Auction Archive 6303 - March 2014

Below is the 6303 FTJ auction listing. 


6303-001 6303-001 Extra large wooden trammel points. 11in long turned from fruitwood with both handcarved wooden thumbscrews on sides and cast iron thumbscrews in heads bearing down on brass locking bars on matching wooden keeper extra nice. Good plus CDE1859 90 180 PHOTO
6303-002 6303-002 BAILEY VICTOR No. 14 combination plane. Some surface rust; a couple of paint flecks.  The front fence locking screw has been replaced and is beat up, and the back cap with eyelet has been replaced.  Not complete, but most of one of the rarest and most collectible planes from Leonard Bailey's Victor line. Good CRT119 400 800 PHOTO
6303-003 6303-003 MILLERS PATENT No. 41 plow plane. Type 3A has the wraparound fence but missing the filletster bed and fence whats there is in very clean condition. Good CDE1542 300 600 PHOTO
6303-004 6303-004 STANLEY No. 12half veneer scraper. Sweetheart mark on blade japanning 99prct a couple of very minor dings in the handle overall as nice an example as you could want. Good plus GNM289 80 160 PHOTO
6303-005 6303-005 STANLEY No. 12quarter veneer scraper. Type 2 with graceful slope to body sweetheart mark on cutter very clean and complete. Good plus GNM288 225 450 PHOTO
6303-006 6303-006 STANLEY NO. 112 cabinet scraper. Type 1 with patent date on adjustment knob japanning 75prct tote and knob very good blade is sharpened on both ends and has early Stanley Rule and Level Co. semi-circular mark. Good plus GNM286 200 400 PHOTO
6303-007 6303-007 Massive padlock. Labelled PROPERTY OF PULLMAN SILVER PALACE CAR COMPANY. With two keys surface rust but works smoothly no railroad collector can pass this up. 7 1-2in long by 4 1-2in wide. Good ALV281 40 80 PHOTO
6303-008 6303-008  STANLEY NO. 238 Weather-stripping plane. Immaculate condition with the seven original cutters. Only apology is one of the cotter pins at the end of the arms is missing, and one tiny piece of japanning flaked off. Fine RSI76 125 250 PHOTO
6303-009 6303-009 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane IOB. Later type with orange notched mark on cap iron some dinging and surface rust but would clean up well box heavily taped and no sign of original label but looks original. Good plus DT25 50 100 PHOTO
6303-010 6303-010 STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Early type with graceful slope bed is drilled for rosewood bottom -looks original- although its clearly marked No. 12 missing cutter rear knob replaced with a wingnut. japanning about 70prct surface rust. Fair RSI290 30 60 PHOTO
6303-011 6303-011 STANLEY No. 78 duplex rabbet and filletster. Super clean example with vee style mark on the blade. Never need an upgrade. Good plus GNM306 50 100 PHOTO
6303-012 6303-012 STANLEY No. A78 aluminum body duplex rabbet plane. Clean complete example of a very uncommon Stanley aluminum plane with only light surface corrosion on steel parts sweetheart mark on cutter. Good GNM307 100 200 PHOTO
6303-013 6303-013 STANLEY NO. 378 weatherstrip and rabbet plane. Super clean includes the usually missing brass collars and two of the extra depth stops -three total- one 7-8in cutter with notched rectangle mark. Good plus GNM319 70 140 PHOTO
6303-014 6303-014 STANLEY No. 39 1in dado plane. Type 3 very clean but missing the cutter. Good minus GNM302 50 100 PHOTO
6303-015 6303-015 STANLEY No. 39 five-eighths inch dado plane. Some surface rust on toe and depth gauge adjustment but otherwise very clean and complete type T mark on screw cap but very worn. Good GNM298 90 180 PHOTO
6303-016 6303-016 STANLEY No. 191 rabbet plane. Japanning and nickel platting worn notched rectangle on cutter. Good RSI198 25 50 PHOTO
6303-017 6303-017 STANLEY No. 190 rabbet plane. Early type with 1874-1890 semi-circular mark on blade some wear to japanning but otherwise very clean. Good GNM311 30 60 PHOTO
6303-018 6303-018 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Type 2 japanning about 60prct small chip in lever cap screw otherwise nice and clean Good CDE1546 125 250 PHOTO
6303-019 6303-019 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Early mix of Type 1 and 2 parts japanning worn on handle otherwise good overall condition nice clean cutter with mark worn but legible. Good plus LEE914 125 250 PHOTO
6303-020 6303-020 STANLEY No. 146 double ended match plane. The rare 3-8in model rusty and dirty and missing one cutter but could be cleaned up. Fair RSI121 70 140 PHOTO
6303-021 6303-021 STANLEY No. 71half router plane. Type 4 nickel plating worn off cutter adjustment and collar and a couple of small paint flecks on knobs otherwise very good condition one cutter. Good plus COL117 60 120 PHOTO
6303-022 6303-022 STANLEY No. 71 router plane. Type 11 or 12 with black painted knobs absolutely immaculate condition with all original parts three cutters looks like it was never used. Fine GNM277 100 200 PHOTO
6303-023 6303-023 CRAFTSMAN No. 45 combination plane. Includes full set of cutters in canvas roll both sets of rods and three depth stops minor dinging to tote and knob and very slight nickel loss otherwise in excellent condition in wooden box with sliding lid. Includes very tattered instructions extra nickers in envelope screwdriver. Good plus FNK49 80 160 PHOTO
6303-024 6303-024 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane IOB. Type 14 with sweetheart mark on skate complete set of cutters in original wooden boxes with intact labels. All other parts present some minor nickel flaking otherwise in very clean condition pasteboard box is tattered but intact one end is detached but included. Good plus LEE880 150 300 PHOTO
6303-025 6303-025 STANLEY No. 6 prelateral fore plane. Type 3 or 4 without number cast into bed tote has sheared off end and crack in body otherwise decent condition. Good minus JW124 40 80 PHOTO
6303-026 6303-026 STANLEY No. A-5 aluminum fore plane. Sweetheart mark on cutter aluminum body dinged as usual but nothing serious partial decal on tote. Good GNM321 90 180 PHOTO
6303-027 6303-027 STANLEY No. 8C corrugated sole jointer plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter japanning about 80prct light dinging on tote and knob overall good clean example. Good CDE2639 60 120 PHOTO
6303-028 6303-028 STANLEY No. 5half jack plane. Wide and heavier version of the No. 5 Type 12 with vee mark very clean and undamaged. Good plus JW125 60 120 PHOTO
6303-029 6303-029 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Good clean condition with vee mark on cutter japanning almost complete no damage to tote or knob. Good plus JW111 55 110 PHOTO
6303-030 6303-030 STANLEY BED ROCK No. 607C corrugated jointer plane. Flat sides sweetheart mark on cutter and notched rectangle on lever cap japanning 70prct small chips from edge of tote otherwise good overall condition. Good plus JW136 175 350 PHOTO
6303-031 6303-031 STANLEY NO. 7 jointer plane. Later model with notched rectangle mark on lever cap and cutter japanning 60prct tote and knob worn but intact. Good NW953 40 80 PHOTO
6303-032 6303-032 STANLEY NO. 7 jointer plane. Type 8 with 1892 patent date on iron japanning worn and some roughness to edge of tote but good clean overall condition. Good plus JW133 50 100 PHOTO
6303-033 6303-033 STANLEY No. 6 fore plane. Type 9 with 1892 patent date stamped on cutter some loss of japanning and surface corrosion on cutter and lever cap but excellent tote and knob. Good plus JW113 50 100 PHOTO
6303-034 6303-034 STEERS patent jointer plane. 18in sole with strips of rosewood dovetailed into it to reduce friction the strips ahead of the throat are badly worn but the longer strips behind the throat are intact body is in decent condition but the tote has serious chipping from the end and a badly reglued split worth restoring if you want an example of Steers uncommon patent. Good minus JW102 50 100 PHOTO
6303-035 6303-035 STANLEY No. 604 Bedrock smoothing plane. Has a 9in sole and appears to have 604 cast into bed but the last digit is obscured Bed Rock not marked on lever cap tote a little chipped on end but otherwise good condition. Good LEE889 40 70 PHOTO
6303-036 6303-036 OLYMPIA smoothing plane. Modern day version of the Stanley No. 4 by Olympia Tool Co. near mint condition with good wooden tote and knob not plastic like most modern planes. Good plus CDE1889 20 40 PHOTO
6303-037 6303-037 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated sole smoothing plane. Type 18 with orange notched logo on cap iron black painted knob and tote very clean condition. Good plus JW100 35 70 PHOTO
6303-038 6303-038 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated sole smoothing plane. Type 15 but with T mark on cutter a few traces of surface rust but tote and knob excellent very clean overall condition. Good plus CDE1584 40 80 PHOTO
6303-039 6303-039 STANLEY Bed Rock No. 604 smoothing plane. Flat sided orange notched rectangle mark on lever cap good clean overall condition. Good plus CDE2343 100 200 PHOTO
6303-040 6303-040 BIRMINGHAM PLANE CO. smoothing plane. George Mosher was a Stanley employee who ripped off the basic Bailey design changed it just enough to get his own patent and started the Birmingham Plane Co. which became better known for its T-shaped rabbet planes. This Bailey knockoff has a 9in sole is clearly marked on the cutter and is all around good condition with some minor dinging and owner initials punched into one cheek. Good CDE1581 80 160 PHOTO
6303-041 6303-041 STANLEY No. 5quarter junior jack plane. Scaled down version of the No. 5 favored for situations where a lighter plane was desired. This one has a sweetheart cutter and notched rectangle on the lever cap and is in overall excellent condition with japanning mostly intact and minor dinging. Good plus GNM344 40 80 PHOTO
6303-042 6303-042 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane. Type 13 with sweetheart mark on cutter 50prct decal on tote very clean overall condition. Good plus CDE1891 40 80 PHOTO
6303-043 6303-043 STANLEY Bed Rock No. 603 smoothing plane. Flat sided vee mark on cutter very light surface rust but otherwise good clean example of the 603. Good plus CDE1528 100 200 PHOTO
6303-044 6303-044 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated sole smoothing plane. Type 11 Type T mark on cutter slight loss of japanning and some roughness to edge of tote but overall very clean. Good plus CDE1583 50 100 PHOTO
6303-045 6303-045 STANLEY NO. HI204 Handyman smoothing plane. Minor wear to blue-painted tote and knob but in overall excellent condition 10in sole. Good plus CDE1892 30 60 PHOTO
6303-046 6303-046 STANDARD TOOL CO. bench plane. 9in sole prelateral model. Auburn Tool Thistle Brand mark on cutter tote has sheared off end and reglued crack but rest of the plane is in good condition an unusual bench plane. Good minus CRT85 40 80 PHOTO
6303-047 6303-047 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated sole smoothing plane. Later model with notched rectangle mark on lever cap and cutter some very light surface rust but good overall condition. Good plus CDE1529 30 60 PHOTO
6303-048 6303-048 STANLEY Bed Rock No. 605C jack plane. Flat sided notched rectangle mark on cutter. No mark on lever cap so it may be a replacement.  Knob is black painted rather than rosewood good clean overall condition. Good CDE2329 100 200 PHOTO
6303-049 6303-049 VAUGHN and BUSHNELL No. 905 jack plane. V and Bs equivalent of the Stanley No. 5 and in fact this one has a Stanley vee logo cutter good clean overall condition grey japanning about 60prct surface rust on cutter good tote and knob. Good plus CDE1924 60 120 PHOTO
6303-050 6303-050 CRAFTSMAN 8C corrugated sole jointer plane. With a good blue Craftsman logo on the lever cap and stamped on cutter slight loss of japanning at the toe and light dinging on tote and knob but overall nice example of the Craftsman line. Good CDE1802 50 100 PHOTO
6303-051 6303-051 STANLEY No. 6 fore plane. Type 11 last type with low front knob vee mark on cutter very light surface rust that will clean right off good japanning knob tote and cutter. Good plus CDE1256 50 100 PHOTO
6303-052 6303-052 CHAPLIN patent fore plane. 17in sole hard rubber tote marked Chaplins Improved on cutter and cast around knob very clean. Good plus CDE1925 80 160 PHOTO
6303-053 6303-053 STANLEY Handyman fore plane. 14in sole blue japanning in good condition small chips on edge of tote a few rust spots. Good CDE2078 40 80 PHOTO
