Auction Archive 6202 - December 9, 2012


lot description condition source low high photo no. photo link
6202-001 6202-001 STANLEY No. 1 smoothing plane. The Holy Grail of Stanley planes. Unfortunately the tote has been broken in half and reglued a little crooked and there’s two big chips out of the end of the tote. Otherwise in good shape noting some light surface pitting on the blade keeper and that someone used pliers on the adjusting wheel.   With a replacement tote you’d have a very nice No. 1. Good PGM 40 300 600 1-2 PHOTO
6202-002 6202-002 DAVIS mantle clock level. Later version with locking screw on top and adjusting screws in the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. Nice and clean noting a light user’s mark on one end of the base. Japanning is 95%. no gold highlighting on this model. Fine OTR 1001 150 300 1-2 PHOTO
6202-003 6202-003 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Very early type. I can’t swear its an absolutely pure Type 1 but looks like it to me.   Feel free to ask for more information.   Japanning is 90% +. Small chip in top horn of tote. Good+ CGN 58 200 400 3-4 PHOTO
6202-004 6202-004 Replica of Miller No. 50 gunmetal plow plane by PAUL HAMLER.   Like new. Fine OTR 1002 500 800 3-4 PHOTO
6202-005 6202-005 NEW ROGERS pedal operated scroll saw. Clean and complete with a broken blade. Shipping this thing will be a problem so we’ll need to work out a delivery method. Good+ RSI 001 200 400 5 PHOTO
6202-006 6202-006 Massive 26-1/2 inch GREENFIELD TOOL CO. beech smoothing plane. Faint -A- mark. ***ville ME iron with surface rust but good edge. Some surface splits and water stains. Good wedge and tote. Good CP 1 40 60 6-14 PHOTO
6202-007 6202-007 STANLEY 5-1/4 junior jack plane. Orange rectangular trademark. Surface rust throughout cutter and cap. No chips on tote.  Good MLD 53 50 75 6-14 PHOTO
6202-008 6202-008 STANLEY No. 3 Orange rectangular trademark. Semicircular crack in the edge of one cheek. chip in cutter. light surface rust. clean tote and knob. Good- ZOM 379 30 50 6-14 PHOTO
6202-009 6202-009 MILLERS FALLS No. 7 bench plane. A tight 1/2-inch crack in the right cheek just above the trademark is the only flaw. Otherwise very clean and complete. Good UNK 100 150 6-14 PHOTO
6202-010 6202-010 STANLEY No. 4 smoothing plane. First type sweet heart logo. Super clean - close to mint. Fine DUP 468 100 150 6-14 PHOTO
6202-011 6202-011 STANLEY No. 40 scrub plane. First type sweet heart logo. Japanning about 80%. Chip out of tote. Good- DUS 30 40 60 6-14 PHOTO
6202-012 6202-012 STANLEY No. 4 1/2 extra wide smoothing plane. Later type with plain rectangular logo. Very light surface rust on cutter but very clean. Good knob and tote. Good+ MLD 51 50 100 6-14 PHOTO
6202-013 6202-013 STANLEY No. 113 flexible sole plane. Type 5 or later. Very dirty with extensive surface rust. Japanning 80%. Nickel plating on adjustment screw about 60%. Good- ZOM 383 50 80 6-14 PHOTO
6202-014 6202-014 STANLEY BEDROCK No. 605 smoothing plane. Later type with flat top sides. V-shaped logo on cutter. Top of tote sheared off with screw head protruding. Otherwise good with minimal surface rust Good- ZOM 456 40 60 6-14 PHOTO
6202-015 6202-015 SARGENT V-B-M 18-inch corrugated sole fore plane. Sargent’s version of the Stanley 6C. Surface rust on top of cutter and cap.a couple of shallow gouges in the tote. Good ZOM 347 60 100 15-24 PHOTO
6202-016 6202-016 STANLEY No. 8C corrugated sole 8C jointer plane. Later version with plain rectangular logo. Surface rust throughout but tote and knob in good shape.  Good MLD 49 50 90 15-24 PHOTO
6202-017 6202-017 STANLEY BEDROCK No. 605 smoothing plane. Later type with flat top sides. V-shaped logo on cutter. Three casting flaws in right cheek but otherwise very clean. Almost no rust and tote and knob very good. Good+ FRN 34 100 150 15-24 PHOTO
6202-018 6202-018 STANLEY No. 5-1/4 junior jack plane. Notched rectangular trademark. Slight casting flaw on one side but otherwise almost mint. Fine DUP 460 50 100 15-24 PHOTO
6202-019 6202-019 STANLEY No. 78 rabbet & filletster plane in original box.   Later version with notched rectangular logo. Box is very tattered. Plane is near mint with no problems. Fine FRN 33 50 100 15-24 PHOTO
6202-020 6202-020 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Later version with orange logo and trace of decal on tote. Dirty with some surface rust but complete and no problems. Good JFR 18 25 75 15-24 PHOTO
6202-021 6202-021 STANLEY No. 12-1/2 veneer scraper. Missing its rosewood bottom but the rest of it is in good shape. Fair MLD 26 20 40 15-24 PHOTO
6202-022 6202-022 STANLEY No. 10C carriage maker’s rabbet plane with corrugated sole.   Both sides welded by the mouth.   Considerable surface rust with some light pitting. Fair ZOM 351 40 50 15-24 PHOTO
6202-023 6202-023 STANLEY No. 4 smoothing plane. 1907-09 type logo. Couple of scratches on the sole. Otherwise nice and clean. Good+ JFR 19 50 80 15-24 PHOTO
6202-024 6202-024 SARGENT No. 409 smoothing plane. Nice and clean. Good+ JFR 17 40 60 15-24 PHOTO
6202-025 6202-025 5 tpi saw. Very faint etching for a hardware company but can’t read the full name - probably made by Elkins. No rust. Handle dirty but intact. User name. Good DUP 442 40 60 25-29 PHOTO
6202-026 6202-026 DISSTON D-8 5 tpi saw. Nice clear etching on blade. Minimal surface rust. Handle with thumb groove. Some staining but no chips. Good DUP 450 40 60 25-29 PHOTO
6202-027 6202-027 SHIRLEY & DIETRICH 5 tpi saw. Unusual Canadian maker. Unique sawtooth design on handle. Very faint etching. Minimal surface rust. Handle dirty but no chips. Good+ ZOM 517 100 150 25-29 PHOTO
6202-028 6202-028 DISSTON D-8 12 tpi crosscut saw. Readable etching. Blade stained but no rust. Good handle and medallion. Good SSG 55 40 80 25-29 PHOTO
6202-029 6202-029 DISSTON D-8 5 1/2 tpi saw. Older version of the D-8. Blade cleaned with no rust but etching faint. Big chip out of upper horn of handle. Good- DUP 434 50 80 25-29 PHOTO
6202-030 6202-030 DISSTON D-8 5 1/2 tpi rip saw. Super clean blade with very clear etching. Nice handle with thumb groove. A little dirty but no chips.   Owner initials. Good+ DUP 426 60 90 30-35 PHOTO
6202-031 6202-031 Unusual saw with extra large teeth. Marked 7 pt. Split nuts. Probably English based on london-style handle but no maker and no readable etching on blade. Unusual. Good+ TM 180 80 120 30-35 PHOTO
6202-032 6202-032 SPEAR & JACKSON No. 254 modified cross-cut saw with progressive teeth. Readable etching. No rust. Good handle with split nuts. Owner marked. Good+ TM 179 80 120 30-35 PHOTO
6202-033 6202-033 Old HARVEY W. PEACE type 40 crosscut saw. Extra clean medallion marked with Washbourne’s 12/31/67 patent which dates it to 1867-69. Split nuts.   Old discolored blade with no etching. Nib. Owner marked. Good ZOM 525 80 120 30-35 PHOTO
6202-034 6202-034 J.M. NAYLOR rip saw. Rare maker from Tiffin OH. Nice clear etching and good nib on blade. Slight chipping on upper horn of handle. Good+ ZOM 501 90 140 30-35 PHOTO
6202-035 6202-035 DISSTON D-8 9 tpi crosscut. Super clean blade with very clear etching and ribbon. Handle very good with slight scratches only and user initials. Fine DUP 454 70 120 30-35 PHOTO
6202-036 6202-036 HARVEY W. PEACE No. 35 rip saw. 4 1/2 tpi. Blade etching just barely visible in strong light but good medallion. Nib on blade. Handle screws are Munger’s 12/21/69 patent. Upper horn broken off handle. Good ZOM 513 60 90 36-41 PHOTO
6202-037 6202-037 ATKINS 5 1/2 tpi rip saw. Manufactured at the Sheffield Works in Indianapolis. This was Atkins’s second line. Marked the Sea Hawk No. 150 with a beautiful etching of a ship under full sail.   Unusual mark. Good handle. Good ZOM 521 50 100 36-41 PHOTO
6202-038 6202-038 HARVEY W. PEACE crosscut saw. Patented handle reinforcement. Very faint etching. Top horn broken off handle. Good medallion. Good- ZOM 485 40 80 36-41 PHOTO
6202-039 6202-039 HARVEY W. PEACE crosscut saw. Patented handle reinforcement. Very faint etching. Chip out of top horn of handle. Fair medallion. Good- ZOM 497 40 60 36-41 PHOTO
6202-040 6202-040 DISSTON D-24 7 7 tpi pruning saw. Copper and steel reinforced handle. Unusual length for a pruning saw but its been sharpened many times. Readable etching. Good handle. Good ZOM 430 50 70 36-41 PHOTO
6202-041 6202-041 KEEN KUTTER No. 88 5 tpi rip saw. Readable etching. Good medallion. Handle worn but no major chips.   If you’re a Keen Kutter collector you have to have it. Good+ ZOM 426 60 110 36-41 PHOTO
6202-042 6202-042 Wedge arm English plow plane by ARTHINGTON of Manchester.   Boxed. Brass tips on arms. Dark wood. Maybe mahogany. Cutter edge chipped and one arm wedge missing but otherwise a very attractive older plow.  Good- S. Kahler 40 60 42-48 PHOTO
6202-043 6202-043 Massive OHIO TOOL CO. screw arm moving filletster plane. One collar and tote missing. Nicker wedge broken off at body. Surface rust on cutter but sharp. A rehab project. Fair VIN 12 20 40 42-48 PHOTO
6202-044 6202-044 Unmarked steel soled 8-inch coffin shaped smoother. Nice body and wedge - perhaps mahogany. Good Tyzack & Son iron. Two different owner’s marks. Well used but not abused. Good+ DUP659 50 100 42-48 PHOTO
6202-045 6202-045 16-inch smoothing plane marked UNDERHILL CHURCH & CO. NEW YORK. This was probably a hardware dealer. Rust-free iron is marked GREENFIELD TOOL CO. which may have made the plane. Very clean birch body. Nice tote and wedge. Strike button. Owner’s mark. Very nice example of a wooden bench plane. Good+ ALL 10 40 80 42-48 PHOTO
