Fine Tool Journal Here comes my RSS info 2021-04-20T06:42:53+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 7002-375 2021-01-06T10:58:00+01:00 2021-01-06T10:58:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9227/7002-375 * 7002-375. ECE smoother plane. Blade marked Secundus Expert No. 1605, 9-1/2" sole, super clean and looks never used. Fine 30-60 7002-374 2021-01-06T10:59:00+01:00 2021-01-06T10:59:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9226/7002-374 7002-374. Pump log plane. 16" long, center tote, 2-1/4" ISAAC GREAVES cutter is spalled on end, wedge missing one pointed end, apprentice hole at toe, attached fence on left cheek. Moderate wear to wood, tip of tote chipped off, three hang holes in right cheek, some staining. Good- 50-100 7002-373 2021-01-06T11:00:00+01:00 2021-01-06T11:00:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9225/7002-373 7002-373. 18th century style ogee molder. Unmarked but has wide chamfers on heel and toe, center open tote is early style, 14" long, looks like beech, early style BUTCHER iron cuts 2-1/4" ogee bevel. Large apprentice hole at toe, inactive worm and has open knot grain at front 1/3 of plane which is unusual. Some age checks. Initials on toe inside square look like ML. Good 80-160 7002-372 2021-01-06T11:01:00+01:00 2021-01-06T11:01:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9224/7002-372 7002-372. J. FOSTER coffin plane. B mark in AWP, Foster was a cabinetmaker in Boston from 1795-1800. 9-1/2" long body, 2" Moulson Bros cutter, some dinging to wood and scratching on sole, mild age checks, in decent shape for its age. Good 75-150 7002-371 2021-01-06T11:02:00+01:00 2021-01-06T11:02:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9223/7002-371 7002-371. D. HEISS pump log plane. 13-1/2" long, 2-1/2" wide, beech, open offset handle and wide chamfers at toe and heel, apprentice hole at toe, left cheek has three plugged holes, wear to lacquer and a few chips including one in what looks like knot in the grain, user names on heel and toe. This is the A mark (4 stars), Heiss was a carpenter and plane maker in Lancaster, PA, in the late 18th century. Good 200-400 7002-370 2021-01-06T11:03:00+01:00 2021-01-06T11:03:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9222/7002-370 7002-370. BUTLER nosing plane. Butler was a Philadelphia plane maker from 1791-1835 and this is his D mark (3 stars). Plane is 13" long, centered open tote is likely a replacement, slight chamfers at toe, cuts 1-1/2" with BUTCHER cutter. Has two hangoles in left cheek, user name stamped largely several times, some age checks and dinging but decent for its age. Good 100-200 7002-290 2021-01-06T12:23:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:23:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9092/7002-290 * 7002-290. Panel raising plane. Unmarked on toe so likely user made, 9" sole, WILLIAM OAKES skewed blade cuts 1-1/2", wood worn and dirty, fence attached with flat head screws. Good 30-60 7002-289 2021-01-06T12:24:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:24:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9091/7002-289 7002-289. Lot of three transitional smoothing planes. A STANLEY No. 21 and the equivalent in Sargent, the No. 3407, both with decent japanning and some staining to wood, light surface rust on cutters, some wear to soles. And a OHIO TOOL CO. No. O122, 8" long sole, red japanning 80%, proper marked cutter, some wear to wood. Good- & better 50-100 7002-288 2021-01-06T12:25:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:25:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9090/7002-288 7002-288. CHAPLIN No. 74 patent transitional smoother. Uncommon example of Chaplin's patent on a transitional plane and manufactured by Tower & Lyon. 8-1/2" long, unhandled, properly marked 2" cutter, tombstone shaped frog. Lever cap has 90% plating, japanning 40%, some large stains to wood especially on sole and wear to sole as well. Good 100-200 7002-287 2021-01-06T12:26:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:26:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9089/7002-287 7002-287. Wide panel plane. Unmarked, 4" SANDUSKY cutter, 21" long. Has strike button at toe and closed tote. Chips to body and crack at throat in left cheek, tip of tote broken off, staining to body. Good- 50-100 7002-286 2021-01-06T12:27:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:27:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9088/7002-286 7002-286. OHIO TOOL CO. No. O33 transitional plane. 28" long super clean body with clear stamp at toe, japanning 95% with a few spots retouched. A nice example. Good+ 40-80 7002-285 2021-01-06T12:28:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:28:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9087/7002-285 * 7002-285. OHIO TOOL CO. rabbet plane. 