL in two arched lines on blade small cap screw. Japanning 80 percent some rust on sole and cutter but overall clean. Good 30-60 HEN129
photo 6704-029 STANLEY No 92 rabbet plane. English version. Nickel plating is immaculate good cutter decal on toe scraped off and left residue. Good plus 40-80 TWR244
photo 6704-030 Lot of three STANLEY block planes. Two No. 17s one with J mark on cutter and patent date cast around locking lever the other with sweetheart cutter and a No. 18 knuckle-joint Type 4. All nice and clean with minimal nickel loss noting about 40 percent loss on No. 18 cap. Good and better 50-100 TWR253
photo 6704-031 STANLEY No. 71 router with fence. Uncommon Type 12 wartime model japanned with rosewood knobs includes three cutters and throat closing shoe no fence and someone has attached a plywood sole that can be easily removed. Japanning and wood immaculate. Good plus 60-120 TWR241
photo 6704-032 N. CHAPIN EAGLE FACTORY unhandled screw-arm plow plane. Beech body boxwood nuts and arms a couple of minor chips to threads moderate dinging. Good plus 90-180 SPM658
photo 6704-033 B. SHENEMAN and BRO screw-arm plow plane. Looks like applewood but with all finish gone rosewood wedge. Liberally covered with user marks. One nut broken in half. B mark. Good 60-120 GAN139
photo 6704-034 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 96-one-half screw-arm plow plane. Beech body darkened rosewood nuts threads have moderate chipping right handed tote. Sandusky cutter. Good 80-150 PKL277
photo 6704-035 MOON wedge-arm English plow plane. Dark red English beech wedges look original brass tips possibly varnished. Marked by Mrs. Ann Moon of Lincoln's Inn Field London who worked 1832-51. Good plus 50-100 ETN2
photo 6704-036 W. MARPLES and SONS wedge-arm filletster. 8-three-eighth" long brass tips to arms arm wedges have chips but look original. Good plus 75-150 GAN5147
photo 6704-037 T. TURNER screw-arm plow plane. Uncommon English screw-arm beech with boxwood nuts and arms several user names wedge beat up but arms and threads very clean. Good 60-120 LHS0104
photo 6704-038 SEYBOLD pair of handled tongue and groove planes. Appear to be a matched pair with same C mark on toes. one-fourth inch GREAVES cutter on tongue groove plane tongue cutter looks like BARRY and WAY. Both totes have some wear chipping of threads and cracks in outer nuts some stains on wood. Groove plane fence has crack near screw and replaced wedge. Good- 35-70 LHS5
photo 6704-039 P. BROOKS combination tongue and groove plane. A coming-and-going type combination three-eighth" tongue and groove by Peter Brooks who worked in various Massachusetts towns in the early 1800s marked "P. Brooks Patent." AWP rates this mark as five stars and reports that no patent has ever been located. 15" long polished with light mark user stamps. Good plus 150-300 EHR2
photo 6704-040 European spar jack plane. 15-three-fourth inches long with 2-three-fourth inch with mark that looks like Weldon chip breaker. Both cutter and sole have very slight curve to them decorative carvings in cheeks razee body with closed tote chip off tip. Wood has wear age checks and chips at throat. Good- 30-60 REW714
photo 6704-041 J. COLTON rabbet plane. C mark 2 stars. 17 inch long body with 1-one-half inch skew cutter. Double nickers open tote razee body. 1 inch chip off bottom corner of toe wear on tote and wedge otherwise fairly clean. Good- 30-60 JCI110
photo 6704-042 Lot of two steel sole bench planes. Both unmarked but look European and somewhat similar in style 6-one-half inch and 9-one-half inch soles have steel plates screwed on some pitting on both. Both have handmade brass buttons at toe made of what looks like mahogany. Larger one has cutter marked "Carantie" and crowns with initials R.G. smaller has similar crowns and initials J.K. on chip breaker. Good 30-60 HEN155 156
photo 6704-043 Coffin plane. 8" narrow bench plane with solid bone wedge and strike button cutter bedded at low angle. Name curved on toe is "F.B. Staples" which is thought to date to around 1850s. Body a little worn dark wood that could be walnut larger crack on top of body near throat opening a few more tight cracks on sole at throat. Good- 35-70 HNL413
photo 6704-044 OHIO TOOL handled coffin plane. Marked 7-one-half at toe diamond button razee body with open tote that looks like later alteration as most Ohio Tool examples have closed totes. Properly marked 2-one-fourth inch cutter with chip breaker some chips in throat overall wear. Lightly polished. Good 25-50 LHS131
photo 6704-045 Mother plane. For cutting a side bead plane. Body looks like yellow birch with removable oak fence. Spring marked also marked 1-one-half on heel but no maker mark on toe. Large cracks and age checks on back half on body mostly around cutter and wedge chips around rope holes and on sole. Good- 40-80 DTN333
photo 6704-046 Lot of five JOH WEISS and SOHN complex molding planes. Marked on heels with ink numbers. One with astragal-cove profile -Nr. 1637- three with astragal-cove-astragal profile of varying widths -Nr. 1645 1643 1568- plus one with quirk ovolo-cove pattern -Nr. 1670-. Overall very clean a few have some stain spots on heels plus user stamps surface rust on cutters. Good 50-100 CLA173 174 175 176 177
photo 6704-047 Lot of three wide molders. A 1-one-half inch ogee by S. CUMINGS -B mark- with double boxing and one is hammerhead boxing that includes both sole and part of fence. A 1-one-half inch ogee by A COPELAND -2 stars- with spring marks single boxed marked 6-8 on toe. And a 1-three-fourth inch wide ogee-astragal by J.E. CHILD -A mark- also spring marked single boxed dinging at heel small chip in boxing and several user stamps. All overall clean and in nice shape. Good plus 50-100 GAN
photo 6704-048 KEEN KUTTER tin advertising sign. 10-one-half inch x 15-one-half inch black and red with raised white lettering. Like new. Fine 80-150 CAN16A
photo 6704-049 Lot of two sets of KEEN KUTTER silverware. A No. K12M set six knives and forks tarnished but undamaged. And an unnumbered set that also includes six knives and forks very clean. Both in original boxes with fully intact labels in upper lids. Fine 50-100 CAN36 37
photo 6704-050 KEEN KUTTER tin advertising sign. 11-three-fourth inch square green and red colors bright and clear. Reproduction. A few very minor scratches. Fine 50-100 CAN16
photo 6704-051 Set of KLIPPER KLUB clamp-on ice skates. No. 7 10 inch long clamps onto boots. Like new. Fine 40-80 CAN45
photo 6704-052 Lot of four KEEN KUTTER printing blocks. Two are 2 inch x 2-one-half inch two are 1 inch x 1-one-fourth inch. All for E.C. SIMMONS KK cutlery. Fine 20-40 CAN44
photo 6704-053 Vintage track and field discus. Wooden with steel rim weighs a pound. Scuffed with crack in wood but intact. Good 30-60 REW1905
photo 6704-054 BUCK and CO. chairmaker's brace. Wide flat head spoon bit in pliers-type chuck 8 inch throw marked 281 Whitechapel Rd which dates it to mid-1840s. Chairmaker braces signed by a major plane maker are not common. Good plus 40-80 GAN80
photo 6704-055 WM. MARPLES plated brace. Super clean example of Marples' non-ultimatum brace beech body ebony head with one small tight crack and intact ivory ring pushbutton chuck. Fine 60-100 GAN5580
photo 6704-056 WM. MARPLES ultimatum brace. Ebony infill with crack and user name stamped near head ebony head has a tight crack and some scuffs small piece missing from ivory ring. Brass tarnished and never polished as found condition. Good plus 175-300 LHS0014
photo 6704-057 Lot of two wooden braces. Both unsigned one Scandinavian style with rectangular head with spring to hold pod the other with a brass collar chuck neither has a bit wooden heads rotate smoothly. Good 35-70 CLA282 283
photo 6704-058 MILLERS FALLS No. 97 breast drill. Continuous motion two-speed ratcheting drill. One of MF's most ingenious designs that allows speed change without removing drive gear from frame and includes a ratchet mechanism that allows continuous motion in either direction without regard to direction crank is rotated. Probably too complicated for the market and hard to find this one's in decent condition with japanning mostly gone and red paint on drive wheel about 50 percent small paint splotch works smoothly. Good 50-100 VTD16
photo 6704-059 Machinist-made breast drill. All steel 14 inch long with curved breast plate single speed. Nicely made and super clean. Fine 40-80 REW377
photo 6704-060 MILLERS FALLS No. 12 two-speed breast drill. Super clean condition japanning nearly intact Leland's universal chuck no decal on drive wheel and red paint possibly repainted. Includes original price label. Good plus 40-80 MHT
photo 6704-061 Machinist-made breast drill. All steel with rosewood side handle some decorative turning on shaft 17-one-half inch long single speed unusual spring-activated chuck mechanism. Some light surface corrosion. Good plus 50-100 REW380
photo 6704-062 Breast drill. Looks like a Goodell-Pratt No. 20 and the leather strap -complete and supple- is marked G-P but the handle says "Craftsman" don't know if it's a replacement or was made by G-P for Craftsman. Missing one side handle red japanning on drive wheel mostly gone works smoothly. Good 30-60 FNK527
photo 6704-063 MILLERS FALLS No. 118 two-speed breast drill. Super clean condition japanning nearly intact no decal on drive wheel and red paint possibly repainted. Features push button release for quick speed change introduced in 1925. Good plus 40-80 MHT
photo 6704-064 WALKER TURNER pistol grip drill. Looks just like a Stanley No. 610 but clearly marked as having been made by Walker-Turner which is better known for larger machinery. Japanning mostly gone red paint on drive wheel faded slight pitting on chuck. Good 50-100 JCI106
photo 6704-065 Bow drill. Unmarked solid brass handle and brass spool 9 inch long. Normal dinging but works smoothly. Good 40-80 JCI105
photo 6704-066 STANLEY Yankee No. 2150 drill bit extension. 18 inch long clearly marked and in like new condition. Fine 20-40 BEN30
photo 6704-067 Cabinet maker's box. 32 inch x 18 inch x 9 inch suitcase style with long brass carrying handle brass corner protectors and large brass hinges. Two-thirds of the one side folds down to access two drawers inside with saw holder that also folds up independently to access the saws. Outside has tag stamped "J.C. Styers" and "Norfolk VA." Inside are a YANKEE No. 555 breast drill in used condition with some loss of japanning and could use a cleaning. 3 DISSTON saws including an American Boy and D-23 and an ATKINS all with faint etches and some wear to handles with surface rust on blades. And approximately 30 auger bits with about half in a cloth roll. Plus one 1 inch chisel. Cabinet wood has some wear and staining especially on inside but overall in decent shape and made of what looks like mahogany. Good 100-200 OVR325
photo 6704-068 Rosewood bodied spokeshave. Brass throat plates 2-one-half inch wide cutter held with screws through body 13 inches long total. Some dings to wood and top part of cutter has chip otherwise nice. Good 30-60 LHS125
photo 6704-069 Small cooper's croze. 5 inch wide body two slitters and one-eighth inch wide cutter mounted with steel plate and nut ino arm that has tin guard plate. Part of body has partially reglued 2 inch chip. Good- 20-40 GFR262
