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6403-001 6403-001 STANLEY No. 74 floor plane. Missing handle but still good example. Type 1 has 12-15-85 patent date cast into it and nickel plated lever cap embossed with -Stanley Rule and Level Co.- Japanning 70 percent. Some scratching along bottom and cutter decent. Even without handle it is a nice addition to any collection. Good FNK177 150 300 photo
6403-002 6403-002 Lot of two bone carpenter's rules. A STANLEY No. 87 and a E. A. STEARNS No. 48B. Both four-fold two-foot German silver bound. Both have several cracks and significant wear and yellowing particularly to outer sides. Stearns has several patches repaired with some type of filler. Good hinges - all face pins are missing. Good- HAN 200 400 photo
6403-003 6403-003 A.C. BARTLETT No. 124 screw-arm plow. Nice beech plow with boxwood arms and nuts. Fence is boxed.Brass depth stop.Threads have only moderate chipping.Only apology is a major chip from the tote.Sandusky Tool Co. cutter.A pretty plow worth fixing.Bartletts A mark. Good JRI95 250 500 photo
6403-004 6403-004 STANLEY No. 2C bench plane. Type 13 with notched orange rectangle in lever cap.Nickel on lever cap and cutter corroded. Minor chips from end of tote.Sweetheart mark on cutter but hard to see. Good BCN80 130 260 photo
6403-005 6403-005 RECORD No. 08 jointer plane. 24 inch sole. Near mint with a few tiny dings- owners name stamped neatly on one side. Fine KGM52 150 300 photo
6403-006 6403-006 RECORD No. 04 smoothing plane. 9 inch sole. Near mint with few tiny dings. Fine KGM54 60 120 photo
6403-007 6403-007 STANLEY Gage No. 5 jack plane. -Pat Appld For- cast into bed and japanning highly worn. Tote in decent condition and knob has large chip out of base but otherwise smooth. Gage mark in blade and Stanley mark in lever cap. Good FNK114 60 120 photo
6403-008 6403-008 Lot of two jack planes. STANLEY No. 5C corrugated jack plane. Tote and knob have chips- japanning good at about 90 percent. Notched orange trademark. Nice example. Plus UNION No. 5 jack plane. Knob and tote have some wear. Japanning 85 percent and in decent shape. Good plus FNK113 FNK288 75 150 photo
6403-009 6403-009 STANLEY No. A4 aluminum smoothing plane. Partial decal on slightly loose tote and scratches on bottom. Knob good except a small spot of paint and logo on lever cap missing paint.Has cast 4-19-10 patent date and good sweetheart cutter. Frog adjusting screw a little rusty. Good plus FNK303 50 100 photo
6403-010 *6403-010 STANLEY No. 5C jack plane. Aluminum handle supposedly used for students as they are indestructible. Corrugated. 3 patent dates on body. Japanning 80 percent. Knob dinged. Good plus FNK120 20 40 photo
6403-011 6403-011 STANLEY No. 6C fore plane.Corrugated. Has Richards and Conover Hardware Co. cutter with some surface rust and tote has cracks that are reglued. Knob has some small cracks. Japanning 90 percent. Good FNK107 40 80 photo
6403-012 6403-012 STANLEY No. A6 aluminum fore plane.One of the rarer planes only made for 13 years. This one is in pretty good shape. Rosewood knob and tote with a few dings on knob and tote has a chip off the end. Cutter has Stanley mark and is rusty. Some scratches on sole but in pretty good shape. Good plus FNK105 100 200 photo
6403-013 6403-013 STANLEY No. 10 bench rabbet plane. Vee mark on cutter. Lever cap has orange mark and kidney shaped hole so may be later replacement with a small chip from end. Tote reglued and light overall surface rust. Good- MMY24 75 150 photo
6403-014 6403-014 STANLEY No. 40 scrub plane.Tote worn and a little loose but intact. Cutter has been ground straight across but looks proper with sweetheart mark. Japanning about 60 percent.A utilitarian No. 40 once you have reground the cutter. Good- MMY25 60 120 photo
6403-015 6403-015 Lot of two metal planes.KEEN KUTTER KK4 smoothing plane. Wedge and bar logo cutter- body looks repainted. Good tote- knob has a few dings. Good solid user. Plus STANLEY -Handyman- No. 1204H- good condition with Handyman logo on blade- possibly repainted and no red paint on lever cap logo. Tote and knob in excellent shape. Good plus FNK301 FNK117 80 120 photo
6403-016 6403-016 STANLEY prelateral No. 3 smoother. Type 4.Reglued tote and cutter is from a Liberty Bell and too short.Otherwise good condition Good- BCN53 50 100 photo
6403-017 6403-017 Lot of two STANLEY No. 4 smoothers. Type 11. T mark on cutter and some chips along the tote but otherwise good.And a Type 6 with an 1892 patent cutter and reglued tote. Good BCN56 BCN59 40 80 photo
6403-018 6403-018 SHELTON No. 06 jack plane.Patented by Cornelius J. MacAller with patent number 1914609 cast into body. This example manufactured by Shelton Plane and Tool Mfg. Co. -before being acquired by Stanley- is in decent condition with a crack at base of knob and some chips out of the tote. Japanning 80 percent with a few white paint flecks. Good plus FNK116 40 80 photo
6403-019 *6403-019 STANLEY No. 5C corrugated jack plane. Has vee logo on the cutter. Good overall condition but well used. Good tote and knob. Good FRN53 20 40 photo
6403-020 6403-020 Lot of two STANLEY circular planes. A No. 13. Surface rust and japanning about 60 percent but a solid user.And a No. 113 which is a type 1 or 2 with solid side adjusting wheel and rear handle broken off and adjusting knob pretty worn.A parts plane. Fair and good. MMY2 MMY3 80 160 photo
6403-021 6403-021 C. NURSE and CO. infill smoothing plane.Rusty. Crack in tote has been repaired. Blade has -C. Nurse and Co.- mark-- user name A.E. Noble stamped in front knob area and has crack above it. Good- KGM179 100 200 photo
6403-022 6403-022 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Later type with standard Bailey lever cap and adjustment. Cutter has uncommon block letter used in 1909 only. Overall surface rust and about half the nickel gone from adjusting knob but it is all there and could be cleaned up to make a good user. Good MMY30 50 100 photo
6403-023 6403-023 KEEN KUTTER No. 3 smoothing plane. Japanning 80 percent. Slight pitting on rear sole. Knob and tote good with a few paint flecks and wedge and bar logo on cutter which is good with slight pitting. Good FNK300 50 100 photo
6403-024 6403-024 STANLEY Bedrock 606C fore plane.Looks to be a Type 4. 2 line Bedrock lever cap. Tote has small chips and some wear. Knob has dings. Japanning 80 percent with some shmutz near patent date in rear. Lever cap has small crack. Good plus FNK109 100 200 photo
6403-025 6403-025 KEEN KUTTER No. 4 and one half smoothing plane.Tote has reglued crack and is a little loose with some dings in knob. Lever cap has chip at bottom. Japanning 95 percent. Wedge and bar logo cutter in decent condition. Overall in good shape for a somewhat hard to find plane. Good plus DCR349 100 200 photo
6403-026 6403-026 Lot of two STANLEY scrub planes.A No. 40 with highly worn and loose beech tote. Knob a possible replacement. Japanning at 60 percent with sweetheart mark on cutter. Plus a No. 40 and one half with sweetheart mark on cutter and japanning 80 percent and marked -FOX- on side with hammer and nail. Some wear to tote and knob. Good- and better FNK295 FNK104 100 200 photo
6403-027 6403-027 R.M. RUMBOLT CO. butt mortise plane. Looks like aluminum body. Marked -Pat Appld For- behind frog where patent date usually located and -Made in USA- behind front knob. Knobs slightly worn. Hard to find plane in good condition. Good plus FNK294 100 200 photo
6403-028 6403-028 STANLEY No. 1951 fibre board plane. Repainted. Some flaking on tote and knob. Good FNK179 50 100 photo
6403-029 6403-029 STANLEY No. 605 Bedrock jack plane. Sweetheart cutter. Looks repainted and tote has a few nicks. Hanghole in front and painted lever tote cap logo looks original. Good FNK108 75 150 photo
6403-030 6403-030 JENNINGS and CO. jointer plane.Steers type. Manufactured by Brattleboro Tool Co. for Jennings. 22 inches with rosewood strips in sole. Tote has slight wear and a ding in front area and knob has some wear as well. Metal good with some surface rust. One longer rosewood strip has some damage while a shorter front strip is missing and has replacement- likely oak. Good KGM180 100 200 photo
6403-031 6403-031 STANLEY No. 193 fibreboard plane. Includes the body-rods-attachments 1A through 5 and a sack with extra slitters.In a wooden box with sliding lid but not original.What is there is near mint so if you have got the No. 6 and 7 attachments you are good to go. Good COL110 75 150 photo
6403-032 6403-032 STANLEY No. OH4 smoothing plane IOB. Later model sporting the -Two-Tone by Stanley- mark on the cutter- yellow and red- japanning 95 percent and paint may be touched up in a few spots. Some small scrapes on tote and a couple little chips on knob. Blade has some paint missing near lever cap. Box tattered with a few stains but ok. Small part of label missing. Good plus MAX429 40 80 photo
6403-033 6403-033 Lot of two CRAFTSMAN block planes IOB. Both Nos. 3704 adjustable throat. One has some rust and scratches on sole and what looks like blue paint in some areas. Red box also has some blue paint or chalk inside and some varnish stains. Other is possibly repainted. Sole has some corrosion and box has some staining. Good KGM41 KGM42 40 80 photo
6403-034 6403-034 STANLEY No. 603 Bedrock smoothing plane. Looks like a Type 4 but I could be wrong. Japanning 90 percent and knob worn with some dings. A couple scratches on the sole. Tote has chip out of end. Good- KGM40 100 200 photo
6403-035 6403-035 Cast iron core box plane. Looks patternmaker made. Knobs scratched and some dings. Scratches on bottom and blade good. Good plus FNK175 40 80 photo
6403-036 6403-036 Lot of three STANLEY No. 48 swing-fence planes. One with older scrolled design on tote. Red paint and older style lever cap nuts. Missing one cutter and the other two have the fishscale pattern and cutters missing or improper.Nickel has significant wear and surface rust.Swinging fences all work so with proper cutters all could be used. Good- MMY18 MMY19 MMY20 75 150 photo
6403-037 6403-037 STANLEY No. 46 dado plane. Type 10. No cutters. No depth stop on fence and slight minor wear to nickel. Good BFS56 BFS100 90 180 photo
6403-038 6403-038 Lot of two metal planes.A CRAFTSMAN rabbet plane with 60 percent japanning. Marked on cutter and good user. Plus a STANLEY No. 48 tongue and groove plane that is missing one cutter. Some loss of japanning on skate and bodyand knob has some dings. Good- and better FNK173 FNK170 40 80 photo
6403-039 6403-039 MILLERS PATENT No. 41 plow plane. Type 9. Has the filletster bed and cutter with no other cutters. Nickel plating is very worn with one wing broken off and wing nut holding slitter. Good - BCN6 150 300 photo