6202-046 6202-046 D. SHIVERICK & CO. BROOKLYN complex molder. Boxed. Unhandled. AWP two star mark. Weight Pench & Co. iron. Good clean body with no chips or major scratches. Good+ JFR 53 40 80 42-48 PHOTO
6202-047 6202-047 TREMAN & BROTHERS ITHACA NEW YORK complex molder. AWP two-star mark. Missing tote and some splits. Rusty cutter. Fair JFR 55 20 40 42-48 PHOTO
6202-048 6202-048 Unmarked 3-3/4-inch wide complex molder. Boxed. Some inactive worm holes both otherwise nice and clean.   Shiny W. Butcher iron. Good JFR 55A 60 90 42-48 PHOTO
6202-049 6202-049 Unmarked gutter or hollowing adze with 3-inch poll. 3 1/4-inch wide with spike on back.   21-inch handle looks original.   Some surface pitting and small chips on blade but easily honeable.  Good+ CG 1 60 90 49-60 PHOTO
6202-050 6202-050 Unmarked cooper’s hand adze. 10-inch handle looks original but with a newer wedge. Some pitting on head but solid with nice sharp edge. Good CGN 210 40 60 49-60 PHOTO
6202-051 6202-051 Delicate unmarked jeweler’s handle with chisel-shaped poll.   5-inch head. 9 1/2-inch handle looks original. Surface rust on head. Good CGN 16 20 40 49-60 PHOTO
6202-052 6202-052 Massive unmarked handforged claw hammer. Original handle split when someone drove a screw in to tighten it and wrapped with friction tape. Crude but old and still usable. Good- BB 42 30 60 49-60 PHOTO
6202-053 6202-053 STANLEY No. 602 upholsterer’s tack hammer. Original handle with half the decal remaining.  Good+ BB 43 20 50 49-60 PHOTO
6202-054 6202-054 STANLEY NO. 14 nailing hammer. Part of the 100 PLUS line to celebrate 100 years of tool manufacturing.   Original handle with 95% complete Stanley and 100+ decals. Light surface rust on head. Good+ BB 44 40 60 49-60 PHOTO
6202-055 6202-055 Unsigned marking hammer with cubical head with symbol of a running deer. Lettered R W and M on the sides. 9-inch steel shaft mounted in a 5-inch wooden handle for maximum whip action.   Different. Good CGN 5 40 70 49-60 PHOTO
6202-056 6202-056 Unsigned upholsterer’s tack hammer with 4-inch head and original 11-1/2-inch handle. Clean and solid. A perfect user. Good CGN 3 20 40 49-60 PHOTO
6202-057 6202-057 Farrier’s hammer. Mark on head is faint but looks like OV - I don’t see B - and Chicago Ill. Head slightly pitted and has been polished. solid 13-inch original handle. Good CGN 1 25 50 49-60 PHOTO
6202-058 6202-058 FARMOUNT 42HC upholdsterer’s hammer. 6-inch head. 11-1/2-inch original handle with repair chip out of the end.  Good CGN 4 20 40 49-60 PHOTO
6202-059 6202-059 Small CHENEY claw hammer. Head only 4 inches long with smooth poll.   Handle could be replacement but old with hang hole in end. An unusual variation on the Cheney hammer - shaped like a framing hammer but too lightweight for serious use. Different. Good BB 41 30 50 49-60 PHOTO
6202-060 6202-060 STANLEY No. 36 ball peen hammer. Smallest size with 4 oz head and 11-inch handle. Only traces of decal and head dirty so that mark is barely readable. Fair CBN 2 10 30 49-60 PHOTO
6202-061 6202-061 Primitive wooden brace. Beautifully shaped with offset crank. Tight fitting head with original cast iron pin. Probably 18th century. Iron bound clothespin type pod with bit broken off. Probably not original but also very old. Good- 13 VIN 60 100 61-67 PHOTO
6202-062 6202-062 MILLERS FALLS No. 502 corner brace with 10-inch sweep.   Beautiful condition. Close to mint. Fine OTR 201 100 150 61-67 PHOTO
6202-063 6202-063 HEYSINGER’s patented cast-iron leather washer cutter. Both cutters are present but the thumbscrew on one has been replaced by an old bolt. Good- ZOM 406 30 60 61-67 PHOTO
6202-064 6202-064 Patented bit brace. The chuck tilts up to accept a square-shanked bit and then is tilted back down to snap into a pair of jaws. It's marked patent applied for and I know it was patented but can’t remember by whom. 10-inch sweep. Dirty but sound. Rosewood handle with pewter. An uncommon brace. Good ZOM 348 50 100 61-67 PHOTO
6202-065 6202-065 Brace manufactured by H.G. SHEPARDSON of Sheburne Falls MA with chuck patented by ABEL STREETER on 1/8/67. Steel construction throughout with No 1 stamped on inside surface of head.   Light surface rust and grime but complete and undamaged.  Good ZOM 369 50 100 61-67 PHOTO
6202-066 6202-066 FELIX CHANTRELL patent combination bitstock and wrench. Rated A for rarity in Pearson. Rosewood handle with pewter rings and head.   8-inch sweep. A rare brace in very clean condition. Good+ ZOM 352 150 300 61-67 PHOTO
6202-067 6202-067 WINCHESTER ratcheting brace with 10-inch sweep. Standard Barber chuck. Brace is complete and functioning. Ratchet mechanism a little sloppy but the nickel plating   is no better than 50%. For the Winchester completist until a better one comes along. Or you could renickel it. Good- ZOM 332 40 60 61-67 PHOTO
6202-068 6202-068 STANLEY No. 3 level. 28-inch.   Doesn’t have the Hand-y groove which was introduced with Type 2 in 1891 but it also doesn’t have the eagle trademark of a true type 1. Type 1-1/2.   28-inch. Both vials good. Minor toolbox dinging. Totally unreadable side label.?MF? scratched his initials in the side and didn’t do a very good job. Good- UNK 30 60 68-74 PHOTO
6202-069 6202-069 DISSTON & MORSS 30-inch level with the fancy engraving around the level sights. The stock is in rough shape with significant staining and some major chips at the edges but both vials are good and the stock could be cleaned up. Good- ZOM 334 40 60 68-74 PHOTO
6202-070 6202-070 KEEN KUTTER KKO 30-inch level. Both vials good. Minor scratching and rounding of stock edges. A few paint drops. Good ZOM 362 50 80 68-74 PHOTO
6202-071 6202-071 STRATTON BROTHERS 28-inch level. This was Stratton’s cheaper line with stained fruitwood body and no edge binding. Flat end plates. Both vials are good with Stratton’s patented center marker. Considering the cheap wood used it has held up very well with only some minor scratching and fairly crisp edges. Good+ THF 105 40 80 68-74 PHOTO
6202-072 6202-072 DAVIS & COOK 30-inch level. The second version with Cook’s 1886 patent. Fruitwood body which is dirty and has some scratches but nothing major. Vial assemblies have some flaking to the nickel but are in basically good shape. Good ZOM 326 40 80 68-74 PHOTO
6202-073 6202-073 TOWER & LYON 30-inch level with WOOD’S PATENT pop-up sights.   Minor scratching to therosewood stock. both vials are good. One pop-up sight works but the other is stuck. Good ZOM 358 60 120 68-74 PHOTO
6202-074 6202-074 AKRON ECLIPSE No. 5 1/2 level by BAKER MCMILLEN of Akron OH.   28-inch rosewood stock with only minor scratching. Fully brass bound. All three glass-enclosed vials are good.   A very nice example of this uncommon and attractive level. Good+ TMC 2 80 150 68-74 PHOTO
6202-075 6202-075 STANLEY No. 9 30-inch level. Good mahogany body and brass end plates with minor scratching only. Both vials good. Good ZOM 410 20 50 75-80 PHOTO
6202-076 6202-076 STANLEY No. 95 brass-bound level. 26-inch. Stanley’s top of the line brass bound level with mahogany body. Stock has minor scratching only. Both vials good. Owner’s mark neatly stamped. Good LEE 842 40 80 75-80 PHOTO
6202-077 6202-077 STRATTON BROTHERS 28-inch No. 1 level. The No. 1 was Stratton’s top of the line carpenter’s level - fully brass bound with rosewood stock. This one has minor scratching only and could clean up very nicely. Both vials are good but one has some cement or plaster that needs to be carefully chipped off. Good LEE 842 40 80 75-80 PHOTO
6202-078 6202-078 D.M. LYON 30-inch level with side mounted vials in the Hudson River pattern as well as a top mounted level vial. Vial plates have nice knurling around the edges and all three vials are good. Heavy mahogany stock is okay but with a series of knicks along one edge and other minor scratching. D.M. Lyon mark is very faint. Good LEE 842 60 90 75-80 PHOTO
6202-079 6202-079 MASON BROS. No. 9 30-inch level by an early Boston maker. Stock has lots of scratching and a couple of paint spots but no major divots. One screw missing from top vial plate. Both vials good. Good- ZOM 330 30 80 75-80 PHOTO
6202-080 6202-080 A pair of early STANLEY levels. A 30-inch No. 4 and a 26-inch No. 03.   The 03 has a missing vial cover and one end plate is a little loose but the No. 4 is in good condition.   All vials good. Good- ZOM 330 40 80 75-80 PHOTO
6202-081 6202-081 Backsaw by JOHN SANDER*** of Amerst MA and Concord NY. GERMAN STEEL. London pattern handle with no chips or damage fastened by copper rivets. Very early backsaw by a rare maker. Good+ ZOM 483 125 250 81-87 PHOTO
6202-082 6202-082 Steel no. 7 backsaw by GEO H. BISHOP of Cincinnati. Blade etching is faint but clear. Very nice medallion. One chip from upper horn of handle. Good ZOM 442 30 60 81-87 PHOTO
6202-083 6202-083 Steel backsaw by W. RICHARD GROVE & SON of Sheffield England.   Blade covered with surface rust and any etching is unreadable. Good medallion. Chip from upper horn of handle. Owner’s mark on handle. Split nuts. Good- ZOM 434 20 40 81-87 PHOTO
6202-084 6202-084 WHEELER - MADDEN & CLEMSON of Middletown NY 10? steel backsaw with open handle. Small chip out of lower horn. Good medallion marked ?XLCR.? Blade discolored but no rust pitting. Unusual mark by a rare maker. Good ZOM 508 60 100 81-87 PHOTO
6202-085 6202-085 E.C.ATKINS Steel backsaw. Surface rust on blade. Handle a little loose but in good shape. Good medallion. Good ZOM 484 30 60 81-87 PHOTO
6202-086 6202-086 DISSTON patented combination saw. Handle has a lever that locks in the blade and allows you to change blades. The main blade is good with clear but faint etching nib and no rust. The second blade doesn’t belong with the set. It doesn’t fit into the handle and the trademark is different. Good handle. Good DUP 412 60 90 81-87 PHOTO
