Auction Archive 6204 - June 9, 2013

Absentee Auction - Spring 2013

6204 - Spring 2013

This auction ended Sunday June 9, 2013.

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6204-001 6204-001 MILLERS PATENT No. 41 plow plane. Type 5 manufactured 1877-82. Unfortunately missing the filletster bed and the screws fastening the chip deflector look like modern replacements but otherwise a clean example of Stanleys most beautiful and collectible plane. Good DKN 29 300 600 PHOTO
6204-002 6204-002 User-made Log Caliper. Beautfully made with hand-marked graduations and a lovely patina. 32in long. The stem looks like walnut head has a different grain. A great example of a classic early tool. Good plus ALV 1 90 180 PHOTO
6204-003 6204-003 HALL and KNAPP level level. Unusually clean and crisp example of the product of the predecessor to Stanleys level business. Rosewood 29in long with extra sharp edges. Brass is clean with eagle trademark and the screws all look original. Only two issues the level vial is dry and the round brass cover on the bottom end of the plumb vial is MIA but neither will be noticeable when its sitting on the shelf which is where a level this pretty deserves to be. Good SK1 80 160 PHOTO
6204-004 6204-004 PLUMB double-bit Champion felling axe. Nice clear Champion trademark on head 36in handle looks original. Head a little loose and could use another wedge if you want to use it its still sharp enough. Good plus JEN 1 75 150 PHOTO
6204-005 6204-005 Extra-clean MILLERS FALLS No. 18C fore plane IOB. As nice an example of a Millers Falls plane as you will ever find. Only a couple of tiny dings keep it from being mint. Immaculate japanning clean knob and tote cutter looks virtually unused. One split seam in the box. Youll never need an upgrade. Fine DKN 4 120 240 PHOTO
6204-006 6204-006 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane. Notched orange trademark brown paint cutter slightly spalled on end but sharp good user. Good ZOM 323 25 75 PHOTO
6204-007 6204-007 SARGENT No. 714 jack plane. Includes the autoset feature. Light surface corrosion but nothing serious. Tote has rough edge but no big chips. Good DKN 39 50 100 PHOTO
6204-008 6204-008 STANLEY Bedrock No. 605 jack plane. Type 7 with notched mark on cap iron sweetheart on iron. Trace of detail on tote. Japanning a little worn at edge but metal otherwise good nice tote and knob with minimal dinging. Good DKN 33 60 120 PHOTO
6204-009 6204-009 STANLEY Victor No. 1105 jack plane. Good overall condition red and grey paint in excellenet condition clear mark on cutter and cap. A little paint spilled on one side of the tote and heel on the bed. Good CEB 48 40 80 PHOTO
6204-010 6204-010 STANLEY No. 6 fore plane. Older type with low knob probably 1900-1910. Japanning 90 percent minor dinging on knob and wood user initials stamped on knob. Good RSI 108 40 80 PHOTO
6204-011 6204-011 STANLEY No. 5 1-2 junior jack. Orange notched trademark very nice condition with only minor dinging Good plus RSI 111 50 100 PHOTO
6204-012 6204-012 STANLEY NO. 5 jack plane. Type 10 made 1910-12. Very nice clean condition with minimal dinging and surface corrosion. Good plus RSI 109 40 80 PHOTO
6204-013 6204-013 STANLEY No. 605C Bedrock corrugated. Type 6 made 1914-18 Vee mark on cutter very nice condition almost no dinging on wood no rust a few missing spots on japanning Good plus DKN 28 50 100 PHOTO
6204-014 6204-014 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. jack plane. 16in bed tote has chewed up edge wedge is missing in photo but present and original some charring along one side no cutter. Strike button badly chewed. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair BB 61 10 30 PHOTO
6204-015 6204-015 STANLEY No. 28 pre-lateral jack plane. Type 6 good eagle mark on toe semi-circular mark on cutter tote a little loose and rough on edge but no chips couple of closed stress cracks in body but overall in good shape. Japanning good. Good CEB 17 75 150 PHOTO
6204-016 6204-016 Lot of two STANLEY Liberty Bell planes. No. 127 in only fair condition with a chip out of the knob and overall dinging. And a 135 that is definitely a project plane with body chewed up tote broken and reglued and big chip out of end. Metal on both has surface rust but complete. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair RSI 79 83 20 40 PHOTO
6204-017 6204-017 STANLEY No. 127 Liberty Bell fore plane. Above average condition with minor toolbox dings and some surface discoloration on metal japanning mostly complete. Good CEB 33 30 60 PHOTO
6204-018 6204-018 UNION MFG. CO. No. 539 fore plane. The Union Mfg. Co. also in New Britain was founded by another Stanley brother Timothy and much of its catalog paralleled the Stanley line. This plane is pretty much a direct ripoff of the Stanley No. 29 but has the Carleton and Trask patented cutter adjustment. In above average condition with only minor dinging to wood tote a little loose but unmarred japanning about 60 percent cutter in good condition. Good CEB 41 40 80 PHOTO
6204-019 6204-019 STANLEY No. 33 transitional fore plane. Chip out of tote overall light dinging and surface rust but nothing major. Good minus DKN 62 30 60 PHOTO
6204-020 6204-020 STANLEY No. 32 prelateral transitional fore plane. Type 5 or 6. Wood in excellent condition noting one small chip in the tote clean eagle stamp on toe japanning 60 percent very clean cutter. Good plus DKN 60 75 150 PHOTO
6204-021 6204-021 STANLEY No. 32 prelateral transitional fore plane. Type 5 or 6. Wood in excellent condition clean eagle stamp on toe japanning 60 percent surface discoloration but no pitting on cutter. Good plus RSI 106 75 150 PHOTO
6204-022 6204-022 STANLEY No. 29 transitional jack plane. Type 10 manufactured 1893-99. Good clean overall example minimal toolbox dinging to wood japanning 75 percent good cutter. Good CEB 11 30 60 PHOTO
6204-023 6204-023 STANLEY No. 34 prelateral transitional jointer plane. The longest plane Stanley ever made. Type 5 or 6. Eagle mark on toe is very faint tip of tote sheered off otherwise good. Good RSI 100 50 100 PHOTO
6204-024 6204-024 STANLEY No. 608C Bedrock jointer plane. Good overall condition knob dinged but tote good light surface rust on cutter and cap iron sweetheart mark. Good DKN 51 75 150 PHOTO
6204-025 6204-025 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. This is an oddball. It looks like a No. 8 and has a Stanley cutter cap iron but theres no frog adjusting screw - the frog simply bolts down onto a raised part of the bed. No patent dates cast in the bed either. Good overall condition. Good LEE 848 40 80 PHOTO
6204-026 6204-026 STANLEY No. 8C jointer plane. Good general condition with light surface rust. Tote and knob very clean. Japanning 80 percent. Good ZOM 339 40 80 PHOTO
6204-027 6204-027 STANLEY No. 7C. Body has serious overall corrosion and pitting cap iron looks replated 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair RSI 107 20 40 PHOTO
6204-028 6204-028 STANLEY No. 46 skew plane. Type 3 or 4. Missing the depth stop on the skate and the auxiliary wraparound stop japanning about 50 percent tote worn but not chipped includes four blades. Good JFR 25 150 300 PHOTO
6204-029 6204-029 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Circa early 1930s with stippled body nickle plating dull but complete. Just whats mounted on the plane with no extras one depth stop 1 1-2 sash cutter blade. Actually a very nice plane if you have the cutters for it. Minor dinging on knob and tote. Good MLD 1 50 100 PHOTO
6204-030 6204-030 STANLEY No. 386 jointer gauge. A little surface corrosion but nickel is intact. Clean and complete. Good plus DKN 16 70 40 PHOTO
6204-031 6204-031 SIEGLEY No. 2 combination plane. Some surface corrosion and dinging but clean and complete noting one fence screw replaced with common bolt and fence depth stop missing. That package strapped to it is a bundle of cutters - 10 total - see online photos for the plane by itself Good FES 790 60 120 PHOTO
6204-032 6204-032 STANLEY No. 11 beltmakers plane. 1900s logo on blade japanning about 75 percent moderate dinging on handle Good MLD 46 75 150 PHOTO
6204-033 6204-033 STANLEY No. 55 combination plane. 1920s-30s model with good nickel. Includes only one beading cutter. Otherwise has all the parts that could be mounted at one time but no extras. With a set of cutters youre good to go. Good ZOM 461 100 200 PHOTO
6204-034 6204-034 STANLEY No. 39 3-8 dado plane. Missing the Nickers but good sharp blade japanning almost complete and no rust. Plus a body of a No. 181 which someone painted green. Good minus RSI 53 257 30 60 PHOTO
6204-035 6204-035 Lot of two STANLEY rabbet planes. No. 191 with no depth stop otherwise clean with good cutter. Plus a No. 78 duplex rabbet and filletster body only with poor japanning and surface rust 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair RSI 63 260 20 40 PHOTO
6204-036 6204-036 STANLEY No. 190 rabbet plane. Some wear to japanning and nickel flaking off cap screw otherwise clean and complete. 1909-10 type mark on blade. Good MLD 11 20 40 PHOTO
6204-037 6204-037 Infill rabbet plane. Unmarked steel body with rosewood infill and wedge. 3-4in blade. Wedge dinged up but no major damage. Pretty plane. Good VIN 219 30 60 PHOTO
6204-038 6204-038 STANLEY No. 39-5-8 dado plane. Type 4 or 5. Japanning about 75 percent all parts present and clean. Older cap screw. Good plus RSI 51 70 140 PHOTO
6204-039 6204-039 Lot of two spokeshaves or drawknives. Wooden type marked Sheffield and a nice unsigned 7in blade you could shave with and good handles. Good CPK 45 30 60 PHOTO