6403-040 6403-040 STANLEY No. 148 match plane. In good condition. Has both cutters and some small rust areas and chips from japanning. Good plus FNK178 50 100 photo
6403-041 6403-041 J.A. PERRY unhandled rosewood plow. AWP lists a couple of J Perrys but no J.A. Perry.Body is a pretty piece of rosewood with some damage to right side near toe and toe is dinged.Boxwood wedge-arms and fence and threads good.Wedge chewed up.Very unusual brass depth stop lock with octagonal head in six-sided plated.Providence Tool Co. cutter and spalled. Good JRI56 250 500 photo
6403-042 6403-042 Solid ebony OHIO TOOL CO. No. 104 screw-arm plow. Something of a project plane.Nice ebony but the entire tip of the tote is gone and wedge badly chewed up.Moderate to heavy damage to threads particularly rear.Body has light overall dinging.Original Ohio Tool Co. cutter. Good - JRI48 200 400 photo
6403-043 6403-043 Rosewood screw-arm plow. Body is a very pretty piece of rosewood and skate is also boxed rosewood. Boxwood wedge with arms and nuts with moderate damage to threads especially in one area of the rear arm.For some reason someone has gouged out the makers name but I am going to guess it is from Connecticut and looks like a Dennison. Worst problem is that half the tip of the tote is gone but a plane this pretty is worth restoring. Moulson cutter. Good- JRI41 250 500 photo
6403-044 6403-044 EDWARD PRESTON and SONS side rabbet plane. Right handed not marked but looks like Preston. 3 and 1 half inch long. Clean condition. Good ASG5 30 60 photo
6403-045 6403-045 Lot of two tailed model planes.One tailed compass hollow and one tailed round- 2 inch and 2 and 1 half inch long with -H. Wormald- owners stamp. Metal has surface rust and hollow has reglued crack in toe. Good ASG2 40 80 photo
6403-046 6403-046 Lot of three model planes. A compass hollow. A relieved compass hollow and one round. All less than 3 inches. Two stamped -R. Sandham.- Irons have surface rust and a few stains on wood. Good ASG3 40 80 photo
6403-047 6403-047 Lot of two coffin smoothers. 7 and 1 half inch sole by E.W. CARPENTER -A mark-. And a 6 inch model by SANDUSKY TOOL CO.The heel and toe of the Sandusky are well dinged and the cutter slightly spalled. Good and better RYP17 RYP25 80 160 photo
6403-048 6403-048 EDWARD PRESTON and SONS side rabbet plane. Right handed. 3 and 1 half inch long. In clean condition except for a few stains. Good ASG4 30 60 photo
6403-049 6403-049 Lot of two transitional jointer planes. Marked GAGE TOOL CO. Vineland-NJ. Tote cracked and scratched with slight rust on top plate. Knob decent-blade sharp-some rust on lever cap and wood has a couple nicks and cracks. Plus a STANLEY No. 31 that looks like a Type 8 and has Bailey 1867 patent date on cutter along with arched Stanley mark. Tote chipped but knob good. 3 inch vertical scratch on side of plane and chip on sole.Otherwise in decent shape. Good RSH42 RSH44 50 100 photo
6403-050 6403-050 STANDARD RULE CO. No. 32 transitional jointer plane. User name -Hull- stamped several times. Tote and knob good minus a few chips. W. Butcher cutter good but lateral adjuster not functioning. Wood good except a chip in front and some staining near knob. Good RSH43 50 100 photo
6403-051 6403-051 E.C. EMMERICH Primus block plane IOB. The non-adjustable version which they are not making any more of.These German planes with birch bodies and lignum soles are considered the equal of anything made by Stanley in its heyday.6 inch sole with a 1 and 1 half inch body in barely used near-mint condition. Fine MMY34 40 80 photo
6403-052 6403-052 Solid rosewood coffin smoother.Unusual long narrow profile with 9 inch sole and 1 and 3 fourths inch cutter.Nice piece of rosewood with attractive sapwood figure.One significant crack from the edge of the mouth into the cheek and mouth has some wear.Unsigned. Good- RYP10 75 150 photo
6403-053 6403-053 S.H. BIBIGHAUS screw arm plank match tongue and groove planes. Nice overall condition with a couple of tight cracks on the toe of the groover and tote a little loose and a big chip from the tote of the tongue cutter which is fully boxed.Nice example of an uncommon type of match plane set by this Philadelphia maker.A mark. Good RYP11 100 200 photo
6403-054 6403-054 Two European style planes. A panel raiser. Very attractive but missing one external locking nut. And an ogee with a nice beech body that cuts 1 and 3 eighths inch lying ogee. Looks like old repair to throat and wedge looks like lignum vitae and might be replacement. Sorby cutter. Good- and better NW1725 NW1754 60 120 photo
6403-055 6403-055 Solid rosewood razee body jack plane. 16 inch sole. Boxwood tote with one chip.There are a number of chips and splits to the body and the toe is pretty dinged up.There is a stamp with initials that end with -MJ- but no legible maker.Moulson Bros. cutter. Fair CRT173 50 100 photo
6403-056 6403-056 Lot of two wooden planes. Toothing plane-H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY- with proper AUBURN TOOL CO. toothed cutter.And a nicely made old womans tooth router that is unsigned with a MOSELY No. 6 plow plane cutter. Good and better RYP20 RYP29 90 180 photo
6403-057 6403-057 STANLEY No. 50 light plow plane. Type 5. Last type with original scroll handle.Includes 19 cutters-- 14 in original wooden box and the other five loose- not all original to plane.Includes arms- nicker- chip deflector. Nickel in good overall condition with only minor wear.In a sliding lid wooden box- not original. Good plus MAX399 110 220 photo
6403-058 6403-058 Lot of two wood bottom smoothing planes. A No. 23 plane. Type 6. Mouth chipped and cutter rusty. Japanning mostly worn off and knob has some chips. And a No. 24 Type 14 with Type 12 cutter. Japanning 70 percent and knob is smaller and looks like replacement. Good CGD22 50 100 photo
6403-059 6403-059 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 12.Plane only with no cutters or cam rest.Both rods.No box. Good CGD88 55 110 photo
6403-060 6403-060 STANLEY No. 71 router. Type 1 with 1 half inch cutter. Japanning at 70 percent. Knobs have some dings and sole has some scratches. Otherwise in good shape. Good CGD347 60 120 photo
6403-061 6403-061 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. shipwrights rabbet plane. 1 and 1 half inch sole. Skewed cutter-good nicker and offset tote.An unusual plane in immaculate condition. Fine CGD266 80 160 photo
6403-062 6403-062 STANLEY No. 193 fibre board cutter plane. Body only. No cutters or fences. Nickel tarnished. Japanning at 90 percent. Knob has some wear. Fair TKY39 30 60 photo
6403-063 6403-063 STANLEY No. 26 transitional plane.Type 12 with the patent date on the cutter. Front edge near knob has some scraping damage and a few dings and scratches on rest of body. Japanning 75 percent. Tote has small chip and knob has scratch. Good CGD32 30 60 photo
6403-064 6403-064 Lot of two stair rail shaves. Matched set with adjustable fences that each cut an ogee profile -one left handed and one right handed-. No visible maker. Steel soles have some patina and surface rust and wood has a couple of dings but otherwise very nice solid set. Good ASG1 150 250 photo
6403-065 *6403-065 Lot of three tools. An Eastern European smoothing plane with reglued horn but otherwise in good condition- cutter is Joh. Weiss Sohne of Vienna- cutter has unusual screw activated adjusting mechanism. Plus an unmarked boxed 3 eighths inch side bead and a CASEY and CO. 3 eighths inch round with wear but nothing major. Good DWH9 DWH1 DWH3 25 50 photo
6403-066 6403-066 Bowsaw. 13 inch blade.Stretcher has been replaced by a nylon string but otherwise in nice clean condition. Good COL181 40 80 photo
6403-067 6403-067 Lot of two T-rabbets. One is unusually made of rosewood with very attractive sapwood.The other is more common beech. Marked -Howard- on toe which is probably the user.Both well made and intact with only minor dinging and one tight crack in rosewood. Good plus RYP23 75 150 photo
6403-068 6403-068 Lot of four wooden planes.A nice condition CASEY and CO. No. 9 groove cutting plane. A OHIO TOOL CO. No. 62 1 half ogee that cuts 1 and 1 fourth inch profile in good shape. A good clean example of a HUNT and WISEMAN side rabbet with wedge chewed up but body good. And an A.C. BARTLETTS -Type A mark- No. 66 in rougher condition with the side boxing coming loose. Good and better DBR37 DBR43 DBR36 DBR51 75 150 photo
6403-069 6403-069 Lot of two AUBURN TOOL CO. tools. A patinated nosing plane with two cutters that cuts full half circle 1 and 1 fourth inch in diameter for the nose of stair treads. Wedges a little chewed but otherwise nice. And an unusual side hollow likely made by a user cutting off one side of a standard hollow or bead. 3 fourths inch in diameter. Good NW1744 NW1736 70 140 photo
6403-070 6403-070 Lot of three rounding planes.An AUBURN TOOL CO. 1 and 1 fourth inch marked -16- and -No. 180- with two holes drilled through the body. A G. W. GREGORY -two stars in AWP- 1 and 1 fourth inch clean with nice cutter and a MARTEN DOSCHER 1 and 1 fourth inch with a few shallow gouges but otherwise very clean body. Good TKY78 TKY93 TKY70 50 100 photo
6403-071 6403-071 Lot of three wooden planes. A double boxed AUBURN TOOL CO. boxed astragal that cuts a 5 sixteenth inch round with bevels on both sides and a couple of small chips out of boxing and stains on body otherwise very good condition. A nice condition HOWLAND and CO side bead. 1 inch diameter. Type A2 mark. And a GREENFIELD TOOL CO. 1 inch hollow with wear but no major damage. Good DWH12 DWH16 DWH22 40 80 photo
6403-072 6403-072 Lot of three wooden planes. A HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER narrow 1 fourth inch rounder with a few deep scratches otherwise good. A clean A. and E. BALDWIN 3 fourths inch quirked lying ogee marked -108- and -3 eighths inch- on heel. And an ENSENORE WORKS tongue cutting plane that cuts a quarter inch tongue 1 fourth inch from plank edge with iron lined fence and marked five eighths on heel. Good TKY91 TKY52 TKY80 50 100 photo
6403-073 *6403-073 Lot of five STANLEY block planes. A No. 118P. Later version of the -unbreakable- pressed-steel- japanning worn on knob otherwise nice and clean- notched rectangle mark on cutter. Two worn No. 9 1 halfs-- one with handee-grooves- throat adjustment lever missing and wooden knob replacement. A No. 102 early type with hole in lever cap worn but good user. Plus a No. 103 well worn but intact. Good- and better LEE893 LEE920B 20 40 photo
6403-074 6403-074 LIE NIELSEN No. 140 right handed skew block plane. Definitely used but still in good clean condition. These will run you 225 dollars new so here is your chance to pick up a perfect user at a bargain price. Good plus SSA17 75 150 photo