6303-054 6303-054 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Later model with notched rectangle mark on lever cap and cutter nice clean example with minor loss of japanning. Good CDE2334 40 80 PHOTO
6303-055 6303-055 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated bench plane. Orange notched mark black painted tote and knob with some wear otherwise overall good condition nice clean cutter. Good plus DUS42 40 80 PHOTO
6303-056 6303-056 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 4 sized bench plane. 04 1-4 is cast into sole. Some chips on tote heavily rusted cutter. Fair DUS40 20 409 PHOTO
6303-057 6303-057 STANLEY late model No. 3 smoothing plane. With yellow notched rectangle on cap and No. 3 -12-003- on cutter brown japanning and lacquered tote very good condition with only faint traces of surface rust user name scratched on cheek. Good plus FRN54 20 40 PHOTO
6303-058 6303-058 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane. Later type with notched rectangle mark on cap light surface rust tote worn but intact. Good FRN22A 40 80 PHOTO
6303-059 6303-059 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated bench plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter and cap some light surface corrosion but very good overall condition. Good plus FRN22 40 80 PHOTO
6303-060 6303-060 STANLEY No. 4C corrugated bench plane. Type 6A or 7 -1890s- with April 1992 patent date stamped on cutter one chip from edge of gote otherwise very good overall condition. Good DUS42A 50 100 PHOTO
6303-061 6303-061 KEEN KUTTER K 79 scraper. Japanning worn on handles good mark good cutter with small ding in blade that could be easily honed out. Good SKR7 30 60 PHOTO
6303-062 6303-062 English version of STANLEY No. 151 adjustable spokeshave. Very good condition cutter is marked Craftsman and Made in England. Good plus SKR37 20 40 PHOTO
6303-063 6303-063 STANLEY No. 85 razor edge spokeshave. Boxwood handle is worn and has owner initials but no chips or other damage some flaking to nickel plating. Good SKR38 30 60 PHOTO
6303-064 6303-064 AMERICAN TOOL FOUNDREY block plane. Small non-adjustable knuck joint plane bed 6in with 1 1-4in blade some pitting on japanning worn but rare marker. Good minus CDE1299 20 40 PHOTO
6303-065 6303-065 STANLEY No. 118 block plane. Type 4 or 5 with six-pointed star on knuckle cap japanning worn and some surface pitting on cheeks. Good CDE1308 40 80 PHOTO
6303-066 6303-066 STANLEY No. 60half low angle block plane. Later version with notched rectangle mark on cutter good clean condition. Good plus CDE1322 20 40 PHOTO
6303-067 6303-067 STANLEY No. 60half low angle block plane. Later model with brown japanning notched rectangle mark on cutter very good overall condition. Good plus CDE1318 25 50 PHOTO
6303-068 6303-068 CRAFTSMAN block plane. Adjustable throat grey-blue finish in essentially unused condition. Fine CDE1321 20 40 PHOTO
6303-069 6303-069 English STANLEY block plane. Similar to a No. 110 but marked G12-247 on side good clean blue and red japanning almost complete decal. Good plus CDE1303 20 40 PHOTO
6303-070 6303-070 SARGENT knuckle joint block plane. No model number but an unusual locking lever in the knuckle cap 6in sole adjustable throat. Good plus CDE1307 50 100 PHOTO
6303-071 * 6303-071 STANLEY Handyman block plane. The Defiance 1247 plane with a Handyman decal japanning worn but good overall condition. Good CDE1283 10 20 PHOTO
6303-072 6303-072 STANLEY No. 103 block plane IOB. Good overall condition sweetheart mark on cutter traces of decal on cap IOB missing one end -but with the label- and an extra cutter also sweetheart. Good plus GNM245 30 60 PHOTO
6303-073 6303-073 STANLEY No. 60half block plane. Low angle and adjustable throat notched rectangle mark on cutter very clean example. Good plus GNM234 30 60 PHOTO
6303-074 6303-074 STANLEY No. 118 block plane. Pressed steel body notched rectangle mark on cutter super clean. Fine GNM247 40 80 PHOTO
6303-075 6303-075 STANLEY No. 60 low angle block plane. Sweetheart mark on cutter some surface pitting on sole. Good CDE1288 30 60 PHOTO
6303-076 6303-076 Unmarked corrugated sole block plane. 6in sole lever locking cap no blade adjustment very unusual to find a corrugated sole on a block plane japanning worn and some pitting. Good CDE1293 30 60 PHOTO
6303-077 6303-077 STANLEY No. 99 side rabbet. With original depth stop surface is oxidized but complete and good be cleaned up or used as is. Good JRI621 40 80 PHOTO
6303-078 6303-078 PRESTON rabbet plane. Some pitting on sole and small chip out of throat. Good JRI622 30 60 PHOTO
6303-079 6303-079 Lot of two STANLEY later model block planes. No. 60 1-2 low angle block plane notched rectangle mark on cutter japanning worn but decent overall shape. Plus No. 9 1-2 blue and red japanning and notched rectangle mark good overall condition. Good CDE1276.1280 40 80 PHOTO
6303-080 6303-080 Lot of two STANLEY No. 110 block planes. Type 6 with large J type trademark on cutter japanning 30prct complete with good cutter. Plus later version with notched rectangle mark on cutter pressed steel knob dark blue japanning. Good CDE1320.1282 40 80 PHOTO
6303-081 6303-081 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 102 sweetheart mark on cutter. Plus No. 103 later version with notched rectangle mark on cutter both with some loss of japanning. Good CDE1311.1333 40 80 PHOTO
6303-082 6303-082 Lot of three unmarked block planes. No blade adjustment knuckle cap most japanning worn off. And block plane with slide-in knuckle cap brown paint joint. Plus 5in sole slide-in cap overall pitting. Good CDE1312.1304.1281 25 50 PHOTO
6303-083 6303-083 Lot of two block planes. STANLEY Type 1 No. 220 cutter adjustment wheel replaced by a bolt and locking lever missing parts plane. Plus GREAT NECK G2 block plane 7in sole rear knob cutter adjustment unusual maker. Good CDE1295.1287 20 40 PHOTO
6303-084 6303-084 Lot of two block planes. STANLEY Defiance No. 1247 clean condition with almost complete decal on knuckle cap. And CRAFTSMAN low angle block plane 7in sole snap lock knuckle joint cutter marked 619.3732. unusual Craftsman plane in very good condition. Good CDE1324.1291 45 90 PHOTO
6303-085 6303-085 Lot of two later model STANLEY No. 9half block planes.   Notched rectangle mark on cutter slight loss of japanning on knuckle cap but good overall. Second plane has notched rectangle on cutter good clean overall condition. Good plus CDE1334.1285 40 80 PHOTO
6303-086 6303-086 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 103 Type 2 no front knob but semi-circular mark japanning worn and some slight pitting. And No. 102 vee shaped mark on cutter slight ding on front edge in front of knob otherwise good condition. Good CDE1329.1331 35 70 PHOTO
6303-087 6303-087 Lot of two block planes. English STANLEY English version of the 220 block plane. Plus Unmarked block plane looks like a Stanley No. 110 but no markings other than Made in USA. almost unused. Good plus CDE1330.1292 30 65 PHOTO
6303-088 6303-088 STANLEY Type 1 No. 220 block plane. Some loss of japanning on knuckle cap but otherwise nice clean example of Type 1. Good plus CDE1310 30 60 PHOTO
6303-089 6303-089 STANLEY No. 140 block and rabbet plane. Early type with patent date on side and semi-circular mark on cutter japanning worn and some surface pitting. Good CDE1326 60 120 PHOTO
6303-090 6303-090 Lot of two block planes. SARGENT knuckle joint adjustable throat low angle cutter crack in cheek has been repair by brazing. And STANLEY No. 118 made of stamped steel and advertised as unbreakable japanning mostly worn off partial decal notched rectangle on cutter. Good CDE1290.1315 40 80 PHOTO
6303-091 6303-091 Lot of two KEEN KUTTER block planes. KK120 lever-type blade adjustment some loss of japanning on knuckle cap but otherwise good condition. Plus KK110 japanning worn on knuckle joint 7in sole. Good CDE1306.1309 45 90 PHOTO
6303-092 6303-092 Lot of two block planes. Unmarked looks like a Stanley No. 102 but no marks other than Made in USA slight loss of japanning but overall very good condition. Plus FULTON block plane Fulton Tool Co. version of the Stanley No. 102 cutter needs sharpening and small crack at end of throat. Good CDE1314.1328 30 60 PHOTO
6303-093 6303-093 STANLEY No. 18 block plane. Later type with snap joint knuckle cap some loss of nickel on knuckle cap but otherwise nice and clean 1907-09 style mark on cutter. Good plus GNM229 40 80 PHOTO
6303-094 6303-094 STANLEY No. 220 block plane. Later model with brown japanning notched rectangle mark on cutter virtually unused complete yellow decal. Fine CDE1300 20 40 PHOTO
6303-095 6303-095 STANLEY No. 205 Defiance block plane. Never offered in any Stanley catalog but found in hardware catalogs from 1920s sometimes as part of boys carpenter set pressed steel body cutter held by screw with no cap squirrel tail handle good overall condition Ugly as sin but very rare and your Stanley collection isnt complete without it. Good plus CDE1301 50 100 PHOTO
6303-096 6303-096 SARGENT No. 5307 knuckle joint block plane. With snap-lock knuckle joint japanning worn but overall very clean condition one of Sargents rarer planes. Good plus CDE1277 75 150 PHOTO
6303-097 6303-097 STANLEY No. 18 block plane. Type 12 -1913- - first type with cam-locked knuckle joint Type J mark on cutter very clean overall condition. Good plus CDE1316 30 60 PHOTO
6303-098 6303-098 STANLEY No. 140 block and rabbet plane. Early type with Trauts patent date marked on removable side semi-circular mark on cutter nickel plating worn off knuckle cap but otherwise in good clean condition. Good CDE1313 60 120 PHOTO
6303-099 6303-099 A. HOWLAND screw arm handled plow plane. Good body missing cutter wedge chewed up one thread has significant chipping good nuts but one needs to be chased as it gets stuck at the end of the arm. Good minus JRI515 30 60 PHOTO
6303-100 6303-100 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. screw arm handled plow plane. Missing wedge and cutter good body with dark wood that could be ebony some dinging on integral tote decent screw arms with only minor chipping chip out of one inner nut plug missing from one fence arm. Fair JRI518 30 60 PHOTO
6303-101 6303-101 Wedge arm yankee plow plane. Overall decent condition rust and light pitting on skate arm wedges appear original old screw in hole for depth stop adjustment probably not original. Good minus JRI525 40 809 PHOTO
6303-102 6303-102 S. and H HILLS thumb screw locking brass tip plow plane. Wedge is dinged up brass ends on plow arms have been polished and one is a little loose the two thumbscrews have slightly different shapes which may just be the result of hand carving. Good JRI581 60 120 PHOTO
6303-103 6303-103 MATHIESEN wedge-arm plow. Body in overall good clean condition wedge is rough and could be a replacement arms have a little dinging but straight with good brass tips. Missing one of the arm wedges. Nice clean skate and cutter Good CDE1911 50 100 PHOTO
6303-104 6303-104 D.R. BARTON tongue cutting plane. Cuts a 3-8in tongue with a fixed fence 3-8in from edge of the plank 14in overall length with tote so used for bigger jobs body wedge and tote are clean with some water staining cutter is rusty but sharp seems too long and may be a later replacement. JRI1121 20 40 PHOTO
6303-105 6303-105 Standing filletster plane. Body is unmarked but iron is marked Dwight S.--- 1 3-4in cutter chip out of throat razee body tote isnt fitted perfectly and may be replacement but solid. Good JRI492 30 60 PHOTO
6303-106 6303-106 Unusual user made fluting plane. Wide flat design with 3-16in fluting iron mounted at edge 8 1-2in long and 2 1-2in wide clearly designed for some special purpose marked H. Snow on toe beautiful piece of wood with no damage and wonderful patina. Fine JRI1182 50 100 PHOTO
6303-107 6303-107 Extra large screwbox. 2 1-4in diameter threads worn handles mounted on face rather than ends one handle has splits cutter rusty but could be sharpened very unusual size. Good JRI1129 75 150 PHOTO
6303-108 6303-108 Screwbox. Unusual design with handles mounted on face rather than ends birch body and handles in good condition cutter rusty but usable. Different. Good plus JRI1117 50 100 PHOTO
6303-109 6303-109 Screwbox. 1in diameter good condition nice hand forged nuts and bolts cutter needs sharpening body and handles very clean. Good plus JRI1118 50 100 PHOTO
6303-110 6303-110 Coopers croze. No makers mark so could be user made 14in wide at the widest point good clean overall condition nice handmade wingnuts. Good plus CDE1921 50 100 PHOTO