photo 6704-070 Brass coachmaker's router. Nearly 13 inch long body with fence attached to underside of one handle two three-fourth inch cutters on top and bottom of head held with bars and screws one has partial "works" mark. Some tarnish and scratching. Good 25-50 LHS179
photo 6704-071 Lot of two tools. A small cooper's howell 8-one-half inch body with 1 inch cutter wedge broken off at end. Hang hole and old screw hole spring marked. Plus a tapered dowel maker with slightly curved five-eighth inch blade held with metal plate over tapered hole in 6-one-fourth inch piece of wood staining and rust age checks. Good- 20-40 GFR224 267
photo 6704-072 STEARNS No. 7 spokeshave. Looks like the one in Figure 8-23 on page 233 of Lamond but without hangholes on handles. Japanning mostly gone except for underside of handles some tarnish on cutter but edge sharp. Good 20-40 JRI591
photo 6704-073 STANLEY No. 67 universal spoke shave. Has both bottoms plus fence wood good with minor wear plating 90 percent. Clean. Good plus 40-80 SPM669
photo 6704-074 Lot of two MILLERS FALLS shaves. A No. 1 cigar shave some wear to nickel plating and traces of red paint patent date on body. Black paint splotches on body and wood a ding in one handle. And a No. 2 unmarked with some wear to handles and some rust on metal plating 70 percent. Good 45-90 SPM666 671
photo 6704-075 L. BAILEY spokeshave. Appears to be an early version No. 8 cutter marked traces of japanning a few nicks in cutter. Small spot of black paint on backside. Good 50-100 JCI67
photo 6704-076 STANLEY No. 151 spokeshave. Notched rectangle mark japanning 90 percent a few spots of rust. Good 20-40 PTL161
photo 6704-077 Lot of miscellaneous files. At least 40 files about half with handles in various shapes and sizes most with light use. Inside a FALCON tool chest with some wear and staining. Good 30-60 RBN284
photo 6704-078 Mortise chisel. Unmarked except for "cast steel " 14-one-half inches with five-eighth inch edge good handle with light wear. Good 30-60 LHS24
photo 6704-079 Lot of chisels. Various chisels including four STANLEY bevel edge a couple by BUCK and a GREENLEE plus several unmarked in sizes from one-half inch to 1-one-half inch and in various conditions but generally ok. Also a one-half inch gouge three handles and a moderately used YANKEE No. 30A screwdriver. Inside a G.I. Mix chisel box with good label worn outside. Good- and better 30-60 UNK
photo 6704-080 Lot of gouges. 7 gouges makers include BUCK BROS IBBOTSON HOWARTH BUTCHER JAMES SWAN WARD and SORBY. three-eighth inch to 1 inch in sizes a one-half inch one has large chip Swan one has very small handle and rest have various kinds of handles. Plus a small turnscrew and one-eighteenth inch chisel. Good- and better 35-70 LHS96
photo 6704-081 Lot of five gouges. 1-one-half inch and 1-one-fourth inch by MARPLES a seven-eighth inch by IBBOTSON a three-fourth inch with a mark that looks like "T. ORMONT " and an unmarked one-half inch. All have different handles with varying wear and one with chip off end a couple have rust spots on metal and nicks in edges. Good 40-80 WOL642
photo 6704-082 Lot of four tools. Two chisels including a three-eighth inch with short body and nicely turned handle and a 2 inch one by SAMSON with handle held in place with a nail a few scratches to metal. A 1-one-half inch gouge with mark I can't make out some light pitting stains on handle. And a long screwdriver with 14 inch body and brass ferrule. Good- and better 30-50 JBN78 83 84 85
photo 6704-083 Turnscrew. Made from a file 18 inches long with bulbous turned handle marked several times in large letters "J.D. Tuttle Boston." which doesn't correspond to any tool maker that I'm aware of. Good 20-40 LEE93
photo 6704-084 Lot of two axe heads. Both unsigned broad axe ground one side 12 inch blade looks like brown japanning and a Kent pattern felling axe with 7 inch blade. Both with little or no surface rust and good edges. Good plus 50-100 LDZ258 279
photo 6704-085 A. DRURY broad axe head. Laid in edge ground one side 8-one-half inch blade slightly spalled poll marked "A. DRURY CAST STEEL". Typical surface pitting blade could use honing but undamaged. Good 30-60 LDZ278
photo 6704-086 Early pattern broad axe. On page 66 of Kaufman's "American Axes" this is described as a "vestigial" pattern from the middle ages. According to label was dug up on a Pennsylvania indian trail in 1927. 9 inch blade double ground expected surface pitting and edge needs work. Good 50-100 LDZ279
photo 6704-087 R.C. BENSON slick. 3-one-half inch blade old 10 inch socket handle. Blade has a couple of spots of mild pitting that don't affect the sharp edge. Marked with Benson's name -faint- and Waterville. Good plus 60-120 LDZ293
photo 6704-088 Early pattern hewing axe head. Marked with what looks like "L'Oiseu" so possibly french. 10 inch long with 4-one-half inch blade Typical pitting some chips in edge. Good 50-100 LDZ268
photo 6704-089 Lot of two all-steel hatchets. A "Tomahawk" No. 88 crate hammer-hatchet by BRIDGEPORT HARDWARE some dinging and one forged from flat stock some surface rust. Good 30-60 LDZ282 287
photo 6704-090 Lot of two edge tools. Lathe hatchet and what looks like a brick hammer with loose handle. Good 30-60 LDZ289 290
photo 6704-091 Lot of two hatchets. Small manufactured one marked only "500 inch spalled poll and smith made small broadaxe ground one side pitting but decent edge. Old handles with leather loops. Good 30-60 LDZ283 284
photo 6704-092 Lot of two STANLEY sawsets IOB. A Handyman H 432 and a later No. 42SS. Both are in near new condition boxes a little worn but intact. Fine 40-80 TWR258
photo 6704-093 STANLEY No. 150 miter box. Unused condition japanning perfect with no cuts in wood base. Includes a 16 inch unmarked steelback saw handle perfect and minor rust on blade. Fine 50-100 KGM258 260
photo 6704-094 STANLEY No. 42 sawset IOB. Tool near mint with some light rust includes original instruction sheet. Box intact with Type 6 label. Fine 30-60 TWR259
photo 6704-095 KING KUT No. 140 carving set. Knife handle with a wide variety of blades coping saw with extra blades miniature aluminum plane and shave sanding block. All in like-new condition in original wooden box. Fine 30-60 RBN19
photo 6704-096 BRIDGE CITY No. JS-6 crosscut saw. Modeled on Japanese saws to cut on the pull stroke ground 15 tpi on one side and 20 tpi on the other blade is 9-one-half inch 24 inch overall. Includes a spare blade. Unused 117 dollars new with the extra blade. New 60-100 BWH75
photo 6704-097 Bone handled hoof knife. Unsigned blade has some light pitting but still sharp 8-one-half inch long. Good plus 15-30 LDZ118
photo 6704-098 Mixed lot of KEEN KUTTER tools. 12 chisels and gouges four drill bits and a gimlet. All marked by KK all at least good. Good and better 30-60 CAN48
photo 6704-099 Lot of two DISSTON hand saws. A 25 inch D-8 thumbhole handle has light wear and a couple stains but horns decent 6 tpi. Has seen some use but has a few years of life left. And an 18 inch long one with 11 tpi very faint etch also looks like it may be an early D-8 handle has a faint stamp in black ink around the medallion but all I can make out is "is Saw NOT BO " some paint flecks and relacquered. Nib broken off. Good- and better 25-50 RBN57 66
photo 6704-100 Lot of two jeweler's saws. An unmarked one with adjustable frame handle worn blade ok. And a larger 9 inch decorative frame one with partial mark that looks like "LCER and SONS." Handle has wear and staining no blade some pitting on metal. Good 25-50 LHS86
photo 6704-101 Lot of two SIMONDS hand saws. A No. 9 26 inches long 10 tpi blade lightly cleaned with ok etch handle has light wear and scratching and small chip from top horn hanghole at end of blade. And a No. 72 also 26 inches long 5-one-half tpi good etch handle has wear to lacquer and a few dings. Both handles have user stamps. Good 30-60 BFS324 329
photo 6704-102 Lot of two pad saws. One with ebony handle large brass ferrule blade marked SIMONDS. Wood worn with a few cracks. And a smaller one with heavily stained hardwood handle brass ferrule blade pitted. Good- and better 30-60 REW1701 1702
photo 6704-103 DISSTON keyhole saw. Blade has light etch and most of nickel plating Canada medallion handle has crackling of lacquer and repaired break with screw through top and hex nut at bottom. Good- 20-40 JBN81
photo 6704-104 ORIOLE rip saw. Made by BISHOP as their secondary line this is the straightback version with plain handle held by three plain buttons. 20 inch blade with 10 tpi good etch handle has wear and crack repaired with screw through bottom horn and smaller cracks around bottom button. Good- 20-40 PRK324
photo 6704-105 TRI-LEVEL MFG. CO. gravity inclinometer. Unusual aluminum framed level with shafting groove and spring-loaded pointed rod looks like it was used to mark pipes. Shafting groove. Manufactured in Los Angeles. Good 50-100 PRK251
photo 6704-106 Lot of five STANLEY #0 levels. Various models two 30 inch two 26 inch and 24 inch. Wood is mixed two later models have much original finish but one older model has a couple of large chips. Good and better 50-100 LHD Levels 5
photo 6704-107 HELB Patent Grade and Level Finder. Patented and manufactured in Railroad PA often mistaken for a railroad tool this was one of the more successful gravity inclinometers judging by the number that have survived. This is the variation with the porthole vial. Good dial and compass much original finish all its screws. A nice example of a level that if not truly rare is a wonderful gizmo. Good plus 175-350 RRT163
photo 6704-108 STANLEY level with sights. The level is a No. 102 with sweetheart mark nice and clean with 90 percent decal and some rust on level cover. Equipped with a pair of No. 1 level sights light surface rust. Good plus 20-40 RML129
photo 6704-109 Lot of two wooden levels. A STANLEY No. 23 24 inch declivity level with three sets of double vials one of Stanley's less common levels in like new condition marked "Pat. Pending." Plus as a bonus a 10 inch DISSTON and SONS single vial. Fine 40-60 RSR27
photo 6704-110 STANLEY No. 30 mason's level. Type 5 24 inch good clean adjustable plumb vial covers decent wood with some original finish. Good plus 20-40 LHD Levels 7
photo 6704-111 Lot of three STARRETT machinist's levels. Two 12 inch and one 9 inch japanning about 75 percent on each one of the 12 inch models has a fair amount of surface rust all vials good. Good 30-60 ASY3
photo 6704-112 STANLEY No. 5 carpenter's rule. Two-foot one fold brassbound. Several stain spots and tarnish on brass slightly sprung pins good. Good- 30-60 LHD152
photo 6704-113 Lot of blank rules. 6 pieces some partially made and a couple complete all unmarked with brass hinges dirt and staining on some. Consignor states they are from the Smallwood factory. If you're looking to make your own rules here's your chance. Good- 30-60 WOL741
photo 6704-114 Two STANLEY No. 62 rules IOB. One with sweetheart mark other with block Stanley mark plus a CHAPIN-STEPHENS No. 62 thrown in inside Stanley box that originally held one-half dozen. Rules fairly clean one with block mark missing pin and box intact. Good 30-60 UNK