6202-087 6202-087 Early DISSTON 8 ppt saw with special eagle medallion and split nuts.   Early Henry Disston trademark etched on blade. Good blade without rust. Nib worn off. The upper horn has a nicely done early repair where the owner fastened a new horn on with a dovetail joint.  Good ZOM 529 100 150 81-87 PHOTO
6202-088 6202-088 Two unusual cast iron tools. On top looks like a nail puller with a rounded attachment welded on to provide leverage. It is stamped Vaughn and has wooden handle with some dry worm holes. I think the one below is a form of primitive saw set with different size slots along both sides to set the teeth and a hooked end. Looks hand forged.  Good ICK 111 50 100 88-95 PHOTO
6202-089 6202-089 KEEN KUTTER meat grinder. Marked KK22 on one side and Pat May 2006 on the other along with Keen Kutter trademarks. Looks like it was once nickel plated but its almost entirely gone. Otherwise complete and ready to grind. For the person who has to have one of everything Keen Kutter ever sold. Good ZOM 547 30 90 88-95 PHOTO
6202-090 6202-090 Salesman sample hammer. The head and neck have been neatly sliced away to show the internal construction. Wooden core to the top part of the handle. Rubber grip. Probably 1950s or so. Unmarked. Good ZOM 551 30 75 88-95 PHOTO
6202-091 6202-091 CLIMAX No. 2 pencil sharpener with sliding pencil holder assembly. Original shavings drawer present. Clean and functional but the label is faded and just barely readable. Good- BB 56 40 100 88-95 PHOTO
6202-092 6202-092 A vice with two arms on the sides that allow the jaw assembly to be tilted at up to a 90 degree angle from the base. Unsigned. No clamp but slots to allow it to be bolted to a workbench. One of the bolts on which it tilts is missing but would be easily replaced. The jaws have holes drilled to mount liners inside them and without them the jaws only close to with 1/8-inch of each other. I don’t think it’s that old but it works smoothly and if you need a vise that tilts up this is for you. Good- CGN 195 20 50 88-95 PHOTO
6202-093 6202-093 Very attractive large rounding plane or witchett by W. GREENSLADE of Bristol. Carved from a single piece of what looks like rosewood with integral handles.   Cutter has extensive surface rust but decent edge. Marked with Greenslade’s name and also marked Exhibtion Medals London and Dublin.  Good+ JFR 10 100 200 88-95 PHOTO
6202-094 6202-094 A whatsit. Two hammer heads mounted on the arms of a u-shaped metal strap with wire spring holding them together. Unmarked.   Your guess is a good as mine. Good 14 VIN 20 50 88-95 PHOTO
6202-095 6202-095 Very unusual craftsman made rabetting plane made of pieces of other tools with a blade adjustment that looks like the tightening screw on a hacksaw. Hand carved handle and tote. This is the tool as folk art. No one else will have one remotely like it.  Good+ 4 VIN 75 175 88-95 PHOTO
6202-096 6202-096 Two MILLERS FALLS hand drills. No 77A clean and complete with good paint and No. 2A missing side handle and hole drilled through cap. Paint about 75%. Good PMG 17-18 40 80 96-101 PHOTO
6202-097 6202-097 Two MILLERS FALLS hand drills. No 85 radio single speed drill. Paint badly worn but complete and working. And No. 2A missing side handle and paint about 75%. Good- PMG 15-16 40 80 96-101 PHOTO
6202-098 6202-098 Very unusual breast drill with enclosed gears in cast iron box with decorative castings on side. Stamped Parker on the shaft and Pat Jun 16 cast into the gearbox. Slot-type chuck. Some surface rust. Paint worn. Never seen one like it. Good ZOM 543 100 150 96-101 PHOTO
6202-099 6202-099 MILLERS FALLS No. 99 two-speed breast drill. Not marked with model number or it has been painted over but based on the catalog illustration this looks like the No. 99 which was manufactured from 1914-1935.   Has the adjustable breast plate designed to fit the hand with the auxiliary breast plate clamped on for heavy work. Missing the side handle but you could get one from a more common drill. Red paint cracked and faded but a very uncommon drill. Good- ZOM 535 50 100 96-101 PHOTO
6202-100 6202-100 YANKEE No. 1555 ratcheting two speed breast drill by NORTH BROS. Clean and complete with immaculate paint. A beautiful drill. Fine CGN 713 75 150 96-101 PHOTO
6202-101 6202-101 GOODELL-PRATT No. 677 breast drill. The best thing about this drill is the leather chest strap which is complete and supple - not cracked and broken as it usually is.   Apart from that the paint is badly crackled - the side handle is missing - and the ratchet mechanism is sloppy. Still a very uncommon drill - particularly with an intact chest strap. Good ZOM 539 60 120 96-101 PHOTO
6202-102 6202-102 Four caliper rules. STANLEY 136. 2 - STANLEY 36L’s and LUFKIN 372. All more or less discolored but in decent shape. Good CGN 123-126 40 80 102-103 PHOTO
6202-103 6202-103 Four fourfold rules. LUFKIN 386 with missing caliper slide. STANLEY No. 68 nice and clean. 63 big chip out of one edge. And 163 Good- CGN 119-122 30 75 102-103 PHOTO
6202-104 6202-104 25-inch slick stamped DOUGLASS MFG. CO. Good sharp blade with some slight surface pitting. Good ash handle.  Good CPK 2 40 60 104-109 PHOTO
6202-105 6202-105 Unplated Sheffield-style brace. Unsigned. Chuck has some dings and has been polished but looks good.   Wood looks like beech but darker - maybe stained. Very clean and tight lignum head with attractive sapwood streak. Nice clean example. Good JFR 50 30 60 104-109 PHOTO
6202-106 6202-106 A pair of unsigned coachman’s routers. Probably hand-carved handles with inactive worm holes.   Light surface rust throughout metal parts but sound and complete.  Good JFR 13 40 70 104-109 PHOTO
6202-107 6202-107 A pair of screwplates. The short one - 8 1/2-inch is marked W & C WYNN. The 13-inch one is unmarked. Surface discoloration on the large one but no pitting.  Good+ ZOM 73 30 60 104-109 PHOTO
6202-108 6202-108 An almost complete set of IRWIN square-shank augur bits in the original three-level box. 13 bits from 1/4 through 1-inch marked 4 through 16. The number 7 - 7/16 bit has been replaced by a JENNINGS of the same size. There is no number 14 7/8 instead there are two. One the original IRWIN and one by SNELL of Fiskdale MA. The box is in good+ condition with minor scratching and smooth hinges and clasps. No label. Good- MTIP 70 50 100 104-109 PHOTO
6202-109 6202-109* UNION TOOL CO. No. 320 single point scriber in original box with solid corners and original label. According to the label the box originally held 1/2 dozen but you only get one. $25 pencil price in the lid for all 1/2 dozen. Good+ FES 476 10 20 104-109 PHOTO
6202-110 6202-110 W. CARPENTER - LANCASTER 16 1/2-inch smoothing plane. 5 stars for extreme rarity in AWP!! Iron is W. Greaves & Son. Cap is marked Sheaf Works and has square boss that fits into wedge. Edge very chipped and needs serious attention but body and tote have only minor toolbox dinging and a super rare mark. Good ZOM 459 75 150 110-115 PHOTO
6202-111 6202-111 SANDUSKY 22-inch stepped closed tote smoothing plane. Tye B mark. Nice clean Sandusky iron. A couple of closed splits in the bed. Strike button worn almost smooth. Otherwise clean with only minor dings. Good ZOM 455 30 60 110-115 PHOTO
6202-112 6202-112 SANDUSKY two-bladed nosing plane. Stepped with open tote. Blades are decent with some surface rust. Wedges kind of beat up and numerous splits in the wood. Good- ZOM 463 30 60 110-115 PHOTO
6202-113 6202-113 Two very unusual plane. The top one is like a double stop rabbet plane with two chisel blade mounted on either end. The one one bottom is some kind of grooving plane that fits flush up against a surface.   There may be a part missing.   Neither is signed but the bottom one has FP grooved into it. If you know what these are please let me know. Wood is very similar and they may be a pair. Good ZOM 475-9 30 75 110-115 PHOTO
6202-114 6202-114 SANDUSKY No. 36 toothing plane. Banner-type mark. Very clean with one closed check in the body. Proper grooved toothing cutter. Nice example of an uncommon plane. Good BHM 193 50 100 110-115 PHOTO
6202-115 6202-115 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 83 plank match pair of planes.   Boxed. Decent condition with a few chips out of the nuts and screw threads and fences. It has a few loose screws but who doesn’t? Good- ZOM 399 40 80 110-115 PHOTO
6202-116 6202-116 STANLEY No. 94 fourfold carriagemakers rule. The longest rule Stanley ever made. Early 1900s trademark. Dirty with some stains mostly on outside. Slightly sprung. User initials. A rare Stanley rule. Good- JOP 0418 50 150 116-117 PHOTO
6202-117 6202-117 A lot of seven miscellaneous STANLEY boxwood rules.   36 1/2 R and 136 caliper rules - two No. 68s - a 61 sweethart and a 69. The two calipers are nice and clean. The rest pretty stained and dirty. Good to Good- THF0199 60 120 116-117 PHOTO
6202-118 6202-118 A pair of strapped upholsterers of saddlemakers hammers.   One marked F. BRITTAIN and 2 with a claw. The other unmarked with a solid peen. Both nice and clean with what look like original handles. Good+ JSW 2 40 80 118-124 PHOTO
6202-119 6202-119 A set of five BUCK BROS. crank-handled gouges. Blades decent and well kept with a couple of nicks and minimal surface rust. No pitting. Nice handles. Good+ ZOM 542 60 120 118-124 PHOTO