6303-111 6303-111 H. HILLS complex handled moulder. Looks like cove connecting to lying ogee with a fixed fence so the cut starts 1in from the edge of the board sole is 3in wide body in good condition with a couple of small closed cracks original wedge and handle. Good plus JRI543 40 80 PHOTO
6303-112 6303-112 CHAPIN-STEPHENS Union Factory adjustable sash plane. No. 192 stamped on heel beautiful condition with boxwood knobs and threads very clear marks two wooden plugs on top that appear to be original and not repairs. Good plus JRI563 50 100 PHOTO
6303-113 6303-113 DAWSON Canadian adjustable sash plane. Marked J. Dawson Montreal on toe and Inch and 3-4 on heel several user marks brass diamond surrounds on adjusting screws very clean wood and cutters. Good plus JRI533 40 80 PHOTO
6303-114 6303-114 Handled tongue cutting plane. Unmarked and looks like boxwood cuts a 3-8in wide 1-4in deep tongue permanent fence attached with old iron bolts some damage to fence but otherwise in good condition might be European. Good JRI489 40 80 PHOTO
6303-115 6303-115 Set of SANDUSKY No. 45 T-rabbet planes. Flat and compassed some dinging but overall good condition. Good BMH26 25 50 PHOTO
6303-116 6303-116 OHIO TOOL CO. Wide hollow plane. Cuts a 1 1-4in shallow hollow marked 10 on heel body in good condition replaced wedge. Good minus JRI570 20 40 PHOTO
6303-117 6303-117 Small round plane. Only mark is V.K. and I think it is user made body is 6 3-4in long and a deep rich color that looks a little like cherry wedge is a contrasting light wood end of the cutter is pitted but the blade itself very sharp cuts a 1-2in round unusual and very attractive. Good plus JRI416 30 60 PHOTO
6303-118 6303-118 Table rule joint plane. Has a chamfer angle with a long fence on one side and cuts a half inch round at the angle no marking and may be user made made of a beautiful dark brown wood two halves held together with original screws very beautiful and unusual plane. Good plus JRI542 50 100 PHOTO
6303-119 6303-119 Massive shooting board plane. 28in long designed to ride in shooting board to cut end-grain miters only has one wedge and cutter dont know if it came with two or you were expected to move the cutter for opposite miters wood has some tight cracks but in overall very nice condition. A rare plane. Good JRI1217 75 150 PHOTO
6303-120 6303-120 STANLEY No. 127 Liberty Bell jack plane. Type 5 with vee mark on cutter lacquer worn some scratches on sole and some roughness on edge of tote otherwise decent overall condition. Good JW143 40 80 PHOTO
6303-121 6303-121 STANLEY No. 129 Liberty Bell fore plane. Some staining to body and large chip out of the end of the tote otherwise good condition. Good RSI78 40 80 PHOTO
6303-122 6303-122 STANLEY No. 27 transitional jack plane. Type 11 1992 patent mark on cutter lacquer worn on body some scratches on sole and some roughness on edge of tote otherwise good overall condition. Good FNK102 30 60 PHOTO
6303-123 6303-123 KEEN KUTTER jack plane. 15in sole razee body cutter has good mark but spalled end wood worn but intact good tote handle a little loose. Good FNK99 35 70 PHOTO
6303-124 6303-124 Wooden jointer plane. 28in sole but cutter is marked Owasco Tool Co. which was a trade name of Auburn Tool Co. some large closed splits in body chip out of edge of tote and tote is repaired with old nail diamond shaped strike button in good condition. Good minus CDE2629 40 80 PHOTO
6303-125 6303-125 STANLEY No. 132 Liberty Bell jointer plane. Type 3 with patent date stamped on cutter end of tote sheared off and tight crack in knob otherwise good example. Good minus CDE2626 30 60 PHOTO
6303-126 6303-126 MATHIESEN jointer plane. 22in sole Mathiesen mark on toe Marples cutter some overall toolbox dinging but no major damage nice solid well-patinated piece of English red beech old ald and well-done repair to sole in front of throat. Good CDE2627 75 150 PHOTO
6303-127 6303-127 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. Later type with orange notched mark on cap iron very nice and clean japanning 99prct a couple of very minor nicks on the knob. Good plus CDE2750 100 200 PHOTO
6303-128 6303-128 Lot of two STANLEY planes. No. 30 transitional jointer plane type 14 with erroneous 6-9-12 patent date on toe and vee mark on cutter   very clean overall condition with original wood finish and japanning close to perfect. Plus No. 32 prelateral transitional fore plane type 5 or 6 wood in excellent condition clean eagle stamp on toe japanning 60prct surface discoloration but no pitting on cutter.  Good plus RSI99.106 105 210 PHOTO
6303-129 6303-129 Lot of two STANLEY planes. No. 29 transitional fore plane type 10 manufactured 1893-99 good clean overall example minimal toolbox dinging to wood japanning 75prct good cutter with Q mark. Plus STANLEY No. 27 1-2 transitional jack plane slightly wider heavier -and less common- than the No. 27 this one dates to around 1900 and has the 1892 patent date on the cutter in decent overall condition noting a significant chip from the end of the tote. Good JW138.119 75 150 PHOTO
6303-130 6303-130 STANLEY No. 27half transitional jack plane. Slightly wider heavier -and less common- than the No. 27 this one is a type 14 with a vee mark on the cutter good clean overall condition except for a tight crack in the knob. Good plus JW118 60 120 PHOTO
6303-131 6303-131 STANLEY No. 32 transitional jointer plane. Type 14 with erroneous 6-9-12 patent date on toe and vee mark on cutter very clean overall condition with original wood finish and japanning close to perfect. Good plus CRT75 60 120 PHOTO
6303-132 6303-132 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 108 matched set of tongue and groove planes. Moderate wear to wood and one chip out of tote of the groove plane but good overall condition. Good JRI1219.1032 50 100 PHOTO
6303-133 6303-133 Wide JOSIAH KING molder. Cuts a 3in lying ogee mark is the 327 Bowery address F mark with three stars in AWP pretty sure the cutter is a modern replacement but an awesome plane. Good plus JRI508 100 200 PHOTO
6303-134 6303-134 W.M. SOUDER handled panel raising plane. 5in sole wooden depth stop skew cutter end of cutter spalled tip of tote chipped wedge doesnt fit perfectly and probably a replacement. Good minus JRI507 40 80 PHOTO
6303-135 6303-135 STANLEY No. 35 transitional smoothing plane. Type 14 wood in very good overall condition with a couple of minor chips on tote japanning almost complete good clean cutter with block letter 1909 mark. Good plus JW156 60 120 PHOTO
6303-136 6303-136 STANLEY No. 23 transitional smoothing plane. Type 5 with Eagle mark on toe decent overall condition with 50prct original finish and japanning. Good JW140 40 80 PHOTO
6303-137 6303-137 STANLEY No. 22 transitional bench plane. Type 8 first lateral type good overall condition with most original finish and 80prct japanning semi-circular mark on cutter. Good JW141 50 100 PHOTO
6303-138 * 6303-138 Miniature European wooden block plane. Unsigned 5 1-2in sole. Good PMG37 10 20 PHOTO
6303-139 6303-139 J. SAWYER coffin smoothing plane. Razee style body with 9in sole chip off the end of the tote and a screw has been inserted through the sole to hold the tote in place otherwise good body and wedge New York maker with two stars in AWP. Good minus DWH32 30 60 PHOTO
6303-140 * 6303-140 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. Coffin shaped smoother. Major split in body with old repair significant overall dinging. Fair FNK100 10 20 PHOTO
6303-141 6303-141 Coffin shaped smoothing plane. 8in sole Moulson Bros. iron iron strike button old repair to throat. Good minus DWH31 30 60 PHOTO
6303-142 6303-142 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 74 quirked ogee molding plane. Slight charring in one spot and hanghole chips on sole at toe otherwise good. Good BHM265 20 40 PHOTO
6303-143 6303-143 Coffin shaped smoothing plane. Stamped J.H. MOXON which looks like an owners mark Marples cutter body has old split repair 8in sole. Good DWH28 20 40 PHOTO
6303-144 6303-144 STANLEY No. 35 transitional smoothing plane. Type 6 small chips on end of tote but otherwise in above average condition nice clear cutter with 1888-92 style mark original finish and japanning 80prct. Good plus FNK101 35 70 PHOTO
6303-145 6303-145 STANLEY No. 26 transitional plane. Type 14 with vee style trademark on cutter slight loss of japanning and small chip from edge of tote. Good JW120 30 60 PHOTO
6303-146 6303-146 BELCHER BROS shoe gauge. Good age with hand stamped numbers 1 long slide a little loose. Good THF0185 20 40 PHOTO
6303-147 6303-147 User made wooden spokeshave. Solid 12in body blade made from file well worn but solid. Good NJB118 20 40 PHOTO
6303-148 6303-148 STEWART round plane. 3-4in round STEWART mark isnt in AWP body in decent shape with no major damage unusually low profile. Good plus BB150 50 100 PHOTO
6303-149 6303-149 E. F. SEYBOLD quirked beading plane. 5-8in bead with quirk and fillet good clean overall condition boxed Type C mark in AWP. Good BB151 30 60 PHOTO
6303-150 6303-150 I. CLARK half in round. Rounded chamfers early appearance AWP says not enough information to rate beech and in good condition. Good plus TKY81 30 60 PHOTO
6303-151 6303-151 A. and E. BALDWIN quirked ogee. 3-4in lying ogee with boxed quirk marked 108 and 3-8 on heel good clean condition. Good TKY52 30 60 PHOTO
6303-152 6303-152 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. dado plane. 3-4in skew blade good nicker body good wedge a little chewed up but complete mark on toe very faint. Good TKY82 30 60 PHOTO
6303-153 6303-153 N. SPAULDING five-eighths inch hollow and round. Heel and toe of hollow both dinged but body in good condition McLean VA mark looks like they were originally from same set. Good TKY83.84 30 60 PHOTO
6303-154 6303-154 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 37 quirked beading plane. Boxed cuts a 7-8in bead with a quirk good clean overall condition. Good DT5 25 50 PHOTO
6303-155 * 6303-155 Wooden moulding plane. Shaped like a standing filletster but with a rounded cutter unsigned but with a European look. Good RSI138 10 20 PHOTO
6303-156 6303-156 A. HOWLAND rabbet plane. 1 7-8in wide sole skewed blade good overall condition. Good DWH33 30 60 PHOTO
6303-157 6303-157 A. HOWLAND No. 116 sashmaker plane. Adjustable model with screw arms body and nuts in good condition wedges worn one cutter missing. Fair DWH8 25 50 PHOTO
6303-158 6303-158 A.C. BARLETT OHIO PLANES casing plane. Imprint used by Sandusky for plane manufactured for Hibbard Spence and Barlett body has wear and large chip out of wedge. Good DBR14 20 40 PHOTO
6303-159 6303-159 OHIO TOOL CO. tongue cutting plane. Cuts a 5-16in tongue boxed darker birch some wear to wedge. Good DBR18 25 50 PHOTO
6303-160 6303-160 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 106 hollow. Boxed cuts 7-8in hollow some minor staining and dinging to wood. Good DBR22 25 50 PHOTO
6303-161 6303-161 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 59half ogee plane. 1 1-4in lying ogee profile W.L. Burres user name very clean. Good plus DBR24 30 60 PHOTO
6303-162 6303-162 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 20 ogee. 5-8in ogee profile very clean with old pencil marks. Good plus DBR20 30 60 PHOTO
6303-163 6303-163 A. HOWLAND ogee. Flat ogee with strip nailed to sole to finish profile wood dirty one split in sole. Good minus DBR12 20 40 PHOTO
6303-164 6303-164 J. CREAGH-M. HOOPER side bead. 1-2in bead double boxed Creagh was a Cincinnati planemaker who had lots of partners but Hooper isnt listed in AWP body has wear but no significant damage large chip from side of wedge. Good DBR13 25 50 PHOTO
6303-165 6303-165 OHIO TOOL CO. quirked ogee. 1-2in stair ogee boxed very clean. Good plus DBR17 30 60 PHOTO
6303-166 6303-166 A. HOWLAND rabbet plane. No. 181 7-8in rabbet plane chip from end of wedge and some inactive worm. Good DBR27 25 50 PHOTO
6303-167 6303-167 Grooving plane. Unusual plane that cuts a vee-shaped groove 1in across sides are different lengths and must have been a special purpose plane unsigned some staining and wear on wedge. Good DBR26 20 40 PHOTO
6303-168 6303-168 S.C. COOK wide molder. Lying reverse ogee and bevel 2 1-4in total.   Boxed. Some damage to toe hole drilled through body for handle.  Good minus JRI786 30 60 PHOTO
6303-169 6303-169 WAY and SHERMAN complex molder. Lying reverse ogee with quirk and bevel boxed 1 1-2in total very clean beautiful patina to wood. Two star mark in AWP. Good plus JRI788 45 90 PHOTO