6403-075 6403-075 STANLEY No. 60 low angle block plane. Early type wooden knob worn. Nickel plating good. Bed likely repainted. No. 60 and patent date cast into bed. Good ASG11 30 50 photo
6403-076 6403-076 Lot of two STANLEY planes. A No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane. Japanning 50 percent. Sweetheart mark on cutter.And a No. 12-101 model makers block plane. Very clean. Good and better SSA19 SSA35 50 100 photo
6403-077 6403-077 STANLEY No. 65 block plane. Early type low angle with wooden knob. Some loss of plating on lever cap. Repainted. Some scratching on sole. No. 65 and patent date cast into bed. Good- ASG8 30 60 photo
6403-078 6403-078 Instrument makers plane. 1 inch wide compassed rounded sole made of brass with wide knobbed wooden handle. No makers mark with faint writing on side. Good ASG7 40 80 photo
6403-079 6403-079 STANLEY No. 65 block plane. Early type low angle- repainted and wooden knob has chip at base. No. 65 and patent date cast into bed. Good ASG9 30 60 photo
6403-080 6403-080 Instrument makers plane. 3 fourths inch wide rounded sole made of brass with wide knobbed wooden handle. Blade sharp and no makers mark. Good ASG6 40 80 photo
6403-081 6403-081 Lot of two SARGENT -Little Shaver- block planes. The last production plane manufactured by Sargent.In the grey body with red lever cap manufactured for Sears. And the black body -possibly repainted- with yellow lever cap.Light rust on cutters. Both marked Sargent and screws. Good BFS306 BFS307 50 100 photo
6403-082 6403-082 LIE NIELSEN low angle block plane. The non-adjustable plane based on the Stanley No. 102.With a ductile iron body.They are only making them in bronze now.A few minor spots of rust and gently used. Good plus SSA14 60 120 photo
6403-083 6403-083 Lot of three nonadjustable block planes. A STANLEY 102 and two knockoffs. One by UNION TOOL and the other unmarked. Good SSA4 SSA15 SSA16 40 80 photo
6403-084 6403-084 LIE NIELSEN small scraper plane. Patterned after the Stanley 212.Gently used and still near mint.175 dollars new. Fine SSA33 60 120 photo
6403-085 6403-085 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane. Early type with semi-circular trademark on cutter. Good clean condition with japanning almost intact. Good plus LBD636 30 60 photo
6403-086 6403-086 STANLEY No. 61 low angle block plane.Rosewood knob. Sweetheart mark on cutter. Somewhat hard to find. No. 61 cast into bed. Looks repainted and has some loss of nickel plating on cap. Good ASG10 50 80 photo
6403-087 6403-087 Turnscrew. 24 inches. Dark wood handle with copper ferule. There is a name on the blade but I can not make it out but could be the owner.Metal and wood well patinated but rust free. Good plus CGD228 30 60 photo
6403-088 6403-088 French long rabbet plane. 40 inches long with a central fence and cutters on both sides.Fruitwood and 18th century.The plane has lots of issues - there is a square opening just behind the toe that probably held a bun or front knob. A carved rabbit sat right behind it and has lost its head. There is an old cast iron repair to the throat. Only one cutter and wedge probably not original.Overall wear and inactive worm.Still a graphic example of a very rare type of continental plane. Fair VIN265 50 100 photo
6403-089 6403-089 D-handled slick. 3 inch blade. 25 inches long overall. Unsigned and probably smith made.Minor pitting but good sharp blade and no rust. Good plus CGD69 60 120 photo
6403-090 *6403-090 Steel stamps in box.1 eighth inch size. 28 stamps including letters and a few symbols and stamps are of varying length. Dovetailed box with faded label stating Best Warranted Steel Letters N.Y.S. Wks. Label coming detached. Good JAR156 20 40 photo
6403-091 *6403-091 3 fourths inch screwbox. Boxwood. 9 inches long. Marked -T. HB and Co.- with a good cutter. A couple of dings but otherwise pretty good. Good CGD275 25 50 photo
6403-092 *6403-092 3 fourths inch screwbox. Looks like rosewood. 11 inches long. Has Buck London mark and -G. George- user name stamped a couple of times. Top a little loose from the 2 pegs and for some reason it has two small holes with circle imprints around them on the side beneath the maker mark. Cutter a little rusty. Good- CGD274 25 50 photo
6403-093 6403-093 Lot of three tools. Stepped mortising axe. Unmarked. Solid 9 inch head with minimal surface rust. 20 inch handle looks like old replacement. Plus lot of two beading routers- one 15 inches long that is complete with two cutters and wooden fence and one with single blade missing cutter and fence. Good LEE 935 LEE844 50 100 photo
6403-094 6403-094 Lot of three wooden levels.Two STANLEY mahogany levels- a 24 inch No. 90 and a 26 inch No. 9. Some dinging- the No. 90 worse but no serious damage. Brass trim and vials both good. Plus a STRATTON BROS. No. 1- rosewood. 28 inch full sized brass-bound that is attractive with some minor scratching and dinging. Brass very good. Good and better RSH32 RSH33 RSH35 60 120 photo
6403-095 6403-095 Lot of two levels. A classic STRATTON BROS. No. 1 mahoganybrassbound level with some minor dinging but in good overall shape.Plus a MILLERS FALLS version after Stratton was sold to MF. Very dark rosewood with a large chip out of the top that runs almost a third of the length along the brass rail and in need of some restoration.Both 28 inches. All vials wet. Good- and good JRI1144 JRI1147 60 120 photo
6403-096 6403-096 Lot of two levels. A STANLEY No. 23S declivity level not marked but has correct red and green vials. One middle vial may be replaced and wood may have been refinished but nice example. And a GOODELL-PRATT brassbound level that is their version of the Stratton No. 11. Mahogany stock. 1 inch by 2 inch with double plumb vials. Good brass and wood a little worn but ripe for restoration. Good DST320 DST307 50 100 photo
6403-097 6403-097 CHAPIN-STEPHENS CO. No. 506 inclinometer level. Cherry bodied 28 inch with boxwood inclinometer dial. Some staining on one edge and owners name stamped on both faces. Missing one screw in top plate otherwise very clean. Good RSH34 50 100 photo
6403-098 6403-098 Lot of five measuring tools. Two outside calipers- one 8 inch P. LOWENTRAUT wing-style with fine adjustment- other is friction type and looks manufactured but unsigned-- both clean and nice. Plus three dividers- one large 16 inch wing-style with some decorative casting and locking bolt may be early replacement- one friction type 7 inch that looks handforged but well made and one 4 and 1 half inch that looks manufactured but marked -W and C WYNN.- Good and better GAN33G GAN34G GAN30G GAN35G GAN36G 75 150 photo
6403-099 6403-099 Lot of eight aluminum line levels. Several varieties of STANLEY No. 187 and 287. A SANDS No. 555 and a couple of Craftsmen. Good and better LBD678A 60 120 photo
6403-100 6403-100 Set of brass trammel points. 4 inches long with steel tips- one has integral pencil holder and also tip has been soldered into place. Nice design with knurled locking knobs. Good WOL367 50 100 photo
6403-101 6403-101 Cartographers instrument set in shagreen case. Nice boxwood rule-dividers and pencil.Dividers have some rust and it looks like one is missing. Case is missing its catch. Good MKJ309 55 110 photo
6403-102 6403-102 Rosewood handle T-bevel. Older type with cast brass thumbscrew and squared off blade.There is a name on the handle but it is too faint to read.Nicely made example of older bevel. Good CGD362 40 80 photo
6403-103 6403-103 SOUTHINGTON HARDWARE -Holdfast- bevel. Good example of the locking mechanism patented in 1914 by Nicholas McGrath. 8 inch blade-4 and 3 fourths inch handle. Nickel worn off but works smoothly. Good BFS267 60 120 photo
6403-104 6403-104 Miniature tool set. Try square-T-bevel-cut-down carpenters pencil and very nicely made plane with brass body and knob with wooden infill- all in a leather roll.Probably intended for a child and appears unused. Fine VIN271 60 120 photo
6403-105 6403-105 Lot of four plumb bobs. Torpedo shaped-steel-brass and cast iron between 4 and 1 half inch and 7 inches long. Steel one a MILLERS FALLS No. 4. A couple rusty. Good NW1116 NW1245 NW1297 NW1257 60 120 photo
6403-106 6403-106 Lot of three brass plumb bobs. Two with steel tips- one a DIETZGEN in decent shape and others have no maker mark. Largest one has pitting and other one haspatina. Good NW1178 NW1275 NW1254 40 80 photo
6403-107 6403-107 34 plumb bob points. Screw-in steel type. Various degrees of rust but some bright and shiny and none too bad.In an intact box that originally held Dietzgen protractors Good and better LBD678 35 70 photo
6403-108 6403-108 Lot of three plumb bobs. A STANLEY No. 171 8 oz conica- red paint a bit dinged up and what looks like black permanent marker around circumference of body. A steel hexagonal shaped one a little under 4 inches long with a few dings and scuffs. And a heavy 2 and 1 half inch turnip shaped cast iron one. Good NW1097 NW1106 NW1221 40 80 photo
6403-109 6403-109 Plumb bob. 7 inches long. Iron body-steel point and brass cap.Some light surface corrosion. Good NW1177 30 60 photo
6403-110 6403-110 Lot of three plumb bobs. Two are steel hexagonal shaped- one marked DUNLAP and the other SHAPLEIGH. Both 4 inches with varying degrees of surface rust. And one STARRETT torpedo style about 5 inches long. Steel with middle knurled section with some surface rust. NW1109 NW1189 NW1237 50 100 photo
6403-111 6403-111 Hollow brass plumb bob. 7 inches long. A couple of dents with unusual and decorative shape. Unsigned. Steel point. Good plus WOL362 60 120 photo
6403-112 6403-112 Lot of three plumb bobs.A cast iron conical 4 inches long with some surface rust. A 3 inch brassconical with a rusty steel tip. And an 8 inch brass conical with steel tip with light patina in spots. Good NW1096 NW1196 NW1272 60 120 photo
6403-113 6403-113 Lot of two conical plumb bobs.STANLEY No. 5 cast iron with built in string reel- some dings and staining. Reel has Stanley mark. And a 4 inch cast iron one with -Lonergans Pat Nov. 24 74 inch mark. Has some dings with more concentrated near tip- yellow string looks modern. Good and better THF364 THF345 60 120 photo
6403-114 6403-114 Rosewood handled try square. 18 inch ruled blade. 9 inch rosewood body.Marked -Sweeney- but that could be the owner.Original brass bench rest. Handle is dirty but no damage and blade has surface corrosion. Good KGM200 60 120 photo
6403-115 6403-115 STARRETTNo. 136 corner level. One of Starretts less common levels. Super clean condition with intact japanning and each leg 2 and 1 half inch. Good plus LBD608 40 80 photo