6204-040 6204-040 STANLEY No. 39 3-4 dado plane. Type 3a with vee logo on cap screw. Extra clean and crispy - youll look a long time for a better example. Fine DKN 7 100 200 PHOTO
6204-041 6204-041 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 191 gutter plane. Rounded 1 1-2 bottom. A couple of tight cracks but no major ding or chips. Good cutter. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus SKR 42 20 40 PHOTO
6204-042 6204-042 WISEMAN and ROSS half-round beading or sashplane. Uncommon Baltimore maker 2 stars in AWP. Boxed. Wood is dirty but no major damage wedge a little chewed some surface rust on cutter. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good COL 12 20 40 PHOTO
6204-043 6204-043 Lot of two wooden planes. Boxed fluting plane by W. GRINEL 1814-18 Philadelphia planemaker with three stars in AWP CD in oval owners mark and an unsigned 1in open throat dado plane end of wedge reglued. Good RSI 140 141 50 80 PHOTO
6204-044 6204-044 SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 74 molding plane. Slight charring in one spot and hanghole otherwise good. Good BHM 265 20 40 PHOTO
6204-045 6204-045 J. BOGERT molding plane. Complex ogee pattern double boxed. Bogert was a NY hardware dealer. Three stars in AWP. Wood in nice condition with some moderate staining on one side surface rust on cutter boxing unbroken. Good plus RSI 136 40 80 PHOTO
6204-046 6204-046 STANLEY No. 71 router. Type 6 1902-05 first type with blade adjustment. Couple of dings on knobs otherwise clean and complete. Good plus CGN 57 30 60 PHOTO
6204-047 6204-047 STANLEY No. 71 1-2 router. Nickel plating in excellent shape with some minor flaking on thumbscrew good knobs with owner stamp. Good plus SKR 27 30 60 PHOTO
6204-048 6204-048 STANLEY No. 71 router. Type 7 including the often missing throat closing attachment for narrow work. Nickel has some flaking but not bad. B casting mark. Good RSI 56 40 80 PHOTO
6204-049 6204-049 STANLEY No. 71 router. Type 8 with throat closing device now mounted on arch. Nickel largely rubbed off but otherwise clean and complete. Good CPK 12 30 60 PHOTO
6204-050 6204-050 STANLEY No. 71 1-2 router. Type 4. Nickel a little faded and dirty but no major flaking. Good MLD 50 30 60 PHOTO
6204-051 6204-051 STANLEY No. 71 1-2 router. Type 4. Nickel a little faded and dirty but no major flaking. Pretty much the same as 6204-50 but with a vee blade. Good RSI 57 30 60 PHOTO
6204-052 6204-052 STANLEY No. 71 router. Either a type 2 or 3 with original closed throat. Japanning looks sloppy and I suspect maybe it’s a type 3 thats been painted black. Also the knobs are screwed on from underneath - maybe replacements but old and well done. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus DUS 33 20 40 PHOTO
6204-053 6204-053 STANLEY No. 71 router. Type 3 - still has closed throat but nickel plated. Nickel is faded but intact. Rare compared to later open throat models. Good ZOM 534 60 120 PHOTO
6204-054 6204-054 STANLEY No. 71 1-2 router. We wrap up routerpalooza with a type 5. Nickel has some serious flaking on the base but top is dirty and faded but okay. Good RSI 58 30 60 PHOTO
6204-055 6204-055 SIMONDS No. 372 ripsaw. Nice etching on blade handle is well worn but no major chips. Good LEE 850 30 60 PHOTO
6204-056 6204-056 Lot of two saws. HSB and Co. OVB 5 tpi rip saw no etching visible on blade handle worn but intact. And a Disston ripsaw with thumb groove in handle no visible etching and handle has a major crack and chip out of upper horn. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair RSI 159 160 30 60 PHOTO
6204-057 6204-057 DISSTON combination saw. Can be used as a square includes notch for plumb line and scratch awl which is present and held in by spring. Blade dirty and etching not readable but no pitting blade is worn and has one tight crack but horns not chipped. Good BB 51 40 80 PHOTO
6204-058 6204-058 Surgeons saw. Only marking is USA and a star - maybe an Army medics bone saw Brass back and handle very clean blade. Just the thing for the impromptu amputation. Good plus BB 214 50 100 PHOTO
6204-059 6204-059 Closeable funnel. Funnel designed to clip onto the side of a larger container and the screw closes the hole at the end. A gizmo. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good DUP 240 10 30 PHOTO
6204-060 6204-060 Lot of three oil cans. The traditional shaped one is marked Ford the other two are unsigned and have brass tips one of them closes. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 40 59 170 20 50 PHOTO
6204-061 6204-061 Point of sale advertising paint can. Advertising New Wave paint from the AMERICAN PAINT CO. of New York. Miniature paint can with plastic red base. Some spots on the paint can label. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 36 10 30 PHOTO
6204-062 6204-062 Jack from DAYTON MALLEABLE IRON CO. I think its a jack but its frozen in place. Theres fabric protruding from the end so at first I thought it was some kind of torch. But theres no place to fill it and it doesnt look charred so I think that was padding. Buy it for the next Whatsit session. Solid cast iron. Good COL 11 20 40 PHOTO
6204-063 6204-063 Oil can. Im not sure what fluid this was designed to hold but it has a very elaborate valve arrangement on the plug that unscrews. Made by the SEXTON CAN CO. of Boston. Faded black paint. More interesting looking than Im making it sound. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good BB 10 10 30 PHOTO
6204-064 6204-064 Lot of drafting and measuring tools. A complete set of drawing instruments by NOBEMA of Germany. Marked No. 3994. In a plastic case looks to date from 50s or 60s. A few tiny spots of rust otherwise in immaculate condition. Plus four different dividers or calipers mostly unmarked. Good plus SKR 19 23 32 35 30 50 PHOTO
6204-065 6204-065 Lot of small tools. STEARNS hexagonal head pie wheel marking gauge with screw missing STANLEY No. 97 marking gauge STANLEY No. 49 bit gauge nicely made unmarked calipers. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CBR 176 20 40 PHOTO
6204-066 6204-066 Unmarked dividers. Nice steel and brass dividers in a box that looks like mahogany with a brass anchor on the lid. Presumably used for navigation. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fine CGN 18 20 40 PHOTO
6204-067 6204-067 STANLEY No. 18 bevel. STANLEY Eureka No. 18 bevel. 8in blade. The workhorse of the Stanley bevel line for a century. Front side with notched trademark is very good reverse has some corrosion. Owners initials. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good SKR 26 20 40 PHOTO
6204-068 6204-068 DISSTON and MORSS bevel. 8in. Wood looks slightly charred on one edge and mark faint some pitting on blade but an uncommon bevel. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good COL 9 20 40 PHOTO
6204-069 6204-069 Lot of 5 STANLEY bevels. Different types of wood and locking mechanisms all with 6in blades. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 405 20 40 PHOTO
6204-070 6204-070 X-ACTO Knife Set. Three different handles and 17 different blades. In original wooden fitted case with some wear. Several of the blades have some surface rust but it’s a complete set and pretty unusual. Good MLD 45 20 40 PHOTO
6204-071 6204-071 Miniature branding iron set. Dont know if its missing the 9 or youre supposed to use the 6 upside down. All in good condition. Original wooden box with sliding lid missing. Good CGN 29 20 40 PHOTO
6204-072 6204-072 STANLEY No. 271 mini-router. IOB with original instruction sheet. Made in England. Fine CPK 78 20 40 PHOTO
6204-073 6204-073 Lot of four surgical-dental probes. Not sure exactly what these were used for. Maybe bullet probes. Two are made by TRUAX GREEN and CO. and one by SHARP and SMITH both of which manufactured surgical and dental instrument. They have various numbers marked on the handles and three have grooves along the back. Good plus FES 181 20 40 PHOTO
6204-074 6204-074 Unmarked wrench. Made from flat stock and obviously for a special purpose probably automotive but not marked. 3-4in jaws. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus JFR 5 10 20 PHOTO
6204-075 6204-075 Leaf-spring lubricating device. Every now and then Google patents comes through. This thing is marked Charles W. Mandel and Patent Applied For and it turns out that Charles Mandel held 21 different patents for various types of grease guns etc. He was the Thomas Edison of grease. This thing received a design patent for its decorative design. Apparently you store the grease in the handle and use the pry bar to work it into the leaf spring. Why anyone felt the need to make a leaf spring lubricator decorative is beyond me but I guarantee youll have the only one at the next meet. Good plus BB 11 20 40 PHOTO
6204-076 6204-076 KEYSTONE No. 76 6in S-handle crescent wrench. Good condition jaws close smoothly. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 218 10 30 PHOTO
6204-077 6204-077 KEYSTONE No. 76 6in S-handle crescent wrench. Good condition jaws slightly sprung. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 218 10 30 PHOTO
6204-078 6204-078 KEYSTONE No. 76 6in S-handle crescent wrench. Good condition jaws slightly sprung. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 218 10 30 PHOTO
6204-079 6204-079 BILLINGS and SPENCER S-handle crescent wrench. Patented 11-14-05 by William Tomlinson for BandS patent feature is the locking screw in the side. This one is in need of some WD-40 but an uncommon wrench. 8in handle. Good CGN 219 30 60 PHOTO