6303-170 6303-170 A. HOWLAND and CO. wide ogee plane. 1 1-4in ogee with bevel wood very clean noting a closed split where burl wood was included very attractive plane. Good plus JRI785 30 60 PHOTO
6303-171 6303-171 OHIO TOOL CO. cove plane. Cuts a 7-8in cove hole where fixed fence was previously attached to sole beautiful patina to wood. Good minus JRI784 25 50 PHOTO
6303-172 6303-172 W. PARKES English tongue-cutting plane. Cuts a 3-8in tongue in 1in board beautiful patina to wood some roughness to wedge. Good JRI783 25 50 PHOTO
6303-173 6303-173 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. reversible tongue and groove plane. Cuts 1-4in tongue and groove steel fence on groove side. Some roughness to wedges and groove cutter missing otherwise rare and attractive plane. Good minus JRI787 40 80 PHOTO
6303-174 6303-174 REED quirked bead. 1in quirked bead boxed one minor crack in boxing and small scratch in body A. Douglass the owner got carried away and stamped it four times otherwise very clean and attractive plane. Good plus JRI772 35 70 PHOTO
6303-175 6303-175 HALL, CASE and CO. complex molder. Quirked bead and cove boxed toe worn so mark hard to read but otherwise very clean. Good JRI784 30 60 PHOTO
6303-176 6303-176 CASE and CO. wide quirked bead. 1 1-4in bead with quirk double boxed one minor split in boxing and chip in body otherwise immaculate.   Extremely attractive plane. Good plus JRI773 50 100 PHOTO
6303-177 6303-177 Deep round molding plane. Cuts 1 1-4in round with double cutter unmarked except for several Js. Very clean overall condition with minor wear to wedges. Good plus DBR1 30 60 PHOTO
6303-178 * 6303-178 OHIO TOOL CO. nosing plane. Two cutters for a 1 1-8in hollow wood has been worn so the profile of the body is almost square but cutters are round. Fair DBR3 15 30 PHOTO
6303-179 6303-179 A.C. BARLETT OHIO PLANES standing filletster. Imprint used by Sandusky for plane manufactured for Hibbard Spence and Barlett very clean with good nickers 3-4in cut integral depth stop some wear to edges of both wedges. Good plus DBR4 40 80 PHOTO
6303-180 6303-180 ARROWMAMET WORKS shallow hollow. 1 1-2in wide hollow some wear to wedge and end of cutter bent -doesnt affect performance- otherwise nice and clean. Good DBR8 30 60 PHOTO
6303-181 6303-181 User made round. Space for missing nicker blade large chip from heel. Fair DBR10 10 20 PHOTO
6303-182 6303-182 OHIO TOOL CO. fully boxed beading plane. Cuts a 3-16in bead some splits to boxing and end of wedge slightly spalled otherwise nice and clean. Good DBR6 25 50 PHOTO
6303-183 6303-183 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. skewed rabbet. 1-2in rabbet minor wear to wedge otherwise very nice. Good plus DBR7 25 50 PHOTO
6303-184 6303-184 CHILD, PRATT and CO. shallow hollow. 5-8in wide wood has a small gouge on one side Child Pratt was a St. Louis hardware dealer one star in AWP. Good DBR25 20 40 PHOTO
6303-185 6303-185 OHIO TOOL CO. side bead. 3-16in bead boxed but boxing is chipped body and wedge very clean. Good DBR5 25 50 PHOTO
6303-186 6303-186 OHIO TOOL CO. casing plane. Cuts 1-2in casing very clean overall condition. Good plus DBR2 25 50 PHOTO
6303-187 6303-187 J. GIBSON standing filletster plane. 7-16in rabbet wooden depth stop wood is dirty but undamaged rusty cutters including nicker. Good DBR11 25 50 PHOTO
6303-188 6303-188 CASEY and CO. tongue cutting plane. Cuts a 1-4in tongue boxed chip out of sole behind boxing some roughness to wedge. Good DBR9 25 50 PHOTO
6303-189 6303-189 D.R. BARTON casing plane. 5-8in profile with 1832 mark very clean. Good plus DBR16 30 60 PHOTO
6303-190 6303-190 OHIO TOOL CO. cove plane. Permanent fence screwed to sole to fix angle very clean noting one stain to side of body. Good plus DBR50 30 60 PHOTO
6303-191 6303-191 HELB patent inclinometer. Patented and manufactured by Edward Helb of Railroad PA and often mistakenly identified as a railroad level. This is a good example with nice clean inclinometer dial missing one adjusting screw every level collection needs a Helb. Good plus NW795 130 260 PHOTO
6303-192 6303-192 CHAPIN-STEPHENS level with pop-up sights. 28in single-plumb with brass tips. I think its tulipwood which CS was known to use for high end levels includes Oscar Woods 1887 patent pop-up sights which were also used by Stratton and Tower and Lyon sights slide freely but catch mechanism needs work super crisp edges and only a few minor dings very attractive and scarce level. Good plus NW1514 110 220 PHOTO
6303-193 6303-193 STRATTON BROs. No. 1 brassbound level. One of the most attractive levels ever made this one is 26in both vials wet Strattons patent vial markers and only minor dinging to the rosewood stock. Good plus JRI1139 60 120 PHOTO
6303-194 6303-194 STANLEY No. 21 brass bound level. The No. 21 Victor was Stanleys first foray into brass-bound high end levels preceding the No. 93 and 98.   26in both vials wet only minor dinging to rosewood very nice example. Good plus JRI1140 80 160 PHOTO
6303-195 6303-195 Adjustable vial inclinometer. These levels were typically marked by Diamond Edge or Shapleigh. This one is unmarked which is unusual center vial is dry wood has one chip from edge and additional wear. Good minus BB56 30 60 PHOTO
6303-196 6303-196 GOODELL-PRATT-STRATTON brass-bound level. After G-P acquired Stratton they continued Strattons signature line of brass bound rosewood levels for a period. This 26in model is marked with the Stratton eagle as well as the G-P name which is unusual the rosewood is dinged but intact brass is good vials wet. Good plus JRI1138 60 120 PHOTO
6303-197 6303-197 STANLEY No. 104 level. Nice clean example of one of Stanleys less exciting levels. Edges crisp wood and brass clean vials wet 14in. Good plus GNM126 15 30 PHOTO
6303-198 6303-198 STANLEY No. 36 machinists level. 24in version with solid cast iron web and scalloped ends no vial protectors all vials wet but big chip out of bottom rail. Good FNK249 25 50 PHOTO
6303-199 6303-199 STANLEY No. 36 machinists level. 24in version with solid cast iron web and scalloped ends no vial protectors missing one plumb vial metal chip free. Good FNK244 25 50 PHOTO
6303-200 6303-200 PHILO FOX patent level. These levels manufactured by SOUTHINGTON CUTLERY CO. before it became SOUTHINGTON HARDWARE have been attributed by Don Rosebrook to Philo Foxs 9-20-87 patent although they arent so marked.   Flat steel stock with three brass vial holders originally blued steel now faded all vials wet very uncommon and desirable level. Good plus NW1031 180 360 PHOTO
6303-201 * 6303-201 Brass bench level. Unsigned 9 3-4in long three windows over wet vial. Good LEE841 15 30 PHOTO
6303-202 6303-202 L.S. STARRETT No. 96 shafting level. 12in long early version before it became Starrett and Co. and without the cross vial japanning and nickel faded but no damage vial is wet. Good plus LEE860 55 110 PHOTO
6303-203 6303-203 STARRETT No. 133A engineers level. The 10in version frame is good japanning 80prct a little surface rust plumb vial missing. Good JRI1126 40 80 PHOTO
6303-204 6303-204 Lot of two trammel point sets. STANLEY No. 1 type 1 or 2 without the screw-in pencil holder or clasp brass is good points rusty but intact. And an unmarked set of machinist type points nickel plated a little surface corrosion but good overall. Both sets on a common keeper bar. Good NW905 60 120 PHOTO
6303-205 6303-205 Lot of three bevels. One very nice with 10in blade 6in rosewood handle brass fittings and thumbscrew the other one is a patented model with a scribing point that extends from the handle but the adjustment mechanism is missing 6in blade with some rust on 6in boxwood handle. The last is very nice with 10in blade 6in rosewood handle brass thumbscrew. Good CRT37C 70 140 PHOTO
6303-206 6303-206 Brass trammel points. Craftsman made one point is fixed to the end of the bar and the other slides iron points and hand-forged iron locking screw bar is 13in long and ruled in 1-5 of an inch. Very unusual and attractive set of trammels. Good plus CRT126 50 100 PHOTO
6303-207 6303-207 Large brass trammel points. Large and heavy with decorative cutouts and iron points some dinging locking nuts look like pliers have been used to tighten them on an old wooden keeper. Good plus CDE2557 55 110 PHOTO
6303-208 6303-208 Brass trammel points. 6 1-2in long iron points square head iron locking bolts on a rounded keeper. Good plus NW903 40 80 PHOTO
6303-209 6303-209 Rosewood wedge locking marking gauge. Very nice condition original wedge one chip out of end of bar but otherwise nice and clean a beautiful tool. Good plus CDE1863 50 100 PHOTO
6303-210 6303-210 User-made marking gauge. Fruitwood nicely turned barrel-shaped head with hand carved wooden locking screw point worn down but still there. Good CDE1832 50 100 PHOTO
6303-211 6303-211 Ultimatus style mortise gauge. Rosewood oval head with circular brass plate around stem screw adjusted mortise point a couple of large chips in the head that dont affect use. Good CDE1852 40 80 PHOTO
6303-212 6303-212 Brass stemmed English mortise gauge. Heavy rosewood head with brass plate brass stem with internal screw head on locking screw a little chewed but otherwise super clean. Good plus CDE2322 65 130 PHOTO
6303-213 6303-213 PHILLIPS patent mortise gauge. Based on Russell Phillips 1867 patent this is the rosewood version with the sliding brass mortising bar it has flat locking screws with screwdriver slots -worn- which is very unusual deep indentations where the locking screws were tightened slight warp to stem nice owners mark. Good CDE2321 45 90 PHOTO
6303-214 6303-214 Brass headed mortise gauge. Good rosewood stem heavy brass head mortise point on brass strip with cast knob marked JAS WILKINSON which appears to be a use mark very nice and clean. Good plus CDE2324 70 140 PHOTO
6303-215 6303-215 Lot of two Primitive marking gauges. Large head formed from a piece of burl with wooden locking peg 10 1-2in stem with hand marking slight warp. And Large rectangular head with wedge some dinging. Good CDE1855.1821 40 80 PHOTO
6303-216 6303-216 Lot of two marking gauges. Boxwood six iron discs in head small chip good pin. Plus Oval head beech brass screw hand ruled. Good CDE1848.1856 20 40 PHOTO
6303-217 6303-217 Lot of two marking gauges. MARSHALL WELLS Zenith boxwood two brass strips on head fixed pin with split in end trademark worn but legible. Plus Boxwood wedge locking gauge unsigned stem head and wedge in good condition brass head with hole for four pins all missing head a little loose. Good CDE2366.1813 55 110 PHOTO
6303-218 6303-218 Lot of two Double stem marking gauges. Well carved head with locking wedge 12in And unusually nice laminated head with original locking wedge Both with slight warp to stems. Good CDE1835.1825 35 70 PHOTO
6303-219 6303-219 Lot of two User made guages. Mortise gauge two case iron strips with turned up blades at the end recessed into body unusual design no damage. And Grasshopper marking gauge nicely made with no damage good wedge and pin A.L. Pierce stamped neatly. Good CDE2365.2564 45 90 PHOTO
6303-220 6303-220 User made slitting gauge. Large and beautifully made with iron boxing pegged head oval fence with original cast iron locking screw a beautiful example of a user made tool. Good plus CDE1809 90 180 PHOTO
6303-221 6303-221 Panel gauge. Similar to a Stanley 85 1-2 but with hand-stamped numbers head made of a nice piece of burl missing brass plate at the end but pin still sharp hang hole. Good CDE1913 40 80 PHOTO
6303-222 6303-222 User made panel gauge. Unusual triangular head wood looks like walnut decorative copper trim around locking screw and pin Different and nice. Good CDE1912 50 100 PHOTO
6303-223 6303-223 Primitive marking gauge. Handcast locking screw two handwhittled stems looks like ash. Good CDE2323 20 40 PHOTO
6303-224 6303-224 STANLEY No. 92 butt gauge. Rosewood head and brass stem very good condition with the usually missing scribe under the head present. Good plus GNM202 35 70 PHOTO
6303-225 6303-225 STANLEY No. 90 marking gauge. Super clean condition nickel plating immaculate. Fine CDE2559 45 70 PHOTO
6303-226 6303-226 C.S. OSBOURNE leather slitting gauge. Based on Potters 1877 patent solid cast iron body with japanning mostly worn off handle but otherwise very clean and complete. Good plus CDE2562 50 100 PHOTO
6303-227 6303-227 STANLEY No. 200 cutter and chisel grinder. Extra clean with only a few blemishes to the nickel plating includes original instructions very nice example. Good plus GNM209 40 80 PHOTO
6303-228 6303-228 STANLEY NO. 82 scraper. Extra clean notched rectangle mark. Good plus GNM206 20 40 PHOTO