photo 6704-115 RABONE and SONS boxwood rule. Two-foot four-fold brassbound meter rule markings on the inside. Unmarked but looks like No. 2358. Some staining on outside one pin missing. Good 35-70 JCI54
photo 6704-116 LUFKIN No. 2062 combination rule. Lufkin's three-fold two foot rule with level vial in the center section. Some light wear but all clearly readable and undamaged. Good 40-80 GAN5234
photo 6704-117 Lot of two STANLEY rules. A No. 61 marked "N.Y. City App. Type 352 Serial F.2" with some light scratching otherwise clean. And a No. 69 clean with a little tarnish to brass. Good 40-80 UNK
photo 6704-118 Lot of three rules. A RABONE and SONS two-foot four-fold unmarked carpenter's slide rule some tarnish to brass and light wear. A 6 inch LUFKIN caliper rule advertising the ALGOMA PANEL CO. of Algoma WI. clean. And a 4 inch hat measure rule with brass slide and size head and hat measurements on backside no maker mark. A little tarnish to brass otherwise clean. Good 50-100 PLH90X
photo 6704-119 Lot of three STANLEY sweetheart rules. A No. 53-one-half a No. 63 and a No. 84 all four-fold two-foot No. 84 is brass bound. All clean and crisp. Good plus 50-100 HNL25 32 33
photo 6704-120 Lot of two rules. A LUFKIN No. 781C-EM with both inches and metric on the inside brassbound with brass slide significant staining to wood pins good. And a CHAPIN-STEPHENS No. 70 four-fold one-foot dirty and a few stains. Good- 40-80 LBD34
photo 6704-121 Lot of three try squares. Unsigned with 14-one-half inch wide unruled blade with small hang hole 8 inch rosewood handle with brass edge and bench stop lightly stamped user name super clean. Unsigned with 8 inch wide unruled blade with light pitting 5 inch ebony with brass trim and mitre angle. And an 'H. TOWER with 6 inch wide unruled blade 4 inch rosewood handle with "H. Tower Milbury Mass" and unusual heart shaped escutcheon. Good and better 100-200 LHD160
photo 6704-122 Lot of four STANLEY rosewood handled try squares. Two No. 20s 9 inch and 12 inch with "Hand-I-Grip" marked respectively with Traut's 12-29-96 and 3-16-97 design patents. Plus two No. 2s 4 inch and 4-one-half inch. All have light wear to handles some surface rust but no pitting. Good and better 100-200 LHD163
photo 6704-123 STANLEY No. 2 try and mitre square. Unmarked 9 inch ruled blade lightly pitted handle has wear and some dings. Good 10-20 LHS215
photo 6704-124 Lot of three STANLEY No. 16 mitre squares. All three sizes 8 inch 10 inch and 12 inch with iron framed walnut handles. 8 inch and 10 inch have J marks on blades 12 inch blade has light pitting. Wood uniformly good. Good and better 100-200 LHD157
photo 6704-125 Lot of two STANLEY try and mitre squares. A No. 15 Type 1 with brass handle with ogee cutout 7-one-half inch blade with area of light pitting and small hang hole and a No. 1 Winterbottom patent with 7-one-half inch blade and vee mark nice and clean. Good and better 100-200 LHD158
photo 6704-126 Lot of three STANLEY try squares. Two No. 1 improved model with iron framed rosewood handles 6 inch with J mark on blade and a number of dings on handle and 4 inch with hang hold in blade and user name. Plus a very nice Winterbottom's patent try and mitre square Type 1 with walnut infill in iron frame with patent date stamped and lead filled rivets 6 inch. Good and better 120-240 LHD164
photo 6704-127 Lot of two STANLEY No. 21 combination squares. Both early nickel plated types with sweetheart marks. 9 inch and 12 inch. Super clean noting rounded corners and a couple of small pitted areas on 12 inch blade. Good and better 100-200 LHD159
photo 6704-128 Lot of two STANLEY No. 2 Winterbottom's try and mitre squares. 6 inch Type 2 with patent dates and user name stamped in handles and Type 3 with "Hand-i-Grip" and vee mark on blade handle worn but no cracks. Good and better 60-120 LHD162
photo 6704-129 Lot of TWO STANLEY No. 16 mitre squares. Iron framed walnut handles 8 inch Type 1 and 10 inch with J mark on blades typical light surface corrosion but no damage wood nice and clean. Fine 90-150 LHD156
photo 6704-130 Lot of two STANLEY No. 2 improved try squares. Both Type 1 with lead filled rivets 4 inch and 6 inch. Both very clean 4 inch has patent date stamped into lead. Fine 100-180 LHD161
photo 6704-131 CHAPLIN patent jack plane. 15 inch corrugated sole hard rubber tote marked "Chaplin's Improved" on cutter and cast around knob very clean noting some pitting on cutter that partially obscures the mark. Good plus 60-120 LHD149
photo 6704-132 STANLEY No. 4-one-half wide bench plane. Type 16 light rust on lever cap and cutter looks like cheeks cleaned with steel wool. Good 50-100 DOR279
photo 6704-133 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 607C corrugated jointer plane. Type 3 with vee mark on cutter "B" casting mark. Japanning repainted light surface rust. Good plus 100-200 DOR278
photo 6704-134 STANLEY Victor No. 20-one-half flexible sole plane. T mark on cutter japanning 75 percent some spots of surface rust locking screw on adjustment knob an obvious and improper replacement. Good 60-120 DOR240
photo 6704-135 STANLEY No. 12 scraping plane. Proper Type 1 with patent date on rear nut original cutter with corners cut off and "J" mark. Japanning 90 percent handle has a couple of scrapes but nothing major. A very nice Type 1 No. 12. Good plus 250-500 LHD166
photo 6704-136 STANLEY Type 1 No. 11 beltmakers plane. Has the vertical adjustment knob characteristic of type 1 original beech handle good cutter with 1892 patent date and some surface discoloration japanning and metal all good. Good plus 150-300 LHD148
photo 6704-137 STANLEY No. 13 flexible sole plane. Post-1879 model with riveted sole prelateral solid brass adjusting knob with Bailey patent J mark date on cutter. Japanning mostly worn off. Good 100-200 BHR658
photo 6704-138 STANLEY No. 112 cabinet scraper. Type 1 with patent date on adjustment knob japanning 90 percent tote and knob very good unmarked cutter. Good plus 120-240 LHS0032
photo 6704-139 STANLEY prelateral No. 4 smoother. Type 4 with "J" mark on original cutter. Japanning 90 percent small chip from end of tote. Good plus 100-200 LHS0090
photo 6704-140 STANLEY No. 608 Bedrock jointer. Type 3 with 1892 patent cutter B casting mark. Japanning worn but not flaking good wood some surface rust. Good plus 150-250 RUS243
photo 6704-141 STANLEY No. 2 bench plane. Low knob third sweetheart on cutter. Lever cap is a ground down replacement from a No. 3. Otherwise a nice example so if you've got a No. 2 lever cap you're in business. Good- 60-100 RRT6
photo 6704-142 Lot of 2 STANLEY No. 39 dado planes. one-fourth inch Type 3 and three-eighth inch Type 4 both with sweetheart on cap screws. Japanning nearly complete on one-fourth inch and 60 percent on three-fourth inch some surface rust. Good and better 80-150 DOR274
photo 6704-143 STANLEY No. 3 smoother. Type 11 with vee mark. Japanning repainted good wood. Good 40-80 BKF144
photo 6704-144 STANLEY No. 10C rabbet. Early type with low knob and block Stanley mark on cutter. Japanning 90 percent good wood big chip from lower edge of lever cap. Good 200-300 PLH57X
photo 6704-145 STANLEY No. 146 match plane. Nickel has wear and some missing spots needs a groove cutter. Good 80-150 LHS0018
photo 6704-146 STANLEY No. 904 tool chest. Sweetheart plate on outside and similar decal on inside top left corner tools inside are a mix of Sweetheart and Victor a few unmarked. Includes square hammer brace screwdrivers pliers vise block plane rule saw chisel and marking gauge with most tools clean and barely used. Box itself has a few dings wear on backside and repaired split. Good- and better 40-80 SAN207
photo 6704-147 STANLEY No. 907 tool chest. Originally came with 19 tools and this has most of them but missing the bench plane nail set and plans. Tools present look mostly proper but a few might be replacements. The hammer holder beneath the saw has fallen off but is present and can be reglued. Tight spilt in lid and some wear spots but wood generally good. Good 50-100 BHR197
photo 6704-148 Spur auger bits in handmade box. 13 bits in tin holders inside handmade 7 inch by 12 inch hinged box. Most bits are IRWIN but a couple are RUSSELL JENNINGS and CRAFTSMAN overall clean. Good 20-40 RBN20
photo 6704-149 Lot of two boy's tool chests. A small one with green label inside that says it is No. E but no manufacturer name inside contains several small screwdrivers miniature hammers hatchet brace mallet jeweler's saw and candy hammer. Wood worn and a few stains but still has latch and hinges. And a larger 16 inch long ATF Deluxe American Tool Chest with several original tools including blue brace mitre box and few other tools like rules square both rip and keyhole saws small wrenches etc. Wood ok with some scratches and one chip at corner. Good 30-60 RBN280 283
photo 6704-150 Set of auger bits in a MILLERS FALLS box. Bits are a mixed lot 14 total plus an extra-long twist drill various sizes and makers. Box is oak 15 inch x 9 inch x 4 inch with good MF label on lid clips to hold bits in one side but missing from the other. Good 30-60 RBN55
photo 6704-151 WILLIAM CLARK patented expansive bit. Clark's 1858 patent was the first to use different sized wings that could be used to bore holes of different diameters it was later widely copied. This is a very nice example with a total of six different wings of different sizes nickel nearly intact and just marked enough to show it was used. In a nice user-made box. Good plus 40-80 MDY
photo 6704-152 Set of WHITMAN and BARNES drill bits. Set of 11 bits from one-sixteenth through three-eighth with square bit shanks for use in a brace. All marked in a good pasteboard box with faded label. Good 40-80 DOR270
photo 6704-153 Set of auger bits. 14 total different makers and not a complete set in an ingenious box with a lid that lifts up and then folds back -designed to hold a full set of 16-. Good- 20-40 BSR442
photo 6704-154 IRWIN set of auger bits. Incomplete set of 13 bits -5 7 8 9 10 12 two 14s and an unmarked small one plus the screwdriver bit- in original wooden box with 5 through 10 in top compartment and swing-out lower compartment for the larger ones. Box is worn but intact with original hardware and label faded but legible. Good 30-60 BSR431
photo 6704-155 Set of OHIO TOOL CO. plow plane cutters. Set of seven all marked by owner ends slightly spalled but clean and sharp in a felt roll. Good plus 50-100 MDY
photo 6704-156 Set of RUSSELL JENNINGS auger bit in KEEN KUTTER box. A total of 11 bits two 16s one 14 four 12s one 10 and three 6s all marked STANLEY No. 100 in addition to Jennings most near new with original waxed paper one still on cardboard card. In a box with a nice Keen Kutter decal on the inside. Good 50-100 TWR255
photo 6704-157 Lot of name stamps. 12 total different names and initials. If one of them happens to be yours you're in luck. Good 20-40 WOL632
photo 6704-158 Lot of plow plane cutters. Eight total unmarked in an old wooden box with widths marked in pencil. Good 40-80 MDY
photo 6704-159 Shaper cutter blades. 9 sets of three cutters each unmarked minor surface rust but very sharp. Good plus 40-80 LMR4