6204-080 6204-080 KEYSTONE No. 80 S-handle crescent wrench. Jaws slightly sprung but otherwise good condition. Marked Fordson. Good CGN 212 20 40 PHOTO
6204-081 6204-081 Patented carrige wrench. Patented 4-28-03 by one Nathaniel Stone the patent feature is the spring designed to hold the wrench in place on the nut. Japanning mostly gone but unusual. Good RSI 251 30 60 PHOTO
6204-082 6204-082 EIFEL-GEARED Plierench. Mfg. by the American Plierench Corp of Chicago successor to the Eifel-Flash wrench. In very good condition in original plastic pouch with two different jaws included. Good plus CGN 214 30 50 PHOTO
6204-083 6204-083 KRAUETER and CO. adjustable alligator wrench. Patented 1903 by Charles Bonney. Light surface corrosion but no pitting and works smoothly. Good CGN 15 20 40 PHOTO
6204-084 6204-084 Lot of three crescent wrenches. Two 9in one 8in one marked Crescent Tool Co one marked Ford. Good CGN 22 25 27 30 60 PHOTO
6204-085 6204-085 Lot of three crescent wrenches. 8 1-2in Barcalo with tang on end 11in Billings and Spencer 10 1-2in by Diamond Tool and Horsehoe of Duluth either plated or painted silver very well. Good CGN 26 27 87 30 60 PHOTO
6204-086 6204-086 Lot of seven FORD open and box end wrenches. Three short open end wrenches four longer with open on one end and box on the other. All clearly marked with Ford logo. Good CGN 81 82 84 88 96-98 40 80 PHOTO
6204-087 6204-087 STAHL double-headed adjustable wrench. 4 3-4in long closed. K.G.M and fancy A logo stamped on head. Closes very smoothly. Good plus CGN 229 20 40 PHOTO
6204-088 6204-088 Lot of two FORD wrenches. Double ended box wrench and combination wrench-tire iron. Both marked with Ford logo. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 83 89 20 40 PHOTO
6204-089 6204-089 Lot of three carriage wrenches. All unmarked minor surface corrosion. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 65 75 76 20 40 PHOTO
6204-090 6204-090 Crimping tool. Cast iron blacksmiths crimp with hammer and pry bar. Manufactured by L.N. PFEIFFER of Kenton OH and marked patent applied for. Good ZOM 450 20 40 PHOTO
6204-091 6204-091 McKERCHER self-adjusting wrench. Patented in 1900 by George McKercher of Jackson MI. 14in. Some surface corrosion but no pitting and overall good condition with a few chipped teeth. A rare wrench. Good BB 48 40 80 PHOTO
6204-092 6204-092 HOE CORP. self-adjusting wrench. Patented 1922 and sold by Hoe Corp. of Poughkeepsie NY. Well coated with surface rust but nothing deep and would clean up nicely. 14in model. Good BB 32 40 80 PHOTO
6204-093 6204-093 SEILER patented saw set. Patented by Vincent Seiler of Reading OH in 1884. An unusual patented saw set in good condition. Good LEE 869 30 60 PHOTO
6204-094 6204-094 Lot of two 9in adjustable Ford wrenches. One by MOORE DROP FORGING of Springfield MA very clean and smooth working with bottom jaw a little dinged up. Other one unsigned with square tang on end. Good BB 78 80 25 50 PHOTO
6204-095 6204-095 CYGNET adjustable wrench. Patented in 1923 by Henry Rahling and manufactured by Cygnet of Buffalo head tilts to allow for ratcheting. Clean and smooth working. Good CGN 205 30 60 PHOTO
6204-096 6204-096 Unmarked adjustable wrench. A little surface corrosion but works okay. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good RPG 1 10 20 PHOTO
6204-097 6204-097 Unmarked bicycle wrench. 5in long flat stock bottom jaw a little chewed up. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good SKR 31 10 20 PHOTO
6204-098 6204-098 Unmarked bicycle wrench. 6 1-2in long flat stock extra clean jaws look like it was never used. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus JFR 2 20 40 PHOTO
6204-099 6204-099 STANLEY No. 88 clapboard marker. Patented in 1886 and used to mark a line against clapboards so they could be cut to fit exactly. Proof that Stanley truly did have a tool for every occasion and one of the less common gauges. Missing central screw but you dont really need it and many users threw it away. Good RSI 45 25 50 PHOTO
6204-100 6204-100 Lot of three caulking wedges. Unmarked surface discoloration but no pitting. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good JFR 34-36 20 40 PHOTO
6204-101 6204-101 Hand-forged steel paddle. Not sure what this was for. It could have been fitted into a wooden handle possible for blacksmithing 1 dollar minimum bid. Good DUP 696 10 30 PHOTO
6204-102 6204-102 MILLERS FALLS adjustable angle brace attachment. James Anthoines 1875 patent. Nickel plating on chuck scuffed up but works smoothly. Good minus RSI 262 30 50 PHOTO
6204-103 6204-103 Lot of two hand augurs or gimlet. Unmarked corkscrew type a little bent handles good. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good RSI 249 252 10 20 PHOTO
6204-104 6204-104 Hay or cotton bale tester. Early hand-forged solid metal handle still darn sharp. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good VIN 46 10 30 PHOTO
6204-105 6204-105 Grinder dresser. Cast iron handle rotating wheels used to dress the edge of a grinder. Unusual. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good KAHLER 10 30 PHOTO
6204-106 6204-106 SHEEHAN MFG CO. leather riveter. Patented in 1897 and manufactured by Sheehan a maker of leather and speciality goods in Salem OR. A solid hunk of cast iron clean and complete. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good LEE 855 10 30 PHOTO
6204-107 6204-107 Lot of two hammers. Extra-nice C.S. OSBORNE strapped upholsterers hammer with original ridged handle a few mild dings. Plus an octagonal poll hammer marked CH BROWN handle looks like old replacement. Good and better CGN 201 268 30 60 PHOTO
6204-108 6204-108 CAPEWELL patented nail removing hammer. Replaced handle. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 533 20 40 PHOTO
6204-109 6204-109 HELLER BROS. farriers hammer. Mark faint but readable handle either original or very old replacement. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 541 20 40 PHOTO
6204-110 6204-110 HEBBLETHWAITE stepped claw hammer. A couple of chips out of the end of the claw handle is old replacement and loose. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus ZOM 482 20 40 PHOTO
6204-111 6204-111 STANLEY No. 51 1-2 nail holding hammer. One of Stanleys rarer hammers it has a slot to hold the nail in place for starting it one-handed.   16 oz. Handle probably a replacement but tight and looks good. Good plus COL 2 40 80 PHOTO
6204-112 6204-112 Strapped hammer. Mark on head looks like SandC WINN. Also marked patented. Handle has a charred spot and hang hole but very nice face is a little hipped. Good BB 4 30 60 PHOTO
6204-113 6204-113 Lot of two hammers. Farriers hammer with nice head handle a little loose. And an all metal hammer with stepped claw has a patent date but badly corroded. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus BB 3 33 20 40 PHOTO
6204-114 6204-114 Lot of four tools. Heavy brass plumb bob with steel tip hollow auger HS and Co. piano wrench jewelers saw frame no blade. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good BB 34 192 201 202 20 40 PHOTO
6204-115 6204-115 Unsigned plumb bob. Brass with steel tip lots of dings in brass in original leather belt carrier marked BRUNING. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good PMG 20 10 20 PHOTO
6204-116 6204-116 Solid brass boat cleat. Some surface discoloration but could be polished and made ship-shape and mounted on the deck. With a bonus length of rope - sorry line - wrapped around it. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good COL 24 10 20 PHOTO
6204-117 6204-117 Brass plumb bob. Octagonal shape tapering to point. Steel loop to attach line. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good LEE 871 10 10 PHOTO
6204-118 6204-118 Three wooden spools. Looks like they were part of a loom. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus DUP 687 5 10 PHOTO
6204-119 6204-119 Lot of three tools. Hand forged saw set small brass plumb bob and mystery part. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good JFR 26 32 41 20 40 PHOTO
6204-120 6204-120 Lot of two tools. Scribing knife with nice boxwood handle patented AWL FOR ALL sold by C.A. MYERS of Chicago. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good JFR 27 37 20 40 PHOTO
6204-121 6204-121 Unsigned carving tool set. Five miniature gouges numbered 1-5 nice handes with one flat side. Good plus JFR 74 20 40 PHOTO
6204-122 6204-122 Set of double-bevel chisels. Stainless blades with ring around striking end. I cant figure out what the handle is made of - it has a textured surface that gives a good grip. Barely used. These arent that old but theyre awful pretty. Fine CGN 9 40 80 PHOTO
6204-123 6204-123 Set of stainless screwdrivers. Obviously made by the same maker as the chisels in lot 122 also unused. Fine CGN 10 30 60 PHOTO
6204-124 6204-124 Early tool handle with single blade. Unmarked but tag says this is a patented design in which different blades are held into the handle by a pin. Pin is missing as are all but one blade. 1 dollar minimum bid. Poor VIN 40 10 20 PHOTO
6204-125 6204-125 Set of two T. SMITH and CO paring gouges. Nice handles well used but not abused. Good SKR 6 9 20 40 PHOTO
6204-126 6204-126 Lot of three chisels. 1in 3-4in and 1-4in. One is marked Cast for ATLAS TOOL CO. and Made in Germany one is marked PEXTO 1-4in is unmarked. Socket type with decent handles two are chewed up on striking end. Good SKR 3-5 20 40 PHOTO