6303-229 * 6303-229 STANLEY No. 151M adjustable spokeshave. Malleable iron version of the 151 adjustable shave some chips missing on japanning and some red paint flecks notched rectangle mark on cutter. Good GNM166 10 20 PHOTO
6303-230 6303-230 STANLEY No. 65 chamfer spoke shave. Japanning about 80prct both fences present good clean cutter with sweetheart mark. Good GNM160 30 60 PHOTO
6303-231 * 6303-231 STANLEY NO. 51 spokeshave. Good clean condition japanning 100prct notched rectangle mark on cutter perfect user. Good plus GNM152 10 20 PHOTO
6303-232 6303-232 STANLEY No. 54 concave spokeshave. Earliest type with semi-circular logo on blade and not marked with model number very clean cutter japanning 95prct. Good plus GNM154 50 100 PHOTO
6303-233 6303-233 Lot of two mallets. Caulking mallet 15in head 14in original handle metal rings intact. Plus wooden faced mallet two wooden faces in a cast iron head some chips out of both faces handle slides through head but is tight and appears original. Good NW738.751 50 100 PHOTO
6303-234 6303-234 Carvers mallet. Heavy oak head good solid original handle well used but attractive old tool. Good LEE886 20 40 PHOTO
6303-235 6303-235 Lot of three unsigned claw hammers. One with straight claw one looks hand forged one lightweight original handles. Good NW1020.1022.1024 15 30 PHOTO
6303-236 6303-236 Lot of two STANLEY ball peen hammers. 8 oz with sweetheart mark on head 16 oz with notched rectangle and almost complete decal on handle. Good plus GNM194.195 25 50 PHOTO
6303-237 6303-237 Lot of two hammers. Sledge 6 1-2in head on a 12in handle that needs tightening. Plus PUNCH-LOK hammer marked Punch Lok and Chicago on both sides of head with a P in the middle 3 1-2in head on 12in original handle. Good NW551.563 30 60 PHOTO
6303-238 6303-238 Lot of two bricklayers hammers. GOLDBLATT TOOL CO. in unusually good condition with clear mark cast into head 8in head 12in handle looks like old replacement. Plus unmarked hammer some surface rust 6in head 13in loose handle. Good plus NW559.553 40 80 PHOTO
6303-239 6303-239 Lot of two hammers. PLUMB bricklayers hammer 24 ounce head 11in handle that looks original. Plus Stoneworkers hammer 6in head 16in handle that doesnt go all the way through the eye and is probably an old replacement. Good NW564.562 45 90 PHOTO
6303-240 6303-240 Lot of two Bricklayers hammers. Both with 7in head 12in handle with original handles. One with screw eye in end unmarked. Other with handle thats a little loose. Good NW565.554 40 80 PHOTO
6303-241 6303-241 Lot of three hammers. Chisel-headed hammer the tag on it says Ice or Tenon Chisel head is set into the handle 7in head 15in handle Clearly old and unusual. Plus two Mill pick hammers I think thats what these were for long pick on the back of the head - 16in overall handle would need to be replaced on one and is loose on the other. Good NW561.1026.1027 55 110 PHOTO
6303-242 6303-242 Lot of two hammers. Swaging hammer 5-16in groove marking looks like HATOOLCO. Plus Coal hammer Marked JARBALO LUMBER CO. both with good original handles slightly loose. Good NW494.496 35 70 PHOTO
6303-243 6303-243 Lot of two hammers. HELLER bumping hammer faint mark. Plus DIAMOND EDGE hardware tack hammer 6in long head. Both with slightly loose handles. Good NW1049.309 35 70 PHOTO
6303-244 6303-244 Lot of two with Stoneworkers hammer with 7in head with 14in handle that could be an old replacement. And a mallet with holes in both faces for wooden inserts now missing. Head looks hand forged pitted no markings old handle. Good NW556.741 25 50 PHOTO
6303-245 6303-245 Lot of two tools. Body dolly used by body shops to take out dents. Plus Marking hammer numerals 1 through 0 around the head one spot is open but I cant tell what would have gone there old brass and wooden handle. Good NW1082.736 50 100 PHOTO
6303-246 6303-246 Solid iron chipping hammer. Hand forged 5 1-2in head and 12in handle a solid hunk of iron. Good NW495 20 40 PHOTO
6303-247 6303-247 Lot of two travellers. WILEY and RUSSELL traveller 6 1-2in diameter not marked around rim but Green River Tire Wheel on hub good clean overall condition. Plus 6in diameter hand forged crude wooden handle no markings surface rust. Good JRI1175.1181 30 60 PHOTO
6303-248 6303-248 Lot of two Travellers Unsigned 7 3-4in diameter clean and very little rust unusually complex turned handle. Plus WILEY and RUSSELL 6 3-4in diameter minimal rust open loop cast iron handle. Good plus RSI11.4 40 80 PHOTO
6303-249 6303-249 WILEY and RUSSELL traveller. Unusually nice condition with minimal rust and mark clearly readable loop cast iron handle 7 3-4in diameter. Good plus RSI 25 50 PHOTO
6303-250 6303-250 WILEY and RUSSELL traveller. 8in diameter well above average condition with all markings clear Good plus JRI1174 30 60 PHOTO
6303-251 * 6303-251 Traveller. Looks like Wiley and Russell but rim too rusty to read any name turned wood handle 7 3-4in diameter. Good RSI13 15 30 PHOTO
6303-252 6303-252 Open scorp. Blade is 5in across theres a mark but I cant read or recognize good handles with trace of decal sharp blade has surface oxidation but no pitting. Good plus CP12 30 60 PHOTO
6303-253 6303-253 STANLEY No. 81 cabinet scraper. Missing the blade but otherwise in good condition put a blade in it and youre in business some wear to nickel on handles no screws protruding through rosewood bottom. Good minus CP51 25 50 PHOTO
6303-254 6303-254 E.C. ATKINS scraper. 12in wide beech body cast iron bracket held by two wingnuts and marked E.C. ATKINS INDIANAPOLIS IND body worn but no damage some rust on metal parts and scraper blade but fully functional and an uncommon Atkins tool. Good CP36 40 80 PHOTO
6303-255 6303-255 SNELL and ATHERTON No.5 heel shave. Leatherworking tool. Surface rust throughout but no damage completely usable as is or could be cleaned up for display. Good plus JRI1151 60 120 PHOTO
6303-256 6303-256 Type 1 STANLEY No. 82 scraper. Original version based on Trauts 1907 patent significant surface rust and some dinging but no major damage if you want an example of the type 1 it would clean up nicely. Good JRI1180 40 80 PHOTO
6303-257 6303-257 Boxwood spokeshave. Nice 10in body cutter secured by two brass headed turnscrews very attractive shave. Good plus CDE2278 25 50 PHOTO
6303-258 6303-258 Boxwood spokeshave. 10 1-2in overall 2in fixed blade well used with some rust on blade but no damage. Good JRI1152 30 60 PHOTO
6303-259 6303-259 Lot of two tools. Closed scorp cast iron blade looks hand forged and user made handle and an unsigned parting tool. Good CP13 30 60 PHOTO
6303-260 6303-260 Cooper's or coachmaker's router. The blade at 1 3-4in is suspended below the main bar to cut a groove very well made but unsigned T.H. looks like owner -and maybe maker- mark 16in wide very nice condition and very unusual. Good plus JRI1176 65 130 PHOTO
6303-261 6303-261 Square draw knife. Specialized design to cut a square groove 3 1-4in wide by 1 1-4in deep unsigned major chip out of one corner will make it unusable for intended purpose but unusual display item 16in wide good wooden handles. Fair JRI1177 40 80 PHOTO
6303-262 6303-262 JAMES SWAN adjustable handle drawknife. Very sharp 7in blade with S owner mark punched adjustable handles work very smoothly. Good plus CDE2021 40 80 PHOTO
6303-263 6303-263 Deeply curved draw knife. 13in overall 3in radius on blade curve unsigned blade has some surface pitting and chips split in one handle. Good minus JRI1179 20 40 PHOTO
6303-264 6303-264 H.C. WEBER curved drawknife. 15in overall 5in blade with shallow curve marked H.C. WEBER DETROIT. one handle slightly loose but still solid a piece of leather wrapped around the blade has kept it razor sharp. Good plus JRI1178 50 100 PHOTO
6303-265 6303-265 D.R. BARTON scraper. 18in wide overall with 3in blade wooden handles are well worn and dinged but no chips or splits metals parts have surface oxidation but no pitting old blade with Barton name. Good CP48 40 80 PHOTO
6303-266 6303-266 Set of STANLEY wood chisels. Four are the old Everlasting design with lacquered hickory handles based on Woods patents- 1 7-8in 1 1-4in and two 1in the two 1in chisels have significant wear to handles but the two larger are in good condition the remainder are modern with yellow plastic handles the 2in is a No. 60 and the remaining are from the 16- series- 1 1-4in a third 1in 3-4in and 1-2in blades generally good but some surface corrosion and some need sharpening all in a good solid leather roll. Good GNM51 120 240 PHOTO
6303-267 6303-267 Lot of three MARPLES chisels. 3-8in 1-2in and 3-4in blade clean and sharp handles tight and never abused 3-8in has plastic blade guard. Good plus CGN245.260.296 30 60 PHOTO
6303-268 * 6303-268 Lot of three German knives. Two marking knives marked KST and Made in Germany in blue plastic envelopes plus an extra knife labelled leather. Good plus PMG25.30 15 30 PHOTO
6303-269 6303-269 Lot of two Gouges. 7-16in diameter 4in long tang fitted has a name but is illegible looks like name includes UCE. Plus Large gouge 1 1-2in diameter 19in long socket fitted has a name cast into it but illegible rusty and needs sharpening and end badly spalled. Good JAR111.108 20 40 PHOTO
6303-270 6303-270 Set of eight STANLEY Phillips screwdrivers. Blades range from 2 1-2in to 8in all stamped either 2701 or 2703 on handles handles show wear but intact no rust. Nice set. Good plus GNM114 30 60 PHOTO
6303-271 6303-271 Mixed lot of STANLEY and NORTH BROS screwdrivers. Two NORTH BROS Phillips heads 3 STANLEY No. 20s with 8in regular blades and red stained handles 3 STANLEY Hurwoods with regular blades and black stained handles. Good plus GNM45 30 60 PHOTO
6303-272 6303-272 Set of five STANLEY Genuine Hurwood screwdrivers. Blades range from 1 1-2in to 8in black stained handles with some wear but good overall condition. Good plus GNM119 30 60 PHOTO
6303-273 6303-273 Hand forged broad axe. 13in blade flat on one side with offset handle blade has surface rust and shallow pitting but still solid handle is a replacement. Good ALV561 40 80 PHOTO
6303-274 6303-274 Polled carpenters adze. Head is 10 with closed crack around eye - maybe casting flaw S. Daxworh cast in underside handle needs to be shaved to fit. Some assembly required. Good minus CRT122 20 40 PHOTO
6303-275 6303-275 BINGHAM felling axe. Head clearly marked with BBB - Binghams Best Brand Hand Forged Cleveland O. Immaculate condition with good solid 35in original handle very nice axe. Fine ALV555 75 150 PHOTO
6303-276 6303-276 Hewing axe. Has a trademark that looks like something BROS. with an Arm and Hammer mark some surface rust but solid 28in original handle a little loose. Good BB1000 25 50 PHOTO
6303-277 6303-277 Hand-forged mortising axe. Unsigned but looks like 188__ cast into head some surface rust but solid good 22in original handle. Good JAR24 25 50 PHOTO
6303-278 6303-278 Unmarked stepped mortising axe Solid 9in head with only minimal surface rust. 20in handle looks like an old replacement doesnt go all the way through the eye but solid. Good LEE935 40 80 PHOTO
6303-279 6303-279 KEEN KUTTER utility hatchet. Good KK mark on blade with minimal rust handle a little loose and a split has started 13 1-2in long Good minus NW300 20 40 PHOTO
6303-280 6303-280 STANLEY Defiance hewing hatchet. 5 1-4in wide blade good solid original 17in handle with readable Defiance decal surface corrosion but no pitting. Good plus JAR28 20 40 PHOTO
6303-281 6303-281 Hatchet. No makers mark but 2 1-4 cast into head good solid 20in handle. Good plus ALV684 15 30 PHOTO
6303-282 6303-282 Short-handled mortising axe. Only mark is an S in the casting 7in head 18in old replacement handle with a crack.  Good minus ALV685 20 40 PHOTO
6303-283 6303-283 Cooper's side axe. 8in blade 12in old offset handle trailing edge spalled where it was hammered. Mark looks like L-- WHIT. -could be L and Id White- in a semicircle around a 1. Some slight chipping along edge but still sharp and no pitting. Good ALV644 25 50 PHOTO
6303-284 6303-284 MCKINNEY and CO. True Blue rip saw. Nice clean blade with etching faint but readable 6 tpi handle looks like rosewood a little dinged and may have been refinished but horns are intact and has the reinforcing strip -7-3-83 patent- blades a little narrow - its been sharpened a few times. Good plus TKY4 30 60 PHOTO
6303-285 6303-285 DISSTON crosscut saw. 8 tpi blade rusty but no deep pitting handle intact but dirty and dinged. Good minus JAR41 20 40 PHOTO