6202-120 6202-120 A complete set of square-shanked augur bits by GREENLEE of Rockford IL in the original wooden box. All 13 are present with green paint on the shank. A little surface rust on some but overall in very nice shape. Good+ MTP 108 50 110 118-124 PHOTO
6202-121 6202-121 An incomplete set of JAMES SWAN augur bits in a nice original box with tin label on the cover and advertising lining. Only 16 - 13 - 12 - 9 and 8 are Swan’s. the rest are RUSSELL JENNINGS. There’s no 11 or 15 and one has a serious bend in the shaft. Buy it for the box or to fill in some missing augurs in a Jennings or Swan set. Good- LEE 693 20 50 118-124 PHOTO
6202-122 6202-122 A brass combination hammer - wrench - nail puller and pry bar.   What looks like the peen of the hammer has a square recess in it so it couldn’t have been used to drive nails.   Stamped with what looks like Mott and nicely done owner initials. An oddity. Good ZOM 544 20 50 118-124 PHOTO
6202-123 6202-123 A set of two chisels. A nice W. BUTCHER gouge with a small chip that would need to be ground out and a BUCK BROS. corner chisel with a much larger chip that will need some serious grinding. Good CP 4-6 30 50 118-124 PHOTO
6202-124 6202-124 A MILLERS FALLS No. 107 set of carving tools. Five carving tools and whetstone in the original wooden box with complete paper label. All of the tools and clean and sharp. Good+ JFR 1 50 90 118-124 PHOTO
6202-125 6202-125 STANLEY No. 31 24-inch transitional plane with sweetheart mark.   A couple of big scratches on the sole and overall toolbox dings. Light surface rust on cutter. Japanning about 75%. Good- ZOM 411 20 40 125-130 PHOTO
6202-126 6202-126 GLADWI & APPLETON screw-type unhandled plow plane. Type A mark - One star. Boxwood threads and nuts are very nice - threads are flawless.   Some dings on the body including a large split on the bottom of the skate but still attached. Good JFRn48 40 80 125-130 PHOTO
6202-127 6202-127 OHIO TOOL CO. No.131 double iron sash plane. Toolbox dings but overall nice and clean. Good JFR 54 50 100 125-130 PHOTO
6202-128 6202-128 ARROWMAMMETT ogee plane. Boxed. A couple of dry worm holes and overall dinging but generally nice and clean with good wedge and cutter. Good JFR 51 40 80 125-130 PHOTO
6202-129 6202-129 SANDUSKY TOOL No. 66 or 99 reversible tongue and groove plane.   One direction cuts the groove the other cuts the tongue. An unusual plane and in very nice shape with only minor dings. Good+ JFR 60 50 100 125-130 PHOTO
6202-130 6202-130 EAGLE FACTORY - N. CHAPIN matched set of 7/8-inch tongue and groove planes. Nathaniel Chapin was Hermon’s big brother. One flaw in the tongue plane - looks like a knot in the wood - but otherwise nice and clean. Good JFR 57 80 120 125-130 PHOTO
6202-131 6202-131 Copper blowtorch marked BRITISH MONITOR NO. 26. Light rust on the iron straps but copper is clean and not overly polished. Good CGN 294 40 80 131-136 PHOTO
6202-132 6202-132 Brass blowtorch by G. BARTHEL of Germany. Appears to be missing pump handle; otherwise clean and complete Good CGN 295 30 60 131-136 PHOTO
6202-133 6202-133 SMITH’S TRI-HONE. Three different stones glued to a triangular piece of wood so you can put the one being used on top. Looks like 1950s. One chip out of the fine stone that doesn’t affect use. Otherwise clean and complete. Good+ CGN 286 30 50 131-136 PHOTO
6202-134 6202-134 Some kind of metal crimping tool by SARGENT & CO.   Marked No. 151 and Wentworth’s Improved Pattern. Looks like you put a piece of metal in the long jaws and then clamp it down with a cam.   Holes to mount on a bench. Cast iron with dark red japanning 80%. Very nice - whatever it is. Good+ CGN 289 30 50 131-136 PHOTO
6202-135 6202-135 STANLEY No. 59 dowling jig complete in original box with instruction sheet. Six guides. Box heavily taped but its very clean. Good+ PFF0563 20 50 131-136 PHOTO
6202-136 6202-136 A pair of unmarked archimedian drills. The flywheel type on the left has handle and slide that look like bone and has one bit. Both are very nice and clean. Good+ CGN 231-2 60 120 131-136 PHOTO
6202-137 6202-137 Broad axe marked MILLIKIN with another name in a semi-circle above it that’s too worn to be read. Old handle which has split at the eye where wedge driven in and some wood missing. Good- BB 60 40 80 131-136 PHOTO
6202-138 6202-138 Hook tip style bark spud.Unmarked. Blade good. Handle probably an old replacement. Good BB 59 35 65 137-140 PHOTO
6202-139 6202-139 Slick marked R. BEATTY CAST STEEL. Blade has some dings and very light patches of surface rust but nice and sharp. Handle has mushroomed and split badly around tang. Good- BB 55 30 60 137-140 PHOTO
6202-140 6202-140 Pennsylvania pattern broad axe. It has a trademark that is badly worn. Looks like a horse or maybe ox with a name underneath that starts with CHE. Good blade with minimal pitting. Good old handle. Good+ BB 57 40 75 137-140 PHOTO
6202-141 6202-141 STANLEY No. 197 marking gauge with rosewood head. One of Stanley’s nicer gauges. Rosewood head is immaculate. Ruling on the rod a little worn. Good+ RSI 35 25 75 137-140 PHOTO
6202-142 6202-142 STANLEY No. 97 and 98 marking gauges. Both have script trademarks in good shape. 97 still has yellow paint. A little surface rust but in very nice shape. Good RSI 42&43 40 60 141-147 PHOTO
6202-143 6202-143* STANLEY No. 90 marking gauge with triangular trademark on knob. Good RSI 36 10 30 141-147 PHOTO
6202-144 6202-144 STANLEY No. 89 clapboard siding gauge. Nickel plating is immaculate. Wood handle very clean.   One of Stanley’s more uncommon gauges. Good+ RSI 44 35 75 141-147 PHOTO
6202-145 6202-145 Set of three STANLEY butt gauges - No. 94 - No. 95 and No. 95 1/2.   94 and 95 nice and clean with notched trademarks 95 1/2 - older type. Dirtier with chip out of one side Good to Good- RSI 40? 41? 46 30 60 141-147 PHOTO
6202-146 6202-146 STANLEY No. 93 butt and mortise gauge. Sweetheart mark. Nice and clean. An uncommon gauge. Good RSI 39 25 75 141-147 PHOTO
6202-147 6202-147 STANLEY No. 60 marking gauge. Stanley’s oldest cast iron gauge. Nickel plated makes it rare. You’ll see dozens of japanne for every nickel plated one. A few missing patches on the nickel but overall nice and clean. Good+ RSI 37 125 250 141-147 PHOTO
6202-148 6202-148 Screw-arm filletster plane. Stamped W. Rasell but looks like an owners mark. Boxed.   Threads very nice. Nuts in good condition. Triangular brass inserts on arms. Good clean body with great patina. Good cutter and nicker. A very nice plane. Good+ VIN 221 90 140 148-153 PHOTO
6202-149 6202-149 SIEGLEY No. 2 combination plow plane. Set of nine rusty cutters. Nickel plating about 75%. One depth stop missing another held by what looks like replaced screw.   Wooden parts are nice and clean.   Both fences with good brass nuts. Good LEE 785 100 150 148-153 PHOTO
6202-150 6202-150 Grooving plane from the ARROWMAMMETT works in Middletown NY.   Wood and metal are both very nice. Wedge a little chewed on the end. Missing cutter. Good- JFR 47 40 80 148-153 PHOTO
6202-151 6202-151 Wedge-arm filletster plane. Stamped with owners mark.   Boxed. Wood is nice. Wedges all look original. triangular brass inserts on arms. Nice brass depth stop. Good nicker but blade missing.  Good- JFR 40 80 148-153 PHOTO
6202-152 6202-152 SARGENT & CO. No. 732 screw-arm plow plane. Good wooden body. A couple of small nicks in the threads. Nice nuts with decorative knurling. Needs blade. Uncommon mark. Good- ZOM 433 100 150 148-153 PHOTO
6202-153 6202-153 Wooden body transitional bench plane by GAGE TOOL CO. of Vineland NJ.   Rare and unusual blade adjustment mechanism. A major chip out of the tote and both tote and handle kind of chewed up but a rare plane. Worth restoring the tote. Good- ZOM 449 100 200 148-153 PHOTO
6202-154 6202-154 Pair of old wooden braces. Top is coopers brace with single spoon bit. Large pad with one chip on the rim. Signed BLIGH WHITECHAPEL. Bottom has pewter chuck for square bit. Old repairs on either side. Unusual pad and great patina. Good ZOM 388 & 436 50 100 154-156 PHOTO
6202-155 6202-155 Pair of old wooden braces. Top has spoon bit fixed in wooden pod. Big chips out of rim of pad. Bottom has iron hoops around pad and chuck and old pewter repair. Great patina on both. Good ZOM 328 & 448 50 100 154-156 PHOTO
6202-156 6202-156 Pair of old wooden braces. Left has iron band around chuck shaped for pod - but no pod - and old iron band repairing rear crank. Right has hand-carved setscrew to hold bit. Missing iron ring around chuck. Wood and patina good on both. Good ZOM 432 & 440 50 100 154-156 PHOTO
6202-157 6202-157* Very old cast iron brace. Fruitwood pad with major split. Unusual split design to square-tang chuck with a hole that could have held a screw or pin to hold in bit - now MIA. Nice primitive tool. Good- VIN 59 20 40 157-161 PHOTO
6202-158 6202-158 Old scandinavian style wrought iron brace. Original handmade setscrew in chuck. Unusual decorative details to body. Tight split in wooden head. Good BB 5 30 50 157-161 PHOTO
6202-159 6202-159 Nice two-spoke iron cagehead brace. Original friction-fit spade bit. Surface oxidation but no pitting.  Good+ ZOM 416 75 125 157-161 PHOTO
6202-160 6202-160 Nice steel octagonal-shaft Taylor-style brace.   Original spring in lever lock chuck.   Unsigned. Good tight head. Metal clean with minimal oxidation and no pitting. Good+ DUP 691 50 100 157-161 PHOTO
6202-161 6202-161 Pair of push-button check sheffield style braces. Both unsigned. Pad is a little loose on one - the other one has a chip on the edge. Wood dirty but no splits or major chips. Good ZOM 420&424 40 80 157-161 PHOTO