6403-116 6403-116 Lot of two pocket tape measures. STANLEY 150 Year Anniversary MYT Pocket Tape Measure IOB. Engraved case with silk screened 150th Anniversary logo- original box good with top and side labels intact. 1 fourth inch by 10 foot tape measures inch graduations. Plus 72 Inch LUFKIN RULE CO. Pocket Tape Measure. Box in rough shape but tape case is clean with only a few small wear marks. Tape is excellent. Measures inches. Good plus and better FNK35 FNK34 50 100 photo
6403-117 6403-117 Partial set of drafting tools. Three compasses-two pen holders and one ebony handled.Tools are unmarked and box is labeled TECHNICAL SUPPLY CO. Scranton-PA. Lid is loose and worn.Some pieces missing but what is there is nice. Good- NW1367 50 100 photo
6403-118 6403-118 Ebony handled T-bevel. 12 inch blade. Probably English based on slotted locking screw but no name visible.Nice piece of ebony and is worn smooth but no major scratches or nicks. Brass never polished and slot on locking screw a little chewed up. Good DCR316 50 100 photo
6403-119 6403-119 Lot of four measuring tools. Two wing-style outside calipers-- one by BEEMIS and CALL with 8 inch spring-loaded fine adjustment knob and other is unsigned but looks manufactured- has -PJ- user mark- 7 and 1 half inch-- both nice and clean. Plus two STANLEY measuring tools-- one is a No. 62 fourfold carpenters rule with surface dirt but good pins and straight. And a 6 inch No. 12TS try square with blued steel finish in very nice condition. Good plus GAN31G GAN32G GAN487 60 120 photo
6403-120 6403-120 Lot of two STANLEY No. 25 rosewood handled T-bevels. 12 inch version of the Type 1.Good rosewood handle with honest wear but no scratches or chips. Brass never polished and blade discolored but not rusty.Plus an 8 inch type 2 in very good condition. Good plus CGD281 CGD361 60 120 photo
6403-121 *6403-121 Lot of three squares. A 14 inch graduated blade with brass and rosewood handle has some dings and nail punches in what looks like the letter H and quatrefoil rivet plate. A 11 inch blade with brass and rosewood handle and quatrefoil rivet plate with two rivets missing on one side but two extra rivets in middle on both sides. Plus an ungraduated 6 inch blade with brass and rosewood handle and trefoil rivet plate. Has what looks like -Tidgevill and Co-- Middletown CT- and -C.H. Harris- stamped on handle. Good plus KGM184 20 40 photo
6403-122 6403-122 Lot of two extension sticks. Composed of two five foot sliding sections to do inside measurements between 5 feet and 10 feet wide.A STANLEY No. 510 in good condition with some surface staining and notched rectangle mark.And an unmarked example with some warping to one of the sections. Good FNK575 FNK585 30 60 photo
6403-123 6403-123 Lot of five folding rules. Three by LUFKIN - a Bell System-a -Red End- engineers rule and a No. 066. One GREAT NECK and a KLEIN No. 900-6.All have some degree of wear but the Bell System is the best and by itself would rate good plus. Mixed MRA241 MRA242 MRA243 MRA244 MRA246 55 110 photo
6403-124 6403-124 Lot of three rules.A No. 45 double bevel rule-12 inch with double brass bevels and unknown maker. Brass has patina with some shmutz on one end of rule and wood ok with faint user name on one side. A JORDAN aluminum 2 foot folding rule made in Germany. Some slight surface rust and patina. And an INTERLOX No. 106- a 72 inch sliding locking rule in good clean shape. Good and better DCR111 60 120 photo
6403-125 6403-125 Lot of two STANLEY rules. A No. 73 rule that is boxwood- four fold two foot. Missing 2 pins and a few worn chips. Brass good. Plus a No. 84 four fold two foot brassbound missing 2 pins and slightly sprung. Brass has patina- wood good noting a couple of scratches. Good VTD137 VTD154 40 80 photo
6403-126 6403-126 Lot of two rules.A LUFKIN No. 372 caliper rule- boxwood with brass caliper- two fold one foot. Some stains on wood and caliper. And a CHAPIN-STEPHENS two fold 6 inch caliper rule- slightly sprung but clean noting a few spots on the brass. Good DCR109 DCR113 30 60 photo
6403-127 6403-127 STANLEY No. 60 rule. Double arch joint- boxwood and brass bound- slightly sprung. Only one pin remains. Some staining and oxidation of brass. Rare find. Good- VTD149 75 150 photo
6403-128 6403-128 STANLEY No. 53 rule. Four fold- two foot and brassbound boxwood. Two pins missing- brass has patina and some slight staining on wood. Good VTD160 30 60 photo
6403-129 6403-129 Lot of five tools. Three NORTH BROS. Yankee automatic screwdrivers-- No. 30A-130A and 227A. All have wear to wooden handles but clean rust-free metal. Plus two MILLERS FALLS two-speed breast drills-- a No. 12 circa 1915 with Leland jaw chuck in nice condition with most of its red paint and a No. 10 with some chipped teeth- missing level and repainted. Good and better CRT28 CRT97 CRT152 60 120 photo
6403-130 6403-130 Lot of four Archimedean drills. All unsigned and probably English. 15 and 1 half inch with beech handle and slide. 12 and 1 half inch with ebonized handle and slide and two 9 inch jewelers. Good and better CDE2044 CDE2107 CDE2661 CDE2662 80 160 photo
6403-131 6403-131 ARCHIMEDEAN DRILL. Unsigned. Turned wooden head and pad. 16 and 1 half inch long- works smoothly. Good plus WOL263 40 80 photo
6403-132 *6403-132 BILLINGS patent screwdriver. Patented 1896 by Charles Billings of Billings and Spencer. Clever design with four different size blades that slide out of handle. Finish on wooden handle is worn but otherwise in good condition. Good PFF822 10 20 photo
6403-133 6403-133 MILLERS FALLS No. 77A hand drill. Way above average condition with undamaged handles-teeth all good and most of its paint. Good plus CDE2024 30 60 photo
6403-134 6403-134 Mixed lot of five metal braces Two ratcheting types-- one marked No. 2612-one with pewter bands around the grip marked No. 4410. Others are non-ratcheting and unmarked. Two with Barber type chucks and one with a thumbscrew.All decent working condition. Good CDE28 CDE484 CDE485 CDE495 CDE826 50 100 photo
6403-135 6403-135 MILLERS FALLS No. 3 brace. One of the earliest MF braces with the Barber chuck and Amidon jaws sold through 1881.Non-ratcheting-lignum head and no wooden grip.Large chip from edge of head.7 inch sweep. Good CDE1661 60 120 photo
6403-136 6403-136 JOHNSTON patent combination brace wrench. The first of Samuel Johnstons design- all of which were manufactured by Peter Lowentraut of Newark.Some surface pitting and someone used a pliers on the locking ring. Good CDE483 60 120 photo
6403-137 6403-137 Handforged whimble brace. Unusual design with clamp-style chuck secured by handforged wingnut. There is a hole for a second bolt but not clear what purpose it would serve.Small round ball-type head.11 inch sweep.Different and well made. Good plus CDE488 50 100 photo
6403-138 6403-138 Lot of two plated Sheffield braces. One by WM. MARPLES with ebony head and Hibernia works medallion. The other by T. TILLOTSON with lignum head.Both very clean with minimal dinging and no cracks or chips. Good pushbutton chucks. Good plus CDE1602 CDE1737 350 700 photo
6403-139 6403-139 Lot of three layout tools. Ornate center-finding combination square- 6 inches across and mounted on a Craftsman 12 inch rule.Plus a STANLEY No. 1 try square- 7 inch blade and rosewood handle. And a 4 inch caliper rule that is in pretty rough shape but we are throwing it in. Good -except for rule- THF366 THF369 THF381 50 100 photo
6403-140 6403-140 Lot of three English mortise gauges. Ultimatum style with brass plated oval ebony head and solid brass body-- one with solid brass round head- rosewood stem with sliding brass thumb-adjusted point. And a TYZACK with solid brass head and two steel arms- stamped on locking screws. Good plus KGM186 KGM188 KGM195 200 400 photo
6403-141 6403-141 Lot of two STARRETT measuring tools IOB. A 6 inch No. 98 shafting level with japanning worn on one side but good vials.And a 4 inch No. 13 miniature square in good shape except somebody painted half the handle yellow for some unfathomable reason.Boxes intact but tattered with complete labels. Good MKJ320 MKJ341 50 100 photo
6403-142 6403-142 Lot of two mortise gauges. Nice example by D.M LYON and CLEARMAN- beech with brass plated head and screw adjustment- points worn but still there.And a user made one with three fixed points that we are throwing in.Rating is for the Lyon. Good plus RYP1001 60 120 photo
6403-143 6403-143 Lot of two marking gauges. An Ulmia double pin marking gauge made of rosewood and brass- varnish worn and some scratches on head but otherwise decent. And a rosewood and brass handled marking gauge with square head with pins worn and some dinging and scratches in brass. Good and better KGM192 KGM183 60 80 photo
6403-144 6403-144 Drafting tools in etui.The dividers have a broken leg that could be soldered but other tools in good condition. Bone sector rule- slightly worn and good set of ebony parallel rules. Sharkskin etui is worn but intact. Good- SPM41 40 80 photo
6403-145 6403-145 STARRETT No. 49 combination bevel IOB. Has slotted blade and solid blade- both adjustable and a little over 4 inch. Blade ends vary from square to 30--60-- and 45 degrees. Box a little tattered but all there- label coming off in one corner. Good plus THF380 40 80 photo
6403-146 6403-146 Lot of three measuring tools. H.B. SMITH lathe gauge. LUFKIN steel tape graduated in 1 eighth inch increments with spring return. And something that looks automotive with 3 eighths inch calipers. Good THF356 THF367 THF388 45 90 photo
6403-147 6403-147 Set of brass trammel points. 4 and 3 fourths inch long- steel points that are flattened along one side. One has integral pencil holder. Nice design with knurled locking knobs- one keeper. Good plus WOL368 60 120 photo
6403-148 6403-148 Lot of four LUFKIN folding steel rules. A No. 4143 36 inch rule in near fine condition. Two folding advertising rules -one 1 foot- one 2 feet- and a non-folding 6 inch No. 2704 with advertising. Good and better THF346-349 45 90 photo
6403-149 6403-149 Lot of two STANLEY layout tools. No. 25 T-bevel. Less common 12 inch length- good rosewood handle.And a No. 62 brass bound four fold two foot rule worn but legible. Good and better KGM97 KGM159 60 120 photo
6403-150 6403-150 Lot of three metal braces. A STANLEY No. 966 non-ratcheting. Another STANLEY that looks like a later model 966. And a POWER KRAFT ratcheting brace made in England.All with 10 inch sweeps and all good clean and usable. Good plus CDE490 CDE496 CDE665 40 80 photo