6204-127 6204-127 Hand pump. Not sure what this was for. The nozzle on the end looks like its for water but the other end has what looks like a grease fitting. Its a solid piece of brass 24in long when not extended. Good COL 81 20 40 PHOTO
6204-128 6204-128 EDEN SPECIALTY level. IOB. Designed to be screwed onto a board to make your own level. Level has been used but in good clean shape box has one split corner and very nice label. Good plus JO 0080 30 60 PHOTO
6204-129 6204-129 Thermometer. In brass protective tube with hook on top. For some specialized use I think agricultural. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus CGN 38 20 40 PHOTO
6204-130 6204-130 Set of four brass C clamps. Unsigned solid brass with steel screws with large thumbscrews. Unusual to find such a mundane tool made of solid brass clearly a set for some specialized purposes. Good plus VIN 54 20 40 PHOTO
6204-131 6204-131 STANLEY No. 60 doweling jig. Complete and clean with all nine guide.   Its in the original box but the box is a mess. The Good + rating refers to the tool only not the box. Good plus RSI 280 30 60 PHOTO
6204-132 6204-132 STARRETT machinists level IOB. 12in cast iron bench model with large proved vial and small cross-testing and plumb vials. Level is near mint with a trace of rust around the edges but japanning perfect box is very good with intact seams. Fine LEE 870 50 100 PHOTO
6204-133 6204-133 STARRETT machinists level IOB. Later version of the same level as Lot 131 in even better condition with original Starrett wooden box. Owners name in magic marker in lid. Fine CGN 33 50 100 PHOTO
6204-134 6204-134 AKRON ECLIPSE No. 9 level. Manufactured by Baker McMillan of Akron OH. Has the distinctive vials in large glass tubes. 26in stock has dinging but nice crisp edges marks on brass plates worn but readable brass tipped. Good DKN 40 30 60 PHOTO
6204-135 6204-135 STANLEY No. 04 carpenters level. 26in cherry stock in above average condition vials wet. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CP 43 20 40 PHOTO
6204-136 6204-136 User-made level. STANLEY No. 34 vial 5in vial mounted on an 18in steel bar. Bar has some minor surface corrosion on one side but a nice looking level. Good SKR 10 20 40 PHOTO
6204-137 6204-137 Lot of two rosewood mortise gauges. Both unsigned but of early construction both have brass strips on head brass thumbscrews and and internal screw adjustment mechanism most pins worn down one on right a little overpolished. Good ZOM 453 457 40 60 PHOTO
6204-138 6204-138 Mahogany mortise gauge. Unsigned smooth working brass internal screw brass strips in head pins nice and sharp two concentric brass circles in body. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus JFR 272 20 40 PHOTO
6204-139 6204-139 RABONE CHESTERMAN sliding mortise gauge. A little surface dirt but all edges extra crisp nice long sharp pins. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus CPK 32 20 40 PHOTO
6204-140 6204-140 Small wooden clamp. Only mark is No. 15 on both jaws. Crisp and clean with immaculate threads. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus CGN 73 10 30 PHOTO
6204-141 6204-141 Clapboard marking gauge. Unsigned and could be user made. Wood has well worn patina wood screw for pin. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 526 20 40 PHOTO
6204-142 6204-142 STANLEY No. 85 panel gauge. Unmarked as most were. Wooden set screw. Some staining to wood but no damage. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good SKR 8 20 40 PHOTO
6204-143 6204-143 Panel gauge. Unmarked wooden set screw nice and clean. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CP 42 20 40 PHOTO
6204-144 6204-144 GOODELL-PRATT lathe tailstock. Solid piece of cast iron marked with Goodell-Pratt name on the pulley. Fitted with a chuck marked with Landfairs 8-13-95 patent - A rating for rarity in Pearson 16in long. Good JW 145 30 60 PHOTO
6204-145 6204-145 OSBORNE draw gauge. Nice rosewood handle some minor pitting on the bar but overall very solid and attractive gauge. Marked C. OSBORNE and CO. NEWARK. Good CGN 166 30 60 PHOTO
6204-146 6204-146 GENERAL HARDWARE No. 55 circle cutter IOB. Adjusts from 1 3-4 to 8in. Includes one extra cutter and original allen wrench. Box is dirty with split seams tool has a little surface rust but perfectly usable. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good 1VIN 10 30 PHOTO
6204-147 6204-147 STANLEY No. 59 dowelling jig. The books says these were nickel-plated cast iron but this is aluminum so must be a later model. Includes all six original guides and close to mint. Fine RSI 279 20 40 PHOTO
6204-148 6204-148 Lot of two block planes IOB. STANLEY No. H1247 Handyman 6-5-8in and SARGENT No. 1107 Hercules. Planes are near mint with near perfect paint and decals and only a couple of small dings boxes have split seams but are intact. Fine RSI 162 192 30 60 PHOTO
6204-149 6204-149 Lot of two molding planes. 1-2in hollow by G. WHITE PHILA. Type A mark in AWP. And 3-8in deep hollow by GREENFIELD TOOL CO. Greenfield is fully boxed with one split in the boxing good conditon a couple of nails may be an old repair. White plane is in average shape George was Israel Whites brother and worked through 1824 when he died at 33. Good CPK 90 108 30 60 PHOTO
6204-150 6204-150 Lot of two molding planes. Boxed fluting plane marked CHARLES and CO. and J. WHITE with a mark that looks like dividers with an arrow. Charles and Co. isnt listed in AWP. J. White could be Jacob Israels father but he isnt listed as using this mark . Wedge chewed up but body in decent condition. And a hollow by E. SMITH C1 mark in AWP in poor condition with inactive worm. Good minus BB 221 223 30 60 PHOTO
6204-151 6204-151 Matched set of German 3-16in table planes. With elaborate trademarks that have the word Columbia in an arc between a circle with LW and a heart with WB. Numbered 25 and 26. Both are boxed but the boxing has dried out and cracked and part is missing. Unusual. Good minus CGN 104 105 20 40 PHOTO
6204-152 6204-152 M. READ side rabbet plane. Two star mark in AWP. Minor dinging on body and wedge but above average condition and attractive wood. Good plus JFW 74 30 60 PHOTO
6204-153 6204-153 Unmarked moving filletster plane. Brass fence rounded depth stop. Screws a little chewed up and some dinging but overall clean and attractive. Dark reddish wood wedge looks like boxwood. Good JFR 75 30 60 PHOTO
6204-154 6204-154 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 254 wooden dado plane. 1-2in dado plane with spurs to score the grain and skewed cutter. Brass depth stop. A little surface rust on cutters but wood is nice and clean. Semi-circular owners stamp on toe. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus BB 216 20 40 PHOTO
6204-155 6204-155 BELCHER BROS cask gauge. Good age with hand stamped numbers. 1ft long. Slide a little loose. Good THF 185 20 40 PHOTO
6204-156 6204-156 STANLEY No. 53 1-2 architects rule. One of Stanleys rarer rules with draft scales on beveled interior sides. Closed crack on one leg but otherwise clean with good pins. Good THF 201 40 80 PHOTO
6204-157 6204-157 Lot of two measuring tools. STANLEY No. 122 combination square complete with original scratch awl. And an unmarked brass bench level with rotating vial cover and pitch adjustment. Good plus CGN 28 240 30 60 PHOTO
6204-158 6204-158 Lot of two STANLEY measuring tools. No. 1293 Defiance torpedo level and No. 12TS 6in square with blue blade and original Belknap Blue Grass label. Both very clean. Good plus CGN 17 236 30 60 PHOTO
6204-159 6204-159 STANLEY No. 12TS square. 10in model with one chip out of the handle. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good PMG 38 10 20 PHOTO
6204-160 6204-160 Lot of four measuring tools. GENERAL HARDWARE No. 16 combination gauge square and center finder and 6in rule with square head and pocket clip and 2 STARRET rules No. C316R and No. 10 GRAD. Good plus SKR 41 44 46 36 20 40 PHOTO
6204-161 6204-161 Lot of two levels. GOODELL-PRATT 6in machinist bench level with shafting groove and MARPLES and SONS 6in torpedo level. Good and better with wet vials. Good SKR 17 25 20 40 PHOTO
6204-162 6204-162 Lot of two STANLEY caliper rules. No. 32 four fold in extra clean condition and a No. 36 1-2 R two fold in above average condition. All joints tight no damage to wood a very nice pair. Plus a 12in VERITAS steel rule. Good plus SKR 14 24 45 40 80 PHOTO
6204-163 6204-163 Lot of three measuring tools. A STANLEY No. 84 four fold rule with sweetheart mark chip by one hinge and overall dirty an unmarked fully bound four-fold rule with some scoring marks and a little dirty and Craftsman plastic corner level. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good SKR 15 16 21 15 30 PHOTO
6204-164 6204-164 MAYDOLE hammer. Original Maydole head with replacement handle. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus COL 3 5 15 PHOTO
6204-165 6204-165 Lot of three hammers. C.S. OSBORNE upholsters with original handle and intact and mostly readible label older unmarked upholsterers and STANLEY small ball peen with traces of label. Good CGN 2 3 281 20 40 PHOTO
6204-166 6204-166 Lot of two light nailing hammers. STANLEY probably No. 12 or 14 with partial decal on handle and GERMANTOWN mfd by Griffith Tools Works in Philadelphia with mostly intact level. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 545 10 30 PHOTO