6202-162 6202-162 MILLERS FALLS No. 502 corner brace with 10-inch sweep. Nice condition. Traces of surface rust. Nickel about 90%. Good CGN 185 50 100 162-167 PHOTO
6202-163 6202-163 JOHN S. FRAY No. 12W Whimble brace. Prior to acquisition of Fray by Stanley in 1905. Light surface corrosion. Nickel about 85%. Nice rosewood handles. Good CEB 24 75 125 162-167 PHOTO
6202-164 6202-164* RUSBY patent extendible brace. Missing breast place and large paint splotches. A renewal project. Fair ZOM 408 20 40 162-167 PHOTO
6202-165 6202-165 MILLERS FALLS No. 1425 eggbeater drill. In immaculate condition.   Set of four Stanley reciprocating drill bits in handle. Don’t know why they put reciprocating bits in an eggbeater drill - but there they are.   Perfect user. Fine AUZ 16 20 50 162-167 PHOTO
6202-166 6202-166 Combination ratchet screwdriver/brace. You can use as a screwdriver or insert the crank and use it as a mini brace. 3-inch sweep. Don’t remember who made these but they are uncommon. No blade. Good CGN 184 30 60 162-167 PHOTO
6202-167 6202-167 Two older unsigned eggbeater drills. Top has solid gear and heavy triangular construction with set-screw type chuck and steel handles. Bottom has welded break in gear. Two-jaw type chuck. Round brass pad. Good LEE 867&868 40 90 162-167 PHOTO
6202-168 6202-168 Two Crocodile combination wrenches and thread cutters by HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. of Marshalltown IA. One is marked with the patent number for the 1902 patent by Charles Benesh of N. Dakota and is also marked Tropical Oil Co. of Cleveland. The other has a screwdriver bit cast into one jaw.   both have 5/16 and 1/2 and 3/8 dies cast into handle. Good CGN 167&169 40 60 168-174 PHOTO
6202-169 6202-169 Three alligator Vixen combination wrenches and thread cutters by BONNEY FORGE of Allentown PA. Two have 5/16 and 1/2 and 3/8 threads with different designs. Third is shorter with 3/8 and 1/4 and 5/16. All a little worn but no rust. Good CGN 170-172 40 80 168-174 PHOTO
6202-170 6202-170 Double ended adjustable wrench. Unsigned but marked 21. Light surface corrosion. Could be Baxter patent. Good CGN 137 20 50 168-174 PHOTO
6202-171 6202-171 BERYLCO berylium 15-inch adjustable wrench. Very clean and no major dings or scratches in metal. Good+ COL 16 30 80 168-174 PHOTO
6202-172 6202-172 Unsigned Coe type monkey wrench with wooden handle. 17 inches long overall. Wooden handle dirty but intact. Some dings in jaws. Works smoothly. Good COL 6 40 60 168-174 PHOTO
6202-173 6202-173 Adjustable VICTOR pipe wrench patented by Clarence Bonner. 15 inches long. Jaws good. Plating only about 50%. Good- CGN 206 40 80 168-174 PHOTO
6202-174 6202-174 AMPCO W-1150-A nut wrench. Diamond logo. 20 inches long and massive. Stamped USN and with an anchor logo. Presumably used on a boat - but must have been a big one. Good+ CGN 86 50 150 168-174 PHOTO
6202-175 6202-175 4-inch adjustable nut wrench. Has a Keystone logo with an L in it that may mean something to someone.   Lower jaw a little dinged but in good shape. Good CGN 159 30 60 175-181 PHOTO
6202-176 6202-176* 6 1/2-inch pipe wrench. Wooden handle that appears to have been a later addition - it’s a little crooked and is covering up the manufacturer’s name. What I can see is TH MFG and a triangular logo with an 8 in it.   Beat up but functional. Fair CPK 21 10 30 175-181 PHOTO
6202-177 6202-177 COCHRAN SPEEDNUT wrench. 6 inches long. Works smoothly. No rust. Good+ CGN 203 20 40 175-181 PHOTO
6202-178 6202-178 SHELLEY 6-inch adjustable nut wrench. Shelley wrenches were English and used on English cars.   Clean and tight jaws with some very light surface pitting. Unusual in the US. Good CGN 136 40 70 175-181 PHOTO
6202-179 6202-179 ACME 6-inch twisted handle nut wrench. Early pre-Whitman and Barnes type. Marked 83. Weak but readable marking - jaw very slightly sprung.  Good CGN 40 60 175-181 PHOTO
6202-180 6202-180 Center screw adjustable nut wrench. 4 inches long. Two almost readable patent dates. Jaws sprung. Good- CGN 139 30 60 175-181 PHOTO
6202-181 6202-181 COE’S patent 18-inch perfect handle wrench. Jaws are beat up and there’s a chip out of the lower but they close smoothly. Good- CGN 187 60 100 175-181 PHOTO
6202-182 6202-182 39-inch cast iron wrench. Jaws tightened with a wedge. Marked JCL which I assume is the owner/maker. A little dinged up but clean. Good BB 63 40 80 182-187 PHOTO
6202-183 6202-183 Caulking hammer with brass rings. Nicely engraved NMC 1985 - but looks older. Ends mushroomed from use. Handle is a different wood from the head but looks old - don’t know if it was made that way or a replacement. Good VN 35 40 80 182-187 PHOTO
6202-184 6202-184 Nice strapped axe with sharpened spike. Handle looks original - at least I'ts old. Sharp blade and clean metal. Unsigned. Good ZOM 487 20 50 182-187 PHOTO
6202-185 6202-185 Nice oak - I think - carving mallet. Well used with nice patina but not abused. Good SKR 1 20 40 182-187 PHOTO
6202-186 6202-186* Well used carving mallet. Some gouges. Dark wood with deep patina. Good- CGN 146 10 30 182-187 PHOTO
6202-187 6202-187* COLLINS hand axe. Collins tool label on handle is 70%. Good ZOM 458 10 30 182-187 PHOTO
6202-188 6202-188* Cutter blade mounted on a wooden handle. Presumably used for turning. Actually looks manufactured but no name. Good DUP 652 10 30 188-196 PHOTO
6202-189 6202-189 STANLEY No. 12 1/2 rosewood bottom veneer scraper. Bottom scratched but not too deep. Missing the blade but otherwise in good shape. Good- CPK 57 25 75 188-196 PHOTO
6202-190 6202-190 STANLEY No. 85 razor edge spoke shave. Wood stained but no major chips or splits. Nickel about 70%. No blade. Good- SKR 38 30 60 188-196 PHOTO
6202-191 6202-191 STANLEY No. 66 hand beader. Two blades. Both fences but one has different shaped thumbscrew so could be replacement.   Nickel plating about 75%. Great user but nice enough to display. Good RSI 273 35 75 188-196 PHOTO
6202-192 6202-192 STANLEY No. 66 hand beader. Japanned rather than nickel-plated so pre-1898. No blades. Only one fence. Japanning about 70%. Good- JFR 11 20 50 188-196 PHOTO
6202-193 6202-193 FOX MANUFACTURING CO box scraper. Super rare but unfortunately decal is just barely readable. Wood beat up and a couple of closed splits in handle. Fair BB27 40 80 188-196 PHOTO
6202-194 6202-194 STANLEY No. 82 cabinet scraper. Post-1933 model with spring in blade holder and notches in pivot.   Handle good. Japanning 80%. Good blade.  Good CGN 243 30 60 188-196 PHOTO
6202-195 6202-195 STANLEY No. 82 cabinet scraper. Same model as No. 194 above but handle and japanning more worn.   Good user. Good- FRN 43 20 50 188-196 PHOTO
6202-196 6202-196* STANLEY No. 292 scraper. Finish on handle worn and japanning 70%. Good blade. An ugly tool to do an ugly job - but serviceable.  Good RSI 150 5 25 188-196 PHOTO
6202-197 6202-197 Two marking gauges. Left is a STANLEY No. 77 with mustache plate hole drilled in thumbscrew. Nice sharp points. Right has paper Made-in-England label with three lions. Looks like a later model. One chip in head. Good CGN 39&43 40 80 197-204 PHOTO
6202-198 6202-198 Two marking gauges. Left is an unmarked STANLEY NO. 166 in good condition. Rosewood with brass double curve faceplate. Right is rosewood with what looks like bone plate along the bottom of the shaft and the face. Good JFR 69&70 40 80 197-204 PHOTO
6202-199 6202-199 Two rosewood marking gauges with the concentric circles and brass plating typical of M.M. BRAINARD of Green River NY although both are unsigned. The one on the left is missing the sliding second point but has several concentric circle marks. One missing on the right is complete but has only two circles. Typical of his earlier work. Fair to Good JFR 68&71 50 100 197-204 PHOTO
6202-200 6202-200 Two STANLEY beech marking gauges - both unmarked. Left is No. 74 double stem with full brass plated head and owner’s marks. Right is 161 with double curve faceplate. Beech on both has some stains but no serious damage. Good ZOM 556&560 60 120 197-204 PHOTO
6202-201 6202-201 STANLEY No. 92 marking and butt gauge with sold brass stem and rosewood head. Stanley’s top of the line gauge. Missing the side scribe as most of them are. Good ZOM 548 40 80 197-204 PHOTO
6202-202 6202-202 Unmarked rosewood marking gauge with English-style screw rather than thumbscrew to lock head. Brass strips in head. Nice brass screw to move slide. Good+ CPK 48 50 100 197-204 PHOTO
6202-203 6202-203 Two marking gauges. Left is a STANLEY No. 61 with a hang hole in the stem. Right is a rosewood model that may be a composite. Head has a Stanley brass mustache plate but stem has concentric circles which Stanley usually didn’t use. If it was made up of parts of two gauges they are nicely matched. Good CPK 46&47 40 80 197-204 PHOTO
6202-204 6202-204 STANLEY No. 85 panel gauge. Unmarked as most are. Wood set screw and no brass trim. Some staining to wood but no damage. Good SKR 8 35 75 197-204 PHOTO
6202-205 6202-205  STANLEY 24-inch mason’s level with 1983 EAIA 50th anniversary medallion in original box. Wood and vials are absolutely immaculate but a few small scratches in the brass keeps it from mint. Box soiled but intact Fine ZOM 537 50 125 205-212 PHOTO
6202-206 6202-206 28-inch aluminum level patented by EMIL MARX of Royal Center IN and manufactured by the Royal Mfg. Co. A good example of the second patent by the Hoosier’s state’s premier level manufacturer. Clearly marked with the March 19 1918 patent date. Hang hold and light aluminum oxidation. Otherwise in fine condition.  Good+ OTR 102 125 250 205-212 PHOTO