6403-151 6403-151 Lot of two PECK-STOWE-and WILCOX ratchet braces. A No. 1001 which has a ratchet mechanism that appears to be Ellrichs 1884 patent which is marked -NS- in Pearson but is found on early PSandW braces although not marked with the patent.12 inch sweep and nice clean condition.The other one does not have readable mark but is clearly PSandW and has Reisings 1884 patent ratchet which isnt in Pearson. With significant surface corrosion and ding to wood but works smoothly.Two rare ratchets from the early days of PSandW. Good and better CDE492 CDE825 110 200 photo
6403-152 6403-152 TAYLOR patent-type brace. Not marked but with the typical Taylor type bit locking mechanism.Good spring and nice turned handle- a little loose but still attached.8 inch sweep. Good CDE502 60 120 photo
6403-153 6403-153 Lot of two thumbscrew locking braces.Handforged ball grip type with hexagonal stock and handforged thumbscrew- big crack in head but otherwise very nice. 10 inch sweep.Second one is unmarked but looks manufactured and could be Bartholomews 1862 patent- iron body and head- no grip.9 inch sweep. Good and better CDE493 CDE497 75 150 photo
6403-154 6403-154 CLEMENS ROSE patented brace. Roses 4-16-67 patent subsequently manufactured by Millers Falls and rated B for rarity in Pearson.Could use some lubrication and with some surface dings.9 inch sweep. Good CDE494 60 120 photo
6403-155 6403-155 HART patent brace. This brace isnt marked but it resembles Harts 1874 patent that was manufactured by PandF CORBIN of New Britain.It has a knob mounted on the back of the chuck that is tightened to draw the chuck jaws in.I know I have seen a couple of these and if I am wrong someone will correct me.Has overall pitting but handle and grip are good and works smoothly.8 inch sweep. Good CDE489 60 120 photo
6403-156 6403-156 Lot of six folding rules. A clean 6 foot LUFKIN No. 966 with no extension. A yellow MASTER RULE MFG. CO. 6 foot without extension- a little worn with a few paint splatters. A STANLEY 266F in nice condition. A LUFKIN No. 460 with some wear. Two very worn LUFKIN measurement rules. Good- and better DST271 DST273 DST266 DST267 DST269 DST270 35 70 photo
6403-157 6403-157 STANLEY No. 79 carpenters board scale rule. Four fold-two foot made of boxwood and brass- slightly sprung. One pin slightly bent and with a couple of chips- brass has some patina. Otherwise nice for a hard to find rule. Good VTD139 60 80 photo
6403-158 6403-158 STANLEY No. 59 rule. Scarce. Four fold-two foot- double arch. Has small crack but otherwise good wood and brass has a few spots. Has all three pins. Good VTD157 40 80 photo
6403-159 6403-159 Lot of two STANLEY caliper rules. A No. 32 and 1 half inch brass bound and a No. 32.Both are four fold-two foot models and both in very clean crisp condition Good plus KGM109 KGM110 50 100 photo
6403-160 6403-160 LUFKIN No. 171 caliper rule Two fold. 6 inches. Nice clean condition. Good plus KGM102 30 60 photo
6403-161 6403-161 Lot of four rules. A like-new BRIDGE CITY No. BR-12 -zero glare- triangular bench rule. A 6 foot folding steel rule patented in 1924 by James McCaffrey of Buffalo and sold by the RUSTLESS RULE CO.- A few paint stains. And two by RABONE-- a four fold-three foot No. 1167 in near-mint condition and an uncommon two fold-two foot No. 1223. Good and better KGM103 KGM105 KGM106 KGM108 75 150 photo
6403-162 6403-162 STANLEY No. 36 1 halfR rule. Two fold one foot caliper rule- boxwood. Wood good minus one small stain and brass nice. Good plus VTD141 40 80 photo
6403-163 6403-163 STANLEY No. 36 rule. Left-hand boxwood with brass caliper. 6 inch two fold. Clean condition. Good plus DCR112 30 60 photo
6403-164 *6403-164 Japanese carving set. Small chisels and gouges- six total. In small box with Japanese label. Good plus KGM193 20 40 photo
6403-165 6403-165 Seven A. NEWTON steel files IOB. Files are all triangular and fine- different sizes and one has red handle.Box in very good condition with clear label. Goodplus DT23 40 80 photo
6403-166 *6403-166 Gimlet boring hole tools. Three with carved handles and one stamped -Kingston.- A few small chips and dings in handles otherwise in good shape. Good plus KGM190 20 40 photo
6403-167 6403-167 Lot of gimlets and bits. From the same tool chest-- five gimlets of various sizes and six square-shanked notched bits-three augers-two spoon and one countersink - marked with different makers. Good LBD1007 50 100 photo
6403-168 6403-168 Box of STANLEY scraper blades. A dozen No. C82 hook-type scraper blades in the original box.Some have a little rust but all 12 are there. Good plus GAN26G 30 60 photo
6403-169 6403-169 Plow plane cutters.11 cutters- various makers including Mathiesen-Hernshaw and others. Plus a couple of rods. All in good condition with some minor rust. Good plus JRI1094 40 80 photo
6403-170 6403-170 Box of STANLEY scraper blades.A dozen No. C82 hook-type scraper blades in the original box.Some have a little rust but all 12 are there. Good plus GAN26G-2- 30 60 photo
6403-171 6403-171 Lot of five saws. A nice clean KEEN KUTTER - SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE -Marathon- No. 1922 rip saw with 25 inch blade and 7 tpi- good etch and small chip out of top horn. A HARVEY W. PEACE crosscut- 22 inch blade and 11 tpi has Hankin and Tinneys patent handle reinforcement but bottom horn broke off anyway with no visible etch and rusty blade. A JACKSON smaller 18 inch blade with good medallion- 9 tpi and some surface discoloration on blade- clearly visible etching- good handle with -B- scratched into it. And a DISSTON short 16 inch blade with steep curve- not sure what this was used for- 7 tpi and handle worn with light chipping- looks like rosewood- it has Disston medallion and -1934- stamped on blade. Plus one with no visible etching or makers mark but has medallion that says -Warranted Superior- 20 inch blade with good handle and 7 tpi. Good and better TKY8 TKY10 TKY13 TKY23 TKY32 75 150 photo
6403-172 6403-172 MOSELEY brass backsaw. 6 inch blade. Resharpened by Bad Axe Toolworks- brass back and good open handle with some dings and tip slightly reshaped. Split nuts. Good KGM185 75 150 photo
6403-173 6403-173 WM P WALTERS SONS panel saw. Walters was a Philadelphia dealer founded in 1831.They made some of their own tools but this may have been made by Disston.Early in appearance with split nuts- good 13 sixteenth inch medallion with eagle and Washburnes 1867 saw nut patent.Very clean 16 inch straightback blade with nib. 9 ppi. etch legible.An unusual saw. Good plus KGM1 210 400 photo
6403-174 6403-174 DISSTON brass backsaw. 8 inch blade- originally rip but refiled as crosscut.Brass back which was unusual in the US so possibly for English market.Early twentieth century and good clean applewood handle with deeper notch. Good plus KGM187 100 200 photo
6403-175 6403-175 Lot of two late model saws. A CRAFTSMAN No. 9 with 34 inch blade and 10 and 1 half ppi crosscut- back of the blade is ruled and has a short section of metal cutting teeth for nails with some evidence of wear but no damage and a solid user.Plus a dead mint ATKINS No. 21 metal saw- 20 inch blade and never used. Good plus and mint. KGM9 KGM15 70 120 photo
6403-176 6403-176 SIMONDS crosscut saw. Nice clear etch but no model number- 25 inch skewback blade- 7 ppi and good applewood handle with no wheatsheaf carving. Good plus BFS221 40 80 photo
6403-177 6403-177 Lot of three narrow-blade saws. A GEO H. BISHOP pruning saw with very clean 17 inch blade with good etching- 7 ppi. And two SIMONDS compass saws with 15 inch blades abd 8 ppi-- one blade rusty with no visible etch medallion marked with Glovers 1887 saw screw patent- and the other cleaner with visible etch and toggle locking handle.All three handles are worn but intact with no major damage. Good and better BFS236 BFS237 BFS241 90 180 photo
6403-178 6403-178 Lot of two R. GROVES and SONS backsaws. One brass back marked with circa 1880 -Silver Steel- stamp-good 18 inch blade and -Established 1770- medallion with chip out of top horn.The other has a steel back with earlier -Cast Steel- stamp- good 16 inch blade and handle well used but undamaged.Both have lambs-tongue grips and split nuts. Good plus BFS215 BFS229 90 180 photo
6403-179 6403-179 Lot of two T-handle augers. One is clearly manufactured with a replaceable bit and iron reinforced handlebut is unmarked.The other looks smith made with a fixed bit.The manufactured one has the tip broken off the screwbit otherwise very clean and nice. Good and better CDE2600 CDE2670 60 110 photo
6403-180 6403-180 Lot of three hand drills. CRAFTSMAN No. HI220 two speed with -Hy-Lo Drive- near fine condition with original paint and faded decal- six bits in handle.A GOODELL-PRATT single-speed with most paint gone and rust but missing side handle.And an unusual unsigned model- has a breast plate although its more the size of a hand drill- green paint on drive wheel. Good and better CDE2029 CDE2039 55 110 photo
6403-181 6403-181 YANKEE No. 131A automatic screwdriver. Minimal wear to wood- good nickel and is perfect user.No bits. Good BFS14 30 60 photo
6403-182 6403-182 Lot of four chisels. Three BUCK BROS. bevel edge lasting chisels-- Two socket handles -1 half inch and 1 eighth inch- and one tang handle -1 eighth inch-.Plus a STANLEY -Everlasting- 3 eighths inch bevel edge butt chisel-- stamped -IMPERFECT- and with a large crack in the handle. Good THF358 THF361 50 100 photo
6403-183 6403-183 Lot of four European saws. A SANDVIK No. 280 rip saw- 26 inch blade- 8 ppi in good clean condition but missing one bolt holding metal plates to handle. A JARNBERGER AB ORSA -Swedish- panel rip saw 10 ppi. SPEAR and JACKSON 26 inch crosscut 8 ppi with late model medallion. And a WITHERBY -West Germany- 26 inch rip saw 8 ppi.Allsolid workers with good handles and minimal rust. Good and better KGM5 KGM7 KGM13 KGM16 80 160 photo
6403-184 6403-184 SIMONDS No. 7A crosscut saw. 24 inch blade- 5 and 1 half ppi- blade darkened but good etch-nib-good applewood handle with nickel-plated brass reinforcing plate-- good Simonds medallion. Good plus BFS204 75 150 photo
6403-185 6403-185 Dead mint NICHOLSON No. 300 crosscut saw. 26 inch blade. 8 ppi. Never touched wood and even has original cardboard sheath. Mint KGM14 90 180 photo
6403-186 6403-186 SIMOND No. 10 crosscut saw. Early version with the crescent moon etch and medallion. 25 inches. 7 ppi. A couple of broken teeth- etch is worn but visible- lambs-tongue handle with a couple of minor chips. Good BFS220 40 80 photo
6403-187 6403-187 E.C. ATKINS No. 100 flooring saw. 8 inch blade. 10 ppi. Near fine condition with clear etch and almost no rust. Good plus BFS231 50 100 photo
6403-188 6403-188 BRIDGE CITY SA-3 bent tip scratch awl dead mint IOB. Turned rosewood head.Tool No. 3140.Never used.They are not making them any more so this may be your last chance. Mint KGM168 65 130 photo
