Auction Archive 6402 - December 14, 2014

Auction ended December 14th, 2014.

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6402-001 6402-001 STANLEY prelateral No. 33 transitional jointer. Type 6. Last prelateral with eagle mark on toe and semi circular mark on blade. A couple of stains and one tight crack on body.  some roughness to edge of tote. Metal good. A very nice example of the prelateral transitional plane. Good plus CGD146 70 140 photo
6402-002 6402-002 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 101 screw arm plow plane. Beech with boxwood arms and nuts and boxed fence. Chip out of the end of one arm and few small chips on threads but overall very nice condition. Good plus CDE1505 300 600 photo
6402-003 6402-003 Dead mint BLUM No. 5 jack plane. Quartersawn maple with cherry sole incorporating Blums unique bench plane design. Comes with sharpening jig and an entra frog and appears to have never been used. These will run you 250 dollars new - heres a chance to try it out for a fraction of that. Mint KGM56 125 200 photo
6402-004 6402-004 Coffin shaped smoother. Unusual design with an iron plate in the sole in front of the throat. Cutter cap is marked COULQUHON and CADMAN. Cutter itself is a  Governor Brand  by ONIONS and CO. Plane is in very clean condition. Owner mark on wedge. Good plus RYP19 60 120 photo
6402-005 6402-005 Dead mint RECORD 05 jack plane. Equivalent to a Stanley No 5  first produced in 1931. Blue enamel is absolutely perfect- I cant see a scratch or trace of rust on it. Mint KGM51 60 120 photo
6402-006 6402-006 STANLEY No. 20 circular plane. Cutter has the 1892 patent mark.  About 50 percent nickel loss otherwise nice and clean. Good CGD117 100 200 photo
6402-007 6402-007 STANLEY No. 289 filletster and rabbet plane. Type 1 with patent dates cast into body but with a sweetheart cutter. The original heavy duty fence has been replaced but the original large diameter fence rod is included so its ready for a proper fence. Apart from that plane is in very good condition possibly repainted. Good plus MAX343 100 200 photo
6402-008 6402-008 STANLEY No. 225 double bladed bevel. Made only from 1927  to 29 with 12 inches and 7 inch blades. The lacquer has almost completely worn off the boxwood handle but blades are nice and clean with sweetheart mark. Good minus MAX356 75 150 photo
6402-009 6402-009 Lot of three SARGENT rabbet planes. Two No. 196s -one missing depth stop and one with unmarked cutter-  and one No. 198.  Good clean condition except as noted. Good and better BFS95 96 98 90 150 photo
6402-010 6402-010 Lot of three STANLEY No. 192 rabbet planes.  A Type 1 -one with second sweetheart cutter and scrollwork on tote and one with third sweetheart and fishscale tote.  All depth stops and nickers present and japanning good. The Type 1 may have been repainted. Good plus MAX397B 75 150 photo
6402-011 6402-011 Lot of two STANLEY No. 190 rabbet planes.  A Type 1  and one with fishscale tote and third sweetheart on cutter.  Both depth stops and nickers present in good clean condition. Good plus MAX397 75 150 photo
6402-012 6402-012 Lot of two STANLEY rabbet planes.  A No. 190 and  Enhanced  190W. The No. 190 is in nice clean condition with third sweetheart mark on cutter and japanning almost complete.  The  190W  has a first sweetheart cutter and may be repainted.  It has the steel plate on the sole but Im suspicious of it as it has only two screws and I think it is an after-market addition -but well done-. Good MAX397A 60 120 photo
6402-013 6402-013 Lot of two STANLEY No. 39 dado planes. A five eighths inch plane with lever cap and cutter missing and a seven eighths inch sweetheart with nickel flaking on caps but otherwise good. Good and better LBD436 438 200 400 photo
6402-014 6402-014 STANLEY No. 182 rabbet plane.  Semi circular 1874 87 mark on cutter. Bottom horn of tote broken but otherwise in fine condition. Good MAX263 40 80 photo
6402-015 6402-015 STANLEY No. 191 rabbet plane. Late model with notched rectangle mark on cutter.  Immaculate condition with guide and nicker and depth stop. Fine MAX278 75 150 photo
6402-016 6402-016 STANLEY No. 48 swinging fence match plane. Nickel plated version with slight loss of nickel at tip of tote but otherwise nice and clean.  Proper cutters. Good plus BFS97 75 150 photo
6402-017 6402-017 STANLEY No. 146 match plane. Some nickel flaking on the caps but otherwise nice and clean with original cutters. Good plus LBD437 120 220 photo
6402-018 6402-018 STANLEY No. 49 tongue and groove plane.  Nickel plate worn but with scroll pattern on tote and patent number cast into body. Cutters have been replaced from a 45 -and are the wrong size-  and one of the cutter clamps is an obvious replacement.  For parts or restoration. Fair MAX317 50 100 photo
6402-019 6402-019 STANLEY No. 193 fiber board plane. Includes the main body and all attachments except No. 5.  One cutter.  Unlike some  this one looks like it was actually used with some wear to the japanning but still good overall shape. Good DST255 50 100 photo
6402-020 6402-020 MILLERS FALLS No. 4 bullnose rabbet plane IOB. Plane is very good with some minor surface rust. Japanning 95 percent. Box ragged and missing two sides but label is intact. Good plus DCS2 30 60 photo
6402-021 6402-021 STANLEY No. 79 side rabbet plane IOB. Early unfenced type. Second sweetheart mark on cutters. Some nickel loss  primarily on back. Box has one loose side.  Intact label. Good plus RYP2A 60 120 photo
6402-022 6402-022 Set of two ALUMO rabbet planes. Nos. 2B -half inch- and 3B -three fourths inch-. The 2B has a metal fence held directly to the side with wingnuts. Looks original. The larger one is tapped for the same screws. Solid aluminum bodies. Expected wear to throats otherwise decent condition. Good CRT72 30 50 photo
6402-023 6402-023 STANLEY No. 48 swing fence match plane. Nickel plating worn and some surface corrosion. Good DCS1 30 60 photo
6402-024 6402-024 Compassed Coachmakers rabbet.  Brass body with grooving. Rosewood wedge.  1 five eighths inch wide compassed sole.  Unsigned. Good plus LBD182 125 200 photo
6402-025 6402-025 Lot of two STANLEY planes.   A No. 39 three eighths dado plane with japanning 75 percent and 1907  to 09 mark on cap. Very clean.  And a No. 248 weatherstripping plane  one eighth inch cutter with rectangle mark and japanning close to 100 percent.  Clean and complete. Good and better. GNM296  316 50 100 photo
6402-026 6402-026 LIE NIELSEN shoulder plane. Largest size.  8 inches long and 1  fourth inch wide. In immaculate condition. A new one will run you 175 dollars and this one is like new. Fine THF333 75 150 photo
6402-027 6402-027 LIE NIELSEN shoulder plane. Based on the Record 073.  8 fourth inch long with a 1  fourth inch cutter.  Some minor tarnish to show it was used but in very clean condition.  250 dollars new. Good plus SSA36 100 200 photo
6402-028 6402-028 E. PRESTON and SONS cast iron spill plane.  Prestons No. 1530  patented spiral spill machine.  A rare variation on the spill plane used to produce curled shavings used for lighting pipes.  Japanning about 70 percent and some surface rust but complete with good cutter. Good GAN323 65 130 photo
6402-029 6402-029 STANLEY No. 194 fibre board beveller. One cutter and in good clean condition with some scratching on tote. Good plus JRI1066 40 80 photo
6402-030 6402-030 STANLEY No. 46 dado plane. The good news - it has both the wraparound depth stop and the auxiliary sliding section.  The bad news - no cutters  and the threads on the cutter clamp appear to be buggered up.  Looks like a type 3.  Good japanning and tote. Good BFS99 100 200 photo
6402-031 6402-031 STANLEY No. 55 universal plane. Parts are in a cardboard box including cutters in a smaller box. Looks like they are all there but I cant swear to it. Nickel plating well worn. A utilitarian 55. Good HBE7 90 180 photo
6402-032 6402-032 Set of STANLEY No. 45 cutters. A total of 18 cutters but with some differences from the first set.  Has the beading and plowing cutters. One tongue cutter and one fluting.  In original wooden box with decal faded to illegibility. Good DBR53 40 80 photo
6402-033 *6402-033 Cutters for STANLEY multiplanes. Mixed lot of cutters for No. 45 and No. 55 in two wooden boxes without decals. All are sharp and fairly rust  free. Good FNK587 588 15 30 photo
6402-034 6402-034 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 14 with third sweetheart mark.  Has two original cutter boxes but missing a few cutters.  Also missing cam rest- beading stop-  short depth stop-  and short rods.  Nickel has a few rough spots but no major flaking  wood good. Good SSA94 200 400 photo
6402-035 6402-035 STANLEY No. 40 scrub plane. Third sweetheart mark.  Some dinging to tote and japanning worn off lever cap. Good BFS93 60 120 photo
6402-036 6402-036 SHELTON patent smoothing plane. No. 3 sized plane based on MacAllers 1932 patent for the cutter adjustment.  Some wear to japanning and minor dings to tote but nice example of an uncommon patent. Good SSA38 40 80 photo
6402-037 6402-037 SARGENT No. 29 carriagemakers rabbet plane. Tote has been well reglued  and some dings to edge of cheeks  otherwise good example of a rare Sargent plane. Good BFS91 95 190 photo
6402-038 6402-038 UNION TOOL circular plane. Unions version of the Stanley No. 113  decent overall condition with some surface rust- japanning about 50 percent Good JRI1062 80 160 photo
6402-039 6402-039 Cabinet scrapers plane. Unmarked. Could be a SARGENT No. 57. Has a Stanley cutter for whatever thats worth.  In nice clean condition. Good plus BFS38 80 160 photo
6402-040 6402-040 SARGENT No. 160 roughing plane. Japanning worn  particularly on tote and knob  but otherwise good.  Good clean cutter with Sargent mark. Good BFS33 80 160 photo
6402-041 6402-041 Lot of two STANLEY bench planes. No. 5  fourth junior jack with sweetheart mark.  Reglued tote  and No. 3 with notched rectangle and some scratches to tote. Good SSA44 45 60 120 photo
6402-042 6402-042 Modified Bed Rock No. 606 jointer plane. It has a Bed Rock frog and cutter mechanism  but mounted on a cast brass body.  Moreover  the frog is secured not with screws but with bolts brazed through the sole so that it is loose and there doesnt seem to be any way to tighten it.  Why someone would have gone to this much trouble to make a brass imitation Bed Rock is beyond me.  A curiosity. Good minus VTD74 60 120 photo
6402-043 6402-043 EDWIN HAHN No. 6 jack plane. Hahn worked in Wilkes-Barre and may have had a connection with Siegley.  This one has a corrugated 15 inch sole and Hahns distinctive lateral adjustment.  Edge of tote worn. otherwise good.   A rare plane. Good plus LBD433 100 200 photo
6402-044 6402-044 STANLEY  Bailey  No. 5 jack plane. With the dark brown japanning and yellow notched rectangle on lever cap.  Very nice clean condition. Good plus LBD432 40 80 photo
6402-045 6402-045 STANLEY No. 10 carriagemakers plane. English version.  A few rust spots but nice and clean  good wood on tote and knob. Good plus SSA43 60 120 photo
6402-046 6402-046 STEERS No. 304 patented bench plane.  9 inch version of Steers patent with rosewood inserts in the sole.  The tip of the tote is missing and would need fixing  but the rest of the plane is in immaculate condition  including the rosewood strips that are often worn or missing.  Fix the tote and youve got a top shelf example of a very rare plane. Good minus MAX398 250 500 photo
6402-047 6402-047 STANLEY No. 10  half bench rabbet plane.  Orange notched rectangle in lever cap.  Japanning 95 percent  good tote and knob. Good plus LBD429 150 300 photo
6402-048 6402-048 SARGENT No. 29 carriage makers rabbet plane. Super nice clean example of a rare Sargent plane. Good plus BFS94 250 500 photo
6402-049 6402-049 SARGENT No. 422 jointer plane. Type 2 with horseshoe style lateral adjustment and no name in lever cap.  Plane is in good clean condition but the cutter has a Stanley sweetheart mark. Good BFS59 80 160 photo
6402-050 6402-050 STANLEY No. 6C corrugated fore plane. Good body but the end of the tote is missing and incorrect lever cap. For parts or restoration. Fair CDE1446 30 60 photo
6402-051 6402-051 Lot of two metal planes.  A CRAFTSMAN four sided cutter plane  aluminum with four sided cutter.  9 half inch sole  paint about 50 percent worn off. Plus Parplus jack plane. Equivalent to a No. 5 with the Metal Products mark and PARPLUS in a diamond on the cutter.  Unusual mark listed in PTAMPIA I as having been sold circa 1925.  Surface discoloration on the metal but overall good clean condition. Good CDE1545  1806 40 80 photo
6402-052 6402-052 Lot of three metal planes.  A MILLERS FALLS No. 9 smoothing plane - the equivalent of the Stanley No. 4 this one is super clean and almost unused. Varnished hardwood tote and knob rather than the top of the line rosewood. Plus a FULTON bench plane with a 9 inch sole and varnish on the tote is worn but otherwise nice and clean. Plus a CRAFTSMAN smoothing plane  similar to the No. 4.  Nice and clean with the blue Craftsman oval logo on the lever cap and just a trace of decal on the tote. Good and better. CDE1475  1477  1480 60 120 photo
6402-053 6402-053 Lot of two planes.  SHELTON No. 4 smoothing plane patented in 1933 by Cornelius McAller and manufactured by Shelton Plane Co. of Shelton  CT. 9 inch in overall good condition except some surface corrosion and a few paint splatters. Plus unmarked bench plane with lever cap and adjusting knob are made of sheet steel rather than cast.  Rusty and dirty but all there. Good DT14 15 60 120 photo
6402-054 6402-054 STANLEY No. 7C corrugated jointer. Later version with orange rectangle mark on lever cap. Metal good and japanning 80 percent and small chip from end of tote. Good CDE1253 50 100 photo
6402-055 6402-055 STANLEY No. 8 jointer. Type 6 or 6A with 1892 patent date on iron. Japanning about 70 percent and knob and tote dinged but undamaged. A decent early No. 8. Good plus CDE1249 75 150 photo
6402-056 6402-056 SARGENT No. 408C smoothing plane. Later type. Super clean noting a few minor dings in the tote. Good plus BFS89 40 80 photo
6402-057 6402-057 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Later model with notched rectangle on lever cap and cutter.  Good clean condition with one small chip out of the tote edge and possibly repainted.  Perfect user. Good VTD75 40 80 photo
6402-058 6402-058 SARGENT No. 410 smoothing plane. Type 3 or thereabouts. Very clean with japanning 98 percent and good tote and knob. Fine BFS34 100 200 photo
6402-059 6402-059 STANLEY FOURSQUARE jack plane.  The Foursquare version of the No. 5 half.  Type 3  tote decal is about 50 percent otherwise near fine. Good plus MAX400 60 120 photo