6202-207 6202-207 24-inch STANLEY No. 36 level. Closed web type. Owners name and date 1941 scratched into one vial cover. Fine ZOM 70 90 205-212 PHOTO
6202-208 6202-208 24-inch DAVIS patent No. 9 level manufactured by M.W. ROBINSON after Davis sold his business to them. All vials wet. Japanning 90%+. Nickel a little scuffed. Good+ ZOM 370 50 100 205-212 PHOTO
6202-209 6202-209 LL DAVIS 20-inch No. 29 level. Beat up stock but a nicely incised owner’s monogram. Vials good.  Good- ZOM 465 50 75 205-212 PHOTO
6202-210 6202-210 30-inch Hudson river style level with side mounted vials. Knurling around edge of side plates. Very faint mark on top that I can’t make out - could be Tyler? Nice heavy piece of wood with some serious dinging and two hang holes. One face vial gone and the other could be a replacement. Uncommon maker if you can identify. Good- ZOM 382 40 60 205-212 PHOTO
6202-211 6202-211  CHAPIN-STEPHENS CO. 28-inch level with boxwood dial inclinometer.   Serious dinging but no major divots.   Vials good. Uncommon.  Good ZOM 354 40 60 205-212 PHOTO
6202-212 6202-212 TRU-PITCH level manufactured by DREIER BROS. of Chicago with adjustable inclinometer. Marked Manufactured for the Pipe Trades and often referred to as a plumber’s level.   Instruction decal is 80% and fully readable.  Good OTR 103 60 80 205-212 PHOTO
6202-213 6202-213 EXACT No 96-6 machinist’s shafting level. Mfg. by Exact Level of High Bridge NJ. Both vials good.paint is 90%. Unusual maker. Good+ 0 40 80 213-217 PHOTO
6202-214 6202-214 Unmarked level in 9 1/2-inch brass tube with brass base.   Nice early vial.  Good+ LEE 841 40 80 213-217 PHOTO
6202-215 6202-215 Set of two STARRETT type 2 cast iron machinist’s levels. 6-inch and 12-1/2-inch. Both with shafting grooves.   All vials good. Japanning 90%. Nice crisp edges on the short one and a couple of minor dings on the long. Good CGN 163&164 50 90 213-217 PHOTO
6202-216 6202-216 STARRETT type 1 machinist’s level. 12 1/2 inches. These type 1s with the center mounted level vial and no shafting groove are much rarer than the type 2. All vials good. Japanning 60%. Good PMG 42 50 100 213-217 PHOTO
6202-217 6202-217 Set of three level assemblies sold separately to be attached to a wooden stock. Top is a brass Roe’s patent sold by EDEN SPECIALTY CO. Middle is a later brass three-vial model sold by GENERAL HARDWARD MFG of New York. Bottom is an example of MERRIMAN’S rotating level which is the rarest of the three. I’ve only seen a handful of examples. All vials are good. The Merriman’s nickel has some minor flaking.  Good and better OTR 104 75 125 213-217 PHOTO
6202-218 6202-218 Step of STANLEY No. 2 trammel points. In good condition with both shoes on a keeper that’s just a scrap of wood. Good ZOM 536 50 100 218-225 PHOTO
6202-219 6202-219 STANLEY Eureka No. 18 bevel. 8-inch blade. The workhorse of the Stanley bevel line for a century. Front side with notched trademark is very good. Reverse has some corrosion. Owner’s initials. Good SKR 26 50 75 218-225 PHOTO
6202-220 6202-220 EAGLE trademark locking bevel. 9-inch blade. Nickel plating in rough shape with some surface corrosion and staining. Good- BB 20 35 70 218-225 PHOTO
6202-221 6202-221 EAGLE trademark locking bevel. 6-inch blade. Nickel is almost 100%. Trademarks nice and crisp. Top shelf. Good+ BB 35 50 100 218-225 PHOTO
6202-222 6202-222 STANLEY No. 3 trammel point. Just the one point but it also has the No. 8 pencil holder.  Good MLD 39 30 60 218-225 PHOTO
6202-223 6202-223 STANLEY Odd Jobs. Type 2.   All parts are present and level vial is wet but nickel is only about 70%. No rule. Good- RSI 197 60 90 218-225 PHOTO
6202-224 6202-224 DISSTON & MORSS 8-inch bevel. Wood looks slightly charred on one edge and mark faint. Some pitting on blade but an uncommon bevel. Good- COL 9 20 40 218-225 PHOTO
6202-225 6202-225* STANLEY No. 25 8-inch bevel. Later model. Blade has most blueing with a few rust flakes. Wood is fine. Good user. Good+ MLD 10 10 20 218-225 PHOTO
6202-226 6202-226 Gas torch by HARMIC MFG of Somerville MA. Cast iron tank gold painted with red painted handle.   Excellent complete decal that cautions you to use only good white gasoline with no lead or other additives.    Good+ CGN 48 50 100 226-232 PHOTO
6202-227 6202-227 Unmarked blowtorch with cylindrical brass tank. Valve on the pump handle is labeled 58. A couple of dents in the tank but nothing major. Good CGN 42 40 80 226-232 PHOTO
6202-228 6202-228 Blowtorch with flat tank - gilded iron. There’s a name and patent date on the handle which also serves as a pump but the supporting ring obscures it and all I can read is OTTO **   NEW** and PAT OCT **09. Strap on bottom to prevent tipping. Good CGN 302 40 80 226-232 PHOTO
6202-229 6202-229 Small brass blowtorch with wooden side handle.labelled CLAYTON AND LAMBERT MFG. CO. DETROIT on bottom. A couple of minor scratches on wooden handle. Otherwise pretty much untouched. Good+ CGN 193 40 80 226-232 PHOTO
6202-230 6202-230 PRIMUS No.40 blowtorch. Cylindrical copper - I think - tank. Handle wrapped with some kind of insulating material like rattan. Just starting to unravel. Very complex nozzle. Primus Cooking & Heating Appartus Co. New York and patent date stamped on filler cap. A strap of some kind has been welded onto the tank - looks like old repair. Good CGN 41 45 90 226-232 PHOTO
6202-231 6202-231 Unsigned copper blowtorch. Thumb-actuated nozzle. Wooden handle on pump. Tank has only one tiny ding. Good CGN 303 40 80 226-232 PHOTO
6202-232 6202-232 Unsigned tin oil can with sliding filler on top. Marked 1 pt on bottom. Couple of old soldering repairs. Good CGN 46 30 60 226-232 PHOTO
6202-233 6202-233 STANLEY No. 8C corrugated sole jointer plane. Later model. Very clean - only a few spots on the japanning and minor scratches on knobs. Good+ DKN 47 50 150 233-240 PHOTO
6202-234 6202-234 Unsigned 18 1/2-inch jointer plane. An absolutely stunning piece of Honduran mahogany with only a couple of minor chips along the sole. Just a beautiful piece of wood. W. Butcher iron. Good wedge. White spot in the photo is a label - not a flaw in the wood. Good+ JFR 81 75 150 233-240 PHOTO
6202-235 6202-235 Large coffin shaped smoothing plane 9 inches long. Sandusky Tool Co. Marked 39 strike button on heel. Good BMH 146 50 70 233-240 PHOTO
6202-236 6202-236  STANLEY smoothing plane marked C556. Size of a No. 4 with notched yellow trademark. Reddish-brown japanning. Dykstra etched into edge of bed. Adjustment lever made of stamped rather than cast metal. Good+ FRN 54 75 125 233-240 PHOTO
6202-237 6202-237 STANLEY No. 4 smoothing plane. Bailey and three patent dates cast in bed. Triangular trademark on iron. Japanning - metal surfaces - knob and tote all good. Good+ FRN 55 50 100 233-240 PHOTO
6202-238 6202-238 Lot of two unmarked 6-inch coffin-style smoothing planes with 1-1/2-inch throats. One has sheffield cutter the other an unmarked cutter that is a very tight fit and may not be original to the plane. Wood is nice with only minor dings. Wedges look original. Good- ZOM 507 40 60 233-240 PHOTO
6202-239 6202-239  STANLEY NO. 130 double-end block plane. Later type. Good cutter with notched trademark.   Japanning worn off knob. Good FRN 17 35 65 233-240 PHOTO
6202-240 6202-240  STANLEY NO. 110 block plane. Probably Type 6 - 1888-1906. Good cutter with J-type trademark.   Japanning worn off knob. Good FRN 17 35 65 233-240 PHOTO
6202-241 6202-241 STANLEY No. 112 scraper. Super clean example. Rosewood tote and knob extra nice. Japanning almost 100%. Fine EWO502 150 225 241-249 PHOTO
6202-242 6202-242 ALUMO 1A aluminum edging plane. An unusual plane. Nice sharp blade. Good+ JL 707 25 75 241-249 PHOTO
6202-243 6202-243 STANLEY No. 194 fibreboard beveling plane. An oddity from the age of Stanley fibreboard planes.   Some minor scratches on tote. Japanning very good. One cutter. Unusual. Good CPK 44 50 100 241-249 PHOTO
6202-244 6202-244 Rosewood and brass infill plane. A number of chips and dings on both the rosewood and brass but still an attractive plane. Stanley replacement blade and IBBOTSON keeper. Good- MLD 15 40 80 241-249 PHOTO
6202-245 6202-245 Unusual side filletster plane with heavy cast aluminum sole and fence and rosewood tote. Owner’s mark only - twice. Blade has partial mark as if cut off from larger blade.   Probably user made but a really nice job. Rosewood extra clean. Good+ DUS 36 40 80 241-249 PHOTO
6202-246 6202-246 SARGENT No. 4 size 9 bench plane. Nice clean example. Good+ JFR 22 30 60 241-249 PHOTO
6202-247 6202-247 STANLEY No. 49 swinging fence tongue and groove plane. Very clean plane - nickel is almost complete.   Excellent example of uncommon plane. Good+ RI 120 75 150 241-249 PHOTO
6202-248 6202-248 STANLEY NO. 4 smoothing plane. Notched trademark. Light surface rust. Knob has scratches and paint splatter but tote is very clean. Good MLD 17 20 40 241-249 PHOTO
6202-249 6202-249 Very nice mitre-type scrub plane with rosewood tote and knob. Brass body. Rounded sole of lighter wood - beech maybe. Rosewood nice and clean with a few scratches only. Very attractive plane. Good+ JFR 86 75 150 241-249 PHOTO
6202-250 6202-250 L.S. STARRETT steel tape measure probably 100-foot with attached No. 515C brass plumb bob. Wood handle and steel crank. Very nice condition. Good+ CGN 195 50 100 250-260 PHOTO
6202-251 6202-251 Caliper by INDICATING CALIPER CO. of New York. Two patents. Nice and clean. Good CGN 165 30 60 250-260 PHOTO
6202-252 6202-252  The Acme Handy Mitre Gauge manufactured by JOS. MIOTKE MFG. of Milwaukee. Pat. Pending. Aluminum and apparently used to measure mitre angles. A gizmo I’ve never seen before. A little dirty but will clean up well. Fine VIN 212 60 90 250-260 PHOTO