6204-167 6204-167 G.L. SMITH washer cutter. Unusually large and well-made for a washer cutter with brass body and set screw and steel blade can cut up to 6in radius. Different and attractive. Good VIN 44 20 40 PHOTO
6204-168 6204-168 KEYSTONE ratcheting socket wrench and drill. Based on Charles Myers 2-10-91 patent. Nickel plating only about 60 percent and some surface rust but works smoothly and a real gizmo. Good BB 155 30 60 PHOTO
6204-169 6204-169 Lot of two braces. Wooden unplated sheffield type and metal with augur bit that has been permanently installed by peening over the tip both dirty and with loose heads. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair VIN 17 73 15 30 PHOTO
6204-170 6204-170 Unmarked brace. Taylor-type with catch for bits surface rust and some pitting but complete and sound. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus BB 127 10 20 PHOTO
6204-171 6204-171 STANLEY No. 7 jointer plane. Type T trademark used 1907-09 on cutter but notched rectangle on cap iron and tall knob indicate later model light surface rust throughout but solid and complete tote a little loose. Good MLD 60 40 80 PHOTO
6204-172 6204-172 STANLEY No. 8C corrugated jointer plane. Type 11 with older cutter last type of short knob all metal surfaces very clean good knob and tote. Good plus DKN 6 50 100 PHOTO
6204-173 6204-173 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. Sweetheart mark on cutter tall knob tote is broken and needs to be reglued. Good minus RSI 103 30 60 PHOTO
6204-174 6204-174 STANLEY No. 8 jointer plane. Cap iron eroded at edge surface rust tote and knob good notched rectangle mark on cap iron. Good PFF 0518 40 80 PHOTO
6204-175 6204-175 STANLEY Bedrock No. 607C corrugated sole jointer plane. Earlier type with rounded top sides. Metal clean good knob and tote some flaws in japanning. Good JW 172 60 120 PHOTO
6204-176 6204-176 STANLEY No. 6C corrugated sole plane. Type 6 or 7 with cutter marked with 1892 patent metal clean good knob and tote japanning about 75 percent. Good JW 114 50 100 PHOTO
6204-177 6204-177 STANLEY No. 31 prelateral wood bottom plane. Type 5 with nice clear eagle mark and model number on toe semi-circular mark on cutter. Very nice condition with minor toolbox dinging. Good plus JW 130 75 150 PHOTO
6204-178 6204-178 STANLEY No. 30 wood bottom jointer plane. Type 14 1912-1920 with vee trademark on cutter nice clean example with minimum dinging and rust. Good RSI 99 30 60 PHOTO
6204-179 6204-179 Unsigned razee type jointer plane. Walnut stepped body cutter marked E and IJ White Buffalo. Cutter is a bad fit and may have been added later but wood is in good shape. Good minus VIN 20 30 60 PHOTO
6204-180 6204-180 STANLEY No. 30 prelateral jointer plane. Type 5 with clear eagle mark and model number on toe semi-circular mark on cutter. Top of tote sheered off and substantial dinging but sound and complete. Good CPK 89 50 100 PHOTO
6204-181 6204-181 STANLEY No. 28 jack plane. Type 8 1886-88 tip of tote sheered off some dinging and loss of japanning but a solid example. Good AED 15 30 60 PHOTO
6204-182 6204-182 Home set of IRWIN augur bits IOB. Original augur bits No. 8 9 10 and 12 in flip-top compartmented wooden box. Box has some splits and charring but the latch works and the label is worn but readible. The bits are good overall sharp with minimal to no surface rust. Plus somesome has added an 1-4in PEMCO bit that wasnt part of the original set. Good UNK 20 40 PHOTO
6204-183 6204-183 Super clean RUSSELL JENNINGS augur bit set IOB. Complete set from 1-4in to 1in of Jennings No. 100 bits with double thread point. Bits are clean sharp and virtually rust free but the real prize is the three compartment dovetailed box with a few minor dings but no major splits all original hardware and an immaculate decal on the inside cover. Fine CGN 20 150 300 PHOTO
6204-184 6204-184 STANLEY No. 70 1-2 closed throat router plane. Wartime model with all japanned casting and rosewood knobs. A few minor dings to the knobs to show it was used but otherwise near mint. Japanning is perfect. Includes two extra blades and oft-missing adjustable fence. In what looks like a user-made box. You wont find a nicer example. Fine RSI 17 35 70 PHOTO
6204-185 6204-185 STANLEY No. 50s light combination plane IOB. The English version of the Stanley No. 50. The 50S designation indicated that it came with a limited set of eight cutters and theyre here in the original box with spacer to show the other cutters available. The plane itself is close to mint with no flaking of the nickel plating and all original parts including the original envelope for the shaving deflector and screws. Box lid has one split seam but otherwise clean and complete with decent label. If you collect Stanleys English planes you wont find a better No. 50. Fine RSI 16 50 100 PHOTO
6204-186 6204-186 STANLEY No. 50 light combination plane with full set of cutters. Looks like Type 7 1920s with fishscale handle but no blade adjustment.   Plane body and all accessories in very good condition noting some wear to the handle and minor flaking of the nickel along the scale. Includes both depth and beading stop plus a cam stop from a No. 45 and what appears to be complete set of 15 cutters in original wooden box no decal. I think the plane box itself is user made but a nice job. Overall nice complete example of the No. 50. Good plus SSG 32 60 120 PHOTO
6204-187 6204-187 Box of carpenters chalks from SANDUSKY CRAYON CO. The box claims to hold a gross of these semi-circular chalks I didnt count them but it looks full. Good clear label on the box top is tacked on no hinge or catch. Presumably the hardware store just pried the label off and left them by the register like carpenter pencils at todays Home Depot. If you need an example of every tool that came out of Sandusky OH bet you dont have one of these. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good BMH 53 20 40 PHOTO
6204-188 6204-188 STANLEY No. 45 and 55 cutter bonanza. A total of eight cutter boxes none with labels. Three are marked in pencil 55 and appear to be three of the four boxes for the standard 55 cutter set cutters are numbered two are marked 45 and appear to be from a 45 standard set three are older boxes unmarked with what appear to be primarily from the standard set. A few chips on the edges of a couple of older ones but in overall good condition. All housed in a No. 45 sliding top dovetailed box with barely discernable label. Good and better PFF 0734 100 200 PHOTO
6204-189 6204-189 YANKEE No. 100 Tool Set IOB. Includes No. 30 spiral ratchet No. 11 and No. 15 ratchets. Handles show wear from honest use and a couple of paint spatters ratchets could use some oil but all work. Includes three blades for the No. 30 and four bits but missing the chuck attachment that would allow the bits to be used. In good original wood box with partial decal on lid and nice complete label with instructions inside. Good plus CGN 175 50 100 PHOTO
6204-190 6204-190 CRAFTSMAN No. 9-4186 doweling jig IOB. Clean and complete with original instructions. Handles six dowel sizes from 3-16in - 1-2in built into a turret so no loose dowel sleeves to lose. Good box with one spit seam. Perfect user. Good plus RSI 278 30 60 PHOTO
6204-191 6204-191 Set of nine number stamps in original wood box. Perfect for marking your tools. Clean and unsigned. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 68 20 40 PHOTO
6204-192 6204-192 Set of nine number stamps in original wood box. Larger than the stamps in 191 more surface rust and box in rougher shape but still usable. Marked Made in Germany. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus 6 VIN 15 30 PHOTO
6204-193 6204-193 STANLEY No. 95G butt gauge IOB. Late zinc model grubby but good box with original instructions. Good user. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good plus MLD 43 10 20 PHOTO
6204-194 6204-194 Lot of STARRETT and other collets. A set of 26 collets housed in an old sewing machine accessory box many of them are matched and signed by STARRETT but there are other makers as well. Plus a group of 10 miscelleous sized collets in a glass jar. Good PMG 26 27 20 40 PHOTO
6204-195 6204-195 Lot of 14 flat-tanged augur bits. Several are marked G.W.TESCH and SOHNS some have a distinctive anchor trademark. All have a distinctive flat tang that would not fit in most braces. Unusual. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good MLD 9 20 40 PHOTO
6204-196 6204-196 Lot of three vises. Unsigned vise with two arms on the sides that allow the jaw assembly to be tilted at up to a 90 degree angle from the base. Unsigned. No clamp but slots to allow it to be bolted to a workbench. One of the bolts on which it tilts is missing but would be easily replaced. The jaws have holes drilled to mount liners inside them and without them the jaws only close to with 1-8in of each other. Plus two clamp-on bench vises one marked LITTLESTOWN HDW and FDY CO NEW YORK and No. 2 and the other marked PVCo NY 152. All work smoothly. Good CGN 145 294 298 30 60 PHOTO
6204-197 6204-197 STANLEY No. 702 woodworkers vise. All aluminum designed to clamp to any surface. Made in 1957 only. Very useful vise and a good worker. Good JW 146 20 40 PHOTO
6204-198 6204-198 Lot of three unmarked bench vises. One has unusual spring loaded tilting jaw looks like it should be patented but unmarked. All are slightly different and all work smoothly. Good JW 159 161 165 30 60 PHOTO
6204-199 6204-199 Miniature potbellied iron stove. I dont know if this was a salesman sample or for actual use in metal casting. It doesnt look like it was used much but it doesnt have any name on it as you would expect of a salesman sample. Complete and clean. Good plus CEB 1 50 100 PHOTO