6402-060 6402-060 EDWIN HAHN No. 2 smoothing plane. Hahn worked in Wilkes Barre and may have had a connection with Siegley.  This one has a corrugated 9 inch sole and Hahns distinctive lateral adjustment.  Some serious pitting at the top of the left cheek and miscellaneous surface corrosion otherwise good.  Clean sole.  A rare plane. Good LBD434 75 150 photo
6402-061 6402-061 Lot of three smoothing planes. VAUGHN and BUSHNELL No. 903 - CRAFTSMAN No. 3  and MILLERS FALLS No. 8.  All in decent user condition with some surface rust and minor dinging. Good throats and cutters. Good SSA41 49 53 120 200 photo
6402-062 6402-062 EDWIN HAHN No. 8 jointer plane. Hahn worked in Wilkes Barre and may have had a connection with Siegley.  This one has a corrugated 18 inch sole and Hahns distinctive lateral adjustment.  There is a hole in the sole underneath the tote  otherwise good.  A rare plane. Good LBD431 100 200 photo
6402-063 6402-063 STANLEY No 5 half C corrugated fore plane. Last pre sweetheart model with low knob and vee mark. Good clean condition with very minor roughness to edge of tote. Good plus CDE1923 75 150 photo
6402-064 6402-064 KEEN KUTTER No. K5 jack plane. Nice clean example.  Rosewood tote and knob and japanning almost complete. Good plus CRT139 45 90 photo
6402-065 6402-065 SIEGLEY No. 5C corrugated fore plane. Has the STS mark on cutter.  Roughness to edge of tote but otherwise good shape. Good plus CDE1426 50 100 photo
6402-066 6402-066 Lot of two planes.  ESTE German made bench plane with 8 half sole and red painted knob and tote. ESTE mark cast in lever cap and good SandT decal on top of tote. Plus STANLEY Victor  jack plane  part of the Victor line manufactured by Stanley in the 1940s in good clean condition with a little surface rust. Good and better CRT146  148 50 100 photo
6402-067 6402-067 STANLEY No. 4C bench plane IOB. Type 11.  Last of the pre sweetheart low knob types. Vee mark on cutter. Plane is near mint with a trace of surface rust on cutter and box is tattered and end with the label is detached but present. Fine THF353 60 120 photo
6402-068 6402-068 SARGENT No. 408 smoothing plane. Type 3 mark on lever cap but newer lateral.  Tall knob.  Metal okay with couple of dings in tote. Good BFS92 40 80 photo
6402-069 6402-069 Set of three FREUD bench planes. No. 4 size smoothing plane -  No. 5 size jack plane  and No. 7 jointer. The metal on these planes is in almost perfect like new condition. The totes and knobs have some dings and paint spatters. Freud now known for their router bits and saw blades  used to make a complete line of hand tools including Bailey style bench planes  and you can get a set of almost new bench planes for a fraction of the cost of collectible Stanleys or contemporary boutique plane makers. Good plus KGM48 49 50 150 300 photo
6402-070 6402-070 Lot of STANLEY block planes. A Type 1  No. 19 but missing lateral lever.  A big chip from the side and chipped throat. And No. 120- 220-  9 half.  A couple of English planes and a low angle block. All with issues-rust-chipped throats-etc. For parts. Fair SSA1 3 5 7 8 12 13 50 100 photo
6402-071 6402-071 Lot of 6 block planes.  STANLEY No. 110 with no mark on cutter and japanning worn  slight pitting. TWIX block plane  7 inch sole pressed steel body throat has been widened and unusual maker. AMERICAN BOY  adjustable 6 half  inch sole  wide flat knob with unusual maker. MILLERS FALLS No. 87 with some loss of japanning on knuckle cap but otherwise clean with good cutter and very clear mark. And two unmarked with one resembling a Stanley 102 but no mark other than ÒMade in USAÓ and other having 6 inch sole with adjustable throat  and only mark is an anvil trademark on cutter. Good and better CDE1289  1294  1296  1297  1302  1325 80 120 photo
6402-072 6402-072 BIRMINGHAM PLANE CO block plane.  Nonadjustable version of the Birmingham block  with 7 inch coffin shaped sole and slip in lever cap.  A paint splash on front knob and japanning about 75 percent.   Good LBD1004 175 350 photo
6402-073 6402-073 Lot of two STANLEY No. 103 block planes. A type 2 with semi circular mark on cutter and a later model with notched rectangle.  Both nice and clean with minimal wear to japanning. Some pitting on the later model cutter. Good plus MAX394 40 75 photo
6402-074 6402-074 STANLEY 103 Type 1B adjustable block plane.  Applewood knob.  No mark on cutter.  Japanning very good. Good plus MAX390 80 160 photo
6402-075 6402-075 Lot of two STANLEY No. 102 block planes.  A type 2 with chips at the sides of throat -but not broken through- and an early type with semi circular mark on cutter in very clean condition. Good and better MAX393 50 100 photo
6402-076 6402-076 Near mint STANLEY G12 247 block plane. Nonadjustable English successor to the No. 102  with immaculate original blue and red paint job and perfect yellow decal. Fine KGM24 40 80 photo
6402-077 6402-077 Lot of three STANLEY block planes. A No. 65 with sweetheart mark.  Japanning worn on knuckle cap but otherwise good. A 9 half with the dark blue japanning in immaculate condition  top of original box. And a 118P  100 plus  pressed steel plane in original box. Surface rust and decal has come loose. Good and better THF335 336 352 50 100 photo
6402-078 6402-078 VERITAS low angle block plane with ball tail. Has the optional ball tail and tall front knob installed  with the original brass front knob also included.  Some tarnish along both cheeks but wood and japanning are immaculate.  A 200 dollar plane new. Good plus SSA11 75 150 photo
6402-079 6402-079 Lot of five block planes.   A UNION TOOL No. 227 good condition.  A SHELTON unnumbered 7 inch model in good condition.  A STANLEY Handyman No. H102 in good condition.  A SARGENT adjustable mouth plane similar to No. 307 marked EDGERITE.  Plus a SARGENT No. 107 but the bed has 110 cast into it. Good and better CDE1019  1020  1021  1029  1038 80 120 photo
6402-080 6402-080 Lot of four block planes. Two STANLEYs.  A No. 110 and No. 118 both with notched rectangle marks on cutters in very clean condition.  A UNION MFG. CO. 6 inch sole adjustable throat lateral and blade adjustments and a MILLER FALLS No. 75 01 IOB  later model with grey japanning  in near mint condition with corrugated box. Dirty but complete. Good and better. Good and better CDE1025  1279  1031  2180 60 120 photo
6402-081 6402-081 STANLEY No. 90 bullnose rabbet plane.  Notched rectangle mark on cutter and hand ee grip on side.  No plug in nose.  Plating is fine. Good plus LBD187 65 130 photo
6402-082 6402-082 WINCHESTER No. W103 block plane. Very clean condition.  Japanning worn on knuckle cap.  An unusual Winchester plane. Good plus CDE1024 40 60 photo
6402-083 6402-083 RECORD No. 077 bullnose plane. Super clean condition with only minor tarnish to nickel.  Good sharp cutter.  Made 1933  to 43. Good plus SSA21 60 120 photo
6402-084 6402-084 MARX toy bench plane.  3 inch long model of a bench plane by toymaker Louis Marx and Co. Metal and plastic  with some minor flaking. Good LBD213 30 60 photo
6402-085 6402-085 STANLEY No. 120 Type 2A block plane.  Six pointed star with hole in lever cap.  Good overall condition with some wear to japanning  hole drilled in sole near heel. Good LBD1001 75 150 photo
6402-086 6402-086 SARGENT No. 206 block plane. Rare type 2 with the  gull wing  nut to secure the lever cap.  Some light pitting on the cheeks  otherwise very clean.  Mark on cutter about half obscured but cutter is clean and sharp. Good CDE1036 40 80 photo
6402-087 *6402-087 STANLEY No. 102 block plane.  Japanning worn on lever cap but otherwise good  notched rectangle mark on cutter and solid user. Good LBD1006 25 50 photo
6402-088 6402-088 BAILEY Victor No. 12 pocket block plane.  Well used with japanning at 50 percent and trademark on adjusting knob worn but still prominent. Good LBD210 125 250 photo
6402-089 6402-089 Near mint RECORD 09 half block plane. Equivalent to a Stanley 9 half adjustable mouth block plane  first produced in 1934. Blue enamel is absolutely immaculate  as are all metal parts. Almost too pretty to use. Fine KGM24A 60 110 photo
6402-090 6402-090 Lot of four block planes.  A MILLERS FALLS No. 75B and a WORTH non-adjustable model and both are very clean with almost no rust but japanning worn on knuckle caps. Plus a STANLEY No. 110 later type with notched rectangle on cutter in super clean condition  perfect user. Plus English STANLEY block plane similar to a No. 110 but marked G12  247 on the side-  good clean blue and red japanning and almost complete decal. Good and better CDE1026  1028  1286  1332 60 120 photo
6402-091 6402-091 Brass infill bullnose plane. Unsigned. 3 half inches long with a 1 inch cutter.  Infill looks like mahogany.  Dinged on the heel. Good SSA18 50 100 photo
6402-092 6402-092 STANLEY No. 18 block plane.  Type 2 but with later notched rectangle cutter.  Nickel slightly worn on lever cap  otherwise fine. Good plus MAX168 50 100 photo
6402-093 6402-093 Lot of two wooden planes.  One is a standing filletster plane with body unmarked  but iron is marked ÒDwight S.***Ó with a 1 three fourths inch cutter. Chip out of throat - razee body - tote is not fitted perfectly and may be a replacement  but solid. Plus a D. R. BARTON tongue cutting plane. Cuts three eighths inch tongue with a fixed fence three eighths inch from the edge of the plank  14 inches overall length with tote so used for bigger jobs. Tote  wedge  and body are clean with some water staining.  Cutter is rusty but sharp and seems too long so may be a later replacement. Good JRI492  1121 40 80 photo
6402-094 6402-094 Lot of two coffin smoothing planes. J. SAWYER razee style body with 9 inch sole. Chip off the end of the tote and a screw has been inserted through the sole to hold the tote in place otherwise good body and wedge. New York maker with two stars in AWP. Plus one with 8 inch sole and Moulson Bros. iron- iron strike button- old repair to throat. Good minus DWH31  32 50 100 photo
6402-095 6402-095 Coachmakers rabbet plane with bone sole.  Unmarked but probably European based on wedge shape and Weiss and Sohn cutter.  Wood looks beech with  unusual bone plate on sole with brass screws. Good plus LBD185 75 150 photo
6402-096 6402-096 STANLEY No. 30 transitional jointer. 1892 patent type. S foundry mark. One chip from tote  otherwise nice clean condition and japanning 85 percent. Good plus CDE1495 40 70 photo
6402-097 6402-097 User made beading plane. Fourth inch bead  unusually shaped body and wedge with some decorative carving on the side.  The brass disk on the side looks modern. Good NW1746 35 70 photo
6402-098 6402-098 SARGENT No. 3428 jointer. Wood has a number of stains and a few paint splotches but no major damage. Good tote and knob.  Japanning 90 percent and cutter rusty. Good CDE2628 50 100 photo
6402-099 6402-099 CAYUGA jack plane. The Cayuga  NY mark has three stars for rarity in AWP and could be an imprint of Auburn Tool Co.  16 inches long. Immaculate body and wedge noting some hammer marks on heel and toe -apparently owner didnÕt know what the strike button was for because its unmarked-.  Good Owasco Tool Co. cutter.  Extra nice and rare. Good plus JRI1105 80 160 photo
6402-100 6402-100 SANDUSKY No. 19 skew rabbet plane. 15 inch sole. 2 inch wide cutter. Overall dirty and toolbox dinging. Edge of tote rough but no major damage. Good JRI1221 40 80 photo
6402-101 6402-101 OGONTZ TOOL CO. No. 13 jack plane. Very clean body and strike button with a couple of small chips from tote.  Good Sandusky cutter. Good plus JRI1100 60 120 photo
6402-102 6402-102 Pump log plane. Unusual type of plane used to cut grooves in planks that were fitting together to form a pipe.  See Whelan  p. 159.  Unsigned and good overall condition with minor dinging. Good tote and wedge. James Howarth cutter.  Rare. Good plus JRI1104 80 160 photo
6402-103 6402-103 HOWLAND and CO. skew iron rabbet plane. 16 inches long. 1 three eighths inch sole. Offset tote.  Very nice clean condition with almost no dinging. Good plus JRI1107 60 120 photo
6402-104 6402-104 Complex molder. Fillet- lying ogee- beak and lying reverse ogee.  Unsigned- wood- tote and wedge all immaculate. Some pitting on cutter.  Small brass plate in toe. Fine JRI1246 80 160 photo
6402-105 6402-105 Lot of two jack planes.  21 inch rounded to cut a 3 fourth inch gutter.  Body is dirty and has some dinging but has good wedge. Has a missing cutter and the tote has a chip out of the top and crack at the base is reinforced with iron brace that looks original. Unsigned and very unusual design. Plus OGONTZ TOOL CO. No. 13 with tote missing and replaced by dowel  chipping at end of wedge with rusty cutter. Fair and Good minus JRI1101  1215 30 60 photo
6402-106 6402-106 Lot of two planes.  J.A. NEWBOULD groove cutter.  Half of a matched tongue and groove set. Wood is dirty with some dinging but wedge and tote both good.  Hole through body for handle  iron skate and cutter both rusty. Rare maker  AWP lists a J.A. and F.W. NEWBOULD in Buffalo but this is just J.A. who is not listed as working by himself. Plus a CASEY KITCHEL and CO. tongue cutting plane  wood tote and wedge all good with some green paint but has been relacquered.  Moving wood fence.  Hole drilled in toe with no apparent purpose. Good Ð JRI1047  1095 40 80 photo
6402-107 6402-107 D.R. BARTON jointer plane. 22 inches. Razee style body.  Large oval mark. Some dinging but overall decent condition. Good SSA251 30 60 photo
6402-108 6402-108 Lot of two razee body jointer planes. One by J.R. TOLMAN of Hanover- Massachusetts with old throat repair and loss of wood behind toe. The other unmarked with old damage to tote. Good minus SSA245 246 35 70 photo
6402-109 6402-109 STANLEY Liberty Bell No. 127 wood bottom jack plane.  Type 2.  End of tote is smoothed over  wood otherwise decent with some original lacquer. Metal and japanning good. Good MAX208 50 100 photo
6402-110 6402-110 STANLEY No. 26 transitional plane. Type 14 with  vee  style trademark on cutter. Slight loss of japanning and small chip from edge of tote. Good JW120 30 60 photo
6402-111 6402-111 STANLEY No. 37 wood bottom jenny plane.  Second sweetheart mark on cutter.  Metal and japanning are good  wood only fair with some serious scratches on the sole and one big chip on the side.  Tote has some roughness but its all there. Good MAX352 75 150 photo
6402-112 6402-112 Lot of two wood bottom planes. Stanley No. 25 block plane.  Rarest of the transitionals.  Proper lever cap and sweetheart mark but no trademark on toe. And a Type 12 No. 23 smoothing plane.  Wood okay. Good japanning on both. Good MAX351 367 50 90 photo