6202-253 6202-253* Two unmarked brass plumb bobs. Left one unscrews. Good BB 24&25 20 40 250-260 PHOTO
6202-254 6202-254 Indicating calipers No. 2 by WOBURN MACHINE CO. of Woburn MA.   Some surface corrosion to nickel but works smoothly. Good BB 1 40 80 250-260 PHOTO
6202-255 6202-255 Nice steel and brass dividers in a box that looks like mahogany with a brass anchor on the lid. Presumably used for navigation. Good+ CGN 18 30 60 250-260 PHOTO
6202-256 6202-256 CHARLES BRUNING Micro Bob plum bob with micrometer adjustment.   In original box with instruction sheet and tool for removing point. A later bob in immaculate condition. Fine HBE 2 40 80 250-260 PHOTO
6202-257 6202-257 ROE demolition tape. Two tapes specifically calibrated to determine how far to be from various types of blasts to insure safety. This tool could literally save your life. New old stock. Mint CGN 178 50 100 250-260 PHOTO
6202-258 6202-258 LUFKIN 50-foot ni-clad steel tape. Like new. Fine 3 VIN 30 60 250-260 PHOTO
6202-259 6202-259 Brass plumb bob in leather belt carrier labeled Chicago.   Bob has some nicks and dents but leather carrier is very clean. Good PMG 21 20 40 250-260 PHOTO
6202-260 6202-260 STANLEY No 91 marking gauge in original box. Gauge is near mint. Box soiled but intact. Good+ RSI 34 30 60 250-260 PHOTO
6202-261 6202-261 REX METAL PRODUCTS of New York Hole-in-One gasket and washer cutter. Heavy metal base with an adjustable knife used to cut felt washers.   All the parts are there plus a supply of felt in original wooden box with instructions. A little surface rust on the metal base but otherwise ready to go. You won’t find another one. Good 16 VIN 30 60 261-267 PHOTO
6202-262 6202-262* Hand-forged lathe sizing tool. Made from a file. Square-headed set screw. Primitive tool in immaculate condition. Good+ CEB 29 20 40 261-267 PHOTO
6202-263 6202-263* Slatemakers hammer. Marked STORTZ PHILA. One small chip out of the claw. Original leather wrapping in good shape. Good COL 20 20 40 261-267 PHOTO
6202-264 6202-264 D.R. BARTON. Hoop driver.   Very faint trademark. Old handle.   Unusual cooper’s tool. Good CEB 26 30 60 261-267 PHOTO
6202-265 6202-265* Hammer with pick on back of head. Stamped Warner. Old handle with chip on the end. Slightly loose. Good- CGN 127 20 40 261-267 PHOTO
6202-266 6202-266 Very nice coachmaker’s router with adjustable fence. Three marks -Williams 42 Boro Rd. - A.J. Webb - and W. Hunt. I think the first is the maker and the other two owners.  Good+ CGN 108 40 100 261-267 PHOTO
6202-267 6202-267* Octagonal poll claw hammer stamped P. Eastman. Handle could be an old replacement. Good CGN 150 20 40 261-267 PHOTO
6202-268 6202-268* Two STANLEY squares. 12-inch No. 12 with notched trademark. 12-inch is a rare size. And a 12-inch No. 16 with iron cross-hatched handle. Blades on both very good especially the No. 12 with only minimal surface corrosion.  Good+ COL 14&23 50 125 268-274 PHOTO
6202-269 6202-269 A complete set of drawing instruments by NOBEMA of Germany.   Marked No. 3994.   In a plastic case.looks to date from 50s or 60s. A few tiny spots of rust - otherwise in immaculate condition. Good+ SKR 19 20 40 268-274 PHOTO
6202-270 6202-270 Speed indicator. Marked with Woodman’s 9/12/76 patent. Good BB 26 30 60 268-274 PHOTO
6202-271 6202-271* STANLEY No. 20 6-inch square. Notched rectangle trademark. A few minor rust spots and scratches on rosewood handle. Good+ PMG 39 10 30 268-274 PHOTO
6202-272 6202-272 STANLEY No. 1 Odd Jobs. Type 1 which never came with a rule. Tarnished surface with no trace of nickel remaining but otherwise complete with all original parts.  Good RSI 196 50 100 268-274 PHOTO
6202-273 6202-273* ROCKET USA try square. 12-inch. One scale with unusual 1/32 markings. Japanning on square is about 75%. Level vial and blade good. Good CGN 238 20 40 268-274 PHOTO
6202-274 6202-274 STANLEY No. 72 double-beam beech mortise gauge.   Couple of small cracks in the head.   Nice clear sweetheart trademark. Good RSI 32 20 50 268-274 PHOTO
6202-275 6202-275 STANLEY No. 4C IOB - box pretty tattered and lid missing two sides but includes the label. Plane is very good with small scratch on tote decal. Notched rectangle trademark. Good+ DT 6 30 60 275-278 PHOTO
6202-276 6202-276 GOODALL No. 4 bench plane IOB? box is dirty but complete with one split seam. Plane is very good with a few minor scrapes. Good+ DT 7 40 90 275-278 PHOTO
6202-277 6202-277 WORTHINGTON No. 400W smoothing plane manufactured by Geo. Worthington Co. of Cleveland OH. IOB.   Box is in better than average condition with all seams still intact. Plane is near mint with one corner missing from the cap iron decal. Red paint knob and tote are immaculate. An extra fine example of a No. 4 size plane by an unusual maker.   If you collect Ohio tools you must have this plane. Fine BB 50 150 250 275-278 PHOTO
6202-278 6202-278 Small block plane by Einhand-Hobel of West Germany. IOB Has the Garantie E.C.E. seal. Top is a light wood like birch with a dovetailed sole of a darker wood. Box is very good. Plane is just shy of mint - maybe used once or twice. Fine PMG 32 30 60 275-278 PHOTO
6202-279 6202-279*  Grafting froe used by tree nursery to add cuttings of different varieties to the same base stock. Looks hand-forged no mark. A little surface corrosion. Good old handle. Good DUP 156 20 40 279-285 PHOTO
6202-280 6202-280* Closed one-handed scorp. West German trademark. Very clean with sharp blade and good handle. Good CPK 8 20 40 279-285 PHOTO
6202-281 6202-281 Hide scraper. No mark but looks manufactured. Good sharp blade with surface oxidation but no deep rust. Good solid handles.   Well-made tool. Good JFR 87 40 60 279-285 PHOTO
6202-282 6202-282 Very old trade axe. Probably 1700s. Old handle with splits.  Good ALL 3 50 125 279-285 PHOTO
6202-283 6202-283 Double-bladed chopper. Hand forged from files. Good blades with surface oxidation only. Solid wooden handles. Graphic and well made primitive tool. Good VIN 61 40 60 279-285 PHOTO
6202-284 6202-284*  Old cooper’s chamfer knife. Unsigned. 6-inch blade. Very heavy duty. Blade edge chipped. Good- PFF 0145 20 40 279-285 PHOTO
6202-285 6202-285 Jigger. Trademark is something WHITE with a NY address and 1837. Number 4 1/2. Blade is sharp with minor surface corrosion. Good solid handle. Good ZOM 495 30 60 279-285 PHOTO
6202-286 6202-286 STANLEY No. 60 low angle block plane with adjustable throat.     Notched rectangle trademark on blade.   Japanning a little worn on knob. Good+ RSI 216 40 80 286-293 PHOTO
6202-287 6202-287 STANLEY No. 118 unbreakable block plane with stamped steel body. Has the Stanley and model number in front of the knob. These things were supposed to be japanned but there is no trace of japanning on this one. Otherwise clean and ready to use. Notched rectangle mark on the blade. Good+ CPK 25 40 80 286-293 PHOTO
6202-288 6202-288 STANLEY No. 101 3 1/2 block plane. This one’s in practically mint condition with japanning 100% including the red lever cap.  Fine RSI 181 30 60 286-293 PHOTO
6202-289 6202-289 Another pair of No. 101 block plane. One has black iron cap and old trademark. The other has red lever cap and notched triangle. A little more worn than No. 288 but still good users. Good+ RSI 180&182 40 60 286-293 PHOTO
6202-290 6202-290 STANLEY No. 75 bullnose rabbet plane. Notched triangle trademark. Light surface rust on blade and sole. Japanning 90%+. Good RSI 191 20 40 286-293 PHOTO
6202-291 6202-291 STANLEY No. 101-1/2 block plane. Red lever cap and model number cast in tail mark it as post-1949.   Notched rectangle mark. Some kind of number scratched in side - looks like a social security number but who puts their SSN on a plane? Clean and sharp. Japanning close to perfect. Good+ RSI 178 100 150 286-293 PHOTO
6202-292 6202-292 STANLEY No. 100 block plane. Sweetheart trademark. Black lever cap. Clean and sharp. Japanning close to perfect. Good+ RSI 179 40 80 286-293 PHOTO
6202-293 6202-293 STANLEY Nos. 98 and 99 right and left handled side rabbet planes.   Both have patent date on skate which marks them as pre-1910. Nickel plating is flaking on No. 98 but good on the 99. Not a matched set - the thumbscrew styles are different.   Good rosewood knobs. Good MLD 37&38 100 200 286-293 PHOTO
6202-294 6202-294 STANLEY No. 78 Duplex Rabbet & filletster plane. Some light corrosion on cutter but rest of metal is clean. Notched rectangle mark. Japanning is almost complete. Just a few spots on the tote.   Fishscale casting on tote. Good+ CPK 51 40 90 294-299 PHOTO
6202-295 6202-295 STANLEY No. 239 special dado plane with 1/8-inch cutter.   Sweetheart mark on cutter.   Clean and sharp. Japanning is 90% Good+ RSI 71 150 300 294-299 PHOTO
6202-296 6202-296 STANLEY No. 45 combination plane. Type 13 or later. Two-piece fence. Sweetheart mark on skate.   Nickel plating is 75%. No extra cutters of parts. Good OTR 105 40 80 294-299 PHOTO
6202-297 6202-297 STANLEY No. 378 weatherstrip rabbet plane. Missing depth stop and pre-set stop collars.   One thumbscrew is a replacement.   Japanning and nickel only fair.   Probably a parts plane. Fair RSI 70 40 70 294-299 PHOTO
6202-298 6202-298 STANLEY No. 39 dado plane with 7/8-inch blade. Probably type 2 - patent date cast in the handle and Stanley on the cap screw. Japanning 80%. Metal is clean and rust-free. Sharp cutter. All parts look original. A nice example of an uncommon plane. Good+ RSI 49 125 200 294-299 PHOTO