photo 6704-160 Lot of two curved drawknives. An 8 inch with a little life left wear on handles and some pitting to metal. And a 12 inch by DOUGLASS MFG CO with one handle loose recently sharpened some surface rust wear on handles. Good- 15-30 RER5
photo 6704-161 Lot of two hatchets. A PLUMB boy scout hatchet with the Be Prepared mark and 3 inch edge head and edge clean but handle worn with paint splotches. And a carpenter's hatchet by WINCHESTER with nail puller and 3-one-half inch edge light wear and scratching. Good 30-60 RUS59 73
photo 6704-162 Lot of three drawknives. Two 8 inch one is adjustable by WATROUS and CO. and other unmarked and a 7 inch one also unmarked. Wood worn surface rust. Good- 25-50 RER6
photo 6704-163 Italian hoof knife. Marked "Burdizzo Made in Italy" with 3 inch edge and 5 inch wood handle leather sheath. Some staining but still sharp. Good 30-60 DCR360
photo 6704-164 Lot of three hatchets. A COLLINS 2-one-fourth with nice 4 inch edge and light wear a KELLY AXE and TOOL CO. with 3 inch edge some staining but in nice shape and a KEEN KUTTER lathing hatchet with 50 percent nickel plating some surface rust handle has some wear and a chip at end. Good 30-60 RUS67 68 71
photo 6704-165 Burl mallet. Nicely turned handle and mallet with a 3 inch by 4 inch head made of burl. Unvarnished and never used. Good plus 25-50 MSV21
photo 6704-166 Lot of three handforged handknives. One with 5-one-half inch blade and brass base wood handle with chip at end inside leather sheath. And large and small pigstickers made from files with wood handles inside double leather sheath. Good 35-79 DCR362 380
photo 6704-167 Lot of six plane irons. 4 have chipbreakers three are marked STANLEY one is SANDUSKY and one is BUCK BROTHERS. Last one is pitted and rusty and mark hard to read. Rest are clean with light pitting and rust spots. Good 25-50 MSV78
photo 6704-168 Stone axe. 14 inch handle crudely carved from branch shaped stone head tied to handle with leather strapping. Unsure on age but looks old. Good 20-40 HAN668
photo 6704-169 Cabinetmaker's mallet. 4-one-half inch wide wood head inside brass shell 2 inch round ends stamped D.S.S. in brass on either side and 11 inch handle. Light wear and dinging. Good 30-60 MSV61
photo 6704-170 Lot of two auger tools. A bunghole auger European style and a bunghole puller with two arms that may be designed to pull bung out of the hole. Both have surface rust but no damage. Good 50-100 WOL612
photo 6704-171 STANLEY No. 85 tilt handle scraper. Type 4 with original marked cutter. Dirty but undamaged handle has worn varnish and small hang hole. Good 150-250 JBN79
photo 6704-172 Lot of three hatchets. A WARDS Master Quality with original stamped handle -loose- a STANLEY with decal on handle faded and handle a little loose and a VAUGHN miniature broadaxe ground one side with good tight original handle with user initials. Good and better 60-120 RUS123 213 252
photo 6704-173 MILLERS FALLS No. 3 hand drill. 1910 version with star trademark. Stirrup handle that looks original but may be a user modification we've never seen one before. Good 40-80 LHS0084
photo 6704-174 Lot of two archimedean drills. Both unsigned one is 9-one-half inch long jeweler's drill with boxwood head the sliding collar has a ring rather than handles. The other is 17 inches with turned beech head and sliding collar collar has a small crack both work smoothly. Good and better 80-150 LHS0079 205
photo 6704-175 Mason's tool. That's our best guess. It has a three inch long trowel shaped blade with a good horn handle and could be used to trim mortar between bricks. Good 40-80 LDZ19
photo 6704-176 Lot of three archimedean drills. A NORTH BROS. Yankee No. 50 rarest and most attractive of the Yankee drills with nickel plated sliding collar and lignum head double action an A.H. REID "Lightning" brace with original screwdriver bit and an unmarked 16 inch model with single action and turned beech head and grip. All undamaged and work smoothly. Good plus 120-200 REW414 415 416
photo 6704-177 Lot of six marking gauges. All have wood bodies and heads with locking thumbscrews one by MATHIESON has rosewood stem other makers include TYZACK and STANLEY other three are unmarked. Stanley thumbscrew broken wear and some cracks on all. Good- 30-60 JBN62-67
photo 6704-178 Lot of two mortise gauges. Ultimatum style marked LUDGATE Sheffield Made points good a few dings and wear on stem. And an unmarked one with brass thumbscrew wear a few chips and a crack in stem. Both made of rosewood. Good- and better 40-80 LDZ
photo 6704-179 Lot of two mortise gauges. Both unmarked. A rosewood one that looks similar to the Stanley No. 77 but has brass ring around thumbscrew light wear. And one with a 6 inch boxwood stem beech head ruled on half of the stem only missing one mortise pin slide controlled with small screw staining and wear. Good- and better 30-60 CLA503 504
photo 6704-180 Mortise gauge. Unmarked mahogany with brass thumbslide and diamond inlay stem and head have brass top plate. User stamps and light scratching. Good 35-70 WOL628
photo 6704-181 Marking gauge. Rosewood with brass plate on head on 10 inch stem and wooden locking thumbscrew. Some chips in wood dinging on one side of head and a crack. One screw missing and another replaced by nail. Good- 20-40 CLA338
photo 6704-182 English mortise gauge. Ebony internal screw brass plated end and two brass strips in rectangular head. Points worn almost flat but very clean. User stamps light dinging. Good 40-80 CLA506
photo 6704-183 Brass stem English mortise gauge. Solid brass stem with internal screw ebony head with brass plate points about half worn. Some dinging and moderate wear on head with paint spot. Good 35-70 WOL625
photo 6704-184 OHIO TOOL CO. panel raiser. Marked with D mark and 114 on toe cuts 3-one-half inch cutter unmarked. Age checks and a few half-moon carvings into wood behind where blade rests tote has crack at tip and may have had long ago chip rounded over. Has metal depth stop and nicker present. Good 60-120 GAN5608
photo 6704-185 JOHN BELL wide molder. Cuts 1 inch ovolo-bevel-bead profile 14 inch sole A mark triple boxed. Age checks cutter rusty and slightly spalled boxing has a few cracks and one piece missing behind cutter tote looks repaired at base some chips to tip. Good- 40-80 JCI90
photo 6704-186 Complex molder. 13-one-half inches long with offset tote unmarked except for intials TH. Side fence attached with handwrought nails cuts 3 inch lying reverse ogee-flute-flute-fillet profile. Plane looks old in construction has age checks and cracks a few chips at toe but throat in decent shape. Good 40-80 DTN327
photo 6704-187 J. COLTON panel raiser. B mark stamped 3 on heel cuts 3 inch with W. BUTCHER cutter. Age checks and a few cracks holes in top of plane above the filletster fence. Some stains and wear tote ok. Good 40-80 GAN5612
photo 6704-188 Crown molder. Unmarked cuts 5 inch lying ogee-bevel profile large rope holes at toe age checks and cracks. Cutter rusty and unmarked but has decoratively shaped top good offset tote. Side fence screwed on looks like later addition a few small chips in sole. Good 60-120 SPM630
photo 6704-189 Triple bead plane. 8-one-half inches long with unboxed triple bead pattern tag on plane said it is a washboard plane unmarked some stains and wear. Two holes holes through body likely originally for arms. Good 35-70 DTN323
photo 6704-190 Lot of seven small rounding planes. Partial set two unmarked and 4-one-half inches long others are 7 inches long and marked 3 4 5 6 8. Soles have variety of degrees of convex radii. Likely patternmaker's planes. All have initials DGA on toes. Good 30-60 HAN666
photo 6704-191 HIELDS handrail plane. See Whelan p. 373. Left handed 7 inch beech body several user stamps. MOULSON iron cut 1-three-fourth ogee-bevel. Some wear and chips to wood dinging at heel filletster fence works ok. Good 30-60 DTN326
photo 6704-192 UNION PLANE No. 37A transitional plane. Marked on the toe with Mosher's 10-22-88 patent more often found on Birmingham planes. 13 inch sole with 2-one-half inch marked cutter reglued tote. Good 40-80 REW632
photo 6704-193 STANLEY No. 37 "Jenny" plane. One of the rarer transitionals with its extra-wide sole. Type 14 third sweetheart cutter body in good shape tote may be a replacement and a little loose. Good 50-80 RRT25
photo 6704-194 BIRMINGHAM PLANE CO. transitional jack plane. Based on Hayworth's 11-7-03 patent. See PTAMPIA I figure 240. Wood super clean japanning intact original marked cutter has some pitting. A very nice example of an uncommon transitional. Good plus 60-120 REW633
photo 6704-195 Lot of four GAGE TOOL CO. self-setting planes. Four examples of the pre-Stanley Gage design. One No. 11 jack plane -16 inch- one No. 2 and two No. 4s. All in decent condition with original marked cutters and metal plates on the end of the totes intact one tote reglued. Good and better 80-150 DOR235
photo 6704-196 STANLEY No. 90 steel cased rabbet plane. Made only for 11 years from 1877-1888 this is one of Stanley's rarer planes. The wood is darkly patinated and the steel has surface corrosion and light pitting . The mouth has not been opened up as so many of them were but is in original condition. Missing its spur. Good 50-100 SAN188
photo 6704-197 STANLEY No. 21 wood bottom bench. Rarest and most collectible of the wood bottom transitionals this one is Type 8 in above average condition with good body decent sole japanning 90 percent sweetheart cutter with some light pitting. Good plus 60-100 RRT17
photo 6704-198 STANLEY No. 22 prelateral transitional smoother. Type 4 or 5 mark on toe worn to illegibility solid adjustment nut with Bailey's name J mark on cutter wood decent user names B casting mark Good 30-60 GFR223
photo 6704-199 Lot of three wooden levels. Two "O.V.B" brand from HIBBARD SPENCER and BARTLETT hardware a 26 inch No. 0 and a 30 inch No. 2 and an uncommon 24 inch by SARGENT and CO. All unbound with top plates and plumb vial surrounds. Wood worn and missing original finish but undamaged. Good 40-80 LHD Levels 2
photo 6704-200 Lot of four eclipse-style levels. A 30 inch by AKRON ECLIPSE LEVEL CO. brass tipped missing vial cover and laminations separating a 30 inch BAKER-MCMILLEN No. 0 a 30 inch brass bound made by Akron for Keen Kutter some chips and a 28 inch marked only with James' 12-20-04 patent date brass plumb surround and tips. Wood generally worn. Good 60-100 LHD Levels 1
photo 6704-201 Lot of three DISSTON levels. Two 30 inch by Disston and Morss with Morss' 1878 adjustment patent one with brass end plates and the other with brass tips and a 24 inch Disston and Sons based on the 1912 design patent. Wood worn and missing original finish but undamaged. Good 40-80 LHD Levels 3
photo 6704-202 Lot of two aluminum levels. Both 24 inch with three sets of double vials. One by PORT AUSTIN LEVEL and TOOL MFG. CO. of Port Austin MI user name and some paint splotches and one by EXACT LEVELand TOOL MFG. CO. of High Bridge NJ. Nice and clean all vials wet and original. Good plus 30-60 NCY42