6204-200 6204-200 Lead melting pot and stand. I assume thats what the pot is for. It has a sliding door at the base held on by modern-looking bolts and a hole drilled in the bottom. The stand is marked ADAMS MFG and patent pending and looks like it goes with the pot. Both cast iron. Good CGN 60 30 60 PHOTO
6204-201 6204-201 Melting pot. I dont know anything about casting but this is a small pot that fits neatly into the larger pot and I assume acts as a double boiler. Marked Hobbies on the base. Good CGN 47 30 60 PHOTO
6204-202 6204-202 Lot of three ladles. One with wooden handle one steel and one cast iron. All unmarked. Good CGN 63 30 60 PHOTO
6204-203 6204-203 Lipped shipwrights adze. Unsigned square poll head is 9in long x 4in wide 32in old handle loose. Good ALV 5 25 50 PHOTO
6204-204 6204-204 Lipped shipwrights adze. Unsigned spiked poll head is 10in long x 5in wide old unfinished handle some surface rust. Good ALV 2 25 50 PHOTO
6204-205 6204-205 Carpenters adze. Unsigned spiked poll head is 10in x 4in looks like newer handle needs a wedge. Good ALV 4 20 40 PHOTO
6204-206 6204-206 Mortise axe. Unsigned with hooked poll. Blade is 13in overall with poll and 2 1-2in wide.   Old handle with good solid wedge. Good ALV 6 30 60 PHOTO
6204-207 6204-207 Trade axe. Rounded blade. The handle is made of a tree limb with a burl on the end and the blade has a sharpened end that is wedged into the burl. You could turn it around and use it as a club but that might knock the blade loose. Different and decorative. Blade extends 6in from the burl. Some schmutz on the blade looks like it may have been greased but no rust and easily cleaned. Good plus ALV 3 50 100 PHOTO
6204-208 6204-208 Lot of three project saws. Disston ripsaw with thumb groove in handle handle has chips older Disston crosscut and a Craftsman. All have rust and-or paint on blades no etchings visible. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair RSI 157 158 161 10 30 PHOTO
6204-209 6204-209 DISSTON back saw. 10in blade some pitting on blade and back handle worn but no major chips good clear medallion circa 1900. Good ZOM 504 20 40 PHOTO
6204-210 6204-210 Coopers grooving howell plane. The howell was used to cut a groove around the inside of the barrel to fit the head. Usually they have a broad slightly curved cutter but this one has a v-shaped cutter to cut groover. No wedge but a hand cast brass thumbscrew to hold the blade. Unusual variant. Good BB 110 30 60 PHOTO
6204-211 6204-211 M JONES double door plane. This has a couple of M. JONES marks one looks like a makers mark and the other like an owners mark so cant tell which he was. Maybe both. Theres a another mark too faint to read. In the form of a double plane held together with bolts. Both halves are fully boxed and the boxing is good shape good body with excellent patina cutters are rusty. Good BB 70 30 60 PHOTO
6204-212 6204-212 J. DENISON sun plane. Denison worked in Saybrook in the 1850s and 60s first with his brother and then on his own. This is a nice clean example of an uncommon plane with no major flaws to the wood and a good wedge. Good BB 72 30 60 PHOTO
6204-213 6204-213 BENSEN and CRANNELL complex moulder. 3in wide sole boxed good clean wood and wedge clear stamp. Good BB 113 30 60 PHOTO
6204-214 6204-214 A. INGLIS moving filletster. Type B mark - two stars in AWP. Overall good condition with a couple of minor paint splatters. Good BB 115 25 50 PHOTO
6204-215 6204-215 Coopers howell plane. Unlike 6204-210 has a flat cutter for cutting a groove at the barrel top and a more typical wedge unsigned deeply grooved on the back from use. An uncommon plane. Good BB 103 30 60 PHOTO
6204-216 6204-216 STANLEY No. 31 wood bottom jointer plane. Type 15 1920-21 unusual short-lived variant with sweetheart mark on cutter. Overall very good condition with one chip out of body very good tote and knob. Good RSI 104 30 60 PHOTO
6204-217 6204-217 STANLEY No. 31 wood bottom jointer plane. Type 9 1888-90 first model with second type lateral. Cutter has light surface rust but wood knob and tote all very good. Good ZOM 447 30 60 PHOTO
6204-218 6204-218 User-modified STANLEY No. 29 wood bottom fore plane. This started life as a type 8 - it has the first type of lateral adjustment - but someone nickel plated the metal and replaced the tote with one that is slightly too high so it interferes with the lateral adjustment and works loose. The nickel plating is very well done and maybe it was a special factory order. An oddball. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus RSI 102 20 40 PHOTO
6204-219 6204-219 STANLEY No. 26 wood bottom jack plane. Type 16 1922-39 but with later Stanley mark on top of toe not shown in type study cutter very rusty tote split and will need to be reglued. Project plane. 1 dollar minimum bid. Fair BB 251 10 20 PHOTO
6204-220 6204-220 T.J. McMASTER moving filletster plane. Unusual design with an L-shaped fence that wraps around the plane body and has square arms in additon to screws on the bottom. Missing cutter and wedge and screws one arm wedge missing and the other replaced with a chunk of wood wood overall dirty and dinged up. Still an unusual plane worthy of study and possible restoration. 1 dollar minimum bid. Poor BB 243 10 30 PHOTO
6204-221 6204-221 Hand forged screw tap. 1in diameter 10in long top peened over. Old and well made. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good ZOM 429 20 40 PHOTO
6204-222 6204-222 STANLEY No. 42 saw set. Good decal clean and functional. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good RSI 194 10 30 PHOTO
6204-223 6204-223 Lot of two coopers tools. Bung hole borer 2in diameter and reamer. Both unsigned but old and well made the reamer is older with a peened over handle. Good RSI 259 30 60 PHOTO
6204-224 6204-224 I. LONG sickle. The sickle is 14in across sharp enough to shave with with a solid wooden handle but what sets it apart is the mark of this New Hampshire planemaker which rates two stars in AWP. Good JSW 1 20 40 PHOTO
6204-225 6204-225 Lot of two tools. Unsigned ice tongs probably made by a blacksmith. A clever linkage forms a handle for easier carrying. Riveted joints. Light surfacing pitting throughout. An unusual variation on a common tool. Plus a pair of metal shears by BURBON and BALL markede Patent No. 294 and Made in England. Good plus DUP 584 683 30 60 PHOTO
6204-226 6204-226 LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO. self-adjusting pipe wrench. 20in long clearly marked some surface rust but works smoothly. Good BB 29 20 40 PHOTO
6204-227 6204-227 Lot of two blowtorches. PRIMUS No. 40 blowtorch cylindrical copper I think tank handle wrapped with some kind of insulating material like rattan just starting to unravel. Very complex nozzle Primus Cooking and Heating Appartus Co. New York and patent date stamped on filler cap. A strap of some kind has been welded onto the tank - looks like old repair. Plus unsigned copper blowtorch thumb-actuated nozzle wooden handle on pump. Tank has only one tiny ding. Good CGN 41 303 40 80 PHOTO
6204-228 6204-228 Lot of three blowtorches. Copper blowtorch marked BRITISH MONITOR NO. 26. Light rust on the iron straps but copper is clean and not overly polished. Gastorch by HARMIC MFG of Somerville MA. Cast iron tank gold painted with red painted handle. Excellent complete decal that cautions you to use only good white gasoline with no lead or other additives. Plus unmarked blowtorch with cylindrical brass tank. Valve on the pump handle is labeled 58 - a couple of dents in the tank but nothing major. Good CGN 42 48 293 50 100 PHOTO
6204-229 6204-229 User-made chip-carved jointer plane. 23in sole made of a tight-grained light wood I think white beech. Ornate patterns of chip-carved rosettes throughout including initials FA. No date but looks to be early 1800s or earlier. Some closed cracks particularly on the heel but no worm. Has a Thistle brand cutter from Auburn NY which has to be removed through the mouth. Overall a very attractive early plane that crosses the border into folk art. Good plus ALV 71 100 200 PHOTO
6204-230 6204-230 DUNLAP bench plane. Dunlaps version of the Stanely No. 4 with 9in sole. Some light surface corrosion and lacquer on the tote is rough but no major chips. Solid user. Good DUS 41 35 70 PHOTO
6204-231 6204-231 MILLERS FALLS No. 900 bench plane. MFs version of the Stanley No. 4 with 9in sole. Light toolbox dinging and some paint flecks on the tote but overall clean and complete. Good UNK 40 80 PHOTO
6204-232 6204-232 Early type STANLEY No. 12 veneer scraper. Type 2 with graceful sloped body but the cutter doesnt have the cut off corners so may be later. Good clean rosewood handles overall very nice condition. Good plus CGN 19 75 150 PHOTO
6204-233 6204-233 STANLEY No. 83 cabinet scraper. Good clean overall condition with some minor loss of nickel plating. Good cutter. Wide roller type. Good plus RSI 147 50 100 PHOTO
6204-234 6204-234 Lot of STANLEY cabinet maker rabbet planes. No. 92 which looks like Type 1 - it doesnt have the steel disc on the toe covering up the hollow molding. And No. 93 with the steel disc marked with sweetheart mark. Both well used with some loss of nickel plating and screw slots chewed up but still sold and usable. Good cutters. Both marked with user initials. Good RSI 183 184 100 200 PHOTO