6202-299 6202-299 STANLEY No. 50 light combination plane. Post-1910 model with fishscale pattern on handle.   Nickel plating mostly gone but otherwise complete with good cutter. Good OTR 106 40 80 294-299 PHOTO
6202-300 6202-300 Boy’s wooden tool chest. There’s no name on this and it could almost be homemade but all the tools clearly go together. Hammer - wooden mallet - philips and regular screwdrivers - clamp - saw - pry bar - end wrench - square with level in handle -chisel -plyers -and sheet metal body block plane. All in a three-part plywood chest with racks that swing out on dowels. Original handle and latch present. Only hint of origin is the word Poland on two of the tools. A perfect present for a grandson. All parts are clean and there are no missing spots.  Good+ CGN 31 100 200 300 PHOTO
6202-301 6202-301 RABONE No. 1190 three foot rule with level vial. Near mint in original box. Box a little tattered. Fine LEE 866 100 150 301-303 PHOTO
6202-302 6202-302 DAVIS 7-inch inclinometer level. Maroon japanning. Enough of these levels with the maroon have been found to make it likely it was offered by Davis although not shown in any catalog. One screw missing. Otherwise nice and clean with crisp edges and no corners missing. Good+ OTR 107 100 200 301-303 PHOTO
6202-303 6202-303 Lot of three levels. Two STANLEYS - early type - not sure of number- with brass tips. One with screw missing. Hang hole and screw hole in end and one No. 50 with a couple of chips out of top edges. And a DAVIS and COOK - dirty but complete with no major damage. All vials good. Good OTR 108 60 120 301-303 PHOTO
6202-304 6202-304 STANLEY No. 5 jack plane. Orange logo and tall knob. Metal and japanning good. A couple of dings on the knob. Good CGN 53 30 80 304-309 PHOTO
6202-305 6202-305 SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE DE 5 jack plane. Shapleigh’s ripoff of the Bailey plane. Crudely scratched A and a couple of chips in tote. Plane has overall oxidation but no serious rust or damage. Shapleigh Hardware trademark on cutter.  Good COL 19 60 120 304-309 PHOTO
6202-306 6202-306 STANLEY No. 26 transitional wood bottom jack plane.   Very rusty cutter with triangular mark dates it to early 1900s. Japanning is 90% and wood is clean and free of any major chips or dings.  Good ZOM 367 20 40 304-309 PHOTO
6202-307 6202-307 STANLEY S5 steel body jack plane. One of Stanley’s line of steel planes to reduce the risk of cast iron breakage. Tote has been broken but reglued so well its hard to spot the crack. A couple of scuffs on the knob. Good CPK 56 75 150 304-309 PHOTO
6202-308 6202-308 Unmarked smoothing plane with very low angle cutter. Very hard dense wood - maybe Cuban mahogany. Mouth is a little ragged and has another piece of wood in front of it - can’t tell if that was the design or a very well done repair. A brass bolt through the body and a few closed splits in the wood.   An oddity but a very attractive piece of wood.  Good COL 5 100 150 304-309 PHOTO
6202-309 6202-309 MILLERS FALLS rasp plane. Buck Rogers style with grey body and red plastic handle.  Good BB 37 25 75 304-309 PHOTO
6202-310 6202-310 Gadget cane with pruning saw in handle. Blade unfolds and hooks into the crook and is then tightened by turning the ferrule. Mechanism is a little cranky. Unsigned but Holzappfel made a similar cane. 1951 stamped in metal. Good- OTR 109 200 400 310-315 PHOTO
6202-311 6202-311 Oddball compass-type plane. Made from a very massive hunk of aluminum with a semi-circular blade that can be set to different differences from the aluminum fence.   Blade and thumbscrews have surface rust. No signature but it must have been manufactured. Good VIN 49 30 60 310-315 PHOTO
6202-312 6202-312 STANLEY No. 741 bench vise. 1-1/2-inch jaws. Notched trademark. Paint is good. Some surface rust. Good JW 163 20 50 310-315 PHOTO
6202-313 6202-313 Unsigned bench vise with pivoting type jaws. Probably missing a plate at the end of the screw to fasten it to the bench. Unusual and attractive design. Good JW 160 40 80 310-315 PHOTO
6202-314 6202-314 Bench vise by LITTLETOWN HARDWARE AND FOUNDRY of New York.   Older model - traces of red paint. Jaws work smoothly. Good CGN 298 30 60 310-315 PHOTO
6202-315 6202-315* Unsigned older leather punch. Still works. Good CGN 209 10 30 310-315 PHOTO
6202-316 6202-316* STANLEY NO. 82 scraper. Big chip out of knob and a lot of the paint scraped off. No blade. Good- RSI 144 20 40 316-323 PHOTO
6202-317 6202-317 Fixed-blade scraper marked MARTIN’S. Has a twist in the handle but looks like it was designed that way. Different. Good CPK 61 30 60 316-323 PHOTO
6202-318 6202-318* STANLEY No. 70 box scraper. Notched rectangle trademark on blade. A couple of minor nicks on handle. Otherwise very clean. Good+ CP 57 20 40 316-323 PHOTO
6202-319 6202-319 STANLEY No. 82 scraper. Couple of dings in the handle othewise nice and clean. Good DKN 3 30 50 316-323 PHOTO
6202-320 6202-320 STANLEY No. fixed head scraper. All original Jjapanning about 60%. Good blade. A workhorse. Good RSI 153 20 40 316-323 PHOTO
6202-321 6202-321 STANLEY No. 82 scraper. Type 1. Good condition with japanning about 60%. Good+ JW 147 40 80 316-323 PHOTO
6202-322 6202-322 STANLEY No. 70 box scraper. Notched rectangle trademark. Practically unused. As good as these get. Good+ RSI 146 30 60 316-323 PHOTO
6202-323 6202-323 STANLEY No. 283 scraper. The rarest of Stanley’s scrapers. This one is in immaculate condition.  Fine RSI 155 150 300 316-323 PHOTO
6202-324 6202-324 Unsigned rabbet plane. Looks European - and there’s a circle where a trademark medallion may have fallen out. Stamped 26 on the toe. Light beechwood body with hardwood sole glued on. A little surace rust on cutter but sharp. Good CPK 104 20 60 324-330 PHOTO
6202-325 6202-325 STANLEY No. 26 transitional plane. Very early type with eagle trademark stamped on the toe. Trademark is very clearly stamped. Nice clean cutter with L. Bailey patent date. Japanning is 80+%. Wood has only very minor nicks. Only apology is that the tip of the tote has been broken off and reglued.   Otherwise an extra clean version of a very early type. Good+ RSI 95 75 150 324-330 PHOTO
6202-326 6202-326 Pair of wooden moulding planes. I.E. SMITH 1-7/8-inch hollow. Two stars in Pollak. Smith worked in Pawtucket around 1850. Some staining - wedge a little chewed up. And a 3/16-inch center bead moulder by MOSELY of Goswell St. London with fence and boxing. Uncommon plane in decent condition. Good ZOM 501&562 40 90 324-330 PHOTO
6202-327 6202-327* Moving filletster plane. Stamp on toe looks like LOURIE. Stamp on iron looks like LUDLAM. Body is kind of beat up with a big chip that is only apparent when you remove the wedge.  Good - CPK 98 20 40 324-330 PHOTO
6202-328 6202-328 Pair of coffin shaped smoothing planes. One with curved sole and stamped TILLOTSON on toe. The other one with flat sole is unmarked. Average toolbox dinging but nothing major. Both cutters have surface rust but good edges. Good OTR 110 40 80 324-330 PHOTO
6202-329 6202-329 Matched set of German 3/16-inch table planes with elaborate trademarks that have the word Columbia in an arc between a circle with LW and a heart with WB. Numbered 25 and 26. Both are boxed but the boxing has dried out and cracked and part is missing.   Unusual Good - CGN 104&105 30 75 324-330 PHOTO
6202-330 6202-330 STEINER continental style 1-inch rabbet plane. It has a skewed iron with a fully boxed sole and a wingnut that appears to allow the front part of the sole to be moved to open the throat which appears to be the only way to get the cutter out. But its stuck and I didn’t want to force it.   The medallion on the side says Original Steiner 1859. It clearly isn’t that old and I think its a fairly modern plane modelled after an older version. Wood is clean.  Good ALL 144 40 60 324-330 PHOTO
6202-331 6202-331  Large semi-circular clamp made by L. PLATE MFG. of Milwaukee. Patented 3/14/12. Ingenious design with notched shaft inside hollow screw for fine adjustment.  Good DUP 137 40 80 331-339 PHOTO
6202-332 6202-332 Heavy duty meat grinder marked GRISWOLD NO. 1111. Swiss cross trademark. Two extra plates with different size holes. Complete and excellent. Fine DUP 690 40 80 331-339 PHOTO
6202-333 6202-333* Wire Holder - at least that’s what the tag says. Unsigned heavy brass head with two set screws   one of which is probably a replacement. Attractive 9-inch turned handle. Unusual. Good + SK 20 40 331-339 PHOTO
6202-334 6202-334 14-1/2-inch turnscrew by WM. JOHNSON of Newark NJ. Unusual tool by a well-known maker of levels and gauges.     Blade a little loose. Good + SK 75 125 331-339 PHOTO
6202-335 6202-335 RUSBY patent extendible brace. Missing breast as most are. Otherwise above average. Closed partial split in knob. Good OTR 111 20 40 331-339 PHOTO
6202-336 6202-336 Crooked knife. Old paper label on the back says its manufactured by D. NICHOLS of Hampstead NH.   Unusual manufactured version with thumb actuated release for the blade and adjustment mechanism. Different. Good FES 425 50 100 331-339 PHOTO
6202-337 6202-337 HARGRAVE adjustable washer cutter. Red paint mostly gone but otherwise clean. The center spike looks like aluminum and I suspect it’s a replacement. Good - CGN 14 30 60 331-339 PHOTO
6202-338 6202-338* Unsigned copper oil can. Surface scratching. Good MLS 27 20 40 331-339 PHOTO
6202-339 6202-339 MILLERS FALLS No. 104 eggbeater drill. In very fine condition.   Three Stanley reciprocating drill bits in handle. Don’t know why they put reciprocating bits in an eggbeater drill - but there they are.   Perfect user.  Fine AUZ 16 30 60 331-339 PHOTO

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