photo 6704-203 Lot of two cast iron carpenter's levels. A STANLEY No. 36 cast iron level 24 inch with shafting groove. Has an unusual large precision level vial with adjustment screw through the top rail that we've never seen before. Probably a well done user modification but who knows? Could be an incredibly rare variation. Better grab it just in case. Plus a DAVIS LEVEL and TOOL CO. No. 9 24 inch with brass name plates tarnished and some paint splotches but intact. Good 50-100 ASY4 5
photo 6704-204 Lot of two STANLEY rabbeting planes. A No. 378 weatherstripping plane doesn't have the brass collars or extra depth stops original marked cutter japanning 80 percent. Plus a No. 190 rabbet Type 1 with original marked cutter "S" casting mark japanning worn. Good 120-200 LHD150
photo 6704-205 Lot of 2 STANLEY No. 39 dado planes. one-fourth inch Type 3 with sweetheart cap screw -nickel 50 percent- and uncommon seven-eighth inch Type 4 with T mark on cap screw. Japanning nearly 90 percent on both. Good plus 100-180 DOR273
photo 6704-206 STANLEY No. 43 Miller's patent plane. Type 6A two brazed repairs on fence light pitting on skate tote has chip and user name stamps. Comes with a set of cutters in a user made box which also contains the rear depth stop but no slitter. Good 75-150 LHD
photo 6704-207 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 2 japanning nearly complete no beading stop tiny chip from end of tote. Includes a set of 18 notched cutters in what looks like original box repaired and decal gone. Good plus 150-250 LHD
photo 6704-208 STANLEY No. 144 corner rounding plane. Early patent applied for type with three-eighth inch sweetheart cutter. Japanning intact metal good. Good plus 100-200 RRT86
photo 6704-209 STANLEY No. 2 bench plane. Type 6 with large "J" mark on cutter "B" casting mark small chip from end of tote good japanning some surface corrosion. Good plus 150-250 SAN68
photo 6704-210 STANLEY No. 12 scraper with toothed cutter. Type 1 with patent date on adjustment knob and no number cast into base Type 1 toothed cutter has "22 inch stamped and cut off corners. Japanning intact good wood. Fine 250-450 LHD167
photo 6704-211 STANLEY No. 112 cabinet scraper plane. Early type with low knob in decent condition japanning mostly gone tote has wear but no damage improper cutter repurposed from a different plane. Good 75-150 LEE82
photo 6704-212 Lot of two STANLEY bench planes. No. 3 and No. 4-one-half both Type 17 WWII era with stained hardwood totes and knobs 4-one-half has the hard rubber adjustment knob. Wood is worn and some paint speckles but without major damage 4-one-half tote is a little loose. Japanning good minor surface rust. Good 60-100 GRN43
photo 6704-213 Lot of two No. 4 sized bench planes. SARGENT No. 409C part of the "VBM" series good tote knob worn but intact original marked cutter metal has typical discoloration but no damage. And a KEEN KUTTER not marked with model number original cutter red mark on lever cap wood and metal both very good. Good and better 60-100 SAN130 133
photo 6704-214 Lot of two STANLEY jack planes. No. 5 Type 12 with sweetheart cutter reglued tote wood and metal otherwise good. And a Two-Tone jack part of the special promotional line made by Stanley just for the 1940-41 and 1950-51 national hardware shows brown japanning on bed fully intact yellow on frog and cap iron has a few minor chips wood and metal both fine. Good and better 80-150 RBN362 364
photo 6704-215 STANLEY No. 238 weatherstripping plane. Original one-fourth inch sweetheart cutter. Japanning nearly complete except for rear of tote. Good plus 60-120 PLH238
photo 6704-216 KEEN KUTTER No. KK130 reversible block plane. Keen Kutter's version of the Stanley No. 130 in which the blade can be reversed for bullnose work. Small chip from toe minor loss of japanning on lever cap good clean original marked cutter. Good plus 60-120 CAN182
photo 6704-217 STANLEY No. 131 reversible block plane. The adjustable version of the No. 130 with no damage to reversible adjustment mechanism. Japanning slightly worn on edge of lever cap. Sweetheart mark on cutter mildly pitted. A tough one to find. Good plus 125-250 LHS0092
photo 6704-218 STANLEY No. 95 edge trimming plane. Type 2 with sweetheart on cutter japanning 98 percent complete. Fine 80-160 LHS0017
photo 6704-219 STANLEY No. 90 steel-cased rabbet plane. Made for only 11 years and one of Stanley's rarer planes. The mouth on the left cheek has actually been cut back to the wood -not just filed as is typical - and a separate strip attached to hold it together. Also missing a screw. Good- 50-100 HNL1061
photo 6704-220 STANLEY No. 11 beltmaker's plane. Japanning about 60 percent "T" mark on cutter original beech handle is worn but undamaged. Good 60-100 SAN257
photo 6704-221 Lot of two primitive edge tools. Hay knife 21 inch long with offset handle and smith made froe with 11 inch blade and original 13 inch handle made from branch. Good and better 50-80 DCR13 226
photo 6704-222 Bung hole borer. 10 inch long manufactured but unsigned good handle. Good plus 20-40 JSW2
photo 6704-223 Carver' mallet. Good solid English oak handle mortised into head user name stamped on handle. Obviously used but no damage. Good plus 20-40 JSW3
photo 6704-224 Lot of three shell-nose augers. 1-one-half inch diameter with 15 inch shaft 1 inch diameter with 18 inch shaft marked "BRADES" and 1 inch diameter with 13 inch shaft by SORBY. Metal good handles have inactive worm especially the large one which is half eaten away. Good 30-60 CLA292 293 294
photo 6704-225 Lot of two edge tool heads. A poll-less adze head 11 inch long with 4 inch blade and some type of small pick head 4 inch long. Adze has substantial surface rust. Good 30-60 LDZ288 291
photo 6704-226 W and W FRENCH auger. 2-three-fourth inch diameter 20 inch long solid hickory handle with a couple of worm holes. French worked in the early 1800s tool is in near mint condition. Fine 40-80 DSD76
photo 6704-227 Lot of three axe handles. 13-one-half inch 19' and 21 inch. 19 inch one riddled with inactive worm holes. Good 10-20 LDZ
photo 6704-228 Lot of two hatchets. One hand forged one manufactured but unsigned with nail pulling slot. The manufactured one has a label stating that it was part of the equipment used on Adm. Peary's 1909 expedition to the North Pole. Good 40-60 LDZ280 286
photo 6704-229 Lot of two edged tools. Broad axe unsigned and probably smith made. 11 inch blade ground one side 34 inch original handle tight but with some worm surface rust edge needs honing. And a carpenter's adze with pin poll 4-one-half inch blade 25 inch loose handle looks manufactured. Good 50-80 NCY88 124
photo 6704-230 UNDERHILL framing chisel. 2 inch blade 30 inch handle with hang hole solder used to tighten blade discolored with some dings but sharp. Has leather sheath. Good 30-60 NCY19
photo 6704-231 Ice axe. Marked with an Austrian company name. Strapped head 10-one-half inch long 27 inch handle with 2-one-half inch spike wrapped in friction tape original cloth wrist strap. Good 50-100 NCY88
photo 6704-232 Lot of two edged tools. Clapboard slick with 3-one-half inch blade 24 inch long with D handle. And a heavy smith-made gouge 2 inch diameter 24 inch long solid handle. Good 40-60 LDZ294 295
photo 6704-233 Framing chisel. Smith made with twisted shaft and handle made from a branch. 26 inch long with 1-one-half inch blade. Good 20-40 DCR
photo 6704-234 Bowl adze. Unmarked 4 inch edge fairly clean with good handle. Good plus 25-50 WOL616
photo 6704-235 Open handled scorp. Freshly sharpened 4-three-fourth inch edge some pitting to metal one ferrule broken handles have some staining. Good 15-30 JPR251
photo 6704-236 Lot of two bowl adzes. One with 4-one-half inch edge and 7 inch handle other with 4 inch edge and 9 inch handle. Both unmarked with some pitting handles have wear. One with 4 inch edge looks possibly manufactured but other one has handcarved handle and looks smith made. Good 30-60 WOL615
photo 6704-237 Lot of two drawknives. A 11 inch by BEATTY and SON with the bull mark and "Chester" stamped on it light pitting but edge sharp. Handles have light wear ferrules slightly dinged. And a 10 inch by KEEN KUTTER edge needs sharpening handles have wear and stains some scratching on backside. Good 40-80 CAN96 165
photo 6704-238 Lot of two saws. A stair saw with nicely carved handle user stamps 10 inch unmarked blade held by screws and inset square nuts looks possibly craftsman made. Plus an unmarked pruning saw 9 inch edge has 4 large teeth at the end 8 inch wood handle with wear held by 3 screws. Good 30-60 SPM643 685
photo 6704-239 A. J. WILKINSON draw knife. Very clean with 10 inch edge folding handles locked with large wingnuts patent date on backside wood has some light dinging but overall in nice condition. Good plus 40-80 GFR257
photo 6704-240 Lot of two drawknives. Both 10 inch edges one by C.J. KIMBALL and other a PEXTO. Some discoloration and surface rust but edges ok handles with moderate wear but Pexto ones are cleaner. Good 30-60 GAN5575
photo 6704-241 Lot of three pad saws. All unmarked with brass ferrules. Beech boxwood and rosewood handles all have moderate wear and dinging blades have minor surface rust. Good 35-70 WOL610
photo 6704-242 Lot of three ratchet braces. STANLY No. 813G with 8 inch sweep MILLERS FALLS No. 772A with 10 inch sweep and a PECK STOW and WILCOX No. 1200 with 14 inch sweep Samson chuck and flip-out ratchet pawls. All clean and functional. Good and better, 60-120 LDZ102
photo 6704-243 TAYLOR-type brace. Faint markings on head looks like "New York" but name not legible. Steel head no wooden grip missing the spring to hold the bit in. 9 inch sweep. Good- 10-20 CLA284
photo 6704-244 HOLT bit brace. Unmarked but unmistakably Holt's 1880 patent. 8 inch sweep grip and head both look like lignum some tight cracks in head. Good 30-60 JCI74
photo 6704-245 Lot of two Sheffield braces. Both unplated and unsigned push-button chucks user names one has a nice ivory button in the head. Good 30-60 GAN5579
photo 6704-246 ROBERT MARPLES patented brace. Nice clean example of Marples' 1848 patent that introduced the sliding collar to hold the bit which would later be used by most framed braces. Plated in decent condition with no major damage stamp worn but legible mechanism works smoothly. Good plus 40-80 GAN5581
photo 6704-247 Lot of two Sheffield braces. One is plated and unsigned the other unplated and marked "SER JUNR" on the chuck pushbutton chucks. A few cracks and stains in wood one has button missing. Good 30-60 DSD19 22
photo 6704-248 JOHN S. FRAY No. 80 corner brace. Uncommon shorter version in above average condition nickel plating has some speckles red paint about 50 percent works smoothly. Good plus 50-100 VTD316
photo 6704-249 Lot of three metal braces. A MILLERS FALLS No. 732 "Holdall" with boxed ratchet Leland's universal chuck and 10 inch sweep a WORTH with open ratchet and 10 inch sweep and an unmarked non-ratcheting with Barber type chuck 6 inch sweep. First two are super clean and work smoothly third is rusty but still works. Good and better 50-100 NCY40
photo 6704-250 Lot of three metal braces. One with hexagonal body spring chuck and 9 inch sweep one with thumbscrew chuck and 8 inch sweep and a MILLERS FALLS No. 15 "Barber improved" with 4 inch sweep and McCoy's chuck. Good 45-90 UNK