6303-286 6303-286 DISSTON crosscut saw. 12 tpi not sure what number because the side of the blade with the etching is obscured by surface rust reverse side is good fruitwood handle with elaborate wheatsheaf only slightly dinged. Good TKY9 30 60 PHOTO
6303-287 6303-287 Ripsaw. 6 tpi blade thoroughly oxidized handle has chips and dings but both horns intact decent use. Good minus JAR40 15 30 PHOTO
6303-288 6303-288 DISSTO steel backsaw. Solid blade with minimal rust etching faintly visible good applewood handle. Good plus TKY25 30 60 PHOTO
6303-289 * 6303-289 Steel back saw. Theres a name etched on the blade but its too faint to read handle dinged up but intact good clean blade with minimal rust. Good JRI1291 10 20 PHOTO
6303-290 6303-290 R. GROVES and SONS stair saw. Blade well marked with minimal rust good ESTABLISHED 1770 brass medallion split nuts. Good plus LEE882 30 60 PHOTO
6303-291 6303-291 DISSTON D5 crosscut saw. Exquisite rosewood handle very clear etching on blade. Only apology is that the blade has been sharpened several times so that about 1-4 of the etching is gone. 9 tpi. Good plus CDE1879 40 80 PHOTO
6303-292 6303-292 HENRY DISSTON and SONS crosscut saw. Old saw with clearly legible Keystone Works etching good larks-tongue fruitwood handle with a couple of dings one patch of surface rust on blade otherwise good. Good TKY12 35 70 PHOTO
6303-293 * 6303-293 Unmarked saw. 9 tpi no medallions and if there is any etching its concealed under the surface oxidation good undamaged handle would make a decent user. Good NW1041 20 40 PHOTO
6303-294 * 6303-294 Small rip saw. 18in blade 8 tpi no etching good solid handle. Good TKY5 20 40 PHOTO
6303-295 6303-295 Two-handed saw. Possibly early European design. 26in blade with 5 tpi handle a little loose and a couple of chips traces of red paint.  Good NW1039 30 60 PHOTO
6303-296 6303-296 SIMONDS buck saw. 25in blade unusual turnbuckle tightening mechanism on stretcher with SIMONDS cast into the turnbuckle nice and clean. Good plus NW1427 35 70 PHOTO
6303-297 6303-297 ULMIA bow saw. 24in blade a little dirty but no damage good decal. Good JAR263 30 60 PHOTO
6303-298 6303-298 Hacksaw. Old model with solid iron frame and older iron blade turned hardwood handle surface rust but intact. Good LEE854 25 50 PHOTO
6303-299 6303-299 Bow saw. 18in blade stretcher tightened with wing nut rather than toggles dirty but solid. Good NW1632 25 50 PHOTO
6303-300 * 6303-300 Buck saw. Older and probably user made some splits that have been repaired with old wire winding 18in iron blade. Fair NW1426 15 30 PHOTO
6303-301 6303-301 Hanging scale. 47in wooden handle with brass ends a hook and two leather straps at the end shaft is ruled and has decorative designs punched into presumably had weights that may have been slid onto the shaft even without the weights an attractive tool. Good minus ALV 50 100 PHOTO
6303-302 6303-302 Tree girdling spud. Patented in 1954 by Daniel Stoddard of Bethel VT and manufactured by Snow and Nealley of Maine cuts a bare strip in the bark around a tree so the tree can be poisoned before being cut which makes it easier to grind up for pulp if you need to girdle a tree this is for you immaculate condition Thanks to the MWTCA whatsit program in New Buffalo for identifying this. Good plus ALV558 40 80 PHOTO
6303-303 6303-303 Two-handed crosscut saw. 35in long good blade and handles. Good FNK614 30 60 PHOTO
6303-304 6303-304 DISSTON pruning saw. 23in blade no visible etching Disston medallion some chips in applewood handle. Good minus FNK550 20 40 PHOTO
6303-305 6303-305 STANLEY No. 2 mitre try square. Very nice rosewood handle clearly marked with Winterbottoms 6-29-69 patent 9 1-2 in steel ungraduated blade very clean example. Good plus CDE2230 20 40 PHOTO
6303-306 * 6303-306 STANLEY No. 20 try square. 8in model with blued steel blade and Handee-grip good user. Good plus CDE2222 10 20 PHOTO
6303-307 6303-307 Lot of two try squares. Small size with 4 1-4in unruled blade by C. and F. HUBBARD of Middletown CT plus a STANLEY No. 20 10in version with sweetheart mark both in good clean condition with no rust on blades and good rosewood handles the Stanley has a couple of chips and owners initials punched into it. Good and better JRI594.596 50 100 PHOTO
6303-308 6303-308 Unmarked mitre square. Ungraduated 12in blade with mild surface pitting very nice rosewood handle with brass strips on both edges and decorative quatrefoil brass rivet place very attractive square. Good CDE2139 20 40 PHOTO
6303-309 * 6303-309 Combination try and mitre square. Looks like the Winterbottom patent models manufactured by Stanley but unmarked blued steel 6in blade very nice rosewood handle owner initials stamped in brass. Good CDE2231 10 20 PHOTO
6303-310 6303-310 TOPPS bevel and framing tool. Type 2 some surface corrosion but tables and trademarks all readable handle in good clean condition with owners name stamped on reverse. Good plus JRI1127 90 180 PHOTO
6303-311 6303-311 STARRETT No. 377 shrinkage rule. Shrinkage of 1-4in per foot 24in long very clean with only a few rust spots. Good plus CRT83 20 40 PHOTO
6303-312 6303-312 PECK, STOW and WILCOX SR-100 takedown rafter square. Introduced by PSandW in 1912 as featuring an entirely new method of presenting rafter layout tables. This is a special needs adoption as it has significant surface corrosion that needs cleaning but the bidder who chooses to take it on will be rewarded with a copy of a contemporary magazine article describing its features. Good minus CRT81 40 80 PHOTO
6303-313 6303-313 Lot of two old iron framing squares. Both look user made and marked although one has W. SMALLWOOD cast into it. Both are 24in x 12in unmarked one has narrow legs and ruled only along one edge both well used with surface corrosion but all numbers legible. Good NW1044.1316 35 70 PHOTO
6303-314 6303-314 Lot of two try squares. L.S. STARRETT No. 20 square with solid steel handle 12in unruled blade a few minor rust spots but very clean overall condition and a rare Starrett tool. Plus an unsigned square with an ebony handle and unruled 12in blade handle has tight splits on both sides by quatrefoil rivets and few dings. Good and better LEE897 50 100 PHOTO
6303-315 6303-315 Lot of two rules. Log rule distributed by the FEDERAL LAND BANK OF SPRINGFIELD MASS. 36in long in its original cardboard sleeve and a STANLEY No. 30 1-2 shrinkage rule calibrated in 1-10 dirty but readable. Good and better LEE902 50 100 PHOTO
6303-316 6303-316 KELLOGG patent folding square. Frank J. Kellogg of Battle Creek made a lot of money trading on the name of the more famous Kelloggs to sell patent medicine but before that he patented this strange patented French Tailors Square. What it has to do with tailoring is not clear but its an ingenious folding square with a locking brace. In absolutely immaculate condition.  Fine JRI1277 100 200 PHOTO
6303-317 6303-317 STANLEY No. 30half shrinkage rule. 3-16in per foot 24in long some dinging but overall bright clean condition. Good plus JRI1276 25 50 PHOTO
6303-318 6303-318 Lot of three PICKETT slide rules. Model N-1010-T TRIG -12in long- and two shorter ones N600-T Log Log Speed Rule and Model 62 Trig. The long one is a little yellowed but perfectly fine the other two bright white in original cases. Good plus JW109 30 60 PHOTO
6303-319 6303-319 SOMMER and MACA glaziers square. Im assuming this is a glaziers square because Sommer and Maca was a leading manufacturer of tools and materials for the glass industry one ruled 24in leg the other is 20in long not ruled with a brass edge ogee ends on both. Super clean and could function as a carpenters square. Fine NW1308 60 120 PHOTO
6303-320 6303-320 Shipwrights bevel. 23 3-4in long with three part construction old iron wingnut bevel blade in the center unruled stamped C. SYMMES which could be maker or owner light colored wood. Very attractive tool. Good plus NW1004 80 160 PHOTO
6303-321 6303-321 User made square. All wood construction handle held by pegs which are a little loose blade is fixed at an unusual angle so clearly made for a specific purpose nice clean condition. Good NW1389 40 80 PHOTO
6303-322 6303-322 LUFKIN No. 8238 take down square. 24in x 14in numerous scales brass is a little dinged but boxwood nice and clean corner latch works smoothly. Good plus NW1043 40 80 PHOTO
6303-323 6303-323 Lot of two 1 foot four-fold rules. Marked No. 69 and No. 70 but without maker name. No. 70 is bright and clean with tight joints but missing face pins No. 69 is dirtier but still legible also tight with one face pin missing. Good and better FNK52.53 40 80 PHOTO
6303-324 6303-324 Lot of two No. 68 four-fold rules. One marked UPSON NUT CO. which was acquired by STANLEY in 1890 and one marked STANLEY both nice and clean the UPSON version is missing one pin has a small chip out of the edge and some staining and corrosion on hinges. Good and better FNK59.62 30 60 PHOTO
6303-325 6303-325 Lot of three brassbound four-fold carpenter rules. STANLEY No. 62 and 72 1-2 and a CHAPIN-STEPHENS all are worn and dirty the Stanley 62 is the best with all of it pins other two are missing pins and have more wear and staining. Good minus FNK56.58.61 25 50 PHOTO
6303-326 6303-326 Lot of two STANLEY four-fold rules. A No. 54 brass bound and a No. 68. The No. 54 is a little dirty on the outside but otherwise both are clean and sound good hinges and all pins present. Good plus FNK57.60 30 60 PHOTO
6303-327 6303-327 Lot of two STANLEY caliper rules. A No. 36 1-2 R two-fold and a N. 35-137 both bright and clean. Good plus FNK54.55 45 90 PHOTO
6303-328 6303-328 Lot of three STANLEY tape measures. Nos. 546 1266 and 7506 all in nice clean condition. Good plus FNK621B.622.624 30 60 PHOTO
6303-329 6303-329 Lot of two tape measures. LUFKIN Mezurall 8 foot tape and STREAMLINE patented No. 406 locking tape by MASTER RULE MFG CO. in very nice condition Good and better DT47 30 60 PHOTO
6303-330 6303-330 Lot of three tape measures. A DISSTON No. 4100 steel tape and STANLEY 7506 both in very good condition and an unmarked cloth tape in a yellow body. Good and better FNK617.619.621A 30 60 PHOTO
6303-331 6303-331 Lot of two tape measures. MILLERS FALLS No. 1506 six foot tape and STREAMLINE patented No. 406 locking tape by MASTER RULE MFG CO. in very nice condition. Good and better DT48 30 60 PHOTO
6303-332 6303-332 STANLEY No. 984 corner brace. Unusual variation with centering extension mounted on head instead of pad someone has used a pliers to tighten the chuck otherwise in very clean condition came with a No. 14 Superior augur bit so you get that too. Good plus CDE2053 35 70 PHOTO
6303-333 6303-333 MILLERS FALLS adjustable angle brace attachment. James Anthoines 1875 patent nickel plating on chuck scuffed up but works smoothly. Good RSI262 30 60 PHOTO
6303-334 6303-334 Cast iron Archimedean drill. Unusual large diameter shaft and cast iron handle cocobolo head barber style chuck is missing jaws which could be replaced from a cheap brace Different. Good minus CDE2187 40 80 PHOTO
6303-335 6303-335 A.H. REID Lightning Brace - early version Shorter than the typical example -13in overall- with rounded head Reids name marked on shaft but not patent date head has a groove for a locking ring to hold bit -ring and bit both missing- rather than typical setscrew. Possibly a pre-patent prototype. Never seen one like it. Good JRI1173 100 200 PHOTO
6303-336 6303-336 A.H. REID Lightning Brace. Good clean condition lower handle is split with old repair has original bit. Good JRI1172 30 60 PHOTO
6303-337 6303-337 A.H. REID Lightning Brace. Good clean condition missing bit. Good JRI1171 30 60 PHOTO
6303-338 6303-338 GOODELL-PRATT breast drill. Red paint on the gear has serious crackling rest of the paint is about 85prct gears are good and work smoothly. Good JW152 20 40 PHOTO
6303-339 6303-339 WARDS Master Quality breast drill. Two speed model clean and complete with good original green paint and level in cast iron frame improper modern bolt holds head on and would need to be replaced. Good CDE2413 30 60 PHOTO
6303-340 6303-340 Lot of two hand drills. STANLEY Handyman No. H1220 Good overall condition red and white paint almost intact decal curling one bit in chuck and several yankee bits in handle. Plus looks like Millers Falls but any name worn off dirty but still runs smoothly hardwood handle with yankee bits stored in it. Good DT32.DT21 20 40 PHOTO
6303-341 6303-341 STANLEY No. 610 pistol grip hand drill. Sweetheart mark red paint gone and flaking on nickel. Good minus GNM177 30 60 PHOTO