6204-235 6204-235 STANLEY No. 4 bench plane with steel tote. Unusual variation on the Stanley design with the tote made of steel with notched rectangle trademark cast into tote as well as blade cap. Tall hardwood knob otherwise appears to be circa Type 14. Good plus RSI 132 60 120 PHOTO
6204-236 6204-236 STANLEY Liberty Bell No. 104 bench plane. Good strong libery bell mark on the iron cap some dinging on one side of tote but no major chips light overall surface corrosion blade would need work before use. Good RSI 133 75 150 PHOTO
6204-237 6204-237 Lot of two STANLEY rabbet planes for parts. No. 192 missing depth stop and spur japanning and 75 percent. And a No. 78 missing its fence and with bottom horn broken off tote. Fair RSI 20 65 30 60 PHOTO
6204-238 6204-238 STANLEY No. 1105 Four Square jack plane. Good clean example gray paint about 85 percent. Good JW 122 30 60 PHOTO
6204-239 6204-239 KEEN KUTTER No. 4 1-2 bench plane. Tote has been broken and reglued very well so crack is hard to spot some light surface corrosion otherwise good condition. Good DKN 32 40 80 PHOTO
6204-240 6204-240 STANLEY No. 4 1-2 benchh plane. Surface rust on cutter and cheeks good tote and knob with Paul J. Devitt hardware company stick notched rectangle mark. Good RSI 135 30 60 PHOTO
6204-241 6204-241 MILLERS FALLS No.9 bench plane. Light surface corrosion very good knob and tote cutter edge has nicks. Good CGN 102 35 70 PHOTO
6204-242 6204-242 STANLEY No. 3 bench plane. Type 12 with high knob and vee mark on cutter good clean overall condition with no major dings or chips. Good plus RSI 130 40 80 PHOTO
6204-243 6204-243 SARGENT No. 3416 wood bottom jack plane. 15in sole good overall condition with light toolbox dinging only. The Sargent wood bottom planes are uncommon. Good CGN 155 40 80 PHOTO
6204-244 6204-244 STANLEY Liberty Bell No. 122 wood bottom bench plane. Type 5 with vee trademark on cutter. Wood in good overall condition japanning about 80 percent. Good RSI 87 30 60 PHOTO
6204-245 6204-245 STANLEY No. 147 match plane. Good overall condition with some loss of nickel plating and surface corrosion. Only has the grooving cutter. Good RSI 119 75 150 PHOTO
6204-246 6204-246 STANLEY No. 49 swinging fence tongue and groove plane. Nice clean example of a scarce Stanley speciality plane nickle is 95 percent+ one cutter holding screw is a modern replacement. Good DKN 8 60 120 PHOTO
6204-247 6204-247 STANLEY NO. 82 cabinet scraper. Later model with maroon stained handle knob has number of dents but otherwise good condition with japanning almost perfect. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good DKN 3 20 40 PHOTO
6204-248 6204-248 STANLEY NO. 82 cabinet scraper. Nice clean example solid user. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 243 20 40 PHOTO
6204-249 6204-249 STANLEY No. 220 block plane. Good clean example of a workhorse plane notched rectangle mark on cutter. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good RSI 208 15 30 PHOTO
6204-250 6204-250 STANLEY No. 140 rabbet and block plane. Early Type 2 with patent date stamped on side screws that hold the side plate on look original. Nickel worn off the knob from use but otherwise very clean example of an uncommon plane. Good plus DKN 12 60 120 PHOTO
6204-251 6204-251 STANLEY NO. 9 1-2 block plane IOB. Later model with Hand-y grip on side and notched rectangle mark on cutter. Some spotting of light surface rust but overall good condition with japanning near 100 percent. Box has two split seams but decent overall shape with intact label. Good plus RSI 222 35 70 PHOTO
6204-252 6204-252 STANLEY NO. 102 block plane IOB. Later model with notched rectangle mark on cutter some surface pitting box has split seams that have been scotch taped but its all there with the label. Good RSI 211     PHOTO
6204-253 6204-253 STANLEY No. 90 block plane Type 1. Lack of model number marks it as type 1 also has the 8-3-97 patent number stamped on the cutter. A little wear to the nickel mostly on the knob but good clean overall condition. Good plus DKN 11 60 120 PHOTO
6204-254 6204-254 STANLEY No. 90 block plane. Later type with notched rectangle mark on cutter extra clean with nickel close to 100 percent. Fine RSI 188 50 100 PHOTO
6204-255 6204-255 STANLEY No. 99 left-hand rabbet plane. Clean and complete with only a few minor scuffs to the nickel. Good plus RSI 187 60 120 PHOTO
6204-256 6204-256 C.I MIX and CO. folding drawknife. Patented by Scovill Atkins on 12-31-01 and may have been influenced by New Years Eve celebration. Patented feature is that the handles can be locked in different positions. Unfortunately the wood handles are in rough shape and one of the locking wingnuts has lost one of its wings but you can still lock the handles in different positions should you feel the urge. Rare and gimmicky. Good minus BB 200 20 40 PHOTO
6204-257 6204-257 STANLEY No. 55 combination plane. 1920s-30s model with a few flaws in the nickel plating. No cutter but otherwise appears to have all the parts that could be mounted at one time but no extras. With a set of cutters youre good to go. Good MLD 3 100 200 PHOTO
6204-258 6204-258 STANLEY Type 1 No. 45 combination plane. Missing the slitter mounted with the rear depth stop and the long depth stop that went on the auxiliiary sliding section otherwise a good clean example of the Type 1. Just one cutter. Good FES 785 150 300 PHOTO
6204-259 6204-259 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 8 1907-08 with B casting mark on fence good overall condition with three depth stops slitter and cam rest nickel is 90 percent tote and knob good just one cutter. Good JFR 66 75 150 PHOTO
6204-260 6204-260 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 4. Only has the short rods and auxiliary sliding section no fence. Rear slitter also missing but has all three depth stops. Nickel plating tote and knob all in good shape. Good CGN 70 60 120 PHOTO
6204-261 6204-261 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 11 or thereabouts. Missing the knob depth stop on the auxiliary fence rear slitter and depth stop nickel has some missing patches but in decent shape big chip out of top horn of the tote. Fair RSI 14 50 100 PHOTO
6204-262 6204-262 Set of cutters for STANLEY No. 45 plane IOB. Set includes 21 cutters all sharp and clean. According to the label these were combined with the two mounted in the plane itself for a complete set of 23 but those are missing. Box is a little ratty but complete with a good label with sweetheart mark. Buy this to go along with any of the 45s listed above. Good plus MLD 8 70 140 PHOTO
6204-263 6204-263 STANLEY No. S18 steel block plane. One of Stanleys steel line of planes designed to be dropped on concrete floors without breaking. Steel has overall tarnishing but overall clean and complete. Sweetheart mark. A rare Stanley plane. Good MLD 4 75 150 PHOTO
6204-264 6204-264 CRAFTSMAN steel block plane. Adjustable throat knob is tarnished from use but japanning is good. An uncommon Craftsman plane. Good DUP 677 40 80 PHOTO
6204-265 6204-265 STANLEY No. G12-220 block plane. Later model block plane with intact yellow decal. Japanning about 80 percent clean and complete. Nonadjustable throat. Good CGN 148 30 60 PHOTO
6204-266 6204-266 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. A number 102 with japanning mostly worn off knob but otherwise good. And a No. 16 with 6in sole - later type of Hand-y groove. Some surface corrosion on sole but otherwise good. Good CPK 16 27 35 70 PHOTO
6204-267 6204-267 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. STANLEY No. 120 type 3 or later japanning worn on knob but otherwise good condition. Plus what I think is a No. 60 low angle plane nickel plated and marked with Turnbulls 10-12-97 patent for the throat adjustment big chip broken out of adjustment knob vee mark on cutter. Good CPK 5 26 30 60 PHOTO
6204-268 6204-268 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 118 unbreakable steel block plane with name and number on the desirable separate plate some surface corrosion but decent overall condition plus an English model G12-060 in good clean condition with intact yellow decal. Good RSI 203 220 30 60 PHOTO
6204-269 6204-269 STANLEY No. S-18 steel block plane. Good clear sweetheart mark also marked with Bodmers 2-18-13 for the knuckle joint cap. Steel body was designed to be unbreakable. Uncommon like most of the steel-body line. Good RSI 219 60 120 PHOTO
6204-270 6204-270 STANLEY No. 18 Type 1 block plane. Throat adjusts by loosening knob which marks it as a Type 1. Nickel is mostly worn off but still a rare type 1. Good RSI 212 70 140 PHOTO
6204-271 6204-271 Lot of two STANLEY block planes. No. 9 1-2 with a vee mark on cutter and No. 17 with notched rectangle. Both clearly used but in good overall condition. Good RSI 213 215 35 70 PHOTO
6204-272 6204-272 STANLEY No. 65 low angle block plane. Later model with number stamped on side and notched rectangle mark on cutter. Nickel plating on knuckle joint and japanning and nickel both in very good condition. Good RSI 218 30 60 PHOTO
6204-273 6204-273 STANLEY NO. 65 1-2 low angle block plane. Notched rectangle mark on cutter japanned version of knuckle joint. Japanning worn off knob but otherwise good. Good RSI 210 30 60 PHOTO
6204-274 6204-274 Lot of two molding planes. One by Leonard and Ichabod White no relation to Israel were planemaking brothers in Buffalo. One star mark I AWP. Ogee shape with snipe bill along side. Plus one with a shallow 1 1-2in round signed Higgs - not in AWP. A few paint speckles. Both have good wood and rusty cutters. Good BB 82 159 40 80 PHOTO