6402-113 6402-113 Lot of two wood bottom jack planes.  No. 26 Type 8.  Wood okay except end of tote neatly cut off.  Metal good  and another one thats the right size for a 26 but looks like a replacement wooden body with no trademark on toe.  Tote missing end and reglued. Good minus MAX180  196 50 80 photo
6402-114 6402-114 STANLEY Liberty Bell No. 122 wood bottom bench plane.  Type 3. Wood is decent with lacquer worn but no major damage. Metal fine. Good plus MAX350 40 80 photo
6402-115 6402-115 WINCHESTER No. 3040 wood bottom bench plane.  Winchester equivalent of the Stanley 23.  Wood good noting one large scratch on left side. Metal fine with japanning 95 percent. Good plus MAX360 150 250 photo
6402-116 6402-116 STANLEY No. 25 wood bottom block plane.  Rarest of the Stanley transitionals.  Type 10 or so.   Cutter has the April 1892 patent date but it is on the wrong side for bedding bevel side up so may be from another plane.  Has the correct plate instead of cap iron.  Wood and metal are fine and japanning 85 percent.  A nice example of a rare plane. Good plus MAX368 125 250 photo
6402-117 6402-117 Horn smoothing plane.  Solid rosewood. 10 inch sole.  2 one eighth inch cutter.  Wood is good overall with some scratches on sole  Ohio Tool Co. cutter.  Decorative fluting on wedge. Good plus BCS4 60 120 photo
6402-118 6402-118 J. R. TOLMAN ship round plane.  1 three fourths inch cutter and sole  Moulson Bros. cutter.  Wood is good throughout with some paint splatters.  Tolmans Type D mark  two stars in AWP.  A rare plane by an uncommon maker. Good plus BCS7 90 180 photo
6402-119 6402-119 DOSCHER horn smoothing plane.  8 fourth inch sole - 1 seven eighths inch cutter.  Wood good overall  Baldwin Tool Co. cutter with some pitting.  Doscher Plane and Tool Co. mark.  Horned US planes are unusual. Good BCS5 60 120 photo
6402-120 6402-120 European style horned plane. Nice beech body.  Cuts a 1 three eighths inch lying ogee.  Old repair to throat.   Sorby cutter. Missing Wedge. Good NW1754 50 100 photo
6402-121 6402-121 Lot of two European style bench planes. Both have 9 inch soles and 1 three fourths inch cutters. Looks like rosewood.  Both have L and IJ White cutters.  Clearly part of a set  both have the owners name  E. Foelsch  which with the horn shaped knobs indicates a German origin.  Both have old throat repairs but a very attractive set.  The horns are twisted in the opposite direction.  Overall dinging. Good plus NW1752 1753 90 180 photo
6402-122 *6402-122 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. coffin shaped smoother. Major split in body with old repair. Significant overall dinging. Fair FNK100 10 20 photo
6402-123 6402-123 Small panel raising plane. 8 inch sole and 1 three fourths inch cutter with fixed fence.  Ohio Tool Co.  Thistle  blade.  Ridge at the head of the wedge is partly chipped away  otherwise good overall condition. Good NW1749 30 60 photo
6402-124 6402-124 Coffin shaped scraping plane. Bedded at a nearly vertical angle like a toothing plane but the ROBT SORBY cutter isnt toothed so probably used as a scraper.  Decent overall condition with a closed crack in the wedge and mild dinging. 7 inches long. Good NW1747 30 60 photo
6402-125 *6402-125 Small coffin shaped smoothing plane. 6 inches long. Rusty cutter with a name I cant read  overall dinging and a small paint smear. Good minus NW1748 20 40 photo
6402-126 6402-126 Low angle wooden block plane. 7.75 inches long and very dense heavy reddish wood. Some staining. Ohio Tool Co. cutter bedded at low angle. Good plus NW1524 50 100 photo
6402-127 6402-127 Patternmakers interchangeable sole plane. Plane with five interchangeable round soles of different diameters and cutters to match.  The catch is that the sole that is on there now is stuck so tight I cant swear the others were part of the same set although they look like it.  It may have been glued on or simply welded over the years.  Plane is marked J. Hoppe which looks like user. Cutters have names of different English makers. Good NW1750 50 100 photo
6402-128 6402-128 OHIO TOOL CO. lying ogee. 1 fourth inch wide. Good clean condition. Good plus NW1742 40 80 photo
6402-129 6402-129 HUNT and WISEMEN ogee. 1 fourth inch ogee profile. Boxed.  Wedge kind of chewed up otherwise good example of plane by this St. Louis firm. Good NW1741 30 60 photo
6402-130 6402-130 Unsigned lying ogee. Cutter is seven eighths inch wide.  No sign of maker but looks manufactured.  Some staining or charring at heel otherwise good. Good NW1743 30 690 photo
6402-131 6402-131 Lot of four AUBURN TOOL CO. molding planes. Five eighths inch quirked ogee- No. 106 half inch side bead and No. 108 half inch center bead.  The beads are boxed  and the center bead has holes through the body for push handles.  And a fourth inch hollow.  All with the same  ACW  owner mark  all in good clean condition noting some staining and light charring on ogee and one point chipped off hollow cutter. Good and better NW1737 1738 1739 1745 55 110 photo
6402-132 6402-132 OHIO TOOL CO. standing filletster. No. 47  cuts a three eighths inch groove.  Double  horned nicker blade and integral brass depth stop. Good plus NW1734 50 100 photo
6402-133 6402-133 AUBURN TOOL CO. standing filletster. No. 176  cuts a seven eighths inch groove.  Double  horned nicker blade and integral depth stop. Good plus NW1735 50 100 photo
6402-134 6402-134 Reversible tongue and groove plane. Cuts three sixteenths inch tongue and groove in opposite directions.  Clearly manufactured but if theres a mark it is too worn to read.  Split in sole and some dinging  otherwise good. Good NW1729 35 70 photo
6402-135 6402-135 AUBURN TOOL CO. No. 126 panel raiser. Nice example of a fixed fence curved profile panel raiser.  A few chips and miscellaneous dings and a tight crack in the body but otherwise nice and clean.  9 half inches long  and 2 inch wide sole. Good NW1740 30 60 photo
6402-136 6402-136 I.C. TITCOMB double iron sash plane. Ovolo profile.  Has the A mark    three stars in AWP.  Body in immaculate condition. Some roughness to wedges. Good plus GAN20G 100 200 photo
6402-137 6402-137 Lot of two standing filletsters. Half inch by M and A COPELAND -A mark- and seven eighths inch by WING H. TABER -A mark-.  Both in nice clean condition. Good and better GAN13G 15G 70 130 photo
6402-138 6402-138 Lot of three boxed side bead planes. A half inch side boxed by H. Wetherell with 18th century chamfers and the A  Chatham  mark    three stars in AWP.  Plus two fully boxed    a five eighths inch by M. Copeland three fourths inch by Montgomery with the A mark -also three stars-.  The Wetherell has some wear but the other two are nice and clean. Good and better GAN7G 12G 18G 100 180 photo
6402-139 6402-139 Lot of three fully boxed side bead planes. Five eighths inch -C. Fuller B mark-  three fourths inch -J. Denison E mark- and 1 inch -Joel Fenn-.  All two star marks in AWP.  Super clean and sharp. Fine GAN3G 4G 6G 100 180 photo
6402-140 6402-140 SIMS of London boxed molder. Complex molder with scotia-quirk-bead and bevel.  Total profile is 1 inch and fully boxed.  Immaculate condition. Fine GAN5G 60 110 photo
6402-141 6402-141 M. READ double iron sash plane. Ovolo is fully boxed.  Rabbet has shoulder boxing.  Two owner marks on toe and a couple of tight cracks otherwise very clean. Good plus GAN16G 80 160 photo
6402-142 6402-142 WM. MARPLES moving filletster plane. Super clean example with banner mark on toe.  A couple of very tight cracks but otherwise immaculate. Fine GAN2G 80 160 photo
6402-143 6402-143 J. DENISON dado plane.  Type E mark. Cuts a seven eighths inch dado.  Unusual type plane in immaculate condition. Fine GAN10G 75 150 photo
6402-144 6402-144 Lot of two fully boxed side bead planes. Three fourths inch -Winsted Plane Co. A mark- and 1 inch -J. Kellogg B mark with nice user mark-.  Both nice and clean. Good plus GAN8G 14G 60 110 photo
6402-145 6402-145 I. BARNES dado plane. The plane has an early look to it  and AWP reports I. Barnes as having worked around 1820 but has no further information  however dado planes were thought to have developed later.  In very nice condition  and cuts a three sixteenths inch dado.  Unusual. Good plus GAN9G 60 120 photo
6402-146 6402-146 JOHN LEWIS lying ogee. Lying ogee with quirk and bevel.  Quirk is boxed.  2 and fourth inch total profile.  Super clean example of a complex molder by this Leeds  England  maker. Fine GAN19G 60 110 photo
6402-147 6402-147 C. FULLER rabbet plane. 1 three fourths inch sole.  C mark -Waltham St.-.  Immaculate condition. Fine GAN11G 60 120 photo
6402-148 6402-148 TUCKER and APPLETON moving filletster plane. Nice clean example of a moving filletster from this Boston hardware dealer.  A1 mark -two stars-.  Super clean with good nicker and brass depth stop.   Fine GAN17G 90 160 photo
6402-149 6402-149 R. EASTBURN sash plane. An adjustable sash plane by New Jerseys earliest recorded planemaker  who worked in New Brunswick as early as 1795.  C mark.  Super clean condition. Fine GAN1G 80 160 photo
6402-150 6402-150 E.W. CARPENTER adjustable sash plane. Very nice example of a screw thread adjustable sash by this desirable Lancaster - Pennsylvania maker.  Body very clean with a couple of very small chips out of the screw threads and one nut.  Wedges are almost too perfect and may be replacements.  Only apology is that someone has applied a shiny coat of varnish.   Good BB247 60 120 photo
6402-151 6402-151 Lot of four molding planes. N. SPALDING 1 half inch round. R. WELLS 1 fourth inch hollow.  D.R. BARTON tongue cutter and SARGENT fenced casing molding.  All in typical as  found condition. Good BB71 91 102 148 35 70 photo
6402-152 6402-152 Opportunity lot of six molding planes. Various makers and styles  all pretty worn. Various BB75 81 87 96 163 170 30 60 photo
6402-153 6402-153 GRIFFITH quirked ogee molder. 1 half inch profile  made of a lovely piece of English red beech  minimal dinging on body.  Good cutter with minimal rust. Very attractive plane. Griffith Norwich stamp partially overstamped by owner. Good plus BB147 35 70 photo
6402-154 6402-154 European style moving filletster plane. Beech.  Good boxwood arms and nuts.  Iron depth stop with brass locking screw.   AGFS  stamped twice on body.  A couple of small flecks of paint. Good plus NW1727 80 160 photo
6402-155 6402-155 AUBURN TOOL CO. hollow and round. Matched set marked No. 10  three fourths inch diameter.  ACW  owner mark. Round has large crack in sole. Good minus NW1730 30 60 photo
6402-156 6402-156 AUBURN TOOL CO. hollow and round. Matched set marked No. 14  1 inch diameter.  ACW  owner mark. Good plus NW1726 50 100 photo
6402-157 6402-157 AUBURN TOOL CO. hollow and round. Matched set marked No. 18  1.5 inch diameter.  ACW  owner mark. Good plus NW1731 50 100 photo
6402-158 6402-158 AUBURN TOOL CO. side hollow. Side hollows were unusual and typically made by a user by cutting one side off of a standard hollow or bead  which is what was probably done otherwise the boxing strip makes no sense.  An unusual converted form.  three fourths inch diameter. Good NW1736 50 100 photo
6402-159 6402-159 Lot of two AUBURN TOOL CO. rounds. No. 12 -seven eighths inch- and No. 16 -1 fourth inch-.  Both with same ACW owner mark  both in good clean condition. Good plus NW1732 1733 40 80 photo
6402-160 6402-160 AUBURN TOOL CO. nosing plane. Cuts a full half circle 1 fourth inch in diameter for the nose of stair treads  using two cutters. Wood has a deep patina and wedges a little chewed but otherwise good. Good NW1744 40 80 photo
6402-161 6402-161 AUBURN TOOL CO. rabbet. 1 fourth inch skewed rabbet blade.  Wood well worn and wedge somewhat chewed but no major damage. Good NW1728 30 60 photo
6402-162 6402-162 T. TILESTON sash plane.  Double iron nonadjustable type.  Super clean condition with a handle hole near the toe and a couple of tight checks.  2 three eighths inch total width.  The rare type F2 mark    three stars in AWP.  A rare plane with a rare mark. Good plus BCS8 125 250 photo
6402-163 6402-163 E. DANBERRY complex molding plane.  Lying ogee with quirk with 1 inch profile.  Quirk is boxed.  Wood and cutter both immaculate  very clear mark.  Danberry was a New Brunswick NJ maker.  Two stars in AWP. Fine BCS1 75 150 photo
6402-164 6402-164 S. POMEROY narrow round.  fourth inch round.  Wood very good with some dings. Pomery was an 18th century planemaker who was at Lexington in the Revolution.  Two stars in AWP. Good plus BCS2 45 90 photo
6402-165 6402-165 COLLINS -UTICA- complex molding plane.  Quirk ovolo and bevel  1 half inch profile  quirk is boxed.  Wood very good with closed split at throat and wedge has some dings.  Two stars in AWP. Good plus BCS3 60 120 photo
6402-166 6402-166 Tongue and groove plane.  Grooving plane is marked  Missouri Premium H C and T  which AWP refers to as a  mystery mark.   Tongue cutter is marked Ohio Tool Co.  They look like a pair so maybe Missouri Premium was a hardware store that also sold planes by Ohio Tool.  Fourth inch profile and in good overall shape with one big chip on the fence of the tongue cutter that doesnt affect use.  Good rust free steel fence on grooving plane. Good BCS9 100 175 photo
6402-167 6402-167 Fixed fence plow plane. Cuts half inch groove three fourths inch from edge.  Unmarked and probably user made.  Deeply patinated wood and chamfers mark it as early.  Nice condition. Good plus VIN1002 35 55 photo
6402-168 6402-168 R. AUBIN round. 1 inch round stamped  R. AUBIN SALOP.   Aubin worked in Shrewsbury in the mid 1700s.   Salop  is an alternate name for Shropshire of which Shrewbury is the principal town.  Chamfered edges  deeply patinated wood.  A small crack but in remarkable condition for being 250 years old  and a very rare maker. Good VIN220A 120 240 photo
6402-169 6402-169 Old car beading plane. Cuts a triangular bead but no fence or stop.  Old with chamfered sides and probably user made.  Old deeply patinated wood. Brass triangles enforcing both ends.  Different. Good plus VIN220 35 55 photo
6402-170 6402-170 OHIO TOOL CO. adjustable sash plane. Wood worn but no damage. Very good overall condition. Good nuts and threads. Good plus JRI567 45 90 photo
6402-171 6402-171 Lot of two measuring tools. One appears designed for use on horse collars  its marked  Friend of the Horse  and is manufactured by HESS and HOPKINS LEATHER CO. of Rockford- IL.  Marked patent pending and in decent shape with the metal rim separating from the wood in places.  The other is a 15 inch square with rosewood handle and unsigned with tab intact. Good VTD69 72 50 100 photo