photo 6704-251 Lot of two armorer's braces. Both unmarked with large wooden heads surface rust one has hole for locking screw in chuck but no screw. Good 40-60 CLA272 273
photo 6704-252 Lot of two patented braces. Nice example of Pfleghar's patented ratchet mechanism probably made by W. A. IVES 9 inch sweep retaining ring around grip damaged loss of nickel on chuck ratchet works smoothly. And a very clean example of the "Utility" brace based on Olson and Toombs' 1917 patent and manufactured by the HILL PUMP VALVE CO. of Chicago slight nickel loss. Good and better 50-100 CLA210 213
photo 6704-253 Lot of two BACKUS Draper-type braces. Quimby Backus acquired Draper's chuck patent and reworked it into this "clamshell" design with two jaws that are forced together by a cone to grip a square tang. A No. 7 -7 inch sweep- with beech head and grip worn but undamaged and a No. 8 with rosewood grip and cocobolo head. Good and better 40-80 JCI85
photo 6704-254 GOODELL-PRATT No. 83 universal ratchet handle. Early version with lignum vitae head instead of square drive it has three-fourth inch hexagonal socket. Japanning and nickel intact. Good plus 50-100 ACS118
photo 6704-255 STANLEY No. 10 prelateral rabbet plane. Type 3 with J mark on cutter plain lever cap japanning 60 percent tote has old smoothed over chip and wood has general wear. Identity notches in right cheek and hairline crack in other cheek between frog and tote. Good 100-200 LHD100
photo 6704-256 STANLEY Miller's Patent No. 41. Type 4 both fences but no filletster bottom. The locking nuts on the wraparound fence aren't original - both stamped "Pat Oct. 27 1863" and "14". Otherwise nice and clean with one cutter same user initials stamped on the cutter and the depth stop. Good plus 175-300 RRT501
photo 6704-257 STANLEY No. 50 light plow plane. Looks to be a later Type 2 as it has japanned body but slotted fence screws are nickel plated. Japanning 70 percent one of the spurs in body broken has later type cutter set with 15 cutters inside wood box no notches on cutters. Good 100-200 LHD170
photo 6704-258 STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Type 2 has regular cutter with block Stanley mark and older toothed cutter with semicircle mark and 32 stamped below it. Handles have light wear japanning 80 percent S casting mark in bed. User stamps on cheeks. Good 30-60 LHD168
photo 6704-259 Chisel edge plane. Cast "No. 97" in bed in front of bulbous knob and looks like it may have been made out of a larger plane modern replacement cap screw. Decently made and would likely work nicely for smaller jobs. Good 30-60 HNL322
photo 6704-260 Reproduction Stanley No. 1 plane. Someone meticulously tried to recreate a No. 1 using what looks like an original body as it has a B casting mark behind frog but everything else including frog are fairly convincing reproductions at first glance. Chip from tote and what looks like brown paint at base knob is detached and needs a bolt. Good- 100-200 HNL39
photo 6704-261 AMOS KINDRED or METALLIC PLANE CO. block plane. By all accounts this looks like the block planes manufactured by METALLIC PLANE CO. including an Excelsior iron but Kindred was selling nearly identical planes shortly after Metallic Plane Co. ceased operations. According to PTAMPIA I page 155 Kindred likely purchased existing inventory from Metallic at their closing and examples of Kindred's planes had the front rib ground down. This particular plane has its front cheek edges slightly cut down and could either be an example of Kindred's tinkering or a user-modified a Metallic Plane Co. example. Wedge looks like a replacement japanning 65 percent 5-one-half inch long body with 1-one-half inch cutter light pitting to body. Good- 50-100 RRT55
photo 6704-262 STANLEY No. 144-one-half corner rounding plane. one-half inch size with Sweetheart cutter later type with patent date japanning nearly complete. Nice and clean. Good plus 100-200 RRT87
photo 6704-263 User made infill plane. Brass body with what looks like mahogany infill crudely cut behind frog simple iron bar holds the repurposed Stanley cutter and wood wedge. Good- 25-50 JBN
photo 6704-264 STANLEY No. 46 skew plane. Type 10 missing depth stops and slitter nickel worn chip from rim around depth stop screw hole on main body one cutter. Good- 50-100 JRI1063
photo 6704-265 FULTON combination plane. Fulton was a line made by SARGENT for Sears and Roebuck. This one's nice and clean nickel nearly intact but one small chip from the tote horn. One cutter slitter and depth stops. Good 60-120 JRI780
photo 6704-266 CRAFTSMAN combination plane. Version of the No. 45 made for Craftsman mild rusting on rods no cutters. Good 50-100 CLA774
photo 6704-267 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 4 nickel worn missing beading stop and cutter good tote and knob one cutter. Good 50-100 LHS0108
photo 6704-268 STANLEY No. 46 skew plane. Type 2. Missing the depth stop on the skate and the detachable guard plate but has the usually missing wraparound depth stop major chip from top horn of tote includes seven cutters pitted. Good 100-200 JBN1
photo 6704-269 STANLEY No. 50 light plow plane. Pre-adjustment nickel plated type. Nickel worn but not peeling one cutter. Good 60-120 JBN48
photo 6704-270 STANLEY No. 18 block plane. Sweetheart mark on lever cap with 90 percent plating sweetheart cutter japanning 95 percent good throat very light surface rust on cheeks spot or two of paint. Good 30-60 RRT22
photo 6704-271 STANLEY No. 140 skew block and rabbet plane. Side can be detached to convert to a rabbet plane. Nickel 70 percent on cap semicircle mark on cutter japanning 90 percent. Some scratching to sole small tight crack at base of knob discoloration on cheeks. Good 35-70 RRT21
photo 6704-272 STANLEY No. 9-three-fourth tailed block plane. Looks like an early type but has well-made replacement lateral adjuster with open circular frame and a nickel-plated B-Plane cutter. Rust on cheeks throat good. Japanning 80 percent but only traces on fork of tail knob wood good with light wear. Good- 60-120 HNL1152
photo 6704-273 BIRMINGHAM PLANE CO. block plane. The somewhat rare non-adjustable 7" version of Birmingham's squirrel-tailed block. PTAMPIA I Figure 237a. Looks like it was painted red at some point then repainted black cutter unmarked with not much life left. Light pitting on sole. Good- 60-120 HNL1147
photo 6704-274 Lot of two CHAPLIN patent adjustable block planes. Both made by TOWER and LYON one is 7-three-eighth inch long with 2 inch cutter nickel plating on cap 80 percent japanning good 2 inch cutter marked with Chaplin's patent surface rust on cheeks. The other is a No. 20 6-one-half inches long also marked with Chaplin's patent throat has small chip and small chip in one cheek. Japanning near complete and may be retouched. Good 50-100 REW1166 1170
photo 6704-275 Core box plane. Looks European 3 inch and 2 inch sides with two wood knobs brass thumbscrew holds cutter. Painted red at some point which got on cutter and knobs white paint spot on sole as well some surface rust. Good 30-60 HEN124
photo 6704-276 Lot of three small planes. A STANLEY No. 101 block plane black and red enamel type original cutter very clean. A VERITAS blind nailer and another unsigned block plane about the size of the 101 but made of sheet metal. Good and better 40-80 HEN818
photo 6704-277 Block plane. Unmarked 5" sole with replaced wingnut holding cap and cutter japanning good. Good- 5-10 HEN317
photo 6704-278 Lot of four miniature tools. Two handled rabbets with black plastic disc handles by COLLINS TOOL CO. one brass rabbet 1-one-fourth" long and one wooden D router. Good 60-120 HNL
photo 6704-279 STANLEY veneer scraper handle. Light wear and a few stains but no major damage likely originally from a No. 12 scraper. Good 15-30 LHD169
photo 6704-280 Lot of two VERITAS tools IOB. A cabinet scraper with light use and a few small rust spots on sole clean in good box with original wrapping. 70 dollars new. And a miniature router also with small amount of rust on sole but looks unused in original hinged box with sleeve. 40 dollars new. Good 40-80 RML222 228
photo 6704-281 STANLEY RB10 rabbet plane IOB. Vintage and barely used. Cast No. 12-100 and Made in England behind frog and box has German and English writing. Iron body with plastic tote knob and frog. 9-one-half inch sole. Has 4 disposable blades inside cartridge that pulls out of tote plus one more in the throat. Box has wear and light damage. Good plus 30-60 JCI126
photo 6704-282 EMIR jack plane. Sometimes called a technical jack plane due to its smaller size. 14 inch razee body made of beech 1-three-fourth inch HILDICK cutter. Clean and looks unused. Plain pasteboard box with a few split seams in lid. Good plus 40-80 GAN5592
photo 6704-283 Lot of two STANLEY tools. A No. 743 breast drill IOB near mint with blue gear drive all parts present in original box with brown paper. One side of box missing so no label light wear. And a No. 72 double arm marking gauge notched rectangle mark good point light wear. Good 30-60 LWN3 10
photo 6704-284 Lot of two beech bodied MARPLES planes IOB. A No. 2791 14 inch razee jack sometimes called a technical jack due to its smaller size. 2 inch cutter 95 percent original decal on cheek green paint on sole but looks barely used with a little staining on tote. Box lid tattered but has decal on top no label. And a No. 2690 smoothing plane 11-one-fourth inch sole with 2 inch cutter light wear. Box has hole in lid corner staining in bottom label 90 percent. Good plus 40-80 GAN5590 5591
photo 6704-285 Lot of three STANLEY 150 year anniversary tools. In 1993 as part of the 150th anniversary of The Stanley Works Stanley issued a series of special commemorative tools in numbered sets. This is the marking gauge try square and level all in boxes with light wear but tools near mint. Good plus 40-80 DOR248 DOR249
photo 6704-286 STANLEY No. 92 rabbet plane IOB. English version dead mint in fully intact box. Mint 50-100 BES14
photo 6704-287 Lot of three STARRETT combination square heads IOB. H33-6 and H33-1224 square heads and a C11-1224 center head. All have black staining on lids labels ok tools clean and look unused. Good plus 50-100 HAN625
photo 6704-288 MARPLES No. 6808 junior mitre cutter. Clean and looks barely used good green and red japanning inside lightly worn box with original instructions stained. Fine 30-60 LHS193
photo 6704-289 Farrier's buttress. 2-one-half inch by 3 inch head large turned handle with large crack down one side otherwise clean. Well made. Good 40-80 UNK
photo 6704-290 KEEN KUTTER hand scraper. Cutter held with large wingnut cast with number 2 on side a little under 2 inches of life left on cutter that has angled edge. Handle has most of black paint worn. Good 20-40 LHS178
photo 6704-291 Lot of three hammers. A small ball peen hammer marked 78 clean. An all-metal tack hammer looks hand forged and well made. And a MATTHEWS marking hammer with knurled removable end that allows for changing of the stamps and flat end on other side. Currently has stamp with one-fourth inch letter R with numbers inside it. One side of body says "To Reorder Specify No. RR-2." Good 30-60 JCI73 79