15" with offset tote, 2-1/4" skew cutter, has both nickers. Some staining and age checks in wood, stamped 119 on heel. Good 30-60 7002-284 2021-01-06T12:29:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:29:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9086/7002-284 7002-284. Chamfer plane. Unmarked but has Marples cutter so possibly made by them. Has adjustable fence, user name stamped a few places. Some light wear. Good 40-80 7002-283 2021-01-06T12:30:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:30:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9085/7002-283 * 7002-283. OHIO TOOL CO. coffin plane. 8" long with 2" Ohio Tool cutter, some stains on back of lever cap, age checks in sole. Good 15-30 7002-282 2021-01-06T12:31:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:31:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9084/7002-282 * 7002-282. UNION No. 35 transitional plane. Japanning 95%, some staining spots on wood, proper cutter has some surface rust. Good+ 25-50 7002-281 2021-01-06T12:32:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:32:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9083/7002-281 7002-281. Rosewood or lignum jointer plane. 24" razee body looks like it could be rosewood or lignum, closed beech tote, mahogany wedge, 2" Buck Bros. cutter. A few dings and tote a little dirty but overall in decent shape and nicely made. Good+ 50-100 7002-280 2021-01-06T12:33:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:33:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9082/7002-280 7002-280. NORRIS A72 wooden jointer plane. Uncommon example of Norris' 22" wood body jointer plane, with the patent date on the adjustment knob, beech with closed tote, 2-1/2" marked iron, gunmetal bridge stamped Norris A72. Some staining to wood, light surface rust on cutter, tip of tote missing and smoothed down, lacquer heavily worn in a few spots. Good 200-400 7002-279 2021-01-06T12:34:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:34:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9081/7002-279 7002-279. Lot of six miscellaneous molding planes. An unmarked reeding plane with three beads on sole but cuts two so other bead serves as guide. A 1/4" center bead by OHIO TOOL with attached fence. A 7/8" side hollow by SANDUSKY. A 1-1/4" round by REED Utica. A 3/8" side round by H. MILLER of St. Louis, fully boxed. And 1/2" side round by T. ATKINSON of Louisville, also marked with Mason's stamp, back 1/3" top of plane missing, looks on purpose for hand rest. Some staining or burning at heel as well as hang hole. Most clean with light wear but a couple have more moderate wear. Good- & better 60-120 7002-278 2021-01-06T12:35:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:35:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9080/7002-278 * 7002-278. J.W. FARR & CO side rabbet pair. One marked with 9 and other 12 on heel but have same user initials on both and seem to be a matched pair. Clean with a few minor stains. Good 30-60 7002-277 2021-01-06T12:36:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:36:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9079/7002-277 * 7002-277. Lot of two molding planes. An ogee-bevel by OHIO TOOL CO., spring marked, 7/8", staining on toe. And an ogee-bead-bevel by BROWN BARNARD, spring marked, 3/4", age checks. Both single boxed with some cracks in boxing. Good 30-60 7002-276 2021-01-06T12:37:00+01:00 2021-01-06T12:37:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/9078/7002-276 7002-276. Lot of two SANDUSKY TOOL nosing planes. 1-1/4" and 1-3/8" and marked No. 113 and No. 111 respectively. No. 113 has double cutters, No. 111 has number 4 carved in heel. Mild staining and dinging, chewing on wedges. Good 40-80 7002-182 2021-01-06T14:11:00+01:00 2021-01-06T14:11:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/8984/7002-182 7002-182. British side rabbet pair. Marked NELSON 122 Edgeware Rd on toes, light wear. Good 30-60 7002-181 2021-01-06T14:12:00+01:00 2021-01-06T14:12:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/8983/7002-181 7002-181. GREENSLADE extra wide molding plane. Originally cuts 2-1/4" side round-bevel-hollow, however it has replacement cutter and only cuts 1-7/8" side round. Spring marked, heel marked Inch-7/8. Mild wear. Good- 30-60 7002-180 2021-01-06T14:13:00+01:00 2021-01-06T14:13:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/8982/7002-180 7002-180. Pair of snipe bill planes. Marked SPENCER on both, likely Benjamin Spencer who is a two star maker in New Haven, CT, in the early 1800s. 3/4", side boxed, some staining on body and boxing coming loose a bit at toes. Good 40-80 7002-179 2021-01-06T14:14:00+01:00 2021-01-06T14:14:00+01:00 /current-auction/viewbids/8981/7002-179 7002-179. Lot of two planes. GREENFIELD TOOL No. 766 table round, fully boxed with hammerhead boxing, marked 1/2 on heel. And a H. CHAPIN vee plane, 1/4", wear to lacquer. Good 35-70