6204-275 6204-275 CS SEE rounding plane. Type C1 mark three stars in AWP. Lots of owners marks a charred spot on body. 9-8 stamp on heel. Good BB 157 30 60 PHOTO
6204-276 6204-276 JJ STYLES moulding plane. Beading plane fully boxed nice wood but several dents on one side as if someone hit it with a punch. Styles worked in Kingston NY - one star in AWP. Good BB 171 30 60 PHOTO
6204-277 6204-277 Lot of two moulding planes. Wide profile moulder marked Collins could be one of several. Throat is crudely gouged out. And a narrower moulder by a Philadelphia maker but the name is obscured by owners marks. Both in good clean condition a couple of minor chips on the Collins. Good BB 161 179 30 60 PHOTO
6204-278 6204-278 Lot of two moulding planes. Unusual shallow rounding plane with side-mounted tote by TREMAN BROTHERS of Ithaca. Nice clear A stamp two stars in AWP. No cutter. Plus an unsigned narrow fluting plane with some closed cracks and charring. Good BB 164 168 30 60 PHOTO
6204-279 6204-279 Coachmakers router. Very nicely designed and made with a gunmetal fence adjusted by brass thumbscrew. Marked WILLIAMS and ..BORO R. - maybe Rhode Island Very attractive piece of wood. Good plus CGN 105 30 60 PHOTO
6204-280 6204-280 Open scorp. 5in blade marked Cast Steel but no maker. Nicely patinated handle - maybe walnut 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 115 20 40 PHOTO
6204-281 6204-281 Drawknife. Unusual design with knob-like handles and 5 1-2in blade. French mark - looks like Garanti and Patry Freres with a lion mark. Blade is clean and sharp some inactive worm in handles. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 67 20 40 PHOTO
6204-282 6204-282 FULTON patented drawknife. The mechanism for the folding handles on this drawknife was patented 2-20-06 by Archer Jennings of Yalesville CT. In immaculate condition with an 8in blade thats so sharp Im bleeding as I type this. A beautiful example of a rare folding drawknife. Fine CGN 299 40 80 PHOTO
6204-283 6204-283 NEW HAVEN TOOL CO. drawkinfe. Marked No. 14 and with a 14in blade clean and sharp. Unusual size. Good plus CGN 106 30 60 PHOTO
6204-284 6204-284 STANLEY No. 80 cabinet scraper. Sweetheart mark. Light surface corrosion on blade holder japanning 80 percent. Good COL 10 20 40 PHOTO
6204-285 6204-285 SNELL and ATHERTON leather shave. American manufacturer early 1900s. Brass fence overall in good condition. Good JFR 92 20 40 PHOTO
6204-286 6204-286 STANLEY No. 66 hand beader. Nickel in good condition one cutter includes the fence. Good MLD 16 35 70 PHOTO
6204-287 6204-287 STANLEY No. 84 spokeshave. Boxwood spokeshave wood is a little dirty but no chips or flaws some corrosion on the nickel plated parts good blade. Good MLD 12 30 60 PHOTO
6204-288 6204-288 STANLEY No. 81 spokeshave. Rosewood handle wood is in good overall conditions with a few dings a little surface corrosion on metal parts but would clean up very nicely. Good RSI 268 60 120 PHOTO
6204-289 6204-289 STANLEY No. 85 spokeshave. Boxwood handles in good condition noting a chip on one end a little flaking on the nickel plating. Good RSI 271 60 120 PHOTO
6204-290 6204-290 STANLEY No. 84 spokeshave. Boxwood handles with one hang hole but otherwise very clean nickel plating in good shape. Good RSI 270 50 100 PHOTO
6204-291 6204-291 Lot of two incomplete coachmakers routers. Both appear to be handmade. One has complex curved sole and an integral fence but is missing a cutter the other needs a wedge and cutter. Both are beautiful pieces of wood undamaged and nicely patinated and could be displayed as is. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good minus VIN 222 20 40 PHOTO
6204-292 6204-292 BARTHOLOMEW patented brace. One of the series of brace patents by Harry Bartholomew of Bristol CT this is his 5-28-67 patent which has a B rarity rating in Pearson. Theres a maker on the stock which appears to end in R and Co. Nicely cleaned metal chuck works smoothly pad turns well and has a few dings but no chips or splits. Nice example. Good plus BB 185 30 60 PHOTO
6204-293 6204-293 Steel octagonsal-shaft Taylor-style brace. Original spring in lever lock chuck. Unsigned. Good tight head. Metal clean with minimal oxidation and no pitting. Good plus DUP 691 20 40 PHOTO
6204-294 6204-294 JO-LINE adjustable drill. A drill you can bend into any configuration based on a patent by Ira Clawson of Los Angeles and manufactured by the Jo Mfg. Co. Paint is about 60 percent but an uncommon drill. A couple of bits in the handle. Good COL 7 20 40 PHOTO
6204-295 6204-295 Sixpenny brace. Good rosewood pad and head tight crack in head light surface rust square chuck with thumbscrew includes an Irwin bit. Good AED 2 20 40 PHOTO
6204-296 6204-296 YANKEE Handyman No. 133H ratcheting driver IOB. The tool is in immaculate condition with only a few rubs on the handle box is missing one end. Good plus MLD 5 30 60 PHOTO
6204-297 6204-297 MILLERS FALLS Buck Rogers style No. 100 automatic drill IOB. Drill is in decent shape with some scrapes to the red paint but nickel plating is good a few bits in the handle only the top of the box is present but it has a good label. Good DKN 14 20 40 PHOTO
6204-298 6204-298 CRAFTSMAN No. 1071 breast drill. Red paint is faded and some surface rust but teeth are all good and works smoothly. Good AED 25 20 40 PHOTO
6204-299 6204-299 GOODELL-PRATT breast drill. Red paint on the gear has serious crackling rest of the paint is about 85 percent gears are good and work smoothly. Good CEB 25 20 40 PHOTO
6204-300 6204-300 ROCKET USA try square. 12in. One scale with unusual 1-32 markings. Japanning on square is about 75 percent level vial and blade good. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good CGN 238 20 40 PHOTO
6204-301 6204-301 STARRETT No. 490 protractor level. Needs a rule to be complete but whats there is clean and works smoothly. Good PMG 28 20 40 PHOTO
6204-302 6204-302 Lot of two gauges. STANLEY No. 49 adjustable big gauge clean and complete and an ummarked surface gauge that is complex clean and smoothly working. Good CGN 249 30 60 PHOTO
6204-303 6204-303 BROWN and SHARPE adjustable caliper. Clean and smooth working. 1 dollar minimum bid. Good SKR 40 15 30 PHOTO
6204-304 6204-304 Lot of four STANLEY rules. No. 34 1-4 12in rule in mint condition and three caliper rules two 36 1-2 one very clean and the other pretty dirty and a clean 36 1-2R with some dings to the brass. Good and better DUP 183 239 30 60 PHOTO
6204-305 6204-305 Lot of two STANLEY fourfold rules. A No. 61 and a No. 76. Both are straight and have their pins nice and clean inside but a somewhat soiled on the outside but still clearly readable. Good DUP 223 30 60 PHOTO
6204-306 6204-306 STANLEY No. 78 1-2 fourfold rule. Soiled and pins missing but clearly readable and one of the rarer rules. Good DUP 223 30 60 PHOTO
6204-307 6204-307 STANLEY NO. 83C caliper rule. Outside is pretty dark and a couple of chips from the edge pins missing but a rare rule. Good minus DUP 215 30 60 PHOTO
6204-308 6204-308 Lot of three holstered plumb bobs. All brass with steel tips and internal lines some dinging all with intact leather belt holsters. Good PMG 19 21 41 40 80 PHOTO
6204-309 6204-309 Lot of two folding rules. A LUFKIN No. 4644 4ft rule and an unsigned brass metric rule. Both in immaculate condition. Good plus DUP 235 30 60 PHOTO
6204-310 6204-310  Lot of three PEXTO monkey wrenches with patterned handles. 15in 12in and 6in.  15in and 6in close smoothly 12in slightly sprung.  All with light surface corrosion and discoloration but no major damage. Good CGN 100 & 112 40 80 PHOTO
6204-311 6204-311  Crescent wrench with cutouts. Marked only Germany and 10 in.  Jaws close cleanly. Good ALV 20 20 40 PHOTO
6204-312 6204-312  SCHWENDER patented quick adjust wrench. One of two patents granted Max Schwender on 9-3-07.  A few dings on the head and jaws very slightly sprung but a rare adjustable wrench. Good ALV 17 30 60 PHOTO
6204-313 6204-313  Lot of two wrenches. Unmarked alligator wrench and a CHAMPION adjustable wrench marked Patented 3-15-21. Good ALV 26 & 33 40 80 PHOTO
6204-314 6204-314  HAYDEN patented adjustable wrench 4in. Center screw adjustable.  Patented 6-15-80 by Randolph Hayden of Middleton CT.  Uncommon. Good CGN 141 30 60 PHOTO
6204-315 6204-315  WHITMAN and BARNES adjustable wrench 4in. Miniature adjustable marked Improved with WandB mark on head.  Jaws slightly sprung. Good CGN 152 20 40 PHOTO
6204-316  6204-316  STANDARD TOOL CO. Rapid Transit wrench 6in. Version with metal handle.  Patented 6-8-89 by Stephen Bellows for the rapid release bar.  Scarce wrench in good condition. Good ALV 40 30 60 PHOTO
6204-317 6204-317  STANDARD TOOL CO. Rapid Transit wrench. Same as number 316. Good ALV 41 30 60 PHOTO
6204-318 6204-318  JOSEPH LUCAS LTD pocket wrench. Unusual English manufacturer.  Marked Girder No. 91 with good olympic torch style trademark.  Center adjustable good condition. Good ALV 42 15 30 PHOTO
6204-319  6204-319  BILLINGS adjustable wrench 7in. Center nut adjustable; good clear triangle B mark.  Also stamped E on jaw.  Good clean condition. Good plus ALV 8 25 50 PHOTO
6204-320 6204-320  Lot of two adjustable wrenches. One unmarked plyer type with nut on one leg to tighten jaw surface well discolored but no pitting.  And an unusual one that is marked Patented Feb 28 96 - which wasnt a Tuesday-with a lever at the bottom that rotates to lock the jaw into place. Good ALV 31 & 37 30 60 PHOTO

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