photo 6704-292 Lot of MARPLES tapered reamers. 6 total all but one marked 1-one-fourth inch to five-eighth inch in width. Some spots of rust but all still sharp. Good 35-70 UNK
photo 6704-293 Lot of miscellaneous plow plane cutters. Seven total. Two by JAMES CAM two by MOSELEY and rest by SORBY TILLOTSON and HILDICK. Numbered 1 through 8 missing 3 and 6 two are 4s and one has small chip on edge. Light pitting on most. Plus extra dado nicker blade one-fourth inch MATHIESON tongue plane cutter and three-sixteenth inch cutter. Good 30-60 JBN61
photo 6704-294 Combination plane cutters. All but 5 are marked RECORD includes 12 hollow and round cutters 8 reeding cutters and two sash cutters. In two handmade wood cutter boxes. Good plus 45-90 PTL43
photo 6704-295 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Plating worn on handles rosewood sole looks like replacement and rough on one edge. Cutter has about 50 percent of original decal. Good 30-60 SAN268
photo 6704-296 STANLEY No. 69 one handed beader. Patent date on cutter cap plating 70 percent handle worn with a couple stains has rust straight-edge cutter in it. Good 50-100 SPM835
photo 6704-297 STEIGER cooper shave. Cutter held by plate locked with thumbscrews straight handles and one looks like replaced wood a couple nicks on edge of plate Steiger and 4-3-66 patent date cast into body. Crack at top of cutter. Good- 25-50 SPM813
photo 6704-298 BIRMINGHAM PLANE CO. spokeshave. Unmarked example of George Mosher's patented spokeshave that is typically manufactured by Birmingham Plane Co. flat sole. Has about 50 percent japanning light pitting spots on cutter small chip or casting flaw on cap. Good 30-60 JCI69
photo 6704-299 GOODELL-PRATT No. 37 spokeshave. Unmarked but looks like the one on pg. 174 of Lamond but japanned and with plain cap screw. 70 percent japanning cutter clean throat widened. Good 25-50 LHS206
photo 6704-300 A.A. WOOD and SON CO. No. 1 spokeshave. Early model with pointed handles see Lamond Figure 7-9 -bottom-. Marked with number 1 and The A.A.W. and S. Co. Patented on backside. 60 percent japanning a few nicks in throat. Good 40-80 JCI68
photo 6704-301 STANLEY No. 68 rabbeting spokeshave. One of Stanley's less common shaves designed to cut rabbets. Vee mark on cutter japanning 80 percent and retouched with some scratching on underside. Good 50-100 JCI71
photo 6704-302 CINCINNATI TOOL CO. spokeshave. No. 388 see Lamond 8-29 -top-. Traces of japanning pitting on HARGRAVE cutter hanghole. Good 40-80 UNK
photo 6704-303 Heel shave. Unmarked with brass plate cutter worn and needs honing traces of japanning surface rust. Good- 20-40 PTL50
photo 6704-304 STANLEY No. 53 spokeshave. Body unmarked sharp cutter marked with early semi-circular trademark. Japanning about 50 percent. Good 25-50 PTL60
photo 6704-305 STANLEY No. 67 universal spoke shave. One bottom no fence cutter marked. Wood fine nickel 70 percent. L and R stamped on handles and body. Good 30-60 RRT35
photo 6704-306 P. HAYDEN and CO screw-arm plow plane. Unhandled beech body with boxwood nuts and washer rings in between outer nuts and plane body depth stop locked with wooden thumbscrew in right cheek stamped with number 10 in throat behind BUTCHER cutter. B1 mark -2 stars- also marked WHITMORE and WOLFF which is a 3-star Pittsburgh hardware dealer. Threads have moderate chipping a few cracks and chips in nuts and washers have chips. Stain behind cutter and some chips to boxing on fence wedge a bit chewed and some cracks in front of wedge from being jammed in too hard a few times. Good- 50-100 LHS102
photo 6704-307 L. CASE screw-arm plow plane. B1 mark -2 stars- on unhandled rosewood body and fence ebony nuts boxwood shoulders. Brass lined skate and locking depth stop thumbscrew GREAVES cutter. Light chipping on threads nuts have a few dings some chips on fence and small cracks at heel and toe where skate meets the body dinging on toe. Unfortunately one of the shoulders has large repaired crack through it. Good- 50-100 GFR14
photo 6704-308 J. DENISON boxwood plow plane. Unhandled C mark -2 stars- fully boxwood brass lined skate and locking depth stop thumbscrew HALL CASE and CO cutter. Has chips on nuts dinging and chips on arms checks throughout body some large and some light chewing on one spot of cheek. Chips on fence pitting to metal. Good- 40-80 GAN173
photo 6704-309 T. TURNER screw-arm sash filletster. Beech with boxwood nuts and shoulder boxed sole. Slight overall dinging a couple of tiny chips in threads boxing a little separated. Uncommon second brass depth stop on right side of sole in addition to the usual one. Turner's bottle mark. Good 60-120 GAN5128
photo 6704-310 T.J. GARNER screw-arm sash filletster. Beech with boxwood nuts and full face boxwood sole double dovetailed. Fancy turned finials one has small chip wood is otherwise fine with threads near perfect. Good plus 60-120 GAN5127
photo 6704-311 MACKAY BURLEY and HEYS wedge-arm sash filletster. Beech with shoulder boxed sole diamond shaped brass inlay on shoulders and brass tips on arms. Some dings and light scratching wedge a little chewed. Dings on heel. Good 35-70 LHS107
photo 6704-312 R. PIPER jointer plane. Rufus Piper was a early 19th century maker in Dublin NH and is rated 4 stars in AWP. This is the B mark on a 24 inch long beech body with 2-one-fourth inch JAMES CAM cutter tote also made of beech with burl at top and on tip and looks reglued at base into the body. Some staining wear to lacquer and a large chip on front right corner. Good- 45-70 GAN5602
photo 6704-313 E. SMITH jointer plane. 30 inch beech body B mark on toe. Handle stained darker with dovetailed tip repair and diamond button in front of it that matches one in the front near toe crack near base. Scratching and age checks one large scratch on sole and two chips in sole at toe. Good- 20-40 GAN5601
photo 6704-314 Lot of two planes. A 22 inch jack plane and a 26 inch jointer razee bodies both unmarked but extremely similar in make with highly worn front buttons both with rosewood wedges and ebony totes secured with same brass washer and screw combination. Wedges have some wear and chipping totes also have several chips especially at tips age checks. Jack plane has crack at top of throat where wedge meets and a few wear chips to wood on both. Good- 35-70 GAN5598
photo 6704-315 Lot of two rabbet planes. A 24 inch long skew rabbet with double nickers by THOS. APPLETON 2-five-eighth inch cutter two wood plugs in left cheeks behind cutter and wedge. And a 22 inch rabbet by A. CUMINGS 1 inch cutter wear to wood and a few chips. Good 30-60 CLA
photo 6704-316 Lot of two mahogany bodied planes. A 22 inch jack plane by S. GRAY with very nice mahogany tote that could be a well-made replacement wedge looks like rosewood good strike button. 2-one-half inch BUTCHER cutter with rust at top but edge recently sharpened a few chips in sole at toe and heel. And a 29 inch jointer in a little rougher shape with stains on sole and top of body handle is replacement that is not screwed into body but has screw holes wedge also replacement throat has been crudely widened. 2-one-fourth ACIER cutter large iron strike button. Still quite a hefty chunk of mahogany. Good- and better 50-100 GAN5599 5600
photo 6704-317 HILLS and WINSHIP sash plane. Also has stamp for HORNOR and SON a hardware dealer in Philadelphia. Nicely made with boxing on both sides one is hammerhead type boxing. Chips in threads crack in toe near boxing unfortunately missing both cutters. Fair 20-40 PTL115
photo 6704-318 JOH. WEISS and SOHN hollow planes. Nine total in widths marked 6 mm to 30 mm on heels which roughly translates from one-fourth inch to 1-one-fourth inch. Plus a three-fourth inch side hollow. All with very light wear and clean. Good plus 45-90 CLA178-187
photo 6704-319 P. CHAPIN moving filletster plane. Balto mark 1-five-eighth BUTCHER cutter. Brass depth stop slitter looks like later addition and cut down from larger piece end of fence screws protruding out top of shoulder some staining and dings at heel. Good 30-60 ESY147
photo 6704-320 JOH. WEISS and SOHN sash plane. Internal nuts threads have a few chips age checks and a few tight cracks but overall in decent shape. Good 25-50 NHF7
photo 6704-321 Lot of five saws. A DISSTON crosscut 26 inch 8 tpi an E.C. ATKINS crosscut 26 inch 11 tpi much sharpened with cracks in handle a SIMONDS rip 24 inch 7 tpi and two keyholes by DISSTON and ATKINS. Etches mostly illegible handles worn but undamaged except as noted. Good 25-50 OVR12 13 17 326
photo 6704-322 Lot of two timber saws. Both 26 inch long one with "M" tooth pattern the other a compound tooth pattern we don't recognize both have the word "Patent" cast into the heads of each screw but otherwise unmarked crack in handle of one. Good 20-30 CLA653 654
photo 6704-323 Lot of four saw handles. One DISSTON with thumb groove screw repair one unmarked and two with for exchangeable blades. Good 20-30 BFS245
photo 6704-324 Lot of two stair saws. Both unsigned one with 6 inch blade the other 6-three-fourth inch with applied fence. Good 20-30 DSD11 39
photo 6704-325 Lot of four keyhole saws. All unsigned one has elaborate sculpted handle one with London-style handle and split nuts one pad saw with turned mahogany handle and teeth worn flat. Good 30-60 LDZ181 185 186
photo 6704-326 Lot of two dovetail saws. One by WINGFIELD of Sheffield 8 inch with split nuts split in upper horn and a handled saw by HAZELTON of London 6 inch with turned handle. Good 30-50 CLA754 755
photo 6704-327 DISSTON butcher saw. Produced by a partnership between Henry and Charles Disston that operated from 1865 to 1895 and marked both "C. DISSTON" and "H. DISSTON and SONS". 17 inch blade with 6 inch cherry handle intended for use in butcher shops. Some light pitting and rust on frame and blade hande has a few small chips on horns but overall good. Good 40-80 OVR351
photo 6704-328 Lot of two bowsaws. Both unmarked. One has curved 30 inch by 24 inch frame made from one piece of wood and reinforced metal shoulders with cross bar containing metal tightener. Large toothed 28 inch blade screws to hold blade in place missing. Plus one with square 25 inch by 16 inch frame tension bar locked with wingnut on one side some wear and staining to wood 19 inch blade with 10 tpi. Good 30-60 NHF403 404
photo 6704-329 Bowsaw. 16 inch by 16 inch frame made of what looks like boxwood with oak crossbar 11 inch blade metal wire tensioner with round toggle. Nicely turned handles have brass ferrules. Unmarked but well made. Good plus 25-50 ESY
photo 6704-330 HENRY DISSTON and SONS two man saw. 3 foot frame stamped with the Disston and Sons semicircle mark with Phila U.S.A. beneath with 33 inch rip saw blade also marked Disston. Wood handles on either end held with brass nuts. Light wear on handles and some discoloration to metal which looks cleaned but in decent shape. Good 50-100 RRT791
photo 6704-331 Brass framed hacksaw. 11 inch decorative cast brass frame with user initials stamped wood handle looks recently lacquered has 9 inch KEEN KUTTER blade held with large wingnut. Good 30-60 RRT779