6303-342 6303-342 Old cast iron hand drill. Unsigned and Ive never seen one like it but very well made solid cast iron body with integral knob and head press-in type chuck runs very smoothly. Good plus CDE2038 50 100 PHOTO
6303-343 6303-343 FRAY No. 4166 ratcheting brace. Not marked with Fray name but typical of Fray construction rosewood head and grip with pewter rings with the interlocking jaw chuck that was Frays earliest patent. Very clean and works smoothly. 14in sweep.  Good plus CDE739 40 80 PHOTO
6303-344 6303-344 Clamshell chuck brace. These were patented but Im not sure by who brace is unmarked in good solid condition with one chip from the head. 9in throw.  Good CDE299 40 80 PHOTO
6303-345 6303-345 FRAY No. 106 ratcheting brace. With interlocking jaw chuck and boxed ratchet good rosewood handle and grip 10in sweep. Good CDE314 20 40 PHOTO
6303-346 6303-346 MILLERS FALLS single speed breast drill. Basic MF single-speed drill with iron frame and breast plate 14 1-2in long 3 1-2in drive gear with red japanning in better than average shape and about half the decal barber chuck. Good CDE2190 25 50 PHOTO
6303-347 6303-347 GOODELL-PRATT iron frame breast drill. Red paint on wheel has crackling but otherwise in good condition handle a little loose. Good CRT149 25 50 PHOTO
6303-348 6303-348 Lot of two braces with Barber chucks. A STANLEY No. 966 with 10in sweep and a FRAY No. 12 with 10in sweep and marked Barbers Improved Chuck chuck a little chewed up and a couple of chips on the head. Good plus CDE1587 100 200 PHOTO
6303-349 6303-349 PECK, STOW and WILCOX brace with Samson type chuck. Brace isnt marked but chuck is early type marked with H.V. Smiths 1895 patent date ratchet with exposed flip-up dogs. Rosewood head and grip 12in sweep dirty with surface corrosion but would clean up nicely. Good CDE1603 60 120 PHOTO
6303-350 6303-350 STREETER patented brace. Marked with Streeters 1855 and 1857 patents for his chuck design No. 2 cast into underside of cast iron handle some light surface corrosion but overall excellent condition for an uncommon patented brace 10in sweep. Good plus CDE1618 60 120 PHOTO
6303-351 6303-351 Lot of two braces with Barber chucks. SIMMONS Hardware with half-boxed ratchet maple head and grip 10in throw surface rust but works smoothly. And an unmarked non-ratcheting model -looks like mark may have been polished out- also with maple head and grip and 9in sweep. Good CDE1620 50 100 PHOTO
6303-352 6303-352 MILLER FALS No. 8131A master ratchet brace. Cocobolo head and grip with Leland patent master chuck concealed ratchet good clean overall condition. 12in sweep. Good plus CDE460 40 80 PHOTO
6303-353 6303-353 Unmarked brace. This looks manufactured but I dont recognize it the chuck is rectangular but with keyholes on each end held by a wingnut solid steel construction good rosewood head 7in sweep. Good plus CDE454 100 200 PHOTO
6303-354 6303-354 MATHIESEN plated brace. Beech body smooth working solid brass head push button chuck marked with Mathiesen crescent moon and star mark.  Good CDE576.567 25 50 PHOTO
6303-355 6303-355 MATHIESEN plated Sheffield brace. Beech body well worn but no major damage good ebony head with bone center large knurled type push button owners name Samuel Thompson and 1863 scratched into brass.  Good CDE296 15 30 PHOTO
6303-356 6303-356 Primitive pod brace. Nicely carved out of what looks like beech right hand curve one pod with spoon bit 7in throw rotating head. Good CDE634 40 80 PHOTO
6303-357 6303-357 Primitive spoon brace. Looks like it was carved out of a branch single fixed hand forged spoon bit rotating head 9in sweep. Good CDE635.621 25 50 PHOTO
6303-358 6303-358 BARTHOLOMEW No. 140 brace. Marked with Bartholomews 5-24-70 patent 12in sweep good rosewood pad and cocobolo head works smoothly. Good CDE578 25 50 PHOTO
6303-359 6303-359 RUGER ratchet brace. Not marked but manufactured by Ruger nice heavy-duty brace with lignum handle and pad and unique sliding catch ratchet mechanism a very rare brace in above-average condition with minimal surface corrosion. Good CDE630 40 80 PHOTO
6303-360 6303-360 Blacksmith made brace. Square shank chuck with leafspring catch hand-carved wooden rotating head 8in sweep. Good CDE461 50 100 PHOTO
6303-361 6303-361 FLATHER and SON plated Sheffield brace. Long nose version wood well patinated but in good condition ebony head with one small chip and Solly Works center seal one screw head badly chewed up. Good CDE1601 50 100 PHOTO
6303-362 6303-362 Lot of two sets of punches. One lot of 28 -all letters with an ampersand and period- 1-8in in good wooden box and one set of numerals 3-16in in good cardboard box. Good plus CP65.85 30 60 PHOTO
6303-363 6303-363 Lot of 21 auger bits. Widths up to 1 1-2 lengths up to 30in various makers and types of tangs all have some rust and one has messed-up tang. Good JAR268A 50 100 PHOTO
6303-364 6303-364 Lot of 10 bit extensions. Besides the common type with setscrews includes a MILLERS FALLS No. 35 a couple of YANKEES with patented sliding grip a couple of STANLEYs all about 20in an instant bit extension collection. Good and better JAR268B 80 160 PHOTO
6303-365 6303-365 Lot of 2 1in augers. Square shanks with peened over ends in well worn but solid wooden handles screw tip on one is worn surface rust but solid. Good JAR67.69 30 60 PHOTO
6303-366 6303-366 Large hand forged tap. 1in diameter good clean condition nice wooden handle. Good LEE931 30 60 PHOTO
6303-367 6303-367 Patented interchangeable bit auger. Squared-tanged bit protrudes through the handle and is locked by a threaded brass collar bit is stamped Pat. Feb. and ES and CO but cant read the rest good wooden handle. Good CDE2603 25 50 PHOTO
6303-368 6303-368 SNELL MFG. CO. auger. 1 3-4in bit wooden handle is well patinated   with no damage good clean bit. Good plus CDE2670 30 60 PHOTO
6303-369 6303-369 G. PLATE MFG. quick adjusting C clamp. Ingenious toothed rod for quick adjustment manufactured by G. Plate of Milwaukee patented 3-14-11 but I havent been able to locate the patent. Good DUP137 20 30 PHOTO
6303-370 6303-370 Lot of hand forged tools. Well hook and two pairs of tongs old and well made with surface corrosion. Plus well hook unusually well-made and elaborate with rotating head. Good DUP688.680 30 60 PHOTO
6303-371 6303-371 Lot of three measuring tools. STARRET No. 87 5in plumb bob patented by Starrett 10-16-06 in original wooden box with missing top similar unmarked steel plumb bob and an adjustable micrometer by BROWNIE TOOL Co. of Channahon IL with lid of original box and label. Good plus DUP679 25 50 PHOTO
6303-372 6303-372 Lot of drill bits. Six CLEVELAND No. 114 5-16 drill bits IOB -box was for one dozen- assortment of spade augur bits -largest is 2in- and spoon bits all with square notched tangs plus two bit gauges a STANLEY No. 49 and an unmarked model. Good and better DUP300 25 50 PHOTO
6303-373 * 6303-373 Turning tool. Complex cutting head on fibreboard handle. Good DUP652 5 10 PHOTO
6303-374 6303-374 Lot of three carriage wrenches and Open-end wrench All unmarked some light surface rust. Good ABR9.15.16.22 50 100 PHOTO
6303-375 6303-375 E.T.F. LTD folding handle pliers. Canadian manufacturer pliers are 13 1-2in long when extended but handles fold inward for compact storage Different. Good plus JEN5 30 60 PHOTO
6303-376 6303-376 Massive KEEN KUTTER monkey wrench. 18in overall solid metal handle smooth working jaws overall oxidized but no pitting or rust. Good plus ALV582 35 70 PHOTO
6303-377 6303-377 TOWER and LYON adjustable wrench. Covered by two patents issued to Bernard Donahue 3-1-81 and 11-12-89. Sold by TandL although their logo is not readable on the head head dinged and jaws slightly sprung wood handle is dry and may be an old user replacement still a complete example of an uncommon wrench 15in. Good minus ALV576 40 80 PHOTO
6303-378 6303-378 Bed wrench and Lot of two unmarked wrenches and Lot of two unmarked box end wrenches. Unmarked except for 73. Graphic form and nice clean condition offset carriage wrench and user-made box end wrench one is made of flat stock the jaws are cut square but with a rounded notch at the base owners initials punched on one side. The other one is an unsigned S-shape probably made out of a file.  Good ABR2-5.7 60 120 PHOTO
6303-379 6303-379 TEDDY combination wrench, screwdriver, and hammer. Manufactured in Marshalltown IA. Marked patent applied for plus a par of diagonal cutters of English manufacture. Good JEN14.19 30 60 PHOTO
6303-380 6303-380 Lot of two KING DICK bicycle wrenches. One marked KING DICK and the other only British Made both just over 4in good overall condition with decent jaws Good ALV293.299 25 50 PHOTO
6303-381 6303-381 Lot of three MOSSBERG bicycle wrenches. Junior No. 1 5in model with two 1895 patents and 4in WITH 1892 patents. Good ALV285,297,329 30 60 PHOTO
6303-382 6303-382 Lot of two bicycle wrenches. 5in BILLINGS and SPENCER in very clean condition one marked P. HAIKEN with a rabbit logo. Good plus ALV300.330 25 50 PHOTO
6303-383 6303-383 STAFF double headed wagon wrench. Steel handle 10 1-4in long sliding jaws with locking ring marked STAFF and Pat. Applied For 4-8-19.   Cant find Staff in any reference unusual wrench in very good condition. Good plus ALV274 50 100 PHOTO
6303-384 6303-384 Lot of two wrenches. PS and W Perfect Handle wrench with Hoskins patent looks like a typical 8in Perfect Handle monkey wrench but instead of typical markings marked PSandW and patented 1-14-1890 which appears to be Hoskins patent not listed as being manufactured head has some surface rust but good jaws good handle unusual. Plus Double headed adjustable wrench German manufacture 5in long handle rotates to close jaws good jaws some rust on body. Good ALV275.262 70 140 PHOTO
6303-385 6303-385 MORRILL patent pliers. Patent issued 1-25-87 to Charles Morrill of Jersey City for parallel jaw mechanism rare and in very clean condition. Good JEN15 30 60 PHOTO
6303-386 6303-386 J. CASPERS calking tongs. Pliers designed specifically to grip horseshoe calks patented -5-6-13- and manufactured by Joseph Caspers of Lancaster WI. In immaculate condition. Good plus JEN10 40 80 PHOTO
6303-387 6303-387 Lot of Whatsit plus GRIPNSTICK pliers. Whatsit clearly manufactured but dont know why it looks like its designed to lift or pry some surface rust good handle. Plus GRIPNSTICK pliers manufactured in Dover OH and has an April 1924 patent date but I cant find the patent Different. Good ALV268.268 40 80 PHOTO
6303-388 6303-388 Lot of three wrenches. HANDEHAND wrench Patented 9-20-21 and manufactured by HandE Wrench Co. of New Bedford MA. 10 1-4in long with central helical screw jaws very good. Plus KING DICK adjustable nut wrench 11in long smooth jaws a little stiff but close cleanly KD raised mark surface oxidized but undamaged. Plus Metal handle monkey wrench 11 1-2in long marked Patent Applied For and also has a name that I cant read head dinged up jaws slightly sprung surface corrosion but mechanism works smoothly. Good ALV267.266.363 90 180 PHOTO
6303-389 6303-389 MOORE monkey wrench. Manufactured by Moore Drop Forge Company of Springfield MA which primarily sold the pipe wrenches patented by its founder. 9in long surface rust jaws a little beat up. Good DWH76 20 40 PHOTO
6303-390 6303-390 Lot of two. Combination bicycle wrench and saw saw blade removes from handle could have been part of a larger set of tools HK with anchor trademark jaws good some discoloration on one side but nickel otherwise good. Plus STARRETT No. 1025 locking caliper user initials scratched into both sides otherwise nice and clean works smoothly. Good ALV290.328 40 80 PHOTO
6303-391 6303-391 Quick adjusting nut wrench. Serrated teeth along the handle to lock the jaws in position jaws close at an angle but not sprung - its designed that way 12in long marked patent applied for in good clean condition. Good plus ALV484 50 100 PHOTO
6303-392 6303-392 Knurling tool. Unsigned but I think its for knurling or to cut threads. Has six different toothed cutters that can be clamped into the jaws and then tightened against a rounded surface marked only Tool No. TR-20 good condition. Good plus ALV451 40 80 PHOTO
6303-393 6303-393 PRINCE combination wrench-brace. Patented 5-11-09 and manufactured by Prince Short -really- of Floyd Va. Sometimes confused with the more common Lowentraut combination brace this is one of those superb gizmos that no collection can afford to be without significant flaking to nickel plating otherwise clean complete and functional. Good plus ALV396 70 140 PHOTO