6402-172 6402-172 Lot of three STANLEY No. 21 combination squares. 6 inch- 7 inch- and 12 inch sizes.  The 6 inch has a common nut replacing the knurled locking nut and a vee mark and the other two are sweethearts.  Nickel is good with some traces of surface rust. Good and better GNM80 82 30 60 photo
6402-173 6402-173 User made bevel and square. Folding blade with brace to lock it in a 45 or 90 degree angle.  Well made and very ingenious.  Marked  V.R.   Dark wood. 15 inches long. Good MKJ333 60 120 photo
6402-174 6402-174 Center finding square. Its on a nice STARRETT No. 4 - 24 inch rule but Im not sure if these were made by Starrett.  The head is 6 inches x 4 inches.  Japanning about 60 percent. Good VTD77 40 80 photo
6402-175 6402-175 Lot of three rosewood handled bevels. 6 inch and 7 inch. Unmarked.  Wear to handles and some surface rust on blades. Good THF376 30 60 photo
6402-176 6402-176 User made square. All wood construction. Handle held by pegs which are a little loose.  Blade is fixed at an unusual angle  so clearly made for a specific purpose.  Nice clean condition. Good NW1389 40 80 photo
6402-177 6402-177 Lot of five STANLEY bevels.  Three No. 25 locking bevels.  Two are modern 8Ó models plus a 6Ó with a sweetheart mark and bent lever  but all good users. Plus a No. 25 with a 10Ó blade and sweetheart mark  and an immaculately clean 8Ó No. 18 butt locking bevel. Good and better FNK470  471  472  473  479 40 80 photo
6402-178 *6402-178 Lot of two STANLEY try squares. 4 inch No. 12  earliest type with lead fill around rivets  and a late model 10 inches No. 20 with blued blade and good rosewood handle. Good and better GNM71 76 20 40 photo
6402-179 6402-179 Lot of two small LUFKIN layout tools. No. 166 3 inch all steel try square and combination square with ends cut for octagon and hexagons.  Both in near mint condition with a few tiny spots of rust. Fine FNK27 28 50 100 photo
6402-180 6402-180 Lot of three measuring tools. KEUFFEL and ESSER dividers  dead mint in original box which is taped and worn  and a 10 inches STANLEY No. 20 try square with blued blade with slight corrosion.  Plus a nicely carved walnut scoop of unknown purpose. Good and better ALV178 203  209 30 60 photo
6402-181 6402-181 Shoemakers rule. Varnum Patent. Patented 4-13-80 by William Varnum of Cambridge and manufactured by Frank Whicher Co. of Boston.  Clearly marked and very clean. Good plus THF327 75 150 photo
6402-182 6402-182 Log Rule. Unusually short 18 inch version. Six scales.  Split in body that doesnt affect use. Good THF329 80 1660 photo
6402-183 6402-183 Lot of two measuring tools. Trammel set.  User made. Brass bodies 4 inches long with iron points and locking screws made of old nuts. Round iron keeper is 11 inches long with some rust and may have been broken off.  Plus a shoemakers rule that is unsigned and has a boxwood with locking spring with some light staining. Good WOL268 279 110 200 photo
6402-184 *6402-184 Lot of measuring tools. Stanley No. 30 shrinkage rule and later model line level.  Plus a souvenir key fob from the 1999 MWTCA national meet in Camp Hill- PA  with a level vial embedded in plastic. Good LBD1010 25 50 photo
6402-185 6402-185 Lot of four LUFKIN rules. Three 4fold- 2 foot types -- a No. 771 brassbound - No. 751 - and No. 651B.  Plus a No. 372 2 fold 1 foot caliper.  All with moderate wear but no major damage. Good JRI827 828 835 861 60 120 photo
6402-186 6402-186 Lot of four UPSON NUT CO. folding rules. Nos.  62 - 68 - 76 - and 84.  All are 4 fold-2 foot  all brassbound except for the No. 68.  All with moderate wear but no major damage. Good and better JRI824 829 834 839 60 120 photo
6402-187 6402-187 Lot of two STANLEY boxwood rules. Both two foot-two folds.  A No. 27 brass slide  one of Stanleys rarer rules but in only okay condition with wear to markings and chipping around pin.  And a No. 5 with sweetheart mark with some flaking on one side. Good VTD179 183 80 160 photo
6402-188 6402-188 Lot of five STANLEY caliper rules. Two No 36s.  One nice and clean and the other with significant wear.  A No. 32 half is very clean and No. 32 is  worn and missing pins.  Plus one unmarked and worn and with a chip near the hinge. Good and better LBD9 10 21 23 24 50 100 photo
6402-189 6402-189 Lot of two STANLEY narrow rules. No. 63 and No. 65 half brass bound.  Both 1 foot-4 fold in super clean condition. Good plus LBD15 26 40 80 photo
6402-190 6402-190 Lot of three shoe sizing rules. Two by BELCHER BROS. of New York. One with an ingenious design for folding flat  one with an English patent number that looks like it is used to measure width.  Marked in  -Mens-   -Ladies-  and  -Boys and Girls-  sizes. All boxwood in nice clean condition. Good and better VTD93 108 109 50 100 photo
6402-191 6402-191 Lot of five STANLEY carpenter rules. Two No. 68 -one with vertical numbers-  No. 36 half and No. 136 half.  All with notched rectangle marks but all in super clean crisp condition.  Plus an unmarked No. 69 narrow rule. Good plus VTD125 140 159 193 204 60 120 photo
6402-192 *6402-192 LUFKIN No. 651 folding rule. 4 fold-2 foot.  Made in England.  Slightly sprung  otherwise near mint condition. Fine JRI837 25 50 photo
6402-193 6402-193 LITTLE GIANT traveler. Manufactured in Springfield- MA.  8 inch diameter and works smoothly with minimal rust. Good plus FNK567 60 120 photo
6402-194 6402-194 Lot of five STANLEY boxwood rules. No 32 half - No. 36 half - two No. 68s - and No. 84.  All have moderate to severe staining.  The No. 84 and one of the 68s are the best.  The two calipers are the worst. Good minus JRI832 848 852 853 858 30 60 photo
6402-195 6402-195 Lot of two boxwood rules. LUFKIN No. 781G 4 fold-2 foot brass bound caliper rule  and an H. CHAPIN 4 fold-2 foot narrow carpenters rule.  Both with wear to exterior but clean inside.  The LUFKIN is missing pins. Good and better LBD32 47 40 80 photo
6402-196 6402-196 STANLEY No. 79 carpenters broad rule. 4 fold-2 foot rule including board foot tables.  One of Stanleys rarer rules.  A little sprung and missing one pin. Good JRI831 60 120 photo
6402-197 6402-197 STANLEY No. 62C caliper rule. One of Stanleys rarer rules - two foot-two fold with brass edging and caliper.  Nice and clean with minimal staining.  Sweetheart mark. Good plus VTD126 75 150 photo
6402-198 6402-198 E.M. CHAPIN bone carpenters rule. No. 59. Fourfold-two foot.  German silver and bone.  Decimal markings along the edges.  Bone is yellow and worn but readable on outside- cleaner on inside but no major damage.  One pin missing. An uncommon rule. Good minus LBD106 100 175 photo
6402-199 6402-199 LUFKIN No. 3851 folding rule. 4 fold-3 foot.  Also marked 66 half.  Super clean  near mint condition. Fine JRI869 30 60 photo
6402-200 *6402-200 Lot of two brass bodied caliper rules. One is 8 inches long with iron jaws - one side is ruled in inches and the other is ruled in divisions that are about 1 one eighth.  Dont know what that was used for. Marked  Baviere  and probably French - very well made. Plus one that is 4 three fourths inch long - ruled in centimeters and solid brass with some dinging. Good and better VTD112 120 25 70 photo
6402-201 6402-201 Sliding caliper rule. 4 inch long solid brass head with sliding center scale and marked  British Ropes Limited.   A specialized rule of some type possibly for use by a ropemaker.  Different. Good JRI871 30 60 photo
6402-202 6402-202 Lot of two unmarked caliper rules. Both 4 fourth inch long. Boxwood  one has bone sliding section and looks almost unused and the other looks older and has a tight crack in the head. Good and better VTD83 123 30 60 photo
6402-203 6402-203 STANLEY No. 78 half carpenters rule. One of Stanleys rarer rules  two foot-two fold with brass edging  marked - N.Y. City App. Type 352 Serial F2-.   Very clean with minimal tarnish to brass and owners name scratched in face. Good plus VTD135 75 150 photo
6402-204 6402-204 Unmarked bone and German silver caliper rule.  Narrow one foot-four fold. Numbers largely worn off. Fair JRI266 75 150 photo
6402-205 6402-205 STANLEY No. 3 Caliper rule. 1 foot-2 fold brass bound boxwood rule.  One of Stanleys rarer rules manufactured from 1900 to 1917.  Very clean example. Good plus LBD36 55 110 photo
6402-206 6402-206 Lot of two STANLEY narrow rules. No. 65 -unmarked- and No. 65 half brass bound.  Both 1 foot-4 fold in  clean condition.  Both missing one pin and some minor scratches on the 65 half. Good and better LBD17 28 40 80 photo
6402-207 6402-207 WINCHESTER No. 9584 boxwood rule. 2 foot-4 fold  brassbound.  Outside a little worn and inside clean but  missing pins. Good LBD37 50 100 photo
6402-208 6402-208 LUFKIN No. 8631 folding rule and inclinometer. Outside a little worn but inside clean with good brass and level vial.  Lacquer is very shiny and maybe redone at some time. Good LBD18 40 80 photo
6402-209 *6402-209 Four fold 24 inch rule. Unsigned large numerals that could be handmarked.  Hinges loose and some scarring to outside. Good minus DUP231 15 30 photo
6402-210 6402-210 Lot of two STRATTON BROS. levels. 30 inch example of No. 1 brass bound. Dark heavy piece of rosewood with some paint splatters. Corners of one brass tip dented in. And a 28 inch No. 2  mahogany with brass tips only with minimal dinging to wood. Good and better RSH36 40 80 160 photo
6402-211 6402-211 L.L. DAVIS carpenters level. 30 inches No. 10 mahogany adjustable level. Nice condition with good brass and wood has minor dinging and rounded edges. Owners initials stamped neatly in several locations. Good plus RSH39 50 100 photo
6402-212 6402-212 Lot of two STANLEY levels. 28 inch No. 30 with adjustable vials  and a 30 inch No. 10 with laminated stock and unreadable label. Both in nice clean condition noting some scratches on the non label side of the No. 10. Good RSH37 38 50 90 photo
6402-213 6402-213 CHAPIN STEPHENS CO. No. 506 inclinometer level. 28 inch cherry body with boxwood inclinometer dial. Very clean with some staining along one edg. Owners name stamped neatly on both faces. Missing one screw in top plate. Good plus RSH34 80 160 photo
6402-214 6402-214 Lot of two STANLEY mahogany levels. A 24 inch No. 90 and a 26 inch No. 9. Both have some dinging.  The No. 90 worse than the No. 9  but no serious damage. Good brass trim and vials. Good RSH32 33 50 90 photo
6402-215 6402-215 STRATTON BROS. No. 1 rosewood level. Strattons top of the line full sized brass bound level. 28 inch. Attractive piece of light figured mahogany with some minor scratching and dinging. Brass is very good. Good plus RSH35 75 150 photo
6402-216 6402-216 STRATTON BROS. No. 1 brassbound rosewood level. One of the most attractive levels ever made.  This one is 30 inches.  Some toolbox dinging and scratches to both wood and brass but good overall condition. Both vials wet  Strattons patent vial markers. Good JRI1148 50 100 photo
6402-217 6402-217 Lot of three levels.  Two STANLEY wooden levels.  A No. 0 with a sweetheart mark and some tight cracks in stock and chips from edges  and a No. 3 that has both vial adjustment covers intact which is rare. Plus a RABONE level vial assembly IOB.  The box says it is a No. 1070 but it is just the vial assembly intended to be inserted into a level stock  the tool is mint but box is pretty tattered. Fair and Good minus GNM32  33  124 60 120 photo
6402-218 6402-218 Adjustable vial inclinometer. These levels were typically marked by Diamond Edge or Shapleigh.  This one is unmarked which is unusual.  Center vial is dry and wood has one chip from edge and additional wear. Good minus BB56 30 60 photo
6402-219 6402-219 DREIER BROS. pitch level. These levels were made for use by plumbers were of soft wood and are typically found in pretty beat up shape.  This one isnt bad but with minor dinging and an almost complete decal.  Every collection needs one. Good VTD70 30 60 photo
6402-220 *6402-220 STANLEY No. 36 machinists level 24 inch version with solid cast iron web and scalloped ends. No vial protectors. Missing one plumb vial. Metal chip free. Good FNK244 25 50 photo
6402-221 6402-221 DISSTON and SONS No. 65 brass bound level.  24 inch narrow stock cherry level with single plumb and ridged grip. Based on William Disstons 1912 design patent.  One of Disstons higher end levels.  Wood has some wear but no major damage with some dings to brass. Good plus MAX355 65 130 photo
6402-222 6402-222 Lot of two STANLEY  levels. A 14 inch No. 104 cherry. Nice clean example of one of Stanleys less exciting levels with edges crisp. Wood and brass clean. And a 4 inch 34V machinists level with some minor loss of nickel.  All vials wet. Good and better GNM126 128 35 70 photo
6402-223 *6402-223 RABONE English level. 14 inch oak body and decorative brass top plate.  Dings and scratches.  Good vial. Good WOL331 25 50 photo
6402-224 6402-224 Lot of two British levels RABONE Hockley Abbey torpedo level with worn label.  Good green cats eye vial. And a MATHIESON No. 3C with raised vial compartment and rosewood body with some light dinging. Good WOL326 327 30 60 photo
6402-225 6402-225 STANLEY No. 386 jointer fence. Very clean condition with only minor loss of nickel plating. Good plus FNK586 40 80 photo
6402-226 6402-226 MILLERS FALLS NO. 88 jointer gauge. Patented in 1872 and sold by the Langdon Mitre Box Co. under the name  Perfection  until Langdon was acquired by MF.  Good clean condition with japanning near 100 percent and no significant rust. Good plus BFS299 80 160 photo
6402-227 6402-227 STANLEY No. 386 jointer fence IOB. Tool is near mint and looks unused in original wrapping with only one tiny flake from the original nickel plating.  Box is tattered but complete with label - one end is detached but included.  Original packing slip with some holes. Fine GAN280 100 200 photo
6402-228 6402-228 ULMIA veneer slitter IOB. All parts present  decal worn  box worn but mostly intact. Includes instructions but wont do you much good unless Sie kšnnen Deutsch sprechen. Good plus DCR 45 90 photo
6402-229 6402-229 STANLEY No. 88 clapboard marker IOB. Tool is in very good condition with some trace surface rust .  Second sweetheart mark.  Box tattered but complete - one split seam - intact label. Good plus GAN279 30 60 photo
6402-230 6402-230 STANLEY No. 88 clapboard siding marking. Sweetheart mark. Wood is a little worn and some surface corrosion but no damage. Good FNK583 40 80 photo
6402-231 6402-231 Hatmakers gauge. Thats my guess  anyway.  It expands when the handle is squeezed to measure the inner diameter of something and is graduated in what looks like hat sizes.  Unsigned  but well made and in nice shape.  Different. Good plus VTD79 60 100 photo