photo 6704-332 Lot of four Japanese saws. Three double-edged one single edged. One has sheath with Japanese characters three stamped with characters. Some rust and wear on three one is super clean. Good 30-60 MSV33
photo 6704-333 Wide ALBERTSON drawknife. 25 inch wide overall with 12 inch blade good solid wooden handles. Marked ALBERTSON PO'KEEPSIE the Albertson is faint. Typical surface rust for age but blade sharp and clean. Good plus 50-100 LDZ297
photo 6704-334 Long turnscrew. 26-one-half inch ornate blade made from file brass ferule has split in it. Good 20-40 DGO5
photo 6704-335 Lot of two tools. Smith made drawknife 15-one-half inch blade original wooden handles some splits but solid plus we're throwing in a crate opening hammer with split handle wrapped in friction tape. Good- and better. 40-80 EDM4
photo 6704-336 Lot of two drawknives. A W. BRADLEY No. 12 with 12 inch blade and G.I. MIX and CO. YALE NO. 1 EX with 8 inch blade. Handles worn but intact surface corrosion but blades very sharp. Good 50-100 MCY14
photo 6704-337 Lot of two drawknives. One smith made with 13 inch blade and nice turned handles and a rare example of Jennings' 1905 patent folding handles 8 inch blade super clean. Good and better 50-100 OVR298
photo 6704-338 Lot of two folding handle drawknives. One by A.J.WILKINSON with 7 inch blade with handles based on Young's 1895 patent joints a little sloppy. And a JAMES SWAN No. 8 marked with Swan's 1888 patent although it doesn't look like it. Small chips in blade that could be easily honed out but nice and clean. Good 50-100 HAN618
photo 6704-339 Drawknife. 4 inch blade offset handles one worn. Not marked but manufactured and looks familiar. Sharp blade. Good 20-40 UNK
photo 6704-340 Lot of twist tools. Two hand augers one 15 inch with flat ended bit and three gimlets. Good and better 25-50 AED52
photo 6704-341 Double claw hammer. Not marked and we're not sure who made it but there are a handful of examples out there. Unicast body with top claw and smaller bottom claw that sits almost flush to handle. Well used but intact original handle with some paint spots a little loose. Good 60-120 PDM2
photo 6704-342 CUNEEN adjustable hack saw. Seriously gizmoish design patented in 1924 and manufactured by Peter Cuneen of New Rochelle NY. The patent describes too many adjustments to list. Bakelite handle with the patents and "QUAD" cast in. Some spots of surface rust. Good 30-60 PDM10
photo 6704-343 Set of three GMC MFG. CO. Metal hammers. All 8 inch long with metal loop handles and marked by GMC. One ball peen and two tack one with cross and one round peen. Good 30-50 DOR257
photo 6704-344 Lot of five hammers. An OSBORNE tack hammer a dinging hammer an OAK LEAF brick hammer and two small hammers one with loose handle. All at least good. Good and better. 30-50 NW318 982 984 1563 1541
photo 6704-345 Lot of four hammers. Two tack hammers one with nail puller on end the other by OSBORNE with puller missing and two metal working hammers one with loose handle. All at least good. Good and better 30-50 NCY36
photo 6704-346 Lot of two snow knockers. Both look smith made one with snap hook on end missing spring. Good 10-20 UNK
photo 6704-347 Lot of two hammers. A STANLEY metalworking hammer and a TRUE TEMPER No. 10B brick hammer. Nice and clean with original handles. Good plus 25-50 DEN71 73
photo 6704-348 Old strapped claw hammer. Unmarked nice and clean original handle. Good plus 15-30 HAN652
photo 6704-349 Lot of two hammers. A BURKLYN farrier's hammer missing its brass end and an unmarked ballpeen. Good 10-20 NCY45
photo 6704-350 Lot of two metalworker bumping hammers. Both unmarked one with beryllium head good tight original handles. Good plus 20-40 DEN66 72
photo 6704-351 Lot of two primitive tools. A hammer carved from a burl with the burl making up the head 16 inch and a scraper with a 5 inch wide metal blade embedded in a carved wooden handle. Good 20-40 BSR
photo 6704-352 Patented shave. Clearly manufactured and marked "patented" but not otherwise marked. Possibly a leatherworking tool. A 14 inch square wooden handle with the blade held by two large wingnuts. Good 30-50 JRI1308
photo 6704-353 User made rope maker. Two wooden blocks one has a handle and is rotated to twist four strands into a rope. 16 inch x 7 inch. Good 20-40 DGO10
photo 6704-354 Smith made bark spud. Loop type handle 19 inch long blade 2 inch across. Surface rust but undamaged. Good 20-40 LDZ319
photo 6704-355 Lot of three tools. A coal hammer ball peen head face spalled marked "N.Y.C.L" and "LN160" a waffle-faced hammer and a small hand adz. All have surface rust but undamaged with tight original handles. Good 30-50 DEN104 115
photo 6704-356 STANLEY 100 Plus hammer. Manufactured by Stanley to celebrate 100 years and advertised as the "Aristocrat of Hammers." Feels like about 14 oz. Nice and clean with original handle and most of original decal. Good plus 15-30 JCI72
photo 6704-357 Lot of two tack hammers. A C.S. OSBORNE No. 5 and a German-made No. 3. Both in good condition with wooden handles the Osborne handle has a couple of cracks. Good and better 30-50 DGO9
photo 6704-358 Lot of two log marking hammer heads. Both look smith-made one has a "7" on both heads the other has "P" and "R". Good 15-30 JCI99
photo 6704-359 Cooper's adze. Appears manufactured and has a name on it but too worn to read. Good solid original 5 inch handle. Good 20-40 EMN43
photo 6704-360 Lot of magazine advertisements. 17 or so magazine advertisements from Saturday Evening Post McClure's and Literary Digest. Ads feature STANLEY and FOURSQUARE KEEN KUTTER ATKINS STILLSON wrenches BLACK and DECKER GOODELL-PRATT YANKEE TOOLS and HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER and CO. Some have water damage but most are clean and in plastic sleeves. Also includes an ATKINS Saw Sense brochure with light wear and a 1991 STARRETT catalog. Good and better 100-200 CAN
photo 6704-361 Lot of catalogs. Two BROWN and SHARPE Catalogs No. 34 from 1941 one new in original shipping box with label and postage and one with some foxing of pages and wear and stains on cover. STANLEY Catalog No. 34 from 1941 lightly worn with a few pencil marks. MILLERS FALLS and GOODELL-PRATT Catalog No. 42 from 1938 clean and barely used. A STARRETT 50th anniversary catalog from 1900 in nice shape with light wear to cover. And a Stanley "Do It Better" Catalog No. 55A from 1955 light wear and a few stains. Good and better 100-200 CAN138 146 148 149
photo 6704-362 Lot of books. The Stanley Plane by Sellens 1984 hardcover with some light wear and staining on dustjacket. Tools of the Trade - The Art and Craft of Carpentry by Jeff Taylor 1996 hardcover in fine condition. Chisels Chissels Chizzels by Ol' Jim Bassett 2009 paperback clean. The Sargent Tool Book 1911 catalog reprinted by M-WTCA in good shape. And the 1997 Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide by Dave Heckel gently used. Good and better 60-120 TWR22
photo 6704-363 Lot of STANLEY TOOLS pocket guides. 1994 1997-2001 and 2003 guides 7 total in varying conditions with some having covers taped and pages bent and torn but a couple in decent shape some pencil on pages and writing in notes. Good- and better 30-60 TWR26
photo 6704-364 Lot of two books. Boxwood and Ivory by Philip E. Stanley 1984 first printing hardcover some yellowing of a couple pages and dustjacket has a few tears but overall in good shape. And Wooden Plow Planes by Rosebrook and Fisher 2003 hardcover clean with a little wear to dustjacket. Good 50-100 TWR29
photo 6704-365 Lot of Eric Sloane books. A Museum of Early American Tools Recollections in Black and White Folklore of American Weather Eighty-An American Souvenir Americana 3 book set and I Remember America. All have some wear and light tearing on covers a few have stains on pages. Americana set outer holder is coming apart. Folklore Eighty and I Remember America are first editions. Good- 40-80 SAN13
photo 6704-366 MARPLES Catalog and Price List. 1938 catalog and 1909 price list reprint by M-WTCA. Catalog has yellowing of pages but in decent shape some wear to cover. Good 75-150 PLH3038
photo 6704-367 With Hammer in Hand. First printing 1968 hardcover no dustjacket autographed by the author. Was previously a library book with card in back cover some writing on inside and outside front cover but nothing obnoxious some light wear especially to cover but pages generally good. Good 40-80 THF33
photo 6704-368 Lot of four books. Two by Kenneth Roberts Tools for the Trades and Crafts and Planemakers and Other Edge Tool Enterprises in the New York State in the Nineteenth Century both hardcover first printings and in gently used condition. Plus Woodworking Planes by Alvin Sellens 1978 hardcover moderately used with some damage to dust jacket writing on bottom of book but pages generally good and the 1973 Tools from the Pacific Northwest Collections hardcover in good shape. Good and better 30-60 BFS157 165 167 173
photo 6704-369 Lot of two PTAMPIA books. Second edition of Volume I and First Edition of Volume II. Cover on Vol. I is worn with some scratching and a few small tears pages good. Vol. II clean with light wear. Good and better 100-200 PTL83 84
photo 6704-370 Lot of catalogs. Five STANLEY No. 34 catalogs from 1926 1927 1936 1939 and a 1985 reprint of the 1915 catalog. Original catalogs have some staining and wear to covers pages yellowed. Plus three original STANLEY brochures with some moderate damage and wear and some reprint brochures for Stanley Ohio Tools Diamond Edge Winchester. Good- and better 75-150 VTO52 56
photo 6704-371 Lot of 2 BUCKEYE mowers brochures. Two styles of brochures full of photos of horse-drawn mowers tedders and other farm equipment. Buckeye was a trade name of Richardson Manufacturing of Worcester MA and these come from their New Hampshire agent. Some wear especially on spines. Good 25-50 PLH
photo 6704-372 Dealer's lot of decorative honing steels. 12 total most very clean with a couple having some rust. Handles made of wood including three rosewood a couple painted black aluminum bone and one that looks like pearl. As is no returns. Good and better 75-150 DST817 808 809 824 825 829 830 832 833 835 836
photo 6704-373 Dealer's lot of hand drills. STANLEYs including a No. 610 100 Plus and No. 1221 MILLERS FALLS including No. 77 No. 2500C and No. 77A GOODELL-PRATT No. 1 and No. 655 a CONSOLIDATED TOOL WORKS Pilot No. 55 a PEXTO and one marked only Made in USA. The G-P No. 1 has a few bits in head most have some wear a couple very clean. One or two have loose handles and one or two might have need minor repair. As is no returns. Good- and better 40-80 VTD1 7 8 11 12 14 15 18 30
photo 6704-374 Dealer's lot of chisels . About 30 or so total makers include WITHERBY JENNINGS BUCK STANLEY MARPLES in just about any every width you'd want with most having some surface rust and wear to handles most edges ok. A file or lathing tool thrown in plus a small one handed scorp. As is no returns. Good- and better 60-120 SSA
photo 6704-375 Dealer's lot of files and rasps. About 10 large files and at least 30 small ones in flat round triangle shapes a couple have handles but most undhandled. Most have surface rust majority look unused or barely used. As is no returns. Good- and better 40-80 NCY