6403-189 6403-189 STARRETT No. 107 speed indicator IOB Minor surface corrosion- includes instruction sheet and second head- box worn but complete with intact label. Good plus MRA253 45 90 photo
6403-190 6403-190 Lot of BLUE GRASS price tags Approximately 75 original price tags from Belknap Hardwares Blue Grass line.Something that no serious Blue Grass collector can be without.In a box from Sierra Bullets. Fine FES543 40 80 photo
6403-191 6403-191 DIETZGEN beam compass set. Complete- including pencil leads in screw-top box.In original case with working latch- marked -Germany U.S. Zone.- Fine NW1381 80 160 photo
6403-192 6403-192 Lot of four tools. Two LUFKIN folding rules-- a No. 4644 4 foot and an unsigned brass metric rule- both immaculate. And a STANLEY No. 78 - 1 half fourfold rule- soiled and pins missing but readable and one of the rarer rules. Plus a cutter blade mounted on a wooden handle presumably used for turning. Looks manufactured but unmarked. Good- and better DUP235 DUP223 DUP652 40 80 photo
6403-193 6403-193 Scratch awl with cocobolo head. Brass body and knob. Steel tip- 5 inches long.Clearly by a modern maker but not signed. Mint KGM167 30 60 photo
6403-194 6403-194 Set of CHANDLERS Chamferers IOB.Brass chamfer gauges in good condition with only slight patina. Patent date 7-14-85 stamped on each but -PAT- part worn. Original box tattered and taped but all there. Good DCR110 60 120 photo
6403-195 6403-195 STANLEY No. 79 side rabbet plane. Early unfenced type with sweetheart marks on both cutters.Minor loss of nickel in spots but overall very clean. Good plus THF368 50 100 photo
6403-196 6403-196 LIE-NIELSEN palm plane No. 100. Flat bottom- blade is 7 eighths inch wide- small chip in tail. Good plus KGM30 40 80 photo
6403-197 6403-197 Small infill rebate plane. 3 and 3 fourths inch long- 3 eighths inch sole- gunmetal with rosewood infill and wedge- good Marples cutter. -H. Laidlar- stamped in toe. Good plus KGM83 100 180 photo
6403-198 6403-198 Glass cutter. Fancy brass body- wheel type cutter in head- nicely made.Name looks like PRINCE. Good plus LBD617 40 80 photo
6403-199 6403-199 Brass router plane. Unmarked and probably user made. 4 inches x 2 inch rectangular brass base with closed throat.Nicely made. Good plus THF354 40 80 photo
6403-200 6403-200 Mortising axe. Head is handforged. 9 and 1 half inch handle an old replacement. 21 inches long. Good NW1820 60 120 photo
6403-201 6403-201 Lot of two handforged broadaxe heads. 11 inches and 13 and 1 half inch wide.The larger one has serious chippingand a coat of dark red paint. Good- NW1825 NW1827 40 80 photo
6403-202 6403-202 KEEN KUTTER -Tommy- Axe. Looks like original 13 inch handle but some nails driven into eye to tighten it up and big chip out of end- good KK mark. Good- NW291 30 60 photo
6403-203 6403-203 Bowl adze.Unsigned. 7 inch blade with 8 inch old handle. Surface rust but sharp. Good plus KGM88 50 100 photo
6403-204 *6403-204 Wooden carving mallet Unmarked. Good 10 inch handle and 4 inch head. Good plus RYP1000 10 20 photo
6403-205 6403-205 1893 Worlds Fair souvenir. A glass hatchet with the head of George Washington and -The Father of His Country- cast on one side of blade and Worlds Fair 1893 on reverse.Made by the Libbey Glass Co. of Toledo- predecessor to todays Libbey Owens.8 inches long. Fine VIN250 60 120 photo
6403-206 6403-206 Mortise-chisel axe. Very unusual type of axe- typically European.18 inches long. 2 inches wide.No handle.There is a hole in the back of the eye that appears original. Good plus ALV11 140 280 photo
6403-207 6403-207 MILLERS FALLS -The Companion- treadle lathe. Frame- bed and spindle all complete- good tool rest with -The Companion- cast in red letters.Treadle has a piece broken out of the interior and the linkage between the treadle and flywheel is missing and would need to be restored along with a belt to use it.Also one of the nuts holding the treadle is a modern replacement.28 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Good MRA239 220 440 photo
6403-208 6403-208 Lot of hammering tools. A wooden mallet with nice original handle and big chip out of top of head and a mallet with holes in both faces for wooden inserts that are now missing- head looks hand forged- no marking-pitted and old handle. A STANLEY -Bell System- hammer with Stanley mark- old split in handle and some repair wedges. A -TRUE TEMPER- No. 7F light nailing hammer with old handle and head seems a little crooked. Plus an unmarked miniature sledge hammer with pitting and chipping to head. Good- and better NW747 NW741 NW442 NW453 NW469 30 60 photo
6403-209 6403-209 EVANSVILLE TOOL WORKS lathing hatchet.Marked with Fox head trademark- a couple of chips from blade and peen but no major damage.Handle looks original but needs a wedge to tighten it up. Good ALV519 30 60 photo
6403-210 6403-210 Macadamizing hammer. Macadam roads- invented by Scottish surveyor John McAdam around 1780 were constructed of small stones fitted together to form a solid surface.These round-headed hammers were used to break up the stones to form the surface.Unusual form of hammer- good condition with what looks like original 11 and 1 half inch handle. Good plus KGM132 60 120 photo
6403-211 6403-211 Lot of two hammers A STANLEY No. 3 and 1 half oz Warrington or cross-peen hammer in near new condition ideal for cabinet making and similar projects. And an OSBORN strapped tackhammer restored with new handle and lacquered. Good plus KGM129 KGM133 50 100 photo
6403-212 6403-212 Lot of three hammers. Cobblers hammer hand-forged single claw type probably for leatherworking and a metalworkers with one square and one round head- all unmarked. Good and better KGM122 KGM125 KGM126 40 80 photo
6403-213 6403-213 -The Morris- slaters hammer. Manufactured in Bangor PA. Good leather ring handle with wingnut- minimal rust. Good COL132 40 80 photo
6403-214 6403-214 Lot of two rare nail pullers or box openers. A HERCULEVER box opener- based on Rogers 5-1-06 patent and manufactured by the Herculever Co. of New York. One of the rarest patented box openers rated -HardlyFound- in Friedrichs book.The other is unmarked but is described and also rated -Hardly Found- by Friederich -p. 116-.Both in very clean condition with minimal surface rusts and no damage. Good plus ALV14 ALV577 140 280 photo
6403-215 6403-215 Lot of four tack hammers. A STANLEY No. 602B-- one by MARION TOOL CO. -- one with very worn mark but looks like VAUGHN and BUSHNESS and old unmarked model- rusty with loose head and missing cap on handle.Rating is for the first three-- fourth is thrown in. Good plus KGM124 KGM127 KGM128 KGM134 55 110 photo
6403-216 6403-216 Lot of two hammers. SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE brick hammer- 7 inch head and 11 inch old handle- a little loose.And an adze hammer by ROBT OSRBY of Sheffield. 8 inch head and 8 and 1 half inch handle that looks original- a little loose and with a chip from the end. Good NW288 NW374 50 90 photo
6403-217 6403-217 Lot of two cobblers hammers. One European style has -I.K.B- cast into head- crack in edge of face- old handle tightened with nails but still a little loose.And an English pattern marked only -Cast Steel-Old handle a little loose. Good NW362 NW380 50 90 photo
6403-218 6403-218 Lot of cigar box hammers. 19 total-- different shapes and sizes and many marked with the names of bygone cigars.A tobaconnia treasurer trove.Sold as is and no returns. Mixed VIN251 45 90 photo
6403-219 6403-219 Set of four I. SORBY paring chisels. 1 and 1 fourth inch-- 1 inch-- five eighths inch -- 1 half inch.Tang handled.Some light pitting on blades but clean and sharp- handles intact and free of cracks or chips.A nice set. Good plus KGM171 60 120 photo
6403-220 6403-220 Set of FOOTPRINT Sheffield bevel edge chisels. Old wooden handled set with rings around striking end -missing on 3 eighths inch-.Complete set of eight chiselsplus a long handled 1 fourth inch paring chisel. Also a Footprint.Used but well cared for and nice sharp blades. Good plus SSA118 120 220 photo
6403-221 6403-221 Lot of six chisels. Crank neck Palm Tree gouge. Sorby 1 half inch firmer chisel-- 1 and 1 half inch Ward paring chisel and three by Witherbys-- 1 and 1 half inch firmer and 2 inch and 1 and 3 fourths inch bevel edge.All well used but in good sharp condition. Good KGM172 100 200 photo
6403-222 6403-222 Set of three WITHERBY narrow paring chisels. 1 half inch-- 3 eighteenths inch--and 1 fourth inch. All nice and clean with socket handles with leather striking collars. Good plus KGM158 75 150 photo
6403-223 6403-223 Set of MILLERS FALLS No. 107C carving tools in original case. Five tools-- very lightly used and very sharp. Near mint in original plastic case. Fine KGM117 40 80 photo
6403-224 *6403-224 Lot of socket chisel blades. A 2 inch C.E. JENNINGS slick. A BUCK BROS.1 inch bevel edge. A CRAFTSMAN 1 half inch firmer. A 3 eighths inch paring chisel and an 1 and 1 half inch that is pretty rusty so the name is concealed but still has a decent edge Good SSA167 25 50 photo
6403-225 6403-225 Lot of scissors and shears. Includes three button hole cutters based on Walcotts 1852 patent- seven barbers scissors with adjusting screws in handles- one with nice engraving and two miscellaneous scissors.Mixed condition and sizes. As is- no returns. Mixed VIN261 45 90 photo
6403-226 6403-226 STANLEY pencil clasp for trammel points. Your trammel points are not complete without it.Plus two No. 28 rounding tools-- 1 eighth-1 sixteenth is sweetheart and has some surface corrosion. 1 fourth-3 eighths is later and nice and shiny. Good and better LBD599 LBD600 LBD655 50 100 photo
6403-227 6403-227 Set of four DEFIANCE No. 1233 bevel edge chisels. 1 and 1 half inch--1 inch--3 fourths inch and 1 half inch.Yellow plastic handles.Well used but still solid and sharp. A good worker set. Good CRT27 40 80 photo
6403-228 6403-228 Grab bag of cast iron tools. Two name stamps. Two rifflers. Iron Age cutout farm wrench. Old clamp. Miniature shovel. Swage.Buncha stuff.Sold as is- no returns. Mixed VIN259 40 80 photo
6403-229 6403-229 Lot of two early steel tools. A purfling tool- unmarked and a pliers-type bullet mold. Good plus VIN259A 60 120 photo
6403-230 6403-230 Lot of two sets of bits and punches. 21 bits and punches including a screwdriver bit- auger bits- and semicircular scalloped punches. Plus 11 bits mostly gimlet style- one spoon- tapering square shanks for Sheffield type chucks. Various makers including BOKER and CO. and JAMES BEE. Good DW81 DW80 40 80 photo
6403-231 6403-231 Lot of two file tools. Float. Planemakers or possibly gunstockers with oval- slightly convex head.And a tool that I dont recognize made by Lutz File Co. with a sliding pointed head. Good plus MRA67 MRA68 50 100 photo