6402-232 6402-232 Spider gauge. Solid brass.  English with a trademark registration No. 924658 that I was unable to locate.  Unlike most has one long - 3 half inch- leg.  Some dinging to brass. Good GAN41G 60 120 photo
6402-233 6402-233 Farriers horseshoe angle gauge. Brass.  Surface oxidation but in good condition. Good MKJ336 30 60 photo
6402-234 *6402-234 STANLEY No. 95 butt gauge IOB. Gauge is near mint and box tattered but intact. Fine THF355 25 50 photo
6402-235 *6402-235 WOODJOY dovetail layout gauge IOB. An ingenious gauge that can be used to layout 1-8 or 1-6 dovetails. Brass and oxidized steel. Looks unused and box is a little soiled but intact. Fine DCS3 20 40 photo
6402-236 6402-236 Wooden trammel set.  Unmarked and user made. Fixed head and sliding head with wedge- iron points- wood looks like walnut.  25 half inches long and heads 7 inch plus iron points.  Nicely made. Good plus NW900 80 160 photo
6402-237 6402-237 User made trammel points. Sliding heads are brass with iron points and square head locking bolts  on a 27 inch square iron keeper bar.  Nicely made. Good DCR26 75 150 photo
6402-238 6402-238 Set of adjustable trammel points. Unsigned but with a key trademark.  One has an unusual fine adjustment mechanism and the other has pencil lead still in it.  Surface corrosion and discoloring.  Has the bottom half of the original box. Good minus VIN223 35 70 photo
6402-239 6402-239 User made trammel points. Barrel shaped turned heads.  One fixed and one sliding with wooden wingnuts.  Brass points.  Very nicely made and attractive. 24 inches long. Good plus DCR25 110 220 photo
6402-240 6402-240 User made iron trammel set. One fixed head and one sliding head-solid iron throughout -square keeper bar is 17 inches long. Heads are 4 half inch. Well made and different. Good plus NW1631 50 100 photo
6402-241 6402-241 User made panel gauge. 14 inches long. Unusually shaped wedge. Nice clean condition. Good plus JRI923 30 60 photo
6402-242 6402-242 User made panel gauge. Looks like oak head with nicely made handforged wingnut in iron.  Point is worn down.  Hand ruled 24 inch stem. Good DCR24 40 80 photo
6402-243 6402-243 Lot of two user made gauges.  Marking gauge with oval head.  Turned knob on stem and a 24 inch panel gauge with wedge locking slitter -wedge is there and slitter missing-.  Both have nicely made wooden locking screws.  Both super clean and unmarked. Good plus SSA203 208 80 160 photo
6402-244 6402-244 Lot of four wooden marking gauges.  Three STANLEYS.  A No. 65 beech marking gauge missing the brass shoe  and a No. 77 rosewood mortise gauge with unusual brass washer around thumbscrew. Both with some dinging but no major damage.  Points are good. And an unmarked No. 65 rosewood oval head in super clean condition. Plus a beech example with mark IÕve seen but canÕt make out the name.  A little dirty with a hang hole but nice and straight. Good and better CDE1823  1847  1853  1854 60 120 photo
6402-245 6402-245 Ultimatum mortise gauge.  Oval brass plated rosewood head- round solid brass stem.  A few scratches on brass but very clean and points are immaculate. Has the mark of a Glasgow maker and could be Mathieson but too faint to read.  Owner mark on head. Good plus GAN38G 125 250 photo
6402-246 6402-246 STANLEY No. 77M metric mortise gauge. The metric version of the No. 77 is much less common.  Rosewood is clean and crisp with a couple of tiny paint specks. Brass has some schmutz that would clean right off.  Points nice and sharp.  Sweetheart mark. Good plus DT 40 80 photo
6402-247 6402-247 G. W. HOPPLE Sheffield marking gauge. Ebony head with notched boxwood locking screw.  Unusually large -1/  on side- brass marking blade. Good CDE1819 30 60 photo
6402-248 6402-248 Lot of four gauges.  Two STANLEY.  Very clean No. 61 beech marking with notched rectangle mark plus unmarked rosewood No. 77 mortise gauge with good points and only minor dinging. Also two user made marking gauges. One is double leg type that looks hand carved with cast iron screws and the other is a boxwood one with round head nicely made but with some cracks in the head.  Double points. Good minus and Good CDE1824  1827  1838  1858 60 120 photo
6402-249 6402-249 Lot of four STANLEY wooden gauges.  Two beech No. 64 -  clean - one marked and one unmarked. Plus No. 77 marked only with patent date with good points and only a few minor dings. Plus unmarked No. 77 rosewood with some dents along stem and owners initial on head and points worn down. Good and better CDE1812  1836  1857  1860 75 150 photo
6402-250 6402-250 Lot of two Sheffield braces. An unplated MATHIESON and SON with pushbutton chuck  and a plated BRADSHAW.  Both have dinging to beech bodies. Some brass tarnish but good cocobolo heads. Good minus CDE973 974 40 80 photo
6402-251 6402-251 Lot of two Sheffield braces. COLQUHOUN and CADMAN with lever action chuck.  Plating is tarnished but chuck assembly is good.  Nice ebony head with medallion and an unmarked trade brace in rougher shape with significant dinging and tarnish  but intact. Good minus and better GAN42G 43G 40 80 photo
6402-252 6402-252 Primitive pod brace. Nicely made with handcarved pegged head. One pod with spoon bit. Friction fit chuck with iron plate for missing thumbscrew.  Nice wood with some inactive worm. 9 inch sweep. Good NW753 40 70 photo
6402-253 6402-253 Lot of two Sheffield style braces. One looks like a trade brace.  Good brass pushbutton chuck and good beech body and cocobolo head a little loose with missing medallion.  And one that looks user made with handcarved head and an iron pushbutton chuck with some pitting. Crack in body and some staining. Good NW817 818 50 100 photo
6402-254 6402-254 Lot of two plated Sheffield braces. Bodies in decent shape.  One has screwheads a little chewed up and screw ends protruding from side.  Heads both a little loose but intact.  3 half inch throw. Good JRI189 195 50 100 photo
6402-255 6402-255 JAMES BEE Sheffield Brace. Beech.  Plate.  Some dings but nothing serious.  Head is missing medallion and is a little loose with a tight crack. Good minus RSH26 30 60 photo
6402-256 6402-256 Lot of three STANLEY braces. A No. 945A with 10 inches sweep - No. 923 with 10 inches sweep and good decal on pad - and English version of the No. 945B with 10 inches sweep.  All in nice clean condition with minor surface rust and work smoothly. Good plus GAN21G 23G 25G 70 140 photo
6402-257 6402-257 Lot of three metal braces. FRAY No. 100 corner brace.  STANLEY No. 2101 10 inch  -Bell System-  brace  and HSB and Co. No. 1908 8 inch on which someone has attached a 7 inch diameter breast pad.  All with varying degrees of rust -  Bell System ratchet needs work. Good VTD80 81 82 75 150 photo
6402-258 6402-258 Lot of two nonratcheting barber chuck braces. A MILLERS FALLS No. 42 with rosewood head and grip -10 inches sweep- and a JOHN S. FRAY No. 0110 with hardwood head and grip -9 inch sweep-.  The Frays chuck is missing the spring but still usable.  Both in very nice condition and cleaned to display well. Good CDE511 513 50 100 photo
6402-259 6402-259 Lot of two STANLEY No. 923 braces. 8 inch and 10 inch sweeps.  Both in nice clean condition with traces of surface rust. They work smoothly - good users. Good plus GAN22G 24G 50 100 photo
6402-260 6402-260 CRAFTSMAN brace. Hefty three jaw chuck -  unusual push button ratchet mechanism.  Fruitwood handle and grip  worn but no cracks or dings.  I know collectors sneer at Craftsman  but this is a very nice brace.  11 inches sweep. Good plus CDE514 30 60 photo
6402-261 6402-261 PECK  STOW and WILCOX  Samson  brace. The  -Samson-  ball bearing chuck was the cadillac of PSandWs line of braces.  This one is marked with the original PSandW mark rather than the later  Pexto  and is the No. 8010B with a 10 inches sweep.  In super clean condition and ratchet works smoothly but grip and pad may be relacquered. Good plus CDE503 75 125 photo
6402-262 6402-262 MILLERS FALLS No. 112 breast drill. Single speed drill.  Some loss of red paint and decal about 60 percent. All teeth good and above average condition. Good CDE2190 30 60 photo
6402-263 *6402-263 GOODELL PRATT breast drill. Red paint on the gear has serious crackling. The rest of the paint is about 85 percent. Gears are good and work smoothly. Good JW152 20 40 photo
6402-264 6402-264 Lot of two MILLERS FALLS two speed breast drills. A No. 12  circa 1915 with Leland jaw chuck in nice condition with most red paint. And a No. 10 in rougher shape  with some chipped teeth and missing its level. Repainted. Good CRT97 152 45 90 photo
6402-265 6402-265 WARDS Master Quality breast drill. Two speed model. Clean and complete with good original green paint and level in cast iron frame.  Improper modern bolt holds head on and would need to be replaced Good CDE2413 30 60 photo
6402-266 *6402-266 MILLERS FALLS No. 112 breast drill. Metal parts have surface corrosion and japanning about 75 percent but all gear teeth intact and works smoothly. Good DWH89 20 40 photo
6402-267 6402-267 FOOTPRINT hand drill. From Sheffield England.  In mint condition with original blue paint job.  The bluest drill youll ever see. Fine ALV681 30 60 photo
6402-268 6402-268 Lot of two hollow augers. Adjustable Hargrave model manufactured by CINCINNATI TOOL CO.  One of the rarer hollow augers in very clean condition with its depth stop.  Plus an unusual unmarked version with four replaceable heads  probably also a Hargrave model. -nine sixteenths -  five eighths - three fourths - and seven eighths-  no depth stop. Good and better MKJ303 313 110 220 photo
6402-269 6402-269 IRWIN  Borchest  set of auger bits. Complete set of 13 bits in original wooden box with 4 through 11 in top compartment and swing out lower compartment for the larger ones. Box is dirty and missing top latch but with good label. Good plus FNK629 100 180 photo
6402-270 6402-270 Set of STANLEY N. H1227 auger bits. Set of six auger bits from fourth inch through three fourths inch in very clean condition with original red painted ends -some loss of paint-  in original flip top wooden box. Dirty but intact. Good plus MAX401 50 100 photo
6402-271 6402-271 STANLEY No. 71 half router. Type 4.  In nice clean condition and includes all three cutters. Good plus LBD440 80 160 photo
6402-272 6402-272 Lot of two STANLEY No. 71 routers. A Type 5 with significant nickel flaking and a Type 8 with the throat closing mechanism broken off but otherwise in nice clean condition.  Each with a single cutter. Good LBD439 441 60 11 photo
6402-273 6402-273 Lot of RUSSELL JENNINGS auger bits IOB. 2 seven eighths inch in proper box. 1 seven sixteenths inch in a three sixteenths inch box  and an empty seven eighths inch box. Shafts have some surface rust but bits themselves still wrapped.  Boxes are tattered with some split seams. Good BB13 14 16 30 60 photo
6402-274 *6402-274 German multitool. Cigar shaped box unscrews to store the bits and also serves as auger style handle. Made in Germany as so many of these were. Four bits. Minor surface rust. Good DCS6 25 50 photo
6402-275 6402-275 STANLEY Jobmaster bolt cutter. Not one of Stanleys successful products. 50s era with yellow plastic handles. Marked  Patent pending  and No. 84 205. Decal is ragged and scotch taped on  otherwise in very clean condition. Your Stanley collection isnt complete without it. Good plus FNK582 50 100 photo
6402-276 6402-276 Lot of three tools. Nice old primitive handforged brace. Square hole in chuck with good handle that looks like hickory.  16 inch sweep.  An interchangeable bit screwdriver patented in 1899 by Charles Mann of Buffalo. Handle worn and pin that holds the blade in not there. Not sure if it was supplied.  And a genuine whatsit - two hammer heads mounted on either end of a leaf spring. Your guess is as good as ours. Good VIN14 40 51 30 60 photo
6402-277 6402-277 Lot of two tools. STANLEY No. 992A variable angle vise.  7 inches long and adjusts to different angles.  Some surface rust but solid worker. Plus A. E. CUNNINGHAM band saw set.  Very complex spring powered and unmarked  but unmistakable as patented by Roswell Cook in 1873. Made of brass and cast iron and very attractive. Good and better. ALV252  592 75 150 photo
6402-278 6402-278 Lot of four tools.  Bone handled race knife.  Unmarked blade has some surface pitting and handle is worn but solid. Gouge with brass banded handle.  Gouge itself is 3 to 4 inches in diameter and 5 inches long.  Name on tang illegible.  Handle looks user made with dark wood and three brass bands.  Very well made and attractive. Spanish training bridle  purchased in Spain these wooden blocks have iron spikes and were mounted as part of the bridle when training draft animals to reinforce the trainer commands.  Very unusual and riffler  a curved headed rasp used by patternmakers and carvers to smooth concave surfaces. Typically double ended  but this one has a good turned hardwood handle with a good figure.  18 inches long overall  and unusual and attractive tool. Good and better DCR127  133  331  333 100 200 photo
6402-279 6402-279 Mixed lot of tools. A DISSTON No. 3  Conqueror  swage in original wooden sliding lid box. Two filemakers chisels and two printers blocks - one for Maydole hammers and one for Koerchers hatchets.  And a brass seamstresss pricking wheel. Good MKJ306  318 325 331 30 60 photo
6402-280 6402-280 Mixed lot of tools. Small hatchet marked Hubbard and Co. - A WINCHESTER miniature S shaped open end wrench. A reversible flush cutting saw  and two pop up bench dogs. Good MKJ316 317  321 326 30 60 photo
6402-281 6402-281 Lot of seven tools. Five gimlet and hand augers.  Largest is 7 inches long and half inch diameter. Different types of makes  all with surface rust but usable and one has slight bend. Plus BRIDGEPORT  -Yellow Crown-  screwdriver  5 half inche long.  Unusually small blade with  one eighth inch cross. Plus carvers mallet which has hit a lot of chisels and shows it with chip from top.  Good solid original 10 inches handle likely made of oak. Good DWH51  65  69 70 71 72 74 30 60 photo
6402-282 6402-282 Lot of two blowtorches. One is marked TURNER BAFFLE and is patented 6-15-20 by William Pagel of DeKalb - Illinois.  Nice condition brass tank with remnants of  Turner No. 4 inch decal.  Other is unmarked with some surface rust  dents in tank and chips in handle.  Both 10 to 11 inches high. Good and better MRA143 144 45 90 photo
6402-283 6402-283 Lot of cast iron keys. 18 inches total.  Ranging from 2 inches to 5 inches in length with some with various elaborate wards. Mild surface rust on some. Good WOL292 30 60 photo