6303-394 6303-394 Basin wrench. Has a name and patent date but tool faint to make out jaws at right angles to solid iron handle 9in long surface oxidation but works smoothly and no pitting. Good ALV476 40 80 PHOTO
6303-395 6303-395 Quick adjusting wagon wrench. Ingenious mechanism closes and locks the jaws with a twist of either handle marked patent applied for in wonderful clean condition a genuine gizmo. Good plus ALV416 50 100 PHOTO
6303-396 6303-396 Ratcheting pistol-grip screwdriver. Unmarked but clearly manufactured an ingenious and attractive design but I cant figure out how to get the ratchet to reverse - maybe you can good wooden handle. Good JEN22 35 70 PHOTO
6303-397 6303-397 CLICK PLIERS plier wrenches. Covered by two 1940s patents issued to Joel Hahn of Nebraska and manufactured by Click Manufacturing Co. of Fairbury NE has a sliding jaw mechanism and also two brackets on the side that are baffling to me good overall condition with some wear to nickel plating definitely different. Good plus ALV327 40 80 PHOTO
6303-398 6303-398 Complex saw set. I think its a saw set but unmarked - maybe a saw set expert will recognize it good condition some wear to japanning and works smoothly. Good plus ALV633 30 60 PHOTO
6303-399 6303-399 Lot of three STANLEY butt gauges A No. 95 in close to mint condition a No. 94 with a corner broken off and some rust but still perfectly usable and a No. 94 1-2 with a broken corner and significant rust and flaking.  95-Good plus and Good minus RSI40.41.46 30 60 PHOTO
6303-400 6303-400 Clamp-on vise. Nicely made and may be manufactured but theres no name 5in high there may have originally been a plate of some type on top of the screw that clamps it onto a bench metal is very clean and works smoothly. Good JW160 30 60 PHOTO
6303-401 6303-401 MARSH patent miter vise. Patented in 1889 and 1890 by Horace Marsh of Rockford IL and sold by MARSH TOOL CO. until it was acquired by Stanley which sold the vise as the No. 400. This one isnt marked by Stanley dirty with surface corrosion but works smoothly a couple of wooden plates bolted to the jaws that might not be original but easily removed. Good COL142 35 70 PHOTO
6303-402 6303-402 COLTON patented vise. Clamp on bench vise patented 6-16-85 by George Colton of Syracuse and manufactured by HandB. The patent focuses on the method of construction 4 1-4in tall good clean condition and works smoothly. Good JW98 30 60 PHOTO
6303-403 6303-403 Set of four brass quilter's clasps.  Used to hold the corners of a quilting frame together. Good plus VIN54 40 80 PHOTO
6303-404 * 6303-404 Screwdriver One marked Made in England with an interesting screw-holder marked Pat April 1906 but I cant locate the patent. In good condition with worn black paint on handle.   And a 5in perfect handle. Good ALV305 15 30 PHOTO
6303-405 6303-405 TAYLOR brass backed saw. Marked TAYLOR LONDON on back good handle with two smaller split nuts 14in blade with surface rust. Good WOL9 30 60 PHOTO
6303-406 6303-406 RUSHBROOKE butchers saw. Split nuts good handle with undamaged horns marked RUSHBROOKE WEST SMITHFIELD on back. Good WOL12 30 60 PHOTO
6303-407 * 6303-407 Four fold 24in rule. Unsigned large numerals that could be handmarked hinges loose and some scarring to outside. Good minus DUP231 15 30 PHOTO
6303-408 6303-408 Lot of two. WILLIAM JOHNSON dividers. WILLIAM JOHNSON dividers 6in long with spring and locking legs clearly marked with Johnsons Newark mark. Plus SALTER spring scale brass body weighs up to 11 lbs or 5 kg English manufacturer. Good plus AED16.3 45 90 PHOTO
6303-409 6303-409 KARELSEN patented glass cutter. Described in the 3-6-1877 patent as a inglaziers diamond holder. Very attractive with rosewood handle very unusual. Good plus SBR179 30 60 PHOTO
6303-410 6303-410 Lot of two. STANLEY No. 95G butt gauge IOB. STANLEY No. 95G butt gauge IOB late zinc model grubby but good box with two split seams original instructions good user. Plus FOSTER miniature aluminum plane 3in long with 1in throat some surface rust. Good MLD43.35 20 40 PHOTO
6303-411 6303-411 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane IOB. Nice and clean with sweetheart mark on cutter box is tattered but complete with one split corner and a third of label missing. Good plus FRN40 35 70 PHOTO
6303-412 * 6303-412 Two STANLEY promotional items. For the Stanley collector who truly has everything- a walkman-type cassette player in the shape of a 50 ft tape measurer made of the finest cheap plastic and absolutely dead mint in original box even has the original AA batteries -dead-. Plus as a bonus Stanley sports watch from the 1984 Sarajevo winter games. Watchband has dried out and broken and I have no idea whether it works. Mint tape player STB6.15 10 20 PHOTO
6303-413 6303-413 Brass turnip shaped plumb bob. 8in long overall including a 2 1-2in iron point massive piece of brass unsigned with only minor surface dinging. Good plus CDE2234 50 100 PHOTO
6303-414 6303-414 LUFKIN No. 590 solid brass plumb bob. 6 1-2in long loop end instead of internal reel owner initials stamped on body. Good plus CDE2233 30 60 PHOTO
6303-415 6303-415 Ornately shaped iron plumb bob. Iron 7in long overall very clean. Good plus NW697 50 100 PHOTO
6303-416 6303-416 Dealers lot of plumb bobs. A bakers dozen of assorted bobs both iron and brass mostly conical and teardrop shapes a few have numbers marked but generally unsigned. Good and better NW various 300 600 PHOTO
6303-417 6303-417 Lot of two hollow augers. One unmarked hollow body with two opposing blades complete with depth stop and an example of Stearns 1880 patent in good condition but missing blade and depth stop. Fair and good RSI263.265 35 70 PHOTO
6303-418 * 6303-418 Blowtorch. Older model unsigned surface rust and some dinging to tank. Good minus NW1212 15 30 PHOTO
6303-419 6303-419 BONNEY patent hollow auger. Easy to confuse with the Stearns patent but much less common patented by Charles Bonney of PA. Japanning is worn and significant surface rust but all there including depth stop and clearly marked. Good VIN38 40 80 PHOTO
6303-420 6303-420 KELLY JR. hollow auger. One of the rarer hollow augers surface is well rusted but its all there. Good minus VIN47 35 70 PHOTO
6303-421 * 6303-421 Miniature brace. Ive seen these before but dont know who made them couldve been a jewelers tool 10in long overall with hollow metal pad and grip McE and S on pad. Good DT38 10 20 PHOTO
6303-422 6303-422 STANLEY No. 44 bit and square level IOB. Designed to be clamped onto   drill bit or square gold lacquered worn in one spot but otherwise clean and complete box has split seams but is complete. Good plus GNM184 35 70 PHOTO
6303-423 * 6303-423 KNAPP aluminum thumb plane. 3in long marked KNAPP USA. Good CGN153 10 20 PHOTO
6303-424 * 6303-424 BELKNAP HARDWARE thumb plane. In excellent condition with green japanning intact good Blue Grass original label unfortunately written on one side. Good CPK73 20 40 PHOTO
6303-425 * 6303-425 Scratch awl. 6in long nice rosewood handle unsigned. Good plus JRI1010 15 30 PHOTO
6303-426 * 6303-426 Single STANLEY No. 4. Very good condition but theres just one of them if youve got the one with the pencil holder heres your chance. Good NW1519 10 20 PHOTO
6303-427 6303-427 Lot of two - Adjustable wrench-hammer and Combination Tool. 5 1-2in long with hexagonal iron handle jaw sprung. Plus Hammer pry bar wrench and hoof pick. Not marked looks handmade 6in long. Good ALV231.240 30 60 PHOTO
6303-428 * 6303-428 Bullet jack knife. 1 3-4in long blade marked UNITED and ITALY Nice and clean perfect novelty pocket knife. Good plus ALV45 15 30 PHOTO
6303-429 * 6303-429 STANLEY No. 31 pocket level. 3in long good overall condition vial wet. Good ALV84 10 20 PHOTO
6303-430 * 6303-430 Lot of two miniature screwdrivers. 4in long jewelers marked WORKMENS CHOICE and a stubby Phillips head. Good ALV63.77 10 20 PHOTO
6303-431 6303-431 Lot of 36 arch punches, used for cutting bolt holes in leather, paper, cardboard and gasket materials. Most are round but with a couple lozenge-shaped and a couple of open arches sizes range from 1-8in to 1 1-8in   different makes including Bemis and Call Osbourne etc.  Good COL111 50 100 PHOTO
6303-432 6303-432 Lot of four jewelers pliers. Miniature needle nose and one sidecutter unsigned oxidized but work smoothly. Good NW1686 20 40 PHOTO
6303-433 * 6303-433 Three prong leather punch. Punches three parallel holes at a time surface rust unsigned. Good minus NW1684 15 30 PHOTO
6303-434 6303-434 FRIEDLANDER jewelers anvil. 2 1-2in tall and 3 1-2in long solid iron top surface saw plenty of use but no serious damage RandL FRIEDLANDER dealt in jewelry and watches in New York in the 19th century. Good ALV527 40 80 PHOTO
6303-435 6303-435 Die press. I believe these were used by leather makers to punch holes or possibly by jewelers 4in high with ornate casting on the sides marked PARIS and DE all of the plating has worn off but works smoothly. Good NW1680 45 90 PHOTO
6303-436 6303-436 Lot of four jewelers or metalsmiths hammers. All unsigned but in good clean conditions handles range from 9in to 12in. Good plus NW1634 30 60 PHOTO
6303-437 6303-437 Lot of two jewelers screwplates. One with twelve die holes the other one is adjustable unsigned surface oxidation but otherwise clean. Good NW1678.1687 25 50 PHOTO
6303-438 6303-438 Jewelers torch. Small handheld alcohol torch for brazing brass with wood handle looks like a tip is missing. Good minus NW1679 20 40 PHOTO
6303-439 6303-439 Watchmakers vise. Unsigned some gunk on it and the sliding jaws need some WD-40 but otherwise clean and complete. Good NW1688 40 80 PHOTO
6303-440 6303-440 Jewelers saw. Unsigned 4in blade 9in overall nicely turned handle surface oxidation but would clean up well. Good NW1681 30 60 PHOTO
6303-441 6303-441 Combination vice and anvil. Clearly marked Patd 11-27-1894 but I couldnt find the patent bronze and in very nice condition. Alert reader Stan Morgan identified this as Christian Salzman’s patent combination tool (patent 529962) missing the drill attachment. Good ALV526 35 70 PHOTO
6303-442 * 6303-442 Swage block. Swage block is my guess since its a heavy chunk of iron with a number of holes in it or it could be part of something else unmarked at worst it would make a helluva doorstop. Good JAR303 20 40 PHOTO
6303-443 6303-443 AMPCO big open wrench. Seriously large and heavy 24in long 2 1-4in on one end and 2 5-8in on the other surface corrosion but no damage.  Good CRT175 30 60 PHOTO
6303-444 6303-444 Stilyard scale. Reversible with three hooks 19in long unsigned rusty but in good condition. Good DWH90 40 80 PHOTO
6303-445 6303-445 Fret saw. Nice design with telescoping arm well turned rosewood handle unsigned but an attractive saw 5in blade 9 1-2in overall. Good LEE928 30 60 PHOTO
6303-446 6303-446 Clamp. This is marked a whatsit and your guess is as good as mine.   Two sliding jaws that lock together could be a saw vise but doesnt look like it parts are labelled K17 and K18 red japanning mostly complete. Good ALV534 20 40 PHOTO
6303-447 6303-447 BADGER gas meter. Manufactured by BADGER METER MFG. of Milwaukee to measure some liquid calibrated in gallons good condition with nice face that looks like porcelain. Good plus ALV129 30 60 PHOTO
6303-448 6303-448 SPEAR and JACKSON slick. Blade is 2 1-2in wide and 18in long with 17in handle -detached- that looks newer mark is faint but readable blade needs sharpening but in decent shape with no serious pitting. Good JW128 30 60 PHOTO
6303-449 6303-449 JAMES SWAN slick. 3in wide blade 8in long blade has some chips that would need to be ground out handle is old replacement and a little too large. Good JW127 20 40 PHOTO
6303-450 6303-450 WALTHOUR SLICK BLADE The Name Walthour is cast into the blade and looks like manufacturer rather than owner blade 3 1-4in wide 15in long surface oxidation but no significant pitting nice sharp edge no handle. Good JW168 30 60 PHOTO
6303-451 6303-451 PSW and CO. framing chisel. Marked No. 1 EX 1 1-2in wide blade 18in overall blade in good overall condition with a serious chip out of the edge that would need to be ground out handle looks original but a little loose and spalled at the end. Good CP9 30 60 PHOTO
6303-452 6303-452 W. BUTCHER gouge. 2in diameter gouge 14in overall good solid boxwood tang handle minimal rust on blade. Good plus CP10 40 80 PHOTO
6303-453 6303-453 STANLEY No. 86 turnscrew. Not marked with number but is marked Stanley with Curtiss 6-6-71 patent 9 1-2in blade 17 1-2in overall handle has some chips out of edge but overall good nice clean blade. Good JW107 15 30 PHOTO

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