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The Fine Tool Journal is the single most comprehensive resource on hand tools available in the world!

Share the fascination of learning about hand tools - their history, their use, their beauty, their value.tool banner ad

6403roughdraftWhether you collect hand tools, use them, or just study their history, let Fine Tool Journal help expand your enjoyment horizon. Power tools have their place, but hand tools keep you in touch with the sense of the wood, and the tradition and history of the craft.

Our sole purpose is to spread knowledge of hand tools of all trades and crafts, with the primary focus on woodworking.

Join a world-class group of editors and authors in the pleasant pursuit of hand tool knowledge by subscribing to Fine Tool Journal.

Fine Tool Journal provides our readers with real value and coverage of the topics and trends that are requested most often, including:

  • Fascinating features on the evaluation of modern hand tools
  • Special offerings of tools and books that represent significant savings
  • Insightful, historical perspectives for the collector and student of hand tools and hand methods
  • How-To articles on fine-tuning new and old tools, restoring old tools, and making your own tools
  • Feature stories about collectible and antique tools of interest to both collector and craftsman
  • Absentee Tool Auction - a popular favorite
  • Articles spotlighting modern tool makers and their products
  • Calendar of Upcoming Events of particular interest to collectors and craftsmen
  • Book reviews, and books for sale at substantial savings
  • Unusual and high quality hand tools for sale: antique, obsolete and modern

For over three decades, hand tool enthusiasts all over the world have avidly read each issue of "Fine Tool Journal" from cover to cover. We've packed every issue with valuable and enlightening information, including independent evaluations of modern hand tools, tips for fine-tuning tools for best performance, historical information for collectors, coming events of interest to tool nuts, book reviews - and much, much more!

We'd like to share parts of the kind letters that two of our happy subscribers sent to us:

"I have read over 300 issues of 11 publications, and none can match "Fine Tool Journal" for historical research and interest in fine tools of a bygone era." David Jordan, Infodex Services, Richmond, VA

"Please renew my subscription to the "Fine Tool Journal" for another year. I certainly like the new format and the articles written by your new writers. Keep up your good work." John H. Wilson Spartanburg, SC

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