6402-284 *6402-284 Lot of two No. 12 plug cutters. Cuts a three fourths inch plug.  One nice and sharp and other is duller and has a crack. Good JRI1136 20 40 photo
6402-285 6402-285 Soldering iron. Unusually nice example with solid copper head and twisted iron handle.  Well used and iron collar is loose. 20 inches. Good DCR30 35 70 photo
6402-286 6402-286 IDEAL patent tent peg. Patented by Cecil Wickstrum of Omaha  showing that there were ingenious entrepreneurs in Omaha before Warren Buffet showed up. Can be used as a hammer  or the hooks are used to secure tents. Marked  IDEAL.  13 half inch long. Good CRT25 30 60 photo
6402-287 *6402-287 Farriers buttress. Marked either 98 or 86 and well used but still sharp and intact with attractive form. Good WOL289 20 40 photo
6402-288 6402-288 Draw knife chamfer guide. Some minor surface rust but ready to use. Good MKJ328 30 60 photo
6402-289 6402-289 Hand forged adjustable washer cutter. Includes an unusual forged locking wedge and has some file decoration.  An unusual variation on the washer cutter  most had locking screws. Good MKJ311 30 60 photo
6402-290 6402-290 GRABLER bit extender. With a square tang designed to be chucked into a brace  marked with a 2-18-90 patent date which appears to be for McCoys patent chuck which has an A rating in Pearson.  Manufactured by GRABLER MFG CO of Cleveland.  Rare. Good ALV320 60 120 photo
6402-291 6402-291 Multi purpose leather workers tool. Unsigned but looks manufactured.  Combination awl-  hole punch - and slitter.  Japanning mostly worn off but clean and ready to use. Good plus MKJ327 30 60 photo
6402-292 6402-292 User made adjustable screwplate. Brass body with iron tightening screw. Threads are kind of chewed up and rusty.  Unusual design and attractive. 13 inches long. Signed D.G. Hussey. Good MKJ340 35 70 photo
6402-293 6402-293 Patented hand held corn sheller. Patented in 1866 by Michael and Simeon Housman of Huntingdon- Indiana  uses springloaded jaws.  Surface corrosion and wear to wooden handles but still works. Good MKJ334 150 300 photo
6402-294 6402-294 Lot of two automotive tools. A tire probe patented in 1930 by NORMAN L. PLUMMER of Portland- Maine  in never used condition in original box with instructions and what I think is a cast iron tire removal tool.  Unmarked. Good and better ALV47 207 30 60 photo
6402-295 6402-295 STARRETT No. 492 protractor-level. The largest 7 inch size.  The tool is in immaculate condition but missing the rule. Good ALV53 35 70 photo
6402-296 6402-296 Jewelers anvil. Unmarked. Nice and clean.  3 inches tall and 4 inches long. Good plus MKJ315 30 60 photo
6402-297 6402-297 Lot of six screwdrivers.  Three NORTH BROS including two Yankee No. 44 metal handled push drills that are nice and clean and include 3 bits. A Yankee No. 130A driver that is a nice example with a very clean handle with only minor corrosion spots and works smoothly but no bit. And a Yankee No. 10 ratcheting driver with very clean handle with no rust on blade and works smoothly. Plus a BILLINGS patented retractable blade screwdriver - small 4 inch model marked with both patent dates though missing one of the four blades but nice and clean and works smoothly. Plus MILLERS FALLS No. 59 ratcheting screwdriver with unusual MF tool with a stubby screwdriver bit.  Handle has wear but no damage and ratchet works smoothly. Good and better BFS10  11  12  25  27  28 80 160 photo
6402-298 6402-298 Lot of three NORTH BROS. Yankee automatic screwdrivers. Nos. 30A - 130A - and 277A. All with wear to wooden handles but metal is clean and rust free and works. Good plus CRT28 50 100 photo
6402-299 6402-299 Turnscrew. 18 inch with good turned boxwood handle.  Unsigned.  Plus a letter opener awarded to a two gallon donor by the Charlotte County blood center. Good ALV179 215 30 50 photo
6402-300 6402-300 F.A. HOWARD reversible screwdriver. Based on Jones 1895 patent and manufactured by F.A. Howard and Sons of Belfast ME as the improved reversible screwdriver.  The No. 1 size that extends to 16 fourth inch with brass body and good handle.  Works smoothly and a very nice example. Good plus DCR28 60 120 photo
6402-301 *6402-301 YANKEE No. 41 push drill IOB. Tool is in nice clean condition and has its original bits.  Box is tattered but intact with part of label missing. Good plus FNK570 25 50 photo
6402-302 6402-302 YANKEE No. 41 push drill IOB. Super clean condition with all original bits and box is intact with minimal wear. Fine FNK568 30 60 photo
6402-303 6402-303 HULTBERG JOHANSON tool holder. Patented in 1913 by Peter Johanson of Warren Pennsylvania  and manufactured by the Hultberg Johanson Co.  consists of a 7 inch handle and six bits with a friction fit. Comes with a tapered wedge to push the bits out of the handle which is missing. Mild surface rust. Good ALV54 60 120 photo
6402-304 6402-304 AJAX folding triangular drill caddy. Holds 60 drills of different sizes  and folds flat for easy carrying.  Different and cool. Good plus MKJ338 50 100 photo
6402-305 6402-305 Lot of two screwdrivers. MILLERS FALLS No. 59 ratcheting screwdriver.  6 inches long and an uncommon MF tool.  Plus an unmarked 3 half inches locksmiths screwdriver with a square shank that can open doors if the knob is missing. Good MKJ305 319 50 100 photo
6402-306 6402-306 Lot of four tool handles.  One by J.S. FRAY with rosewood handle and nine tools.  There is a crack in collar and chip from handle thread.  One unsigned with fruitwood handle and five tools.  One by BUELL BROS. with good rosewood handle and six tools.  And one unsigned with crack in collar with softwood handle with loose end and six tools. Good CGN37  44  62  196 30 60 photo
6402-307 6402-307 Lot of two screwdrivers One by IRWIN with a very nice  -perfect-  handle and a cast iron model marked FORDSON.  Both 9 inches long. Good plus ALV194 50 100 photo
6402-308 6402-308 Lot of five knife honing steels. Two with bone handles.  One by KEEN KUTTER.  And three with wooden handle.  Largest marked CASEXX. One wooden handle is pretty worn and others are all in nice condition. Good and better DST811 813 819 841 842 35 70 photo
6402-309 6402-309 Lot of mortising chisels. 7 straight ranging from three sixteenths pigsticker to five eighths.  Some duplicates  and one half inch gooseneck. Most unmarked but a couple are marked MARPLES. All in nice clean condition with solid handles. Good plus WOL255 80 160 photo
6402-310 6402-310 Lot of three chisels. 1 inch and 2 fourth inch diameter.  1 inch needs a new handle.  Larger one has a few chips on blade but can be honed out.  Plus a parting tool marked  -Bridgeport-  in a leather sheath. Good ALV127 193 406 40 80 photo
6402-311 6402-311 Lot of two WITHERBY bevel edge butt chisels IOB. 2 inches chisel blades  blades are immaculate  separate handles a little worn  in original box intended to hold six  by the WINSTED EDGE TOOL WORKS of Winsted  CT. Good plus GAN27G 40 80 photo
6402-312 6402-312 Lot of six STANLEY chisels. None are marked but five look like No. 50 butt chisels with half inch -well worn down-  Three 1 inch  and a 1 half inch that needs sharpening. Plus a longer 14 inch paring chisel with a sweetheart mark. Good THF357 45 90 photo
6402-313 6402-313 Lot of four STANLEY No. 750 bevel edge butt chisels. Fourth inch - three eighths inch - half inch-  and three fourths inch. All in good condition with sharp edges and original handles. The three eighths inch was double stamped. Good plus THF359 60 120 photo
6402-314 6402-314 Lot of five knife honing steels. Three with bone handles - one very white and others with yellowing and one crack.  One with sterling handle and one with decorative steel handle. Good and better DST810 812 815 838 843 40 80 photo
6402-315 6402-315 Mixed lot of paring chisels and gouges. Three straight gouges.  Two by BUCK and one SWAN.  A swan neck gouge - two STANLEY butt chisels and two pig stickers. Good THF360 45 90 photo
6402-316 6402-316 Lot of two old womans tooth routers. Both of dark wood that looks like walnut.  Both have owners stamps.  Plain but well made. Good WOL301 302 40 80 photo
6402-317 6402-317 Lot of three wooden tools. R. BLISS wooden clamp.  7 inch jaws marked  -815-.  Plus a tap and screwbox set.  Both items labelled three fourths inch. Screwbox has a mark that starts  -IIILCL-  then fades out. Surface dinged but intact. Tap is good with decorative knurled band.  No handle. Plus 1 inch screwbox that is nicely made and marked 1855 on side. Held together by handcut thumbscrews  -marked 1 and 2 so you dont mix them up-. Surface dinged but no major damage. Good DWH47  48  60 80 120 photo
6402-318 6402-318 Old womans tooth wooden router. Nicely shaped with some decorative lines and punchwork and has  -AFGS-  owner mark. Good plus NW1756 50 100 photo
6402-319 *6402-319 STANLEY No. 12 series handle. Reconditioned rosewood handle for the No. 12 series of scraper planes. Very nice condition. If you have a handleless No. 12  this is for you. Good plus GNM294 25 50 photo
6402-320 6402-320 Lot of three floats. Used by gunsmiths or planemakers.  Longest is 10 inches. Good MKJ307 30 60 photo
6402-321 6402-321 Carvers mallet. Good solid hickory construction to head and handle.  Iron rings around both faces. Faces are well used and one crack in the head. Leather thong in handle. 5 half inches head. 7 inch handle. Good RYP1A 60 120 photo
6402-322 *6402-322 Turning tool. Complex cutting head on fibreboard handle. Good DUP652 5 10 photo
6402-323 6402-323 Screwbox. Unmarked  1 inch diameter.  Threads worn but overall good condition. Plus a user made large diameter spoke pointer. Good CRT117 155 45 90 photo
6402-324 6402-324 Dealers lot of graving tools. 10 burins and 15 bent tip engravers.  Most unsigned but some with various makers with some rust but overall good shape. Good DSTvarious 60 120 photo
6402-325 6402-325 Lot of two tool handles. One patented August 12 1884 by Granville Wright  assigned to Sargent but not marked with Sargent name.  7 inches long with nice rosewood handle.  Some corrosion on metal parts. Nice set of 10 tools.  Plus one marked  E.A. Benjamin  with nine tools and a hand vise.  4 inch rosewood handle.  Both well above average for tool handles. Good and better MKJ308 329 60 120 photo
6402-326 6402-326 STANLEY No. 2  Excelsior  tool handle. Handle in good clean condition.  Includes 8 tools. Good ALV46 35 550 photo
6402-327 6402-327 Lot of four EZRA BOWMAN gravers. All based on Wundes 1893 patent for the adjustable graver handle and manufactured by Bowman of Lancaster -Pennsylvania.  Four different sizes and all well marked ranging from super clean to paint stained. Good MKJ330 60 100 photo
6402-328 6402-328 Lot of two tools. Set of 12 HENRY H. TAYLOR graining combs in original tin box.  Plus a Universal Automatic Titler  used to make titles for your home movies in original box and looks like 1950s or earlier.  Different. Good MKJ300 304 30 60 photo
6402-329 6402-329 BROWN and SHARPE No. 382 combination square IOB. Tool is mint. Box has a couple of split seams but is intact with good label. Fine DCS5 45 90 photo
6402-330 6402-330 HJORTH Perfection Spring Winder. Patented in 1907 by Henry Hjorth and manufactured by Hjorth Lathe and Tool Co. of Boston.  Used to make springs out of wire.  Complete in original box with instruction sheet. Good plus MKJ322 30 60 photo
6402-331 6402-331 MARBLES safety folding knife. Blade is longer than the handle so when its folded a guard extends to protect the blade  opens into a Bowie type.  Basically unused in original box labelled K 419.  Bone handle. Mint MKJ310 50 100 photo
6402-332 6402-332 Lot of seven WARD plow plane cutters. Widths from one eighth inch to nine sixteenth inch and all in nice clean sharp condition  some ends a little snecked. Good plus WOL337 30 60 photo
6402-333 6402-333 Lot of four tools.  Box opener hammer with a pry bar on the end marked DASCO. A HAV A TAMPA cigar box hammer. An IRWIN heavy duty handled screwdriver with extra heavy blade and marked -IRWIN US of A-  handle worn but no damage.  Plus 5Ó screwdriver with perfect handle.   Good ALV81  214  292  669 50 100 photo
6402-334 *6402-334 Two unmarked WINCHESTER store price cards. For the Winchester collector who has everything else.  NOS. Fine MKJ301 20 40 photo
6402-335 6402-335 Lot of two boxed cutting tools. A hand burring kit with 18 burs and handle.  In original box labelled  -The Special-    looks like a trademark.  Tools in immaculate condition. Box is tattered but intact with original packing and wooden block to hold the burs.  Plus a set of four No. 6 die cutters by BEAVERETTE in original patented box. Good plus ALV50 51 60 120 photo
6402-336 *6402-336 Set of weights. 12 brass weights in wooden box.  Smallest is missing and one doesnt seem to fit its hole.  Largest -500 gram- has a bakelite handle with a chip in it. Good minus CRT15 15 30 photo
6402-337 6402-337 L and I.J. WHITE slick. 3 half inches blade. 36 inches long overall. Blade is in very nice condition and sharp and clearly marked. Screw attaching handle is a modern replacement. Handle itself clean with no cracks. Good plus KGM18 120 200 photo
6402-338 6402-338 D.R. BARTON slick. 3 inch blade.  26 inches long overall. In very nice clean condition. Good plus DCR167 90 160 photo
6402-339 6402-339 Lot of two framing chisels. A 2 inches chisel by DOUGLASS MFG. CO.  A relatively uncommon maker that started out in Vermont in 1856 and was purchased by James Swan in 1876. Their chisels have a distinctive peaked profile  and many were laminated although I cant tell with this one. Handle is a replacement. And a 1 half inches unmarked model and handle may also be replaced but is older. Good KGM19 20 60 120 photo
6402-340 6402-340 T.H. WITHERBY slick. 2 inches wide  and down to 6 three fourths inch so sharpened a few times.  Good solid handle.  Owners initials scratched on blade. Good ALV192 30 60 photo
6402-341 6402-341 WITHERBY corner chisel. 1 inch corner chisel.  1 to half inch long handle.  Surface rust but nothing major. Old socket handle a little loose. Good KGM21 30 60 photo
6402-342 6402-342 STANLEY No. 83 scraper. Roller looks proper.  Minor corrosion on nickel.  Good handles. Good plus MAX 40 80 photo
6402-343 6402-343 MILLERS FALLS No. 1  cigar  shave. 10 inches model with 2 inches cutter.  Dirty with some surface discoloration but no damage.   Good NW1761 30 60 photo
6402-344 6402-344 STANLEY No. 67 universal spokeshave. Needs the fence.  One cutter. Handles dinged but intact.  Mold surface corrosion. Good minus DCS4 30 60 photo
6402-345 6402-345 Lot of two brass instrument shaves. 3 half inches wide.  One with flat sole and one curved unmarked but in almost new condition. Good plus MKJ332 30 60 photo