6403-232 6403-232 Lot of 3 blow torches. One is a PREWAY gasoline torch manufactured by Prentiss-Wabers Products in Wisconsin Rapids-WI. And still has about 80 percent of the label on can. Plus a Turner Masterline 45A and an unmarked round canister one. All have some tarnishing- dings- and scratches but good handles. Good and better DCR163 50 100 photo
6403-233 6403-233 STANLEY No. 59 doweling jig.New old stock in original box with all six guides-depth stop and instructions. Appears unused. Fine FNK46 40 80 photo
6403-234 6403-234 Whatsit. Looks like its designed to cut wide shallow grooves. Elaborate wormgear adjustment. Aluminum body. Unmarked and I have not seen anything like it. Good NW1712 35 70 photo
6403-235 6403-235 Enameled cigar cutter. Nice elaborate gold and blue design enameled on both sides has a -CWS- trademark. Nice and clean. Good plus VIN251A 60 120 photo
6403-236 6403-236 ALLTOPs adjustable jar opening wrench. Made by C.S. RIPLEY and CO. of Cleveland with sliding jaws locked in different positions to open different jar sizes.Sheet metal. A little surface rust with a can opener at the end.12 inches long.A wonderful gizmo. Good MRA69 60 120 photo
6403-237 6403-237 Patented combined carpet stretcher and tack driver. Patented 2-19-67 by William Johnson of Newton-Mass.Designed to allow you to stretch the carpet and drive in tacks with one hand.Still has its original green paint and label.Cooler than it sounds and a real gizmo. Good plus MKJ312 60 120 photo
6403-238 *6403-238 Lot of knife blanks. Includes four unground blanks-- two marked -IRT- -Indian River Traders-. One DEXTER RUSSELL -Green River Works- blade ready to be mounted and some miscellaneousunmarked blades.In an original DEXTER RUSSELL box Good and better JAR367C 20 40 photo
6403-239 6403-239 STANLEY No.59 doweling jig IOB. Includes all six original guides plus a couple of extra made from tubing and the often-missing depth gauge.Tool is immaculate and ready to use.Box is extremely tattered- all there but barely holding together. Good plus FNK47 30 60 photo
6403-240 6403-240 WINDSOR beader. Second type with 3-10-85 and 6-2-85 patent dates.Typical wear to ebonizing and surface corrosion on brass- one of the two cutters. Good OTR204 90 180 photo
6403-241 6403-241 Lot of four STANLEY No. 49 bit gauges. Different vintage- some with patent date marked.All in good clean condition. Good plus CRT16 40 60 photo
6403-242 6403-242 Lot of two tools. Race knife or timber scribe- unmarked but well made.And a hand-forged dinglestock or field anvil designed to be stuck into a stump or fencepost when you need an anvil in the field. Good and better MKJ324 MRA339 80 140 photo
6403-243 6403-243 Windsor beader. 10 and 1 half inch marked with 3-10-85 and 6-2-85 patent dates and user mark -H.T. Swett- on ebonized body. Has the typical wear spot on back side- some tarnish to metal and paint spatters on one handle. One cutter. Good plus KGM182 100 200 photo
6403-244 6403-244 Lot of three STANLEY butt markers.A No. 373 -- 1 half inch - 3 and 1 half inch- no box- in worn red plastic case with instructions. Some surface rust. A No. 373 - 3 inch in roughed up box- gauge in excellent shape with instructions in clean red plastic case. And a No. 374 - 4 inch in roughed up box- gauge in excellent condition with conditions in clean red plastic case. Good plus and better FNK44 FNK45 40 80 photo
6403-245 6403-245 Patented saw swage. Covered by two patents issued to John Pribnow and manufactured by E.C. ATKINS. This elaborate device supposedly shapes swaged teeth.A couple of cracks in the handles and some dings to the body but looks like its all there and no serious saw collector can be without one. Good MRA66 75 150 photo
6403-246 6403-246 Three STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scrapers. An early type with leading edge straight across rather than convex- cutter worn to about 1 inch wide. Sweetheart mark on holder and cutter. Japanning 75 percent with some surface rust. Plus two later models with convex leading edges- no marks on cutter holders. Both need a cutter and one has owners name scratched into it but good users with 80 percent japanning once you have a cutter. Good- and better DST359 DST361 DST360 50 100 photo
6403-247 6403-247 LIE NIELSEN gooseneck scrapers and leather wallet. Two sets of gooseneck scrapers and leather wallet with belt loop to hold them.Unopened and unused.115 dollars new. Mint KGM166 40 80 photo
6403-248 6403-248 Lot of two STANLEY No. 70 box scrapers. Sweetheart marks on cutters- old lacquered handles. Japanning 80 percent. Good plus DST372 DST373 60 100 photo
6403-249 6403-249 Set of two cast bronze shaves. Each has two angled cutters and a central fence-- one has flat sole the other concave.Probably not by the same maker but both well done. Good plus CRT112 80 160 photo
6403-250 6403-250 Lot of two cobblers shaves. One gullwing cast iron shave with patent date Nov. 17 1868 cast into cap- patent is for a shoemakers shave by James Simons of Troys-NY but the maker is unknown.Japanning is about 60 percent and there is a hole for a screw to secure the blade but it holds without it.The other is a heel shave by SNELL and ATHERTON in very clean condition. Good and better DCR322 100 200 photo
6403-251 6403-251 Wooden spokeshave. Beautifully made of mahogany and brass with wide mahogany wedge and brass caps on the arms.10 and 1 half inch wide with 2 inch has been polished but not obnoxious.Sole slightly compassed.A very pretty tool. Fine KGM181 100 200 photo
6403-252 6403-252 Lot of two STANLEY No. 12 veneer scrapers. Both appear to be Type 2s-- one has proper blade that is worn down and unmarked and sweetheart on clamping screw.The other has no blade and has Stanley Rule and Level stamped around the perimeter of the clamping screw.Both dirty with significant rust- handles worn but intact. Good- MMY8 MMY15 80 160 photo
6403-253 6403-253 C.E. JENNINGS and CO No. A1 scraper. 15 inches long in total with a 5 inches blade in beech body. Blade and handle both have C.E. Jennings stamp with arrow trademark also on blade. Wood in nice condition noting a few dings- blade has patina. Good plus KGM189 50 100 photo
6403-254 6403-254 STANLEY No. 12 and 1 half veneer scraper. Cutter is marked Stanley but has a hole in the middle and may be from a different model. Rosewood sole has light scratching- japanning flaking and small chip in end of one handle. Otherwise in good shape. Good plus KGM191 50 100 photo
6403-255 6403-255 Lot of three STANLEY spokeshaves. Nos. 51--52-- and 151 adjustable. All in decent user condition. Good CGD155 40 80 photo
6403-256 6403-256 Lot of two STANLEY No. 80 scrapers. A Type 1 with straight leading edge and patent dates stamped into clamp under vee mark.The other is the English made version. Both have wear to japanning and some surface rust but cutters appear proper. Good MMY9 MMY10 60 100 photo
6403-257 6403-257 WHITMAN and BARNES perfect handle nut wrench. Coe-type adjustment.21 inches long and 9 lbs.A crack in the handle and some dings in head and jaws slightly sprung. Good DCR161 50 100 photo
6403-258 6403-258 Lot of two adjustable nut wrenches. An aluminum handled monkey wrench by GOODELL-PRATT in the 10 inches size - some surface rust and someone used the head for a hammer but no serious damage and an uncommon GP tool.Plus one with an internal screw that tightens the jaws when the collar is slid to the handle end. I know I have seen it but if there is a name it is concealed in surface rust.Needs some oiling but no real damage- jaws good- 10 inches. Good ALV612 ALV671 80 150 photo
6403-259 6403-259 Lot of three bicycle wrenches. A nice clean example of the uncommon combination nut and pipe bicycle wrench patented and sold by J.H. FERGUSON of Dayton-OH. 5 inches. Plus two center-nut types-- one 5 inches unsigned and one 6 inch marked SHELLEY. Good and better ALV15 ALV34 ALV157 90 150 photo
6403-260 6403-260 Lot of two different crescent wrenches. An ANY ANGLE wrench patented November 1916 and manufactured in Lima-OH-- head swivels to different angles- 9 inches- immaculate condition.And a -Westcott- S-handled pipe wrench manufactured by KEYSTONE MFG. of Buffalo- open 8 inch handle. Good and better ALV19 ALV24 80 160 photo
6403-261 6403-261 Lot of two prying tools. One with two heads marked LACKAWANNA ARCHED WEB SHEET PILING.Cast steel and 16 inches long- obviously a specialized tool but what the specialty was I have no idea.Plus a combination hammer pry bar of the type made by Bridgeport Hardware but unmarked. Good and better ALV172 ALV531 60 120 photo
6403-262 6403-262 LOUDERBACK combination tool. Patented in 1883 and sold by LOUDERBACK and CO. in Philadelphia.Ten tools in one.The larger 11 inch size it would have cost you 2 dollars and 50 cents in 1888 if you had thought to buy one then.Very nice overall condition noting a chip in one of the wire cutter jaws. Good ALV10 80 160 photo
6403-263 6403-263 Lot of two quick-adjust wrenches. Both sliding head types.One is a pipe wrench marked made by REINHARD-MCCABE CO. of Minneapolis. Head slides into position and then is locked with a lever. Marked Pat. Pending. 10 inches long with slight damage to jaws.And one that I have seen before but is just marked -11-. Thumb activated slide forces jaws together. 8 inches. Good ALV9 ALV73 80 160 photo
6403-264 6403-264 Canvas bag sealer. Used by banks to impress lead seals on canvas bags of cash.Made by PORTER SAFETY SEAL CO. of Chicago and marked with two patent dates. Good plus ALV570 60 120 photo
6403-265 6403-265 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. PECK- STOW- and WILCOX. 12 inch wooden handle Coe type. Jaws have pitting and tight crack in handle.And two unmarked metal handle center nut types-- 9 inch and 11 inch. Smaller one has pitting and sprung jaw. Good MRA48 MRA50 MRA51 70 140 photo
6403-266 6403-266 Lot of four alligator wrenches. A No. 2 and 1 half -Bulldog- by J.H. WILLIAMS. 12 and 1 half inch- an unmarked and badly pitted model that looks the same. 9 inches. Plus two double-ended wrenches-- a KandB-Saxon-. 8 inches with three taps and a 4 and 1 half inch model marked only JR. Good except as noted MRA190 MRA191 MRA192 MRA194 50 100 photo
6403-267 6403-267 Lot of two BEMIS and CALL combination wrenches. One 12 inch long nut type- crack in wooden handle and one 10 inch missing the pipe wrench jaw insert.Surface rust and dinging. Good MRA199 MRA200 60 120 photo
6403-268 6403-268 Lot of two KLEIN telegraph line wrenches. Clearly marked by M. KLEIN and SONS. The premier maker of telegraph supplies that still makeselectrical tools.13 inches long- nice and clean. Good plus MRA220 MRA221 60 110 photo