6402-346 6402-346 One handed scraper. Unusual design with ball joint in handle.  Unsigned  unusually short handle. Good DST370 30 60 photo
6402-347 *6402-347 HSB and CO.  scraper Based on a 1906 patent and also sold by Shapleigh Hardware.  This one is very rusty  with dinged up handle with paint spots.  Short cutter.  ItÕs a rare scraper but needs a lot of work. Fair DST369 20 40 photo
6402-348 6402-348 English STANLEY No. 151 adjustable spokeshave. Mint unused condition. Mint MAX369B 50 100 photo
6402-349 6402-349 L. BAILEY spokeshave. Curved blade spokeshave.  The version with the heavier holddown.  Immaculate condition. Fine MAX369C 80 160 photo
6402-350 6402-350 Lot of two STANLEY cast iron spokeshaves. No. 59.  Earliest small trademark  and No. 63 with third sweetheart. Good MAX369A 45 90 photo
6402-351 6402-351 Lot of two STANLEY No. 12 veneer scrapers. One is complete and marked No. 12 but with holes tapped for rosewood sole and brass thumbscrew to hold cutter. Japanning only about 25 percent and user initials in handle.  Widened throat.  The other is cut off 1 inch in front of the throat.  No blade or holding screw. Good minus DST353 354 40 80 photo
6402-352 6402-352 MILLERS FALLS No. 65 veneer scraper. MFs version of the Stanley No. 12 but much less common.  In very clean condition  a little slight surface rust  japanning close to 100 percent.  Missing its cutter  but otherwise an excellent example of a rare MF plane. Good DST352 80 160 photo
6402-353 *6402-353 E.C. STEARNS cabinet scraper. No cutter. One screw replaced with bolt.  Japanning worn on handles. Fair DST364 15 30 photo
6402-354 6402-354 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Later model with concave leading edge.  No mark on cutter holder. Needs a cutter. Japanning about 80 percent and nickel in good shape. Good user. Good DST361 35 70 photo
6402-355 6402-355 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Later model with convex leading edge.  No mark on cutter holder but owners name scratched. Cutter missing. Japanning about 80 percent.   Good user once you put a cutter in it. Good minus DST360 30 60 photo
6402-356 6402-356 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Nickel plating good except for wear on handles. Good rosewood sole. Needs a cutter. Good DST362 35 70 photo
6402-357 6402-357 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Early type with leading edge straight across rather than convex. Sweetheart mark on holder and cutter. Cutter is worn down to about 1 inch wide.  Still some life in it but not much.  Japanning about 75 percent. Surface rust on nickeled parts. Good DST359 30 60 photo
6402-358 *6402-358 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Nickel plating good except for wear on handles.  Rosewood sole worn with screws poking through. Needs a cutter. Good minus DST363 25 50 photo
6402-359 6402-359 Lot of 20 wooden spokeshaves. All wooden fixed blade types but most unmarked. Most boxwood and both straight and curved soles. Good and better GAN88 50 100 photo
6402-360 6402-360 Lot of six wooden spokeshaves. All with blades secured by brass nuts and brass throat plates. One stamped  -HAWKESWORTH-  and the rest unmarked.  Mostly boxwood and one old model of darker wood maybe red beech. Good and better GAN485 35 70 photo
6402-361 6402-361 Rosewood spokeshave. Nicely shaped.  13.5 inches long.  Flat sole with two iron plates.  Unmarked.  Hanghole in one arm. Good plus NW1758 80 160 photo
6402-362 6402-362 Wooden body scraper. Nicely made beech body. Cast iron holder for cutter. Due to casting flaw marking is - ATKINS and INDIANAPOLIS IND. -  Held by cast wing nuts one is missing one wing. Good NW1751 50 100 photo
6402-363 6402-363 Lot of two wooden spokeshaves. One rosewood.  One beech.  Both 10 inches.  Rosewood one has brass nuts and brass strip on sole.  Both missing cutters but otherwise clean and attractive. Good minus NW1759 1760 40 80 photo
6402-364 6402-364 User made wooden spokeshave. Beech with two copper plates in sole.  Very nicely made and attractive. No signature. Good plus NW1757 55 110 photo
6402-365 6402-365 Lot of two shaves. A boxwood reversible stair shave.  Some staining and dings but complete.  And a blacksmith made spokeshave made out a piece of flat stock and very crude - rusty but still sharp. Good minus MKJ314 335 40 80 photo
6402-366 6402-366 Craftsman made scraper. Elegant sculptural shape with cast brass blade holder  has a Henry Disston blade.  Nicely made and attractive. Good MKJ302 55 110 photo
6402-367 6402-367 Lot of four conical brass plumb bobs. 3 inch to 6 inch. One marked GENERAL HARDWARE No. 800 and has a line attached. Others unmarked. Various degrees of surface dinging. Good LEE900 40 60 photo
6402-368 6402-368 Brass turnip shaped plumb bob. 6 inches long overall. Unsigned. Good clean condition. Good plus CDE2211 30 60 photo
6402-369 6402-369 Lot of four plumb bobs.  3 inch MILLERS FALLS.  5 half inch L. S. STARRETT No. 87 with knurling and external reel at top and initial M or W scratched on it.  And 3 half inch hexagonal body by SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE  all with some surface rust but nothing serious. Plus large GENERAL HARDWARE teardrop shaped.  7 half inches with iron tip marked -General Hardware Mfg. Co. New York No. 800.- Good and better NW1100  1110  1128  1305 60 120 photo
6402-370 6402-370 Lot of seven smaller plumb bobs. Longest is 4 inches.  Steel- brass and iron.  One marked C.L. BERGER. Others unsigned. Good NW1219 1227 1244 1299 1300 1301 1302 60 120 photo
6402-371 6402-371 Lot of five plumb bobs. Longest is 7 inches.  Two brass turnip shaped heavy cast iron and two steel. One steel and one marked E.C. STEARNS. Others unsigned. Good NW1195 1199 1228 1277 1292 65 130 photo
6402-372 6402-372 Lot of three plumb bobs. Longer torpedo shaped types.  7 inch to 8 inch.  One with thermometer and ruled in inches.  Marked REFINERY SUPPLY CO. One steel with knurled surface. And one brass with unusual long neck and owners mark. Good NW1193 1283 1284 60 100 photo
6402-373 6402-373 Wraparound head hatchet. Blade is 2 three fourths inches wide with a 10 inch original handle. Very well made example of this type of hatchet. Super clean. Good plus ALV68 35 70 photo
6402-374 6402-374 Hatchet with leather sheath. Head is 5 half inches long with square poll.  2 inch blade, Very sharp and minimal surface rust with no pitting.  Original handle with one chip.  Original sheath with snaps and leather thong to tie it on your leg.  Head marked -1912- and  -43 A.W.- Good DCR72 40 80 photo
6402-375 6402-375 Lot of two timber working tools. Carpenters adze.  Polled.  11 inch old handle with inactive worm. And a mortising axe with -S-  cast into head.  7 inch head.  Old 18 inch handle. Both with surface rust and crud but intact. Might want to tighten up the handles before using. Good ALV301 685 40 80 photo
6402-376 6402-376 Hand forged yankee pattern broad axe. 9 inch wide head with 12 inches blade. Surface rust and couple of chips out of the blade. Old 32 inches handle. Good MRA141 40 80 photo
6402-377 *6402-377 Twybill head. Blacksmith made.  19 inches long.  Surface rust but intact. Good minus NW1837 25 50 photo
6402-378 6402-378 Polled carpenters adze. Blade has little curvature.  10 inches long.  minimal rust and sharp. Old 35 inch handle. Good CRT122 30 60 photo
6402-379 *6402-379 Hatchet. No makers mark but  2 fourth inch cast into head. Good solid 20 inch handle. Good plus ALV684 15 30 photo
6402-380 6402-380 Farmers ever ready multitool. Combination hammer.  Hatchet.  Pliers and wrench. Well used but in good overall condition. Good NW1708 30 60 photo
6402-381 6402-381 Hollowing adze. Smith made.  8 inch head and 13 inch original handle. Plus a 1 half inch saw wedge marked KLEIN LOGAN. Good DCR33 69 40 80 photo
6402-382 6402-382 Mortising axe. Unmarked and probably smith made. Minimal rust.  9 inch head.  24 inch handle is old but not original.  Needs a wedge. Good Lee935 30 60 photo
6402-383 6402-383 Lot of two large outside calipers. Wing style with fine adjustment by W.F. BINGHAM  15 inches. And a handforged friction style.  15 inches. Good and better GAN28G  29G 80 160 photo
6402-384 6402-384 Lot of three dividers. Large wing style with some decorative casting.  Locking bolt is just a bolt and may be an early replacement.  16 inches.  And two friction types.  7 inch one looks handforged but well made.  4 half inches one looks manufactured and is marked  -W and C WYNN.-    Good and better GAN30G 35G 36G 60 110 photo
6402-385 6402-385 Lot of two wing style outside calipers. One is by BEMIS and CALL with spring loaded fine adjustment knob -8 inch-. The other is unsigned except for  -PJ-  user mark but looks manufactured.  7 half inches.  Both in nice clean condition. Good plus GAN31G 32G 60 110 photo
6402-386 6402-386 Lot of two outside calipers. One wing style with fine adjustment by P. LOWENTRAUT of Newark.  8 inch.  The other is friction type.  Unsigned but looks manufactured and well made.  5 inches.  Both nice and clean. Good plus GAN33G 34G 60 110 photo
6402-387 6402-387 Lot of three tools.  Surveyors pins -at least thats what the label says-   set of five hand forged pins of different sizes on wire ring. Plus divider with 5 inch legs  and outside calipers.  Both have surface rust and no mark but fully functional. Good DWH67  75  79 30 60 photo
6402-388 6402-388 Lot of two tape measures. LUFKIN  -Mezurall-  8 foot tape and STREAMLINE patented No. 406 locking tape by MASTER RULE MFG CO. in very nice condition. Good and better DT47 30 60 photo
6402-389 6402-389 STANLEY No. 2 Three Angle Rule Attachment. Type 1.  Marked W.H. STANLEY and patent applied for.  Aluminum  a little dirty but complete and undamaged.  A rare Stanley tool. Good FNK31A 150 250 photo
6402-390 6402-390 Lot of two adjusting calipers. One is based on Liljas 2-6-85 patent and was manufactured by STARRETT.  Very unusual Starrett tool.  The other is a friction type.  Marked  'Charles Adams'  and 1875.  The Adams has a little surface rust  otherwise very clean. Good and better MKJ337 90 180 photo
6402-391 6402-391 CAMPBELL patent rule attachment. Deceptively simple tool that clamps onto a rule to make it into a square.  Similar to the Boyes patent but much less common. Plus a bag of miscellaneous parts that came with it. Good FNK31 150 250 photo
6402-392 6402-392 E.C. ATKINS No. 1 mitre saw. 22 inches blade.  Good clear etching with a couple of patches of surface rust.  Good handle. Good plus VTD68 35 70 photo
6402-393 6402-393 DISSTON  Keystone  steel backsaw. Circa 1935. Super clean condition. 14 inch blade. Good plus KGM12 50 100 photo
6402-394 6402-394 Early DISSTON mitre saw. 14 inch blade.  No visible etching.  Split nuts with optimistic eagle medallion.  Mahogany handle with one chip out of upper horn. Good THF305 35 70 photo
6402-395 6402-395 TYZACK SONS and TURNER No 120  Nonpareil  backsaw. Brass back.  8 inch blade appears unused. Fine KGM4 50 100 photo
6402-396 6402-396 Lot of two backsaws by Cincinnati makers. GEORGE H. BISHOP.  10 inch blade.  Marked 76 on back.  Some surface corrosion but etching clear.  Small chips from upper horn.  Good medallion. Plus an 8 inch model by the CINCINNATI SAW COMPANY.  More surface rust but legible.  Large chip out of upper horn. Good THF320 321 50 100 photo
6402-397 6402-397 BISHOP patent backsaw. Patented in 1898 by Frederick Wuest but manufactured by GEORGE H. BISHOP of Cincinnati and usually associated with Bishop. Blade is clamped by a bar that allows it to be slid up or down for variable cuts  or reversed entirely to use teeth of a different pitch. Nice condition with some surface rust but clear etching and handle with wear but no damage. Good plus THF318 60 120 photo
6402-398 *6402-398 Stair saw. 8 inch blade.  Theres a name on the body but I cant read it.  Wood is dirty with some dinging but no major damage. Good BB217 25 50 photo
6402-399 6402-399 PATTERSON BROS. keyhole saw. Good 6 half blade with light rust.  Handle has some dings. Good DWH50 30 60 photo
6402-400 6402-400 SPEAR and JACKSON No. 52A backsaw. Brass back.  8 inch blade.  Some wear but overall very clean condition. Good plus KGM11 30 60 photo
6402-401 *6402-401 KEYHOLE SAW. Old with split nuts and 5 half inches iron blade.  Unmarked.  Open London style handle.  Good condition for age.  Unmarked. Good LBD1009 25 50 photo
6402-402 6402-402 DISSTON No. 196 docking saw. 30 inches.  4 half ppi filed crosscut.  A little surface corrosion but clear etching.  Good applewood handle with minor dinging.  An unusual Disston sold for cutting large timber.  As for a dock -not for docking horns-. Good plus GRN1 30 60 photo
6402-403 6402-403 DISSTON No. 7 ripsaw. 26 inch blade.  7 ppi.  Etching just visible.  Lambs tongue handle worn but intact.  Rusty but sharp. Good SSA105 35 70 photo
6402-404 6402-404 SIMONDS No. 371 crosscut saw. Very clean condition.  26 inch blade.  8 tpi.  Good clear etching.  Handle well patinated and one small chip.  Tooth guard has kept it sharp. Good plus KGM17 40 80 photo
6402-405 *6402-405 DISSTON pruning saw. 23 inch blade.  No visible etching.  Disston medallion.  Some chips in applewood handle. Good minus FNK550 20 40 photo
6402-406 6402-406 E.C. ATKINS rip saw. 23 half inches long blade.  9 tpi.  Etching readable.  Clean handle with good carving and one old barely noticeable chip on upper horn. Tooth guard has kept it sharp. Good plus KGM6 40 80 photo
6402-407 6402-407 E.C. ATKINS No. 21 metal saw. NOS.  Looks unused. 2 inch blade. Fine KGM10 40 80 photo
6402-408 6402-408 RELIABLE No. 59 rip saw. Made by ATKINS at the Sheffield Saw Works in Indianapolis. 16 inch blade.  9 tpi. Super clean with clear etching.  No damage to handle. Good plus KGM2 40 80 photo
6402-409 6402-409 Lot of six project saws. One two handed pruning saw and the rest are carpenters saws of various lengths and configurations.  All have issues with some missing nuts and surface rust  etc.  All are salvageable and in a pinch could be used as is.  No returns on this lot. Good minus SSA99 101 104 112 145 269 40 80 photo
6402-410 *6402-410 Lot of three unsigned claw hammers. One with straight claw.  One looks handforged. One lightweight.  Original handles. Good NW1020 1022 1024 15 30 photo
6402-411 6402-411 Lot of 6 STANLEY hammers. A No. 291 midget ball peen.  No. 780 3lb stone cutter.  No. 602 upholsterer  and a No. 461 tinners hammer all with clean heads and original handles with partial orange Stanley decals. Plus a 16oz  Ò100 PlusÓ advertised as ÒThe Aristocrat of HammersÓ with some dinging to head but good solid handle  and a No. 312B ball peen with a damaged handle. Good and better. GNM188  189  191  192  193  196 50 100 photo
6402-412 6402-412 Lot of hammers. Beall Bros. No. 414 24 inch machinists or ball peen.  Original marked handle.  And a cross peen sawmakers hammer with a trademark consisting of an A in a circle. Good plus NW482 484 45 70 photo
6402-413 6402-413 Lot of three hammers. Creasing hammer.  Hand forged nailing hammer with unusually short handle -looks original- and beryllium headed hammer with old replacement handle. Good NW501 503 516 30 60 photo
6402-414 6402-414 Lot of two hammers. KEEN KUTTER nailing hammer.  Nice and clean with solid original handle.  And a CHENEY adze head hammer.  Some dings and old handle is worn with chips. Good FNK534 535 60 120 photo
6402-415 *6402-415 Lot of six hammers. Mostly ball peen or cross peen and unmarked.  One solid metal handle. Good NW478 515 518 526 530 20 40 photo
6402-416 6402-416 Lot of two hammers. CHANDLEE patent three sided glaziers hammer with some tarnish and good handle.  Patent date faint  and an unmarked tack hammer and DUNLAP half inch cold chisel. Good ALV111 323 50 90 photo
6402-417 *6402-417 Lot of two spring handled welders hammers. Some surface corrosion but solid and intact. Good NW532 533 20 40 photo
6402-418 *6402-418 Lot of two tools. STANLEY No. 602 upholsterers hammer.  Head slightly loose.  Partial decal.  And a PLIERRENCH combination pliers and wrench by American PLIERRENCH of Chicago in original canvas pouch. Good BB43 20 40 photo
6402-419 6402-419 Silversmiths planishing hammer. Has a mark that I cant read.  Nice condition with original bulbous handle a little loose. Good MKJ323 30 60 photo
6402-420 6402-420 Lot of four novelty hammers. Log headed candy hammer -chip on head-.  Brass advertising hammer for Hammer Studios.  Two others. Good NW531 534 538 541 30 60 photo
6402-421 6402-421 Lot of three wrenches.  BILLINGS COE 12Ó monkey wrench with the oval Coe trademark and triangular B mark Ð the last all metal Coe type monkey wrench manufactured. Also has ATandSF railroad logo. Head is well dinged and quite a bit of surface rust. Plus another railroad wrench    -an 18Ó steam engine wrench- flat stock marked ÒRFP RAILROADÓ in excellent condition with very little rusting. Plus TOWER and LYON adjustable wrench covered by two patents issued to Bernard Donahue  3-1-81 and 11-12-89. Sold by TandL although the logo is not readable on the head. Jaws slightly sprung and head dinged- wood handle is dry but may be old user replacement. Good complete example of uncommon wrench. Good minus and better ALV576  659  663 75 150 photo
6402-422 6402-422 Lot of eight wrenches.   Two BILLINGS and SPENCER center nut types.  7 inch and 4 half inch.  Both good. Plus PECK STOW and WILCOX 6 half marked with Ellrichs 1896 patent perfect handle. Plus 6 half inch COES with a Ò2Ó stamped on all metal handle and a CLEVELAND WRENCH CO. covered by 1944 design patent. Plus three adjustable wrenches  - one miniature BETÕR GRIP crescent wrench by DUNLAP with its hang hole being a three eighths inch 12 pt box wrench.  A  4 inch adjustable with an ÒLÓ inside a keystone logo  and one unsigned 4 inch lacquered with jaw slightly sprung.   Good and better ALV227  383  386  409  598  613  615  689 80 160 photo
6402-423 *6402-423 MOORE monkey wrench. Manufactured by Moore Drop Forge Company of Springfield- Massachusetts which primarily sold the pipe wrenches patented by its founder. 9 inches long.  Surface rust.  Jaws a little beat up. Good DWH76 20 40 photo
6402-424 6402-424 Lot of two alligator wrenches from MARSHALLTOWN  IA. A  -Crocodile-  brand combination wrench by HAWKEYE WRENCH CO.  with screwdriver and three thread chasers in the middle  and a combination screwdriver- hammer- and wrench marked  -The Teddy-  with original dark red paint. Good plus ALV228 236 60 120 photo
6402-425 6402-425 Lot of three adjustable nut wrenches. A UNIVERSAL wrench patented by Roland Stathan and manufactured in Detroit  and a GORDON wrench with springclosing jaws.  Both have surface corrosion but no major damage.  Plus a slidingcollar type marked  Made in Germany. Good and better ALV83 242  439 100 180 photo
6402-426 6402-426 Lot of crescent wrenches. A double-ended 6 to 8 inch model  and a collection of seven 4 inch wrenches.  Most by Crescent itself but a couple of knockoffs. All clean and working with good jaws and no rust. Good plus FNK552  554 556 558 559 561 564 90 180 photo
6402-427 6402-427 Patented  EAGLE GRIP  pipe wrench. Patented 10-12-54 by Ernest Olson of Oshkosh- NE  and manufactured by MID AMERICAN PRODUCTS of Omaha.  You use the standard knurled nut to close the jaws  and then lock it with a lever like a vice grips.  14 inches long and in immaculate condition. Only one Ive ever seen. Good plus ALV132 80 160 photo
6402-428 6402-428 Lot of nippers and wrench.  GUNDLACH tile nippers IOB.  Marked 85C.  Used only once or twice.  New old stock. Plus COES perfect handle wrench.  6 half inches model.  Handle intact.  Jaws a little dinged but close smoothly. Fine DWH68  78 30 60 photo
6402-429 6402-429 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. A 6 inch COE wooden handle monkey wrench  and a COCHRAN 8 inch patented pipe wrench - patented 4-21-08 and manufactured in Chicago.  Both in very clean condition. Jaws of the Coe a little dinged up. Good and better ALV143 185 60 120 photo
6402-430 6402-430 KING DICK bicycle wrench in pouch. 3 inch King Dick center nut wrench in plush draw string bag and enclosed in zippered leather pouch. Good plus ALV52 30 60 photo
6402-431 6402-431 Lot of two WESTCOTT curved handle crescent type wrenches. Manufactured by Keystone Manufacturing Co. of Buffalo.  One is a No. 78  the other unmarked  both 6 inches.  Decent condition with some surface corrosion on the 78 and some jaw dinging. Good MAX358 60 120 photo
6402-432 6402-432 TROJAN patented quick adjusting wrench. Patented 7-31-34 by John Long of Los Angeles and manufactured by the Trojan Wrench Co.  Has a sliding quick adjust collar and a pawl that is supposed to lock it at various widths.  Nickel plating has wear and the mechanism doesnt work smoothly but a very uncommon adjustable wrench.  12 inches. Good ALV469 60 120 photo
6402-433 6402-433 Massive AMPCO beryllium nut wrench. 18 inches long.  9 half pounds.  Beryllium -actually beryllium copper alloy- tools were used where you couldnt afford sparks.  This one is stamped  -US-  so maybe used by the Army in a powder magazine or similar environment.  A few dings but overall clean and jaws work smoothly.   Good plus DCR29 60 120 photo
6402-434 6402-434 Lot of five wrenches.  One 9 inch marked MOORE DROP FORGING.  One 9 inch marked BARCALO BUFFALO USA with tang on end. Others just with Ford mark -8 inch and 9 inch with tang-. Jaws a little chewed up but surfaces generally good. Plus 11Ó Billings and Spencer. Good CGN26  77  78  80  87 30 60 photo
6402-435 6402-435 Lot of five wrenches. Three are crescent wrenches.  Two 9Ó ones marked Crescent Tool Co. and one marked Ford  and a 10 half inch marked Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Co.  Plus two adjustable nut wrenches  - a WINCHESTER 10 inch with wooden -perfect- handle with a small crack but good clean jaws  and a PEXTO 8 inch with waffle pattern metal handle and jaws dinged up but close smoothly. Good CGN22  25  27  111  156 40 80 photo
6402-436 6402-436 MILLERS FALLS combination hand vise and tools in handle. Nice clean condition with undamaged rosewood handle and almost no loss of nickel plating.  Nine tools stored in the handle.   Good plus MAX142 100 200 photo
6402-437 *6402-437 YANKEE No. 41 automatic drill.  Includes one bit.  In decent condition. Good ALV107 10 20 photo
6402-438 6402-438 Lot of three adjustable nut wrenches. A 12 inch  -Polly-  manufactured by GELLMAN WRENCH CO. of Rock Island- Illinois. An 8 inch  -Space Tool-  with sliding button to adjust the jaws manufactured somewhere in Texas. And an 8 inch BEMIS and CALL with adjusting nut. All in very clean condition with good working jaws and no rust. Good plus FNK551 557 564 100 180 photo
6402-439 6402-439 Lot of two adjustable wrenches. WAKEFIELD No. 19.  Patented 11-14-22 and manufactured in Worcester- Massachusetts.  Nice clean condition.  And a BOARDMAN patent combination nut and pipe wrench - patented 7-10-66 and manufactured first in Connecticut  later by Tower and Lyon.  Significant surface corrosion and patent date just legible  but a rare wrench. Good and better ALV248 304 80 160 photo
6402-440 6402-440 Lot of five wrenches.  Two FORD open end wrenches.  Flat wrench is five eighths inch and three fourths inch and larger has seven eighths inch open end and five eighths inch closed. Three patented adjustable wrenches  COCHRAN 6 inch  -Speednut-. BILLINGS and SPENCER 8 inch S handle marked with 11-14-05 patent.  And ELGIN  -Live Alligator-  with some light surface corrosion. Good and better CGN85  97  142  203  203A 30 60 photo
6402-441 *6402-441 Combination fencing tool. Hammer with curved pliers.  Ive seen them but the mark is unreadable.  Chip from end of one handle. Good minus CRT30 15 30 photo
6402-442 6402-442 Lot of two adjustable nut wrenches. 7 inch wooden handle Coe type by PSandW Cleveland.  Jaws slightly sprung and dirty but decent shape. And an unmarked twisted handle type.  10 inches.  Needs a serious cleaning and jaw currently locked. Good DCR27 32 50 100 photo
6402-443 6402-443 MILTON H. BACHELLER JR.  American Marking Gauges- Patented and Manufactured. Hardcover with dust jacket. 2000 printing. Signed by author. Both book and dust jacket in excellent condition. Fine BFS163 50 100 photo
6402-444 *6402-444 KENNETH L. COPE  American Wrench Makers 1830 to 1915. First Edition published in 1999.  Paperback.  Cover has some blue staining but pages clean and in good condition. Good BFS161 25 50 photo
6402-445 *6402-445 Lot of RONALD S. BARLOW books. The Antique Tool Collectors Guide to Value  editions 1985 and 1999. 1985 edition in good condition with some wear to the cover. The 1999 edition cover is tattered and worn. Fair and Good BFS143  148 25 50 photo
6402-446 6402-446 Lot of three catalogs. All paperback. Watchmakers Jewelers and Engravers Tool and Material Catalogue  Otto Young and Co.  1892 to 1893. Reprinted from original in 1998-  in good condition. Plus American Tools by Buck and Hickman. 1902 Catalog  reprinted from original in 1989-  in good condition. Plus September 1942 edition of Stanley Tools Catalog No. 34-  good condition-  some wear and a few bent corner pages but no writing. Good plus BFS131  141 154 100 200 photo
6402-447 6402-447 EMIL and MARTYL POLLAK  A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes. Fourth edition.  Revised by Thomas L. Elliott. Signed -and handmade plane drawing- by Elliott from 2001. Paperback in excellent condition. Good plus BFS115 50 100 photo
6402-448 *6402-448 SANDOR NAGYSZALANCZY  The Art of Fine Tools. Paperback. Full Color.  Glossy.  Printed in 2000. Beautiful photos of exquisite hand tools. Small tear at bottom binding. Good TKY105 10 20 photo
6402-449 6402-449 Lot of books and booklets. All paperbacks. Antique Tools- Our American Heritage by Kathryn McNerney in good condition-  published in 1988. Collecting Farm Antiques- Identification and Values by Lar Hothem  published 1982  cover worn but pages in good condition. Sharpening and Care of Woodworking Tools and Equipment by John Sainsbury-  published in 1984 in good condition. 2 booklets entitled  -Berks County Pennsylvania Fraktur-  about fraktur - a type of German lettering from the fifteenth century until WWII  and  -Early Tools and Equipment-  by Elmer L. Smith  printed in 1983.   Good BFS136  135  116  147  140 40 80 photo
6402-450 6402-450 Lot of rule books.  A Rule Concordance and Value Guide by Philip E. Stanley - 2004. Stanley Folding Rules- A History and Descriptive Inventory by Alvin Sellens - signed copy. Has some writing in pencil on pages  and owner sticker on inside front cover. 1984 printing. Dust jacket falling apart  but book in decent condition. Fundamentals of Rule Collecting- Excerpts from Studies by Kenneth D. Roberts and Philip E. Stanley - printed 1997 and in good condition. To Measure- Metric Rules by Stanley Rule and Level - a presentation by B. Youart at Brown Auction  2006  booklet with illustrations. A Source Book for Rule Collectors by Philip E. Stanley - signed copy. Printed in 2003  in excellent condition. Good and better BFS134  149  138  139  133 150 300 photo
6402-451 6402-451 ROGER K. SMITH  Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America 1827 to 1927 -PTAMPIA I-. Hardcover with signature of author. Second edition - 1990. Cover has some wear  but has clear plastic dust jacket -now faded-. Pages have some moisture warping  but no marks and clean. Good BFS132 100 200 photo
6402-452 6402-452 THOMAS C. LAMOND  Manufactured and Patented Spokeshaves and Similar Tools. Signed by the author. Illustrated identification of the artifacts and profiles of the makers and patentees. 1997 First Edition-  book in excellent condition including dust jacket with no fading and very little wear.   Good plus BFS162 75 150 photo
6402-453 6402-453 Lot of two catalogs. Pocket Business Guide for New York - Boston - Philadelphia - and Baltimore compliments of New England Loan and Trust Company - from late 1880s and in fairly good condition. Plus Keogh and Thorne Illustrated Catalog of Doors - Sashes - Blinds - Newels - etc. New York circa 1873. Pages stained and some damage  cover stained and tattered and back cover bottom is no longer attached. Fair and Good DWH82  83 50 100 photo
6402-454 6402-454 Lot of two books. A Price Guide to Antique Tools by Herbert P. Kean and Emil S. Pollack.  First Edition 1992. Paperback.  Book in decent condition-  some wear. Plus E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter Collectibles- An Illustrated Price Guide by Jerry and Elaine Heuring. Paperback-  2nd edition  some wear but in decent condition. Good BFS144  145 60 120 photo
6402-455 6402-455 Lot of two books. The Stanley Plane- A History and Descriptive Inventory by Alvin Sellens. Hardcover - dust jacket tattered and taped with - R.A. Easter- written on it. Book in decent condition - some fraying of cover  and the words  -Stanley Planes-  written on bottom of book. First Print -1975- with pages in decent condition  fairly rare book. Plus bound photocopy of  -The Woodworker-  Series No. 6 entitled  -How To Use the Stanley Universal Plane for Moulding-Matching-Ploughing-  by A Practical Woodworker. Good minus BFS137  130 100 200 photo

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