6403-269 6403-269 Lot of three adjustable wrenches. A WHITMAN and BARNES 6 and 1 half inch railroad special with Coe-type adjustment. One marked -9- auto-. Jaw a little chewed up but otherwise good with no rust and a -Stillson- 10 inch pipe wrench by WALWORTH MFG. CO. of Boston. Wooden handle worn but intact and a few spots of rust. Good MRA52 MRA56 MRA58 70 140 photo
6403-270 6403-270 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 12. Complete set of cutters in original wooden boxes with labels.Nice condition with minor loss to nickel plating.Cam rest- beading and depth stop-both rods but no screwdriver. In a nice user-made maple box. Good plus CGD395 130 260 photo
6403-271 *6403-271 Small jorgensen wood clamp Unusually nice 5 inch clamp with turned wood threads. Super clean condition. Fine CGD253 20 40 photo
6403-272 6403-272 Surveyors chain. I dont see a name on it.Comprised of 7 inch links.Plus three iron spikes. Good THF383 35 70 photo
6403-273 6403-273 Lot of four tools.Very nice silversmiths planishing hammer. 8 inch original handle.A carved inkline that looks like a snail -or maybe a turtle-And two stamps-- one with Pat. Sept. 27 1881 and one with -Shipleys.- Good and better THF365 THF378 THF386 50 100 photo
6403-274 6403-274 Set of STANLEY Everlasting butt chisels. They are not marked with a model number but look like No. 50s.A total of eight chisels-- with one 1 and 1 half inch-- one 1 inch-- three 3 fourths inch-- two 1 half inch and one 1 fourth inch.Several have sweetheart marks.Some surface rust and generally need sharpening but no major damage.In a canvass roll. Good and better THF351 150 250 photo
6403-275 6403-275 Lot of six wrenches. Two COES type including a 12 inch perfect handle with jaws sprung and light pitting and a nice 10 inch solid handled one marked -Railroad Special.- Plus another 10 inch TRIMO pipe wrench by TRIMONT MFG. Two adjustable nut wrenches including an 11 inch model by BARCALO MFG. of Buffalo. And a 14 inch model with jaws slightly sprung by HERBRAND CO. of Fremont-OH. And an S-shaped open end wrench -3 fourths inch and 7 eighths inch- marked WILLIAMS and -367 special.- Good and better GNM220 GNM49 70 140 photo
6403-276 6403-276 Lot of two blacksmith made braces. Both heavy duty-- one with pointed end to fit into breast pad. 13 inch sweep. The other with cast iron rotating head. 7 inch sweep. Both with simple square hole chucks. Good plus CDE301 CDE491 60 100 photo
6403-277 *6403-277 Lot of three center-nut bicycle wrenches. Two BILLINGS and SPENCER with different marks. One very clean with later mark and triangle B. And an unmarked wrench of similar construction. Good ALV384 ALV396 ALV407 20 40 photo
6403-278 6403-278 Lot of three implement wrenches. Two IRON AGE cutouts and one PLANET JR. solid handle with red japanning. All 6 inches long with hammer polls. Good plus MRA75 MRA76 MRA77 75 140 photo
6403-279 6403-279 Lot of two adjustable nut wrenches. A -Wizard No. 9 inches patented in 1922 and manufactured by the WAKEFIELD WRENCH CO. of Dorchester-MA.And a similar screw-adjust type marked only -Auto- also 9 inches.Some dinging and surface rust. Good MRA54 MRA55 60 120 photo
6403-280 *6403-280 Lot of two alligator wrenches. J. H. WILLIAMS and CO. No. 2 -Bulldog- and closed-end -Neverslip- marked - Light surface corrosion but no pitting. Good and clean jaws. Good plus AED11 AED12 20 40 photo
6403-281 6403-281 Lot of two cherry stoners. Both manufactured by the NEW STANDARD CO. of Mt Joy-PA.A circular type that cuts the cherries in half and one marked No. 50 and patent pending that pushes the stone out.Both have well worn nickel plating but appear complete and functional-green paint on the clamp of the circular type. Good MRA10 MRA11 60 100 photo
6403-282 6403-282 SINCLAIR SCOTT cast iron apple peeler. Clamp style apple peeler manufactured in Baltimore around 1900. This one is complete with undamaged cast iron- japanning largely worn off. Good MRA6 90 180 photo
6403-283 6403-283 Mystery tool. Hangs on a strap- presumably over the shoulder.Two compartments-- one 5 inches x 1 and 1 half inch with rounded bottom. The other is cylindrical with pointed bottom. Good NW1947 30 60 photo
6403-284 6403-284 SANDUSKY -grasshopper-router. Double blades cut two parallel grooves.Smith calls this a door router but I have also heard it said they were used to cut wiring grooves.This one is very rusty with old nails and repairs in both birch handles but it is complete.A project but you will have a rare plane when you are done. Fair VIN257 50 100 photo
6403-285 6403-285 A.J. WILKINSON folding handle drawknife Patented by John Young of Hyde Park-MA in 1895 and manufactured by Wilkinson. Good sharp 8 inch blade- handles worn and with one old chip- folding mechanism works smoothly. Good MRA16 65 130 photo
6403-286 *6403-286 Lot of Tool Collectors guides. Barlows Guides to Value- a 1985 edition and a 1999 edition. Both have some light wear to cover. 1999 in better condition. Good plus MAXB2 20 40 photo
6403-287 *6403-287 Lot of STANLEY catalog reprints. A No. 129 catalog. 1929 second edition reprint with cover detached and some light wear. And a catalog 139 reprint with some wear to cover but pages are decent. Good and better MAXB1 20 40 photo
6403-288 6403-288 Lot of cabinet making book and catalog. A 1913 -Cabinet Making-- Principles of Designing- Construction and Laying out Work- by J. H. Rudd and published by the Grand Rapids Furniture Record Company. Small amount of writing on first page- cover has light wear. Plus a Catalog of Mechanics Tools by Orr and Locket Hardware Co. reprint in good shape with light wear to cover. Good plus MAXB3 30 60 photo
6403-289 6403-289 LOT OF CATALOGS. Two Lufkin No. 7 in fair and good condition. Stanley No. 34 -1940- original in good condition. A Stanley No. 34 reprint in good condition. A Brown and Sharpe Small Tools No. 31 with some wear to cover and a Goodell-Pratt No. 12 with heavy wear to cover and paper around the outside. Pages stained. Good- and better HAN3YB 75 150 photo
6403-290 6403-290 LOT OF WOODWORKING BOOKS. 1990 Edition of the Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by Salaman- very light wear. The Art of Fine Tools by Nagyszalanczy- Classic Hand Tools by Hack and The Handplane Book by Hack-- all like new. Good plus and better COL149 COL145 COL144 COL146 50 100 photo
6403-291 6403-291 LOT OF TWO STARRETT CATALOGS. A Catalog No. 27 -1970- and a 50th Anniversary Catalog No. 25 -1930-. In decent condition with some signs of aging. Good and better HAN2YB2 50 100 photo
6403-292 6403-292 LOT OF THREESTARRETT CATALOGS. Two Catalog No. 26 -1938- and a Catalog No. 24 -1927-. All in decent condition with some signs of aging. Good and better HAN2YB 50 100 photo
6403-293 6403-293 Lot of STANLEY catalog and booklet. A Stanley No. 34 Catalog from 1905 including the -quick reference- booklet. Catalog tattered with cover detached with writing on inside- looks like -Russell Drummond.- Pages have tears and stains in first 30 pages or so. Booklet has stains and a couple of tears but otherwise in good condition. Plus a user guide for the Stanley Miter Box No. 2358 with cover missing and tattered and stained. And a Lufkin Rule Co. drill size equivalent chart thrown in. Good- THF387 30 60 photo
6403-294 6403-294 Lot of books and guides. A 2006 Stanley Little Big Book by Clarence Blanchard with dingy cover. The 1997-1999-and 2000 Stanley Tools Pocket Price Guides by John Walter all with some light to moderate wear. A Stanley Plane Facts booklet from 1978. And a Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide by David Heckel in decent shape. Good and better MAX 366 MAXB6 30 60 photo
6403-295 *6403-295 Lot of three books. The Cabinet Makers Guide reprint with dingy cover. Exercises in Wood-Working by Ivin Sickels reprint in good condition. And Kings Woodwork and Carpentry Elements of Construction 1911 edition with Blair City Schools stamp inside- looks like school book with cover slightly worn- pages have some yellowing and a few loose. Good- and better MAXB4 20 40 photo
6403-296 6403-296 Lot of book and media. The Saw in History by Henry Disston and Sons 2009 reprint in good shape. A DVD entitled The Brace-- The Why and How of Making Holes Volume One-- A Digital Book for M-WTCA Members in clear plastic case- looks to be new and scratch-free. And a VHS tape entitled Stanley Planes by the Numbers hosted by Patrick Leach in case- looks to be new. Good plus MAXB7 30 60 photo
6403-297 6403-297 Lot of STANLEY instruction manuals. Two for the 55 plane and two for the 45 plane. One 45 is a clean reprint. Other three originals have varying degrees of wear- a couple have tape or paper clips holding them together. Good- and better MAXB5 30 60 photo
6403-298 6403-298 LOT OF SIX STANLEY LEVELS. Two No. 0-- 28 inch and 30 inch- worn edges. No. 2-- 30 inches- nice and crisp. No. 3-- 28 inch - missing vial adjustment protectors but otherwise nice. And a 28 inch No. 30 with full end caps and a couple of dings but otherwise good condition.Plus a plastic No. 364 torpedo level. Good and better HAN105 50 100 photo
6403-299 6403-299 GRAB BAG OF STANLEY BOXWOOD RULES. A total of 19 rules-- all common types with various degrees of condition issues.All have wear and a couple have hinge damage.Maybe there is a treasure in here that I missed. Various JRI VARIOUS 50 100 photo
6403-300 6403-300 Dealers lot of hammers. AXE BRAND short handled sledge hammer with 4 and 1 half inch head- traces of red paint- mark on bottom of head and also marked -33 LBS- which is inaccurate-- slightly loose 10 inch original handle. A stoneworkers hammer with 6 inch head and 16 inch handle that is likely a replacement and does not go all the way through the eye. A split-strap with one end broken off and some pitting to metal. A STANLEY -Bell System- sledge. An unmarked curved claw nailing hammer with replacement handle and screw used to tighten head. A creasing hammer. A hand-forged nailing hammer with unusually short handle. And a beryllium-headed hammer with old replacement handle. Good- and better NW Various 50 100 photo
6403-301 6403-301 Dealers lot of hammers. Three claw hammers including a KEEN KUTTER -Dynamic- model and two older unmarked straight-poll ones- all have hold handles and Keen Kutter has some wedge repair. Two spring-handled welders hammers with some surface corrosion but intact and solid. A stoneworkers hammer with 7 inch head and 14 inch handle that might be a replacement. And a PLUMB bricklayers hammer with 11 inch handle that looks original and 24 oz head. Good NW Various 60 120 photo
301 total items this auction          

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